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In this world, there are humans, elves, fairies, beastmen, monsters, spirits, angels, and demons. Truly, a melting pot of sentient creatures. As such, this wonderful world abound with diversity is, naturally, abound with a diverse selection of brothels. These myriad brothels and the girls who work there, succu-girls, are reviewed by a group of brave adventurers! They are... the Interspecies Reviewers!

Interspecies Reviewers (異種族レビュアーズ, Ishuzoku Rebyuāzu) is a manga series written by Amahara (Teisou Gyakuten Sekai, The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace) and illustrated by masha. The manga began serialization in Kadokawa's Dra Dra Dragon Age magazine in 2016.

The setting is a fantasy world of monsters and adventurers, populated by humans, elves, dwarfs, beastmen and many, many more different and distinct races.

Our main heroes, Stunk, human swordsman, and Zel, elf archer, travel the lands far and wide. Do they seek glory, riches or adventure? Nay, they wanna find the best lay out of all! Thankfully for them, prostitution is legal and brothels abound, so finding a partner is no issue.

...Which cannot be said for them actually agreeing on which race is the best. In order to put the discussion to rest, they start posting reviews of their "encounters" on the adventure board, though their escapades quickly become a profession in and of itself as they find themselves getting paid for their work to further fund their journey. Along for the ride is Crimvael "Crim", a Hermaphrodite angel who finds himself reluctantly roped into their adventures out of gratitude for them saving his life and since he could use the extra coin while he waits to get back into Heaven.

The manga has an official channel on Nicovideo, where they post previews and digital releases of the chapters.

A Light Novel that features both original stories and some expanded stories from the manga is written by Tetsu Habara and illustrated by W18, with the first volume released in Japan in December 2018.

An additional manga anthology of original stories by various artists,note  Interspecies Reviewers Comic Anthology: Darkness, was released in Japan in January 2020, with a second anthology volume released in February 2021.

The manga, light novels, and manga anthologies are licensed for release in North America by Yen Press, with the first manga volume released in November 2018, the first light novel released in August 2020, and the first manga anthology released in January 2021.

The manga itself essentially ended in early 2021 but thanks to the massive approval of the fanbase instead went on a hiatus until early 2022 where it started up again.

An anime television series adaptation by Passione premiered on January 11, 2020, which was available for streaming on Funimation, offering both subtitlesnote  and dubbingnote  until they stopped simulcasting it later that month. However, other regional streaming services, such as Australia's AnimeLab, and France's Wakanim, continued to stream the series with subtitles.note  The English-subtitled Blu-ray was released in January 2022 by Critical Mass Video.

Interspecies Reviewers provides examples of:

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    Tropes A to H 
  • Actionized Adaptation: While there are a decent number of battles shown throughout the manga, they're very few and far between, with all of them also being very short. Not only does the anime expand upon the fight scenes from the manga, including turning the single end-of-chapter image about the Reviewers working to earn money after blowing it while drunk into a full-blown montage of them traveling the land completing quests in order to do so, it even adds a few of its own in places where a fight wasn't even implied to happen in the manga. The longest and most detailed fight scenes of the franchise, however, happen in the novel adaptation.
  • Adaptation Expansion:
    • Many scenes within the manga are expanded within the anime, and other background characters notably get more screentime and lines then they did in the manga, such as Mitsue, who goes from a one-scene reference by Zel into a recurring character that is often seen with the elf or doing things with the other succu-girls.
    • Some secondary characters get extra scenes that they lacked in the manga, such as Deathabyss and Demon Two getting a scene alone together following their election campaign discussing Demon Two's efforts to improve their reputation using the Reviewers.
    • The biggest example of expansion is the fact the anime actually shows the boys having sex with the succu-girls, when the original manga only shows the lead-up and review posts. In fact, the anime gets so saucy at times that the non-AT-X versions generally have to heavily censor it.
    • The novel version also expands some scenes, such as describing Stunk's encounter with Elma and Crim's with Elza in great detail.
  • Adorable Abomination: The "dagon", a tentacled monster girl in the vein of a Scylla. Kanchal complained that the one he bedded was too rough in her manhandling of him, and he felt like the suckers on her tentacles were peeling off his skin while the weight of her tentacles made him feel like he was pinned down and tortured.
  • All Amazons Want Hercules: Quite literally. Amazons are obsessed with strong men, to the point they set up a gym-slash-brothel where anybody that comes there who gets deemed strong enough will have the girls end up following around and harassing them even outside of the shop, in the hopes of bearing strong children.
  • All Men Are Perverts: Considering the fact that the very premise of the story involves a group of guys reviewing brothels, with them getting tons of money from male readers of their reviews, this is surprisingly downplayed. There are actually a decent number of males outside of those characters who have mostly normal sex drives, especially when it comes to the background cast.
  • All Women Are Lustful: Just like with the guys, despite visiting brothels full of horny women being the premise, this is also downplayed. There are actually plenty of females throughout the series who have no involvement in the brothel scene. That said, comparing any girl who isn't a succu-girl to a succubus or even a coney rabbitnote  is still considered an insult, and dirty talking to people not looking for it can cause trouble, even leading to arrest by church police.
  • Animate Body Parts: The golem brothel has magically created worm-like creatures that can be best described as being living onaholes that are used for the dolls. The customers are allowed to take one home since the brothel obviously can't reuse them, though the Reviewers tried to sell used ones in chapter 31. Crim ends up burying the ones he couldn't sell at the back of the pub, much to Ivy's disgust as he buried it on the tavern grounds where her roots are.
  • Attractive Bent-Gender: Zel and Stunk agree that they both look pretty hot as women when they try the gender-bending potion.
  • Attractive Zombie: Necrowife's Flesh Golem receptionist is remarkably cute for a quantity of mutilated corpses held together with crude stitching and large screws. In the manga, she even quips that her bust was willed to her by a friend who finally went to Heaven, Igor style.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Funnily enough, for a series about sleeping with different races, sleeping with pure-blooded succubi is described like this. Despite the pure-blooded succubi having a great store with cheap prices, great times, and excellent services, the inherent nature of sleeping with succubi essentially drains all men of sexual feelings for a week, which is why the Reviewers only use the services of succubi when they are going out on long trips. It's lampshaded by Crim wondering why the Reviewers, who love sex so much, don't go to the succubus stores more often.
  • Bad "Bad Acting": In chapter 16/episode 8, it's shown that some women who get jobs as succu-girls and succubus film actresses are people who couldn't make it in regular businesses, such as professional acting careers. Consequently, outside of rare exceptions, most women in the industry have terrible acting skills, with the one Kanchal took as his partner in The Boss's Hideout villain roleplay establishment being so bad at acting that it killed most of his potential enjoyment of acting out a dominating fantasy.
  • Bait-and-Switch: The 9th chapter/4th episode seemingly opens with Stunk, Zel, and Brooz dead, with everyone mourning them for their glorious end, and then the Lemony Narrator immediately refutes it with a sudden change of tone.
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy: Zel once captured a pair of bandits that told him of a time where they tried to strip an ordinary Decoy Doll and found out it was as featureless as a rag doll. Stunk feels sorry for them upon hearing about it.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Turns out, entering a room full to the brim with extremely aroused lilim with only three people is a very bad idea, endurance enhancement or not. The fact that the lilim won't stop until they're all satisfied means that the party had to endure way more than their bodies could handle, only being saved by the timely arrival of a large gathering of orcs showing up at just the right time, and it still takes our heroes three weeks to fully recover from the incident. Unsurprisingly, the scores they give of the establishment are some of the lowest in the entire series, precisely because of this. It's no wonder why the entry fee was so cheap and you're required to sign liability wavers.
  • Beast Man: A decent number of monster folk in the series are basically humanoid animals, with them taking on the traits of the animals they're based on.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: Some of the succu-girls are much thicker than the standard Impossible Hourglass Figure ones the group usually visit:
    • The fairy brothel employs a few plus sized fairies to service more well endowed customers like humans. Even they were under-equipped to offer anything to poor Crim though.
    • Brooz's "standby" is a generously sized polar bear hybrid named Ice.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Stunk and his party are saved from death by snu-snu by lilim when a raid party of 100 orc men turn up to have a "rematch session" with the lilim, causing them to lose interest in Stunk's party and letting Crim drag them to safety.
  • Bigger Is Better in Bed: Entirely averted. Crim, who is discovered to have the biggest piece, is not only turned away from the fairy brothel he is forced to pay the expensive membership fee as well. He even admits in a later episode that he is jealous of an incubus's ability to shorten his dick. This gets discussed by background characters.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: Pure incubi have two hearts, with the second heart located inside their hips for the purpose of keeping their erection super-hard. Stabbing the heart on their chest is not necessarily lethal, but stabbing their second heart is instant death.
  • Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism: A notable aversion. The women and men of various species tend to look very similar. For example, there are female Treants who look like trees instead of beautiful women made of wood.
  • Black Market: Chapter 31 reveals that there is a secret underground market for Succubi Films called a Dark Auction. Since the "films" are recorded on magic crystals and are nearly impossible to mass produce, they are very expensive and typically fetch several thousand gold for high quality versions.
  • Blasphemous Boast: Stunk and Zel have told Crim that their plan when Crim's halo is healed and he can take them to Heaven is to find out if there are angel brothels in Heaven. They then both outright stated their hope that it turns out God is a succu-girl too, so they can fuck Her.
  • Blind and the Beast: Humans are a variation of this with regards to elder elves. Getting old has way more consequences for your attractiveness in this world than merely a deteriorating body. Centuries-old elves might not have that problem, but they smell bad to beastmen, and their mana gets so rancid over the centuries that magically sensitive races find them repulsive. Nearly every race would rather have sex with a 50-year-old human than a 500-year-old elf. But humans don't have the senses to notice any of these things, so they're the only race (apart from succubi and incubi, who find literally everyone of the opposite sex attractive) that doesn't care how old an elf is.
  • Blinded by the Light: One of the brothels the guys go to is manned by light spirits, which shine so brightly in such a way that seeing inside and anywhere further than a foot from your face is impossible... at least, that's how it is for most species. Crim, being an angel, and thus used to perceiving incredibly bright things, was able to see everything going on in there, which made him so embarrassed he wanted to get out of there as soon as possible and never come back. It also results in him giving a 0 for the place.
  • Body Sushi: A variation of nyotaimori mixed with yakiniku plays out here with the salamander girls, who have a service where they let men cook meat on their literally hot bodies. Naturally, the boys try using her throat (and other places) to cook some (actual) sausages. The salamander in chapter 8/episode 4 even allows people to get handsy with her (it costs extra), although it's a dangerous thing because her body temperature will cook the unwary. Zel and Crim actually appreciate the cooking method because her mana seeps into the meat they cook on her, enhancing the taste and flavor. Crim himself gets lucky in more ways than one since he can resist the extreme heat.
  • Boring, but Practical: The Orc Political Party has a large number of election victories going for them instead of the Demon Lords because of their relatively stable and low-risk policies, including focus on agricultural self-sufficiency (which reduces the dangers of starvation from bad harvest years), efficient government (which justifies their low taxation rates), and stability (no wild reform policies or high-risk plans). On top of that, a portion of the budget goes to supporting the succu-girls, thus automatically guaranteeing voter popularity from a large amount of the population.
  • Bowdlerise: While the anime adaptation is Hotter and Sexier in comparison to the manga, it still has three different versions with varying degrees of censorship. The first one censors all instances of nudity and is the version used for streaming services; the second one, the AT-X version, does not censor female nipples but censors crotch shots in a similar manner to most ecchi series; the third one, only available in Taiwan with Traditional Chinese subtitles and with English subtitles on Critical Mass Video's Blu-ray, is completely uncensored (for the first episode, anyway) and shows even the most explicit scenes in full.
  • Broken Base: In-Universe, the bar patrons are pretty evenly split on their opinions of the Light Spirits, with one half liking the communal aspect of doing it in the same area, while the other half dislikes it for that exact reason, feeling uncomfortable from the lack of true privacy due to how it's essentially a mass orgy where people go in an out at their leisure.
  • Brutal Honesty: The boys never mince words and are very upfront about their feelings, which is noted to be a major part of why they are so successful. This is a plot point in chapter 10/episode 5 where a cyclops girl pays them to reviews a cyclops brothel. Her plan is to determine if eye size is irrelevant to other species, so she can feel confident confessing to a human.
    Aloe: I don't think your readers even care about the grades. All they want is accurate information and an honest opinion.
  • Buxom Beauty Standard: Deconstructed and discussed by background characters. The minotaur women have massive breasts that make up 30%note  of their total body mass. However, their bodies are exceptionally muscular in order to comfortably hold up that weight, so much so that it slightly turns off the main characters. Their breasts are also slightly firm as well due to extra-springy ligaments, making a titfuck somewhat less enjoyable and them lactating occasionally makes then even firmer.
  • Callback: In chapter 3/episode 1, Stunk and Zel explain to Crim how they are willing to travel anywhere to try out cute or hot succu-girls. In chapter 25/episode 11, they do travel all over the country, even if it's only to rebuild their cash reserves which they burnt on a wild drunken night with leprechauns and other girls.
  • Casting Gag: This is not the first time we hear Junji Majima (Stunk) having to deal with monster girls, or dealing with the supernatural once again.
  • Catgirl: Crim's first was with a catgirl; Stunk declares that catgirls are one of his favorite to bed because of their cuteness and their cat ears.
  • Caught with Your Pants Down: In episode 9, when Stunk and Zel find out about a new succubus film being created, the scene shifts to production, where Piltia and Elza are performing a girls-only scene. The succubus director overseeing production gets so hot and bothered by their performance that her hands wander below the skirt line.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: In volume 4, which the animated series doesn't cover, the manga suffers a downplayed version of this when Crim gets an inkling into what the Grand Mage Demia is actually doing.
  • Convection, Schmonvection: Averted. Stunk and Zel are very uncomfortable with the serious heat coming off a salamander girl, taking off their armor with visible sweat pouring down, eventually becoming unable to bear it. Crim is not affected because of a natural resistance to heat.
  • Cute Monster Girl: The series of filled to the brim with various monster girls, and Zel and Stunk intend to bed as many different kinds as possible, as do their fellow drinking buddies at Ye Pubbe.
  • Cyclops: A race of one-eyed people. While for the most part, their body types have the same size and variety as humans, the main difference beyond their single eye is the fact said eye comes in a variety of sizes, starting at the size of normal human eyes and going up to taking up around 90% of their face. Cyclopes apparently consider how big their eye is to be a Charm Point, with how big or small it is being thought of in a similar way to how other species view breasts, including using the term "cup" to refer to size, and girls with human-sized eyes getting an ocular version of A-Cup Angst.
  • Darker and Edgier: While the light novel is still generally humor focused, it's more gritty than the manga: ongoing story arcs take up whole volumes, the teasing of Crim is a bit more mean-spirited, there's more combat, actual antagonists can appear, the fates of some characters can be quite grim even though they're Played for Laughs (such as one antagonist getting abandoned to an aphrodisiac addled horse), and some of the succu-joints visited cater to some nastier tastes (like a store run by sadistic redcaps).
  • Deal with the Devil: The demons are a race that take their contracts very seriously, whether they're being bound by or enforcing one. While they aren't above using Exact Words to exploit poorly-worded contracts, they dislike breaching them. A more detailed contract can bring out a different attitude from a demon.
  • Deconstructive Parody: While the story is, first and foremost, a raunchy sex comedy, a great deal of attention to detail is put into what it would be like to have sex with various species, from the perspective of multiple different species themselves. From how each species views magic, smell, size difference, and more, to the varying cultural perspectives on what each race would consider ideal aspects for a sex partner. Everything involving potential sex pairings between various different species is given detailed attention, whether it's using real life animal physiology and psychology for monsters that have basis in them, or taking a realistic approach to the various aspects inherent to each of the fantasy-original species.
    • Succubi and Incubi have been around forever and can interbreed with just about anyone. Consequently, pretty much the entire world can claim some level of succubus ancestry. The very first regulated brothels were created to let succubi spread their draining out non-fatally between enough clients - other races soon started using their mixed heritage to get certified just so they could run a sex establishment legally.
    • Minotaur females have the biggest breasts in the entire manga/anime and are so big they almost double the girl's weight on their own. However, in order to carry this weight without difficulty, they are shown to be exceptionally muscular though they dont look it. The boobs themselves are also somewhat firm in order to maintain their spherical shape, to the point that In-Universe they are given a relatively low score on a popularity poll because of it.
    • Any reasonably attractive humanoid race is going to have people way into them, so of course The Oldest Profession is rampant. Brothels for every theme and taste have sprung up. The government has taken steps to destigmatize, support, and certify these business — not only out of welfare concerns, but also because of the insane amount of taxable revenue.
    • Succubi and Incubi make mediocre prostitutes. They might be skilled, and there's one in every size and shape, but they still drain their clients and most people aren't keen on the prolonged physical and sexual fatigue. In particular Lilim - low-level sex demons who work in packs and just don't know when to quit due to being insatiable - are priced very low and get an absolute drubbing in their reviews because three weeks of paralyzing chronic fatigue and almost killing their clients through physical exhaustion just isn't worth it.
    • Centaurs may be attractive ladies up front, but in the back they're all horse. Most people would not find horse anatomy sexually attractive, and most species can only accommodate said anatomy with an arm rather than a penis, so usually only those that really enjoy being on the "giving" end can get any sort of pleasure out of the act. Also, most centaur ladies spend so much time focusing on exercising their horse legs that they don't bother practicing coordination or control of their human parts, so one cannot expect to have an enjoyable experience just using those either.
  • Deliberate Values Dissonance: The different values of the men of all races colors their reviews of the various ladies they bed:
    • Zel cannot stand sleeping with older elf women despite their youthful looks because they are older than his own mother and he can sense their age through their mana, but Stunk loves them because for a human, elf ladies always look young and pretty no matter their age. Conversely, Zel likes older human women because they're experienced, but still younger than him and their life force, or mana (which gets stale and "rancid" at the same rate regardless of species, making older members of long-lived species particularly unpleasant regardless of how gracefully or how little they externally age) feels good to him. Their dog man drinking buddy, on the other hand, thinks of the older human woman as being kinda cute in an orc-womanly fashion (and prefers women with a pleasing scent), and the halfling decides both are too old for his taste (and cannot stand being overwhelmed by a rather aggressive dagon).
    • This is most prominent with the cyclops review: Cyclops' eye size is central to beauty for their species but inconsequential to every other race. This was even invoked in the same chapter, as a small-eyed cyclops girl was trying to confirm this was the case before confessing to a human man, who she did later marry.
    • Chapter 47 features Protogynous mermaids. The manager herself muses how weird having sex with a woman who was just a man a few minutes ago would be for a member of a race who can't instantly change biological sex, while the mermaids fully accept their gender fluidity.
    • In Chapter 55 Stunk makes a fairly tame remark about dragon women to a vouivre woman, simply remarking that dragon women cost a lot at brothels. This would normally just be offensive enough to warrant a disgusted look or maybe a slap, but the vouivre is genuinely horrified enough to yell for someone to call the police. This is confirmed by the police officer who arrests Stunk to be a species trait. Things like this happen enough that having to attend a lecture and pay a 1,000 G fine for something you said or did is comparable to getting a traffic ticket. There are limits to what cultural differences will justify and a second offense will get you genuinely arrested. The specific example given is a succubus who clearly did something sexual with a human boy. She tries to claim she didn't know this was not okay, but a witness says this is her second time doing this, so she will be locked up.
  • Devil, but No God: Inverted. While there are demons who strive to attain the role of the Demon Lord, there is no capital "D" Devil. Meanwhile, God is very much present in heaven, even if She doesn't directly involve Herself in mortal matters, mainly leaving Her angels to act in Her stead.
  • Diagonal Cut: In the first episode, this is how Stunk kills the monster that was attacking Crim. After a jump and two sword slashes, he lands and sheathes his sword behind the immobile monster, which then loses an arm and ends up bisected at the torso.
  • Distracted by the Sexy:
    • The boys are derailed from visiting the Demon's Hole brothel when a pair of top-heavy minotaur women walk past and completely capture their attention.
    • This happens again when the guys go visit a cyclops brothel, this time to Kanchal and Crim, who didn't come last time, but Stunk and Zel drag their attention back to the task at hand, since they were actually paid to review specific girls this time, telling them they could check the minotaurs out another time.
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune: "Ikouze☆Paradise", the opening song, and the ending song "Hanabira Ondo" are sung as a trio by the voice actors of Stunk, Zel and Crim.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?:
    • Canny gamers will realize that the format that Stunk, Zel, Crim, and whoever is sitting in the fourth slot use for their reviews is a variant of the review style used by Famitsu, a Japanese video game magazine.
    • During the egg-laying chapter, Meidri's own contractions and discomfort when her own biological clock ticks over and forces her to take a timeout to lay unfertilized eggs might put female readers and viewers in mind of their own time of the month.
    • The Warm Raw Egg's public egglaying show will put certain readers in mind of the Ping Pong Shows in Thailand and Laos.
    • Demia's clone service in the Magic City, which is capable of gathering information and sperm samples discreetly, might put people in mind of Big Data groups like Google and Facebook collecting (or even passively scraping) user data from members who use their services.
    • In chapter 34, Kanchal's worried request to Stunk and Zel to "clean out his bedroom if he dies" is the equivalent of asking your best friend to wipe your browser history if you die.
    • In chapter 39, the premise of The Arachnid Nest is one part risque "escape dungeon", and one part a cheeky reference to a genre of ero-games where the only way to see the erotic content is to "lose" and get yourself "caught".
    • Chapter 16/episode 8 shows that The Boss's Hideout villain roleplay (BDSM) establishment has a lot of failed actresses on the staff, reflecting a real-world tendency for failed celebrities to end up as AV actresses; a brunette human lady even admits she wasn't able to find a gig before she wound up working there.
  • Double Entendre: Zel speculates that if Crim were do it with an undead succu-girl, she might pass on for good; which prompts Stunk to remark, "she'd be gone for real?" In Japan, "go" can be an euphemism for "die", but it's also a common euphemism for "orgasm". While "go" can also mean "die" in English, the common English euphemism for orgasm sounds like the opposite, so Yen Press had to rework the wordplay slightly by having the imagined spirit heed the call of heaven, crying, "I'm comiiing!"
  • Everyone Has Standards: The gang may be trying to sleep with any known species, but outright bestiality is where they draw the line. When the gang visited a Beastmen-only brothel arcade with succu-girls of varying beast blood in them, as they approach the 100% beast blood, they came across a livestock farm. They disappeared before the keeper could finish his spiel.note 
  • Exact Words: A demon uses marriage as an example of how demons deal with poorly worded contracts. For example, if the husband says, "I'll promise to make you happy! Please marry me!", the demon will become a lazy wife who forces her husband to do whatever she demands. However, if the husband were to say, "Let's get married and be happy together", the same demon would become an amazing wife who always supports her husband. She will be neglectful of her children if they have any, though.
  • Extreme Libido: While there are a lot of characters and species that are quite horny and sex-obsessed, especially literal succubi, none of them can hold a candle to the lilim. These low-level succubi are hornier than any other race, but have zero skill in terms of pleasing partners. They just keep on going until either their partner dies from exhaustion, they are successfully satisfied, or a new sex partner comes by to get them off the body of their previous partner. In fact, they actually pay their hostess to run their establishment, allowing her to charge customers an outrageously low entry fee (with a liability waiver that must be signed before attempting to bed them). When Stunk, Zel, and Brooz attempt to have a session with the lilim, they actually use stat buff spells on themselves to fortify their bodies to withstand the lilim's insatiable appetites, but even Stunk admits that it stops being fun when the buffs expire after half an hour. As a result, everyone gives them a 0 in their reviews - excluding Stunk, who gives them a 1. Crim gave them a zero as well despite absolutely refusing to go in, likely both from the sight and how the others physically ended up afterwards.
  • Fairy Sexy: Deconstructed. The fairies are mostly the same as in other fantasy series, though they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with none of them getting anywhere near as big as a human. However, due to how small they are, they need to gauge the sizes of each of their customers' penises to find out what fairy girls they can safely fit into. Crim gets left out because he is "too big" for any of them, much to his embarrassment.
  • Fan Disservice: For every kink and perversion a viewer enjoys, they're likely to find at least a few that they hate. This is actually the case in-universe as well with the various reviewers each giving wildly varying scores for each girl they review. For example, the human reviewer loves elf women for their youthful appearance, while the elf reviewer hates them for having "expired mana" and instead prefers elderly human women.
  • Fanservice:
    • The series. No, seriously. Between all of the giant boobs, full frontal nudity and enough fetishes to fill an entire website with, Interspecies Reviewers is a series pretty much made of this. Hell, the main plot involves a group of horny guys trying to figure out which type of monster girl is the best lay by trying them all out firsthand. However, it does come at a price...
    • The anime adaptation pulls no punches with the more top-heavy ladies, who bounce quite energetically.
  • Fantastic Arousal: Birdmaids are apparently sensitive around the nape of their necks. Stunk harasses Meidri while she's at work by stroking her there at the end of the second chapter/first episode, resulting in her angrily hitting him with a chair.
  • Fantastic Racism:
    • A lamia (snakeman) bemoans that he was refused by a birdmaid succu-girl because of his race. It's revealed in volume 2 that winged people have an biological aversion to lamia. It can be justified since snakes tend to eat eggs.
    • Crim is reluctant to go to a demon-girl brothel due to his angelic nature.
    • Certain races like demons and Yuki Onna are considered to be very poor choices when it comes to sexual partners, so much so that a demon man in chapter 5/episode 2 tries to convince the main cast to review some demon girls to boost their popularity.
  • Female Gaze: It happens less often than the Male Gaze due to the nature of the series, but there are occasional shots in both the manga and anime that put focus on the attractive parts of the guys. Most of it involves showing off their musculature and asses, but something especially common for Crim is getting close-ups of his penis bulge through his form-fitting tights.
  • Fetish: A core part of the series is what different species consider attractive. Humans love elves no matter their age as the latter's change in appearance is slower than the former. However, said elves' mana "spoil" overtime and so other elves and hybrids are put off by this. Mermen and lamias go crazy over egg-laying, but most other species can't bring themselves to care. One store caters to the "innocent girl captured by monsters" kink, which most of the men like but the angel really can't get into. So on and so on.
  • Fictional Political Party: The continent has racially backed political parties competing over votes for who will govern over the people, with three shown in the story being the orcs, demons, and succubi. The currently reigning Orc Party focuses of the stability of society, maintaining a steady supply of food, work, and sex. The Demon Party focuses on the advancement of society, with them wanting to break the world out of its Medieval Stasis and bring about great technological and scientific prosperity. The Succubus Party focuses on the... "continuation" of society, desiring to legalize sex in every way, shape, and form, with one of the proposed benefits being to give every man and woman their own personal succubus or incubus.
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning: Chapter 33 has monsters called Trichromatasms, spirits that turn into extreme temperature slime when coming in contract with flesh to kill victims, which can range from burning, freezing, and electrocution. The Reviewers use Crim's elemental immunity to pick them off one by one by making them attack him.
  • Follow the Leader: In-Universe other adventurers start writing their own reviews of succubus joints and posting them in taverns after the popularity of the main characters' reviews take off. Stunk and Zel are furious at first, but they can't go after them due to them using pseudonyms, nor can they claim the rights to the idea of "posting your opinion". So they let it slide, and even use a few to get ideas for where to go next. Kanchal eventually figures out how to turn the situation to their advantage, as he comes up with a cleverly-worded contract with the Transportation Guild to distribute their reviews across the country; this contract is written such that any copycats piggybacking off the Transportation Guild to get their reviews propagated must also pay a cut of their profits to the original Reviewer team, thus easing their finances.
  • Fountain of Youth: Chapter 3 of the Darkness anthology features a subspecies of succubi called "Milk Demon" whose breast milk can temporarily make the drinker younger to the point that they become infants.
  • Furry Reminder: Winged-folk have traits similar to ordinary birds:
    • Females have a single cavity on their hindquarters called a cloaca that serves all functions. The Marionette Crisis volume of the light novel reveals males generally also have a cloaca and thus lack a penis, the exceptions being species based on water-dwelling or flightless birds.
    • They bathe in water and sand like actual birds.
    • They lay eggs to reproduce. Combining this with their humanoid reproductive traits results in their "periods" taking the form of needing to lay their unfertilized eggs.
    • ZigZagged with regard to "nesting". While they do so in order warm fertilized eggs, it's not an instinctual trait and they have to practice it so they don't break their eggs by accident. They can also nest with their unfertilized eggs to delay the next cycle of egg-laying, a trick that human women are doubtlessly jealous of.
  • Gag Censor: In the censored version of the anime, genitals and nipples are (barely) covered by icons of the main characters' faces.
  • Gender Bender:
    • One of the brothels the group goes to has magic potions that turn men into women, down to their genitals, though all it does to Crim is get rid of his penis. They apparently also have potions that turn women into men, but the idea of having sex with women when both genders have gone through that turns the guys off (well, except for Crim, who chose a hyena girl as a partner, with him quite enjoying the chance to experience his female side sexually for once).
    • Chapter 47 introduces the concept of mermaids with a "protogynous" fish nature, where this is an inherent aspect of their biology, in a similar way to species like clownfish. In the case of those from the Seafloor District, they're all born female, but once they reach adulthood, the strongest member of a colony becomes a male while the others act as "his" harem. As a consequence of this, though, if ever they are injured enough to affect their strength, they revert to a woman and the second-strongest mermaid becomes the new "alpha male". The fact that two of the girls Stunk and Zel had their way with were guys before and after their 10 days of doing the deed with all of them is something that slightly disturbs the two, though they still had a decently fun time there, even if the general conditions for mermaid sex (cold water making it hard to "keep it up", smaller fish-like genitals) weren't exactly their cup of tea. Zel's review mentions that there's also a sister in-bo location where the fish start as men and the strongest becomes the only woman, but as usual the Reviewers aren't interested in that.
  • Genre Deconstruction: Some chapters bring up the vast differences there would be between various fantasy races and the problems that would bring. Usually it applies to sex, but other basic problems are acknowledged.
    • Different races can't eat all the same foods. You need a special license to serve food with strict rules because a dish that one race can eat could poison another. Humans can eat avocados that would poison a winged person and a slime can eat toxic to human blowfish liver. Even if it's still edible, one race may find the favorite food of another disgusting, such as how winged women like Meidri eat worms.
    • A Salamander woman and her husband need a house made out of stone that she can't set ablaze.
  • Girl on Girl Is Hot: During the gender-bending review, the Reviewers mostly opt for succu-girls who are willing to service female customers instead of trying in-bos. Zel explains it as getting an experienced lady to "make women out of them", and anyway their tastes wouldn't change since they're basically just under a temporary potion's effect.
  • Girls With Mustaches: Dwarven women are shown to have facial hair just like the men, which the Reviewers find pretty off-putting when they hit up a dwarf succu-joint. In the end they give the place pretty high marks overall.
  • God Is Good: While God stays Her hand when it comes to directly answering prayers or performing miracles, many things in this world are implied to run smoothly and happily because of Her indirect efforts. Her churches are channels through which magic that prevents STDs and pregnancy in succu-girl joints are set up, allowing people to enjoy sex for the sake of it without any risks, and She brings about the option for interspecies marriage compatibility between normally incompatible races by having Her angels fuse their souls together after getting married.
  • The Gods Must Be Lazy: In chapter 58 Y'gamiel reveals to Demia that the Goddess rarely intervenes with the world, only doing so after it gets destroyed, where She will then create a new world in a new timeline without whatever caused the destruction of the old one, then abandon what's left of the old for the new; and they imply the She's already done so multiple times. Demia is shaken by this info but then feels a odd sense of safety that she won't be struck down by doing something the Goddess doesn't approve of.
  • Golem: In this world, golems aren't so much a species as they are a classification of constructed beings. There are two variants of when it comes to golem-building: ones that are built to simply be living people, with the receptionist of The Sex Marionette being a mix of a wooden puppet and Frankenstein's Monster, and ones that are basically DIY living sex dolls that you personally design to your tastes. Chapter 13 and episode 6 of the anime adaptation goes into detail on the golems, with the advanced wooden 'love doll' golems using a kind of bio-engineered living onahole as the soft squishy part you 'use'. It takes a good artistic level to make even a decent golem, in which case people are given an option to borrow pre-made golems instead.
  • Groin Attack: Considering how much physical and mental variety there is in terms of the monster girls, especially what some monster girls consider "good sex", let's just say not all of the interspecies partnerships are winners...
  • Guest-Star Party Member: Occasionally, an on-again-off again-type John will join the main group and add his review to their posts, such as Nalgami the lamia, who only shows up when there's an egg-laying species involved (with him getting some limelight in chapter 14 and 15/episode 7 dedicated to actual egg laying). There's also one-off segment Johns that only show up for one review, such as Count Call Girlula the vampire, who gives his opinion when it comes to undead girls before going back to sleep for another decade.
  • Harping on About Harpies:
    • The main variation shown in this work are called winged womennote /birdmaidsnote , who are more like Winged Humanoids with more birdlike traits. They come in several subspecies, such as the "generic" birds Meidri and Eldry, and Deli the penguin idol that participates in the egg-laying show. Stunk, Zel, and Crim uniformly love birdmaids, but the lamia Nalgami was sad that the succubus joint they went to refused him in chapter 2/episode 1.
    • The owl receptionist/hostess running the egg-laying show resembles a more typical harpy, looking like a human female with feathered wings for forearms, bird-like talons for feet, and a feathered tail.
    • Chapter 14/episode 7 illustrates that species based on oviparous animals, winged women and harpies included, need to lay unfertilized eggs every so often, laying up to three if they're 'unsatisfied', and supplementary material for the chapter elaborates that they can 'nest' with the eggs to delay their egg-laying cycles. A bonus page in volume 2 shows most winged beings have an inherent fear of lamia while in turn lamia have an inherent fear of birds-of-prey type winged beings.
  • Hermaphrodite: While Crim is a specific example, crossing over with Shown Their Work, chapter 7/episode 3 reveals that hyena girls have pseudo-phalluses just like real female hyenas, including the fact they're more well-endowed than the males. However, they work just like the males' rather than access to their womb. Chapter 33 reveals that female satyrs have male parts as well, as Crim finds out the hard way.
  • Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action: Deconstructed frequently. Huge differences in physical size present a lot of problems. When the male is the significantly smaller party, it proves much easier to overcome, such as Kanchal's various encounters with women much larger than he is. Furthermore, his repeated encounters have made him outright skilled in these matters.
    • Fairies seem to be "elastic" but have their limits. At the fairy brothel customers are forced to submit to a measurement exam to see which of their girls can safely fit their customer's equipment. Smaller races like elves and halflings can choose from over a dozen different workers while larger races like humans have a much more limited selection.
    • Based on some implications from a bonus page in chapter 29 involving a male ogre and female fairy, the Wedding Miracle that allows a person who's not normally fire-resistant to touch a salamander without being burned also allows couples involving people from races of vastly different sizes to have sex without any risks.
    • Chapter 35 shows that there are giantess succu-girl brothels, with Stunk having visited one in the past. It sounds like heaven at first, but when just their nipples are the size of watermelons, you really have no idea what to do next so he wouldn't recommend visiting the place.
  • Hotter and Sexier: While the manga is already pretty high in ecchi content due to the premise, nobody is ever actually shown having sex; any scenes leading up to sex will immediately cut to the main characters' notes for their reviews, there is little explicit nudity and what nudity there is will be usually used as the source of jokes. The adaptations and side material, on the other hand, take it much further:
    • The anime does show sex scenes, which makes it magnitudes more ecchi than the original manga, to the point that the sex scenes are occasionally just a conveniently placed scenery censor or conveniently arranged angle away from being full on hentai. The anime was actually dropped by several streaming services and Japanese networks after a few episodes, due to being Too Hot for TV.
    • The Darkness anthology (an anthology of comics drawn by several different guest artists) is much more explicit than the original manga, throwing any pretense of decorum out the window and going into graphic sex scenes.
    • The light novel has very graphic sex scenes, like the scene between Crim and Elza, compared to the original manga descriptions, which are after the fact and very light on details. Yen Press's localization straight up gives it an 18+ rating while the main manga and anthology squeak by with 17+ ratings.
  • Hurricane of Puns: The reviews of the minotaur women in chapter five/episode two are one part breast jokes, and one part milk and cow puns.
  • Hypocritical Humor: In chapter 45, Kanchal, who has been long established to have a bit of a sadistic side, complains bitterly about losing at the Succubus Casino and ending up being dominated by the girl he lost all his chips to.

    Tropes I to Z 
  • I Ate WHAT?!: Deathabyss is not amused when she finds out she ate sausages that were cooked inside Tiaplate's nether regions.
  • Inconsistent Dub:
    • The name of the fairy succu-joint visited by the Reviewers is localized as "Nectar" in volume 1 of the manga, but is called "Honey Flower" in the Ecstasy Days volume of the light novel.
    • The myconid succu-joint in volume 2 of the main manga is called "Take Your Man-Mushroom To...", but in Comic Anthology: Darkness volume 2 it's called "Take Your Man-Mushroom To Heaven..." This is despite the awkward, incomplete name having previously been said to be the result of the proprietress writing the first joke she could think of on the shop's sign and running out of space.
  • Informed Deformity: Old elf women look like spry young beauties to Stunk and the audience, but Zel and others act like they are hideous. This is justified, as the ability to see mana allows them to see how old they really are, with Zel commenting a 500 plus-year-old elf woman is older than his mother.
  • Interplay of Sex and Violence: In an omake for Chapter 42, it's revealed that this can sometimes come into play with races that hold predator-prey relations between the creatures they're based on, called the "predator effect". Due to their instincts causing their hearts to race, it can often be mistaken for sexual desire and love, in a fantastic version of the "suspension bridge effect". That said, whenever such a couple tries to get together because of it, it doesn't take long for them to realize the truth and go their separate ways.
  • Interrupted Intimacy: In chapter 37, Meidri walked in on Crim and one of Demia's clones while they were in bed, and remains quite snippy with the two of them afterwards.
  • Interspecies Romance:
    • Well, it's more accurate to say Interspecies Negotiable Affection. Humans, elves, kobolds, minotaurs, wolf people, halflings, lamia, birdmaids, catgirls, dagons, succubi, angels... Just about every one of the races have bedded each other at some point.
    • Actual interspecies weddings are depicted in chapter 28 with the Wedding Miracle that takes place at Flaspa Cathedral, where an angel mixes the mana of the two lovers, making them inseparable and able to crossbreed. A human adventurer and his salamander girlfriend are elated to find that he is no longer burned by her flames once this happens. A bonus page for chapter 29 then illustrates that an ogre and a fairy that got married are able to consummate their marriage in bed safely for the first time.
  • Intimate Marks: Womb tattoos are the focus of chapter 53. There are numerous designs for many different purposes, and some even have more mundane functions. The color of the ink used also affects its behavior. There's even variants for men which go on the taint. Long story short, it's Serious Business to succubi.
  • It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: Stunk, and Zel's entire interaction with Tiaplate. The protagonists are so blinded by lust that they don't understand the implications of going to a brothel in a highly volcanic region. They end up spending money on sexy times with a girl literally too hot for anyone to safely have sex with. And to put salt on the wound, Tiaplate was rather insistent they fuck her and looked ready to chase them down before claiming Crim thus forcing Stunk and Zel to sit and wait until he's finished.
  • Jizzed in My Pants:
    • During the egg-laying show, the mermen attending the show got so excited over Deli laying a third egg that half of them released their milt explanation  inside their tank (to the horror of the other half).
    • After the trip to the possession-themed Aquari-harem, Crim's mental wires are still a little crossed with the (male) fish he possessed, so when he was asked by Ivy to carry a bowl of fish roe to a customer, certain acquired fishy instincts kicked in and he shuddered in mid-air briefly, before shamefacedly asking to take a time out to clean his shorts.
  • Lemony Narrator: He loves to snark at things at times.
  • Lens Flare Censor: Parodied in the chapter/episode involving light spirits. The light of said spirits functions as an in-universe censor, represented by a bunch of stars spread across a bright shine. Well, for most of the characters, anyway. The censorship of Crim's junk is presented as a massive pulsating pillar of light.
  • Little Bit Beastly: One of the most common types of monster folk, from birdmaids to dagons to lamia and more, each of them are basically split halfway between human and animals physically, with each race varying in whether they have more or less animals features.
  • Loophole Abuse:
    • Prostitution is legal for the members of the succubus species, since sex is required for their survival. This, however, also applies to their progeny. The vast majority of the populace is most certain to have a succubus ancestor, if you go far enough. This practically means that there is no limit to who can be a "succu-girl".
    • Volume 3 reveals that the poor reputation of demons is caused by poorly-worded contracts, resulting in unhappy marriages, as demons will honor a properly-made contract and are not afraid to take advantage of anyone foolish enough to use badly-structured contracts which are one-sided.
    • Chapter 37 has Demia reveal how she exploited her business's legal classifications to get out of paying succu-girl taxes. Stunk and Zel aren't really impressed.
  • Lower-Deck Episode: While it starts with Stunk & co. going off to have fun at The Sky Nest, the main content of Chapter 42 deals with Crim deciding to have his own sexual adventure, with Samtahn, Nalgami, and Lulu joining him for the ride. They find that without Stunk and Zel, they absolutely suck at figuring out a good place to go, with the one they settle on being rather mediocre to their tastes, and outright detrimental to Samtahn's health.
  • Lust Makes You Dumb: The four Intrepid Reporters decide to visit a brothel of lilim, which are child-sized she-devils with insatiable libido. Crim takes a hard pass on this one, but Stunk, Zel and Brooz can't pass up the rock-bottom fee and no time limit. Despite the caution they're given, these three horndogs believe a magical status buff will carry them through a roomful of sex-crazed mini-demons. The buff lasts only ten minutes, after which Stunk describes the experience as "torture." Drained of all semen, happiness and stamina, the three patrons get dumped naked down a garbage chute into the cold rain outside. The lilim brothel receives a satisfaction score of 1 (1+0+0+NR) out of a possible 40 maximum.
  • Magic Harms Technology: Part of the reason why the world is stuck in Medieval Stasis even though there are people who have come from other worlds is because the existence of mana would interfere with their technology, making it impossible to recreate any of them beyond possibly steam engines.
  • Magitek: Movies exist in the setting, with the "home viewing" variety taking the form of a crystal that projects the video into the space above it. Par for the work, this info is revealed through bringing up "succubus movies", a.k.a. porn movies.
  • Making Love in All the Wrong Places: There's a reason Demia's clones only accept to have sex indoors. She actually got in trouble with the mayor after the sheer success of her services sparked an absurd number of cases of very public coitus, much to the displeasure of everyone who wasn't in town for that purpose.
  • Male Gaze:
    • Chapter 5/episode 2 has strong example of this as the boys spot a pair of rather top-heavy minotaur women outside the demon store. The manga starts with a panel dedicated to their busts before showing the women completely; the anime adaptation depicts the boys turning their heads like turrets when they walk by. It's such a powerful attraction that they are completely derailed from visiting a demon girl brothel to visit the minotaurs instead.
    • Episode 3 of the anime has a scene from the anthology manga lovingly animated, giving us a full view of Crim lying in bed as he's about to be taken by a hyena woman.
    • Episode 4 has the camera lovingly follow Stunk, Zel, and Crim's gazes as they get an eyeful of the salamander lady during her cooking service, all the way up, and all the way down.
    • Chapter 41 has a scene where Zel and Kanchal admire the view from beneath a monkey girl as they all climb up a rock wall at the gym.
  • Man, I Feel Like a Woman: During the gender bender sequence in chapter 6/episode 3, Zel and Stunk are totally unafraid to check each other's feminized bodies out after drinking the gender-bending potion.
  • Mantis Mating Meal: The "Mantis Wife Ladies" brothel is staffed by mantis-women who find themselves following this. However, to ensure customer survival, a halfling makeup specialist is on-hand to carefully recreate the customers' heads out of cake.
  • Masturbation Means Sexual Frustration:
    • In Chapter 44, the angel Klael absentmindedly begins to do this when they walk in on Crim and a Demia clone doing the deed. However, Crim spots Klael, who flees in embarrassment. Later, Klael mentions they "had it out in the open out of habit", being used to just doing it since mortals can't see them.
    • In a bonus manga at the end of volume 7, Kleal stares at a banana from the latest offerings while blushing. When Y'gamiel asks what's up, Kleal hastily claims they're thinking about how Y'gamiel before told them they're delicious and then that they'll eat it later. Y'gamiel immediately figures it out, realizing they never thought about using offerings in that way.
  • Medieval Stasis: Deathabyss, the current demon lord, is fully intent on pushing this peaceful fantasy world out of its stagnant low technology level with a forward-reaching political agenda aimed at magical and technological research. She's even interested in recreating tech that people sent from another world talk about, but Demia states that it would be impossible to recreate anything beyond possibly steam engines as the existence of mana in this world would interfere with the other tech she's learned about. In a way, this stagnancy is caused by the slow, stable, and popular Orc Party agenda, which mainly focuses on "eating, sleeping, and fornicating," placing more government interest in the succubus districts and agriculture than in R&D to improve the technology level.
  • Me's a Crowd: Cloning magic allows somebody to create copies of themself, with the type of clone shown in the story being "decoy dolls". Normally, decoy dolls are super low-grade as far as clones go, barely being able to do anything and having Barbie Doll Anatomy. However, the ones in Magic City are fully cognizant and equipped, due to being made by Demia, known as "the grand mage".
  • Mi'raj: The intro of the anime has a cameo of a non-sapient mi'raj hopping along next to a waterfall.
  • Mistaken for Gay: Played with. When Crim willingly sleeps with a hyena woman as the receiver, everyone thinks he's bi. Crim is a Hermaphrodite, but male presenting, so his actual sexual orientation is difficult to define.
  • Monster Town: The city they live in is home to dozens if not hundreds of different fantasy races and creatures, and the Reviewers are on a mission to have sex with as many of them as possible.
  • Mundane Utility:
    • Stunk and Zel use status buffs to toughen themselves up when they attempt to have an extended session with lilim. It works, but it stops being fun when the buffs expire half an hour later.
    • Salamander girls use their flame-charged, literally hot bodies to cook meat in a fanservicey way. Zel and Crim also appreciate the way she infuses food that she cooks with mana, enhancing its flavor.
    • Crim's landlady Ivy, as a mandrake, uses her vines to manipulate everything in the kitchen while cooking, and sends a runner up to his bedroom to wake him and give him a request to help collect some more fire manastones for cooking with.
    • Grand Mage Demia uses her genius in inventing and developing new things to create interesting new adult entertainment options like the Gender Swap Inn. She also uses her ability to make the highest-quality magical clones to fully staff a city-sized establishment where her clones offer all sorts of interesting services. Granted, all this is for making the money to fund her own magical and technological research since the Orc Party-dominated government isn't providing any research grants.
    • Zel finds another practical use of his time with his Demia clone - as the clones have nearly as much intelligence and knowledge as the original, he makes use of the downtime between 'sessions' to have her teach him more magic.
  • Mushroom Man: Myconids are a race of living mushrooms, the number of myconid sub-species being equal to the number of actual mushroom sub-types, with the physical attributes of each sub-species also being roughly the same (including some sub-species having bodies that are potentially lethal to most other species). Additionally, another thing about them that's like regular mushrooms is that some myconid sub-types have cases of one myconid being an underground entity that extends to the surface in the form of multiple girls, making it where despite looking like threesomes or orgies, having sex with them is still technically having sex with a single myconid girl.
  • My Suit Is Also Super: Lampshaded. Zel openly questions what Crim's clothes are made of when they're undamaged by a salamander carrying him. Later, an angel-performed interspecies marriage is shown to grant an immunity to salamander fire not only to the human groom, but also his clothing. Demia's rings of fire resistance, on the other hand, do not protect clothing.
  • Nature Spirit: Elemental spirits exist in this world:
    • Fire spirits, such as salamanders, like to live in hot places, such as those near volcanoes. Their natural body temperatures are incredibly high, so much so that you can cook food anywhere on, and even in, them. Due to those high body temperatures, though, sex, or even just living together as a couple, is impossible for anybody who isn't resistant to high heat, and any non-fireproof structures will end up burning down eventually due to lighting them on fire with their mere presence.
    • Denizens from the World of Darkness have the appearance of large flaming masses of darkness with the vague shapes of eyes and mouths. When a horde of them visit the tavern for the holidays, Crim can feel his soul sinking into oblivion just by being close to them, as he is naturally weak to darkness.
    • Light spirits, such as will-o'-the-wisps, constantly produce near-blinding light, with their naughty bits being impossible to actually see no matter what, while their nipples can be visible if the "axis of the world line" is good. Their species as a whole are all ditzes, likely as a play on them being constantly "lightheaded", and they also like engaging in mass orgies in an open space, with only the light giving anybody privacy.
    • Undines are similar to slimes in that they are amorphous beings, only in their case they are comprised entirely of transparent holy water. While Crim got a little enjoyment out of having sex with them due to their holy aura, though not all that much, the fact they're entirely made of water makes sex itself rather underwhelming, since the lack of any capacity for physical intimacy (unlike slimes) means the only stimulation available is suction, and the fact they're made of holy water means they're off the menu for dark-element races like demons, since extended contact will be detrimental to the dark-element person's health.
  • The Need for Mead: Ye Pubbe, the tavern where Crim and Meidri work and the guys hang out (and post their reviews).
  • Nipple and Dimed: Averted. The first episode alone has a nipple show in the first two minutes of it and it only gets more graphic from there on. It should be noted that the most censored version of the series does black out the nipples, alongside most of the nudity. The other two versions do show them with no censors at all, and the most graphic doesn't even bother to censor the crotch shots. The manga also does not censor nipples.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: The dub gives the demon regular at the tavern a voice that is very distinctly a Matt Berry impression.
  • No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: In-Universe, even if the reviewers give mediocre reviews of a store, there will always be someone who becomes interested in it. Fairy Nectar saw a boom, multiple bar patrons were into the light spirit store, several Lamia were into the egg-laying shows, and some Dullahan men wanted to try the mantis women store. This is best seen with the Living Toybox store, which goes from so slow that one girl was giving out coupons to packed with a line out the door. The one exception was the Lilim store, where the guys nearly died.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: When Stunk, Zel, and Kanchal waste all their money in chapter 25/episode 11, they resort to good ol' dungeon grinding to make enough money to survive the month; while the narrator says, "they accomplished incredible feats as adventurers," complete with a panel of them looking quite badass, we don't see anymore than that in the manga as it's the punchline to the chapter. The anime has them outright save the world during their dungeon grind without being fully aware of the magnitude of their deeds due to being totally focused on rebuilding their cash reserves.
  • Older Than They Look:
    • From a human's point of view, halflings like Kanchal look much younger than they really are. The halfling succu-girl Piltia mildly unnerves Stunk when she tells him with a smile that she's older than him, even though she resembles a child from his point of view due to how short and cute she is.
    • Elves look young and pretty/handsome to humans even if they are hundreds of years old. Zel gets somewhat put off by that, especially whenever he sees Stunk hire the services of elf succu-girls that are older than his mother. Of course, Zel himself looks younger than Stunk even though he's already more than a century old.
  • The Oldest Profession: Heavily featured, though here, the prostitutes are called "succu-girls", short for succubus girls. There are also male prostitutes called "in-bos", or incubus boys, but they don't hold any importance in this story.
  • One Dialogue, Two Conversations: Crim's review of the Gender Swap Inn consists of him speaking literally about his female side, as in his female genitalia. Everyone else reads it as him casually coming out as bisexual due to his hiding his status as a Hermaphrodite.
  • The One Guy: While most of the brothels have a Miss Kitty heading the establishment, the cyclops brothel is so far the only one manned by a male, disregarding the head of The Genderswap Inn, who is deliberately designed to have an Ambiguous Gender, which they personally perpetuate for giggles.
  • Our Angels Are Different: Crim's angelic powers apparently only work as long as his halo is intact, with the halo also apparently being able to heal with time. They are also Hermaphrodites.
  • Our Elves Are Different: Played straight as they physically age slower than most species. Zigzagged depending on your tastes as a human (attracted by the elves' enternal beauty) or as a non-human (put off by older elves stale mana).
  • Our Demons Are Different: Demons come in a wide variety of colors, as well as several sizes, from human-sized to being as tall as a house (but only those with Royal Blood grow so tall), with all of them having wings and some form of horns. They have a common reputation of being selfish scammers that are also potentially abusive, but going by the fact Lady Deathabyss, a demon lord, wants to bring about helpful societal changes, and her PR demon is fully supportive of her intentions, while this reputation probably isn't undeserved, it doesn't apply to their entire race. Chapter 26/episode 12 reveals demons as a whole are all about contracts; people being unaware of this fact and using careless wording when dealing with them is a big part of their poor standing, as proper negotiation and clear terms can result in demons being fair and amiable.
  • Our Dwarves Are All the Same: Both male and female dwarves are short, bearded people who are proud of their beards. They are also skilled craftsmen, even those who work at brothels, with the one which Stunk chooses being as interested in his sword as she is interested in sleeping with him.
  • Our Nudity Is Different: Mimics have a taboo about showing anyone their lower half, except their spouses. They shroud it in a magic darkness so complete that not even light and shadow spirits can see through it. Crim's heavenly glow reveals the entire body of the mimic girl he's with, which not only makes her flip character into becoming submissive, it also leaves her mortified and feeling that she has become unmarriageable.
  • Our Orcs Are Different: They're pig folk and they're the ruling party in this setting. They consistently win the elections because they run on a policy of food self-sufficiency first, low taxes, and stability over expansion. They're also shown to band together to sate their libidos by challenging lilim to "endurance" contests, to the delighted squeals of said lilim.
  • Periphery Demographic: The wide variety of both sentient species and sexual tastes result in In-Universe cases of "untargeted" fans:
    • Stunk and Zel mention in a bonus page between chapter 2 and 3/episode 2 that Crim's succu-girl reviews make their bulletins much more popular because they bring in an entirely separate readerbase of women who find Crim and the things he writes to be adorable. Indeed, after they review the fairy brothel in chapter 4/episode 2, most of the people reading the bulletin are blushing women reacting to the implications of Crim's 0 review where he mopes that he had to pay to get measured despite being too big to actually sleep with any of the fairy girls.
    • In chapter 35, Kanchal's review of the Mimic joint led a number of vore fetishists to line up to experience being 'swallowed' by mimics.
  • Pervert Revenge Mode: Just because the series' world revolves around lustful monster girls, don't assume all of them fall under this. Rub them the wrong way, and they'll make you regret it.
    • Meidri enforces this hard, as the reviewers have repeatedly learned the hard way, especially with Stunk, who likes to go beyond mere flirting and actually gets handsy with her.
      • She got really upset when Stunk strokes the nape of her neck without warning or permission at the end of the second chapter/first episode; as it is her sensitive weakspot, he basically harassed her while she was working. The result? Stunk gets a chair to the head.
      • Stunk tries to get a handful of Meidri's chest in episode 2 (after a night with a minotaur woman), resulting in her clocking him with a tray.
      • The anime version of the myconid chapter in episode 5 starts with Stunk offering Meidri a chance to "sample his mushroom", to which she responds by dope slapping him to the ground.
      • At the end of chapter 13, Meidri eventually finds out that the Reviewers all made golems modeled after her for their reviews. Crim gets struck down after she puts two and two together from his fearful apologies, then she advances angrily on Stunk, Zel, and Kanchal while dual-wielding knives from the kitchen. In the anime adaptation of this chapter in episode 6, Meidri kicks all of them silly after she figures it out, then gives a Skyward Scream in frustration. In a later chapter, upon discovering Kanchal has become a regular at the golem establishment, Meidri gives the halfling a terrifying smile as she warns him that he will be killed if he dares make another golem in her likeness.
      • During chapter 14/episode 7, Stunk admits that Meidri gave him a black eye once before when he asked her to let him watch her lay unfertilized eggs in the past. After the review of the Warm Raw Egg's live egglaying show gets posted, she smacks Stunk and Zel when they snicker lecherously after she protests their perversions, then throws a bench at them when they try to sneak up to her room to "look for raw eggs".
    • It's stated in-universe that comparing normal ladies to succubi (or cony rabbit beastwomen) is a good way to get slapped.
    • Chapter 38 reveals that Ye Pubbe's previous waitress 30 years in the past, Waybee the wasp woman, had few qualms about giving Zel a few sharp smacks whenever he talks loudly about inappropriate things when young Ivy was in earshot.
    • In chapter Chapter 55 Stunk causally brings up talk about succu-joints to a vouivrenote  that's offering to buy gems off him. After a stunned, blushing silence, she screams over being sexually harassed and calls for the military police, and an officer promptly takes Stunk in.
  • Plot Tumor: While starting out as a ecchi version of a typical Monster of the Week, sometime after the first volume the manga starts to focus more and more on Worldbuilding, Crim's predicament and his relationship with his friends and less on the reviews itself. Even a Hidden Villain is introduced.
  • Post-Processing Video Effects: Episode 8 applies a slightly-grainy and desaturated "succubus film" filter into the roleplay scenes at the BDSM establishment whenever everyone is in character.
  • Power Perversion Potential:
    • Discussed in chapter 6/episode 3. Stunk, Zel, and Kanchal talk about the various misdeeds past patrons of the gender-bending establishment have done, in particular cruelly toying with people's feelings by sleeping with them without warning them about the potion and giving them a nasty shock when they woke up. Stunk and Kanchal wanted to use the potion's effects to get into the woman's bathhouse and look at bathing ladies without being thrown out. Both of these are reasons why the establishment no longer allows customers to leave the premises before the potion expires, most likely due to complaints received in the past.
    • Kanchal puts his precision handiwork to use in chapter 13, where he ends up making golem replicas of Meidri for the Reviewers to enjoy. She's not happy when she finds that out later.
  • Red Light District: The town from which Stunk & Co operate has a liberal version, though in this world it's called a succubus district. It's so big that it's distinctly visible even a fair distance from the town.
  • Relax-o-Vision:
    • In chapter 8, while the guys are cooking meat using the literally hot body of a salamander girl, including sticking a sausage down her throat, Zel ends up deciding to put his (literal) sausage in a different hole. Before this happens, we cut to a scene of Meidri bathing, with a message playing saying that, due to the restrictions placed on Shōnen manga magazines, they aren't allowed to show the previous kind of imagery. It goes back when the sausage is done cooking. The entire scene is faithfully animated in the fourth episode of the anime adaptation, complete with Meidri's bath scene.
    • This happens in chapter 15/episode 7 about watching eggs being laid. However, instead of being for censorship, it's because the ones shown to the guys (lizard girls) might not be appealing to the readers. So it switches over to showing Meidri laying her eggs (which the guys themselves were actually wanting to see before going to the egg-laying place instead).
    • In chapter 17/episode 8, when it comes time for Crim to have sex with an actual succubi, he is portrayed as a bottle of mayonnaise, allowing the work to pretty much show what's happening without actually showing it.
  • Rescue Romance: Chapter 28 shows a human adventurer who burnt his hands rescuing a salamander girl, and they fell in love as his hands recovered. They eventually get married.
  • The Rule of First Adopters: Much of Demia's strides in magic and technological development are promptly used to make interesting new services in the adult entertainment industry, as she can then recoup research costs quickly and build a new budget for her next project. Chapter 36 discusses this directly when Demia admits she would sell more of her rings of fire resistance if she marketed them towards horny men who wanted to sleep with hot salamander women, rather than only to adventurers who needed fire resistance to complete quests.
  • Rules Lawyer: Demons are are sticklers about the wording in their contracts and will take advantage if it's worded poorly. As an example, one madame says that a suitor who says to a demon lass "Marry me, and I'll make you happy," will get a couch potato wife that's almost useless to her husband.
  • Running Gag: In the anime adaptation, there is a lizard man who reads the guys' reviews, with his friends wondering why he cares as he is a virgin.
  • Scenery Porn: The art and backgrounds are pretty detailed and visually appealing, especially at night when all of the lights are on. Even wide shots of the town end up looking great no matter what time of day it is.
  • Schizo Tech: There's hints of "advanced" technologies despite the setting's Medieval Stasis:
    • Zel compares the common idea of golems looking like clay dolls with the much cuter "human with metallic accents" look of androids as the Reviewers express apprehension over checking out a golem joint.
    • The pinup girl depicted alongside the golem review has a "tail" that ends in an electrical outlet plug.
    • Lem the golem in the Darkness anthology has a deliberately Robot Girl-themed appearance, with lense eyes and visible seamlines down her face.
  • Self-Insert Fic: An In-Universe version is the focus of chapter 49. The featured museum involves artifact spirits that can possess things like portraits and statues, and offer the ability for their customers to enter the world of a book of their choosing and let them get it on with one of the characters. Key word: one of, since each spirit can only manipulate one character at a time, and getting other spirits involved will cost extra.
  • Sex as a Rite-of-Passage: Averted. Despite being introduced as a virgin in a series where Everyone Has Lots of Sex, Crim loses his virginity within a day with little fanfare. It also fails to cause any change in Crim's character on its own, with his acceptance and even enjoyment of casual sex only happening after many repeat experiences. Even then, he's still a bit apprehensive about it, doing it largely for the money his reviews get or out of loneliness if Stunk and Zel aren't present. His friends do have a reaction much more akin to this once he goes to a succugirl brothel entirely on his own, however.
  • Sex Comedy: The series is a fanservice-filled romp revolving around Cute Monster Girls and Unproblematic Prostitution. While the manga doesn't actually show anyone having sex despite the premise revolving around it, the anime isn't afraid to include sex scenes.
  • Sexiness Score: Stunk and Zel visit various brothels to determine which species of working girls are the most fuckable. They sample the girls, then issue a 1 to 10 rating score on the town inn's bulletin board. Of course, these scores are also shaded by factors such as an entrance fee, whether food is provided, and if clients can bed down overnight.
  • Sex Tourism: Stunk and Zel's motivation to do... well, anything. When they rescue Crim in chapter three/episode one, they ask him if Heaven has any red-light districts as they would love to try bedding an angel.
  • Sexual Euphemism:
    • The manga never uses the words "prostitute" or "brothel", always calling the workers "succu-girls" and their workplaces "succu-joints" or generic "stores".
    • The first few volumes of the manga do not use the word "sex", always sticking with euphemisms or strongly hinting at the activities. Later volumes are less shy about straight up using the word.
  • Sexy Dimorphism: Notably Averted, females of others races tend to look like the males. Non-Mammalian Mammaries are common, but there are no cases where only the females of a species look humanoid.
    • At the Warm Raw Egg, many girls show up who resemble lizards or frogs in the anime.
    • A recording in one chapter shows a female Treant, who looks like a tree with two bumps on her chest.
  • Share the Male Pain: When Kanchal described the bad experience he had bedding a dagon, the patrons reading his review cringed in sympathy briefly at his description of the rough treatment he endured.
  • Shapes of Disappearance: Chapter 5 has the intrepid reviewers venture toward the brothel of cyclops girls. En route, however, Kanchal the halfling and Crim the angel notice Ginny the minotaur and her enormous boobs, and are drawn toward her. Stunk and Zel don't notice until Stunk tries to query Crim, and notices he's not there. Where Crim should be is only Crim's dotted outline. Stunk has to backtrack and collar Crim away from Ginny.
  • Shout-Out: Has its own page.
  • Single Mom Stripper: Implied with the minotaurs. The Reviewers point out that only the minotaur girls who have actually had kids make milk, but there's no shortage of minotaur girls who qualify, implying there are a lot of minotaur moms in the sex industry who are either this, or in a very open relationship.
  • Sliding Scale of Anthropomorphism: The Furry-Light District in chapter 30 has an entire scale of anthropomorphic animals, starting with succu-girls who are 99% human but are still considered beast men, then continuing to Little Bit Beastly, proper Beast Men, Funny Animals and ending with a pen full of different farm animals.
  • Slime Girl: Slime girls are a regular part of the brothel venue, as their amorphous semi-fluid forms makes them compatible sex-wise with every other species, both male and female. In the manga, many review pages are accompanied with the advertisements of brothels with different varieties of slime girls.
  • Snake People: In chapter two/episode one, a lamia man briefly bemoans his bad luck that a birdmaid refused to bed him because of his race during their review segment. He joins the Reviewers again during the egg-laying chapter.
  • So Okay, It's Average: As a story all about reviewing brothels, there are plenty of In-Universe cases of middling opinions.
    • This sums up the gang's review of the cyclops brothel. With the exception of Kanchal, who got landed with a girl he didn't like due to a misunderstanding about the meaning of "cup size", the Reviewers uniformly gave their cyclops succu-girls 7s across the board, because while the girls were hot and great at their jobs, their cyclops traits didn't add anything uniquely kinky to the experience like sleeping with a minotaur or a fairy would. Stunk in particular thought his cyclops girl was absolutely gorgeous, but had to concede that none of that had to do with her being a cyclops. All Zel could mention was a bit about their okay mana levels and how the small-eyed ones are very submissive, and while Crim did find a lot of nice things to say about being with a girl with such a big, pretty eye, he also found her bizarre, eye-based kinks to be rather off-putting. The group's general consensus is that cyclops traits don't really matter that much when it comes to sex. Which was exactly what the insecure, small-eyed cyclops who secretly hired them was hoping to hear.
    • This is, in the end, what the Reviewers think of salamander girls after they had sex with them while wearing rings of heat resistance. The appeal of having sex with salamander girls was seen as initially exotic due to the fact that most species could not do it without getting burned or getting their mana fused by an angel via marriage, but once they had protection, it was just an alright experience.
    • Mantis Girls are seen this way by the reviewers, mostly because the shop the mantis girls belong to are expensive, and despite the six hour time they give the customer, the fact that mantis mating involves killing the male means that the customer banging the mantis girl can't really enjoy her without killing the mood of the mantis girls. However, among the Dullahan race, whose members are headless anyways, mantis girls are some of their favorite partners, not having to worry about the decapitation and head-eating fetish of mantis girls.
  • Solid Gold Poop: The eggs laid by various monster girls are considered quite valuable, especially as a delicacy. So when it comes to being able to get a freshly laid egg from one of these girls, auctions are regularly held to bid on who gets to have the egg from the girls that come to a egg-laying show locale (with the girls that laid the eggs getting the money).
  • Spit Take: In the first episode, when Stunk asks Kanchal and Brooz — out loud and in the middle of a tavern — if they go every night to the "Succubus District", they both spit-take their ale.
  • STD Immunity: It's revealed during Demia and Lady Deathabyss's discussion that diseases can't be contracted by sex. This is justified, as a magic seal is set within the brothels to prevent the spread.
  • Succubi and Incubi:
    • While the excuse used to legally allow prostitution is that everybody has a succubus ancestor somewhere in their bloodline, there still are actual succubi hanging around, with them having an entire, massive tower that thousands of them work in. They're pretty much exactly the same as succubi in other stories, shapeshifting to match preferences included, but without any of the soul-sucking trouble (though when they're done with you, you'll be so out of juice [both physically and mentally] it pretty much feels like they took part of your soul). Picture a bottle of mayonnaise that is lovingly squeezed dry of every last drop. Imagine that bottle is you.
    • Chapter 9/episode 4 introduces the lilim, a low-level variant of succubus that is unskilled in pleasure and only strong in their apparently limitless appetite for overwhelming men and eventually killing them from over-exhaustion and snu-snu unless distracted by fresh meat. Picture a bottle of mayo, only instead of merely being squeezed dry, it is outright crushed. They are even able to outlast virility-buffing spells.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome:
    • The plot can ultimately be traced back to reality asserting itself in a world where Cute Monster Girls make up a significant fraction of the world's population:
      • Because there are so many, there's a lot of competition between brothels to get people in the door and into beds. When a couple of random schmucks writing a column reviewing various races in bed suddenly get popular, the various proprietors are all over this new marketing vector, especially when it starts bringing in repeat customers.
      • Upon visiting a "Villain Experience" brothel (essentially a BDSM dungeon with roleplay), Nice Guy Crim tries his best for the role but ends up so freaked out at what he's doing that his "victim" breaks character to comfort him. It's not unheard of for rookie doms to be shaken by trying to enjoy punishing someone, and a professional sub would absolutely pick up on this and put the brakes on. It's also important for both sides to enforce different limitations (such as safewords) to prevent injury or even psychological trauma.
    • When copy-cat reviewers show up, rather than being antagonists as they would in other stories, they are treated as a slight annoyance at best after initial outrage. The titular reviewers live in a no internet world, so finding all their competitors to make them stop would be impossible. Furthermore, Zel himself points out that the concept of posting reviews on businesses is not something that the reviewers could claim as intellectual property, leaving no legal means to stop them.
    • When the guys get obscenely drunk at a bar/brothel, Stunk has trouble "getting it up" because of just how intoxicated he is.
    • Stunk's heavier focus on acting as a reviewer for brothels causes him to adventure less and eat more expensive meals at the tavern. The combination of less exercise and more calories leads to him gaining weight: a real problem that former soldiers and athletes face.
    • The series averts Sex as a Rite-of-Passage: Most series would depict losing your virginity as a life-changing event. When Crim loses his V-card at the start of the series, he is completely unchanged from the man he was before: he remains shy, relatively introverted, and even uncomfortable with sex itself. It takes more than 40 chapters of progression for Crim to become comfortable with approaching succu-girls for their services, and even then, his preferences tend towards more vanilla, intimate affairs.
  • Swapped Roles: Chapter 57 has the gang enter a shop that magically alters the memories of whoever enters to think they are a virgin with no experience, which activates in the hallway to the reception. Crim notes that being the one with experience while his friends have no idea what they are doing is actually rather fun and he understands why they brought him along the first time.
  • Tears of Joy: The eye of a cyclops is so sexualized that they do this when they get horny and describe it as "getting wet".
  • Teeny Weenie: The poor halfling that accompanies the group to the fairy brothel is told that he can have any girl he wants due to his small size. He isn't sure whether he should be ecstatic or depressed as a result.
  • A Threesome Is Hot: In the Darkness anthology, Crim eventually has a spotlight chapter where he ends up in a sandwich between two catgirls in a form of threesome roleplay with toys involved to make him look like a cat (for hygiene reasons, customers who engage in cat roleplay in the catgirl's establishment are obligated to buy any new toys that are used in their sessions). Crim later rates this unique session a perfect 10 and admits he got really into it.
  • Token Mini-Moe: Female halflings are just as short as the males. Unsurprisingly, halfling succu-girls that provide costume play services to satisfy forbidden fantasies explanation  are very popular. Kanchal had the opportunity to be with a girl from his own race named Piltia at the gender-bending establishment, but she also had a small sadistic streak and had him dress up for her own fun as well.
  • Token Wholesome: Crim is the least perverted of the protagonists, to the point Meidri excludes him when chastising the group for bragging about sex.
  • Too Hot for TV: The anime adaptation one-ups the manga's lewdness — when the manga would simply cut to a large page detailing each review and its associated score, the anime isn't bound by such restrictions, and can animate the sex scenes while having each Reviewer narrate their analysis. While the anime does not go into outright hardcore pornography territory, it certainly does skirt on the edge of the line at times and definitely has a lot of content that unambiguously qualifies as softcore material. Funimation eventually dropped the series in late January 2020, Amazon did the same in early February, and Tokyo MX even pulled the series from its broadcast about a week later. Not too long after, Sun TV also pulled the series from broadcast. Specific examples include:
    • Episode 3 was basically the final straw for Funimation; Passione took the otherwise relatively clinical manga chapter and added animated sex scenes for all four of the Reviewers, most of which was blacked-out for all censored versions. It was considered so spicy that this episode firmly cemented the anime adaptation's reputation as being very nearly hentai, only barely avoiding the legal classification by carefully avoiding direct onscreen depictation of genitalia or penetration, even if it happens just off the edge of the screen. The cancellations only actually began hitting the newsstands after this episode aired, naturally. Amahara tweeted that even he agrees that Episode 3 is "the least modest episode".
    • Episode 7 hit a new milestone for being too hot for broadcast, with even AT-X, a station (in)famous for normally being quite lax when it comes to nudity and "edgy" content, putting a censor patch into Meidri's egg-laying scene since birdmaid cloaca was still considered too spicy for broadcast.
    • Despite episode 8 faithfully including the mayonnaise censor effect during Crim's experience with a pureblood succubus, the way she toys with the bottle and squeezes it dry is sufficiently ribald that the censored versions still black out part of the angel mayo scene.
    • Episode 9 depicted the production of a succubus film as all-new footage for the animated adaptation, and it's so steamy that the scene was almost entirely blacked out in the censored versions.
  • Town with a Dark Secret: Magic City is a place where Grand Mage Demia creates clones of herself for everybody to enjoy to their heart's content, no matter their preferences... but behind the scenes, she uses the semen she magically collects from them remotely for the purpose of finding something that would grant her great power, landing on the divine power of an angel's halo when Crim arrives.
  • Trapped in Another World: While none of the named characters are examples of the trope, a conversation between Deathabyss and Demia in chapter 26 reveals that people sent from "modern" worlds exist in the work's setting. Deathabyss is quite interested in the technology said otherworldly people talk about, supersonic passenger jets in particular, and even considers giving up magic to live in a world where such things exist before Demia explains how "succubus joints" in that world prevent sickness and pregnancy.
  • The Undead: When the guys visit Count Call Girlula, a vampire friend of Zel, to change out his coffin while he's awake, they decide to visit NecroWife, a love store for the undead. As can be expected of such beings, when it comes to anybody besides other undead, having sex with them can be rather unappealing. The ones that you can have sex with almost all have rotten flesh, and even disregarding that, the various other corpse-like attributes, such as cold bodies or limp posture, make sex pretty uncomfortable. It is also mentioned that the undead have to pay an upkeep to remain in the world of the living, explaining why they need an income (and the world is not overrun with them).
  • Uneven Hybrid: Beastfolk (part animal, part something else) based on humans are called "Hybrids". Those based on demons are called "Chimera". The amount of animal in them varies widely. In addition, so many people in the story can claim to have succubus ancestry that it's easy for girls to use said ancestry to get a license to work in the red light district.
  • Unproblematic Prostitution: There is no stigma attached to it in this world. The government also grants the industry a budget ensuring safe pleasant working conditions, no physical stresses and high profits for low effort. The high profits in particular provides the means for workers to move out from what is admittedly a dead end job whenever they want. The nature of the world they live in also ensures there is always a demand for it, and thanks to a variety of diverse and alien beauty standards from the various fantasy races, sex workers can find plenty of clients who find them attractive for much, much longer than they can in real life. All that being said, because it is a dead end job there are a few, like Aloe the fairy receptionist and Lingzhi the mushroom receptionist, who after being in the business for years if not centuries look apathetic and burned-out, a fact which deeply disturbs Stunk and Zel. Still played straight though, since those receptionists still enjoy what they do and even join the action every now and again. In fact, the only prostitutes in the series who don't seem to enjoy their job are the two small-eyed cyclops girls, and that's because they're sad they don't get enough customers.
  • Unprovoked Pervert Payback: Notably averted. Meidri is only driven to violence in response to actual or attempted sexual harassment. Anything below that prompts little more than scorn from her.
  • Utility Magic: All succu-joints are required to have a standard magic circle that prevents pregnancy and disease.
  • Visual Pun: When it comes time for the Reviewers to have sex with the myconids, the girls having fun with them and their "mushrooms" is visualized as the girls literally playing with, rubbing up against, and licking large mushrooms, with the shrooms even squirting out juices. Well, all except for Crim and his mushroom girl, who instead has fun playing around with her.
  • Wall Pin of Love: Dream Elza does this to Crim in Chapter 27
  • What Did I Do Last Night?: The Reviewers once attempted to go out to do their thing drunk, and immediately settled on a leprechaun joint that offered them even more booze. They woke up the next morning with the hangover of the century, no money, and a big pile of (incoherent, barely readable, definitely unusable) reviews for a good dozen different brothels.
  • World of Buxom: About 60-80% of the girls in this series have charitable assets. Even the more modest birdmaid waitress has an impressively sized rack. The minotaur women are the biggest example of this by far, though. This is possibly justified as virtually everyone is descended from at least one succubus.
  • Yuki-onna: Mentioned in a list of "unmarriageable" species, and expounded on in chapter 51. They're either devoted but obsessive or cold, cruel and controlling, and retaliate against their husbands out of jealousy. It speaks volumes when a sample of reviews secretly spell "HELP" from the poor souls writing them.


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