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Fridge for RWBY Chibi.

Fridge Brilliance:

  • What caused Blake to forget the candlestick she uses to read at night? Was it just a mistake or did she forgot only faunus like her would see the candlestick in the dark and avoid tripping over it?
  • Jaune telling "don't be jealous" to RWBY after playing with their weapons seems weird. But just before he noticed they're watching him he was dancing with Myrtenaster and he was long since established in the main show to be a really good dancer. Was he talking about the weapons or his dancing skills?
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  • When Jaune tries Yang's gauntlets, the recoil sends him flying. This isn't just Jaune's typical luck; Yang built her weapons around her abilities, so she would naturally make them extremely powerful.
  • In the art class that Weiss supervises, why does Ren have the best painting of the quartet? Think about who used to voice him.
  • Who gave RWBY permission to skip classes and invite the students to see their stage play instead? Professor Port. Not only was he skipping his own classes so he could come along but even let RWBY use his blunderbuss for the Woodsman character. And let's not forget that Port loves story telling and his classes are part of RWBY's schedule. RWBY and the students weren't skipping classes. Port allowed RWBY to use his class for their stage play (but neglected to tell Ozpin).
  • Why wasn't Pyrrha going on vacation with everyone else in episode 14? She probably couldn't get past the metal detectors.
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  • In Episode 17, Nora pretends to be a damsel in distress, hoping Ren would save her. She probably got the idea from watching Ruby's Little Red Riding Hood play.
  • From her introduction in Episode 20 onwards, we see Neo talking through signs. How is she able to change the writing on them? Her illusion Semblance, of course. Also, she's talking in sign language.
  • In Episode 24, Pyrrha is doing a commercial for "Pumpkin Pete's Marshmallow Flakes", a cereal that she is clearly not fond of, so why is she doing it? Aside from the fact that she's been their mascot since becoming Mistral's champion four times in a row and they would have approached her to promote the product, a later episode of the main RWBY series confirms that this is also Jaune's favorite cereal, making this a Heartwarming Moment in disguise!
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  • Season 2, Episode 3 contains one. Remember how Blake loves to hide in boxes? Well, rabbit faunus (like Velvet) like to hide in hats - as Jaune found out to his suffering.
  • Season 2, Episode 5 has this paired with a call back. Remember how Jaune tried out Team RWBY's weapons? Well, this ended up with him, learning how to use them better and combining them into a great crimefighter!.
  • In Season 2, Episode 12 Weiss wears a surgical mask while cleaning Myrtenaster's Dust chamber to avoid inhaling the Dust, because she remembers all too well what happens if someone sneezes on the volatile phlebotinum - like Ruby did when they first met. And (overlapping with Fridge Horror) because her grandfather's health suffered badly from prolonged work with Dust.
  • In Season 2, Episode 17, Jaune and Neptune calm down very quickly after they grab hold of Ren's arms. Remember: Ren's semblance is tranquility, which helps calm people down.
  • More like Fridge Funny but Season 3, Episode 2 marks the THIRD time Taiyang has caught the attention of a black haired woman with otherworldly powers. Guy's like catnip to them.
    • Furthermore, Cinderella had a Wicked Stepmother. Now she gets to BE a wicked stepmother.
    • The match makes more sense when you look at Cinder's profile in which she mentions wanting to meet "Maidens and silver-eyed brats" both of which Tai has a connection too.
  • A blend of this and Fridge Hilarity in Season 3, Episode 10; Neptune gets pranked by Emerald, who fills the hallway outside his dorm with glasses of water. As he stops himself in response to the glasses, a horse whinny is heard. As any mythology nerd will point out, Neptune was both a sea god and a god of horses!
  • In Season 3, Episode 15; Team RWBY and Jaunce are facing a unseen giant Grimm. Jaunce points outs that a solution will come when they least expect it. At first it looks like a setup for a joke as Zwei appears as if to save the day, then runs in fright. However it turns out that Jaunce was right as Penny shows up and defeats the Grimm so she can play with Ruby.
  • In the “Floor is Lava” sketch, we finally get an answer to Yang’s question from the main show: What if Roman Torchwick walked through that door?”

Fridge Horror:

  • In Episode 11, when Weiss is sick, Ruby and Yang are trying to take care of her with things like cheering her up and a glass of milk, but Weiss insists that they should just give her some medicine and be done with it. Why? That's how things are being done at her home; the parents would just tell her to take some medicine and no one would ever think of staying at her side and showing they care.
    • Additionally, while the other option isn't too happy, Ruby and Yang's way with dealing with sicknesses isn't much better. Being left alone to endure the sickness and the pain with no medicine at all and only milk and videogames is not exactly the best way to deal with every illness. It also makes you wonder if their parents were not a bit absent.
  • In Episode 16, Weiss looks like the happiest girl in the world while she's riding her grandmother's tricycle. Considering how both her and Winter react to the makeshift bunk beds in the main series, and the implication that she didn't get a chance to be a kid until leaving for Beacon, it's very possible that this is the first time she's ever rode it. She never got a chance to act like a kid, or even have any friends she could have fun with, until she was almost an adult.
  • In Episode 18, Mercury walks in with a bazooka called the "Kitten Killer 9000." Unless it was added just to sound cooler, there might be a whole series of weapons devoted to that task. Admittedly, depending on how you look at it...
  • In Episode 22, Ruby's warning about 'the floor is lava' is proven to be true when Roman sank in and died. In order for her to find that out, someone or something must have fallen in first. Unusually, for a scene involving the four girls in their room, Zwei is nowhere to be seen...
  • Season 2, Episode 6 has Ruby manipulate a sleeping Weiss into having fun. Whilst Ruby's behaviour is both creepy and disturbing, one has to wonder just how cold Weiss had been towards the rest of her social circle for Ruby to resort to those tactics.
    • Considering Ruby also manipulates Blake into a being "back-up bestie" and Yang into giving her money and her bike, it can be safe to assume the fault does not lie with Weiss here.
  • Fridge Tearjerker with some Wild Mass Guessing but Taiyang mentions taking medicine in Season 3. Considering he doesn't seem to have any health problems as well as being one of the biggest Woobies in the show, he may very well be talking about anti-depressants.

Fridge Logic:

  • Just how hard did Jaune have to trip to break a leg through his aura? Given his lack of experience with an unlocked Aura, perhaps he didn't think to use it the way others might have.
  • At the end of Episode 8, Team RWBY ends up in the underground vault where the Fall Maiden was kept. But as Nora said, "Nothing bad ever happened," meaning Amber was never attacked and rendered comatose. So... What exactly does Chibiverse Ozpin have stashed in there? Later episodes of the main series suggest that it's probably the Relics.
  • Can Mike and Marty (the sentient Grimm) talk? They understand Cinder’s speeches just fine, and their would-be victims during their hitch-hiking plot seem to understand them, but then why didn’t Mike just tell Penny that he loves her and won’t be evil?

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