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Ah, puberty. The time in one's life in which a human being is biologically no longer considered a child and the body starts to mature into that of an adult capable of reproduction.

Typically beginning in girls between ages 9 and 13 (usually around age 11) and boys between ages 10 and 15 (usually age 12), puberty can be an emotional rollercoaster for a lot of kids, with feelings ranging from excitement, disappointment, confusion, to downright frustration. Although commonplace to begin as early as third grade, it really starts to become a major issue starting with the onset of middle school, at which point one is given a rite of passage to adolescence and starts to experience hormonal emotions.


For the stereotypical psychological and cultural changes associated with puberty, see Aging Tropes and Teenage Tropes. May vaguely overlap with Youngsters.


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