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Shout Out / Gwain Saga

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Gwain Saga contains many references to various media.

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     In General 
  • Most of the background songs and sound effects are from different videogames franchises.
  • Geo himself could be considered one to Modern Sonic, since nearly every one of his sound effects come from a modern game, and his hair even looks similar to the famous hedgehog.

     Episode 1 
  • When Geo is falling into Teora it's playing the overworld theme of Super Mario Bros. 2 referencing the beginning of the game
  • The confrontation with the wolves is a battle right out of the original Paper Mario.
     Episode 2 

     Episode 3 
  • As Ami and company travel to the university, the art style changes to look like a Gen 1 Pokémon game.
  • Agni's bullies look a lot like Soldier 76, Mercy, McCree, and Sombra from Overwatch.
  • Geo fights the bullies in a battle right out of Final Fantasy VII.
     Episode 4 
  • When Geo is chasing Marlow, her run pattern looks a lot like the intro sequence in Sonic CD.
  • There's a chase sequence that's ripped right out of Battletoads.
  • Marlow's bestiary has a picture of Triclyde from Super Mario Bros. 2 on the cover.
  • When Marlow opens up her Bestiary to the Vampire section several famous (or infamous) vampires from popular fiction show up, such as Count Burns and Count von Count. One character even mentions certain vampires sparkle in the sunlight.
  • Marlow and Geo end up in a shot-for-shot recreation of Armored Armadillo's stage, complete with a remix of the stage's theme music. The Robot that attacks them even appears to be an Expy of Mole Borer, the Mini-Boss of Armored Armadillo's stage.
  • The giant snake monster that appears near the end resembles a Steelix.
     Episode 5 
  • After the intro, episode 5 begins with Gwain chastising Geo in a scene stylistically reminiscent of Peanuts. Geo even licks the Queen across the face like Snoopy, to her disgust.
  • While Electra is handing out invitations, she gives invitations to the Mane Six and Professor Burnett from Pokemon.
  • Agni and Deva disguise themselves as Daft Punk to get into Electra's party
  • When Geo goes up against the Elite Captain, the area changes to the Asterisk Holder Battle Screen from Bravely Default, complete with "That Person's Name Is" playing as the background music.
  • The gift that Geo and Ami give Electra looks exactly like an Electrium Z.
     Episode 6 
     Episode 7 
  • Fittingly for episode 007, the opening credits are done in the style of a James Bond movie's titles, complete with parody-Bond opening song about baking bread.
  • The Statue of Gwain is based off of the Statue of Liberty
  • Several popular Twitter artists make cameo appearances in the crowd during the unveiling of Gwain's statue
    • Including Sr.Pelo who was the train conductor in the previous episode
  • Though in other episodes the place Lanney works is called Gwain Bucks an obvious reference to the real life brand Starbucks
  • Golden Sun gets a huge shoutout when Ami finally confronts her mother for her inaction against Luna, between the overworld variation and in-battle UI.
  • Marlow goes super during her fight with Luna.
  • Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 make a cameo appearance as two girls standing next to a dumpster during the rain
  • Lanney's moveset is greatly inspired by Kirby's Stone ability and the Battletoads' skills.
    • The whole sequence where Lanney scales the Gwain statue is framed with a HUD similar to the one found in Final Fight.
    • A Smash Bros. ring-out blast effect is used frequently throughout this episode's fights.
  • Lanney makes a face reminiscent of Aqua after Geo comes back to finish off Tahjin

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