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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages. Proceed at your own risk.

"Nothing bad. Ever. Happened. Evveeeeerrrr."
Nora Valkyrie, "Episode 6 - The Vacuum"

Perhaps RWBY Chibi's biggest asset (other than its humor) it's the fact that it's a show full of adorable and heartwarming moments, and seeing all the characters together and happy is this entire page after RWBY Volume 3's Darker and Edgier turn.


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    In General 
  • The design of the characters is incredibly adorable. Certain characters look even cuter as chibis, like Zwei, Pyrrha or Velvet.
    • Also, some of the transition animations for the characters are quite adorable, like Nora giving the screen a big hug or Velvet jumping gleefully like a little bunny.
  • The general ambiance of the show is very nice and funny, especially in comparison to the darker and more depressing tones of the main show. Even when there are villains, for the most part there's no big threat or danger and the villains are cartoonishly corny.
  • Since the show is non-canon, this allows deceased fan-favorites Pyrrha, Roman, and Penny to return (although Penny got better). This definitely made their respective fanbases happy.
  • The lyrics of the ending theme we hear during the credits of Episodes 1, 6 (and a nice companion to the final skit, too), 12 and 24 (season finale):
    This is the way we want to spend every day
    Laughing with our friends and keeping sadness away
    Join us and see we can be happy and free
    Life is full of fun because we're all chibi!
    Season 1
Unauthorized snuggles are the best snuggles.
  • In episode 4, it was pretty touching that Yang bought Blake a really thoughtful and heartfelt present after teasing her catlike tendencies with an earlier joke gift in the previous episode, and Blake's fawning and happy face over it was equally sweet. At first we're led to believe Yang got it for the huge box as another cat joke, but then she talks about how much she wanted to get something Blake would love, right as Blake reveals she loves the gift because of the box.
  • Episode 5:
    • The second skit shows a sweet intimate moment where Blake cleans her (four) ears and reacts happily afterwards.
    • During Weiss and Ruby's slap fight, at one point we can hear her calling "Sis!", like she was calling Yang for help. It's pretty convenient that the inmediate transition is that of Yang, even if it was just a coincidence.
  • Episode 6 has two:
    • Blake and Zwei sharing the same reaction to the vaccuum. Since the former acted always afraid of the latter, this is the first time they agree on something.
    • Pyrrha is alive and well. Nora even goes out of her way to assure that nothing bad happened here, which made many fans really happy, as well as sad.
  • There's a small one in Episode 7: After being kicked out of the arcade, Nora seems angry until she gets her prize: a giant teddy bear she carries on her head while hopping happily while making squeaky sounds.
  • Episode 9: When tagging Jaune in a game of tag, Pyrrha ruffles his hair and pokes his nose.
    • Even better: that gesture isn't unlike Nora's 'boop', when it's well-known just what she really means by that gesture.
  • Episode 10: When Nora is about to do a makeover on Ren, the dialogue suggests that Ren isn't ok with it but allowed Nora to do it anyway because it would make her happy.
    • Also, the "makeover" is a cute shipping message. Complete with a literal wink to the audience.
    • While they got her heart broken in the end, Pyrrha looked adorable when asking Jaune out.
  • Episode 11: As funny as it is, Ruby attempting to help Weiss when she's ill by using the same method her dad does with her (a glass of milk, her favorite video game and motivational cat posters) is very sweet. That Yang also resorts to this method may mean to the sisters there actually is something to it, especially given Yang's look of genuine concern as she runs off to get the milk.
  • Episode 12: Ozpin narrating Ruby's play is very sweet, tying in well with his philosophy from Volume 2 of letting his students be childish while they still can...that is, until the end of the show, when he remembered that RWBY and JNPR should be in class.
    • On a related note, it's cute that JNPR (and Port) came to watch their friends' production.
    • Given that Professor Port is also in attendance, and even gave them his personal weapon to use as a prop, it might've been his own class he's allowing them to skip.
  • Episode 14, with Zwei doing his best to show an exhausted Blake he cares (and Blake accepting and even enjoying the cuddles despite Zwei annoying her and trying to catch her on a daily basis) gives us this folder's pic.
  • Episode 16 gives us Weiss's behavior during the race. Her clear pride in the fact that yes, she is riding her grandmother's tricycle, makes it evident that she must adore (or have adored) her Nana Schnee; and her facial expression whenever she's not being needled by Yang or Ruby (or trolling them right back) is one of pure, childlike glee. It's especially heartwarming considering that Weiss rarely speaks so fondly about anyone in her family.

    In some ways, it's even more heartwarming with the later revelation that Weiss's maternal grandfather Nicholas Schnee was basically Santa Claus- so it's probably an heirloom from the more noble part of the family.
  • In Episode 17, Ren tells Nora that she never ceases to amaze him (when he finds her holding back a fleeing Beowolf to engineer a situation where it's attacking her). She takes that as a compliment, fills with the most adorable elation, and hugs the Beowolf so hard she breaks its arm.
  • In Episode 19, Zwei is yet again the representation of heartwarming.
    • "Life of Zwei" - Unknown to Ruby, Zwei goes around helping people and stopping evil. Played for laughs, but it is still heartwarming how he likes to help people. Ren, Weiss and the shopkeeper even react happily to his intervention.
    • "Pillow Fight" - Yang knocks Blake out by throwing Zwei at her... and Zwei starts licking Blake's cheek. Again.
    • From the same sketch, Yang's reaction to Ruby "dying".
  • Episode 20 contains quite a few:
    • In a very twisted way, the sketch in which Zwei and Cinder's Beowulf are growling at each other. Zoom out and Ruby is frantically apologizing while Cinder is assuring her its alright, following by both of them complimenting each other's respective 'pets'.
    • In the following sketch, the scene where Ruby is playing fetch with Zwei with Weiss, Yang and Blake watching. If you look closely at Blake when Zwei gets tricked by Ruby to fetch a stick that she hasn't thrown yet and runs off, you can see that she actually smiles at Zwei falling for Ruby's antics, showing that she really likes the dog, after all.
    • It's also simply endearing to see all of team RWBY happily enjoying a pleasant day out in the courtyard together.
    • Also, for fans of Torchwick who were sad to see him go at the end of Volume 3, seeing him and Neo get a sketch all to themselves was great.
  • Episode 21 as a whole shows how much Rooster Teeth loves their fans, going as far as they can to replicate comedic fan comics and credit them for making them in the first place.
    • It has a cute (but somewhat weird-ish) moment in the first sketch, where Ruby gets Weiss "friendship bracelets" (which are actually handcuffs). It shows that Ruby likes her so much she'd willingly be chained to her, and that Weiss likes Ruby enough that she would wear a friendhip bracelet, despite her snottiness (before knowing those were handcuffs at least). Also, Ruby's dog-like reaction was just adorable.
    • It also has a dose during one section where Roman is sad, and Mercury gives him a nice pat on the back. Sure, they're sad over World Peace, but it's still a far cry from the way they are to each other in canon.
  • Episode 22 has moments for Team JNPR and RWBY.
    • The opening sketch, Game Night, involves Jaune attempting to help his team with their boredom. Unfortunately, the board game he brings in sounds incredibly boring. Nora, Pyrrha, and Ren start playing with the pieces and ignoring the initial rules of the game, upsetting Jaune; Nora then incorporates the original elements of the board game to get him interested, which convinces him to join in too.
    • The sketch 'Floor is Lava' involves Ruby warning everyone about to enter the room that the 'floor is lava.' While it is funny that none of the Team RWBY members believe her, but humor her by utilizing their abilities to avoid touching the floor, it is revealed that Ruby actually was telling the truth, and she was trying to save their lives. She even tries warning her arch nemesis Roman Torchwick of the danger. While he doesn't listen to her warning and ends up melting for not listening, it is still heartwarming that Ruby wanted to prevent her enemy from dying horribly.
    Ruby: Roman Torchwick! I know we've had our differences in the past, but PLEASE hear me out! The moment you pass through that doorway, you'll be burned alive!
    • What is subtly heartwarming is Yang's reaction to getting warned. While Blake is occupied with her book and rather indifferent to things (her attitude towards it being more a bored 'whatever' than anything else) and Weiss just begrudgingly goes with it rather than argue with Ruby, Yang's reaction is to inmediately play along with what they all assume is her little sister's game (while still bypassing it her own way).
    Yang: Huh, no fooling?
  • Episode 23 had a small and somewhat twisted moment when Roman and Neo stole the jewels from the shopkeeper. Their expressions when looking at the stack of jewels were just adorable.
  • Episode 24:
    • It's silly but for a moment Yang and Weiss were actually bonding over spying on the boys. It's also a reminder that Weiss, despite her cold attitude, is still a perfectly healthy teenager and Yang brought to light that side of her.
    • Everything about Sun asking Blake out. His goofy grin when Blake almost immediately accepts is adorable.
    Sun: Y'know, I got two tickets to the gun show, if you wanna join me on the dance floor. (audience oohs)
    Blake: That's the cheesiest thing I've ever heard... Okay. (audience awws)
    • YMMV, but the entire curtain call and Ruby thanking the viewers could count as this as well.

    Season 2
Lack of coolness be damned; Taiyang is still best dad.
  • Season 2's teaser reveals something the fanbase have wished for: PENNY IS DEFINITELY ALIVE!
  • The trailer reveals an even larger cast, including Oobleck and Taiyang!
  • Even though it goes to hell somewhat quickly, seeing Penny fraternising with the rest of the main cast (and not just Ruby) in the first episode is this in spades.
    • Jaune defending Penny when Sun and Neptune don't treat her nicely at first.
  • Although she wasn't aware of why they needed them, it was pleasant to see Blake get enthusiastic about reading and lending/recommending books to Yang and Ruby in episode 2, then hug them both.
    • It was also nice to see Ren getting involved in a fort game with Ruby, Yang and Jaune.
    • YMMV, but Torchwick's hat falling down on Neo and her happy expression when she wears it could qualify. It even goes on to become a Running Gag in her transition animation, where she runs from Roman while wearing his hat gleefully.
  • Despite all the problems he faced (like Ruby upstaging him or Velvet not being too keen on his "bunny out of the hat" trick), Jaune was still willing to entertain his friends for a whole week doing magic tricks in episode 3.
    • A minor one, but in the second skit, we see Ruby carrying a happy Penny with her.
    • The nice instance of Go-Karting with Bowser that goes down in the third skit between the villains and heroes qualifies - even though Mercury stuffed it up with his gun-greaves deflating the soccer ball. It's a bit downplayed because the characters still have as much animosity against each other as always, but at least it's just a soccer game.
  • In episode 4, there's a happy little scene with Velvet and Ruby taking pictures in the courtyard. Given her enthusiasm for photography, it's heartwarming to see Velvet in her element with Ruby enjoying it.
    • Episode 4 also has Yang and her dad apparently sharing a love of bad jokes.
  • Although he pissed off a few people in the process, seeing Jaune successfully protect Velvet from the villains in episode 5 is both this and a Moment of Awesome.
    • In the same episode, we have Taiyang in full Amazingly Embarrassing Parents mode, supporting both his kids being in a band.
      • And if you look closely at Ruby, you'll see that she's smiling throughout the entire time with her dad and sister, contrasting her sister's embarrassed exasperation.
  • Episode 6's last skit contains a subtle one. Tukson is still alive, and doing well as a librarian.
    • Also, despite the implications, Ruby apparently thinks enough of Blake to consider her a "backup bestie."
    • In "Rat in the Hat", we see how much Roman loves his hat:
  • Episode 7 shows just how considerate a person Pyrrha is. Even though Jaune's ideas for combat one-liners weren't well-received by her, she never revealed how she truly felt about them to spare his feelings.
  • Episode 8 contains a little tribute to Monty Oum. When Ren asked why Sun and Neptune decided to include him in their project of a boy band, Neptune claims it's because of Ren's love for dance, which is something Monty had:
    Ren: Why did I agree to this?
    Neptune: Because you love the sacred art known as "dance".
    Ren: (proudly) With all my heart!
  • Episode 9 has Yang successfully building up Jaune's confidence. He can count himself lucky to have such a supportive friend... at least until the end, where everything goes down the toilet due to Jaune's hubris and Yang leaves him.
    • Also, the first skit introduces Qrow, and both Ruby and Yang are very happy and excited to see him. Ruby even glomps him...causing him to fall off the window for the third time, but it's still a cute moment.
    • YMMV, but Neo's little Bait-and-Switch moment at the end of the "Read the Signs" with a kiss to the audience was pretty cute.
  • Episode 10 has a big one at the end, as pictured at the top of the folder. After trying too hard to impress her daughters through the episode, Taiyang feels sad that he can't be cooler than Qrow in his daughters' eyes. However, despite Yang and Ruby not regarding him as cool, they still have more than enough adoration for their father to look past that.
    Ruby: Why are you acting so weird lately?
    Taiyang: I know how much you girls look up to your uncle Qrow because he's "so cool". I just want you to think that I'm cool too.
    Ruby: Well, dads aren't supposed to be cool. They're supposed to be dads. And you're the best dad in the whole world.
    Taiyang: You really mean that?
    Yang: Yeah! That's way better than being cool! Now please, stop trying to get yourself killed.
    Taiyang: Well… I guess I did alright if I raised girls like you.
    • Also, notice that Qrow is clearly happy to see the girls cheer up their dad.
  • Episode 11 gives us some insight on what the characters think would be a great movie night, and the results are quite adorable:
    • Pyrrha would like to see a romance movie, where she is "saved" from a Grimm by Jaune. Sure, Jaune fell on his face, but he was OK in the end, and Pyrrha was more than happy to see him saving her.
      Pyrrha: My hero.
    • Velvet sings "Little Bunny Foo Foo" shortly for the musical she wanted to see. Too bad Sun and Neptune denied her the pleasure.
    • Ruby's movie is a "horror film" where lots of Zweis fall from the sky to play with her. Her super-cute and squeaky voice really sells it.
    • After spending so much time arguing over what movie to see that they miss all the showtimes for the day, the whole group happily decides to meet up again at the same spot, presumably to start the whole thing over again. It just might be a sign that wasting a entire day together is just as fun for them as going to the movies together.
    • While not a movie by itself, it was quite nice to see Roman compliment Neo wearing his hat and outfit (with one of her signs, no less!), especially considering how protective he is of it.
  • In episode 12, when he loses his frozen yogurt, a bemoaned Roman is lead away by the hand by Neo. Its kind of endearing.
    • In general, Neo's relationship with Torchwick is this. Despite being a Silent Snarker, she never stops being impressed by his creations and keeps trusting on him and picking him up even after things go wrong.
  • In episode 13, the fact that Qrow is apparently living with the rest of his family and is close enough to argue Like an Old Married Couple with Taiyang. Too bad they "break up" after an argument.
    • Also rather heartwarming is that, once the conference is over and Tai and Qrow storm out arguing, Ozpin decides Ruby and Yang have been punished enough. Especially when Ruby apologizes for Tai and Qrow's behavior.
    • Ruby hosting a surprise party whenever it's someone's birthday. Too bad they often turn catastrophic. There's also the fact that Neptune saved the life of Professor Port after one of said catastrophic parties gave him a near-fatal heart attack.
    • A YMMV since they accidentally gave him a heart attack and reminded him that he's old, it is nice to see the cast care enough about Port to throw him a surprise party is touching.
  • In episode 14, after seeing her teammates go on to have a fun time with their families or friends, Weiss feels alone, until Winter calls her over. She comes over to give her a hug, but is met with her cold demeanor as she chastises Weiss for her lack of composure... before she immediately demands to see Weiss's living quarters to ensure that they're up to code, because she refuses anything less for her little sister. And then promptly tells Weiss to not "mistake my rhyming for a cheery demeanor", making it obvious that she's just a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. Add to that the fact that Winter may well be the only living Schnee who treats her like family should rather than a means to a self-serving end, and it's understandable why Weiss still reacts happily after all that. It's also the first time we see Weiss genuinely excited about anything, and it is adorable.
  • Episode 15 gives us a beautiful example of Yang and Ruby's sisterhood. Even when they bicker at times (for cereal in this case) or act in an unelegant way, they have a nice and caring relationship, even if Yang can be a bit overprotective.
  • Episode 19 has quite a few in an otherwise tense skit. Although he says all of the following as a means of chastening Yang for being too uncouth and tomboyish for his tastes, Neptune speaks fondly about Ruby's character and Weiss's refined and cultured demeanor. Then he really lays it on thick when he describes how adorable Nora is when she boops people, to the point where he boops her while he says it. The reaction he got from Nora is cute as well.
    • Likewise, [Nora's reaction to Yang punching out Neptune for insulting her? "Well, I think she's adorable." Judging from everyone else's smiling at Yang, it's good to know that the girls care about and respect Yang's tastes.
    • There's also the fact that, upon seeing Jaune evidently distressed, Ren just goes with his ranting, referring to him by his new name of 'Philipe' without missing a beat. Not out of lack of care or interest, but simply because his friend asked him to.
  • Episode 20's "Monsters of Rock" has Roman create a band consisting of Cinder's underlings and two Grimm. What makes this heartwarming is that all of the musicians seem to be having fun, and even Emerald has a big smile as opposed to her usual role of pointing out other people's foolishness. Too bad Cinder doesn't have such a high opinion.
    • Episode 22 builds on this when they are the only band who came to Beacon to play music, while the rest knew that the battle was literal from the outset.
  • In Episode 21's third sketch, "Happy Birthdayween", even if Ruby abused the fact that it was her birthday to get candy, Team JNPR gave their chocolate bars to her without hesitation (even if Jaune and Nora were not too happy about it).
    • Also, as a subtle moment, we see Oobleck, of all people, prepared a bowl full of candy for Trick-or-Treaters.
    • The fist sketch, while a bit creepy, shows Ruby and Yang preparing a pumpkin pie together in what would otherwise be a nice sisterly moment for them. It gets even better if you think the pie was for Ruby's birthday.
  • During Episode 24 (a parody of How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, with Roman playing the role of the Grinch) when Roman is on a rant lamenting how he hates the holidays because no one seems to show him any care, Neo takes out a sign that says "I think you're alright". Awwww...
    • Also, when Roman angrily throws down his hat earlier during his rant, Neo simply picks it up, carefully dusts it, and tenderly places it back on Roman's head. Considering how early on, there have been shorts where Neo wanted to wear Roman's hat, this one gesture where she abandons such pursuits to comfort Roman comes off as **incredibly** sweet.

    Season 3
"You light up my life."
  • Episode 1: In light of Team RWBY officially reuniting the finale of Volume 5, it is heartwarming to see their Chibi counterparts getting ready to go on a road trip at the beginning of the episode.
    • In a small moment, we find out that whenever Port does his manliness videos, Oobleck works the camera.
    • There is something oddly adorable about the look that Cinder gives Jaune when she drops candy in his hands. It's sort of a 'you're a cute little kid aren't you' look. Of course, the reason she's giving him candy kind of ruins the moment...
  • Episode 2:
    • Yang and Ruby find out their dad is on a dating site and do poke some fun about it. But once they learn that Taiyang has no luck finding a date, they immediately get to work improving his profile information so he can get one. It's nice to know that his daughters just want him to be happy and are willing to help in that regard. A pity the first match isn't what they expected...
    • Qrow chimes in with advice of his own too, once he sees what's going on.
  • Episode 3:
    • Yang's little speech to her beloved dog. It comes across as a parental figure reassuring a child that they are trying to do what's best for them. Granted, it's a distraction, but given it's to make Zwei take medicine it's likely Yang meant every word.
      Yang: Zwei, you are a loved and valued member of this family. We need to take action so that you can live your best life.
  • Episode 5: We see Emerald, Roman and Neo having a silent laugh at Cinder and Mercury's expense when the latter says to a sock puppet of the former that he makes her feel real girly, causing Cinder to growl like a dog.
    • When Mercury starts making fun of Roman who's within earshot, Roman starts getting angry but Neo calms him down and pats his face to reassure him.
  • Episode 6: Neo's clearly jealous of Cardin talking up Roman and trying to get in his good graces. She even tells Roman to ditch him when he asks her what she thinks. And what's more, Roman ACTUALLY ends up listening to her for a change, stealing from the store and then promptly tricking Cardin into staying behind to take the fall.
  • Episode 7 has another adorable moment for Neo. After Roman presses a conspicuous red button that lands him into a trap pit, a frustrated Neo (who warned Roman not to press the button) pulls out a sign that says "[Roman]'s a dum-dum", before pulling out another sign that says "But he's my dum-dum" with a fond smile on her face, and promptly follows Roman by jumping into the pit.
    • As pointed out by a commenter on, Ren causing a duplicate of himself to appear is basically a return of Monty. No wonder Ren is happy, Neath can finally see his brother again.
  • Episode 8's Fireflies skit, hands down. Even a platonic interpretation of the segment shows the friendship between Ruby and Penny.
    Ruby: You know, you're a lot like those fireflies.
    Penny: I am? How so?
    Ruby: You light up my life.
    Penny: Aw, Ruby. You are a bioluminescent bug to me, as well.
    • The credits reveal the provider of this story: the young daughter of head writer Tom Alvarado.
  • Episode 9 has two moments:
    • Klein makes his entrance in the first skit, and he immediately gravitates towards pretty much all the characters he talks to by flattering Blake about her tea, easing Nora's tension with a dumb joke, and sticking up for Weiss when Winter belittles her for not studying.
    • In the second skit, Qrow and Ruby have endured his Semblance going crazy and wreaking havoc on the streets of Vale. When Ruby describes her day as nerve-wracking, Qrow gives this response:
      Qrow: Huh, it's funny you say that, kiddo. Any day I get to hang out with my niece is a pretty good day to me!
  • Mercury and Emerald's prank war in Episode 10 gets in; just two villains one-upping each other and enjoying every minute of it.
  • Episode 12 shows the dreams of Team JNPR. While it's heartwarming as always to see Renora and Arkos in action as usual, Pyrrha's reaction to Jaune's muttering really seals the deal, especially when she refuses to let the others interrupt Jaune's moment of happiness.
  • Episode 14 shows Emerald's dream of Cinder as an adoptive mother towards her; watching it will give you the fuzzies.
    • There's also something sweet about Cinder deciding that "maybe [her teammmates] aren't so bad" after she has a bad dream in which her clones turn on her after she becomes the Fall Maiden. A pity it's retracted after she hears what Mercury says in his dream.
  • Before episode 16's release, the CRWBY revealed that Coco Adel is joining the cast!


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