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Shout Out / Super Mario Bros. Z

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  • For starters, it's a Whole Plot Reference to Dragon Ball Z.
    • Mario's super fire blast attack (as well as the blast Mecha Sonic uses to finish off Axem Red) is a direct homage to Goku's famous Kamehameha.
    • The huge evil energy sphere that Mecha Sonic uses to destroy Yoshi's Island is an awful lot like Frieza's infamous planet-killing Death Ball.
    • The Game Boy-style Emerald Radar, which much like the Dragon Radar from Dragon Ball was designed by a Gadgeteer Genius and even used an Emerald to study for its effects.
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    • While we're on the topic, the situation on Mobius (most main heroes dead, the end of the world being imminent) smacks of the Trunks's future in DBZ.
      • Especially with Dr. Eggman and the creation of Mecha Sonic in general, a direct homage to the creation of the Androids from Mirai Trunks's storyline.
    • And then there's Super Sonic.
    • In the reboot, Rawk Hawk serves as the SMBZ equivalent to Hercule, right down to using his voice clips.
    • Most of the characters are Expies of DBZ characters, and more on that can be seen in the Character page.
    • This scene from the reboot is similar to this clip from one of the movies (except a lot more successful, since Mario didn't have to worry about ice physics).
  • And to many other series. The dancing banana (from the Peanut Butter Jelly Time meme) has made several cameos (along with a voice clip of "I LIKE CEREAL!!!"), and the characters sometimes mimic other characters when they fight, such as Mario imitating Neo and Sonic doing the Tatsumakisenpuukyaku in Episode 5 or Mecha Sonic performing Akuma's devastating Shun Goku Satsu attack in Episode 6.
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  • Not to forget Futurama:
    Sonic: Bite my.... spiney... blue... butt.
  • In an attempt to get out of exploring a potentially-scary area, Luigi tries to leave, putting a cardboard cut-out of himself in his place. Said cut-out is Weegee (aka the memetic mutated version of him seen in Mario Is Missing).
  • Some of Mecha Sonic's abilities appear to be based on Samus Aran, and the music played before he appears was originally used for the same purpose for Dark Samus.
  • The spoileriffic anime-style opening uses the second opening theme for Megaman NT Warrior. This is a Shout-Out to TVTome Adventures, which also used that song for its opening.
  • Ludwig von Koopa calls Bowser "King Dad", a reference to the Super Mario Bros. cartoons.
  • A musical Shout-Out to The Legend of Zelda is used when Mario gets the silver Emerald, immediately lampshaded by Professor Kolorado:
    Kolorado: Uh, Mario... I think that's the wrong video game series, old bean... [Cue Face Fault]
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  • The sound effect Kolorado's stopwatch makes is Lavos' roar.
  • In Episode 8, a shout out is made to Hotel Mario, when the characters find a letter which Bowser wrote almost word-for-word as in that same game (including a crossed out portion about hotels), with an instruction book containing a lampshading and the terms for Peach's release included!
  • Episode 8 also features a shout out to Star Trek with the minion who "jus' cayn't" push the stuck button to the Omega Doomship's BFG.
  • Basilisx owes a lot to Wolverine's moveset from the Capcom vs. Whatever series.
    • As does Axem Red's aformentioned BFG, which was lovingly ripped from Iron Man's moveset.
  • Another one from Episode 8 comes from Basilisx's final attack on Mario after the Poison Mushroom attack. It looks exactly like Vega's Ultra Special from Street Fighter IV, "Bloody High Claw".
    • Not to mention Sonic doing the Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku, from the same series, several times. Also, Mario doing the Shoryuu Reppa in Episode 8. Mecha Sonic also uses Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu at one point.
  • Robotnik holding his hands in front of his face, with his glasses shining.
  • There's a shout out to both Peanut Butter Jelly Time and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends when Wario and Waluigi are exploring the Pipe Maze in Episode 7. They go down a pipe that Mario and friends just went down into. They try to go down the pipe when the PBJT Banana comes out, yelling out "I LIKE CEREAL!!!" It results in a massive explosion that makes Wario and Waluigi crash into the two main characters from Bowser's Kingdom (a now-canceled flash series made by one of Alvin-Earthworm's friends), Hal and Jeff.
  • The song played on Episode 8 during the argument comes from Skies of Arcadia. It's the song played when you enter Valua City.
  • When Toadsworth collapses because of Peach's kidnapping, a Scare Chord plays. Guess which one.
  • "Main Screen turn on." "We get signal."
  • A Mook with a thick Scottish accent says he can't fire the main cannon, as he doesn't have enough power.
  • And, for that matter, the Koopa Bros being "King B's ninja heroes in a half shell"
  • Wario using Waluigi to get to Yoshi's Island (as a life preserver) might be a Shout-Out to Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, where Luigi is used as a surfboard, more or less.
  • One Koopa Bro spouts the "Smell ya later!" line, after their first encounter with the main team, a la Gary Oak/Blue/Green/whatever.
  • Semi-Super Mecha Sonic's response to Red's "You Monster!" remark is a direct paraphrase to Broly's infamous "I am the Devil" line.
  • Basilisx's underhanded tactics, especially using loved ones as a shield, mirror those of Eis Shenron in Dragon Ball GT.
  • Alvin-Earthworm confirmed that Asura's Wrath will be a template used for the scale of the action scenes in the reboot.
  • The first words out of Rawk Hawk's mouth are "Finally! The Rawk has come back to the Mushroom Kingdom!!!"
  • The scene where Kamek holds Peach hostage in the first episode of the reboot uses "You Idiot" from Undertale.
  • In the reboot, Mario uses a Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs attack that uses the sound effect of Kenshiro's "ATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATA!"
  • Several attacks by the various Mario characters borrow a bit from Super Smash Bros., especially sound effects, such as Mario's "WAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!" from when he gets star KO'd in Melee and, in the reboot, the sound from Bowser's Flying Fortress move us used a lot when he spins. On two separate occasions, Luigi uses some of his Green Missile and his specific version of the Super Jump Punch, complete with falling down in an inverted jump-punch pose, and his running attack.
  • Mario and Luigi's transformation sequences in Episode 4 use the beginning part of "With the Will", the song used for the Spirit Evolutions in Digimon Frontier.

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