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Nightmare Fuel / RWBY Chibi

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The doctor will boop you now.
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Just because "nothing bad ever happened", it does not mean that nothing nightmarish happens either. Expect such moments to really come out of left-field.

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Nightmare Fuel pages. Proceed at your own risk.

    Season 2 
  • "Super Besties" (titular skit of Episode 6) shows Ruby in a chilling, subversive light as she plots under the cover of darkness, cloaked in shadows that emphasize her too-bright, insane eyes and evil smile and accompanied by Dramatic Thunder and lightning to match her psychosis. The episode ends with the creepy remix of "Red Like Roses" from this skit. While they're asleep, Ruby hypnotizes her team mates: Weiss is forced to become her "bestie" and have a day of fun with her, Yang is forced to hand Ruby cash and the keys to her motorcycle, and Blake is forced to become a "back-up bestie". In Weiss' case, she's aware of what's happening and struggling to resist, but can't.
    Ruby: Let's go, bestie! I have our whole day planned out for us!
    Weiss: That sounds super fun! Even though I'm screaming on the inside!
  • "Nurse Nora" (titular skit of Episode 15) is a dark parody of a scene from the Stephen King horror tale, Misery. Nora enters the scene as a shadow, teleporting to Ren's bedside in the dark, where he lies sleeping with a broken leg. She attempts to test his reflexes by hitting his healthy leg with her warhammer, Magnhild, in a way that recalls the moment in the original story where the psychotic nurse breaks her idol's foot. Ren is forced to fake a recovery and flees her, despite still having a broken leg. Nora slowly turns her head to the camera with a freakishly insane facial expression. In a creepy tone, she celebrates her love curing him and the skit ends with a long focus on her twisted, manic grin, which is pictured at the top of the page. And throughout the skit, we're subjected to an Ominous Music Box Tune of "Boop" playing in the background. For those that are familiar with the original work, the entire scene is designed to cause flashbacks, and is not helped by having her Face Framed in Shadow.
    Nora: I knew my love would cure him!
  • "Devotion Potion" (from Episode 21) shows us yet another glimpse of Nora's creepiness. She starts brewing a love potion for Ren and both Pyrrha and Jaune see it's best to stay away from her at that point. What they didn't see was that Ren was inside the cauldron. And Nora's trying to drown him in the potion. Yikes.


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