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Nightmare Fuel / Super Mario Bros. Z

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Super Mario Bros. Z manages to combine Mario, Sonic, and Dragon Ball Z together into one awesome series. It's got cool as hell moments, hilarity abound, its share of "aww" moments, and scenes that make you wanna cry. Just like with every series that's got it all however, it's rife with it's own dark times. Given that it's a crossover series of other series that already do a good job of giving you the creeps this was bound to happen, but it manages to stand out from those series anyways.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    The Original Run 
    The Reboot 
  • Metallix is the new form of Turbo Mecha Sonic as well as his old form's ultimate transformation, and just like the previous interation of him he shows the audience that he hasn't changed one bit in personality or actions. Mark Haynes/Alvin Earthworm also offhandedly states that Yoshi's ensuing fight against him will be even worse for the poor dinosaur.
  • Among the villains shown in the intro is none other than King Boo, in his Dark Moon incarnation. You know, the one that's much stronger than any other version to the point of creating battlefields from illusions, and is completely and murderously insane. Oh dear.
  • The first annual Smash tournament has been drawn out to its finals, and just as Team Mario and Team Wario are about to have at it, a Bulky Bob-omb crashes the fight and blows the entire ring up. Guess who's back? Bowser. Just like in the previous series he gets his shell soundly handed to him, but it's not as if he didn't count on it happening. He had a backup plan involving ingesting a Metal 'Shroom, and it turns him into a new form of Koopa. In short order, Mario is quickly shown to be horribly outmatched by him; Bowser's faster than before, more offensive than before, and is impervious to everything Mario can possibly throw at him. Mario is left charred after the grossly one-sided battle and would have been finished by Bowser, but then Luigi comes in to protect Mario, knowing full well that he has zero chance of doing that anyways. The Koopa King was stopped only by the very fortunate timing of Sonic and Shadow's capsule landing squarely on top of him, destroying his metal form. We all knew Bowser was a badass, but this series turns him into a legitimate terror, more like how he was portrayed in a few choice Mario titles.
  • Kamek shows us that he's not one bit the type of person afraid to resort to dirty tricks to gain the upper hand, threatening to permanently transform Princess Peach into a Goomba if Mario doesn't lay down his life. The music that plays when he's at it? The undeniably-creepy You Idiot, from Undertale. Again, if Sonic hadn't acted as soon as he did, Mario would have been killed by Bowser.

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