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  • When Juno (the Roman version of Hera) summons the Fury Alecto, she shouts "Alecto! I choose you!"
  • In the second Journey to the West video, when Red name drops the book for the first time, we hear a familiar voice say "Roll credits!" followed by a *ding*.
  • There's a moment in The Journey of Ra recap when spirits are receiving gifts from the living, and one spirit questions why someone is sacrificing playing cards.
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  • In the episode on Fionn mac Cumhaill, one half of Fionn's Parental Substitute Has Two Mommies situation, the druidess Bodhmall, has a design that looks suspiciously like Huntress Wizard.
  • In Dante's Inferno, Red calls the gathering of Homer, Horace, Ovid and Lucan a "veritable dead poets society."
  • The incorrect depictions of God that Red expects the audience to come up with while summarising Dante's Paradiso include Morgan Freeman and Haruhi Suzumiya.
  • In the video on Eros and Psyche, when Eros tries to get Aphrodite to leave Psyche alone, Aphrodite answers with "Mother knows best!"
  • In episode 4 of Journey to the West when Tripitaka uses the migraine spell the text around him are shout outs. First it's All Star, then it's Never Gonna Give You Up, finally it's The Raven.
    • In episode 2 it's Bohemian Rhapsody
    • In episode 4, when Tripitaka is stuck in the dungeon under the illusion of being a tiger demon, he sings Akon's 'Mr. Lonely'.
    • In Episode 4, Pigsy attempts to challenge a powerful demon, and their exchange roughly mirrors one of Vegeta's running gags in Dragon Ball Z Abridged.
    Sandy: There's a demon in there.
    Pigsy: I'm gonna fight it.
    Sandy: Pigsy no.
    Pigsy: Pigsy yes!
    • In Episode 6, Red Boy summons the True Fire of Samādhi by chanting the lyrics to "We are Number One".
  • Post-episode I, Journey To The West episodes are bookended like they were an episode of Dragon Ball Z, fitting since Goku drew inspiration from the Monkey King in the first place.
  • In the video on Anansi, the sky god and master of all stories, Nyame, can be seen watching Black Panther and wondering why Wile E. Coyote never thinks to try and eat something besides the Road Runner.
  • In the video on Perseus, Polydectes decides that "Perseus's mom has got it goin' on".
  • The video on Huitzilopochtli has a dead Aztec warrior turning into a hummingbird that shouts "Blood for the blood god!"
  • In the video on Dionysus, at one point Mycenaean Dionysus says "Don't they know the party don't start 'til I walk in?"
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  • In the Narcissus video, when describing the fates of the titular characters admirers, Red quotes the chorus of "Without Love".
  • In the HP Lovecraft video, in The Dunwich Horror section, when Wilbur skims through the Necromonicon, Nyarlathotep is featured... and drawn as Nyarko-san.
    • Also from said video, Red speculates that "The Shadow over Innsmouth" would be a lot different had it been written in "today's culture of hot fish people". As she says this, it shows a picture of the protagonist encountering Ariel, Sidon, Aquaman, AndrAIa, and Namor.
  • "History Summarized: Ancient China" has the "China is whole again... then it broke again" clip from history of the entire world, i guess.
  • In Blue's video on Bronze Age Mesopotamia, the city of Eridu says that a good city should have layers "like ogres and onions".
  • "Blue's Dumb History Tales" includes an appearance from Trogdor the Burninator.
  • "History Summarized: The Fall of Rome" portrays Diocletian as Phil Swift. Later on, it compares the division of the empire in to Eastern and Western halves to Phil sawing a boat in half.
  • "Classics Summarized: The Iliad" has Red state that Book 10 of the Iliad is "basically a Metal Gear Solid mission". Odysseus, who is primarily responsible for doing all the sneaking, is basically portrayed as Solid Snake in Greek armour, complete with a bandana, beard, cardboard box, and David Hayter impression.
  • Eris's character design and colorization in Red's "Miscellaneous Myths: Aphrodite" video wouldn't look out of place in Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.
  • In the Norse Gods vines collection, the skit where Loki scares Thor by turning into a snake is appropriately titled "blegh, it's me!".
  • In the video on "All Quiet on the Western Front", Red mentions that Russia was in such a bad state at the end of WWI that it basically "burned down, fell over, and sank into the swamp."
  • The description for "History Summarized: The Mongols" has a description about Blue making a video "about John Green's exception"
  • If there's a video related to Ancient Egypt, expect them to have a Yu-Gi-Oh! reference.
    • In "History Summarized: Cleopatra" has Cleopatra getting a letter from "The priest of Yami Yugi" asking on helping release the Pharaoh from the Millennium Puzzle.
  • In the Oresteia video:
  • In Blue's Travel Summary to Copenhagen, he remarks on an empty carriage in the bypassing Royal parade on the occasion of the prince's birthday: "Well, you heard it here first, folks — the prince [of Denmark] has turned into a ghost."
  • During her trope talk on dragons, Red talks about how dragons are so variable compared to, say, a unicorn. She's not entirely sure what a unicorn with wings is, but mentions that she thinks it's an Alicorn, but not a unicorn anymore.
  • In "History Summarized: Alexander the Great", as part of a running gag of Blue not wanting to call him "The Great", Blue refers to Alexander at various points as Alexander the Alright, Alright, Alright, Alexander the Is-coarse-and-rough-and-irritating-and-gets-everywhere, and naturally Alexander the Hamilton.

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