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  • So Captain Basilisx lectures Mario about his wanton murder of Koopas, calling him a hypocrite...after callously petrifying one of his fellow Koopas in an earlier scene?
    • Well, presumably the petrification itself isn't lethal, based on the whole "I could just turn you to stone and GRIND YOU INTO DUST" thing. Plus, he lost his emotions due to the experiments that turned him superpowered, so he's not exactly high up on the list of characters who would be bothered by violently incapacitating a subordinate unable to get the job done.
    • What bugs ME about Captain Basilisx is the justification he gives for his attack on Mario. He claims Mario kicked a Koopa into lava, but those of us who have actually played Super Mario World 1 know that Room 2 of Front Door (Bowser's Castle) has no lava in it whatsoever. It has wire nets, Koopas, spikes, and Lava Bubbles that bounce off of walls. And don't say that one of those Lava Bubbles fried the Koopa, since Mario could avoid the Lava Bubbles by switching to the other side of the wire net, where the Koopas were. I seriously hope that in Episode 9, someone calls bullshit on this and uses it to engage Basilisx in a Curb-Stomp Battle.
      • I say it's Moral Myopia. Basilix complains about all the koopas Mario's killed (including his friend), but remember, koopas are soldiers fighting for an evil tyrant and are the aggressors in their repeated wars against the Mushroom Kingdom. What about all the Mushroom people they jam into blocks over the years? Not to mention, the availability of extra lives may make death cheap, though one would assume death by lava or bottomless pit may be one not affected by 1-ups.
      • On the 1-up point, do note that Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Sonic, and Shadow, as well as other Mario series protagonists, are not koopas. The extra lives concept may simply not apply. Also, it has already been proven that lava/bottomless pit death is affected by 1-ups.
      • Given the amount of references and research that Alvin does, Basilisx may actually have been lying.
      • Or even brainwashed. What's to say that Basilisx wasn't fed this information over and over again until he believed it to be the truth? False recollection is a well-documented phenomenon, and they've already been playing with his mind.
      • Word of God says that he was tricked. Lied to.
      • This makes sense. Maybe Basilisx and Koopa DL-2-3 WERE friends, and Bowser made the latter a Sacrificial Lion to make sure the former would be the merciless minion he wanted. Hell, with this reveal, maybe Bowser inflicted the wounds himself and told Basilisx it was Mario.
  • I'm calling this one despite the fact that it's nitpicking. Basilisx's and Mario's situations at the end of Episode 8 are entirely different:
    • Basilisx: You [sniveling] pedlar (sp?). You have no right to be angry that I [used] your friend to my advantage, [especially] when you did the exact [same] thing with my [friend's shell against] him and [his comrades] that day.
    • Mario: He's not my friend...he's my brother!
    • (Thus, any excuse Basilisx makes is not justified.)
      • I think Basilisx really meant "someone who is close to Mario". You can have a brother and not be friends or close with him.
      • Okay, first of all, it's the same concept, using something of someone else's, in this case care for an ally, against them. Second I don't know if you're just an only child with a very bruised idea of what sibling relationships are like or something, but just because you're someone's brother doesn't mean you can't be that someone's friend too.
    • Also note that when Mario does defeat one of Bowser's minions, he tends to do it quickly, or just stun them and leave them be. Basilisx is clearly drawing Mario's demise out and has a clear desire to turn him into nightmare fueled modern art.
  • I'm probably the only one bothered by this, but why aren't any women fighting? Axem Pink was the only woman who fought, and all she did was one combo move on a shielded Luigi. That's excusable as Axem Pink used Roll.EXE's sprites, but come on!
    • Because this a Mario & Sonic crossover in a story based on Dragonball Z, in other words there are simply no women involved in the plot that fight. All the females from Sonic are dead, the ones from Mario are Peach, who is in her Distressed Damsel role, Daisy and Toadette who don't have any business getting involved in the series, let alone the fights, and Rosalina, who...may appear later.
      • Actually, there was a female character in Z who fought - Android 18. While we can forgive the lack of an 18 at the moment on the grounds that her role in-story seems to be filled by Turbo Metal Sonic at the moment (assuming the "Robo Mario kills Metal Sonic" WMG is true), if at some point, Alvin was to adapt the Buu saga, he'd probably introduce a counterpart to 18 - which would be a good fit for Rosalina (possibly having her based on her Strikers appearance). Alternatively, some circumstances might result in the revival of Rogue the Bat, making her a Composite Character of 18 and Bulma (assuming she still hooks up with Shadow).
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    • Blaze should still be alive as she is from the Sol Dimension (and thus safe from Mecha Sonic's rampage), but it's worth noting that she probably can't get involved due to the whole alternate dimension thing and just how dangerous it would be to take the chance that Mecha Sonic could get his hands on the Sol Emeralds. If that happened, things would go From Bad to Worse in an instant, and Game Over would soon follow. Also, Blaze doesn't have any sprites, so they'd have to be made from scratch, which would take quite a while.
  • If Shadow can sense the energy from Chaos Emeralds over long distances, then why do they even need a Dragon Radar Gameboy?
    • He can sense it, but he can't pinpoint it.
  • Why does Basilisx keep calling Mario a "peddler"? That's a pretty weird insult.
    • Well, a peddler is someone who goes around selling old trinkets and wares, while a plumber is someone who goes around fixing broken pipes. I guess in Basilisx's mind, he believed they were the same thing. That's my guess.
    • The term "peddler" (or ""pedlar", as the case is) generally has a negative connotation- i.e., an unwanted guest.
  • Both Mario and Luigi have no problem to hammer their allies into the enemies or use them as a weapon. Mario was using Luigi as one earlier in episode 8. Why he couldn't fight back against Luigi-wielding Basilisx?
    • Because he didn't want to break Luigi.
      • This requires elaboration. See, the Mario Bros. use their allies in choreographed team attacks, with each other's full knowledge and consent (even if it doesn't always seem that way, and I know Shadow tends to commit friendly fire), usually in ways they know each other can handle, such as hammering Sonic when he's curled up but simply tossing him if he's not, or making use of Luigi's shell. Mario, Luigi, and presumably Yoshi know the limits of the Tanuki Suit's stone form, and Sonic can guess based on how the others use it. Basilisx and his stone gaze petrification, however, are completely new and Mario has no clue how it works. He doesn't know if how durable the pretrified Luigi is, or even if Luigi's already dead, so he has to play it safe. It's not the same as the voluntary stone form of the suit, which Luigi can manually exit if he gets in the way.
  • This is a pretty minor complaint, but what's up with the title? Yes, I know that it's Mario, Sonic, and Dragonball Z in a blender, but why don't they include Sonic in the title? The series is just as, if not more, has more elements in it! Not to mention that Dragon Ball Z's only influence is the fight scenes...
    • It takes place in Mario's world.
    • On that note, the only notable heroes from Sonic's world are Sonic and Shadow, while the rest of Mobius is apparently devastated. Thus, in future SMBZ seasons Sonic elements might have less influence. Additionally, Alvin might introduce characters from other series too, not just Sonic's. But the plot would still take part in Mario's world.
    • More than the fight scenes are influenced by DBZ, too. The plot has roots in the Cell Saga, but draws from the Namek and Android sagas, for sure; there are little bits and pieces that are references or Shadow channeling Vegeta or the Gameboy Whatever-radar-inator...whoops, wrong show. Sorry.
  • The heroes going after Bowser, forgetting that Sonic knows what Metal Sonic is capable of and the entire Mushroom Kingdom can tell you Bowser has never once harmed a hair on Peach's head.
    • Well they can't just ignore the entire sky battalion that shows up to devastate Mushroom Kingdom.
    • But they can ignore the automaton that's devastated a planet?
    • Let's not forget the heroes have quite a few of the emeralds. Let's see... they got 4 from Mecha in episode 6, and one from the minus world in 7. I'd say they have the clear advantage, and they know that.
    • As noted above, the heroes have the majority of emeralds at that point, so even if Mecha got the remaining 2, he wouldn't have enough to go into his normal super form, much less his Master form from Sonic's nightmare. He's also shown that he goes right for the emeralds, only destroying those in his way until he gets them back. With those two things in mind, how did he devastate Mobius? By dropping the Death Egg on it. At his normal power, he'd need a moon sized object to drop out of orbit to do the same to Mario's world, which is not readily available (unless he tries to drop one of the planets or such from Mario Galaxy, but considering that that's Rosalina's domain, and she may or may not be God, it's not a fight he would want to pick with no emeralds...). Either way, he has no motivation to do that, until he gets secures all the emeralds.
    • If they have the advantage over him then that only strengthens the position that Metal Sonic should be taken out first, as he's more vulnerable and intends the greater harm. Or at least find the last two emeralds to make short work of the fleet.
      • If Metal Sonic was to go on a rampage, he'd definitely attract the attention of the SMBZ equivalent of the East Supreme Kai, who, if I'm not mistaken, was stated to be as strong as Perfect Cell at his strongest during the Buu Saga. Metal Sonic might be able to go toe-to-toe with him if he had all 7 emeralds, but as noted, he could've obtained 2 at that point without having to fight the heroes. Mecha Sonic is likely focused on getting the other 2 Emeralds right now (and considering that we don't see any reports of massive explosions in the area, it's possible that they might've landed in areas that aren't populated).
  • Thirty-seven more episodes to be produced? Really? Alvin should pick up the pace, then, because at his current rate of putting them out, we'll have all grown old before the series is finished.
    • He needed to get voice clips for the Koopalings from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
    • He has demonstrated at one point that he could work faster if he wanted to, but does not want to. However according to the main page, the ninth episode is being worked on now.
    • ...And the series is cancelled. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.
      • Couldn't it just be passed on to someone else? Not doing that or something like just posting a summary of what would have happened would be selfish and spiteful. "Oh, too bad you got invested in this, but I'm not going to bother to give you any closure" would seriously piss me (and a lot of people) off, and rightfully so.
      • Here, he states the main reason he doesn't want to pass it of to another person is because it wouldn't match his vision and would probably be of low quality.
  • Why can't Shadow bring his friends back?
    • Don't mind me asking a question, but how was he supposed to do that, especially with the world ravaged and no Chaos Emeralds in Mobius?
    • What makes you think Shadow can bring his friends back? The only resurrection ever in the Sonic series was that of the recently-dead Sonic using all 7 Chaos Emeralds in StH 2006. No one's dared try to resurrect, say, Maria, and it's probably safe to say that Shadow's friends have been dead for a while now.
    • Well one of Shadow's "friends" IS a machine(E-123 Omega) . There is nothing keeping HIM at least from being revived/rebuilt.
      • You assume Sonic or Shadow are skilled enough engineers to build an advanced war machine like Omega themselves with limited resources? They got lucky with the plans inside of the Death Egg to make the capsule. Even if they managed to pull it off, there's no guarantee that Omega's memory banks could be transferred to a new body.
      • Actually, that raises a question - why doesn't Shadow just bring Omega to E Gadd? E Gadd would probably repair Omega if Shadow asked (or if Mario asked as a favor to him).
    • They could be "revived" via Time Travel. In '06, the Chaos Emeralds are fully capable of enabling time travel as long as you have two Emeralds and two people to use Chaos Control together. That said, Sonic and Shadow can't afford to jump back with just two Emeralds due to how powerful Turbo Mecha Sonic is. They need to get all seven before they even try to ensure they have access to their Super forms, in case Mecha Sonic follows them or at least to deal with the Mecha Sonic of the past if they go to the wrong time period or can't prevent him from gaining his power. Depending on whether Silver exists, which is doubtful since he's from Mobius' future and Mecha Sonic destroyed the planet, they might not even know it's possible to use Chaos Control like that, and like another reply said, they couldn't possibly know the Emeralds can resurrect people or if it would even work considering when and how they died.
  • Why would people starve in the Minus World if there are plenty of Bloopers to eat?
    • No proper way to fish for them? Doesn't look like a lot of tools to make a net or harpoon or what have you, and if you try fishing them out by hand, you risk being overrun.
  • In the reboot of episode 1, shouldn't Mario have been disqualified from the Smash match for outside interference? (Luigi tossed him a starman). Wario and Waluigi got a pass because Waluigi was summoned into the fight via Assist Trophy.
    • Well, going by game rules, Assist Trophies are only supposed to provide temporary assistance, not to permanently drop a second opponent into the fight. Wario and Waluigi obviously didn't give a toss about that, though, so my guess is the refs decided to overlook Luigi's unsanctioned tag-in.
    • Going by game rules Waluigi would be warped back out when his time was up, if there was a time limit that had run out then it wasn't portrayed.
    • If it was really against the rules for Luigi to help at all, they probably would have been disqualified when Luigi jumped on the stage and readied his hammer; that was plain to see for everyone. It seems like the fight was a tag team match of sorts, which might explain why Luigi and Waluigi were there in the first place.
    • Might be that the refs, like the audience, are biased towards the Mario Bros. If there even were refs?
  • A minor gripe- is nobody else a bit off put by all the children's cartoon sound effects? I understand references are normally put into flash works, but I would have thought they'd be from things gamers or anime fans would know well.
    • This one probably comes down to personal taste. Mario games have always been primarily light hearted, so using cartoonish sound effects probably emphasises that nature in the project. That and anime and cartoons aren't exactly exempt from using cartoonish sound effects either.
    • Yeah that sounds right, guess it just always struck me as weird that the series was trying to become far more serious with a genocide backstory yet uses references that seem for a very young audience.


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