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"I'm going to Greece for the sex! Sex for breakfast! Sex for dinner! Sex for tea! And sex for supper!"
Shirley, Shirley Valentine

Sex Tourism is when someone visits another area - typically another country - to get laid, generally with the locals. Squicky examples include men who go to various Asian countries for sex with children, or try to pick up kids over the Internet and fly out to where they are to take them to a motel. Less squicky/not-squicky examples (based on your perspective; in media, these are usually Played for Laughs) tend to involve things like American men going to Europe (because Europeans Are Kinky) or European men going to America (because supposedly American women can't resist their accents) to pick up women in bars and such, or women going to the beach in Mediterranean countries like Greece, Spain, Italy, or the South of France, or to the Caribbean, where the men are supposedly hunky and romantic and happy to have sex with tourist women from colder climates.


In some cases, the sex is arranged as part of the package, e.g. as pre-arranged prostitution, or you just go somewhere and you hook up with someone as an ordinary pick up. In the movie 48 Hrs. (which does not have sex tourism), Nick Nolte refers to the process of someone going out to hook up with someone to have sex as a "trim hunt".

In the United States, the PROTECT act allows US citizens who engage in "illicit sexual conduct" outside the country to be fined and/or imprisoned.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Beck, Saitou's Thailand trip seems to be one of this judging from the photographs he brings back. This is lampshaded by Koyuki, who (apparently obliviously) wonders why middle-aged men like going to Southeast Asia so much.

  • The European railways organisation who sell youth-aimed "Inter-Rail" international European rail passes got into trouble with a magazine advert showing yellow condoms on a blue background as a parody of The European Union flag, suggesting a little too overtly that holders might engage in this trope.

    Comic Book 

  • How Stella Got Her Groove Back is the quintessential example of female sex tourism. A woman visits another country and hooks up with a hunky young man. The movie is based on a book which is again based on the Real Life experience of the author. The relationship in real life didn't work out, since said young man was secretly gay and angling for a Citizenship Marriage to escape the incredible homophobia of Jamaica; he came out once he got his citizenship and he and the author had a nasty divorce.
  • Brokeback Mountain has a scene with one of the cowboys going to Mexico to anonymously hook up with a local man, presumably to release the stress of having to live in a heterosexual marriage and limit his contact with the other sheep herder to only once a year.
  • This is the initial plot in the first Hostel. At least before things get bad. Fast.
  • In Dogma, a member of the Board of Directors for the Mooby Corporation is killed by Loki (the Angel of Death) because he flew to Thailand to have sex with an Eleven! Year! Old! Boy!
  • Pretty much the entire plot of EuroTrip.
    • Scott actually goes to Berlin to profess his love for a girl he never actually met. His best friend, though, goes specifically for this reason.
  • Heading South with Charlotte Rampling is about middle-aged Western women who go to the Caribbean for sexual encounters with local men.
  • Holly is about an American expatriate in Cambodia who tries to rescue a 12-year-old Vietnamese girl from the world of child prostitution.
  • In Love Actually, Colin goes to America because he figures American girls will go crazy over his cute British accent. It works.
  • In Stealing Beauty, Lucy goes to Italy and has sex for the first time. Oh, and looks for her father.
  • In The Prince & Me, Prince Edvard makes his college choice based solely on seeing it featured in a Girls Gone Wild video.
  • Sex Drive is about a young man who steals his brother's car and drives halfway across the country so that he can lose his virginity to a girl he met online.
  • This is what most of the holidaymakers (except the monks) are hoping the package tour in Carry On Abroad will turn out to be.

  • The novel Exit to Eden is about a BDSM sex-fantasy island.
  • The backdrop of Peter Straub's novel Koko is the sex-tourism fueled underbelly of Bangkok.
  • Michel Houellebecq's novel Platforme deals extensively with sex-tourism.
  • Time Scout features Sex Tourism to the past. Some people go downtime to have sex with downtimer whores. This is viewed very negatively and explicitly referred to as rape. They're called "zipper jockeys".
  • Batman: The Ultimate Evil by Andrew Vachss. Batman takes on an international child pornography/prostitution ring, which includes an expy of Thailand whose major source of foreign currency is child sex tourism.
  • In the Science Fiction story And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side by James Tiptree, Jr, aliens are exploiting Earth for its resources while the more perverse among them engage in Boldly Coming with the locals.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit:
    • In one episode, Munch goes undercover to bust a travel agent who secretly runs a sex-tourism business for male pedophiles. "We have an arrangement with a local orphanage" in a Third-World country.
    • In another a pedophile ring is exposed and one of its members has recently returned from a tour. The Postal Inspectors intercept an incriminating video tape.
    • In another DA Barba pursues a sex tourism case against a pedophile director who traveled to Canada to hav sex with a young but legal in Canada girl.
  • The Office (US): Jim asks for vacation advice from the other employees. Kevin suggests Hedonism in Jamaica: "It's like Club Med, but everything is naked."
  • On The Wire, McNulty (Dominic West) pretends to be an Englishman in Baltimore in order to infiltrate a sex slavery ring.
  • My Name Is Earl had an episode where a former Foreign Exchange Student named Pierre wanted to stay in America to get girls, it works for him.
  • Some of the characters on M*A*S*H have, jokingly, remarked their main reason for joining the Army and being in Korea is for the (female) nurses (with sex implied).
  • Implied in one of the Men On... sketches from In Living Color!. The two (very camp) hosts talk about their trip to Europe, upon which they decided to leave Sweden, with its blond, buxom women ("Hated it!") and go back to Greece, where they "bent over backward" for the pair.
  • Risa in Star Trek is a Planet of Hats where this is the hat. Mostly portrayed positively, but some fans see unfortunate implications.
  • LoMo in Farscape is a "Pleasure Planet" chiefly devoted to sex tourism, with some extremely nasty organised crime. It may have been intended as a Deconstruction of the Star Trek example above.
  • This is Inverted with Inara on Firefly: she rents a short-range shuttle from Mal, and has to stay with his ship, which takes her all over the star system. She meets up with clients based on where Serenity plans to go next, rather than the other way around. Many of the clients try to convince her to stay longer with them, despite her having made it clear beforehand exactly how long she is going to be there for, but when Serenity goes, Inara goes with it.
  • Implied on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (of all places) in "Clubba Hubba" when Carlton wakes up the family butler, Geoffrey, his reaction is "Get your own Geisha!"

  • Steely Dan's "Haitian Divorce" (off The Royal Scam) seems to indicate something like this—the woman flew down to Haiti, maybe to file divorce papers (a common practice before American divorce laws were liberalized, particularly for New Yorkersnote ) or maybe just to get away from her marriage for a while, and appears to have found a hot Haitian lover.
  • K.T. Oslin's "Mexico Road" has a woman and her girlfriends going this type of trip.
  • Ninja Sex Party's "Road Trip" is all about Danny going on a cross country road trip to have sex with women all over America, this later escalates to him traveling around the world for sex and finally flying a rocket into space so he can find "hot alien sluts."

  • In Shirley Valentine, Shirley isn't actually going to Greece for the sex — it's just an impulsive attempt to recapture some joy in life — but her daughter assumes that's her motive, especially after she admits she hasn't told her husband yet. (She ends up getting some sex while she's there anyway.)

    Western Animation 
  • Bonnie of Family Guy while away from her paraplegic husband, goes to France to sex it up with... a paraplegic French man.
    • In one episode Quagmire goes on a "Cross Country Tour" to California, having a lot of sex on the way.
    Quagmire: Nope!
    • Seen in "Fighting Irish" where during the QuagFest "Love Around the World" parade of Quagmire's conquests, Peter and the family observe the various women from different countries, including Thailand:
    Peter: Wow. Wow, they're young. We better go.
  • One Robot Chicken "Bloopers" episode had the host explain how he has to supplement clips from his own troubled life due to the company's CEO blowing the show's budget on vacations to have sex with Thai schoolboys.
  • In episode 140 of South Park, the Super Adventure Club is revealed to be an organization which travels to the most exotic places in the world so they can be the first explorers to have sex with the native children.


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