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Just like its main counterpart, RWBY Chibi has tons of sweet interactions between the girls, and thanks to the pairings becoming famous enough to catch the attention of the members of Rooster Teeth, there are quite a few jokes and references to the gay and lesbian ships.

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    Ruby x Weiss (White Rose) 
Ruby and Weiss spend more skits together than with other people, whether it's bickering or doing things in general, and it is very clear that Ruby loves being around her.

  • The first skit of Episode 9 revolves around Ruby trying her darndest to get Weiss' attention and to get her to play with her. She even offered to study together despite the fact that she hates studying, and any time she got rejected, Ruby was very depressed. This lead a desperate Ruby to slam Weiss' table like a fish while screaming "YOU MADE ME DO THIS!!", much to her dismay.
  • "Nurse Ruby" (Episode 11) shows how much does Ruby care for Weiss, as she's real quick to try and ease her pain. Obviously the methods she used were not that good for Weiss, but Ruby was willing to stay by her side and aid her with what she used whenever she got sick.
  • In the "Little Red Riding Hood" skit of Episode 12, there's a hidden moment between Ruby and Weiss. Ruby wrote the story with herself in it as the protagonist, and, as Yang pointed out, a big Mary Sue; but the ending of the tale has Weiss (playing the woodsman) saving Ruby rather than Ruby defeating the wolf herself. When Weiss and Blake ask why does Weiss have to play the woodsman or why would Ruby need the woodsman if she has a scythe, all Ruby can do (while getting very nervous about it) is answer evasively with poor excuses, as if she was trying to hide that she wanted to be rescued by Weiss. As a little extra, when Ruby tries to answer Weiss, Yang can't stop looking at them with a very happy expression).
  • Episode 14 has a subtle one: Ruby invited herself to Weiss' summer vacation even when she didn't want her around because she said "as your BFF I just knew you'd want me to come along!". Weiss was about to retort that they're not BFFs as Ruby said, but stopped herself and ended up accepting her anyways...until it turned out Ruby told every one of her friends to come along.
  • In Episode 21, Ruby offered Weiss a friendship bracelet, and despite her Sugar-and-Ice Personality, she actually accepted the bracelet...which turned out to be handcuffs. Ruby even acted like a happy puppy towards Weiss after being handcuffed.
  • A particularly creepy one happens at Episode 6 of Season 2: Ruby talked to Weiss in her sleep to convince her to be her "bestie" and go out with her. Despite Weiss' protests, it worked too well.

     Blake x Yang (Bumblebee) 
Probably the most prominent Les Yay pairing in the show, Blake and Yang tend to tease each other a lot.

  • In Episode 4, despite her prankster nature, Yang felt bad about teasing Blake with a ball of yarn, so she decided to make amends by buying her a tea set. Despite it weighting a lot, even for Yang, she gave it to her and was glad to see Blake loved it. Sure, Blake only wanted the box to get inside, but it shows how much Yang can care about Blake and how little it took Blake to forgive her (if she hadn't before).
  • Episode 6 (right before introducing Pyrrha back into the show), Yang made a joke referring to Bumblebee. It could be interpreted as her talking about her bike or about something else...
  • During the Little Red Riding Hood play in Episode 12, not only did Blake commented on how Yang (the grandmother) looks good for her age, but they also had this little exchange:
    Blake: Just get in bed, grandma.
    Yang: Easy there, wolfie! You haven't even even bought me dinner yet! HEYO!
  • "Pillow Fight" (Episode 19) has a massive one: during the titular pillow fight, while avoiding Yang's attacks, Blake at one point teleported to Yang's bed, where she patted seductively and winked at her.
  • In "Read the Signs" (Episode 9 of Season 2), while the students and teachers of Beacon protested for different reasons (much to the chagrin of the shopkeeper), like equality for faunus or the amount of homework, Yang had a sign that says "SAVE THE BEES!"
  • In "Big Vacation" (Episode 14 of Season 1), Yang distracts Blake from her book by flexing her muscles.
  • Plus, there is the fact that Blake tends to read Ninjas of Love when Yang is nearby.
  • At the beginning of Floor Is Lava, Blake is, without explanation, reading in Yang's bed; Yang joins her when she gets back.

    Penny x Ruby (Nuts and Dolts) 
From Penny's very first appearance it was clear that Ruby likes her a lot, and she still tries to hide the fact that Penny is a robot to protect her identity, even when Penny might attack her.


  • One of the subtitles in Episode 2 refers to Blake and Ruby talking at the same time as "Ladybug"
  • The first sketch of Episode 5 had Ruby organizing a costume party with her teammates (plus Jaune) swapping costumes. Who swapped costumes with who? Ruby with Weiss and Blake with Yang. Considering how Jaune was dressed as Weiss and he likes her, it might hint that the choices in swapping were more than just coincidence.
  • In Episode 10, Weiss rejected Jaune's attempts at studying with her, but she was more than happy to try to do the same thing to Pyrrha, even if she claimed it was because of them being similarly smart.
  • When looking at the motivational "cat" poster Ruby brought Weiss (which features Blake hanging from a wire), Ruby's reaction is to say "Me-ow!" out loud in a quite seductive voice.
  • On that same episode, Yang was also quick to bring Weiss her "remedies".
  • In the fist sketch of Episode 13, Jaune and the others play "spin the bottle" to see who Jaune will have to kiss. The bottle ends up pointing at...Ren. Ren then slowly produces and uses a breath spray for the situation.
  • Episode 19 might depend on the interpretation, but Sun and Neptune did act very much like gleeful schoolgirls at finding out about the girls having a pillow fight. In the end, the two and Ren have their own pillow fight, which is much more like a normal one rather than the fight the girls had.
  • In the "Cinder Bawls" portion of "Cinder Who?" (Episode 21), the characters are shown celebrating world peace and we see Sun carrying Neptune above his head like the former is helping the other "fly" while one of them says "YAY!".
  • In Episode 24, Neptune interrupts Sun asking Blake out to a gun show because he would like to go with him instead because Sun promised him they'd spend time alone.
  • In "Director Ozpin" (Episode 1 of Season 2) the intro for the episode got sabotaged and the girls fell on top of each other. Particularly, Weiss on top of Ruby and Blake on top of Yang. Many noticed how convenient that was.
  • Going back to Episode 6 of Season 2, we saw that Ruby used her Bedtime Brainwashing with Yang (to get her bike) and with Blake to make her a "Backup Bestie". Even if it was still creepy from her, it shows that Ruby does like Blake enough for her to be other possibility, and while she brainwashed Weiss and Yang for selfish reasons, there was no actual reason to do the same to Blake other than because she cared.
  • Episode 13 of Season 2 shows Qrow and Taiyang acting like parental figures to Ruby and Yang after they got into trouble. Their sketch even has them bickering Like an Old Married Couple, with Taiyang being the exploited mother and Qrow the absent father.
  • In Episode 14 of Season 2, Port apparently tricked Ozpin into attending a (fake) costume party while wearing a leg-revealing outfit. He either did it to humiliate Ozpin or for other reasons...
  • The relationship between Mike and Marty (from the same episode) is nothing but sweetness. Both share a great deal of friendship and seem to understand each other quite well.
    Mike: You always know what to say to me, Marty.
  • In Rolling Thunder (Episode 17 of Season 2), both Neptune and Jaune complimented Ren for being "hard as a rock" when they both hold onto him to not fall on their asses.
  • Yang Boops (Episode 19 of Season 2) has Nora compliment Yang's violent "boop" and how she considers her cute. Despite her not being that girly, Nora (and Weiss) do like her anyways.
  • Girls' Night Out (Season 3, Episode 5) features Mercury playing with a doll of Cinder, while (unwittingly) insulting the other members of the group. In particular, he mocks Emerald for being uncertain if she's "really evil, or just evil-curious".

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