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The last thing a (piece of) chocolate cake will ever see.

"Like Julio (Iglesias), but bigger. Way... bigger."
Fluffy, about himself, on =3

Gabriel Jesus Iglesias (born July 15, 1976) is an American actor and stand-up comic known for his funny impersonations, crazy sound effects and obnoxious Hawaiian shirts. He started his career on All That (during the time when the show's popularity was fading, as the original cast had left and the new cast was met with criticism with not being as funny as the old cast), and ended up getting specials on Comedy Central. He's also known for his good-natured Self-Deprecation and bright attitude about being what he calls "fluffy".

All of the hilarious stories he tells have basis in truth. He happens to live a quite crazy life and draws from these experiences. He also likes chocolate cake and is delighted and surprised when fans bring it to him.

Has a website, a Facebook, a Twitter, and an Instagram, and is also on YouTube. He hosted Gabriel Iglesias' Stand-Up Revolution on Comedy Central.

He played a supporting role in Magic Mike and its sequel Magic Mike XXL (details of which he discussed in the Aloha Fluffy special). He also cameo-ed as a Dominican ganster in Narcos (whose infamous fate was even officially memorialized by the Netflix YouTube page). Subsequently, he had a recurring appearance on the short-lived ABC sitcom Cristela.

He now stars in, and executive produces, his own eponymous sitcom, Mr. Iglesias, for Netflix.




Voice Acting

Tropes related to Gabriel Iglesias:

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Invoked in "I'm Sorry for What I Said When I Was Hungry": He got into a debate with a teenager about whether DC or Marvel has the better superheroes. One of the examples the teen listed was Batman, which Gabriel disagreed with:
    Gabriel: Batman’s not the best superhero. Batman is the creepiest superhero. Batman is the creepiest superhero that has ever lived. He even sounds creepy. (deep voice) "I'm Batman. I'm Batman." (normal) You don't recognize that voice? (deep voice) "Want some candy? Help me find my puppy." (normal) Hello? He only comes out at night. His face is always covered up. He’s always waiting in alleys. And who does he talk to? A guy named Joker, a guy named Riddler. His name is Batman. Joker, Riddler, Batman. Joker, Riddler, Batman. Those are Mexican gang member names.
  • Ambiguously Bi: He'll always mention that he's not gay when talking about how he appreciates getting attention from men. Then, he'll launch into long, well-thought-out bits about how he'd enjoy being in a relationship with a man.
  • And a Diet Coke: In "Hot and Fluffy", when someone asked why he drinks diet sodas, he replies, "So I can eat regular cake."
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: In Stadium Fluffy he states that he goes out of his way not to be divisive which is why he never talks about politics, religion, or sports.
  • Artistic License – Law: In "Aloha Fluffy", he mentions Singapore's strict laws and specifically Michael Fay's caning for vandalism, but isn't accurate. He claims canings are random and done at the scene of the crime (they're not, they are a proper sentence and always conducted in prison), are given in place of jail time (they are always handed with jail sentences, never alone) and that there is no set number, just when the caner "feels" it has been enough (the court decides a specific number of strokes based on the circumstances; Fay himself was sentenced to six strokes on top of four months in prison and a fine). He also says Fay was just spray-painting buildings, when Fay actually stole road signs and vandalized cars.
  • Ass Shove: One of his routines relates his trip to the doctor with a complaint of "I can't fart." The doctor examines him, described only as "I'm not gonna tell you what he did, but you know what he did" and diagnoses him with a blockage, easily remedied with an enema.
  • Audience Participation Song: With a latter portion of presumably each show on the Fluffymania tour dedicated to retelling old stories as requested by the audience, Gabriel's popularity - both at live shows and on the internet - make this a near-certainty, with the crowd joining in on the punchlines/one-liners en-masse. Easy example: the "Martiiiiiin!/Órale!" in the New Beetle story.
    Gabrielnote : You don't even need me!
  • Auto-Incorrect: One story has him texting his girlfriend. After 15 shots at a place called Cinebar, he tried to tell his girlfriend the truth about what he was up to; autocorrect failed to recognize 'Cinebar', and turned it into 'Cinnabon'.
    Gabriel: Martin, check it out! My iPhone lied for me!
  • The Bear: When Gabriel found out that he has a huge following in the bear community, Hilarity Ensued. Gabriel even called up his girl to say "you'd better not mess around! I have options!"
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: His brother once complained about children knocking on his door trying to sell him something. Gabriel did "something", and the children stopped. Eventually, while drunk, he let slip that he passed out flyers warning a registered sex offender lived at that address.
  • Big Fun: But of course. At least one routine per show revolves around his weight.
  • Bilingual Backfire: At one point when Franky was late for school, Gabriel tried to drop him off in the front of the school only for the principal to show up and tell him it wasn't the designated area. In response to this, Gabriel began talking to her in very fast Spanish. Only for the principal not only to understand this, but give him very clear instructions of how this wasn't the designated drop off area, where the correct area was, followed up by telling him (in Spanish) that she was not stupid.
    • Happens again when he introduces his then-girlfriend to his mother for the first time. His mom complained (in Spanish) that he brought home a white girl... only to be shocked when she spoke the same language.note 
    • Happens a third time as a Brick Joke, his call to On-Star customer service had the receptionist turn out to be the Sassy Black Woman he'd argued with at a hotel years before, who, after a beat, asked " that "ee-glacias" wit' an I?". He immediately hung up and called the Spanish version, only to hear "I speak Spanish too, motherfucker!"
  • Bilingual Bonus: Moves seamlessly between English and Spanish in his shows. While he does promise to translate, there are times when he can't help but be a troll. One instance being when he says "puta" is Spanish for "friendly".note 
  • Brick Joke: "But it was funny, huh?" To wit: Cop pulls over Gabe, his friends, and Felipe, whose purpose in life is to get Gabe in humongous trouble, and he does so by antagonizing the cop. Gabe tells a joke, leading to the first "But it was funny, huh". After the situation's defused and he gets away scot-free for making the cop laugh, Felipe jokes about pot in his pocket. The cop pulls out his gun and points it at Felipe, screaming that just because Gabe got off lightly doesn't mean Felipe will, too... and Felipe promptly cries, asking if he's going to jail. The cop's response: "Nah! But it was funny, huh?"
    • The cop in question mentions that the only story he ever heard that was funnier than this one was the time some fat Mexican offered one of his colleagues some donuts. That was from Gabe himself.
    • In his next special: His girlfriend begins to freak out when Franky starts to experience signs puberty is setting its course and he tells her "Don't worry, I'll be the man, I'll take care of it" to calm her down. This comes back later to bite him in the ass when Franky asks what a hooker is and his girlfriend echoes his promise word for word. He gets his revenge though, by telling him "You wanna know what a hooker is? Those are your mom's friends.", causing Franky to chime "hookers are here!" every time they visit them.
    • It's become a Brick Joke, but it was actually explained in one of his much earlier appearances. After enduring too many of Felipe's 'but it was funny, huh?' comments after doing something dumb and attracting the attention of the police at a border checkpoint, Gabriel and another friend traveling with him decide they're going to get one back on him—and while Felipe is sleeping in his hotel room, continually call his room pretending to be the front desk ordering him to keep the noise down and that other guests are complaining. After one of these calls (Gabriel using his great voice repertoire) a 'Damn Mexicans' is added, which sets off Felipe. Who promptly charges downstairs and in the middle of the lobby starts shouting about how this hotel is full of racists—a rant that ends with Gabriel revealing the identity of the caller, delivering a "Hello, sir?" in the same nasal voice. Cue a well-deserved and triumphant 'But it was funny, huh?' from Gabriel.
    • At the end of the "I'm Not Fat, I'm Fluffy" special, Gabriel has to call On-Star to report his car stolen, getting Kim. She asks for his name since his ID card is chewed up, he gives it... and there's a prolonged silence. Thinking the call dropped, he asks a few times whether she's there, then she says in the Sassy Black Woman tone "Do you spell that wit' a I?" He quickly hangs up, then calls back using the Spanish line this time, gets through, and "I speak Spanish too, motherfucker!"
    • The Sassy Black Woman hotel concierge makes a very brief 'cameo appearance' in The Fluffy Movie: when explaining the distinctive way that Indians move their heads when they speak, he points out that many cultures have idiosyncrasies like that and throws in a quick "I hear da bell!" when demonstrating the mannerisms of black people.
  • Broke the Rating Scale: His "I'm fluffy" Catchphrase is due to having a list terms describing a scale of being fat: big, healthy, husky, fluffy and DAMN! He eventually met a guy that made him add a new size, Oh Hell No. The guy was 6'8, 614 pounds and upset he didn't have a t-shirt in his size, and his shirts went up to XXXXXL.
    I was like, dude, I didn't know they made you. I got up to 5-X, I don't have [T. rex noise]-X. Picture of a dinosaur on the back of the tag...
  • Cold Equation: In a humorous bit, he explained that his doctors told him he only had two years to live if he continued the lifestyle he had. He went on an all-meat diet that results in a quick weight loss, but may have similar deadly consequences in about ten years. He comments that the choice is pretty simple, ten years is larger than two.
  • The Comically Serious: Describes his mother this way. She never laughed at his jokes, but would always bash other people for not laughing. The only time he saw his mother really lose her cool was when she met Vicente Fernández, whom Gabe describes as "Mexican Elvis." Gabe's mom promptly broke into wailing upon meeting him, and it took three people to pry her away.
  • Contrived Coincidence: At a show in Hawaii, Gabe brought G. Reilly to share his side of the story about "The Gift Basket". Reilly pointed out that the timing of the prank was exceptional, because it was his first time in Fresno, he was hungry and didn't know any of the restaurants, and the gift basket included food that was so warm and fresh that Gabe had to dash it from the car to the front desk of the hotel.
  • Cool Car: He's a fan of Volkswagens and owns some vintage ones, including a minibus that's featured in Fluffy Breaks Even.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Deliberately invoked and lampshaded in the Racist Gift Basket routine, which Gabe acknowledged as screwed up. Several times. It's even lampshaded by the target of the joke.
  • Crowd Chant: Crowds at live shows, as you'd likely guess, frequently chant "FLUFFY!", be it before he takes the stage or when he's closing out a portion of the show.
  • Disappeared Dad: He did not know his dad growing up, he mostly just knew he was a Mariachi band member (who looked like the Mariachi member on hot sauce bottles). "The Fluffy Movie" reveals he eventually made contact and they reconnected, seeing they had the exact same sense of humor.
  • Don't Tell Mama: In "One Show Fits All", he told a story about how he caught Franky watching a porn movie on his phone. Franky asked if Gabriel was going to tell his mom about it, and Gabriel said he wouldn't... and seconds later, he told the entire studio audience not to tell Franky's mom.
  • Donut Mess with a Cop: Twice. He's had many encounters with the police, but on one occasion made an illegal turn out of a Krispy Kreme and got caught. The policeman pulled him over and asked the obligatory, "You know why I pulled you over?"
    Gabriel: (Purposefully opening the donut box) 'Cuz you could smell it!
    Cop: Oh, son of a bitch! (Dies laughing)
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: Once he and a friend were riding a log flume ride at an amusement park, and his friend dared him to flash the camera that takes pictures as they go downhill. So they both lifted up their shirts, and are then pulled aside by security as they exited the ride. They think they're busted, until the security guard asks them if they have seen "two big women in this picture." Apparently:
    "When you've got two big fluffy guys like us, going downhill at a steep angle, we look like sexy bitches!"
  • Dyeing for Your Art: Shaved off his goatee and any stubble during the commercials of Lip Sync Battle to do the second round as Donna Summer.
  • Everybody Must Get Stoned: In the Netflix special "One Show Fits All" is a story about how he was a guest on Snoop Dogg's talk show. After inhaling one of Snoop's joints, he doesn't remember anything that transpired afterwards.
  • Fandom Rivalry: Invoked in "I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry", where Gabe got into a debate about who had the better superheroes: DC or Marvel.
  • Fat and Proud: He says his weight doesn't bother him. Even so, he began losing weight after being told he was getting close to having Type II Diabetes. Not even for himself, either; he wanted to keep his family supported.
  • Fat Bastard: Noted here:
    For those who don't know, I used to say that there were five levels of fatness—the original five are 'big', 'healthy', 'husky', 'fluffy', and 'DAYUM!'". The reason I said "I used to say there were five", is because now there are six. People asked, what could be bigger than 'Daaayum!'? The new level is called 'OH, HELL NO!'
    • He used to believe that the absolute biggest people could go was 'Daaayum'! After countless shows and demands by angry fat people as to why there's nothing beyond that scale, he still can't believe there are people THAT MUCH FATTER than him.
      Big Guy: You don't have my size!
      Gabriel: Dude, I didn't know they made you!
    • Compared to "Daayum", in which people mistook you for an amusement park ride, "Aw, HELL naw!" comes with Godzilla sounds. Gabe was damn sure the elevator he was in would collapse if they let him in.
  • Faux Yay: In his special "I'm Not Fat... I'm Fluffy", he talked about getting drunk in El Paso and ending up at a gay club. When he realized where he was and realized that guys were checking him out, he embraced it, putting his hands on his hips and going "Shoot..." in fairly camp manner. He even went so far as to call his girlfriend to say, "You better not mess up, because I have options."
    • In "Hot and Fluffy", he said that he turned gay for five seconds after having a plane drop during a lightning storm. Oh, and brought up the aforementioned accidental Gay Bar incident.
    • He tends to scream like a woman a lot during his routines.
    • In "One Show Fits All", he noted that while he's not gay, he could see being gay because it would be easy to get along with his partner. He uses an example:
    Gabriel: "Hey, bro! You hungry?" (as partner) "I thought you'd never ask." "What do you want to eat?" (as partner) "Whatever you want to eat." "We’re going to Burger King." (as partner) "I love Whoppers." "Me, too!" We go to Burger King and we tear it up. We get back home and I ask him, "Hey, how do you feel?" (as partner) "Horny." "Me, too! How do you want to do this? Heads or tails?" It would be efficient!
  • Fee Fi Faux Pas: Fluffy currently provides the page quote, describing his reaction after he responded to some German hecklers in India with "[German people drink] Blood of Jews!"
    Gabriel: Have you ever said something that was so bad- and I mean, you knew it was bad as it was coming out of your mouth? And you're trying to stop it, but it's too late, it's already out, and you're like, Nooooo...! And it's too late! "Blood of Jews" is all over his face.
  • Flat "What": In spirit if not in practice. He recounts being offered a part for Magic Mike. On being told what the movie was about, he quickly confirmed, "You realize this is Gabriel Iglesias, right?"
  • Foil: He and Martin Moreno have this kind of relationship in most of his stories.
    Gabriel: Martin and I... All the good ones start like that. "Martin and I..."
  • Food Porn: For him, it's all about food. Especially: invoked
    "Chooooooocolate.... caaaaaaaaake....."
  • Formerly Fat: While still "Fluffy," he lost a lot of weight after gaining type 2 diabetes and was told he had merely a few years to live. Something of a subversion of a Harsher in Hindsight, as he talked in previous specials about how his weight never bothered him and he didn't want to be miserable exercising. His healthier lifestyle was for his friends, family and fans, and not his own vanity. As a result he turned a softer body type more into Stout Strength.
  • For the Lulz: Gabriel's friend Felipe frequently pulls off really dickish pranks that (either almost or actually) get the whole bunch of them in serious trouble. His justification when they bitch him out later? "But it was funny, huh?" It later bites him in the ass.
  • Foreign Cuss Word: He has said puta and cabrón various times.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Gabriel's stories tend to paint Felipe as this, given how much trouble he gets everyone into.
  • Fun with Foreign Languages: Gabriel recounts a trip to the Arizona Mall, which greets its visitors:
    (group of white shoppers enters) *chime* "Welcome to the Arizona Mall."
    (Gabe and his friends enter) *chime* "Bienvenido al Centro Comercial de Arizona."
    (group of black men enter) *chime* Yo dawg, welcome to the mall!"
    • He recounts calling up Gatorland in Florida, where the Spanish hotline consisted of "I don't speak Spanish, but I'm sure you'll love this park."
  • Gallows Humor: A variation, he says that you can get out of trouble with a cop if you can make them laugh. So he once had "Bad Boys" blaring over his speakers when a cop pulled him over for speeding. The cop couldn't stop laughing so he sent him on his way. Until Felipe decided to bring up the weed in his pocket.
  • Gangbangers: His routine sketch involves an anecdote when he used to drive a tiny Volkswagen Beetle.note  While waiting for his friend Martín Moreno (a fellow comic), he gets made fun of by some Mexican gangbangers across the street for somehow fitting in a Beetle.
    Gangbangers: Órale!
    Gabriel: What's up, guys, how's it going?
    Gangbangers: How'd you get in there, Ese!?
    Gabriel: [beat, offended] HURRY UP, MARTÍN!
    • He later modifies it, complete with a chip in the motor - and he's still made fun of.
      Check it out, man! It's The Fat and the Furious!
  • Happily Married: His girlfriend mentioned in his second DVD special is now his wife. The fact that, by his 2013 special he only had seven stories about her, indicates how jolly the marriage is in general.note 
  • Hell Is That Noise: The sound of a really obese man approaching a clinic Fluffy is waiting in.
  • Hot Guys Are Bastards:
    Gabriel: Ladies, if that's what you want out of a man, is the sexy guy, go for it. But I'm gonna warn you, in the long run, the pretty guy? He's gonna lie to you, cheat on you, and break your heart. That's why you need to start giving fluffy guys a chance. Seriously, 'cause the worst thing we're gonna do is have dinner without you.
  • Hypocrite: He's admitted to this after the fact, post-diabetes diagnosis. During his early shows, he described the five/six levels of fatness and insisted that he was still level 4. However, after being diagnosed with diabetes and losing some weight for the sake of his friends, family and audience, he reveals that at his highest weight, he was 445 lbs. He doesn't outright describe himself as a level 6, but...
    Gabriel: Yeah, that's waaay past Fluffy, okay? Let's be honest, that's not even DAMN! 445 pounds, that's borderline Discovery Channel fat.
  • I Am Big Boned: According to him. Fluffy is the "politically correct" term. And there were five (later six) levels of fatness: Big, healthy, husky, fluffy, and DAMN! (Later joined by "OH HELL NO!")
  • Innocent Awkward Question: He has incorporated his family's experiences into part of his comedy act, most of them centered on time spent with his step-son Frankie. One story had Gabriel tell the post-pubescent Frankie if he had any adult questions, he'd answer it. Later, Frankie was watching TV and saw a commercial advertising some Girls Gone Wild-esque videos about hookers. Frankie then asked what a hooker was but Gabriel knew it wasn't right to tell him. He started making a fuss saying that he'd tell him anything if he asked, and after Gabe yelled at him, his girlfriend angrily reminded him of his promise. Unfortunately, Gabe did exactly what he was told and informed Frankie that "hookers" was the name of his mom's friends; he felt satisfied telling him that because they already all hated Gabe for not marrying his girlfriend. Afterward, whenever they would come over and Frankie opened the door for them, he'd call out "Hookers are here", which Gabe found humorous.
  • Insistent Terminology:
    • He's not fat, he's fluffy! Subverted in other jokes, in which he mocks his own weight.
    • Also with Insistent Terminology: "I AM NOT A STRIPPER, OK?!?! I'm... An entertainer."
      Gabriel: Noooooooo, cochina.note  I'm an entertainer. And you're nasty.
  • It Makes Sense in Context: The auto-correct incident mentioned under Auto-Incorrect above only goes through because of this.
    Gabriel: So apparently, at 10 o'clock at night, my girlfriend thought I was having cinnamon rolls with my friend, Martin. Which, normally, would sound like an ugly lie, but considering her boyfriend is known as the "fluffy guy" who loves "chocolate cake", it sounds real!
  • The Knights Who Say "Squee!": When he and his mother got to meet Vicente Fernández, and Gabriel was almost too tongue-tied to actually speak to him. Specially after Vicente recognized him from one of his posters.
    Gabriel: People say, "Really? You get starstruck?" Hell yeah I do! I'm a comedian, not an actor.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: The event that made him a believer, you'd think his name is Earl.
    • At a show in India, three German jokesters got his attention. After a scare with some fruit bats, he tried to continue with quick stint about "X people drink Y" that mentioned his Indian audience; their recognition of the joke helped him recover.
    • However, said stint failed to mention Germans, and one of the jokesters took offense and started to act like a complete Jerkass. After being called "fat man" too many times, Gabriel retorted "[German people drink] blood of Jews.
    • On his way home, his connecting flight in London was cancelled for reasons unknown, and he ended up on a German airline. As a side note, fellow comic Martin, with whom he was travelling, apparently didn't get the hint, and told Gabriel to ask for it when a stewardess asked if he wanted a drink.
      Stewardess: Sir, do you have a preferred drink of choice?
      Martin: Yeah, do you guys got blood of-
      (Gabriel decks him in the chest)
      Stewardess: Bloody Mary?
    • One show took place in North California, so he and Martin decide to drive there so Gabriel doesn't have to pay for an extra seat on the planenote . On the way, they pass through Fresno, where fellow comedian G Reilley happens to be performing. Long story short: the aforementioned Racist Gift Basket.
    • At first, Gabriel thinks he got off scot-free in that regard, since he kept getting similar Racist Gift Baskets, filled with things stereotypically liked by Latin Americans, such as tiger blankets, tequila, etc. It was when he did a show in Mobile, Alabama when the karma kicked in. Here, a man runs up to the stage with a gift basket of his own right after Gabriel told them the story. With everyone thinking it was a part of the show, Gabriel couldn't say no. That's when he finds that the basket contained gardening tools, immigration papers, a brick, and a box of Crayola Crayons with multiple black and brown crayons and a single white crayon inside.
  • Left the Background Music On: In another instance with a policeman, he was pulled over for speeding. The policeman walked over, and since he usually gets off easy if he can make a cop laugh, he turned on his Bad Boys II CD and blared the COPS theme song. The policeman "damn near pissed himself".
  • Loophole Abuse: Played with after Gabriel was diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes and he had to change his eating habits. He does this by still going to the same fast food places he's always gone to, but now he orders double cheeseburgers without the buns or fries (so he's just eating beef patties covered in cheese). When it gets pointed out that this is really bad for his cholesterol, he counters that diabetes was going to kill him in two years, while bad cholesterol will take ten years to do the job.
    "Fluffy found a loophole!"
  • Mama Bear: Gabriel's girlfriend reacts this way at Gabriel one time when he gets upset and yells at her son.
  • Man of a Thousand Voices: Okay, not a thousand voices, but he certainly can do a couple dozen. Each and every one is made according to the Rule of Funny.
  • Mistaken for Pedophile: When his brother complained about children ringing his doorbell, Gabriel distributed (fake) flyers informing neighbors his brother was a registered sex offender.
  • Momma's Boy: In two of his specials he takes time out of the act to draw attention to his mother in the audience, and speaks lovingly about her. He says he owes a lot to her in other specials, because he feels she's the reason why he's successful—if he can't make his mom laugh with a joke, the joke isn't funny.
    • Of course, he's also pointed out that she sometimes doesn't get the joke because she's Literal-Minded with her son.
      Gabriel: Why did the chicken cross the road?
      Mom: Who let out the chicken!?
      Gabriel: It's a joke, mom.
      Mom: It's no joke, baboso, you know how much I pay for those chickens!?
  • Mood Whiplash:
    • When telling the "excessive speeding" story; he has the California Highway Patrolman (who, by good chance, is familiar with Gabriel's act) grooving to the theme to COPS, even walking to the beat of the song, but when he returns to Gabriel's car, he snaps right back into serious mode, shouting, "SHUT IT OFF!" at Gabriel. Later, he lets them go, only for Gabe's friend Felipe to run his mouth. The cop yanks out his gun and aims it at Felipe, who continues to be a smartass until the cop pulls a Dramatic Gun Cock and tells him he's going to jail.
    • After telling a story about reuniting with his estranged father, Gabriel recalls telling his mother about said reunion and her subsequent hilarious reaction. He then finishes the story by announcing that his mother, unfortunately, passed away before seeing his father again, whilst looking quite teary-eyed.
  • Motor Mouth: He can speak very fast in both English and Spanish. Like when he is talking about his girlfriend's friends badmouthing him behind his back.
  • Nice to the Waiter: There's a moment in the Netflix special "One Show Fits All" when he calls out the spotlight guy, pointing out that a couple times he missed following him. But he follows it up by saying overall he does a great job and proceeds to thank others at the stadium for their hard work too.
  • No Indoor Voice: His opinion of Cubans. OKAY?!
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: In one story he tells about him and his girlfriend getting iPhones, whereupon they started texting each other all the time because it's more convenient for Gabriel to reply. One night he gets drunk at a place called Cinebar; when his girlfriend asks, Gabe insists on telling the truth against Martin's advice.note  When his girlfriend's reply isn't angry and ends with "tell Martin I said hi", Gabriel assumes this trope and wonders what the hell she's up to. When he checks his previous message; autocorrect didn't recognize "Cinebar" and read it as "Cinnabon".
  • Parental Substitute: A significant portion of his later specials is devoted to his experiences in being a father figure to Frankie, his girlfriend's son from a previous relationship. They've grown so close that Frankie calls him "Dad" and considers him his sole father even though he and his girlfriend hadn't at the time gotten married yet and Frankie's biological father is alive (albeit out of the picture).
    • Reinforced during The Fluffy Movie when Gabriel recounts how Frankie's biological father got in contact with Gabriel about seeing Frankie. When Gabriel tells him "Your dad wants to talk to you." Frankie looks at him, taps his own chest and says "I'm right here." It took a few moments to clear up the misunderstanding, but underscored that Gabriel, for all intents and purposes, is Frankie's dad.
  • Plays Great Ethnics: He is apparently mistaken for Hawaiian or other Polynesian cultures. He was confused until he went to Hawaii and realized "They all look like swollen Mexicans!"
  • Playing Up the Stereotype: One of his routines is recounting a tale of trying to get out of ignoring the designated drop-off at his kid's school by trying to play up the "clueless Mexican who can't speak English" by only speaking in really rapid Spanish. The Principal he's trying to convince responds in perfect Spanish, then adds she's not stupid.
  • Readings Are Off the Scale: A Running Gag in Gabriel's routines is the scale men are measured in for how fat they are. There are five levels; Big, Healthy, Husky, Fluffy, and Damn!. In a later show, Gabriel reveals he discovered someone even above level five, someone so big he named the new ranking "Oh hell no!".
  • Reality Is Unrealistic: Gabriel reported on Stand-Up Revolution that the execs of Stand-Up Revolution felt that the show was somehow not 'ethnic' enough. As Martin puts it:
    Martin: Which one of you f***s is lacking in the ethnicity? Come on, I am Martin, this is Gabriel, that is Ozomatli - this is as ethnic as it gets!
  • Retroactive Wish: In one of his first routines, Gabriel talked about how much he loved chocolate cake; since then, people have brought him chocolate cake when they go to his shows. This caused one of his friends to ask, "Why didn't you do a joke about hookers?" and his girlfriend's son to say, "You should say you love Transformers."
  • Sassy Black Woman: During the Racist Gift Basket portion—complete with "You need Jesus". A different one shows up in his "I'm Not Fat, I'm Fluffy" special, who had very little patience for his checking in at the hotel at 1 AM.
    Wit' a I!? But you said Eee-glesias. You didn't say eye-glesias, you said Eee-glesias! Whatever you say, it's yo' damn name, okay? Mister Eee-glesias wit' a I!
  • Screams Like a Little Girl: A sudden loss of altitude in a plane tends to do that to you. In fact, Gabriel loves to pulls off the excited scream in his shows, usually during impersonations.
  • Serial Escalation: Back when there were only five levels of fatness, Gabriel explained them with an analogy; if a level 5 tries to get onto a crowded elevator, they'll hold you off. "Woah! Damn!" After introducing level 6, Gabriel elaborates; if the elevator just has a couple of guys in it and a level 5 approaches, they'll give each other with a look - "Damn!" - but they'll still let him on if they're the only ones in the elevator. If that same elevator with that same couple of guys sees a level 6 approaching, they flat-out deny him. "Oh, hell no! No! No!"
  • Spell My Name With An S: One routine revolved around an especially sassy black woman working at a hotel front desk—whose Spanish was lacking, apparently—miffed about his name being spelled "Iglesias" despite having a long "E" sound in English.
    • Also, his legal name is Gabriel Iglecias. Professionally, he spells it with two s's for simplicity's sake.
  • Spoiled Brat: Fluffy admits to having turned his step son into one, and showering him in gifts against his girlfriend's advice.
  • Truth in Television: In Hot and Fluffy, he recites being told about a Floridian theme park revolving around gators, called Gatorland, in which pressing the option for Spanish when calling the theme park results in a "I don't speak Spanish, but you're gonna love this park." The park actually did have the Spanish option that actually said this, but it was eventually removed.
  • Verbal Tic:
    • He sometimes throws a "you guys" into one of his sentences.
    • Felipe starts practically every sentence with "Fool."
  • Violation of Common Sense: During the traffic stop story, Gabriel and his buddies were going 102 MPH on the freeway, which should have gotten them tossed in jail. But they managed to get off scot-free by making the cop laugh after he recognized Gabriel, with the cop saying he wouldn't even give Gabe a ticket. And then...
    Gabriel: I don't know what possessed me to look at this man, and go "Why?"
  • Vocal Dissonance: One routine relates how Gabe once toyed with a fast food drive-through by ordering in a voice that sounded more like a perky white girl than a large male Latino, and then pulled up with a tough-looking "gangsta" face to receive his food. Upon being offered a condiment, he flipped back to the perky female voice with, "OMIGAWD, yes!"
    • Subverted at all the fast food drive-thrus near his house. They recognize him despite the usual perky female voice he uses:
      Gabriel: Yeah, let me have-
      Intercom: Pull up.
      Gabriel: I didn't order!
      Intercom: Gabriel, pull up.
  • Wacky Parent, Serious Child: Likes to prank his stepson Frankie during his moody teen phase.
  • What Are Records?: Gabriel falls victim to this when Frankie wants to give away his Nintendo Wii, despite Gabriel having a friend hack 300 games onto the hard drive.note  Gabriel then points out how lucky Frankie was compared to Gabriel back in 1987, who had a Nintendo Entertainment System and its very quickly dated technology, but not without Frankie wondering if Gabriel had a Wii when he was Frankie's age too.
  • Worth It: "But it was funny, huh?"
  • You Are Fat: Got really drunk at his high school reunion and was then forced to go up on stage due to being the celebrity of the class. In front of everyone, he called out two women who turned him down for dates and told them that they had gotten fat. When one of them shouted "You're fat too!" he said "I know, but I was fat in high school. I kept my figure, why couldn't you?"
  • Your Mom: Learns he can do this with his stepson, whenever he steps out of line. (laughing at him dancing) "All the fat is jiggling around." "Yeah, but all this fat turns your mom on."