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Jeffrey: You have beautiful eyes.
Ariel: They're nothing compared to my tits.

A woman has large breasts and is proud of them. Large breasts are considered attractive in a lot of cultures, so in fiction, it's not rare for a woman to enjoy the advantages or at least feel she should be advantaged because of her large breasts.

Characters like these are prone to parading their "assets" in the presence of male company, sometimes with a little extra bounce in their step, and may often brag about them, unknowingly in front of less fortunate, usually younger and self-conscious female characters. Such women are likely to view their "development" as a way to get what they want, as they are proud of their physical attractiveness. Also likely to openly tease distracted young men for staring too long, as it makes them feel hot.

Frequently overlaps with Proud Beauty. Compare and contrast Buxom Is Better (when someone other than the owner of the bosom in question expresses this opinion), Petite Pride and A-Cup Angst. Contrast D-Cup Distress.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Urd in Ah! My Goddess is VERY proud of her large chest, to the point of having an "if you've got it, flaunt it" mentality and being occasionally accused of being a hooker. She even goes so far as to tease Skuld about it… never mind that poor Skuld is physically a kid 99% of the time.
  • Ichiko Sakura from Binbō-gami ga! views her F-cup breasts as another benefit of her abnormally high luck. She even views it as a compliment whenever people try to make fun of her large breasts.
  • Bleach: Rangiku Matsumoto is very fond of showing off her huge Absolute Cleavage no matter what she's wearing. However, she's mostly just a harmless, gentle-hearted tease, who is neither nasty about it nor prone to picking on the appearances of other females. Despite this, the anime changes her personality in filler to have her constantly tease Nanao about her chest size, making Nanao (again, anime-only) very self-conscious.
  • Kanako Oomori from Cage of Eden views her large breasts as her only redeemable feature since she feels she's too clumsy to be of use to anyone.
  • Fuji-Sensei from Chitose Get You!! tells Chitose that she can't be treated as an adult because she doesn't have large breasts all the while bouncing her own breasts to brag.
  • Eiken's Kirika Misono just loves using them to embarrass (and "attempt to seduce") Butt-Monkey protagonist Densuke... both clothed and in nude.
  • Siesta from The Familiar of Zero becomes very boastful about her large breasts due to her love interest Saito's preference for large breasts and her rival Louise being flat chested. She frequently brags about her large breasts to Louise and her favorite seduction technique is to let — and in some cases, force — Saito to touch her breasts.
  • Carul Mendosa (or Carmen99) in GUN×SWORD is very proud of her chest. The 99 in her name refers to her measurements.
  • Downplayed but still present in Is This a Zombie? with the resident's Vampire-Ninja Ms. Fanservice Seraphim. While she doesn't flaunt her assets, call her "Odd Breasted" will cause her to be extremely pissed.
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion the first image the audience and Shinji see of Misato is a photo she sent to Shinji of her bent over showing off her cleavage and an arrow pointing to her cleavage with the caption "Pay attention!!"
  • In Hayate the Combat Butler, when Hayate mentions that he's noticed Athena's growth after their meeting and battling after ten years, Athena questions what part he noticed, and makes sure that he answers correctly.
  • Miki from Hell Teacher Nube loves her large chest, tries to flaunt them whenever she can, and brags about them to her flat-chested rival Kyouko.
  • Highschool of the Dead: Shizuka takes pride in the gargantuan size of her rack to the point of being smug. When she saw Rei's incredulity, during the bath scene in episode 6, Shizuka couldn't resist showing 'em off:
    Rei: (incredulously) "Th-THEY'RE HUGE!!!"
    Shizuka: (smug, while fluffing her boobs) "Yeah... I get that a lot."
  • Miki Hoshi in The iDOLM@STER outright says in her introduction that "[she] has big breasts". That's how proud of them she is.
  • In an episode of Inukami! Yoko is distressed over Keita's infatuation with the seemingly perfect Nadeshiko who moves in with them. Her worries momentarily vanish and she becomes boastful when it seems that Nadeshiko doesn't have large breasts like her but after forcing her to show her breasts she finds out not only does Nadeshiko have large breasts but they're also larger than hers.
  • Kanokon's Chizuru frequently uses her large chest to seduce her love interest Kôta. In an episode, she gets really down when a curse temporary removes her assets.
  • Yuriko in Kotoura-san; mainly demonstrated in the Beach Episode, in which her persistent self-Gainaxing completely fails to impress Daichi.
  • Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier isn't just proud of the fact that her pair are all-natural, she also claims that they give people hopes and dreams.
  • A lot of female characters from Manyu Hikencho, unsurprisingly since it takes place in an alternate feudal Japan (specifically set in an alternate Edo era), breasts mean everything. A lot of women, more specifically noblewomen like to flaunt their breasts or walk around with an air of superiority
  • Kurumu of Rosario + Vampire has the biggest chest of the harem cast, not unexpected since she is a succubus. At least during the early part of the manga, Kurumu was very proud of her... talents... and regularly taunted a smaller girl about it.
  • Bloodberry from Saber Marionette J who's the bustiest of the main characters, Otaru, trio of robot girls, likes to use her assets to flirt with him constantly and teases Cherry for her lack of endowment.
  • Sailor Moon. Makoto's argument that she should play the lead in Snow White is that she has the largest breasts. (Or "most talent" in the original dub. note )
  • Urushibara likes to show hers off in Seiken Tsukai No World Break, especially around Moroha.
  • Mito Ikumi from Shokugeki no Soma is certainly confident of her assets, and is constantly wearing clothing that reveals her cleavage.
  • Satsuki from Strawberry 100%. On one occasion, she mocks Yui (the Token Mini-Moe) this way, accusing her of being jealous because she is flat-chested. And one her Berserk Button is when she is compared to prof Kurokawa, the only character more busty than her.
  • Charlotte E. Yeager or Shirley from Strike Witches seem to have no qualms about showing off her breasts and allowing her comrades to grope and fondle them. She even declares her rack is better when another big breasted Witch shows up.
  • Double Subverted in an episode of UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie where Hydra jokingly tells Valkyrie to make Akina's breast bigger, and Valkyrie does. At first, Akina's looks like she's going to hurt Valkyrie but thanks her instead. Her breasts go back to their small size and she gets angry when Hydra jokes about it.

    Comic Books 
  • As most comic superheroines tend to have huge chests, it takes a lot of effort to have one stand out, but Emma Frost manages to define this trope, being one of the few comic characters to openly admit to having had breast augmentation. And let's not go into her preferred fashion style...
  • Swift from The Authority openly bragged about her "$20,000 boob job" after she suddenly showed up with brand new superpowers after previously being flat chested.
  • Latex Red, a villain from the comic 3 Little Kittens, also was quite openly boastful about her breast implants... which, instead of silicone, were nuclear warheads. According to her (very buxom) former teammates, she got them after she was thrown off the team because she thought she needed to "outdo" them.
  • Cat Grant from Superman was not only open about getting breast implants but was literally arrogant about them. This led to a rather humorous panel where she's sticking out her new chest and Supergirl calls them "strange lumps of plastic". Later, it's revealed she's overcompensating, dealing with the grief of losing her only son.
  • Irma Lair from W.I.T.C.H. is rather proud of her large breasts, and, while not obnoxious about it, she's not above pointing out their size to try and get other girls envious (especially Cornelia. Who is perfectly happy of her looks and won't care of others').
  • Harley Quinn: In #22, Harley is briefing the Gang of Harleys when she notices that Harley Queens is topless. She asks Queens why, and Queens replies:
    "Number one, just look at these! Number two...Well, just look at 'em!"

    Fan Works 
  • Darcy in Child of the Storm is, in a possible nod to 2 Broke Girls, perfectly happy with her breasts and is mostly amused when others notice them, and then, usually, try to hide it.
  • In Origin Story, Alex Harris goes on a "shock jock" morning radio show and not only brags that her breast size is 40-H, she actively brags that "these puppies are all mine, 100% natural." Being a clone of Power Girl, her breast size is to be expected. Her attitude, however, comes from having the memories of Xander Harris.
  • Lindsay from Total Drama: Cody's Redemption is very proud of having the largest chest among the cast. When arguing with Bridgette over Cody, one of the insults she throws at the other blonde is about how her own breasts are only 'medium-sized'.
  • White Sheep (RWBY): Yang admits she's rather proud of her breasts, though she is annoyed that boys her age can't stop looking at them. She mentions that one of the reasons she likes Jaune is because he is actually aware that she has eyes.
  • The Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series does this with Mai, who always refers to herself as "My Breasts".

    Film — Live-Action 
  • Rhiannon from Easy A gets excited when Olive lists one of her personal identifiers as "Big Tits".
  • Ariel Maloney from Soapdish, knows her best asset.
    Jeffrey: You have beautiful eyes.
    Ariel: Ooh, they're nothing compared to my tits.
  • The Beavers from The Itty Bitty Titty Committee Cheerleaders Vs. The Big Boob Squad are something of an Evil Cannot Comprehend Good subversion: they insist they're better than their rivals, the 69'ers to Foe Yay levels because of this trope despite being worse than them when it comes to winning competitions because they're weighed down by such assets and try to instill A-Cup Angst to psych them out, but the opposition retains too much Petite Pride for it to work.
  • Dear Diary: According to Annie, who has just put a cleavage-baring picture of Madonna on the front of Annie's fashion magazine, Madonna has this.
    Annie: She's very proud of her chest.
  • Pal Joey: Linda says this when, while drunk, she accepts Joey's offer to do the striptease number at the nightclub.
    Linda: You're right, I do have a good shape. Confidentially, I'm stacked.
  • Japanese Summer: Double Suicide: Busty, curvaceous Nejiko, who is also a nymphomaniac and is trying hard to get any of the several men in the basement to have sex with her, brags about her 40-inch bust.note 

  • Beli from The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao becomes extremely well-endowed when she hits puberty. She's initially ashamed about her breasts but soon begins flaunting them when she realizes that they make men fall all over her.
  • The title character of The Savannah Reid Mysteries is Fat and Proud, and on the few occasions she is insecure about her weight, she claims that being large has also given her a big chest, which makes her more attractive to some than being skinny would.
  • Mordant's Need. Saddith, a Gold Digger servant who's using her assets to sleep her way to the top. Averted with protagonist Terisa, whom Saddith flat out tells her she's very well-endowed; however, it seems to go in one ear and out the other with her. Terisa is that self-effacing and modest.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Kitty Sanchez from Arrested Development, after she gets breast implants. She frequently accuses Michael of staring at her chest when he's not, and a Running Gag involves her storming off at the end of a public conversation, pausing to ostentatiously flash him and yell "say goodbye to these!" She seems unaware that her implants have made her breasts lopsided.
  • In one episode of Seinfeld, Jerry dumps his girlfriend, Sidra, after Elaine convinces him that Sidra's breasts are the result of implants. A miffed Sidra (played by Teri Hatcher) exits with this line:
    Sidra: And by the way, they're real—and they're spectacular.
    • It gets a Call-Back in the Series Finale when lawyer Jackie informs Jerry that he slept with her and says, "Oh, they're real - and they're spectacular!"
  • Max in 2 Broke Girls. Her day-to-day work outfit and casual clothes don't tend to accentuate her large breasts, but when given the chance (such as in the extremely Fanservice-friendly dress in the Season 1 finale), watch out. She also is fond of joking about them and is often amused (as opposed to offended or disturbed) when others notice the obvious.
  • In an early episode of Hell's Kitchen, a rather buxom patron was growing annoyed at the delay that was taking place with her order and went up to the pass station to try to get Gordon Ramsey to put a rush on it. When he basically said something like, "Put your boobs away and go back to your table," she got annoyed that she wasn't getting special attention and slammed some food dishes to the floor. Ramsey had her thrown out.
  • China Beach: In this scene from the "FNG" episode, when the instructor and 1LT McMurphy demonstrate how to use a radiotelephone, he addresses her as "Aid Station 36C". She then identifies herself as "Aid Station 34C", which is also her actress, Dana Delany's bra size.

  • All of the women in Bally's Captain Fantastic are shown proudly flaunting themselves before the crowd.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • While not much attention was drawn to Jacqueline Moore's boobs, and most that was were punchlines on their size, she bore no shame for them and would proudly state how much woman she was when put in a bikini contest by the WWF.
  • One of Jacqueline's partners in crime, ODB, is similarly endowed and much quicker to let everyone looking at her know it. This reached its apex in TNA, where she took the company's acronym literally and got a shirt with hand prints on its chest, which she would frequently squeeze.
  • Traci Brooks is proud of her large breasts, not that she will just let you look at them for free, you perverts. If you're really that interested you can buy a TNA pay per view or tune into Spike TV!
  • The Radiant Rain Of The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew is proud to admit she's all natural. Though she's just proud of herself in general. All the same, there is a reason Bobby Roode chose her as Traci Brooks's "replacement" in TNA.

    Video Games 
  • Vert from Neptunia, both in her normal body and when she's transformed into Green Heart. She even lords her giant headlights over Blanc/White Heart during the opening sequence of the first game. White Heart's retaliatory snipe of "Thunder Tits" sticks throughout the rest of the series. In Victory, the reason she wants to take down Yellow Heart is not that Yellow Heart's nation is a threat to her own, but because Yellow Heart has even larger breasts than her.
    Green Heart: Breasts are symbolic for both maturity and fertility. The size of my bust equates my aptitude as a goddess.
  • Cheriel from The Guided Fate Paradox. In a prequel short story, Kuroiel notices that every moment she makes seems designed to give her to most jiggle possible.
  • In the H-Game Artificial Academy 2, a girl who has both large breasts and the Playful personality will respond to an admirer's groping with "Hah hah hah! Go ahead, envy my boobs! Worship them! ...Um, can you stop rubbing them soon?"
  • Shizuku Oikawa from THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls is a farmer girl turned idol with the biggest bust size of the entire series (even outside of Cinderella Girls). She has an extreme fondness for cows, and as such, considers being compared to one a compliment.

    Visual Novels 
  • Miu Iruma in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony is very proud of her huge boobs - as a matter of fact, she has the biggest bust of any girl in the franchise except for Sakura. She even mocks Kaede for being "flat," even though Kaede's breasts aren't small by any means (only 9cm less than Miu's according to their profiles).
  • After growing a spine since the events of the Fate/stay night, Sakura in Fate/hollow ataraxia is shown to be proud of her large chest, boasting about having larger breasts than her sister, Rin, during the trip to the water park.

    Web Comics 
  • Jamie from Girls with Slingshots gets flattered when one of her friends mentions her large breasts as her best feature.
    Maureen: Jamie, your breasts are... legendary.
    Jamie: You can say it twice. I consider them each a separate legend.
  • Shield from Unit-M proudly flaunts her curves with revealing outfits. However, in an issue where she’s harassed about her chest size, she responds by covering up more and more as the abuse intensifies.
  • Super MILF (formerly Ms. Venus) from Spinnerette gained the Most Common Super Power after her body absorbed energy from an alien artefact from Venus, and originally claimed that she kept a Cleavage Window in her outfit for ventilation from the heat they generate when she uses her powers. These days, however, she seems to flaunt her Gag Boobs with pride, her suit now incorporating an Impossibly-Low Neckline instead. She encourages other female supers to 'embrace their femininity' like her, and openly admitted in an interview that part of the reason she plays the hero at all is for the sexual rush.

    Web Videos 

    Western Animation 
  • The Simpsons: Booberella is an Elvira-parody who constantly tries to make sure her TV audience is staring at her breasts.


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