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Headscratchers for RWBY.

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     Salem's use of the Grimm 
  • How did Ozma even know she had anything to do with random Grimm attacks? It's shown that those were already happening before they even got back together. Also, if Salem's goal involves dividing humanity, where exactly do the Grimm come into that?
    • He had hundreds or even thousands of years to observe the Grimm and her behavior. He likely just figured it out over his numerous lifetimes.
    • Maybe there's more to their story? He didn't tell her about Maidens and locks on screen, for starters, but she even knows correct pair matches.

     Stealth polarity 
  • So how has nobody other than Mercury noticed an external force moving their weapons around?
    • Mercury was actively looking for how Pyrrha was able to beat her opponents, and he's an extremely skilled fighter, likely more skilled than anyone else who had fought Pyrrha.
    • Mercury's weapons are literally his limbs. It's much easier to notice something moving your legs directly than something moving a sword 3 feet long.

     Maiden secrecy 
  • How is Ironwood the only one in Ozpin's organization that knows about the Winter Maiden's condition? And how was Leo the only one who knew Spring had gone rouge even before he turned traitor? Why keep those so secret but not what happened to Amber?
    • The communications blackout following Ozpin's death meant that any new updates or information wouldn't be disseminated. Qrow was the only one present in that meeting outside of the Atlas contingent, and he did know that the Winter Maiden was elderly. As for the Spring Maiden, that was Lionheart's responsibility, and he was keeping track of her. The others didn't need to know about her. Compartmentalization is essential in this kind of organization.

     Blake's books 
  • So did she go back to the White Fang's camp to take them with her when she ditched Adam, or what?
    • There's no indication she has a large number of books in the camp. Anything she left behind she could just buy more of when she got somewhere more stable.

     Welding Gambol Shroud back together 
  • Kintsugi is a pretty way of repairing broken objects, and I understand the narrative and artistic reason for Gambol Shroud being repaired in this manner, but, realistially speaking, wouldn't welding the broken pieces of the blade back together like that leave it with a structual weakness along the seam, and thus likely to break again in the exact same spot, because it can't flex properly to absorb shock?
    • We don't really know the exact method used to repair the blade. It looks like kinitsugi, but this is Remnant technology, and this is also Atlas tech. For all we know their version of it makes the blade even stronger, or they just reforged the blade but left a gold strip along the point that it was broken at Blake's request.

    Robyn at the dinner 
  • Exactly how did Jacques invite someone who's apparently a fugitive from the law now, why did he get away with it, and why did she agree to it?
    • Robyn isn't a fugitive, because no one could pin the thefts directly on her.

     Who was in the office and why? 
  • I can accept Cinder breaking in and stealing the lamp offscreen, but I also assumed that bag was the one Watts had earlier. So if they both broke in separately, why was Watts in there? And how had he missed learning about the Amnity project? And what was the point of the seer even being there?
    • Ironwood brought Watts' bag in with him after besting the doctor. He was likely going to search it before Cinder's Calling Card distracted him.
    • Cinder didn't steal the lamp. Neo took it off of Oscar. Ironwood took the bag after he defeated Watts, as Watts was shown dropping it in Chapter 11. Watts didn't know anything about the Amity project because it was being kept entirely secret and he didn't have access to the Atlas security network like he did with Mantle's. The Seer was being used to relay communications between Watts and Salem, and Ironwood just happened to unintentionally carry it into the office with him.

     Needing security codes 
  • Was there a particular reason Watts couldn't just hack Mantle's heating grid like he does everything else? He could hack Amnity, which, given the circumstances, would have to have been as secure as Ironwood's team could make it, so why is that any different?
    • It's explicitly stated in the show that the heating grid was controlled by high-level security that could only be accessed by Council members or the head of SDC. Unlike the law enforcement and traffic systems in Mantle, these were a separate network that Watts hadn't set up and written the code for, so he didn't have backdoors or exploits that he could use.
    • As for why this particular system had better security, presumably it's just newer. Remember the only reason most of Mantle still responded to Watts' old codes was because no one was spending money to upgrade the Mantle systems.
    • Also, as mentioned before in *The World of Remnant: Atlas*, the cold can kill in hours up there. Thousands of lives are dependent on the heating grid working, so it would be given higher priority in terms of security and functionality compared to something like the traffic systems.

     The Stinger in volume 2 
  • Was that a dream, or was it real? In the latter case, why was it never mentioned again, and what exactly happened?
    • Word of God is that it is not canon. It was something that Monty apparently really wanted thrown in, even if it made no sense.

     Dance, Dance Infiltration 
  • How did Ironwood know there'd been a breakin at the tower?
    • He didn't until he arrived at the tower itself and saw his men had been knocked out.
    • Why was he even outside then?
    • There's countless reasons why people would leave a party early or unexpectedly. Pick one.
    • Let's face it, it's Ironwood. Leaving a party early to patrol a honking piece of high end technology isn't exactly out of character for him.
     Mountain Glenn 
  • How did the White Fang clear out the Grimm from the cave they were based in?
    • With guns, numbers, and probably Adam. Also, the large number of Grimm in Mountain Glenn were there after the White Fang moved in. There were probably only a small number of Grimm down there in the tunnels when they first arrived.

     Adam and Cinder 
  • Why exactly didn't Adam of all people try to just kill her when she first approached him? And why is he so willing to work with Hazel after that?
    • She approached him in a very respectful and affable manner. Note that when they first appeared, Cinder and her crew were kneeling before him and she spoke to him in a very calm, respectful way, appealing to his pride and strength... and even then he outright refused her and threatened to kill her. She had clearly only barely managed to appeal to him just enough to prevent him from attacking her outright. Afterwards, Adam had thrown his lot in with Salem entirely, so he has to work with Hazel.
    • On a related note, how exactly did he go from being willing to let Blake go in the scene where Cinder tries again to "I will make it my mission to destroy everything you love," and "The Beladonna name has brought me nothing but grief."?
    • He was probably keeping himself from lashing out in front of his men. He was undoubtedly seething at that moment, but he had enough rationality to keep his mask on (figuratively and literally) so that his men couldn't see it.

     The prosthetic arm 
  • Why exactly did Ironwood commission it? What exactly did Yang do?
    • She lost her arm fighting to defend Vale.
    • Ironwood was also feeling guilty because his army got hacked, and was worried about how Ozpin and his people would react. Giving Qrow's niece a new arm would make a few important people happy while costing Ironwood basically nothing.

     What did Winter know in volume three? 
  • It was mentioned in volume seven that Ironwood brought her up to date after the fall of Beacon. So what exactly was her "business" with Ozpin, especially considering that she didn't seem to actually do anything?
    • She had no business with Ozpin. She was overseeing the delivery of Paladins to the Atlas troops guarding the Vytal Festival.
    • How and why did she know about them having reason to assume Qrow had been compromised then?
    • She's presumably high up enough in Ironwood's confidence to be told some details, but not all of them, considering that she was dismissed when they began talking directly about Salem's operations.

     Next in line 
  • How exactly was Pyrrha “next in line” to be the Fall Maiden? She wouldn’t have been in Amber’s thoughts given the circumstances.
    • Who was in Amber's thoughts was entirely irrelevant. They were going to transfer her powers directly using the Aura transfer machine. They explicitly stated this in the show.

     Questionable business practices 
  • How, at least at the start of the series, does Weiss even know about how her father does business, considering how controlling he is and how isolated her upbringing was implied to be?
    • There's no indication that Weiss wasn't aware of the company's activities. Whitley's commentary in both Volumes 4 and 7 show that the children were involved in the company. Remember also that Weiss is repeatedly described as the "heiress" to the company, and an heiress needs to know how the company runs.
    • Also, how does she know Nicolas was any different?
    • People told her that he was different. The man had a sterling reputation and a lot of it was clear public record.
     Emerald still in the audience 
  • How was Ruby the only one who considered that suspicious under the circumstances?
    • Nobody else cared or suspected an illusion. Ruby only figured something was wrong after talking to Velvet.

     Recalling the troops 
  • How was Ironwood able to issue that order with the CCT down?
    • The many myriad ways commanders sent messages before radio was invented.

     Watts' hacking 
  • If the main reason he was able to hack Mantle so easily is it was never updated since he worked on Atlas' security, then why was it as easy as it was to develop the Black Queen virus and hack Amnity? And why is the heating grid the only exception to that?
    • The Black Queen virus was uploaded from an administrator terminal and thus bypassed most protections. A common axiom in computer security is "physical access is total access." The Amity Arena was also likely infected directly from a physical access point. The heating grid is considered essential for survival and so was upgraded with more modern security.

    The chess piece and the bag 
  • If Watts' bag containing the Seer Grimm reacted to RWBY and Ironwood's argument kickstarted by Cinder's chess piece, how would Watts know that that would happen? Did he somehow know that Cinder would be in Atlas?
    • Watts didn't plan any of what happened in Ironwood's office.

    Jacques' Noose 
  • In "Pomp And Circumstance", Jacques smugly thanks Ironwood for "personally handing [Jacques] the noose to hang [Ironwood]". Exactly what leverage did Jacques have at that moment over James, especially considering he and Watts didn't make use of it for their plan to get Jacques elected?

     Weiss' character short 
  • Where were they? Where would they have met that Jacques would have let Weiss go, and what was Winter doing at the mansion if that's where they were given that she'd effectively cut ties with him?
    • Weiss was allowed to go where she wanted. It wasn't until Volume 4 that he was confining her to the mansion grounds.
      • Nonetheless I find it difficult to imagine him letting her have contact with Winter.
      • We don't really see any evidence of him limiting her contact with Winter in the show. In fact, when Weiss contacts the SDC rep in Volume 2, Winter is on-site in the SDC building and the rep offers to connect them. His possessiveness in Volume 4 is a new development, especially since he outright says that he thinks he's been letting Weiss act too freely and her surprise that he's confining her to the mansion. The evidence indicates the he was not limiting her contact with Winter prior to Volume 4.


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