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In-Story Examples

  • The simple fact that the human Stunk and the elf Zel each prefer members of the opposite species as sexual partners, with the human liking the elf girls for their youthful appearance despite their advanced age, and the elf liking elderly human women because of their relatively youthful mana. The argument between them soon escalates into a idea to review each type of monster girl to find out which is the best, kicking off the main plot.
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  • The Lemony Narrator snarks about the way Crim ends up joining Stunk and Zel's 'party' by describing it as "a pure angel joining the group, who immediately gets defiled."
  • Meidri's expression after reading the review the boys wrote up about birdmaids following their weeks-long trip to visit Eldri is an amazing mixture of shock, horror, and mortification, complete with the peanut gallery making comments about it behind her. This scene is one of the few moments in both the manga and the anime where writer and co-artist Amahara's signature style of expressiveness is on full display.
  • During the second episode, the boys have fantasies about the cute and innocent looking fairies they saw at the bar while heading to review some fairy succu-girls. Their fantasies get a rude bucket of ice water when they see the Madam in charge of the fairy succu-girls, a very worn-out looking, trashy, and tattoo-covered fairy smoking a cigarette with a cigar holder. It never gets better, as the Madam informs them about the high registration fee, and grabs her ruler to measure them before they even get to request a fairy.
    • The actual dick-measuring exam is worth a mention as well, with the Madam warning Stunk that three previous patrons had premature shots while getting measured. Because Stunk has too large a penis for the normal workers he's given the choice between two comically large chubby fairies, much to his displeasure. The halfling Kanchal gets to choose anyone he wants because his unit is so small that it'll fit any of their girls no problem, which leaves him with extremely conflicted feelings. Poor Crim, however, gets the shaft when his unexpectedly big member proves to be too large for any of the fairies to handle, and the Madam forces him to sit this one out. They still charge him for a pricey membership fee though (even though he could never use the brothel's services), prompting him to feel completely ripped off. As a result he gives them the lowest score out of the entire group, being the first zero given to any brothel.
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    • Better still, the girls at the tavern (who Stunk and Zel mention earlier love to read Crim's reviews because he's adorable) are all reading Crim's review with spellbound attention, in total shock about what Crim offhandedly implies about the size of his "holy lance". And then when Crim flies by looking really embarrassed, they all stare at him. Every single girl in the tavern is staring at Crim and thinking about his shaft. Including Meidri.
  • The sequence of events surrounding the newest Demon Lord's election campaign. Her PR man approaches Stunk and begs the Interspecies Reviewers to review some hot demon girls in order to improve the public perception of Demons (and steer it away from the stereotype of demons being untrustworthy scammers), even personally recommending the Demon's Hole establishment. Alas for PR Demon Number Two, Stunk and his buddies end up entranced by a pair of top-heavy Minotaur women and follow them to their establishment, derailing the evening's events and leaving the poor Demons neglected. To use an analogy in terms of another popular review show, it'd be like if a manufacturer begged Jeremy Clarkson to review their car nicely, but the crew got distracted when Hammond brought in a fancier new ride and the first car ended up sadly neglected.
    • Stunk berating Demon Two by calling him a Piccolo wannabe was an unexpected but hilarious outburst.
    • The hurricane of cow puns from the minotaur session are so terrible and corny that they become absolutely hilarious.
    Minotaur Girl: Ah, are you looking at my mooooon?
    • The absolutely ridiculous Succubus Party political poster, listing their political aims: 1: Fuck. 2: Fuck. 3&4: N/A. 5: Fuck. Stunk and Zel admit to religiously voting for this party, and the manga elaborates that one of their election promises is to provide succubi for every man.
  • Each review in the anime is presented as some gimmicky sequence to make it visually appealing and can be rather funny, such as their scores for the fairy brothel being represented by bowling pins. Crim's utter disappointment at being scammed nets him a gutter ball.
    • The real clincher is their review of the Dairy Farm. It's just the boys writing their reviews seriously by candle light. Anywhere else, and they would be transcribing important letters, but here, they are writing down what it's like to bang a cow woman. The best part is that this is clearly them actually writing the reviews. Zel in particular sums up his review with poetic exultations about their tiddies.
  • The censorship of the lewder things starts getting really creative and outlandish by episode 3, with the scene depicting Crim drinking the gender bender potion showing a cartoon elephant shrinking and shrinking... until it turns into a very uh, detailed cartoon clam. Subtle.
  • The way Stunk's buddies mourn his "glorious end" from attempting the Lilims in Episode 4 is blackly hilarious, it's framed as though they were dead even though they were just taking three weeks to recover from exhaustion.
    • Episode 4 is the first episode aired after Funimation dropped it, and the first scene is the guys seemingly dead and mourned. This had to be planned.
      • The fact this all happens in episode 4 is just icing on the cake.
    • The simple fact that Stunk treats the Lilims like a serious "battle" and orders Zel to apply buffs to toughen themselves up before they enter the room. For extra points, the orc "raid party" that shows up afterwards "for a rematch" treat it just as seriously.
    • Near the end of the fourth episode, Stunk gets the bright idea to cook his sausage in Tiaplate's mouth during their meal at the Salamander restaurant. Zel, not wanting to be left out of the fun decides to have his sausage cooked as well, except since her top hole is full of Stunk's meat he decides to aim a bit lower with his piece. Right as he goes to insert it the scene immediately cuts to Meidri bathing topless in a lake with a nice boat in the background. After a few seconds of focusing on her shapely form the camera cuts to her bathing partner... Mitsue, who is also topless. This promptly causes the boat in the background to spontaneously go the way of the Titanic.
    • Stunk and Zel, despite some minor jealousy over Crim being sufficiently resistant to fire to actually sleep with Tiaplate (leaving them to wait outside in the heat of the volcanic region while they waited for him to enjoy his 'extra course'), proceed to tease the angel a little about still smelling of BBQ sauce, just like Tiaplate. The teasing continues low-key into the next chapter/episode, and is revisited briefly in chapter 27 of the manga, where one of Stunk's friends, having fallen in love with another salamander girl and planning to get married at the Flaspa Cathedral, cornered Crim to grill him a little about the details of the time he slept with Tiaplate.
  • The manga had an omake where Stunk and Zel reveal the results of a popularity contest - the winner was Aloe, who uses the moment to smirk and reveal that her 'capacity' was 8cm, causing Stunk to muse about the number of readers/voters that she could service while Zel shushes him hurriedly. When the second-place winner (500+ year old Elma the Elf) was revealed, Zel questioned the tastes of the pollsters (which was the readers), and complained that the results of the popularity poll were skewed due to all the readers being human.
    • When the anime adapted this bit, they changed it to where Mitsue is the one revealing the results and commenting on the girls chosen, with her doing her best to keep all the girls who came civil. While the content was mostly the same as the manga, the anime adds an additional comedy bit where Mitsue counts herself among the hall of fame despite not even getting onto the poll, with the other succu-girls cheering for her. All while this is happening, Stunk is just hanging around outside smoking, wondering what's gotten them all excited.
  • In the 10th chapter/5th episode, Kanchal and Crim nearly get derailed and led astray when a minotaur woman bounces past them, only this time Stunk and Zel stop the two from trailing after her because they were paid to go to the cyclops ladies today.
    • The trip to the cyclops brothel reveals that cyclopes heavily sexualize... of all things... the eye. The show plays the absurdity of this for all its worth. Not only do male cyclopes find girls with eyes almost as big as their head to be the sexiest thing imaginable, and not only do cyclops men apparently pay money to put eyedrops in a cyclops succu-girl's eye, but cyclops women apparently cry when they're horny and describe it as "getting wet".
    • For their actual reviews of the cyclopes, it's visualized as the Reviewers letting loose arrows at statues. Poor Kanchal is barely able to handle the bow, and ends up being launched along with his arrow.
  • Chapter 13/Episode 6 writes itself almost like a massive Hoist by His Own Petard moment for Meidri, as she mocks the Reviewers for getting gonk-like and featureless golems for their next review, only to find that they rated The Sex Marionette establishment highly, in particular at her expense as their golems were made in her likeness thanks to Kanchal's skills at crafting things - he even got her underwear right.
    • Meidri's angry reaction to discovering that the Reviewers made golem copies of her for their Review in Episode 6 of the anime is darkly amusing: She furiously pummels them while the other patrons hide outside the front door; Stunk ends up under her foot, Crim ends up draped over a counter-top after getting kicked, and poor Kanchal is uppercutted into the ceiling and is left dangling from the fan as she shrieks in frustration.
      • Meidri crushing Zel's head with her talons ironically parallels to his previous doll of her leg-locking him in her caress as he goes down on her.
    • In Volume 4, Chapter 32's omake, Crim gives the artificially-created onahole-homunculuses a proper burial after failing to sell some. The funny part? He made the grave too close to Ye Pubbe, and his boss and landlady Ivy chews him out for burying such a thing so close to her root system.
  • When Crim protests to Stunk about the idea of eating unfertilized eggs from birdmaids in the anime, there's an amusing little animation of Stunk carrying a baby birdmaid that resembles Meidri, and the baby takes offense to him, kicking at his face.
    • A couple of chefs and gourmets attend the egg-laying show while carrying amusingly giant-sized utensils.
    • The sheer number of gonkish and "unattractive" Succu-Girls that turn up during the egg review is hilarious. The reviewers go to an egg-laying show expecting a bunch of sexy monster girls (like birdmaids or some such) and are instead treated to a stream of increasingly weird and outlandish creatures as they sit through the egg brothel show. After a pair of lizard girls appear they get what they want with a birdmaid laying show... that is, a penguin girl with a stubby body and hilariously cartoonish bird-like proportions. After which things go even more downhill with a toad girl (literally a giant frog with pigtails) and a freaking sea anemone girl, which leaves the reviewers completely blue-balled. (Except for the lamia member, who's having the time of his life due to his egg fetish.) All in all, it makes for a very humorous (though unsexy) episode with the crew having an abysmal time (except the lamia guy, naturally).
  • The fantasy torture dungeon in Chapter 16/Episode 8 has a cute minotaur girl who is absolutely terrible at acting, and the one who had the bad luck to get her was Kanchal, the biggest stickler for getting the roleplay right. His reactions to her terrible acting have to be seen to be believed, especially his borderline shriek of rage in response to her second "attempt" at the "cutting open the dress" part.
    • Also, just how hilariously yet adorably out of place Crim is in this establishment. He's such a gentle and innocent soul that the girls break character repeatedly to assure him he isn't doing anything wrong, and they even outright question why the others made him come here.
    • The others then flip up Crim's robe to reveal his equipment like it's some secret weapon.
    • Pritz annoys Stunk by plugging her succubus films to him mid-performance, causing him to demand an ad-free experience. Between the failed actors going into AV and the mid-performance ads, the "real" porn experience is made amusingly 'realistic'.
    • Minotaur lady Togue ends up getting some amazingly awesome moments during the follow-up chapter for this plot in the 'Darkness' anthology, where she gets too far into character and ends up really getting inducted as a knight. Her Boss, however, ends up being mistaken for a bandit due to her rough looks and ends up getting arrested, much to her chagrin.
    • When the Interspecies Reviewers went to the Succubus Tower, Stunk casually does an Overcomplicated Menu Order, but instead of the usual trope being used for food, he's asking for sex, or to be more precise, asking for a very specific type of girl with very detailed traits such as pitch-black hair, tits the size of watermelons, and even a "No pubes today.", with the same casual attitude one does ordering a customized sandwich at a restaurant. Crim initially thinks that Stunk is crazy for asking for such a specific girl, only to find that due to the succubi's ability to change into the traits requested by customers, there were at least 3 succubi with the exact traits Stunk requested already asking him to pick them out. Then three customers arrive, complete with their own Overcomplicated Menu Order in the exact same casual attitude as Stunk.
    • While Crim is taking in how the succubi system works, the other reviewers are already surrounded by their succubi of choice. The next thing that happens to Crim is that, all of a sudden, an entire horde of horny succubi surround Crim before he has any moment to comprehend what's going on, and in a quick decision, Crim picks a lucky succubus, which causes all the other girls to groan losing a chance to sleep with him.
    • The succubus playing with "Crim mayo" is played for utter comedy in the censored version as instead of usual sex sounds, the succubus' dialogue has her Saying Sound Effects Out Loud.
    • Following the whole experience with the succubi, by the time they leave they're just wandering on like zombies, with succu-girls they reviewed previously realizing with just a look that they aren't getting anything from them for a while.
    • When we get back to Ye Pubbe, Meidri is working hard when she accidentally bumps her chest into Crim's face. She tries to apologize, but Crim responds, exhibiting a state of pure exhaustion thanks to the visit to the succubi, that it's fine, before laughing jauntily, the whole ordeal weirding Meidri out.
  • The dark comedy in episode 9 is pretty good - the zombie receptionist at the Count's harem slacks off for decades by literally going braindead and unplugging her brain; she quickly plugs it back in when the boss shows up with a few friends in tow.
    • Somebody in the translation team was having fun translating the slime witch's magic incantations.
    Slime Witch: Slime be nimble, slime be quick, slime caress this cutie's dick!
    Slime Witch: Coitus Commencio!
    • While Crim recounts his review to Stunk and Zel, and the boys congratulate him for going out on his own to do said review, Meidri and a couple of demon girls can be seen watching them. The demon girls are having a good laugh at Crim's expense, but Meidri's expression is a mixture of disappointment and resignation.
  • Episode 10:
    • Stunk's mental struggle to decide between a 9 or a 10 out of 10 is won when he tries his Demia clone's cooking - the 10 kicks aside the 9 as soon as he tastes breakfast.
    • When Demia finally puts a sample of Crim's sperm under the microscope, the censored version slaps 18+ censor patches over each individual spermtoza in the microscope slide magnification. Passione is clearly taking the piss out of overly-restrictive censorship laws here. In the AT-X broadcast, it can be seen that Crim's angelic spermtoza each have their own tiny little halos.
    • After the reviewers finish their reviews, everyone around the world gets interested in the reviews. One review in particular makes it to an army camp, and the soldiers get clearly interested. When a soldier points out that's against military codes, the commander hits him and orders the ENTIRE ARMY to go to the Magic City brothel, and every other soldier agrees.
    • The fact that the Magic City kinda looks like it was designed with a certain Magic Kingdom in mind.
  • Chapter 25, which chronologically takes place after episode 10, has Horizon Queen the centaur underestimate Kanchal when she picks him for her first time going into estrus. His review indicates that by this timeframe he's gotten used to being smaller than his female partners, and the bonus page shows that he left her weak-kneed from his ministrations.
  • Episode 11:
    • The entirety of the alcohaun review is an utter riot. Since Stunk, Zel, and Kanchal are drunk during it, they were incapable of making proper reviews, writing down a bunch of delirious nonsense, with the actual ratings not even being normal number ratings, such as Kanchal giving a lemon out of ten. Even Crim's review was slightly amusing, since the fact he couldn't get drunk frustrated the sober receptionist trying to bleed him dry of his money.
    • Following losing all their money in that last review, the trio take on numerous quests to earn it all back, with them managing to unknowingly stop a major threat to the entire world in the process, all of which is treated as a complete footnote to both the story and their endeavors in solving their money problem.
  • Episode 12:
    • During the new year's celebration in chapter 27/episode 12, Crim is completely baffled by their celebratory practices, like the moment of prayer. Zel is miffed and questions why an angel would be ignorant of the prayer portion of their practice, and Crim can only shrug and call it part of their "surface culture", saying that if God paid attention to that then he might have returned to the heavens long ago. Zel angrily asks him not to accidentally break their culture of faith and quiet down and everyone in earshot can only sweat awkwardly. Nevertheless, he ends up accidentally killing the mood of the New Year's prayer.
    • Kanchal accidentally raises Meidri's ire when he brings up The Sex Marionette as his favourite establishment; she gives him a terrifying smile, brandishes a knife, and warns him that she will kill him if he dares make another golem copy of her (the anime frames it by having her cut through his dream bubble with her knife, ending his fantasizing immediately). The anime goes on to foreshadow an event that is shown much later in volume 4, as he also mentions making golems in the likeness of legendary heroes; in volume 4 he has to hide from an angry Chosen Heroine since (as far as he can tell) she found out that he made a sex golem copy of her, and a fair portion of Ye Pubbe also suspect she's there to kill them for all the use they've made of the golem.
    • By the end of the episode, the regular reader lizard has evolved into a wizard as a result of being a virgin for 30 years, referencing an Internet meme about virgins "becoming wizards".
  • In the end bonus pages of volume 3, it's shown that Crim's natural resistances prevent the sleep magic used by the dream-eater store from working on him, and he's also too aroused to fall asleep normally. So his partner uses a sleeper hold on him instead.
  • The bonus page at the end of Chapter 29 showed that an ogre man who just married a fairy was so shocked that he was able to consumnate his marriage with her, that he had to see if other fairies were able to do it with him too (Of course, the wedding miracle only applied to his wife, so that ended unsuccessfully for him). His fairy wife seemed more amused than offended when he related it to her in bed.
  • The guys visiting The Furry-Light District to check out various beast-folk that place all over the Sliding Scale of Anthropomorphism is worth a few chuckles, especially Stunk's interactions with the beast-girls that are pretty much just humanoid animals, but the truly hilarious bit comes at the end. With the fact the further in you go the more animal-like the girls are, the guys get curious just how far that goes. Ignoring the warning given by the earlier humanoid animal girls, when they reach the end of the road, they find it offers sex with regular, non-anthropomorphic farm animals. Before the receptionist could manage to recommend anything, the guys hightailed it out of there as soon as they processed what was going on, with them out of breath and sweating heavily when they get back to the humanoid animal girls. When it comes to their actual reviews, 3 out of 4 of them go out of their way to warn any potential customers that it's best to avoid the innermost part of the place.
  • During the succubus film auction in chapter 31, when Stunk brings up a video of a 500-year-old elf, the non-human members of the crowd assume he brought it and throw things at him. He ends up outbidding some beastmen, who mutter things about how only humans would pay so much for a succubus film featuring such old elves.
  • Kanchal monkeys around with a butt-shaped onahole at the end of chapter 32, leading to Crim frantically asking him not to stick on the wall in Ye Pubbe lest Meidri lay into them for their shenanigans again.
  • The way the guys go about completing an undesirable quest in order to have sex with the waitresses at The Dropped Quest Tavern in chapter 33 is both impressive and amusing: They take on Trichromatasms, monsters that can turn themselves into slime with fire, ice, and lightning elements to kill its prey, with them only being killable while in the middle of doing so. They decide to have Crim act as bait, since he's basically immune to whatever they can do, with the adventurers of the group slashing at them until they're dead, resulting in Crim repeatedly coming back covered in slime, with bits of ice and fire stuck to him, having a look of utter contempt and disappointment, likely directed at the rest of the group.
    • In the aftermath of the reviews being posted, a group of less-powerful adventurers express jealousy and despair at their inability to complete the challenging quests required to win a chance at one of the waitresses themselves.
  • The mimic receptionist pasting labels on the containers 'occupied' by clients to indicate them being busy at the moment in chapter 35 is a rather clever and amusing way of giving the happy couple inside some privacy.
  • Chapter 36 leads with Demia having developed fire resistance rings as a result of studying Crim's sperm sample. It immediately shows Deathabyss backstage with her, the giantess-sized demon girl helping Demia to file and shape tiny little rings that are sized for people much smaller than she is.
    • The salamander Demia is using flat-out asks plaintively why she's cooking nothing but sausages with her once she ends up holding on to an amusingly large number of sausages, only to have a sausage stuffed into her mouth, followed by a few more that make her squeal. Tiaplate notices Crim's reaction and teasingly asks if he's reaching his limit and wants to move on to the after-meal service quickly.
    • Deathabyss reacts with some distaste when she finds out that the delicious, mana-charged sausage Demia asked her to try was cooked with Tiaplate's lower orifices.
  • Chapter 38 reveals that Zel has been a regular at Ye Pubbe for over 30 years, and that even the waitress Wavy from back then would smack him for acting inappropriately, especially when young Ivy was in earshot. Meidri waking him up from his flashback dream even gets him thinking of Wavy for a brief moment as he wakes up, with him asking Wavy in the dream why she's hitting him so much because Meidri was tapping him with her tray in the waking world to remind him that she's closing shop for the day.
  • Chapter 39 has the boys visit the Arachne's Nest, where they enhance the experience by having patrons run through a webbed-up 'dungeon' while the girls get to sneak up on them and ambush them, carrying them off to get laid in another room. Poor Crim is not only caught because his wing tripped a webline, he ends up being tied up and 'used' by his arachne without getting a more intimate experience. Stunk gets bored of 'dungeon' crawling and lets himself get caught, while Zel uses a spell he picked up from Demia to turn the tables and counter-ambush his arachne, riding her back to their room instead. Kanchal? The poor halfling gets so into the dungeon run that he forgets about the sex, picking up their prize money and leaving the building without ever getting caught. His review ends up being a critique of the arachne's dungeon, and he ends up spending his share of money on a session with the minotaurs.
  • Chapter 40 is a non-stop dunking on poor Stunk:
    • One of the Elf succu-girls he frequents points out the paunch he's begun to develop due to eating too well in the past few weeks without any proper exercise.
    • The Succubus District gym Brooz recommended gets his libido up, but he ends up put off by all the broad walls of muscle he finds at the place, making an amusing cringe as he sees a pair of hulking gym bunnies fawn over Brooz and then act sweet to Zel and Kanchal.
    • The cute birdmaids he finds at the gym are exercising in a way that he cannot due to training their wingpower, and they laughingly tell him that a lot of random horny men wander into the gym; while they do give him a calling card for a birdmaid brothel they usually work at, they end up upsetting Stunk enough with their teasing that he vows to find them at their usual joint and 'make them squeal with his meat sword' as payback.
  • Chapter 42 is a Lower-Deck Episode focusing on Crim, Samtahn, Nalgami and Lulu. What entails is an absolute riot, as the quartet are absolutely clueless when it comes to choosing where to go without Stunk's direction. In their efforts to find where to go, two of the reviewers wind up running into succu-girls that terrify them, with the end result being Nalgami chased by a Cat Girl and Lulu chased by an arachne. Even when they finally decide on a shop, it turns out to be incredibly underwhelming, and even results in Samtahn being knocked out cold from the holy element of the girls. Crim tries to make sure Samtahn is okay, but their respective light and dark elements drain each other due to Crim holding onto Samtahn. Following the whole ordeal, the group decide it's best to leave decisions about succu-girl brothels to Stunk and Zel.
  • In Chapter 43, Crim wants to pay a visit to Deathabyss to ask her if she knows how to repair halos. As her castle is located inside a region rich in Dark-elemental energy, Crim manages to get a fancy-looking jacket that has an inner lining that emits Light-elemental power with a visible glow. His mortified reaction when Stunk and Zel point out that the jacket is a variant of a type used by strippers to highlight their otherwise-nude bodies is a stark flip-flop from his previously good mood.
  • In Chapter 44, a group of angels gets to try some food, as a result of an offering by some Church officials. Craell make a most amusing reaction when their first-ever taste of mortal food turns out to be a rather sour lemon from the fruit bowl.
  • Chapter 45:
    • Kanchal, long-established to be on the Sadist side of the BDSM divide, complains bitterly about being forced to be the sub after he loses all his chips to the halfling croupier.
    • Crim is put off by the excessively-horny staff members at the Succubus Casino and ends up approaching one of more 'normal' beast girls for a simple dice game after the lilith makes one horny remark too many.
    • The bonus omake shows that part of the punishments Stunk and Zel had to face when they lost their chips was to be forced to crossdress by their girls.
  • Chapter 47: After helping to stand in as the manager for a protogynous mermaid succu-girl joint for a few days, Stunk and Zel refuse to think too hard about the philosophical details of having sex with people that can change genders according to their strength and dominance, especially since Zel slept with the original manager while she was still recovering from some injuries.
  • Chapter 48:
    • Crim, despite being somewhat put off that mantis women eat the heads of their mates, somehow manages to find an upside to his prepared disguise - as his mantis woman eats his decoy head, his real eyes are exactly at the right height to enjoy the view of her unrestrained bosom.
    • After posting their reviews, the Reviewers find a pair of male dullahans expressing interest in trying out mantis women themselves (since they can just hide their real heads and put the decoy head directly on their neck stumps).

Meta Examples

  • The sheer fact that the Opening sounds like YMCA, given how YMCA is viewed by many as a song about picking up guys at the said establishment and this anime being practically the opposite. Mashups ensued.
  • A fan event saw the staff handing out replicas of Aloe's ruler to the fans. What makes this amusing is that they put marks on the 30-centimeter ruler indicating "Halfling" (Kanchal), "Elf" (Zel), and "Human" (for Stunk) along the ruler markings, roughly indicating the length of their manly part. Crim's marker is represented by his shocked face at the far end, complete with a little red caption stating "IMMEASURABLE", implying that the angel's Holy Lance is more than 30cm long.
  • A Reviewers-themed cafe had dishes made in theme with the cast. Crim, of course, gets a Magnum Sausage platter, with a broken onion ring representing his chipped halo and garnishings representing his wings. Yeah, all the Crim merchandise draws attention to his male parts.
  • Another piece of official merchandise for the series is a clear plastic file with Tiaplate the salamander on it. Closing the flap of the file will have you push a sausage into her open mouth, giving you a taste of her service in an amusingly creative fashion.
  • Someone in the Tokyo MX TV channel decided to bring back the NICE BOAT meme when the channel execs took the Reviewers off the air - the vacated timeslot was filled in with a boating program. Anime fans promptly cracked jokes about it.
  • In response to Funimation's cancelation of the anime, Youtuber Nux Taku encouraged his followers to go onto MyAnimeList and give the anime a 10/10 score. Ishuzoku Reviewers reached #2 (with a score of 9.16) on the top anime list in record time. It eventually reached #1 (with a score of 9.28) exceeding Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It became less amusing when people noticed that other shows were also being given low scores to help propel Reviewers up the ranks, and backlash ensued as fans of other shows began slapping Reviewers with low scores themselves to offset this. The whole debacle ended with MAL expediting anti-vote-brigading mechanisms to erase the effects of this (and any previous) vote brigade, resetting Reviewers to its current score and preventing the repetition of such an event.

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