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Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler (born May 8, 1975 in Madrid, Spain) is a Spanish singer-songwriter and actor. He is the son of Julio Iglesias, also a Spanish singer but formerly Real Madrid's Youth team Goalkeeper, and Filipino-Spanish socialite Isabel Preysler.

He began his career in 1995 with his self-titled debut album. Subsequent releases would ensure his place in the "Latin pop explosion" of the 1990s, alongside peers Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez. Iglesias began to cross over into the English language market, first with the Spanglish hit "Bailamos" and then with the English album Enrique. He steadily released music until the 2014 album Sex and Love. He would release singles thereafter until claiming that the two-parter album Final (the first installment of which was released in 2021) would be his last.

Iglesias is an occasional actor, appearing on Once Upon a Time in Mexico and How I Met Your Mother. He also produced an off-Broadway musical, Four Guys Named Jose and Una Mujer Named Maria.


  • Enrique Iglesias (1995)
  • Vivir (1997)
  • Cosas del Amor (1998)
  • Enrique (1999)
  • Escape (2001)
  • Quizás (2002)
  • 7 (2003)
  • Insomniac (2007)
  • Euphoria (2010)
  • Sex and Love (2014)
  • Final (Vol 1) (2021)

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