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Welcome to Chastity is a premium comic hosted on the Bestoryclub. It is written by Saburo X, and illustrated by Hernán Cabrera and Mariano Navarro

Mei Lau is a college freshman who's about to attend Eureka University, a college in a small New England town called Chastity. Despite having never stepped foot in the town before, its name alone has Mei expecting an ordinary time there. Those expectations are immediately shattered when she meets her roommates, the sarcastic goth Gwen and the warm and sunny Rayya, and more specifically their gigantic breasts.


Mei is quick to pass it off as a joke, but it turns out it's not a joke, and those are their real breasts. What's more, Mei finds out it's not just them; every woman in the town has insanely huge breasts. Among the many busty women, Mei, being flat chested, certainly stands out, but not for long, because after a few days, her breasts start growing to huge proportions as well. Finding all this just insane, Mei resolves to find out what in the town is causing this phenomenon.

The main series for Welcome to Chastity ran for thirteen issues. There's an epilogue issue, Farewell from Chastity and a side series, Tales from Chastity: Tara's story.


Welcome to Chastity provides examples of the following tropes:

  • A-Cup Angst: Tara used to be a regular D cup, which is considered flat-chested in Chastity and made her school life hell because of consistent teasing and guys finding her unattractive.
  • Ambiguously Bi: While Gwen's sexual partners are all guys, she's has been shown to be very handsy with other girls' breasts, groping Mei at one point and later getting obsessed with making Rayya's breasts bigger and bigger.
  • Ascended Extra: Tara only appears for a couple panels in the main series but is the main character in Tales From Chastity Tara's Story, which recounts how she went from the flattest girl in town to the one of the largest.
  • Author Appeal: This is one of many expansion-themed stories the writer and illustrator have worked on.
  • Big Breast Pride:
    • Tara, despite how restrictive her breasts make her life, loves them and wants them to get bigger. This is largely because they made her popular among the town elite.
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    • Rayya is well aware that in most other places, breasts her size would be considered freakish, but that hasn't stopped her from trying to become a fashion designer so she can make clothes to make women her size and bigger look good.
    • For most of the main series, Mei thinks her enlarged breasts look freakish; however, by the epilogue she's learned to like them, even letting Scott take some risque photos of her. She considers them a reason for all the goods things that have happened to her since coming to Chastity.
  • Break Them by Talking: Despite Gwen resolving to stop Anti-Gwen from murdering Mei, she becomes conflicted when Anti-Gwen points out that the two of them will be in grave danger if Mei decides reveal the secret about the town. Also, all the evil deeds she's done so far are just things Gwen wanted to do herself but was too afraid to. Considering she's made up of Gwen's dark thoughts, there probably some truth to what she's saying. Fortunately, Gwen doesn't let it get to her and defeats her.
  • Breast Expansion:
    • When Mei first enters Chastity, she's flat-chested. During her second night, her breasts grow to D-cups, and after that, they grow a couple of cup sizes daily.
    • Later on, she has a dream-turned-nightmare that on her wedding day, her breasts expand wildly out of control and grow large enough to destroy the church and cover a city block. And when she wakes up from that nightmare, she finds that her breasts, which before bed were three size times the size of her head, have doubled in size.
    • Gwen uses her magic on Anti-Gwen to make her breasts so big she's unable to move, leaving her in a burning building that's about to explode.
    • Near the end of the series, Gwen decides to use her magic to triple her breast size. Seeing this, Rayya feels a bit insecure, as now both Gwen and Mei are now bustier than her, so Gwen gives her even bigger breasts, and it doesn't end there. The epilogue shows that Rayya's had Gwen use her magic on her multiple times after to the point where Rayya's breasts aren't too far off from Tara's breasts size.
    • Also in the epilogue, Gwen gets teased by two girls over her breast size so she ups their sizes in return.
  • Burn the Witch!: Mei finds out that the town was the site of a lot of witch burnings centuries ago, and looking at an illustration of one of those witch burnings, wherein one of the victims looks a lot like Gwen, gives Mei a hunch that one of those women really was a witch.
  • Buxom Is Better: Gwen and Rayya explain to Mei that with the town's average breasts size already being huge, a lot of guys prefer bigger than that.
  • Coitus Uninterruptus: Rayya and Mei call Gwen to tell her the news of the mayor's arrest and Gwen answers their call while having sex. Rayya offers to call another time but Gwen declines stating she can multi-task.
  • Curse: Centuries ago Gwen cast a curse on the town that made it so that every woman living in the area would have huge breasts. Another condition of the curse is the more Gwen hates a person the larger their breasts and/or the breasts of their female descendants will be. This is why the women from the oldest families in town, usually the ones that live in Chastity Hills, have the largest breasts as their ancestors were involved in getting Gwen burnt at the stake.
  • D-Cup Distress:
    • No surprise that Mei is freaked out by her breasts growing to D-cups over night but she's even more rattled that her breasts will keep growing and could possibly match Rayya's breast size. After a couple months she's a lot bustier than Rayya's and her breasts are still growing. This has Mei worried that her boyfriend might find her freakish and become less attracted to her. Though, it turns out he's more than fine with them.
    • Tara breasts are so big she has to spend most of her days at home and even then the house had to be designed with equipment to carry her breasts so can move around. Also, since tops her size are hard to come by she's usually topless. All of this has Mei feeling sorry for her, which causes Rayya chuckles a bit since Tara is actually very happy with her breasts size.
  • Death by Irony: Anti-Gwen is a powerful witch who can among other things, conjure fireballs and increase women's breast sizes. She gets killed because of a fire she started triggers a gas explosions which she couldn't escape from since Gwen made her breasts so huge she couldn't move.
  • Distant Finale: Farewell Chastity is an epilogue chapter that takes place years after the main series. Mei becomes a journalist, gets married to Scott and is pregnant, Rayya's opens a store for super busty women, and has become one herself thanks to Gwen's magic, and Gwen's travels world trying to enjoy her now mortal life to the fullest.
  • Doing Research: Mei gets a hunch that the town couldn't have always had huge breasted women and that something long ago caused its situation. She goes to the library to research the town's history with witch burnings and eventually comes across a with a drawing of one of the witching burnings. Strangely all of the women in the drawing have average sized breasts except the one being burnt at the stake who has huge breasts and looks a lot like Gwen.
  • Exact Words: On her first day in Chastity, Mei is told by Rayya that all the women in Chastity have huge breasts. The next morning Mei has a freakout because her breasts have gone from non-existent to d-cups overnight. When she shows them to Rayya and Gwen, Rayya reiterates what she said yesterday about all the women in chastity having huge breasts.
    • In this case Rayya actually knew Mei didn't quite get what she was saying the first time but decide not to clarify since she didn't want Mei freaked out even more.
  • For Halloween, I Am Going as Myself: When Mei goes to Rayya with strong evidence that Gwen might be a witch, Rayya tells her that she's being ridiculous, only for Gwen to barge into room wearing a stereotypical witch outfit for the college Halloween party.
  • Freakiness Shame: Mei's breasts grow to sizes that would be considered freakishly big in most places and she's gets worried that Scott might find her less attractive. Scott (who's lived in Chastity his entire life) actually finds them very attractive.
  • Gag Boobs:
    • Gwen and Rayya take Mei to a clothing store to get measured for new clothes since her breasts have started growing. The Store owners breasts are so huge, that she has to slide Mei in between them just to get a good measurement.
    • There some comical panels were Mei struggles to get in Scott's police car which had yet not yet been retrofitted to handle super busty women like her. When she does fit in it's only barely and she couldn't even get the seat belt strapped. She also warns him not to make a joke about airbags.
  • Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex: After nearly getting killed solving the mystery of the town Mei decides to celebrate by making love with Scott the next day.
  • Goth Girls Know Magic: Later on Mei gets a sneaking suspicion that Gwen might be a witch, and she's right and while not as a solid as her other reasons, she does view Gwen's fashion sense and the fact that her side of the room is horror themed decorated as evidence.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: In order to protect Mei from Anti-Gwen Gwen decides to kill the latter knowing full well that if Anti-Gwen dies she's loses her immortality and without Anti-Gwen she won't be powerful keep the situation in Chastity a secret from the outside world.
  • Hidden Villain: Anti-Gwen, who is partially responsible for the way the town is and murdered the Mayor. She doesn't make a clear appearance until the very end of the second to last issue.
  • Hypocrite: Rayya thinks her sister, Tara, is obnoxiously obsessed with getting bigger breasts. However by the epilogue issue she's asked Gwen to increase her breast size multiple times to the point where's she's very close to her sister's size. When Gwen jokingly calls her out she at least admits she's not as bad as Tara.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Interesting case. Before her development Tara wanted nothing more than to have normal sized breasts, however she means 'normal' for a girl from Chastity where anything under head sized is considered small. To the rest of the world she already would have been one of the few normal sized girls in the whole town
    • Women who leave Chastity will often get reduction surgery to fit in with the outside world.
  • Immortal Immaturity: Gwen is at least three centuries old and yet she acts like a regular college student.
  • Jacob Marley Apparel: Anti-Gwen wears clothes Gwen was burned in.
  • Little Black Dress: Mei wears a little black dress for her date with Scott. It had to be borrowed from Rayya, who can't believe Mei doesn't have one of her own, but Mei points out even if she did it wouldn't fit her because of how fast and huge her breasts have gotten.
  • Love Interests: Scott, a young detective who's trying to figure who planted cameras all over the girl's dormitory. Mei falls for him fast and tries to ask him out but he declines since he's working on a involving her. After the case is solved the start dating, and even get married years later.
  • Mayor Pain: The mayor had the entire girl's college dormitory bugged with cameras. Later on it's revealed that he is part of a long line of town leaders Anti-Gwen's been working with to keep information about the town from the outside world. However, when Anti-Gwens finds out about the cameras (one of which was in Gwen's room) she kills hims.
  • Mundane Solution: It's pointed out fairly early that if Mei wanted to go back to normal, she could get reduction surgery like other women do when they wish to leave town.
  • Not a Mask: Gwen and Rayya are the first two girls Mei meets in the town and she assumes that they're wearing fake breasts as part of a prank. When it becomes clear that she won't take their word it that those are their actual breasts Gwen lifts her shirt to show. Unfortunately, this ends up freaking out Mei and she still doesn't believe it until she runs into the student center and finds even more women with huge breasts.
  • Naïve Newcomer: Mei is completely new to Chastity. Her first night there she has freakout over Gwen and Rayya's breasts, and theirs are considered average in the town. Most of the series is Mei learning things about the town.
  • Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond: In Chastity breasts as big as a girl's head are considered C cups and breasts nearly twice as big as considered D cups. While this is average for them it's obviously not everywhere else. Gwen even mentions that women who want to leave the town usually end up getting breast reductions to fit in elsewhere.
  • Obligatory Joke: Mei barely fits into Scott's car because of her enormous breasts. Realizing the what kind of jokes the situation is ripe for, she warns Scott not to say anything about airbags.
    Mei: You say one word about airbags and you're a dead man.
    Scott: Duly noted.
  • Playing with Fire: Both Gwen and Anti-Gwen are capable of conjuring fire spells. Which is ironic considering they've both been killed by fire with Anti-Gwen being killed off for good.
  • Prepare to Die: After Anti-Gwen explains to Mei what's really going in the town Mei asks her why she would tell her this if she knows Mei would spread the story. Anti-Gwen, pretty much tells her she'll be dead before the night's over.
    Anti-Gwen: It's Halloween, Mei. Accidents do tend to happen tonight.
  • Really Gets Around: Hooking up with guys is a common occurrence for Gwen. To the point where she doesn't even mind taking a phone call while having sex.
  • Really 700 Years Old: It's later revealed that Gwen is a couple centuries old.
  • Refuge in Audacity: One of the reason Chastity hasn't gotten world wide attention for its women is because the situation sounds so preposterous most regular news outlets dismiss it and they don't make higher than the tabloids. That and there's also some magic involved.
    • However, the epilogue chapter shows that magic might not even be necessary. The town is the way it's always been years later without Gwen's and Anti-Gwen's magic protecting it.
  • Required Secondary Powers: Considering how busty a lot of the women in Chastity are, and in most cases are still rather petite, back problems and mobility should be a common issue in town. However, it is mentioned frequently that despite how heavy the breasts are, to their owners they feel light and even the women like Tara who need assistance moving around with their breasts have no problem with weight, it's just that their breasts take up so much space the women would constantly trip over them trying to move around unassisted. This is one of the clue's Mei uses that it's all magic.
  • Revenge: A couple centuries ago Gwen and her lover, Tom, got caught in an affair by the latter's wife. Instead of putting the blame the husband, wife convinces the town to have Gwen burnt at the stake for being a witch, her main reason being Gwen had abnormally large breasts which was proof that she was a witch and whore. While her reasons were absurd, she was right that Gwen was witch. Gwen uses magic to resurrect herself, burn Tom alive for completely throwing her under the bus, and since her huge breasts were what got her burnt at the stake, she curses the town so that all the women there get huge breasts.
  • Shapeshifter Baggage: Mei goes from flat chested to breasts so big they go a little past her waist in the span of a few months. While her growth is considered normal, if not a bit faster than usual for women in the town, it does beg the question of where exactly the extra body mass is coming from. This is something Mei thinks about, at one point getting annoyed at her physic professor for going on about the laws of conservation of mass when the entire female population in town are walking contradictions it.
  • Spanner in the Works: The investigation that leads to the arrest of the mayor only came about because Gwen threw an alarm clock at Mei for accidentally walking in on her having sex. The clock shatters on the wall revealing the camera inside. The police get called in, find out the entire dormitory has been bugged and later on trace the equipment back to the mayor.
  • Strictly Professional Relationship: Scott rebuffs Mei's advances when she tries to ask him out not because he doesn't find her attractive, it just wouldn't be right for them to go out while he's working on a case that involves her. After the case is solved they start going out.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Gwen comes up with a plan to defeat Anti-Gwen by having Mei and Rayya tamper the building's gas control, while she confronts Anti-Gwen alone. During their confrontation Gwen makes Anti-Gwen's breasts so big she can't move, leaving her trap in the burning building which explodes because of the gas leak.
  • The Summation: While doesn't Mei yet know exactly what's causing the women in town to have huge breasts she explains to Rayya how a lot of things are pointing to the it being unnatural and caused by Gwen. She points out the impossibility all the women in town having gigantic breasts with no physical discomfort, Tara, whom Gwen supposedly hates, not following the pattern of women who are the bustiest in town since her family as has only been in Chastity for a few generation, the mayor getting killed not long after Gwen finds out he was the peeping tom and she has little reaction to of his death as if she knew he would die, and the drawing of a one the witch burnings that took place centuries ago yet the women burnt at the stake looks just like Gwen.
  • There Are No Coincidences: While, everyone in town has accepted the way things are as coincidences, Mei becomes increasingly convince that something unnatural caused the town to be the way it is.
  • Tulpa: Anti-Gwen, whom gwen describes as her "issues" talking a form of their own. She act largely independent from Gwen but her goal is to make sure Gwen is happy,no matter what it takes.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Anti-Gwen's main goal is to keep Gwen happy. Unfortunately, she's also willing to kill anyone she thinks is going to get in the way of that happy. Even if that person is Gwen's friend, as Mei almost finds out.
  • World of Buxom: Every single female character shown has breasts as big or bigger than the size of their head and the only two that don't eventually do. This is because something in the town is causing the women to have massive breasts.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: When being confronted by Anti-Gwen Mei pulls out a cross against her.Anti-Gwen laughs it off and tells Mei that won't work on her since she's not a vampire. So Mei switchs to "plan b", bashing her in the head with it and running away.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: The mayor was one of the many people Anti-Gwen made deals with to keep the situation of the town a secret. However, after being arrested for bugging the Girl's college dorm and one of the girls he peeped on being Gwen, Anti Gwen visits in his jail cell him to tell him that their deal is off. He tries to argue that she still needs him but Anti-Gwen simply tells him that he's replaceable and kills him by burning him alive.

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