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An index of tropes relating to puberty, the time in a human being's life in which they are biologically no longer a child and their body starts to mature into that of an adult capable of sexual reproduction.

Most commonly beginning in girls around the age of 10 and boys around 11, puberty is a rollercoaster of changes, emotions, and hormones.note 

Although commonplace to begin as early as third grade, it really starts to become prominent starting with the beginning of middle school at age 11, at which point one begins learning about the specifics of sex, extending beyond the average puberty and reproduction-related information previously learned in elementary school.

For the stereotypical psychological and cultural changes associated with puberty, see Teenage Tropes. May vaguely overlap with Youngsters. See also this Useful Notes page on puberty, for a basic understanding on the subject, including an examination of common myths about it that arise from fiction.