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Good Trouble is a series created by Joanna Johnson that began in 2019 as a spinoff to The Fosters with Maia Mitchell and Cierra Ramirez reprising their roles from the previous series.

Sisters Callie (Mitchell) and Mariana (Ramirez) Adams-Foster begin a new sisters begin a new chapter in their lives by moving to Los Angeles with Mariana becoming the newest recruit at a coding startup and Callie pursuing a career as a lawyer. They find a home at a The Coterie downtown which hosts the Shrinking Violet aspiring comedian landlord Alice, outspoken activist Makika, middle aged musician Dennis, Deadpan Snarker teacher Davia, the beautiful painter Gael.

While Callie and Marina initially held most of the shows focus, the residents of The Coterie started to take more prominent roles in the series.


Good Trouble provides examples of:

  • Big Beautiful Woman: While Davia does have occasional angst about her weight she ultimately isn’t ashamed and is never treated as unattractive. She’s very much gorgeous and is an absolute Dude Magnet.
  • Gayngst: Alice goes through this in the first season but upon coming out to her parents, they reveal they already knew and love her all the same.
  • Shrinking Violet: Alice is the true epitome of a B type personality who’s arc mainly consists of her learning to assert herself.
    • In one episode, she becomes distressed with paying for toilet paper for the whole building but is too timid to ask the residents to provide for themselves. Once she brings it up they agree and consider it no big deal.
    • Part of her second season arc is gaining the confidence to go for a program that one of her stand up comedy peers is also going for. They both get in.
    • In the third season Mariana takes her out to try to get her to take a more assertive role in her romantic relationships.
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  • Out Living Ones Offspring: prior to moving to The Coterie, Dennis lost his son, something he doesn’t tell anyone he lives with initially. In fact, the first person he tells is Stef, Mariana and Callie’s mother. Davia learns from his ex-wife when he goes missing and is almost Driven to Suicide.

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