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Keep Calm and Flutter On

  • Silver starts the review heading to the local club while dressed for a Spaghetti Western with a Clint Eastwood style gravel to his voice.

Get Hyped: The Princess Debate

After the Fact: "Princess Twilight Sparkle"

After the Fact: "Castle Mane-ia"

  • The title card for the episode and accompanying music bring to mind the title's namesake Castlevania.
  • Seeing AJ and Dash covered in bees leads to Silver Quill in a Batman costume.
    Batquill: Bees. My god.

After the Fact: Daring Don't

After the Fact: Flight to the Finish

  • Turns out Silver Quill's producer is none other than Dr. Claw.

After the Fact: Power Ponies

  • To get into the spirit of a super hero review, Silver Quill tries out costumes of Batman, Wolverine, and Dr. Manhattan.
  • When he decided on his get up he goes for a full on Transformation Sequence straight from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.

After the Fact: Bats

  • The entire video is done with an impersonation of Hunter S. Thompson.
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  • When footage of how the Mane 6 deals with the Vampire Fruit Bats in their own ways is shown, and when Rarity gets an apple splattered on her HAZMAT helmet, a bat starts licking it and sticking to her mask, Silver replaces the audio with audio from Alien.

After the Fact: Rarity Takes Manehattan

  • When lifted up, Silver Quill notes that there's a sale on at Macey's.
  • He also spots Donald Rump.
    Silver Quill: Hi Donald!
    Silver Quill: I do not work for you, dummy.

After the Fact: Pinkie Apple Pie

  • Silver Quill spots the Slender-Mane in the background, and is suddenly attacked by said Slendy with the iconic static.

After the Fact: Rainbow Falls

After the Fact: Three's a Crowd


After the Fact: Pinkie Pride

  • With Commander Firebrand involved, there are a handy few Team Fortress 2 references.
    • When Firebrand introduces Cheese Sandwich, the Heavy briefly appears declaring "Sandvich!"
    • The Demoman's famous "Ka-BOOM!" triggers the Party Nuke.
  • When shot out of the Party Howitzer, Silver Quill lets out the Goofy yell.

After the Fact: Simple Ways

  • While digging through his closet for something protective, Silver Quill throws Fluffle Puff out of his closet. When he's immobile thanks to a suit of armor, she takes the opportunity to tackle into him.
  • Slender-Mane makes a comeback... with flowers and chocolates for Silver Quill.

After the Fact: Filli Vanilli

  • Silver Quill and his Barbershop Quartet sing Peter's melody from Family Guy and unintentionally scares Fluttershy off.

After the Fact: Twilight Time

  • Silver Quill dubs the burger place Twilight and the CMC are eating at Hay Burger Queen.

After the Fact: It Aint Easy Being Breezies

After the Fact: Somepony To Watch Over Me

  • Pony versions of Buttercup and Westley walk past Silver Quill in the Fire Swamp, only to run away screaming from the chimera.
    Silver Quill: (In a soft tone) I love your movie.

After the Fact: Maud Pie

After the Fact: For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils

After the Fact: Leap of Faith

After the Fact: Testing Testing 1 2 3

After the Fact: Trade Ya

After the Fact: Inspiration Manifestation

After the Fact: Equestria Games

After the Fact: "Twilight's Kingdom"

  • Upon reaching the climatic battle, clips from several other reviews from the Pony Analysts are shown all making the comparison to Dragon Ball Z. At the end, Silver Quill is wearing a scouter and trying for the Over 9000 reference. Trying being the key phrase.
    Silver Quill: (Takes off his scouter trying to crush it in his hand) The references are over nine thous....n, nine thousa... c'mon, I can do this. Come on you bas-(Scouter explodes in his face and he sighs) Nine thousand.
  • When the Castle of Friendship rises up, Pony versions of Sergeant Angel and Officer Danny walk by, remarking about how it clashes with the "rustic ascetic."

Spike Speculation

After the Fact: The Good, the Bad and the Ponies

  • Silver Quill points out that the fact that the story was meant as a parody mirrors the premise of Blazing Saddles, and several sound and movie clips are sprinkled into the review.
  • When going over the heroes' incompetence in the story, a pony version of Dark Helmet walks in to remind us that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.

After the Fact: Friends Forever 13

  • When pointing out Sweetie Bell's odd "Nyaaaar!", Silver Quill was going to say no one said that, but corrected himself by playing a clip from Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series.
  • Also from Yugioh Abridged, Silver Quill warns the body guard pony he'll lose his job if he doesn't up security, and recommends hiring a stallion who's mane is an internet sensation.
  • Then Babs runs afoul of a creepy barber.
    Barber/Guru: I am an aduuul-!
    Spike(Dressed up like Dende): Jesus Christ how horrifying.
    Pony!Alucard: Hey kids wanna see a dead bod-!
    Silver Quill: MOVING ON!
  • Silver Quill pointing out one of the ponies in the roller derby is a dead ringer for a pony Elsa, complete with obligatory "Let it Go" clip.

After the Fact: The Cakes

  • When Silver Quill sees how much styling gel Cup Cake uses to keep her mane looking the way it does, he directs her attention to the Friendship Castle to see how much styling gel Yugi, Jaden, Yusei, Yuma and Yuya use. The resulting pile of empty tins is almost as tall as the castle. He then comments that their hair might not be natural at this point.

After the Fact: Equestria Girls

  • The trip through the magic mirror plays out a scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • A bit of music from Doug plays to show off the background characters in the film.
  • Principal Celestia is introduced with the Imperial March playing.
    Seto Kaiba: What the hell is wrong with everyone's face?!
  • Silver Quill's back and forth comparison of Princess Celestia and Principal Celestia is reminiscent of The Emperor's New Groove.
    Silver Quill: This one, not this one. Good ruler, bad principal. Winner, loser.

After the Fact: Friends Forever 14

After the Fact: The Cutie Map

  • In the title card while forced to dance with the other equalized ponies, Silver Quill looks bored and has the Deviantart logo in place of the equal sign at his cutie mark.
  • On two instances of seemingly pointless exposition on the part of the show, Dark Helmet asks if everyone got that.

After the Fact: Rainbow Rocks


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