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Alex Abraham and Jeff Williams (and his daughter Casey) are just plain incredible at what they do. The remixes of the RWBY soundtrack employed here are amazing, as are the names of the remixed themes. Anyway, here are the best picks of the RWBY Chibi soundtrack.

Season One
  • The theme tune, so far the only song to feature Casey's vocals, definitely sets the tone for RWBY Chibi. An instrumental, slower version appears in Episode 18 during Cinder's first scene.
  • All four of the trailer songs got the remix treatment:
    • In episode 2, we first encounter "Mirror Mirror (Ice Queen Remix)", a harpsichord-driven chamber reworking shifted to the parallel major key. This version gets played without the melody in Episode 21, and certain snippets crop up in a few other spots.
    • Episode 3 features "From Shadows (Little Black Bow Remix)", which sounds like smooth jazz and shifts the chord progression (but not the melody) into the relative major key. This probably gets played most often out of the songs remixed here.
    • Yang's theme got remixed twice. The first instance - an electronica-styled, major-keyed remix - was first seen in Episode 5 (and again in Episode 16); the second of these is Episode 8's "I Burn (PleaseDontSueUs Remix)", which is done in the style of Survivor's "Eye of The Tiger" (from the Rocky franchise).
    • And finally, Episode 19 gives us the folky, swung "Red Like Roses (Lazy Little Butt Remix)".
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  • Before all of that, episode 1 had a remixed, melody-less muzak version of "Gold"; the melodic version can be seen here.
  • I May Fall (Unauthorised Snuggles Remix) is featured almost as much as From Shadows, starting in Episode 4, with the title stemming from Episode 14.
  • Also featured in episode 4 is a chiptune version of "Red Like Roses, Pt. II", used as the background music for the fighting game Yang and Ruby play in the first skit.
  • Beacon's theme was next to get remixed ... into a carnival organ version which featured in Episode 7. It gets remixed later.
  • Episode 9 gives us the Avatar: The Last Airbender-inspired "Ren Is It".
  • Episode 10 features the music from the opening scene of Dance Dance Infiltration, setting a calm backdrop to the art class that Ruby, Ren, Blake and Nora partake in. It features again over a couple of the credits from later episodes.
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  • An orchestra and ukelele drive Episode 11's "Boop (Pancakes Remix)".
  • Episode 12 contains the original score to Team RWBY's play: "Little Red Riding Hood".
  • Episode 13 contains a jazzy, clarinet-led and vibraphone-driven version of "All Our Days", which sets the mood of the scene nicely during the game of "Spin The Bottle" between Team JNPR, Weiss and Neptune.
  • Episode 15's skit "Neptune's Phobia" features his theme reworked with pedal steel, vibraphone and electric piano. The result sounds almost aquatic, which makes this skit even funnier to watch.
  • Even though it didn't feature on the series proper, "This Will Be The Day (Friendship Is Semblance Remix)" is still awesome, playing over the credits for Episode 16.
  • Episode 17 features "Junior Detectives (Upgrade Time)", a cheesy 80's tune to go with the Lock-and-Load Montage.
  • In Episode 19, probably the most awesome pillow fight score in animated history gets featured.
  • Episode 21's last skit has "Cinder Who?", which contains several clever reworkings of Cinder's leitmotif, along with one reintroduction of Beacon's Theme.
  • Sounding like 90's television at its finest, Season One's finale soundtrack remixes the series theme tune twice (once in Seinfeld-esque bass lines, the other at the end), and adds a couple of incidental music cues for the commercials.

Season Two

  • In Episode 2, when Blake zips all over the place getting books for Ruby and Yang, it's accompanied by a fast, folky version of "From Shadows" - specifically, the second half of the chorus.
  • In episode 4, there's a rehashing of the NDGO vs SSSN fight sequence music, which appears as the battle music in Neptune's game.
  • In episode 6, both "Red Like Roses Part 1" and "From Shadows" get remixed. The former is redone in a creepy manner during Ruby's manipulation of Weiss, and the latter is done in a jazz manner during Blake and Ruby's scene in the library.
  • Episode 7 features yet another remix of "Red Like Roses Part 1", this time in a Russian style with balalaikas.
  • Episode 9 contains two songs remixed in a light, fluffy manner. There's "Bad Luck Charm" in the first skit, and "Let's Just Live" in the second.
  • Episode 10 features several remixes of "Bad Luck Charm", each tailored to the locale that Ruby's family find themselves in, followed at the end by a harp and flute-driven version of "Home".
  • Episode 11 contains a number of excellent cues for the various films that are screening in the Chibiverse, with special mentions going to the music for Sun and Velvet's respective films. The music for the Huntsman and Wonderzwei thing gets an airing too. In the second skit, Neo does her catwalk routine to a techno version of Torchwick's leitmotif. The cue itself wouldn't sound out of place at a runway show, and it works well for the skit.
  • Episode 13's second skit contains an instrumental version of "Like Morning Follows Night", which is appropriate considering it's a Blake and Sun skit.
  • Episode 14 had standout moments in all three skits. The first one featured a guitar and organ driven surf rock cue, which fit the poolside scene like a glove. The second was an orchestral mashup of songs including "Bad Luck Charm", "Armed and Ready" and "Like Morning Follows Night", which underscored the interactions that Team RWBY had with members of their families. The last one was a muzak version of the opening lines from "Lusus Naturae", which befits the first Grimm-centric skit of the whole series.
  • Episode 15 features a classical, instrumental version of "This Life Is Mine", interspersed with a "hunky-dory" version of Home, during the first skit (which compares the Schnee sisters with Ruby and Yang). The second skit features a disturbing, music-box version of Boop during Nora's Annie Wilkes impression.
  • Episode 22 has Trouble Clef's remix of Cinder's theme, which gets followed by a long, dramatic remix of the RWBY Chibi theme song during the literal Battle of the Bands.
  • Episode 24 features a surprisingly sorrowful orchestral rendition of "Die" while Roman sucks out everyone's Nondescript Winter Holiday spirit, which is followed by a short rendition of "Let's Just Live" when Team RWBY reveals they still retained their kindness.

Season Three

  • Episode 5 features an appropriately funky remix of "Neon" in the credits.
  • Episode 10 has a jocular, shuffle version of "All Things Must Die" when Cinder chases after the Winter Maiden - which is perfect given that she was a victim of Emerald and Mercury's prank war.

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