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Recap / Interspecies Reviewers

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Anime Episodes (manga chapters they are based on in parenthesis)

  1. A Hot 'n Heavy Debate About Elf and Human MILFS, An Angel Ascends at Meow Meow Paradise, Can't Get Enough of That Sensitive Birdmaid Cloaca! (chapters 1, 3, and 2)
  2. Fairies Have Limits on What They Can Take, Demons Aren't Very Popular, Minotaur Girls Are Big, Bountiful, and Boobylicious! (chapters 4 and 5)
  3. Gender-Swap Sex Means Less Succu-Girl Choices, and It Kinda Hurts, But You Learn Just What Girls Feel, So You Should Give It a Try! (chapters 6 and 7)
  4. Savage Succubi Will Squeeze the Life Out of You, Even If You Say You Can't Go On, Salamander Girls Have Such Hot Bods, Hearts, Sals, and Manders, that You Can't Help But Get Fired Up About 'Em! (chapters 9 and 8)
  5. I Wanna Drown in a Cyclops Girl's Pretty Eye, But It's Pretty Hard? Speaking of Hard, Let the Pros Pick Out the Perfect Mushroom Girl for a Slimy, Sticky Good Time! (chapters 10 and 12)
  6. You Can Build the Perfect Golem Girl, But Don't Let the Girl You Base Her Off of Find Out. Cum to the Land of Dreams on the Light of the Will o' the Wisps! (chapters 13 and 11)
  7. The Gang Gets Laid at the Egg-stravagant Egg-Laying Show, Miss Meidri's Deep, Dark Secret Uncovered, The Succu-Girl Popularity Ranking is Unveiled! (chapters 14 and 15, manga poll results from volume 2)
  8. Succu-girl Roleplay Will Get You Going All Night, The Angel's Holy Lance is Great at Lancing Holes, The Succubus Tower Lasts Forever, But You (And Your Mayo) Won't! (chapters 16 and 17)
  9. A Deep, Dark Something Lies Between the Living and the Dead, The Darling Angel's Lotion Explosion, and the Uncouth, Unsanctioned Reviewer Rivals Are In Their Scene! (chapters 18 and 19)
  10. Let You Eyes Behold the Glory and Mystery of the Brothel with a Perfect Score! Take a Newly Wed or a Horny Tutor or a Little Piggie as Your Lover! They'll Squeeze, Squeeze Outta Ya! Infinite Pleasure Over a Satisfying Three-Day Excursion! True Happiness Awaits! (chapters 20 and 21)
  11. The Frighteningly Faultless Philanthropist Sexually Satisfies Several Succubi, Drunken Fools and Their Money Are, Of Course, Soon Departed, and Mitsue's Room Comes to a Close! (chapters 23 and 25)
  12. Farewell, beloved fans of our beloved Reviewers... Worry not; as long as succu-girls keeps working hard, so too will our Reviewers. When you think of our heroes, remember this: when you help other (get their fuck on), you're only helping yourself (get your fuck on)... (chapters 26 and 27)