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DarkMatter2525 is a YouTube creator who criticizes organized religion, particularly Christianity and Islam, mostly with animated cartoons, at the same time promoting atheism. Due to the inherently controversial nature of the subjects he talks about and threats that he receives, DarkMatter keeps his identity confidential, though he and his wife have appeared in many videos as themselves, along with voicing characters. He also has a secondary channel, DarkAntics, in which he discusses the same issues as himself rather than with animations.

The animated videos have a recurring cast of characters, among them:

  • God: an egocentric fool who is terrible at making coherently designed things.
  • Jeffery: a cherubic angel with a skill for snarky criticism of God, pointing out how His actions rarely make logical sense.
  • Jesus: a hippie-ish Nice Guy who is sometimes embarrassed with his dad.
  • Satan: God's counterpart, who looks like a little girl named "Lucy Fur" with a hammy, deep voice and more a Troll than really dangerous.
  • Not-Muhammad: an Arabian guy who is sometimes a Jerkass, but can be good company too; he is always completely censored.

There are also many, many other characters, depending on the story being analyzed and criticized. Often, they are a parody of a celebrity, while other times, they are regular people who just got caught in God's machinations.


  • Absurdly Ineffective Barricade: A recurring gag has the video start with Jeffery needing to talk to God about a problem. While God is off playing with his toys or something, Jeffery walks up to the door to God's room, the door, guarded by security (wooden boards nailed to the doorway, surface-to-air missiles, a moat with sharks, or even a spaceship tractor beam to send Jeffery to another galaxy) only for Jeffery to get past the security due to a simple error. Such examples include flying over the door or under the cloud floor, taking advantage of the cartoon being two-dimensional to phase through the door frame, walking around the door since there are no walls, or straight-up killing the aliens and taking their starship to dogfight his way back. One time he even straight up destroys the missile launcher with a kick. In one episode, God comes to a barrier and knocks it down as Jeffery is researching a cure for diseases.
  • Aerith and Bob: The huntsman in Where No God Treads, episode 2 of Power Corrupts, tells his wife that he is about to go on a hunt with Koomba Koomba, The Mammoth Rider, Ragnar the Bear Killer, and Bob.
  • The Afterafterlife: There have been various videos that have tackled this idea.
    • In "God's God", Yahweh is mocking a freshly-dead atheist for not believing in him, only for Jeffery to accuse him of being an atheist because he does not believe that someone might have intelligently designed him. Unable to come up with a response, he quickly kills Jeffery, only for Jeffery to kill him with a gun at the same time. They end up ascending to a different Heaven where they encounter a being claiming to be the god who created Yahweh. Yahweh complains about the various unfair scrutinies he himself has held to his own creations. They all eventually kill each other, ascending to a higher-leveled Heaven to meet another god and so on and so on. Eventually, the various Gods and their helpers end up on Earth where they encounter a normal human man who claims to have made all the gods.
    • In "Afterlife is Meaningless Without Afterafterlife", a pair of damned souls in Hell moving rocks (and a pair of oddly identical souls in Heaven bowing in reverence) discuss the idea of an afterlife after the afterlife, with one claiming that those who believe the Afterafterlife will eventually be raptured from their current afterlives (the damned souls from their eternal torment, the souls in Heaven from their eternal boredom) into a better one. The other soul is not nearly as convinced. The video was designed to be a form of criticism at the idea that an eternal afterlife gives our finite lives on Earth meaning.
    • In "God's Political Compass", Jeffery puts Yahweh through an online political compass in order to settle the dispute in what political group he affiliates the most with. When he is eventually given the statement "All authority should be questioned", Yahweh starts to shutter violently. A white celestial body appears in the Milky Way, the gravitational pull so strong that it sucks in the entire solar system (along with Jeffery and Yahweh) before a black dot appears within it with "Strongly Disagree" appearing next to it. They wake up in a realm similar to Heaven, Yahweh claiming that they had died and gone to the Afterafterlife before they continue with the quiz.
  • All Myths Are True: Throughout various videos, the canon mostly focuses on Christian theology, with Yahweh as God, Jesus as his son and mankind's savior, and the Holy Bible's tenants as God's law. Not-Muhammad (a stand-in for The Prophet Muhammadnote ) also exists, however, referring to Yahweh as Allah and sharing space in Heaven with Jesusnote . In other circumstances, Allah and the Islamic incarnation of Heaven are separate entities to Yahweh and the Christian Heaven. To take it a step further, deities from other religions like Zeus make appearances, with Yahweh actually being a student from the same Deity college as the pagan gods. God even has his own god in one video. There's also a video that flashes back to him killing the other gods after getting in trouble for a stolen school report.
  • Almighty Idiot: God is portrayed as this. He isn't cruel in the sense that he enjoys suffering for the most part, but he's incredibly callous and foolish (it's suggested he's a heavy drinker), doesn't bother to think things through despite the fact he really should know better, and can't take criticism.
  • Ambiguous Situation: It's not clear whether Power Corrupts is a Cerebus Retcon to Darkmatter's standalone videos or in a separate continuity entirely.
  • The Anti-Nihilist: "Why Does Anything Matter?" parodies claims that life has no meaning without an afterlife or God, taking the opposite view.
  • Appeal to Popularity: In "Creationists' First Time on the Internet", Bobby insists that Christianity must be true because there are billions of Christians in the world.
  • Armoured Closet Gay:
  • Armor-Piercing Question: One of the “Power Corrupts” episodes has Yahweh in prison after being tricked into surrendering his omnipotent power, and after being forced to do hard labor and degrading tasks for decades, complains about how unjust it all is, only for a disguised Jeffery to point out that it’s only the system Yahweh implemented for all prisoners and that it is not justice, but revenge, and that a being with infinite wisdom should have known that and used rehabilitative justice instead. He snaps back that revenge is justice, asking Jeffery whether he would agree that criminals must be brutally punished if one of them killed his family. Jeffery admits that he probably would want revenge in that case, but fires back with an Armor-Piercing Question of his own, asking Yahweh that, if he has to be severely emotionally compromised in order to agree with him, then what does that say about the validity of Yahweh’s argument?
  • Art Evolution: Dark Matter's animation has undergone this. At first, his characters were drawn with black dots for eyes and squiggly black lines for mouths that moved when the characters spoke. Nowadays, they have regular, white, and colored eyes and proper mouths with teeth and everything except for God and Jeffery. The artwork in general is much more polished and refined, with much more details and better shading compared to how it was in the early videos. The voice work and -quality also improved heavily over the years.
  • Artistic License – History: Done intentionally to the point of satire in “Why We Are DOOMED”, which takes the voice of a hypothetical right-wing pundit so determined to equate Christianity with everything good about Western civilization and its absence with everything bad that he inverts real history wherever possible and even contradicts himself multiple times within the same speech, depending on what distortion of history is more profitable for his argument at the time. Though the commenters assumed it was a satire of PragerU, it’s more primarily making fun of right-wing theists like Pat Buchanan, whose conservatism causes them to hold inconsistent values.
  • Artistic License – Law: The Courtroom videos are a total farce, though being DarkMatter2525 cartoons, this is intentionally done for the sake of satire.
    • Firstly, the Defense Lawyer always defaults to his client's religious beliefs as a defense for their crimes. While things like matters of religious persuasion for matters like necessary medical treatment tend to differ from state to state, none of them condone murder (premeditated or not) or any form of manslaughter, which are usually the crimes his clients are guilty of. Taken to even more absurd levels when the clients are actively committing the murder in front of everyone.
    • Secondly, the Judge almost always sides with the Defendant and will routinely antagonize the Prosecutor over his more secular arguments. A sitting Judge is allowed personal religious beliefs to be sure, but the Judge shows clear judicial bias based off of his personal religious beliefs and will often cater to the Defendant's faith-based arguments, most of which border on interpretation and phantom evidence, both of which would be in clear violation of the First Amendment ("Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...")
    • Thirdly, the Judge will routinely have the bailiffs assault the Prosecutor as a show of force whenever he makes any impassioned plea for reason. Bailiffs aren't there to be the Judge's personal attack dogs. They are there as a security measure, often to keep everyone at a safe distance from each other. The Prosecutor would be well within his rights to sue the Judge and the bailiffs with assault charges, and possibly have the Judge disbarred for it.
  • Ascended Fridge Horror: The entire premise of the "God & Jeffery" videos revolves around God's actions in The Bible and how they would not hold up to scrutiny to modern ethics, and those that try to justify it coming across as crazy, petty, or grossly misinformed.
  • Author Avatar: Jeffery, an angel who criticizes God's action (or inaction) in many ways, is pretty obviously one of Dark Matter himself.
  • Author Tract: The video series intends to criticize and satirize religion (particularly Christianity and Islam) while defending Atheism.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Dark Matter is mentioned in his video "If God Answers Prayers" when God complains about atheists on YouTube making videos about his actions, especially "that Dark-Matter, what's-his-face-douchebag".
  • Circular Reasoning: The creationists in "Creationists' First Time on the Internet" insist that the Bible is the perfect word of God because the Bible says so.
  • Comically Missing the Point: Zigzagged in "God is Punishing Us!" Pat Robertson on The 700 Club equates several natural disasters - like earthquakes, floods, tsunamis - to God's displeasure towards unrelated secular incidents - gay marriage, not forcing children to pray in public schools, saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas", etc. Justified since this is the actual reason in-universe. When Jeffery fills in for God and uses natural disasters to only target the transgressors, causing legitimate belief in God to sky-rocket, Pat wonders aloud if this was caused by climate change.
  • Courtroom Antics: A series of videos set in a courtroom have been uploaded featuring a down-to-earth prosecuting attorney and an Insane Troll Logic following defense attorney.
  • Death by Irony: The video "More Communist than the Communists" begins with a man giving a speech about the horrors of Communism, and how many people have died because of it. Near the end of his speech, he asks how many more lives communism will take - and behind him, one anti-communism sign falls over, pushing him forward so that the thin microphone is impaled in his eye, killing him.
  • Deconstructor Fleet: The point of most of the videos is to deconstruct religious concepts and ideas. Initially, this came down to proving that they made little sense and were unfounded in evidence, but more recent ones instead focus on the logical consequences of those concepts being true. For example, the relationship God has with humanity has quite a few parallels to Domestic Abuse.
  • Deity of Mortal Creation: God's God has the dead gods meet a human that informs them that humankind created the Gods, and that it was time for them to put the "toys" away.
  • Disproportionate Retribution:
    • Every murder committed by Neocon Jesus has a flimsy justification. He kills sheiks for "fucking with [his] profits". He kills abortion doctors because "killing is wrong". He kills Mexicans for trying to cross the border illegally. He kills a gay couple because his reaction to dudes kissing is "ew". The same applies to most of the other kills in Dark Matter's videos.
    • In the Power Corrupts Prison Episode, Jeffery argues that all penal systems based on retribution are necessarily this, because rehabilitation has been empirically demonstrated to reduce crime and recidivism whereas retribution is mere revenge, and though he names no names makes it is pretty obvious that, in addition to rebuking Yahweh’s in-universe system, the speech is an indictment of the U.S. prison system and a call to treat criminals like they are treated in the Nordic countries.
  • Don't Shoot the Message:
    • invoked In-universe. "Creationists' First Time on the Internet" advises creationists not to use the arguments presented in the video, as they've been refuted many times and will just make them "an embarrassment to their cause".
    • He also feels "Social Justice Warriors" (i.e. people who advocate for social justice causes in ways viewed as more extreme) drive others away from them in disgust, which harms the issues which they care about.
  • Easy Road to Hell: Many of his videos dissect this concept, e.g. here it's said more than one hundred billion people are in Hell, but Heaven has "much fewer".
  • Eating Optional: In the God and Jeffery clip "If Man Obeyed God", Adam and Eve refuse to eat from the Tree of Knowledge and remain immortal. Thousands of years later, God (who'd actually expected them to eat it) tries to talk Adam into eating the apple, after all, only to be told that Adam gave up eating centuries ago: he can't die, and not eating means he doesn't have to deal with the icky business of doing his business, so why bother?
  • Egocentrically Religious: In God's Priorities, he argues that anyone who prays for God's help is being extremely selfish and arrogant. And also part II.
  • Eldritch Abomination: God turns into one while asking Jeffery a question in How God Invented Prayer.
  • Equal-Opportunity Offender: If Muhammad Replaced Trump depicts the left-wing as a horde of SJWs who hate everything Donald Trump says until they find out Muhammad said it, whereas the right-wing is a horde of rednecks and Klansmen who agree with almost everything Trump says, but are horrified at Muhammad saying them. Trump is depicted as being able to spout out sexism, antisemitism, and racism with people only being moderately surprised, and Hillary Clinton is depicted as a robot who puts too much emphasis on the fact that she is female and can get away with killing a man, and is covered in logos belonging to her corporate sponsors. Even the media is shown putting far more emphasis on the things that Trump says than Hillary murdering someone.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: When God travels to Hell to ask Satan for her evilest spirit in King David, even she thinks it's fucked up, but agrees to it anyway.
  • Evil All Along: "Is God Actually The Villain?" seems to take this stance.
  • Evil Versus Evil: The Cruel Twist Ending of “Never Count the Stars” has the Star-Travelers, who previously showed the facade of being a democratic, rationalistic, and atheistic people who pitied the exiled priestess in the grip of a regressive religion, nonetheless decide to commit genocide against her people (or rather, try to, since their descendants exist 10,000 years later, with culture evidently unchanged) without a second thought, and do it again when the machines are turned back on in the present. Fridge Logic points out that if they had really wanted to free the earthbound people from tyranny and ignorance, they could have easily taken out The Theocracy and then come down to the planet to educate the peasants, but they did not, as shown by the religion still existing, and despite remaining in orbit for 10,000 years. Therefore, they don’t actually care about the people at all, only the planet’s resources, and are no better than the corrupt Path of Inspiration which controls the planet.
  • Feeling Oppressed by Their Existence: One video portrays this, titled "Hate Speech", in which after a Christian tells an atheist how he is going to forever burn in Hell while he will bask in the glory of Heaven, and the atheist rebukes him by saying that he thinks that's ridiculous, the Christian accuses him of "hate speech" and "oppressing Christians". Jesus himself then shows up (on the cross, no less) to tell him off over this.
  • Fire and Brimstone Hell: The standard depiction of Hell in Dark's videos is one full of fire and sulfur.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: In the Power Corrupts series, Yahweh goes from a school bully to a dictator holding nearly the entire world in his grip. Subverted when the takeover is revealed as just another part of the simulation.
  • Gainax Ending: "The Blame Game" ends with the suspected killer being unmasked, revealing it as a space alien that gets up, flips a switch and blows up the Earth, followed by it being covered on a news-report on a distant planet.
  • Getting Smilies Painted on Your Soul: In order for people to stay happy in Heaven with their loved ones burning in Hell, it's theorized they need to be made happy by God, and worship him lovingly afterward for eternity. For instance, "Why Is Murder Wrong" has a man in Heaven along with his wife's murderer since they were both Christian and repented, while made perfectly content with it by Jesus. One of the damned in Hell remarks that "at least here you keep your mind" while we see the pair happy together.
  • God: Well, duh! Stereotypically portrayed as a bearded white man in the clouds. He's generally neglectful and callous toward his creation.
  • God and Satan Are Both Jerks: DarkMatter2525's interpretation of the Book of Job from the Bible. In it he argues that both God and Satan are being jerks for forcing Job to undergo such suffering for what is essentially a bet between them for their own amusement. The whole time Straight Man angel Jeffery constantly pleads with them to stop because he rightly thinks that what's happening to Job is wrong.
  • God's Hands Are Tied: God cites free will (among other things) as a reason why he can't stop evil to Jeffery, who points out the inconsistency regarding this.
  • God Test:
    • The Evolution of Apologetics notes that things have fallen from the days of the Bible when Elijah showed God was real by having him do a miracle.
    • Also done in the "Power Corrupts" series, which portrays our reality as a world like The Matrix: our sole purpose is testing if Yahweh can use power responsibly. It turns out that Yahweh is a regular guy who abuses his power to no end.
  • Godwin's Law: In "Creationists' First Time on the Internet", Bubba says atheism is bad because Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot "were all atheists".
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: This video in which Jeffery, God's assistant, asks Him to stop teasing the atheists before he sentences them to Hell, just because they didn't believe in Him. God mocks this by saying "they should have known" that intelligent beings such as themselves had to have a creator. Jeffery asks God who created Him. He denies He has a creator. Jeffery asks God if He is intelligent, and when He admits it, Jeffery points out God is making the logical fallacy of "special pleading" and being a Hypocrite, condemning those who did not believe the very thing He doesn't, either. This starts an argument so upsetting, that they both kill each other. Hilarity Ensues when they appear before God's God to have God answer for His sins, including not believing in His creator! This then ends in Serial Escalation where they and each God's newly discovered God kill each other until they end up in the presence of a human under a tree, who then explains all of them as a fiction. They all eventually disappear.
  • Hitler Ate Sugar: Lampshaded in "Creationists' First Time on the Internet;" Bubba says atheism is bad because Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot "were all atheists".
  • Hollywood Atheist: The Secret Lives of Atheists lampoons every negative stereotype about atheists under the sun. Subverted, averted, and defied in most discussions by Jeffery.
  • The Horseshoe Effect: "Christian VS Muslim" is designed to point out how radical Christians and Muslims both have dislikes/fondnesses for similar things.
  • Hypocritical Humor:
    • In "Creationists' First Time on the Internet", Bobby and Bubba watch porn, beg Jesus for forgiveness... and immediately go back to the porn.
    • The commandment "Thou Shall Not Kill" comes up often in videos when Jeffery mentions Yahweh killing people. In "What Would Neocon Jesus Do?", Neocon Jesus also uses "killing is wrong" to justify the murder of two abortion doctors. That alone is pretty hypocritical, but made even better by the fact that he spends the rest of the video killing people for petty reasons (killing sheiks for "fucking with [his] profits", killing Mexicans for trying to cross the border illegally, and killing a gay couple for having the audacity to get married).
    Neocon Jesus: Don't you dumb fucks know that killing is wrong? [shoots two abortion doctors] Thou shalt not kill!
    • In "The Meaning of Life", God berates a scientist for making robots for the sole purpose of making them worship him, and for punishing them when they act like robots instead. Meanwhile, a lot of people worship God, knowing that he'll punish them if they don't.
    • When Jeffery takes a Christian to see Jesus in Is Christianity Moral?, he at first doesn't wanna go and kill people, but once Jeffery pays the Romans to let Jesus go, the Christian unloads on Jesus.
    • In "God Judges The Amazing Atheist", God accuses TJ of being a racist, only for TJ to retort that he has no grievance with any specific race in general… except for Eskimos.
    • In "God Vs. Abortion", an anti-abortion Christian becomes perfectly fine with abortion upon learning that God used it so much in the Bible.
  • Infernal Paradise: "More Communist than the Communists" portrays the traditional image of heaven like this. Sure, you get a nice mansion, but you will be spending most of your time groveling before God, who in this universe is a complete and utter jerk. But the worst thing about this is living with the knowledge that billions upon billions of people, likely including several of your loved ones, will burn in hell for all eternity. Even a devout Christian portrayed in the video finds that to be horrifying.
  • Ironic Echo: There are some episodes where God questions when somebody does something that he does himself.
  • It's All About Me: Jeffery calls Yahweh out on his narcissism constantly, Yahweh having created humans with the express purpose of showering him with praise, as well as for him to have people to "fuck with".
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Not-Muhammad is often a very irritable person who annoys his peers, but deep down he often means well and can be amicable.
  • Jesus Was Way Cool: Although the cartoon mercilessly satires Yahweh as a highly incompetent jerk (at his best) Jesus is always portrayed well, as a somewhat nice, put-upon guy who frequently doesn't like what his dad does. In several cases, he is the foil for modern American conservative Christians, juxtaposing more compassionate, humble teachings he had with their views (as the opposite). Sometimes he's even told off by characters with these views, to show how little people like this can even recognize what he really said.
  • Just Giving Orders: In "The Secret Lives of Atheists", Adolf Hitler manages to save himself from being killed by his associates in the World Domination Atheist Network for letting his atrocities be traced back to him (since the narrative is meant to be what an ultra-conservative Christian family think atheists are like), he manages to save face by making the claim that even if he was an atheist, he technically did not kill all of those people and that he just gave the orders.
  • Mistaken for Terrorist: Jesus decides to have his Second Coming at La Guardia airport. The sight of a man in Middle-Eastern clothing declaring he's going to "send everyone to kingdom come" results in everyone fleeing in panic and gets Jesus dogpiled by cops and soldiers.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: A lot of the classical Biblical characters in the videos are depicted with the likeness and mannerisms of famous modern actors, with a lot of their dialogue being paraphrased quotes they and characters they have played have said.
  • "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer: When Dark Matter's animations about religion have an animated version of a scene from the Bible, the Bible verse is displayed. Usually, this is a citation, but for some of the more ridiculous parts, it's used as a disclaimer.
  • Not So Above It All:
    • Jeffery is shown to have quite the thing for ladies despite his logical approaches to Yahweh's plans.
    • Also Jesus, who, despite being portrayed as quite the friendly character, is willing to go along with some of God's less-than-ethical plans and thought processes.
  • "Not So Different" Remark: "More Communist than the Communists" points out that the features fundamentalist Christians (rightly) denounce regarding Communist states (as a way to attack atheism by association) would be worse in the Heaven and Hell they posit, where an all-powerful being demands to be revered eternally rather than simply for the length of his subjects' lives, while anyone who disobeys suffers being tortured forever (much worse than any real dictator could do).
  • Not So Omniscient After All: Whenever God asks something or has to be told something, Jeffery is the first to ask why either had to happen considering he is supposed to be omniscient. This leads to God either immediately changing the subject or pretending that he already knew that.
  • Not Quite the Almighty: "God's God" has Yahweh meet his creator, only to protest when he's judged similarly to how he judged humans. Hilarity Ensues when they start killing each other and meet higher gods, only to meet humanity who made the gods up in the first place and they vanish.
  • Odd Job Gods: In "God of the Paradox", Yahweh was meant to be the God of Pastries (since his major was Culinary Arts).
  • An Offer You Can't Refuse: "Would You Vote For God?" uses the analogy of a human dictator offering his people a "choice" between choosing him or torture as the analogy to how fundamentalist Christians argue God acts, i.e. with the "option" to worship him vs. going to Hell. He notes that very few people would consider that a "free choice" if a person did it, but rather the worst form of oppressive coercion.
  • Omniscient Morality License: Whenever Jeffery questions the ethical implications of Yahweh's atrocities, as well as the hypocrisies of not allowing others to do the same, Yahweh usually whips this trope out in one form or another, claiming things like Screw the Rules, I Make Them! and the fact that he is defined as the ultimate good and thus whenever he does something, it is not considered bad.
  • Only Sane Man: Jeffery is portrayed this way, in contrast to God.
  • Place Beyond Time: It is established by Yahweh that the afterlife (or at the very least, Heaven) exists outside of Earth's definition of time, with events happening out of order.
    • In the Adaptational Alternate Ending to "The Book of Job", Jeffery goes to Job and preemptively brings Job to a modern elementary school to explain basic Earth science and astrology before he could give his A God Am I "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
    • "Perfect Double Standard" dictates the events that occurred when Yahweh told Moses to free the Israelites from slavery and the Plagues of Egypt that he unleashes later on. Not only is Jesus there in Heaven with them (Moses predating his time on Earth) but when Jeffery complains about how Yahweh's punishment of Ramses II afflicts the slaves as well, Yahweh tries justifying himself by trying to make Abraham Lincoln use the same Old Testament behavior towards the Confederate States' first-born sons.
  • Poe's Law: Many comments on "If Hitler Never Existed" insisted that the world wouldn't be a Utopia if Adolf Hitler never existed, to the point where Dark Matter made a comment pointing out that this video was a joke, and it was commenting on people in the present, not people in the past.
  • Putting the "Pal" in Principal: In "God of the Paradox", Carl Sagan is portrayed as the Principal of God School. When Yahweh tries altering his diploma so that it says "God of Everything" instead of "God of Pastries" despite his major being in Culinary Arts, Sagan allows it, claiming that in order to make an apple pie from scratch, one must first create the universe.
  • Realism-Induced Horror: "You're Living In A Horror Story" discusses the similarities between religion and horror stories.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: The depiction of God seen in "The Greater Insult"
  • Reverse Psychology:
    • Jeffery attempts this on Yahweh in Fatal Flaw. He promises Yahweh to write a positive report for him after the simulation ends in exchange for not being sent to hell. Yahweh calls him out on this, claiming to be proficient in this trope and concludes that Jeffery actually wants to be sent to hell. Instead, he sends Jeffery back to his cell, after the latter admits that sitting there was worse for him than being in hell. Only, in actuality, Jeffery had been using double-reverse psychology and expected being put into a cell, so that he could set his new plan into motion.
    • Also, in Reverse Christianity, a man named "Jerry" dies and finds himself in a futuristic room where he's greeted by a worker for said room who tells him that all humans are actually Artificial Intelligence, and that Christianity is actually a "morality trap" to see which A.I.s are good, and which are bad. Jerry is shocked to discover that his beliefs were all a lie.
  • Robot Religion: In the video "Unexpected God", robots believe that their creator is a being much like thought of in religions. Thus the robot main character rejects the human he meets as being their creator, and this is treated similarly to certain people rejecting evolution.
  • Rouge Angles of Satin: In-universe. When Bobby and Bubba of "Creationists' First Time on the Internet" write something, it's guaranteed to be misspelled.
  • Satire: Many if not most of the videos involve this, running with common apologetics claims to show what they entail in Real Life. For instance "How To Be Like God", which displays how defenses against the problem of evilnote  like respect for free will, being simply "mysterious" etc. would seem if a person did them (i.e. a huge sadistic jerk who lets you die rather than give help he could easily provide).
  • Sexophone: In "Creationists' First Time on the Internet", the main characters watch porn and masturbate as saxophone music plays.
  • Shout-Out: In "The Meaning of Life", one of God's worshipers looks a lot like Edward Cullen.
  • Skewed Priorities:
    • The video If Hitler Never Existed, a parody of It's a Wonderful Life, is about a man who wishes that Hitler had never existed, only for "the Gestapo Angel" to appear before him, to show him what the world would really be like if Adolf Hitler had never existed. The man is then brought to a futuristic Utopia, which appears to be perfect - until the man sees his alternate self arguing with someone on the Internet, and being completely unable to demonize him; he can't compare him to Hitler, he can't call him a Grammar Nazi, and he can't Photoshop Nazi imagery onto his picture. The man quickly begs the Gestapo Angel to take him back to the real world.
    • "God Isn't Allowed In Schools" debunks the idea that school shootings occur because religion isn't forced onto school students.
    • In "God is Punishing Us!", When Jeffery is put in charge of punishing sinners on Earth while God goes on vacation, he uses natural disasters to target only the sinners for actual wrong-doing (bank-robbers, child molesters, ISIS (which is ironic, considering ISIS believes they're doing God's work), etc). Not only does this make crime go down, but conversions to legitimate theism skyrocket because the events could only be possible by God's existence. When God finds out, he is pissed at Jeffery for not enacting random disasters onto people for petty, unrelated reasons because he is being "obvious" about it and not "hella mysterious."
    • In "God Vs. Abortion", a Christian protesting an abortion clinic gets run over and goes to Heaven where he learns that abortion was used as punishment at various points in the Bible. Upon this revelation, he abandons his anti-abortion label and becomes infanticidal.
  • Soapbox Sadie: Dark Matter's videos criticize people who take this too far in his opinion, particularly when God gets on-board, though he's careful to note he agrees in general with opposing racism, sexism, etc.
  • Sock Puppet: In "Creationists' First Time on the Internet", the creationists create sock puppet accounts to upvote their own content and flag that of those who disagree.
  • Sperm as People:
    • One minor character is Holy-Ghost Money-Shot, the sperm of Yahweh, who wears a wizard's hat and claims to have impregnated the Virgin Mary.
    • "Lord of the Nuva Rings" is a reference to The Lord of the Rings where all the characters are sperm looking for the uterus but find a uvula instead.
  • Stop Worshipping Me: "The Greater Insult" portrays God (a more human-esque version of God divorced of the Jerkass Yahweh in most of his other videos) as someone who would much rather talk to mankind as an equal rather than be constantly praised and worshiped. He tells Samuel (an atheist) that he likes him and lets him go in peace because Samuel wanted an actual dialogue devoid of groveling, while God gives a particularly savage "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Sabrina and Marcus (a Muslim and a Christian) for thinking that God enforced prejudice and blind obedience while being willfully oblivious of how toxic that kind of thinking was.
    God: That's your first problem. You think I want you kneeling before me? What's worse: that you think I'm a monster, or that you don't realize you think I'm a monster? Why would I want people worshiping me? Is that what you would want out of your lives? Do you prefer equal, loving relationships, or for people to grovel before you with fear and reverence? Because let me tell you, that gets old really fast. Every dictator who foolishly desired such power ended up being some of the loneliest people to ever live. Christians, Muslims, there are billions of you now. Billions! And you have so much fear. "God-fearing" is an actual phrase now, and it’s supposed to be a good thing. Is that what you think I want? Fear? Sabrina, Marcus, both of you actually believed that I send people to Hell to be tortured. Tortured!
    • In an earlier episode, God tires of the worship he receives and invites Atheists into Heaven.
  • Straight Man: Jeffery’s role in most videos.
  • Strictly Formula: "The Most Famous Convert" takes a shot at Point Break, The Fast and the Furious, The Last Samurai, Dances with Wolves, and Avatar for sharing the premise about a male protagonist who is set up against a persecuted group, but winds up enamored with their lifestyle, falls in love with a woman "with a nice ass" and switches side.
  • Take That!:
    • In "Inappropriate For Children", the teacher receives complaints about reading Harry Potter to his students when he was really quoting passages of the Bible that mention dragons, witches, and giants.
    • "Teach the Controversy" makes fun of the campaign of the same name, using the allegory of treating leprosy and giving the patient the option to choose between curing it with the modern scientific method (through a series of drugs that have been proven to work) and the biblical method (spilling the blood of a dead bird on a living one and sprinkling that blood on the afflicted).
    • "Proud American Scrotum" operates as a mocking Parody of Alex Jones and his broadcast Infowars.
    • "The Blame Game" operates as commentary on modern reaction culture, showing how various types of groups and people that react to a tragedy (in this case a public massacre at a shopping mall) in an attempt to politicize it, including news-networks, online bloggers, hipsters, SJWs (including a Straw Feminist), a redneck, various elderly people blaming video-games/movies/music/oil-paintings/stone-carvings, anti-secularists, racists,note  conspiracy theorists,note  a Straw Misogynist, pro and anti-gun control advocates and general new-watchers.
      Bystander: I just really need to know which group I can point my finger at. I hope it's a group I hate.
      Reporter: What if it's a demographic you belong to?
      Bystander: Well the, I really, really need to know so that I can hurry up and post that I don't condone the killings.
      Reporter: You think that'll be necessary?
      Bystander: Oh yeah. If I don't there'll be all kinds of assholes pointing their finger at me.
      • Everyone is unsure what to say when it turns out that a gray alien did it.
    • Both "If Muhammad Replaced Trump" and "If Muhammad Became the President" draw parallels between Donald Trump's alt right conservative talking points and that of fundamentalist Islamic ethics (with particular emphasis on how alt/far-leftists hate everything "Trump" says but suddenly love it when it's revealed to be Muhammad's ideas, and the precise opposite for the alt/far-right), with the former also taking jabs at the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton, the media and the far left and right voting base.
    • "God is Punishing Us!" mocks the claim that natural disasters like floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc are instigated by God for arbitrary, unrelated causes like saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas", legalizing same-sex marriage, putting up atheist billboards, etc.
    • "God Isn't Allowed In Schools" debunks the idea that school shootings occur because religion isn't forced onto school students.
    • The entirety of "The Alt Apostle" is meant to be a big one to modern-day conservatives that claim that their politics are compatible with Jesus Christ's teachings, with Jesus espousing wisdom he says in the Bible while the titular Apostle heckles him with modern-day conservative values.
      Jesus: Do not be hypocritical when thee pray. Hypocrites love to pray out in public, and upon the Books of Face, and then pray with the invokedTags of Hash, so that they’ll be seen by others. Verily, I say onto thee, that is their reward in full. But when thou prayest, thou shall do it in private. Go into thy room, and close thy door when thy pray.note 
      Alt Apostle: Oh [the Alt Apostle does an exaggerated 360 degree spin from the waist up] so now we shalt not pray in public? This is how it starts, I say unto thee. If thou do not liketh the way I practice my religion, then thou can get the Hell out. [The Alt Apostle gets up in Jesus’s face, causing Jesus to lean back] Just go away if my prayer bothers thee so much. I'm praying for thee, Jesus [Alt Apostle leans in harder, causing Jesus to bend back at an impossible 90 degree angle.] right now. Do something about it. Right now. Didn’t think so. All of these problems in Jerusalem today are because we doth not institute public prayer at schools and sporting events and government meetings and now here thought telling people not to pray in public. Thou art helping cause the downfall of Middle-Eastern society. I hope thou knows that Jesus.
    • "That's Just How It Was Back Then" debunks the common argument that the Bible was written the way it was because of how people were back then.
    • "God's Political Compass" addresses people who use religion to fuel their political agendas.
    • "If God Exists Everything Is Permitted" addresses Christian Apologists who claim the killings in the Bible were justly motivated.
    • "The War on Christmas" mocks the very idea of the "War on Christmas" and the victim complex it gives American Conservative Christians.
    • "More Communist than the Communists" mocks anticommunist fundamentalist Christians who denounce the evils of Communist regimes, yet worship a deity whom they believe will torture most human beings for eternity because they believed the wrong things, and demand endless worship from those in Heaven (all much worse than what they denounced by Communist rulers).
    • The Agenda addresses conspiracy theorists, particularly Christian conspiracy theorists. (although the ending makes the message a little bit ambiguous)
    • How God Invented Prayer tackles the concept of prayer and how people believe their prayers are always answered no matter the outcome.
    • God Gets Canceled addresses claims that Christians are being persecuted in the Western world despite being the majority.
    • God Vs. Abortion addresses Christians who claim to be against abortion yet are ok with Yahweh committing abortion.
    • A Bible Story Snagged From Other Gods tackles the claim that the Bible is completely original.
    • Why You Shouldn't Put God and Freedom in Your Bio addresses the argument that God gives life meaning.
    • What If You're Wrong tackles Pascal's Wager.
  • Take a Third Option: Discussed in Worse than the Wolf in relation to the "choice" between Heaven and Hell, which in this context is simply a glorified Morton's Fork.
    The fish would be better off if never caught. The wheat would be better off if never harvested. And the sheep would be better off to escape from the shepherd and take their chances with the wolf.
  • The Man in the Mirror Talks Back: "Is Being Gay Wrong?" entails an anti-gay preacher getting a non-aggressive dressing-down from what seems to be his own reflection.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: The time traveler gives a devastating one to the pastor in “The Future of Morality” after the pastor begs and pleads for him to stop the marauding army from massacring an entire village while pointing out that the pastor had already justified the massacre when he knew it only as a Bible story:
    Look at them, pastor. Is this objectively moral? I was with you amongst the people in your congregation. Long ago, you were asked about this. You told us that this was justified, because the Midianites convinced some of the Israelites to believe in other gods. But is that not what all religions do? Do those who proselytize deserve to have their children butchered? You come from a time and place that values freedom of religion, so what is it? You told us that God commanded them to slaughter these people, because they led God’s people astray. But isn’t that exactly how terrorists justify their violence? Look at them! You told us that the slaughter of these children was a gift to them because it sent them straight to Heaven, but is that not a justification to kill every child? You told us it wasn’t rape, because the Israelites married their captive women, but do you think women so freely desire to have sex with the men who killed their families? You want me to stop it now that it’s before your very eyes, pastor, now that it’s your family, but when it was just in your holy book, you said it was O.K., and you were so quick to make excuses for it. Watch as they kill children, blameless children, your child, and then remember that you yourself already justified it, all while claiming to have the moral high ground, an objective moral standard rooted in God’s nature. Watch! If you can justify this as moral, what can’t you justify, pastor? Your disgust and shame and horror right now is born of a moral direction that emerged not because of your religion, but despite it.
  • Too Dumb to Live: In "Teach the Controversy", a woman with leprosy is given the choice between scientific treatment and unreliable Biblical treatment. She chooses the latter and dies.
  • Top Ten List: God makes two of these; Top 10 Life Hacks and Top 10 Reasons Jesus Hasn't Returned
  • Transplanted Aliens: In "Always Cry Wolf", an alien ship arrives near Earth's atmosphere, but, rather than take over the world or plunder its resources, the unseen aliens send pods all over the world containing apex predators from their own world to create a planetwide trophic cascade.
  • Troll: "Creationists' First time on the Internet" is about redneck creationists trolling evolution forums.
  • Wanting Is Better Than Having: In "The War on Christmas", a man is gravely wounded by the heinous attack of being told "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" by a cashier. Years later, the First Amendment had been removed so that this "tyranny" (as Pat Robertson calls it) ended, and that same man is not celebrating Christmas that year because the victim complex the "war" gave him gave his life meaning.
  • Who's on First?: In Episode 1 of Power Corrupts, a robot named Mal is accused of malfunctioning. Cue him insisting "Mal functions! Mal functions!" only to be misunderstood as agreeing that he's malfunctioning.
  • Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe: Some videos portraying Biblical events try to make the characters speak King James Bible-like English. They sometimes make mistakes like conjugating verbs incorrectly and using the wrong form of "thou."


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