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The Afterafterlife

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Not so omnipotent now, aren't ya?!

Jesus: You can't die in Heaven! Dad, tell him!
God: Actually, you can. You see if you die in Heaven, you go to Super-Heaven.
Jesus: What?!

Some argue that life on Earth only has meaning if it continues on after it has ended. Whether it is eternity of bliss in Heaven or damnation in Hell, the soul lives on once the body has perished. But if the afterlife gives meaning to life, then where does meaning in the Afterlife come from? In most cases, the soul is unable to die in the afterlife, either being indestructible to all attempts at destruction or is forced to remain active and aware no matter how many chunks are hacked off. In the off-chance that the soul is left Deader Than Dead, then it moves onto the Afterafterlife.

The Afterafterlife is interchangeably Played for Laughs or for Drama. As modern audiences scoff at the idea, many writers find creative potential in the idea of an afterlife that exists after the afterlives they would normally assume to exist. Sometimes the Afterafterlife is identical to the afterlife in every way but name. It can be like the afterlife but turned Up to Eleven. Maybe it is so unfathomably strange and unknowable that even God didn't know it existed. Maybe this is where God goes when he dies.


Compare Afterlife Antechamber and Reincarnation. Contrast Cessation of Existence and The Nothing After Death.


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  • Early in The Brothers Lionheart, the brothers Karl and Jonathan Lejon die and pass on to the afterlife, a land named Nangijala. Here the bulk of the story takes place. At the end of the story, they die again in this world and go on to the land after Nangijala; Nangilima.note 
  • In Warrior Cats, Clan cats who follow the Warrior Code go to StarClan when they die. Cats die in StarClan either once they're not remembered by anyone (living or dead) or they're killed. The writers have stated different things about what occurs after this "second death", with one option being that cats go to another version of StarClan.

    Live-Action Series 
  • The Empty from Supernatural is established as a void devoid of anything, having existed since before God created the known universe and the various afterlives that accompany it. Aside from housing the Shadow (a rather spiteful primordial entity that predates the existence of God, his sister and Death), the Empty also acts as an afterlife for Angels (who mainly reside in Heaven) and Demons (who are established as being human souls who were sent to Hell and tortured into demonhood) go when they die where they sleep for all of eternity.
    • When monsters die, their souls go to Purgatory, where it is shown they can be killed. Where they go after this is never explained.

    Web Animation 
  • There have been various videos made by DarkMatter2525 that have tackled this idea.
    • In "God's God", Yahweh is mocking a freshly-dead atheist for not believing in him, only for Jeffrey to accuse him of being an atheist because he does not believe that someone might have intelligently designed him. Unable to come up with a response, he quickly kills Jeffrey, only for Jeffrey to kill him with a gun at the same time. They end up ascending to a different Heaven where they encounter a being claiming to be the god who created Yahweh. Yahweh complains about the various unfair scrutinies he himself has held to his own creations. They all eventually kill each other, ascending to a higher-leveled Heaven to meet another god and so on and so on. Eventually, the various Gods and their helpers end up on Earth where they encounter a normal human man who claims to have made all the gods.
    • In "Afterlife is Meaningless Without Afterafterlife", a pair of damned souls in Hell moving rocks (and a pair of oddly identical souls in Heaven bowing in penance) discuss the idea of an afterlife after the afterlife, with one claiming that those who believe the Afterafterlife will eventually be raptured from their current afterlives (the damned souls from their eternal torment, the souls in Heaven from their eternal boredom) into a better one. The other soul is not nearly as convinced. The video was designed to be a form of criticism at the idea that an eternal afterlife gives our finite lives on Earth meaning.
    • In "God's Political Compass", Jeffrey puts Yahweh through an online political compass in order to settle the dispute in what political group he affiliates the most with. When he is eventually given the statement "All authority should be questioned", Yahweh starts to shutter violently. A white celestial body appears in the Milky Way, the gravitational pull so strong that it sucks in the entire solar system (along with Jeffrey and Yahweh) before a black dot appears within it with "Strongly Disagree" appearing next to it. They wake up in a realm similar to Heaven, Yahweh claiming that they had died and gone to the Afterafterlife before they continue with the quiz.
  • Max Gilardi's short-lived Spookyville USA series has, in its second episode, Sal shooting himself, Jake, and Wendy and them going to Heaven. When they have difficulty getting in, he kills them again, sending them to Heaven 2, then he keeps killing them until they get to Heaven 5. They assume there's another Heaven after that, but instead, they just get sent to Hell.

    Web Comics 

    Western Animation 
  • In the Robot Chicken sketch "Super Heaven", Jesus files a complaint to God about how impractical The Grim Reaper (both in his appearance and execution of his job) after he unceremoniously reaps an old lady. When that old lady is asked her opinion, she says that she finds that death is scary enough without a skeleton coming at her as she does so, prompting the Grim Reaper to reap her in Heaven. When Jesus questions this, God remarks that this means that she has now gone to Super-Heaven. It's Exactly What It Says on the Tin, as the old lady is seen riding a motorcycle and shredding a guitar, while stating Super-Heaven is awesome.
  • In American Dad!, Stan's guardian angel is replaced by a new guy, who explains his old angel died, and went to Super-Heaven.


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