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Despite most of the "high quality rips" being hilarious mashups or jokes, the people behind SiIvaGunner can also produce some genuinely high quality remixes and mashups, most of which are catchy to the highest degree. Grander-than-grandest quality rips, if you will.

Awesome Music pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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    Capcom rips 
Mega Man series

Marvel vs. Capcom series

Street Fighter series

Devil May Cry 5

  • Their take on the already awesome and catchy "Devil Trigger" increases its catchiness by mashing it up with other songs to remix it, such as bits and pieces of "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5 and "Infinite" from Sonic Forces. It also significantly shortens the advertised track, reducing it from seven minutes to four.
  • "Abyssal Time" is mashed up masterfully with Gawr Gura's "REFLECT". Made complete with the chorus being sung over the (somewhat) calmer parts of the track, with a filter that gives the impression of sinking into the abyss.
  • And the "REFLECT" mash-ups don't stop, as "Silver Bullet" is yet another one. This time around, the people behind Silva Gunner use the vocals from both songs together, and even bring in a little bit of Gura's acapella of "Devil Trigger" at the end, culminating in the ultimate auditory representation of our beloved little shark's newfound passion for the world of Devil May Cry.


    Konami rips 
BEMANI series
  • beatmania
  • jubeat
    • "ULTRA B+K" from jubeat plus is a frenetic medley featuring snippets of "Gadget", "Space Jam", "Gangnam Style", and the DK Rap. It even goes as far as to replicate the music video for the actual "ULTRA B+K" as accompanying visuals!
    • "Sandstorm" from jubeat copious is actually a mashup of "Sandstorm" by Darude and "Bad Apple!!", and spoiler alert: it's awesome.
  • "Brain Power" from MÚSECA 1+1/2 is mixed with "Gangnam Style"; the highlight is manipulating PSY's vocals to fit the stuttering vowel sounds of the "Brain Power" chorus.

Castlevania series

Metal Gear series


    Nintendo rips 
Animal Crossing series

Banjo-Kazooie series

Donkey Kong series

Donkey Kong 64

  • "DK Rap (Extended Mix)" is a full remake of "Rap God" using the DK Rap's vocals and various DK64 soundfonts. To quote one commenter...
    That’s it.
    No-one is allowed to make anymore DK Rap songs.
    This is the peak.
  • "Army Dillo Battle" is a really epic Boss Remix of the Flintstones theme, adding a portion of "Snow Halation" in the middle of the tune.

Mother series


Fire Emblem series:

Kirby series

Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland

  • "Butter Building" segues flawlessly into a chiptune version of the main theme from Super Smash Bros. Melee.
  • "Yogurt Yard" remixes "Take on Me" with the signature riffs of Kirby music to turn it into a convincing Kirby song rather well. The Alternate Mix adds "Snow Halation" to the mix, and it's even better!
  • "Fountain of Dreams" is mashed up with "Yumekui Merry", with an extra dose of guitars, and there's also an epic guitar riff from "The Noble Haltmann" at 2:40. The animation that the video has amplifies the epic.

Kirby: Planet Robobot

The Legend of Zelda series

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Mario Kart series

Pokémon series

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Pokémon Black and White

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Rhythm Heaven series


Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario World

  • "Overworld"
    • The PAL Version is a very well-done mix of "Save Me" by Darren Styles. It gets even better once the actual song's drums kick in.
    • Amongst SiIva's many Retraux remixes, the "pirated version" of the Overworld theme truly stands out. It's a peppy remix of the original song using the NES's soundchip, while remaining just as catchy and energetic.
  • "Athletic (PAL version)" is a rip that combines "Witch Doctor" with the game's Athletic theme. It's surprising how nobody had thought of it before, as it sounds amazing, handles both the meme and the song masterfully, and is catchy enough that you likely Cant Unhear It when listening to the original Athletic theme. It says something when it's one of Siiva's most popular rips to this day, sitting comfortably at over 4 million views!
  • "Star World" manages to combine "Starman" and the Star World theme from Super Mario World into both a clever pun and a heartwarming tribute to David Bowie, who had passed away less than a month before the rip's original upload.

Super Mario 64

Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Odyssey

Mario & Luigi series

Super Smash Bros.

Wario series

  • "Body Rock", from WarioWare D.I.Y, mixed with Macintosh Plus's リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュ for a catchy, aesthetically pleasing experience.
  • The rip of "Pause Screen" from Wario World is insane, to say the least. The rip lasts for fifty minutes long (a reference to the Easter Egg in the original), and the whole thing consists of Wario's "Nyah nyah-nyah nyah nyah!"s becoming remixes of hundreds of different songs, one after another! Even though it may sound very annoying to a few people, it's still an incredibly impressive piece of music due to the sheer amount of Shout Outs it makes. In fact, there's so many references that YouTube users in the comments section have tried to list every single one, and they still aren't finished! A mostly complete list can be found here.
  • "Greenhorn Forest" from Wario World which is actually Unknown From M.E.'s Sonic Adventure 2 version mixed with an instrumental of "Bloody Stream" to make a snazzy mix.
  • "Hurry Up!!" from Wario Land 4 is a great-sounding merger between the original game's escape music and A Hat in Time's Rift Collapse, with the latter track converted to the former's soundfont and sounding just as good as ever.

Yoshi's Island series

Console BIOS/Startup Fanfare


    Sega rips 
Jet Set Radio

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

  • "Smooth Criminal (NA Version)" is actually a rendition of, you guessed it, "Smooth".note 
  • You might look for the joke for quite a while in "Off The Wall" and "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough". That's because the joke is that these songs weren't in Moonwalker at all. Those are the Siiva team's renditions of the original songs in the Sega Genesis style, and they're good enough to sound like they're right out of the game.

Sonic the Hedgehog series

Sonic the Hedgehog CD

Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic Rush

Sonic Rush Adventure

Sonic Lost World

Sonic Mania


    Square Enix rips 
Final Fantasy VI

Kingdom Hearts

  • "Another Side, Another Story" somehow manages to make "The Flintstones" and "Snow Halation" legitimately dramatic!
  • "A Day in Agrabah", the field theme of the Aladdin world, is actually a remix of "Burning Town" from Shantae using the former's soundfont. The style of Kingdom Hearts combined with Shantae's catchy melody makes for an awesome remix that wouldn't sound out of place in either series.

Kingdom Hearts II

Live A Live



    Other rips 
Crash Bandicoot


Five Nights at Freddy's

Forza series

  • "Icarus" from Forza Horizon is, as one commenter describes it, another "meme orgy", combing many different sources and giving an enjoyable mix that almost sounds natural. Subtle touches like Michael Rosen saying his signature "noice" before the beat drops and Mr. Krabs humming along to the song are nice as well.
  • "See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa from Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious was mixed with "Snow halation (UMI Mix)" into a good mashup fitting for Umi's birthday on March 15.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Hotel Mario

The Idolmaster

  • GO MY WAY!! (M@STER Version) mixes the song with various genres such as synth pop, trap, jazz, orchestral, Mega Man 8's soundbyte, mm2wood, and many more, and combined with Visual Effects of Awesome, this makes up an amazing rip. There's also this rip in which mashes up various songs such as "Smooth", "Living La Viva Loca", "Live and Learn", "All Star", and even the freaking "Pen Pineapple Apple Pen", among others, with the upbeat and energetic instrumental of the title song.
  • "Agent Yoru o Yuku" is basically SiIvagunner's version of the classic Nico Nico Douga medley video and manages to sound good. What's really notable about it is the appearance of many famous voice actors and figures in the Newgrounds community, including Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi and Kira Buckland/Rina-Chan, who is also notable for voicing Umi Sonoda in Love Live!. Fittingly, she was the one who sang the parts mashed with "Snow halation."
  • The iDOLM@STER 2
    • "GO MY WAY!! (Haruka Mix)" is a Namco Arcade rendition of the song with regular vocals with additional Namco arcade sound bytes added into the song to make it extremely catchy.
    • "SHOP" cleverly mixes in the classic Pac-Man tunes (and "Snow Halation") to a relaxed beat.
  • "GO MY WAY!! (Haruka Mix)" from The iDOLM@STER: Stella Stage, uploaded in celebration of the character's birthday, mashes up the song with "The Impression That I Get" by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. It is surreal how well the two tracks work together.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Just Dance series

Love Live!

Mad Rat Dead

Mighty Switch Force! series

  • "Yummy!" is a mashup/remix of said song and "Jellyfish Jam". It's very catchy, and you can't help dancing along with it.
  • "The Afterblaze" from Mighty Switch Force 2 mashed up with "We Come Together" from Goldfish, mixing funky vocals with a catchy-as-hell beat.

Nekopara Vol. 1

PaRappa the Rapper

Plants vs. Zombies

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

Shantae series

Sonic: After the Sequel

Steven Universe

Super Hexagon

  • "Courtesy", a mashup of the original song and "Bad Apple!!" that sounds downright gorgeous.
  • "Focus" is mixed with "You Spin Me Right Round (Like a Record)" by Dead or Alive.

Touhou Project series


Fictional titles



    King for a Day 
The "King for a Day" Tournament features a wide variety of characters, each with their own rips. Though There Can Only Be One winner of the tournament itself, sample rips from each of the characters are thankfully still showcased, and they're all amazing. Here's the full playlist.
  • Special mention goes to DJ Professor K's "Artificial Amateurs", an original composition that wouldn't sound out of place in Jet Set Radio.
  • While being the first to be disqualified, Weird Al did get to shine post defeat. "A Gaizin's Mantra" is a rather well done dubstep remix of "Dare To Be Stupid".
  • "First-Round Losers' Cypher", as the name implies, is a medley of themes dedicated to the unfortunate losers of the first round in the tournament, primarily featuring Pitbull and Professor K.
  • "Mario Story" is a melancholy yet beautiful mash up of all of the saddest songs from the first three Paper Mario games. It really goes to show how much love and care people has for the series after all these years.
  • "Spiciest Calamari Inkantation" wouldn't sound out of place in Super Smash Bros., and definitely matches the level of quality of Splatoon's music.
  • "Sleep Paralysis", a chilling cover of Lil Uzi Vert's "Money Longer".

    King For Another Day 
The second King for a Day tournament was far bigger in scope than the first, with double the competitiors, a major presentation upgrade, and of course, even more amazing music. Like before, the full playlist is here.

Dual Arrangements

  • The tournament opened in style with The Whims of Plastic Love, a gorgeous mashup that perfectly encapsulates what both the Jack Bros. and Mariya are bringing to the table.
  • The Metal Master is a slappin' metal cover of the main theme of Metal Masters, featuring Nico Nico-esque noises, brought to you by, well, Nico Nico.
  • This is M0st DisturbiNg is the VS theme for DJ Professor K and MissingNo, and a perfect example of the best that Glitch Hop can offer while also mixing in elements from the sources of the other contestants.
  • Classic Zone Remix, for Dr. Robotnik vs. the Rhythm Masters, is a medley of 28 zone themes from various 1990s Sonic the Hedgehog games with the Rhythm Heaven soundfont, strung together at a breakneck pace worthy of the Sonic franchise.
  • What happens when a pirate radio host and French robots collide? You get some funky flat beats.
  • Drifting Away is a distorted yet still melancholic cover of "Drift Away" sung in MissingNo.'s perspective, and it will make you feel bad for the sentient glitch.
  • Livin' Off the Wall is just pure, groovy audio bliss, being mostly a remix of "Enjoy Yourself" by Saint Pepsi, itself originally sampling Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall", and there's a bit of "Plastic Love" in there too.
  • During their match against each other, DJ Professor K and Mariya Takeuchi got no less than 5 dual arrangements. Any one of those songs, Fall Breaks, One Last Ride Through Tokyo-To, Let The Saint Sleep, The Concept of Plastic Love, and Thank You, Everybody, would be stand out hits from the event, though special attention does go to the latter two for being a combination of both fighters famous songs and for being a letter of appreciation to the fanbase via Tyler the Creator.
  • Screaming In Unison is a beautiful glitch-hop rendition of Scream and a good send-off to MissingNo.'s time in the tournament.
  • Big Beat Radio is a fabulously funky remix of the classic YTPMV "Big Beat Mario", published as a tenth anniversary celebration of said YTPMV, in addition to being released on the 15th anniversary date of the first YTP, which was called "I'd say he's hot on our tail".note 
  • Don't be fooled by the thumbnail; Discussion -MIX- (TOURNAMENT Version) has its name for a reason. What first starts as a cover of the trial discussion theme of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc quickly evolves into an impressive original composition based on the styles of several different competitors: Papyrus, ZUN, Weird Al, Jazz Cats, and finally DJ Professor K himself. In a way, it's an auditory retelling of Law & Disorder's impressive trek through the tournament, with each competitor altering the discussion theme in a unique way (with standout examples being Papyrus' talksound and Michael Jackson's scatting worked into the background vocals of the original song). This all comes to a head when Professor K shows up, and a truly climactic mix occurs to mirror Law & Disorder's final battle.
  • "Chiller" is a cross between Ice Cap Zone and "Thriller", represented by Dr. Robotnik and "Weird Al" Yankovic that works incredibly well.
  • Similar to "Discussion -MIX- (TOURNAMENT Versiion)", "Overdriven to Insanity" looks like just a simple Nico Nico rip at first. Then Nico Nico's screen changes to reveal it's really a dual rip with ZUN to create a nice 8-bit remix of Lunatic Eyes. Then it changes AGAIN to reveal Metal Ajit Pai instead, where the real rip kicks in. Throughout the rest of the video the screen constantly changes to reflect the music shifting to a style of a certain other competitor or game, all sounding incredible in their own rights.
  • "POLKA FOR ANOTHER DAY" might have to be a crowner though. Why? Well, if the name and thumbnail of "Weird Al" Yankovic doing a dual arrangement with the crown weren't hints that this was going to be special, then how about the fact that it's an original Weird Al-styled polka medley featuring all 32 contestants and BE THE KING? And yes, all 32. At one point Al goes against himself and there's finally an arrangement of "Eat It", the song his buff is based around.

Metal Ajit Pai


  • In the last hours of the tourney, right when it truly set in that this month long journey was over, it only made sense to upload one of its most reflective songs: DEARLY BELOVED, a 13 minute long remix of the title screen to Kingdom Hearts.

Off the Hook ft. Paruko

  • Even if they didn't make it past the first round, there's no denying Off the Hook brought some fresh tunes with them. For example, Ink That, a cover of The Offspring's "Hit That" by Jonny Atma that nails the style of Splatoon's music.
  • This fantastic arrangement of the Squid Sisters' Ink Me Up by the J-MUSIC Ensemble sounds like it was taken straight from a Splatoon-themed track in Mario Kart 8. It was also preformed in a studio like "Teknopathic".
  • Their only (at least at first) buff being "God of Ink" seemed underwhelming until it was finally put to use in a rocking arrangement in the Splatoon style complete with the franchise's signature vocals.

"Weird Al" Yankovic

Pitbull and the Aliens

  • Pitbull and the aliens show just what they are capable of with Más Gasolina.

Nintendo Power

  • Nintendo Power started out really strong, opening with a new arrangement of Kass' Theme by a full big band ensemble.
  • Many fans were looking forward to arrangements of Fire Emblem music, and the duo did not disappoint. First up is a jazzy and chill remix of "Conquest", the default optional battle map theme from Fire Emblem: Awakening, sounding like something out of a relaxing night club. Next is a rockin' remix of "Indomitable Will", the battle music that plays when squaring off with the main lords after the Time Skip in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which captures the drama of the original song while giving it its own spin that's sure to put chills down your spine.


  • While he sadly fizzled out a few rounds in, Thanos got to prove his potential towards the tournament's conclusion with Paint the Tourney, a twenty-minute arrangement of the Paint the Night Parade music, which is a medley of several iconic Disney tracks. note 

Wario Partners, LLP

  • An original composition, "Bad Shrooms", not only makes good use of Waluigi's vocals but also brings in a lot of funky beats that wouldn't be unheard of in a WarioWare game.

DJ Professor K

  • Blow My Speakers Up, just like last year's "Artificial Amateurs", is an original song in the style of Jet Set Radio, featuring samples from a wide variety of sources.
  • The good professor continues to show his power with a NiGHTS rip, Beat of Your Dreams...
  • In the final rounds of the tournament, as the competition reaches its fever pitch, the SiIvaGunner team releases "Teknopathetic", a rip from the DJ Professor's actual games. What makes it standout is its production; it was performed in an actual studio! Check it out!
  • K's next upload after the semi-finals, 4帽子, is also quite funky.

Adam Levine

  • Unknown Meta and wolfman1405's cover of This Love slows things down for a more chilled out take on the song.

Johnny Bravo

Mariya Takeuchi

  • Her victory against Off The Hook may be unexpected, but not after you hear "FIGHTCLUB CHINATOWN", an absolute banger that shows the undeniable power of City Pop and Future Funk.
  • The rips released following her victory, Bomber, The Girl In White, Sparkle, and DO-RU-FIN continue to show why she has had success in the tournament.
  • There's at least three rips of Mariya's iconic song "Plastic Love" and they're all wonderful. They also came later in the tournament which shows that she's not playing games, she's here to win.

Daft Punk ft. Pharrell

  • Of all the opening arrangements Daft Punk and Pharrell could have had, absolutely nobody expected the Despicable Me theme, remixed by CG5 of all people.
  • And here, we have Daft Buster, a cover of Deltarune's battle theme in Daft Punk's signature style.
  • The arrangements of Doin' it Right and Alive 2017 are such great renditions of Daft Punk songs they could have come straight from their live performances.
  • While many of the victory themes for the tournament competitors are great little tunes, Daft Punk's was the only one to get an extended version, and it does not disappoint.


  • People started to doubt how effective Papyrus would be, as any Undertale songs he had were confined to "Songs featuring Papyrus himself." Not that expansive, right? WRONG! Oh Grow a Spine, Will You? is a truly impressive cover of "Backbone," a fanmade song that accompanies Disbelief, an alternate telling of Undertale's Genocide Ending where Papyrus is the final boss. Hearing a menacing mix of "Bonetrousle" and "Megalovania" in the form of a final boss theme shows just how much he means business.
  • "Songs featuring pasta" gives us a gem from the soundtrack of Pizza Tower, Cryogenic Noodles, a swanky and funky remix of Cold Spaghetti.

Jack & Elmo

  • Gravibus Octanguli is just incredible, taking Tenacious D's "The Metal" as a base, and layering Ominous Latin Chanting and audio from Jack Black's Sesame Street octagon skit over the top of it. It even includes a short reference to "Tribute" around the 2 minute mark!

Dr. Piccolo

  • Killer is a metal cover of Kira Yoshikage's theme, taking what was once a quieter orchestra piece and cranking it all the way up to 11.


  • I'm Here to See... made a lot of people regret not voting for HOBaRT upon realizing that Mm... Food was a valid option for the Funny Mixer's source list.
  • His last song during the tournament's run, "Since I'm Australian", showcases much of his untapped potential. Set to The Avalanches' "Because I'm Me" and "Since I Left You", it cycles through a number of funky sources and makes great use of the Australian artists he's allowed for his set.
  • Just in time for Christmas, the mixer gets a post-tournament rip, "Polar Pass", a jolly arrangement-and-mashup between the titular Crash Team Racing track and "Snow Halation", along with a dash of the former's title theme too!

Rhythm Masters

  • Rhythm Masters' RAP is a fully original made Parappa the Rapper song featuring Parappa (voiced by CaptainComedy) repeating back sound cues from Rhythm Heaven Fever and a cool Taiko No Tatsujin breakdown near the end.

Nico Nico

  • Itching for amazing remixes of nostalgic tunes now that Unregistered Hypercam 2 is no longer able to compete? Nico Nico has you covered with "Caramelldansen", a club remix absolutely brimming with energy and an unexpected dubstep portion in the middle.


  • MissingNo. brings a distinctly creepy and unsettling style and flavor to the tournament, and the resulting themes are nothing less than spine-chillingly good. Ketsuban and Elegy of ZZAZZ are examples of such, being standout hits.
  • Access to unused content also grants MissingNo. the title theme of Time Trax, a memorable hit from the acclaimed VGM arranger Tim Follin.
  • Ever wondered what the battle theme for MissingNo. would be in a hypothetical Pokemon battle? Wonder no more.


  • "Eff Ayy Cee Kay" even with the original's... questionable lyrics retained, its instruments have been replaced with a jazz orchestra midi cover that sounds as disturbed as it does awesome, particularly the saxophone (which according to the description was performed by John Notwoodman himself).

Law & Disorder

  • Starting the odd duo off strong is Mr. Monokuma's Swing Lesson. Beginning as a cover of its namesake, it keeps the acapella vocalizations of the original with samples from Monokuma... until the 2 minute mark, where Phoenix cuts in with an "OBJECTION!" and the song transitions to a cover of "Questioning ~ Allegro 2001" from Ace Attorney, with Phoenix's "Objection!" made into an instrument as well! The song ends with both songs mashed together, forming a stunning new piece. Goes to show what happens when opposites work together!
  • HYPER ULTRA -CLIMAX- TRIAL is an original piece done in the style of Danganronpa's techno heavy trial songs, featuring samples of the DR cast in full force.
  • While the team may get the music of Mystery Skulls due to their connection to mysteries, there was only one way to cover the song "Money": The Turntable Turnabout. Distinct by being one of the few tournament rips with visual elements, directly inspired by the popular fan music video of the same name, the cover itself is a stunningly chill remix of the song, complete with Ace Attorney samples worked into the beat of the song. Listen closely and you can even hear the first few notes of Danganronpa's theme, as well.


  • The main theme, BE THE KING, as heard in the opening movie, is perfect for hyping you up for the tournament.
  • Unrestrained Hypercam 2 brings with it a Dark Reprise of UHC2's iconic Dreamscape, fittingly titled DREADSCAPE, giving it a truly Final Boss worthy arrangement. And like a good Final Boss, it comes with a phase 2 version: NIGHTMARESCAPE, which sounds just as sinister, but it also mixes in the melody of "Plastic Love" and the breakbeats associated with Hideki Naganuma, both in reference to tournament's finalists leading the charge against the corrupted camera.
  • Unregistered Hypercam 2's recovery from evil comes with How 2 Do Anything [UPDATED WORKING 2014], a triumphant dubstep medley of classic Youtube anthems.
  • "Slap The Nuts" gets an upgrade in the form of "Slap The Nuts Gaidan", a trance song that builds up beautifully over eight minutes.
  • Despite not being actual competitors, Cool Meme Team's "Ohh Nah Nah" certainly sounds up to snuff with the rest of the roster. A parody of "Havana", it combines lyrics of Big Chungus describing himself, Crash Bandicoot Woah's eponymous noise as its own instrument, and a Ugandan Knuckles rap bridge into a catchy abomination that must be heard to be believed.
  • What lay at the very end of the tournament after the winner was decided and the victory themes were uploaded? None other than a dedication to Etika in the form of "Lifelight", a cover so climactic, so emotional, and so triumphant, that it is equal parts awesome, tearjerking, and heartwarming. Etika may have passed before the tournament, but the crew wouldn't let it end without giving respects to the original Joy-Con Boy.
  • Marrow's own tribute during the last legs, "8PM (Fishing Night in Heaven)", is a very calm and bittersweet tune that perfectly captures the atmosphere of a good fishing excursion and the void left by their passing on.

    DJ Professor K Takeover 
  • "Ollie Groove #2" is perhaps a textbook definition of Creepy Awesome; as a tribute to Missingno. in a SEGA-themed takeover, whose shtick involves glitched music and motifs from creepypastas, it takes all the horrifying sounds of Sonic.exe and turns them into an oddly chill groove, mixing Hill Act 1 with Teknopathetic.
  • "Night Crew" is an original arrangement made specifically for the takeover, and it's just as good as the music that inspired it. A more mellow and chill feel makes for a pleasing rip.
  • "Praise You" is ungodly catchy, being a mashup between Fatboy Slim's "Praise You" and several other songs to give it a unique Jet Set Radio inspired flare.
  • "He's A Family Guy" has no right to be as catchy as it is. Referencing Hideki's somewhat infamous tweets about "Family Guy Funny Moments", here comes a Hideki inspired remix of the titular show's theme with many Peter Griffin samples thrown in. Regardless of one's opinion on the show, there's no denying that it's an insanely funky arrangement.
  • "Pumpkin Hill (JP Version)" gets a lot of love for being the only track where K raps for us. And he's pretty damn good at it too, accompanied by a nice rearrangement of the title song.
  • Some of the bumpers for the broadcast were catchy too. One of them, a Class of 3000 remix, was so funky that many wished it was a real extended track.

    Friday Night Funkin' (and FNF Mods) Rips 
The rips for Friday Night Funkin' are of especially high quality, not only from the songs themselves, but for the songs being actual downloadable mods than anyone can play, with art and song charting perfectly mimicking the base game.

  • Gettin' Freaky is a well-done mashup with "Humming the Bassline". Kawai Sprite and ninjamuffin99 agree just as much in the comments section.
  • Dad Battle (In-Game Version) takes "Dad Battle" and mashes it with "Crank Dat Super Mario", complete with the Father getting replaced by Gangsta Mario - who uses Super Mario 64 voice clips for his vocals! There is even a section where Mario and the Boyfriend's Simlish is replaced with the actual vocals for the song, and it fits way more than it has any right to. During the channel event involving Mario's existence being erased, this rip was removed and replaced with an In-Game Mix. It's the same as the In-Game Version, except to tie into the event, Gangsta Mario and his vocals were removed, leaving only an inanimate pile of clothes on the floor. It doesn't make the song any less awesome, tough.
  • Bopeebo (Beta Mix) rearranges "Bopeebo" to fit "Flamingo"'s time signatures, with the Father and the Boyfriend singing the "lyrics". It's a fun jam and the Father's crooning is surprisingly soothing.
  • "Roses (Beta Mix)" happens to be a 16-bit version of "Wow Wow", with Will Smith and Boyfriend rapping along with it making it an impressive mix.
  • "Ugh" mashes the song up with the Home Depot "Let's Do This" ad campaign theme, making up for one hell of a remix. Coupled up with appropriate visuals and unique game over lines recorded by JohnnyUtah himself, this rip skyrockets beyond levels of high quality.
  • "Pico" is an impressive "cover" of "NEW MAGIC WAND", recreating the vocals spot on with Pico and Boyfriend's Speaking Simlish voice grunting and mashing up the advertised track with the mentioned song.
  • The team has ripped tracks for the popular Game Mod Vs Whitty, and their rips clearly did not disappoint:
    • "Lo-Fight" is a nice little melodyswap with "Renai Circulation".
    • "Overhead" becomes a funky arrangement/mashup with "Runaway Baby", fitting with the rip being released on Doo-Wops and Hooligans' tenth anniversary.
    • "Ballistic" is already an intense song representing Whitty's pure, unbridled rage. How does the team make the track even more intense? Mash it with "Le Perv".

    Fusion Collabs 

    Fan Made Rips 
Fan Made Rips