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  • There are multiple cameo appearances from famous bear-celebrities, often as more flanderized versions of themselves:
    • Ted, as an obnoxious moviegoer. Barry winds up killing him for his troubles.
    • Winnie-the-Pooh, as a gay hobo.
    • Paddington Bear, as a tourist who gets robbed by Bearagamo before returning the favor later.
    • Brother and Sister Berenstain, as Saint Bearstein college students. Also, Brother is a basketball star that winds up transferring to Bearhouse College while Sister is a rising porn star that made her name by making a video with Paul.
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    • Teddy Ruxpin, as a perverted history teacher.
    • Baloo, as a powerful drug lord.
    • Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo Bear, more-or-less as themselves. This earns Yogi a beat-down from Pandora.
    • Fozzie Bear, as a relatively more successful stand-up comedian. Emphasis on "relatively", not so much "successful".
    • Po, who is still the Dragon Warrior. He's also Pandora's father, and he trained her well.
    • The Coca-Cola Bear, here nicknamed CC, as a bipolar celebrity.
    • Smokey Bear, who is still a walking advertisement for the prevention of tree fires. As it turns out, it's only his job. He smokes weed regularly, and serving jail time did not change his opinion on it.
    • A family of three bears (a father, mother, and son) appear on the news to prove that humans exist. The father tells the news reporter that a female human went into their house, ate their porridge, and went to sleep in the son's room. The news reporter is not convinced.
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    • Sunshine, the Resident Assistant, is essentially a gay college student Expy of Funshine Bear.
  • The same applies to bear versions of Real Life celebrities and non-bear fictional characters:
    • Drake, who turns out to be a Care Bear.
    • Chris Brown, who hosted a concert with Drake. Buttrape Bear apparently met him in prison.
    • The hip-hop trio Migos also hosted a concert.
    • Plies posts a video on social media using the concept of taxes in a series of Unusual Euphemisms.
    • Kevin Hart, who engages in a feud with Fozzie Bear.
    • Kanye West, who is associated with Pops.
    • President Donald Trump does his inauguration speech, and he makes sure to rub his victory in to Hillary Clinton.
    • Steve Harvey, as the host of Family Feud, just as he is currently.
    • Uncle Bill, an Expy of Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, appears as Bearagamo's uncle. He even has a butler that's based on Geoffrey.
    • It's Pennywise form appears in a sewer drain and attempts to lure Barry to his doom when Barry drops his phone into said drain. Pennywise even uses the same tactics used on Georgie when his paper boat fell in the drain. Barry simply takes out his gun so that Pennywise would be forced to give the phone back.
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  • There are enough references to hip-hop music to go around.
  • In this universe, the slang word for homosexual is Care Bear, and most are just as easy to spot as you would think.
  • Grizzly has to steal a folder from an office secured by a digital lock puzzle. Just how does he manage to solve it? Take a wild guess...
  • The way Bearagamo is literally thrown out of the Beta Eta Alpha Rho frat house is a reference to the many, many instances in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where Jazz is thrown out of Uncle Phil's house.
    • Later, Uncle Bill himself winds up throwing Bearagamo out of the house during summer vacation after Bearagamo wrecks his house. In fact, the entire scene with Uncle Bill and Bearagamo plays out like an opening scene from said show, complete with credits and a Laugh Track.
  • When Barry takes offense to Grizzly's fashion critiques, he starts going Super Saiyan.
  • Episode 14 mentions Orange Is the New Black.
  • The scene where Bearagamo calls Baloo to let him know that he's paid off his debt is an almost perfect recreation of the ending to Friday.
    • When Pandora knocks out Yogi Bear in episode 4, she asks Boo-Boo if he wanted some too. He responds by pointing both hands to Pandora and saying "No" in a matter-of-fact way before telling Yogi that it's time to go. This exchange plays out very similarly to the exchange between Deebo and Red's father just after Deebo knocked out Red.
  • Whenever Loud gets so high that he starts flying, specifically whenever he flies away from the scene, he is accompanied with the first part of the Reading Rainbow theme.
  • Specs usually yells "Shoryuken!" or "Hadouken!" whenever he reaches the climax.
  • Barry often tells Sunshine, the Resident Assistant, that he is being unprofessional while on the job. After catching himself doing it one time, Sunshine apologizes before asking if that instance counted as unprofessionalism. Barry's response? "Hey, knowing is half the battle."
  • When Pandora calls Barry and tells him that she took a pregnancy test, Barry panics and immediately starts thinking of ways to proceed with the conversation. These thoughts are shown in the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? question format.
  • When Grizzly and his cousins are out of weed during summer vacation, Grizzly suggests getting a Swisher Sweet-flavored blunt. An anthropomorphic Swisher Sweet suddenly shows up to do just that, using the mannerisms of Lil' Sweet from the Diet Dr. Pepper commercials.
  • When Winnie the Pooh tries to shoot Bearagamo in a drug deal gone wrong, he says "Say hello to my little friend!".
    • When that fails, Pooh escapes using a grappling gun with a bat symbol on it. When Bearagamo reports this to Baloo, he even explains that Pooh got away "like his family was murdered in an alley", an obvious reference to Batman's superhero origins.
  • When Autumn tries to seek professional help to control her sexual desire for Barry, her therapist ultimately treats her to a reenactment of the infamous "sunken place" scene from Get Out. When Autumn comes to, she has Pandora come with her to deal with the therapist, shown in detail in the credits. The episode where this happens is even titled "Get Out".
  • In episode 24, when Grizzly tries to prove to Barry, yet again, that he is not under Autumn's thumb, Autumn calls him and asks him to get some things from the store. When Grizzly works up the courage to look in Barry's direction, Barry is making a grinning face that screams "You LOVE being under her thumb, don't you, Grizzly?".
  • When Barry enrolls in an App Development & Coding class mid-semester, Barry gets so lost in class that he starts hearing the teacher (and one of the students) speak using non-sensical "womps".

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