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The contestants obviously drop a ton of references to their or their opponent's series of origin. Occasionally though, references are made to other works of fiction.

Samus VS Mega Man

  • Samus describes Mega Man as having been "created by Geppetto".
  • As Samus tells Mega Man that Nintendo knows how to handle characters who, like him, are without a future, a picture of Pac-Man appears on screen.

Elsa VS Jack Frost

  • Jack complains that he would have preferred to face Snow White.

Rayman VS Crash Bandicoot

  • Rayman compares Crash to a "dumber version of Donkey Kong".
  • Crash calls Rayman "Ray Charles". He also asks Rayman to refer to him as "Snoop Naughty Dogg".
  • Rayman points out that Crash stole his tornado spin from Taz. A Pidgeotto also appears in the background, referencing its Gust attack (which is called "Tornade" in French).

Ash VS Yugi

  • Ash accuses Duel Monsters of being a mere copy of Magic: The Gathering, and states that even Hearthstone was able to surpass it.
  • The line "That's just a dog, and that's just a duck!" is actually a reference to a video by Ermite Moderne, which parodied how fans reacted to the unveiling of new Pokémon.

Lara Croft VS Dora the Explorer

  • Dora taunts Lara by pointing out that the Uncharted series has become much more popular than her own, and accuses her of ripping off Indiana Jones.
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  • Lara borrows a line from Duke Nukem: "I'm not gonna fight you, I'm gonna kick your ass!".

Saitama VS Superman

Sonic VS Rainbow Dash

Zorro vs Zoro

  • One of Zoro's lines is "What does the fox say?", which makes sense when you know that "zorro" is Spanish for "fox".
  • Zoro mentions that Captain Hook would be a more appropriate opponent for Zorro.
  • Zorro states that Toei's art is "hardly super good", referencing the controversy surrounding Dragon Ball Super's mediocre animation.

Link VS Peter Pan

Mettaton VS Bayonetta

  • Mettaton makes a passing reference to Dante from Devil May Cry, who even appears on screen at that moment.
  • Mettaton mentons that he "can go Neo" to dodge Bayonetta's shots, which not only references his NEO form in his home game, but also the bullet-dodging scenes in The Matrix.
  • Mettaton compares himself to Inspector Gadget, even reprising the latter's catchphrase by calling Bayonetta a "go-go-dancer".

Detective Conan VS Inspector Gadget

Powerpuff Girls VS Totally Spies

  • Bubbles compares the Spies to Barbie. Buttercups adds that they're going to get "ken", which is both a reference to Barbie's boyfriend and French slang for "fucked".
  • Bubbles refers to the Spies as "Jerry's angels".
  • The Spies compare themselves to the James Bond girls, with Clover even namedropping Sean Connery.
  • Alex states that Superman is probably laughing at the PPG.
  • "Say, Mojo Jojo, bizarre adventures that you're having."

All Might VS Koro-Sensei

  • All-Might claims that he is training the next Saitama.
  • "Bullshit!" appears in a speech bubble styled after the ones present in the Ace Attorney series as All-Might screams it.
  • Onizuka's nickname for All-Might is "Captain Americunt".

The Visitor from the Future VS The Visitors

  • Godefroy tells the Visitor to go play the cup-and-ball, which is a wink to La Théorie des Balls, another Frenchnerd series in which cup-and-balls are a major plot point.
  • The Visitor namedrops two other movies featuring Christian Clavier, namely On ne choisit pas sa famille and Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu ?.
  • A zombie from the game Plants vs. Zombies shows up in the background.

Yandere-Chan VS Monika

  • The line "Monika is a slut" is taken directly from the song "C'est une pute" by Fatal Bazooka, who appears in the background.
  • One line points out that had the battle followed popular demand, Sans would have been the one to face Ayano rather than Monika.


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