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Sue: You don't actually rate men on a scale of 1 to 10, do you?
Beatriz: Of course I do!
Sue: Don't you think that's a tad juvenile? Not to mention sexist?
Beatriz: You're only saying that because you're married to a 4.
Sue: Excuse me?

A character judges someone's overall sexiness by giving them an objective rank or score. This can range from the character's physical appearance to other things like sexual prowess, social status, financial stability, emotional availability, etc. The most common ranking system is On a Scale from One to Ten, but sometimes an Idiosyncratic Ratings Scale is used. Someone exceptionally high or low might cause a Readings Are Off the Scale or Broke the Rating Scale situation.

This usually comes with the connotation that the character doing the ranking is shallow, juvenile, or even sexist. Other characters will often call them out on it, especially if they know or are the person being ranked. But sometimes the characters may actually simply join in and start a "ranking" discussion. These discussions frequently occur between people of the same sex, usually to establish that All Men Are Perverts or All Women Are Lustful.

This can also be done simply to inform the audience about the attractiveness levels of said character, especially in media with no visuals.

A common occurrence is also for a character to be offended or proud about the score, depending on if they scored high or low. An Alpha Bitch or a Proud Beauty may be indignant to get anything less than a 10 while the Ridiculously Average Guy may be happy with a 6. This can sometimes lead to hijinks where a character tries to debate or prove their score is higher than what they were given.

A character may also get offended if their Love Interest gets ranked by someone else, reacting with jealousy or anger. An Insecure Love Interest might even give themselves a low score in self-deprecation. A third party may criticize a couple they perceive as a Ugly Guy, Hot Wife or Unequal Pairing by pointing out the difference in "numbers" between them.

See Eating the Eye Candy for when a character is silently checking out another. See Male Gaze and Female Gaze when the camera is the one doing the checking out. See Head-Turning Beauty and Lust Object for characters who usually get "scored". See Beauty Contest for when such scorings are codified in an actual competition. See Hold Up Your Score for when someone or their accomplishment is visibly judged on a numeric scale. Also related are Grade System Snark, Socially Scored Society and Sliding Scale of Beauty.

In-Universe Examples Only. This is not the page to voice personal opinions about a character's attractiveness, whether they belong to fictional characters or real people.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Aldnoah.Zero: In the second episode, Okisuke is checking out the strawberry blonde girl (actually Asseylum in disguise) who boarded the ship with Inaho, and congratulates him on "scoring a 10", much to Inko's disgust.
  • Interspecies Reviewers has Stunk and Zel visit various brothels to determine which species of working girls are the most fuckable. They sample the girls, then issue a 1 to 10 rating score on the town inn's bulletin board. Of course, these scores are also shaded by factors such as an entrance fee, whether food is provided, and if clients can bed down overnight.
  • Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!: In episode 6 of the anime adaptation, Makoto ends up leaving behind his notebook at school one day, which contains a "cuteness ranking" of all the girls in the class, with the list being made in conjunction with most of the boys. Class Representative Shinka is furious about it, and Makoto decides to take the heat all alone and confesses, saying he did it all by himself and he ends up being punished by having to shave his head.
  • Maken-ki!: In the second chapter/episode, Takeru and Usui bolt from class to peep on the girls stripping down for a school health check, scoring their bodies as they become visible.
  • Mysterious Girlfriend X: Episode 2 has Tsubaki's friends are rating the attractiveness of all of the girls in their class. When they reach Urabe, the boys conclude she's too weird to even rate, which makes Tsubaki inwardly annoyed.
  • Naisho No Tsubomi: As the girls are heading back to class they happen to overhear the boys lead by Futoshi rating them by points, prompting Rea to get angry and chase them away.
  • Rent-A-Girlfriend: In his internal monologue, Kazuya often refers to the 4 main female leads as "S-Ranked Beauties".
  • Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun: Babyls has an elective course on seduction taught by a succubus. The teacher can detect the Ero-Level of whomever she looks at on a scale of 1-100. Keroli ranks the highest because she's secretly a famous idol singer. Clara ranks at a completely unprecedented 2 out of 100, and even the teacher is shocked that anyone could possibly rank so low, stating that would mean Clara is somehow more innocent than a baby.


    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 
  • Kyon: Big Damn Hero: Just like in canon, Taniguchi has a grading scale for the girls in school and Kyon doesn't hesitate to throw him under the bus when Haruhi asks about it.
    Kyon: Taniguchi's a living perv-wiki. He's rated all the girls on a grading scale and only learns the names of those who get an 'A' or better.
    Haruhi: [turning to Taniguchi] Oh? I wonder what I ranked on that scale. Too bad you didn't even make fifteen minutes on mine.
  • In the Star Trek: Voyager Parody Fic The Killer Dame, Seven of Nine has been brainwashed to forget who she is, so when Captain Janeway addresses her as "Seven" the arrogant Ms. Fanservice says she's more like a 10.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • 10 (1979) is a Trope Codifier, with the main plot having George, a middle-aged man going through a Hollywood Midlife Crisis, attempting to seduce Jenny Hanley, an incredibly beautiful woman whom he rates as a 10 On a Scale from One to Ten. The movie's success greatly popularized the trope giving a "rating" to characters in media.
  • In 100 Acres of Hell, Bo is checking out a Badass Biker that is driving past them, calling her a "fucking ten".
  • 2:Hrs: Tim is making a list of Last Requests before he dies in two hours, and one of them is to kiss an "11 out of 10" girl.
  • Annie Hall: While Alvy and Rob are at a party with his friend, Rob refers to a female guest as a 10 due to "VPL", and Rob clarifies VPL stands for "visible panty line".
  • Baby Boot Camp: Gwen and Phil are trying to pick a name for their unborn baby girl, and are even considering what nickname she'll get based on the name they'll pick. Phil suggests Tennesse, because people will say "she's a 10", but Gwen quickly dismisses it.
  • In Barbie, the "I Am" Song of Ken (Ryan Gosling) has lyrics that go like this:
    "I'm just Ken, anywhere else I'd be a ten"
  • Broadway Damage: Robert's friend Marc admonishes him for having "no respect for the hierarchy of beauty" when he starts crushing on an "8". Amusingly, Robert is more offended that Marc only gave his crush an "8" than he is that Marc doesn't think Robert could get an "8".
  • Deadly Promises: Travis describes his school crush Megan as a "solid 10".
  • Doll Factory: During the Wild Teen Party at the start of the film, a drunk Melvin flirts with a girl while claiming "she's a 10", while his sober friends think she's so ugly she's a "minus 3".
  • Don Jon: Jon got his nickname of "Don Jon" due to being a major Chick Magnet that scores with "10s" all the time.
  • Far Cry: Jack asks Valerie to rate him On a Scale from One to Ten and gets peeved when she gives him a "two".
  • The Fate of the Furious: Roman is upset he didn't make it into Interpol's top 10 most wanted list, because Ramsey beat him to the 10th spot, and he complains "There's no way she's a ten", which prompts Tej (who has a major crush on Ramsey) to joke "Oh, she's definitely a ten." Ramsey just rolls her eyes and walks away.
  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry: Renaldo is incredibly happy when Chuck (who's pretending to be gay) tells him he's a "10" even though Renaldo's not gay himself, he just finds it flattering that gay guys find him attractive.
  • The Little Death: While confessing about their sexual fantasies, Maeve confesses to her boyfriend Paul that she wants him to "rape her". Assuming he misheard her and asked him to "rate her" he gives her a 10/10 and a 5-star rating. But then she corrects him, and makes it clear she wants to roleplay him raping her, which then freaks him out.
  • Moxie: The boys send out a "list" ranking all the girls in school on their beauty, with the top "awards" being "Best Rack," "Best Ass," and "Most Bangable." The girls really dislike being sexualized this way, especially as Emma, "Miss Bangable," was given that label after the popular boy Mitchell raped her.
  • Hotness scores are one of the anachronisms in the dialogue of Persuasion (2022):
    • The vain Sir Walter is persuaded to move to Bath thus: "It is said if you're a five in London, you're a ten in Bath."
    • The handsome William Elliot is considered by Anne to be a "ten".
  • Pixels: President Cooper calls Violet a "10" when he sees how She Cleans Up Nicely for a party.
  • Rock Monster: Jason, Benny and Warren are all flabbergasted when they first meet the Head-Turning Beauty Cassandra, The Bartender to the local pub. Toni isn't impressed when they start rating her.
    Benny: Dude - she's a ten!
    Warren: Eleven.
    Jason: Twelve
    Toni: Congratulations, boys, you can count.
  • Rough Night: When Peter thinks Jess called off their wedding due to a botched phone call, one of his friends unhelpfully points out this isn't surprising since he's a "7" while she's a "20".
  • She's Out of My League: The premise of the film is the Unequal Pairing of Kirk and Molly, with characters often using this trope to point it out, claiming he's a 5 or a six while she's a "hard 10". The tagline of the movie is even "How can a 10 go for a 5?".
  • The Social Network: Feeling miffed and slighted that his girlfriend Erica Albright dumped him by telling him in no uncertain terms how much of an asshole he is, Mark Zuckerberg drunkenly creates FaceMash, a website that allowed anyone with the link to choose which one of two female Harvard students was the more attractive one, using actual photos of current students by illegally downloading them from the school's student registry. It then generated a score based on those comparisons and ranked the students. Like the entirety of the film, this was based on real events that Zuckerberg live-blogged about at the time, including his initial idea of adding farm animals to the comparison for extra insult.
  • Supercool: After Neil gets a new cooler and more handsome body due to his wish to be more like his comics, his Best Friend Gilbert still has to point out that he needs to stop dressing like a nerd, saying he looks like "ten in two's clothing".
  • The Sweeney: The Flying Squad have a discussion about the attractiveness rating of Miller's girlfriend, just as they're driving to break up a robbery.
    George: [after Miller talks about settling down with his girlfriend]] If you're gonna tie the knot with someone make sure they're a 9 or a 3. A stunner or a complete shitter. If you fall in the middle you're fucked mate. It's never gonna work. (...) Not low enough to be grateful to you and not high enough to make you grateful to her.
  • Subverted in They Call Me Bruce? when the title character goes to a massage parlour. As he's waiting in a hot tub, a beautiful masseuse enters and slips off her robe. Bruce exclaims that she is a "10", which she is quite pleased about until Bruce clarifies: "You are 10 where you should be 36." The woman looks embarrassed and sinks into the tub to hide her chest area.
  • This Is 40: Casanova Wannabe Jason manages to make the film's Ms. Fanservice Desi interested in him by downplaying her score when he rates her.
    Jason: You are a beautiful woman, but you are not totally maxed out. I would say, honestly, you're a six.
    Desi: Oh.
    Jason: A six-and-a-half. I could make you an eleven.
    Desi: Really?
    Jason: When I found Deb, she was a seven and now she's a twelve. You can't be lazy.
  • Tommy Boy: When Tommy first sees his future step-mother Beverly doing a Sexy Surfacing Shot out of the pool, he immediately calls her a "Ten". This also doubles as an Actor Allusion for Beverly's actress Bo Derek who played Jenny in 10 (1979).
  • Varsity Blues: During the Wild Teen Party at the strip club, the guys find out their Hot Teacher Miss Davis is one of the strippers, and later they drunkenly rate her strip number, with Tweeder giving her a 9.5 and Billy Bob giving her a "fucking 10".
  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: Tanya tells Kim that since they're in Afghanistan in the middle of a war, they're ranked much higher than they would be back in America. Apparently, it's called the "Kabul Cute" effect.
    Tanya: I mean, you're like, a seven, a six or seven in New York? Here, you're a nine. Borderline ten. It's called "Kabul Cute."
    Kim: What are you here, like a fifteen?
    Tanya: Yeah.

  • I asked my spouse if I'm the only one they've dated. They said "Yes, all the others were at least sevens or eights."
  • One phrasing of The Schlub Pub Seduction Deduction goes "If she's a ten and you're a two, something's up."

  • Deconstructed in 13 Reasons Why, when a list ranking all the girls by their body parts is circulated. Many girls, whether they had good scores or bad, are humiliated, and Hannah being listed as "Best Ass in the Freshman Class" leads to her getting groped, among other things.
  • Amagi Brilliant Park: Seiya is such a Narcissist he claims he's a "perfect 10" no matter the outfit he's wearing.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya: Kyon's friend Taniguchi informs Kyon and Kunikida that he's got a ranking system for the girls in the class. He's given a ranking of A+ to Ryoko Asukura, and later informs Kyon that Yuki Nagato is an A-. Not surprisingly, Taniguchi is regularly noted to be unpopular and/or unlucky with the ladies.
  • Discussed in the first chapter of I Do Not Want To Do This, where (being a D&D-inspired world) the scale goes from 1 to 20, rather than 10.
  • In The Journeyer, serving girls at Kublai Khan's court have their attractiveness measured, like the purity of gold, in carat, with the highest score being twenty-four. Marco Polo doesn't know how exactly these measurements are done: he is assigned two "twenty-two-carat" servants whom he thinks flawlessly beautiful and doesn't understand why they didn't get the highest mark. Later, when he sleeps with several "twenty-four-carat" girls (in accordance with Kublai Khan's plan of breeding a royal guard consisting of Marco's sons), he isn't impressed by any of them at all and instead falls in love with a deaf-mute maid who prepares the bed for them.
  • In While the Clock Chimes, the ruling class claims that whoever is more beautiful than the king, queen or princess can take the respective royal's place, and specifically assigned servants hold regular measurements of people's beauty, ranking the results on a scale from one to hundred (the king allegedly rates one hundred and the queen ninety-nine). However, the entire measurement is a sham: right before Tatti's eyes, a gorgeous young woman is claimed to have a measure of only twelve, and the king, queen and princess are eventually revealed to be Ugly All Along.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Netflix make-over show 100% Hotter has the nominated people be rated by random people on the street On a Scale from One to Ten, before and after the stylists do The Makeover.
  • 13 Reasons Why: As in the book, a student makes a list ranking all the girls in class based on their perceived attractiveness; it's revealed Alex was behind it as a way of trying to fit in with the jocks. Hannah is ranked as having the "Best Ass" while Jessica is ranked as having the "Worst Ass"; it's all but stated Alex ranked Jessica that way out of spite over their break-up. Many girls feel humiliated by it; Hannah in particular hates the unwanted attention she gets because of it and even gets groped by Bryce, who cites the list. Jessica also gets it into her head that Alex broke up with her to pursue Hannah based on the list and her ensuing argument with Hannah about it causes them to break their friendship.
  • 2 Broke Girls: In "The Hold-Up", Caroline ends up soiling herself in fear when a robber points a gun at her. Sophie mocks her relentlessly for it later with a bunch of pee-based jokes, including one where she rates Caroline an "eight", because it sounds like "ur-rinate".
  • 30 Rock: In "Reaganing", Jack tells Liz that under "certain lights" and while using the "East Coast over-35 standards", she's an "8".
  • 9-1-1: Lone Star: In "Texas Proud", Carlos confesses to Michelle he is insecure about asking out T.K. even after they hooked up because "he's a ten".
  • Arrested Development: In "Self-Deportation", while riding in the Winnebago, G.O.B and George mistake a trash bag by the side of the road for a 10/10 hot girl. G.O.B. justified himself by saying it was likely a "10-gallon Hefty sack" so it still counts as a "10".
  • Awkward.: In "Bonfire of the Vanities", Jenna and Tamara find out the boys have a girl-rating list known as the "Phone Book" and they use area codes to rate each girl, such as a "Michigan" being a "989" and an "Allentown" being "484". The three digits are for Face, Boobs and Butt. Jenna becomes very hurt and upset when she learns Matty was the one who rated her, way back when they started seeing each other.
  • The Big C: During couples therapy, Paul confesses he was always insecure about his marriage to Cathy because she's a "10" and he's a "4"". Or a "6" if he's having a good day.
  • The Blacklist: In "The Thrushes", Aram confesses to Samar that he feels something is wrong in his relationship with Elise because "She's an 11. I'm a 6, a 4 on most days". He turns out to be Properly Paranoid as she's actually a Femme Fatale Spy for The Thrushes that's coming on to him in order to keep tabs on the Task Force.
  • Bones: In "The Finder", Walter asks Hodgins if he's rich when he finds out he's married to Angela because "On a Scale from One to Ten, she's an 11" and Hodgins is a "7", so if he was rich it would explain the discrepancy.
  • Broad City: "The Last Supper" starts with Abbi and Ilana checking out some guys while they play basketball and rating them... but they get confused because Abbi was rating them on overall hotness while Ilana was rating the size of their penises.
    Abbi: He's a 10. I mean, look at him.
    Ilana: Eww, dude, a 10?! Like, get away! I can't believe you're into that. I hope he's, like, seven inches max.
    Abbi: Inches? I thought we were rating them on hotness?
    Ilana: I thought we were rating them on dick size.
    Abbi: Why would we be rating them on dick size?
    Ilana: Abbi, why wouldn't we be rating them on dick size? It's all I can see. Those b-ball shorts are God's gift. If you train your eyes, you can see their religion.
  • The Carmichael Show: In "Ex-Con", Jerrod's friend Shawn has just gotten out of prison and needs a place to crash for a while. Maxine is a bit reluctant about it, but Jerrod vouches for him. But when Shawn first meets Maxine the first thing he does is rate her a "real 10" (as opposed to a "prison 10"), which naturally makes her worried again.
  • Chuck: In "Chuck Vs The Balcony", Lester is annoyed his family got him into an Arranged Marriage and his "bride" is showing up to visit, and he tells Big Mike he needs no bride as been online dating, and scored three "4's" in a single day, which means he scored a "12". This turns into a Brick Joke when his bride, Jinsana, comes to the Buy More and turns out to be a Head-Turning Beauty that has him admitting she's an actual "12".
  • Community:
  • Cougar Town:
    • In the Pilot episode, Jules and Ellie rate how good in bed they think they are while talking on the phone, with the insecure Jules hesitantly rating herself "a seven" while Ellie confidently says she's "a nine".
    • In "Don't Do Me Like That", after Jules and Josh sleep together for the first time, he's unusually quiet making her worry if she was bad. She asks him to rate her on On a Scale from One to Ten, and he's unable to lie since he's a Bad Liar whose voice gets high-pitched whenever he lies.
    Jules: On a scale from one to ten, was that a nine?
    Josh: [high-pitched] Definitely.
    Jules: ...Was it a six?
    Josh: [still high-pitched] Way higher.
    Jules: [dejectedly] Son of a bitch...
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm: In "Namaste", Susie calls Larry a "Uber two on a good day" and he's offended, and argues he's definitely a "Uber four".
  • Degrassi Junior High: "Censored" has Joey, Wheels and Snake rating the poster of models in their lockers. L.D. walks by as they're doing it, and is disgusted, calling them sexist chauvinists. Later when L.D. and Alexa are leaving school they rate them as well, pissing off L.D. To get back at the boys, she and Alexa bring posters of Hunk models and pin-up in their lockers and start rating the boys just like they did earlier, and they don't enjoy being on the other end of the objectification.
  • Desperate Housewives: In "The Art of Making Art", Renee tries to help Lynette get back into the dating pool by taking her to a singles bar, under the excuse her Love Interest Ben isn't that great. But after a while at the bar Renee admits she lied and that "Ben is a 10 and if you add up every guy in this place and you get a 6".
  • The Detour: In "The Search", teen Jared unknowingly kissed a 10-year-old girl (she was wearing a snowsuit and he couldn't tell) and is freaked out about it. When he tells his parents he "got some from a 10", they assume he's talking about this trope, and his dad congratulates him while his mom admonishes him for rating women numerically.
  • Diff'rent Strokes: In "Thanksgiving Crossover", after getting kissed by Morgan (three times), Phil rates her an 11 out of 10 as a kisser.
  • Documentary Now!: In "The Bunker", invokes this trope as a metaphor when politician Alvin Panagoulious is talking about white lies. The news anchor interviewing him isn't impressed.
    Alvin: It's kind of like when you meet someone's wife and you say she's a ten when really she's a true five.
    Luanne: ...And that's your political strategy? Rating women?
    Alvin: Ah. You could see it that way. [winks at her flirtatiously]
    Luanne: [nods awkwardly] Okay...
  • Eastenders: One episode in 2018 had Martin Fowler and his friends rating the girls in the club, and things take an awkward turn when one of the girls that Martin ends up rating a "10" is his own daughter Bex.
  • The Facts of Life: "The Rating Game" reveals Blair has a rating system for men, and the episode has her transferring all that "data" into a computer, so she develops her own dating system. The other girls are shocked by how in-depth it is.
    Blair: I just look at the height, weight, kind of car they drive, financial status, family background...
    Beverly: That's more than I knew about my husband when I divorced him.
  • Forever: Lucas is thrilled at the idea of Jo and Henry becoming a couple in "The Last Death of Henry Morgan," suggesting that if Jo has any hot friends they could double-date, but he is "only interested in eights and above."
  • Future Man: After Josh's mom gets kidnapped by cops, he asks his father George, the only witness, how hot were the cops On a Scale from One to Ten. George is obviously confused why would Josh ask such a question in such a serious moment, but Josh figures that if the cops were Biotics, they would look much more attractive than the average person.
  • Girlfriends: In "All in a Panic", Joan becomes an Insecure Love Interest towards William, being reluctant to be intimate with him due to knowing his previous lover, her friend Lynn, is a Sex Goddess that she can't possibly measure up to. When Lynn learns about this, she manages to calm down Joan by telling William is fairly mediocre in bed, being a "4 out of 10 and that's rounding up". This actually cheers up Joan, but obviously makes William very upset and he attempts to argue with Lynn to give him a better score.
  • Good Trouble: In "Daylight", Gael is working part-time as a hauler, and is helping Isabella to move her stuff, and some Unresolved Sexual Tension quickly begins to take form between them. Once the job is done and Gael is leaving, he asks her to "rate him" and she gives him a once over and tells him he's a "10", and then he awkwardly explains he meant to rate him in the work app she hired him on.
  • Hart of Dixie: In "I Fall to Pieces", Wade and Zoe meet for the first time after they resolved their Belligerent Sexual Tension in the previous episode by sleeping together. But Zoe is distressed after she begrudgingly admits he's a Sex God that he only sees her as a "B-" in bed, thus reigniting their Belligerent Sexual Tension.
    Zoe: Last night, something happened between us.
    Wade: Yeah, well, you had A-plus sex for your first time.
    Zoe: What do you mean I had A-plus sex? You had it too! ...right?
    Wade: Yeah, for me it was more... B? B-minus.
    Zoe: What?
  • Home Improvement: Mark calls himself a 5. When Jill insists he's a 10, Mark admits he doesn't want to be a 10, as the girl he's interested in thinks 10s are pigheaded jerks.
  • Hostages: Sandrine is mock offended when Archer says she's a four (he's actually talking about her assigned Codename).
  • Hot in Cleveland: In "Murder House", Melanie's Childhood Friend Rachel invokes this trope while giving a Shout-Out to 10 (1979), when she reminisces about the time she and Melanie both got Bo Derek cornrows hairdo but the boys said that even together they still didn't amount to a 10.
  • How to Get Away with Murder: In "Always Bet Black", Michaela's douchebag client Toby hits on her by telling her she's a "9", which creeps her out and angers Asher who is dating her at the time.
  • I Know This Much Is True: In episode 3, a flashback that shows how Thomas and Dominick first met. Thomas is complaining to Dominick about "A chicks" being too arrogant so he prefers a "good-natured B chick". The waitress, a young Dessa, isn't impressed by them "scoring women". Later that night Dominick and Dessa end up meeting again when her car breaks down and we get a Call-Back to them "scoring women".
    Dominick: Uh, where do you live? Maybe my buddy and I can give you a ride home?
    Dessa: I'm not sure I'm an "A," so would I be able to go with you guys or?
    Dominick: I'm sorry, I don't grade women like... He's a... He's a weird guy.
    Dessa: Okay, okay. Yeah.
    Dominick: I'm sorry. You would be an "A" though.
    Dessa: [laughs]
    Dominick: If I was grading, but I'm not grading.
    Dessa: Okay, nice save.
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: In "The Gang Group Dates", Dennis becomes obsessed with a website that allows women to give their dates star ratings, but ends up having a full-on meltdown when he keeps getting one and zero star ratings, ranting that he's a "five-star man" and destroying all his sex tapes. Dee, who's in a man-hating mood, decides to use the site, sleeping with several men and rating them all a "1", but this ends up backfiring since she discovers most men couldn't care less and they're just happy for the sex and come back for more despite Dee's ratings.
  • JAG: In "We the People", Agent Webb (Steven Culp) rates Major MacKenzie (Catherine Bell) as 7.6, he says he uses the Richter scale. A later episode shows he also knows her measurements for a dress off the top of his head.
  • Kyle XY: In "Diving In", Josh is trying to convince his sister Lori into talking and getting the name of an incredibly beautiful girl who smiled at him in the pool. But after Lori follows the girl to the lockers and sees her naked in the showers, she doesn't believe a "10" like her would be ever interested in someone like Josh and tells him to forget about her.
    Lori: Josh, she's a 10. There is no way a girl that hot would come within a mile of you.
  • Letterkenny: In "Crack N Ag", Mr. McMurray gets a Prank Call about his wife during their agricultural call-in show:
    Prank Caller: Why the fuck would Mrs. McMurray marry a piece of shit like you? She's an 11 out of 10, but that decision downgrades her to an even dime.
  • Life with Derek: The episode "6 1/2" has a new cute guy at school who gets on the girl's bad sides when he starts rating every girl in school, with Casey being particularly crushed on being rated a 6 1/2. As Emily says "He may look like a 10 but he's a 0".
  • Liv and Maddie: "Rate-A-Rooney" has the girls getting into conflict with Jerkass Todd Stetson and his friends due to them starting rating all the girls in school, via a Hold Up Your Score as they pass the school hallway.
  • In Season 5 of Love Island, Curtis Pritchard has a steamy kiss with fashion model Arabella Chi and rates her a 10 out of 10.
  • Love, Victor: In "Creekwood Nights", Lake is affronted when someone rates her a "6" online, and thinks she's at least a "low 9". She asks Felix to rate her and warns him not to give her a "10" because she won't believe it, but he simply refuses to do it.
  • Married... with Children: In "I Who Have Nothing", while trying to make Jefferson jealous, Marcy describes how she once used a private detective to find an ex-boyfriend who was a "perfect 10".
  • The Mindy Project:
    • In "Sk8er Man", Mindy gets pissed when Peter offers her a date with a friend that seems mediocre at best and finds out that is because he considers her a "five".
    Mindy: Why would you think that I would like this person?
    Peter: You're a five, he's a five.
    Mindy: What? Everyone knows that I'm an eight, eight and a half! [walks away pissed]
    Peter: [yelling after her] Two fives make a ten!
    • In "How to Lose a Mom in Ten Days", Mindy thinks Danny is being a Momma's Boy by getting mad she set up his mother Annette on a date with Dr. Ledreau. He proves her point when he says he just doesn't think Ledreau is worthy because his mom is a "perfect 10".
    Mindy: Dr. Ledreau is a sweet, nice man. If anything, I'm afraid he is not gonna like her.
    Danny: What? Why wouldn't he like her? Ma's a perfect 10!
    Mindy: Kate Upton is a perfect 10.
    Danny: Who's this Kate up-town?
  • Mixology: In "Last Call", one scene with Tom narrating has him explaining that a great couple must be "within two units of hotness of each other". Cut to him and his friends at the bar while Bruce is rating girls.
    Bruce: [points to a girl] She's a 6. [points to another girl] She is a 7. [points to Liz] She is an 8.
    Tom: You're giving Maya's friend an 8? She's an 12.
    Bruce: My scores are final, Tom! Maya's friend is an 8, and you are a 6.
    Tom: Your scores are ridiculous.
    Bruce: You just became a 5!
    Tom: I protest your entire scoring system.
    Bruce: Now you're a 4!
    Cal: Don't worry, Tom. You're still a 6.
    Bruce: Shut up, 5 and a half.
    Tom: What are you?
    Bruce: Numbers can't define me. I'm an eagle.
  • Modern Family: Used in "Crazy Train" when Luke is checking out a passenger in the train, to Haley's distaste.
    Luke: Ooh, I see a dime piece over there.
    Manny: [to Haley] That means she's a 10.
    Haley: Yeah. I speak d-bag.
  • Mythbusters tested the idea of "beer goggles" by having cast members rate peoples' attractiveness On a Scale from One to Ten while sober, buzzed, and drunk.
  • NCIS:
    • In "Deception", Tony and Ziva get into a small argument over Lt. Commander Wilkinson's hotness and Tony rates her a perfect "10" due to her "incredible figure", which causes Gibbs to slap both in the back of the head.
    • In "High Tide", Bishop has to go undercover as a Dirty Harriet and is rated a "hard ten" by the perps for her looks.
  • NCIS: Los Angeles: In "War Cries" Sam set up Callen on a blind date with Joelle. In the next episode "Tuhon", they discuss the date and Sam gets upset when Callen doesn't think Joelle is a ten.
    Sam: She's world-class, G!
    Callen: Eh, national level, maybe. Regional, for sure.
    Sam: She's an undisputed ten. Come on.
    Callen: I didn't say she wasn't hot.
    Sam: But she's not a ten?
    Callen: A solid nine.
    Sam: That magically appeared into your life without you making any effort!
    Callen: So?
    Sam: So that "no effort" thing should count for at least one point!
  • Never Have I Ever:
    • Ben tells Devi he doesn't notice her or her friends because they are "below a 6" on the attractiveness scale, making them "U.N." (Unfuckable Nerds).
    • Devi considers her crush Des a "Palisades 10"; Fabiola replies that Devi herself is a "Sherman Oaks 8".
  • The Neighbors: In "Mother Clubbers", Larry and Jackie (A Zabvronians alien couple that is hiding in the shape of humans) are both surprised by how many men hit on Jackie, and the human Debbie has to point it out it's because Jackie looks like a 10/10 Head-Turning Beauty on Earth, which shocks them both since on their home planet, Larry was considered the beautiful one, and is distressed they look like a Ugly Guy, Hot Wife couple.
    Debbie: Larry, your wife is a 10.
    Larry: Out of how many? If she's a 10 I'm at least a 38.
  • The New Adventures of Old Christine: In "Beauty Is Only Spanx Deep", during a double date a waitress assumes Christine and Richard are the parents to new Christine and Daniel, causing her to become insecure about her relationship with Daniel, thinking she's "dating out of her league" because he's a "10".
    Christine: I mean, when we walk into a restaurant, all eyes go to him. And right after him, they come to me. And what do you think they're thinking?
    Matthew: "Who's that ten with the six who thinks she's a nine?"
  • New Girl: In "Micro", Winston rates Schmit an 8, Coach an 8 and a half, and himself as a "sweet 6".
  • Nip/Tuck:
    • In "Pilot", Kimberly becomes offended when Christian rates her an "8" but says he can make her a "10" with his surgery. This gets a Call-Back in "Megan O'Hara", where Christian calls a post-surgery Kimberly an "11" after seeing her doing a photoshoot.
    • In "Natasha Charles", the Patient of the Week asks Christian to "make her a 10" when talking about her surgery.
    • In "Shari Noble", Christian goes with Liz go to a lesbian bar to be her wingman, but he's unhelpful because she considers herself a "six" and he keeps suggesting girls that are "eights or nines". She spots what she considers a "Ten" looking at her, but Christian arrogantly believes the girl is checking him out, only to be shot down and discover she really was looking at Liz. Tragically, the "ten" turns out to be a Honey Trap who only brings Liz to her home in order to steal her kidney.
  • The Office (US): In "Michael Scott Paper Company", Ryan Howard refers to Pam as she is a "7 in Scranton" but only a "6 in New York". This gets a Call-Back in "Promos", when Dwight says that Angela is a "9" in terms of looks, but Clark corrects that she is a "Scranton 9".
  • Orphan Black: In "From Dancing Mice To Psychopaths", Valley Girl Krystal is disappointed when she meets her clone Sarah, because Sarah is a "7" while she's a "10".
    Krystal: Okay, are you, like, blind? 'Cause This girl looks nothing like me. Like, first of all, my tits are way bigger. And secondly, even if you could drag a comb through that hair, she's like a seven on a good day and I've been told I'm a ten.
    Sarah: A seven?
    Felix: She has a point about your hair.
  • Ready or Not (1993): "Members Only" has Justin and a bunch of other dudes take it upon themselves to rate the girls walking up or down the stairway, holding up their scores as they pass. This particularly distresses Amanda, because she just grew a pimple, so she really doesn't want to be rated.
  • Reno 911!: In "Concealed Carry Fashion Show", there is a Gun Nut fashion show where the fashion models all walk the runway, showing off both their clothes and their guns. When one of the models pulls two 9mm pistols the announcer jokes "She's a ten with a pair of nines!"
  • Riverdale: In "Body Double", while Veronica is investigating the Jerk Jock who is Slut-Shaming her, she discovers all jocks keep a list where they rate every girl they dated, called a playbook. Cheryl is particularly shocked when she learns even her deceased brother Jason took part in it.
  • Rizzoli & Isles: In "All For One", while Jane and Maura are discussing the case in a bar, Maura notices some guys in another table are rating the girls in there, by holding up napkins with numbers from 1 to 10. To mess with them, Jane and Maura also give them scores in the same fashion.
  • Saved by the Bell:
    • In "The Fabulous Belding Boys", Mr. Belding is mad at his brother Rod is getting distracted from work by a Sexy Stewardess. Rod attempts to justify himself by claiming "she's a 10", but obviously gets no sympathy.
    • In The Movie Hawaiian Style: Lisa gushes to Kelly about Brian Handsome being a 10, not only because of his good looks but because he's a lawyer and has a yacht.
  • Saved by the Bell (2020): In "The Bayside Triangle", Mac and Jamie get involved in a Love Triangle with Head-Turning Beauty Pamela who's described as a "perfect 10".
  • Search Party: The insufferably arrogant Chantal unsurprisingly has "Imperfect Ten" be the title of the book about herself. As she explains: "Even though the common person might think that I am a perfect ten, I am indeed flawed. I may still be a ten, but I am not perfect".
  • Seinfeld: In "The Finale", Jackie is impressed by Jerry's ex Sidra Holland when she gets called to the stand, claiming she's a "12".
  • Single Parents: In the Valentine's Day Episode "A Cash-Grab Cooked Up by the Crepe Paper Industry", Graham gives his crush a valentine while telling her she's a "10".
  • Sirens (US): In "Transcendual", Johnny, Hank and Theresa start frequenting the gym, and all enjoy the Workout Fanservice, to the point they start to rate them numerically On a Scale from One to Ten. But Johnny becomes uncomfortable "rating" girls with Theresa or even the idea of her going to the gym and other guys start rating her. Eventually, Hank and Theresa also start to feel uncomfortable when they realize their "overall hotness" is much lower in the gym when they're surrounded by Hunks and Amazonian Beauties. So they decide to stop going there and go to the zoo so they can feel likes "10s" again.
  • Skins: JJ doesn't believe his relationship with Lara will work out because he thinks she's a "ten" while he's a "three".
  • Supernatural: In "Reichenbach", Dean invokes this when giving a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Lester for putting out a hit on his unfaithful wife, despite him having been unfaithful first.
    Dean: Your lady in there; she's a North Dakota 8. You're a 4 1/2, Max. Now, I don't blame her for stepping out — especially if she found you were messing around first.
  • Superstore: In "Groundhog Day", this trope is Discussed when Amy's thinking about dating again after her divorce and Mateo and Cheyenne give her a harsh "rating" during lunch.
    Mateo: Amy, I'm gonna give you some gay man tough love right now. Okay, no tea, no shade... you're not a ten right now. It's not about your looks. You just have some major dings. You're over 30, you're divorced, you have a kid.
    Amy: Cheyenne has a baby! Does that give her a ding?
    Cheyenne: No, because I have a baby the way that Chrissy Teigen has a baby. You have an old baby, so that's a double ding.
    Carol: Plus, you're probably really out of practice sex-wise.
    Amy: Excuse me?
    Mateo: And I'm guessing your downstairs is a jungle?
    Tate: Mmm, retro. Nothing wrong with that.
    Amy: No, it is a manicu- you know what? I am not gonna defend myself. This whole system of rating people is gross.
    Carol: What's my number?
    Mateo: Um, you're a four, Justine's a three.
    Justine: But it's cool, 'cause I clean up on twos. Girl's trip!
    Cheyenne: No, Sarah's a seven, Brett's an eight, Tate's a ten because he has a good job and abs.
    Tate: That's correct, I'm the complete package.
    Justine: Wait, what number is Amy? Are we tied?
    Amy: God no!
    Beat [everyone states at Amy awkwardly]
    Amy: I'm sorry, that was not- no, I think you're beautiful. See! This whole system just sets us back.
    Mateo: You're just a little bit higher than Justine.
    Amy: A little higher?
  • Taxi: In "A Woman Between Friends", Tony asks Elaine to rate him On a Scale from One to Ten where "Louie's one and Robert Redford's number ten." Elaine then jokes that there are much more than nine numbers between those two.
  • Too Old to Die Young: Janey's dad first establishes himself as a creepy Pervert Dad by telling Martin that his own daughter is "a 10".
  • Uncle: Andy invokes this while teaching his son Errol about dating girls, and that he needs to stay within a "three-point spread".
    Andy: For instance, a two can never go out with an eight. That would be suicide.
  • Upload: In "Five Stars", after a quick hook-up Byron asks Nora to rate him a "5 stars" on the app, but later rater her a "4 stars" for being "too clingy". She responds by pouring a glass of water from her window onto him.
  • With Love: While Nick is going down at Lily, she can't help but wonder (between moans) how good he is at it. Interested, Nick stops and asks her to rate him, and she quickly tells him he's a "10" and orders him to get back at it. When he complains he finds it hard to believe he's a "10" she downgrades him to "9" for being "too chatty".
  • Young & Hungry: In "Young & Unemployed", Elliot's disapproving mother comes to visit, and accidentally assumes Josh is Elliot's fiance. When she discovers it's actually Alan, she's disappointed, saying Josh is a "10" while Alan is a "4". Alan tries to take it in stride, but she doesn't make it easy.
    Alan: After you taste my kugel, I'll shoot up to a 5!
    Ms. Park: What the hell's a kugel? Speak English, 4.

  • 3OH!3: The subject from "Hit It Again" is said to be an "eleven out of ten".
    She's eleven out of ten; got a body with a pin
    You could pull it like a hand grenade
  • 5 Seconds of Summer: The protagonist of "End Up Here" is shocked when a Head-Turning Beauty seeks him out at a party and points out the difference between them in lyrics by claiming she's a ten while he's a six.
    Call me lucky 'cause in the end
    I'm a six and she's a ten
    She's so fit, I'm insecure
    But she keeps coming back for more
    How did we end up talking in the first place?
  • Akon: "Sweetest Girl" has the eponymous girl being described as a "ten".
  • Austin Mahone: In "Perfect Beauty", this is one of the ways the eponymous perfect beauty is described:
    Should I tell her she's a ten
    Or should I think of something clever
  • "Perfect 10" by The Beautiful South is about a Big Beautiful Woman and the lyrics go: "She's a perfect 10/But she wears a 12
  • There's an old Country song by Bobby Bare called "Numbers" about a guy in a bar who "grades all women on a scale of one to ten." He picks out a woman he thinks is a 9 and tries to pick her up by telling her she's an 8 and that the two of them "could make 18." She then picks him apart, attribute by attribute, including giving his smile only a 5 because he needs dental work, and his "'69 homemade convertible" a 3-and-a-third. She does give his potbelly a 10, tho... for size. Then she says "There really ain't much to add once the subtractin's done, but since there ain't no zeroes, I give you a one!" and walks out. His buddies razz him so he says, "Soon as she started to talk I knew, chick didn't have no class; I barely gave her a two."
  • Cameo: In "She's Strange", the appearance subject of the song is described numerically.
    She's a 9, a 10 a 25th
  • The song "VIP" by Dorian Electra has them proclaiming they're a "10".
    Badass bitch, I'm a 10
    All my haters is my fans
  • "Shawty Is A 10" by The Dream ft. Fabulous is a song dedicated to a woman whom the singer views as perfect in every way, including looks, attitude and culinary skills.
  • Electric Light Orchestra: The song "Nightrider" calls the girl in the song a "ten a penny dream".
  • Enrique Iglesias: The song "Dirty Dancer" is about a Hard-Drinking Party Girl who's a Sex Goddess that Really Gets Around, with the lyrics claiming she's a "5" before drinking and a "10" after.
    She's a five when she drinks
    But she's a ten when she's on top of me
  • Fishbone: "I Wish I Had A Date" has the fictional date being imagined as a "ten" that could impress everyone.
    Show her off to all the rest of my friends
    I'm not good lookin' but at least she's a 10
  • George Strait: The subject girl from "Her Only Bad Habit Is Me" is described as a "10".
    She's perfection, she's a ten
    My baby never looks at other men
  • Gretchen Wilson's "Here For the Party" has the woman rating herself less than a ten, but bragging she can still get a man.
    I may not be a ten
    But the boys say I clean up good
    And if I gave them half a chance for some rowdy romance
    You know they would
  • Gym Class Heroes: The song "Cupid's Chokehold" has the singer refer to his girlfriend as a "10".
    She's got porcelain skin, of course she's a ten
  • "Started" by Iggy Azalea has her bragging that she's a 10 to a woman who can't compete with her looks, calling her a "2".
    Ayy, bitch, they lookin' at me, they not lookin' at you
    I don't mean to be rude, I'm a 10, you a 2
  • Luke Bryan's "Drunk On You" compliments the love interest with "If you ain't a ten, you're a nine point nine."
  • Katy Perry: Along with other drunken partying, "This Is How We Do" references "going to bed with a 10 and waking up with a 2" as a result of Beer Goggles.
  • The Keith Urban song "She's My 11" has this trope referenced in the very title, being about a girl so amazing she Broke the Rating Scale.
    She's my radio turned up to 11
  • In Nicki Minaj remix version of "Down in the DM", she boasts about being a "ten".
    Nigga know that I'm a 10, that's Celine on my lens
  • Red Velvet: "Perfect 10" is unsurprisingly about being the "perfect 10/10 girl".
    I'll be your perfect 10, 10, 10
    Be your perfect 10, 10, 10
    Each cut is 10, 10, 10
    When you place me in your arms
    No more, no less, perfect
  • Rev Theory: "Hell Yeah" the girl the main character is having Auto Erotica with is described as a "10" in the lyrics.
    She's a ten, hellbent, I'm in heaven tonight
  • Silver Jews: "Tennessee" references this trope with a pun on the title: "Come to Tennessee 'Cause you're the only 10 I see."
  • The lyrics of The Struts' song "Dirty Sexy Money" reference this trope right at the beginning:
    Ignite my rocket
    Don't ever stop
    She's a ten
    She's a ten
    She's a ten
  • Todd Rundgren: The song "Flaw" has the subject girl being described as a "ten" by the main character's friends, but he can't help but be bothered by her minor flaws.
    And all my friends they look at me
    Say 'she's a ten' and I agree that you are a mad love maker
    I know I should accept it all and overlook the little faults
    But this one's a real deal-breaker
  • The Vamps: The main character of "Can We Dance" is one a dance with "perfect ten" when his pushy friend gets in the way and chases her off.
  • Willie Nelson song "Ten With a Two" is about a drunk guy being approached by an ugly woman whom he perceives as "a 10" due to Beer Goggles, and only in the morning after he has a Bedmate Reveal and realizes she's actually a "2". When it was a single in summer 1991, the song gained some notoriety by conservative and women's groups for what they viewed as demeaning lyrics toward "less than perfect" women—in other words, that the song was really about a man disparaging ugly women as having no social, romantic or other redeeming values.
  • Zara Larsson's song "Girls Like" has her singing she's "not an 8 or a 9 I'm a 10".

  • A Chorus Line: In the song "Dance: Ten Looks: Three" Val describes the typical producer's reaction when she went to an audition. They always ranked her dancing abilities very high and her personal appearance very low.
  • Six: The Musical:
    • In "Haus of Holbein," the queens sing about getting makeovers by the German portrait painter. They sing, "We'll turn this vier (German for "four") into a nine!"
    • At the start of "All You Wanna Do," Katherine Howard boasts about being the the most attractive queen by saying she's "a ten among these threes."
  • Played for Laughs in A Very Potter Musical when Draco Malfoy is singing about Hermione Granger while mocking the Hollywood Homely trope that's applied to her in canon.
    Draco: You know who I think is the ugliest girl in school? That Hermine Granger! You know what I would give her On a Scale from One to Ten? 1 would be the ugliest and 10 pretty... I would give her an 8... 8.5... or a 9... Not, not over a 9.8 cause there is always room for improvement. Not everyone is perfect, like me. That's why I'm holding out for a 10. Because I'm worth it!

    Video Games 
  • Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time: In the final levels, Dr. Cortex travels back to just before the first game and is mistaken for an imposter by his past self. While the Cortex of the past describes the future Cortex to his minions in terms that sound rather unflattering, he still calls him "a perfect 10".
  • In My Time at Sandrock, the Builder acquires the Magic Mirror, a robot Expy of the Snow White mirror who can rate someone's beauty using fairestofthemall.exe. Their criterion for such beauty is... nebulous. The Builder is the Fairest of Them All, no matter what the player makes them look like, and thus becomes their new master. Heidi is in the "TOP TEN, FOR SURE." Qi, on the other hand, "GETS ONE OUT OF TEN FOR NOT BEING INTERESTED IN ME," sight unseen. Then Sheriff Justice asks the Builder to shut down the app because the Magic Mirror won't stop rating him two out of ten for putting them in jail.

    Visual Novels 
  • In BUSTAFELLOWS, one of the first things Helvetica, a plastic surgeon by trade, says to Teuta is that she is a 63 out of 100, offending her. Shu comments that Helvetica rarely gives anyone higher than a 60. If the player chooses to say that Teuta's first impression of Helvetica is that he was annoying, Helvetica is amused and says Teuta gained a few more points due to her honesty.
  • Plumbers Don't Wear Ties: When John first meets Jane, he promptly says, "I see a 10!"
  • SHUFFLE!: Rin first meets Itsuki Midoriba and Forbesii while they're rating the women that walked by them on a scale of 1 to 100, which establishes both as Handsome Leches.

  • Dumbing of Age: Joe has a "Do List" where he rates the women of IU on their perceived sexual desirability on a 1-10 scale, which causes him trouble once it gets leaked to the greater student body.
  • Furry Fight Chronicles: Muko rates Kalita as a 10 out of 10, mostly due to her massive chest size.
  • Goblins is set in an RPG Mechanics 'Verse based on Dungeons & Dragons, so when Minmax and Forgath first arrive in Brassmoon City (so, before his Character Development started), Minmax keeps rating the women he sees based on their charisma statnote . This leads to some unfortunate confusion between Minmax and the locals:
    Minmax: Let's ask her! She's only 13, but still cute! I'd totally do her.
    Forgath: Uh Minmax, I don't think the locals know you're talking about charisma...
    Minmax: [shouts] Hey! 13 and hot! I love it!
    [everyone stares at Minmax in shock and disgust]
    Forgath: ...Yeah, we're gonna get lynched.
  • Sandra on the Rocks: As far as Lavali's concerned Eva is a Peerless Love Interest she has no chance with, as she considers her to be so hot that she makes "perfect tens weep tears of despair from the knowledge they'll never be as hot as her".

    Web Original 
  • Dice, Camera, Action!: In episode 11, Paultin spots Ezmerelda on the stairs and immediately evaluates her as an "8", but Evelyn thinks he's being too generous.

    Western Animation 
  • Big Mouth:
    • In "Rankings", the Bridgeton Middle School students create an app ranking the most attractive students in school, with each student choosing their top three candidates. This upsets several characters, like Nick (who wanted to be on his crush Gina's list), Jessi (who knows the idea is demeaning but still feels left out), and Devin (the Alpha Bitch who ends up very low on the list because of her bad attitude).
    • In "The Funeral", Maury irrationally hates Matthew's little sister Brittany, and mocks her appearance with a low "score" despite her being a little kid.
    Maury: Brittany's such a busted bitch. She's got, like, no teeth. Like, hello! Meth head, please.
    Matthew: Maury, she's seven.
    Maury Yeah, she might be seven, but let's be honest, Matt. She's a fucking three.
  • Family Guy:
  • Inside Job (2021):
    • In "Clone Gunman", the JFK clones refuse to listen to Reagan because she's "only a four." Reagan snaps back that she's "at least a seven with filters."
    • In "Sex Machina", RightSwipe's algorithm judges users' attractiveness on a one-to-ten scale. Brett scores a ten, while Glenn scores a zero.
  • In The Looney Tunes Show episode, "Double Date", a series of flashbacks shows Daffy's "trouble" with figuring out women. One of them shows a date asking Daffy if he thinks she is pretty. He replied that no woman should be judged on her looks. But if he had to, a four and a half.
  • Downplayed in the South Park episode "The List", in which the boys discover a list the girls made ranking the boys from cutest to ugliest.
  • Wander over Yonder: "The Date" reveals that Lord Hater gives numerical ranking to women based on their attractiveness, after a date stood him up and Sylvia had to stand in to prevent him from going on a world-destroying rampage. After he almost marries her (long story), and Wander intervenes dressed in drag (longer story), Hater is convinced he's actually desirable, and why should he settle for a 6 and a 4 when he can have all the 10s he wants. Sylvia and Wander are off the hook and leaving, when Sylvia notes, "I'd better have been the 6, or I'm going back there and punching him!"
  • What's with Andy?: In "Busting", Andy's crush Lori tells him that she and her friends have decided that he is an eight on a scale of one to ten. Andy, due to being distracted by a Potty Emergency, mishears "You're an eight" as "Urinate".


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