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Some things are just too good to change.

Super Mario Bos. Z is without a doubt a holder of the awesome, a wielder of the horror, and a bearer of awws and tears. Anything else we're missing here?...Oh right: it's also a champ at comedy. Being born of Mario + Sonic + Dragon Ball Z, what else were you really expecting?

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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     Original Run 
  • Here's a montage of all the funny moments in-series.
  • The Koopa Bros. full stop. From their epic (fail of an) introduction to their totally radical lingo, there is never a shortage of laughs to be had with them. Yellow has to be the funniest one by virtue of his sheer stupidity.
  • Luigi seems to be the constant fodder of comedy relief - to try listing them all would be an exercise in futility but there are highlight examples of the poor guy.
    • First there's his facial expression after witnessing Mecha Sonic's power and his scream (the scream itself would go on to become a running gag in the later episodes.
    • Then the characters are heading to Pipe Land in episode 7...but on the way there Luigi breaks into a house and takes a nap. Cue an unamused Mario tying up Luigi and dragging him along.
    • And lastly in episode 7 at 53:10, Luigi manages to work up the courage to rescue his brother from the Minus World. His courage is...not rewarded.
  • Axem Red's reaction when Mecha Sonic no-sells his BFG.
  • Most anything involving Wario and Waluigi, particularly their antics in Episodes 6 and 7.
  • After losing the Emerald Radar, the heroes are at a loss. Luckily, Professor E. Gadd has just the solution! Give them another radar! However, there's a catch...
    Shadow: He means it's a radar to find the radar.
    Sonic: A Radar Radar? No offense, but wouldn't it have been easier to just build another Emerald Radar?
    E. Gadd: Now that you mention it, yes, it would have.
    Cue mass Face Fault
  • At the end of episode 6, Shadow uses Chaos Control to warp everyone on Yoshi's Island (including the free-falling Mario and Sonic) to the nearest continent. Then while Chaos Control is still active, he casually walks out of the way... just before Mario and Sonic resume falling and slam into the ground.
  • Jeff and Hal's cameo in Episode 7. Especially considering they're fully-voiced in a series that only has sporadic Voice Grunting.
  • Peanut Butter Jelly Time may have run its course years ago, but seeing that dancing banana pop up from time to time still makes one chuckle.
    Banana: "I LIKE CEREAL!"
  • Sonic is none too fond of his retro appearance in the Minus World. To sum his opinions up...
    Sonic: Man, this really sucks!
  • Episode 8 starts off with the heroes discussing how they're going to rescue Peach until Mario signals to Luigi that there's a letter from Bowser (you already know where this is headed). The scene turns into...a throwback to the beginning of the Hotel Mario game. Bowser even crossed out the part about the seven Koopaling hotels part and replaced it with the Omega Doomship (Mario's eyebrow raise when he gets to that part makes it even better).
    • Also in episode 8, the heroes are about to pursue the Omega Doomship in Mario's old Sky Pop. Sonic points out the lack of a runway but Professor E.Gadd has an even better solution: flinging them into the sky with a giant slingshot. Sonic and Yoshi are just barely hanging on after the plane is shot into the sky (with Yoshi doing so with his tongue).
    • Another one in episode 8, Bowser gets a call from one of his mooks but they interrupt him in the middle of his evil rant. After being asked to put the unidentified object on the main screen one of them says "Main screen turn on!" The result is one of the Koopatrols getting blasted into the screen from Bowser's angry roar. The Koopa apologizes ("I couldn't resist") and puts the object on view. It's too small, prompting a magnification. Then it gets too big (showing a close-up of Mario giving a death glare), causing Bowser and Eggman to recoil in shock. It must suck having to put up with mostly incompetent mooks.
    • Yet another one in episode 8. With Mario and Sonic done taking care of the mooks on the deck, Luigi fires a missile from the Sky Pop and blows a hole into the interior. Luigi and Yoshi kick some ass but come to a screeching halt when they come upon a hangar full of mooks. Luigi laughs nervously while Yoshi has a simple eye twitch of fear, and the two of them get stampeded.
  • This April Fool's short. Witness Luigi getting his Dio Brando on.
  • Rawk Hawk makes an appearance as a commentator, and his cloud constantly looks like it's struggling to hold him up.
    • Also the fact that the Hawk's voice clips are of Mr. Satan, a similar character from one of the series that inspired this one.
    • Really, anything that comes out of his mouth is comedy. His constant bragging and boasting at the end of the episode has one of the announcer Lakitus giving out a disapproving aside glance at the end.
    • Just as an aside, Rawk's bragging might carry some weight now, considering he said he'd become the Champ again after Chapter 4 of Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door, and that he'd do it without cheating this time.
  • Mario v.s. Wario was mostly Mario just dodging the ineffective assault from Wario. Starting off the fight was Wario charging at Mario with his infamous shoulder bash...only for Mario to simply sidestep the bum rush and trip Wario up.
    • Wario then pulls out a toothbrush to brighten up his pearly whites before attempting to Chomp into Mario. It's funny seeing how many times Wario tries and fails, the fact that he needed to brush his teeth in the first place, and Mario taking the home-run bat to jam into Wario's mouth before delivering yet another beat down.
    • Waluigi later directs Wario's attention to an assist trophy near him. He rushes to grab it for help in the fight...only to spawn Waluigi who was literally just a few feet away before a second ago. He pulls out a tennis racket like in smash and attempts to stomp Mario. He fails and is rewarded with a "Hey, Stinky!" from Mario. He tries again...and fails again.
    • When Wario is about to pull off a nuclear fart, Luigi starts panicking and randomly goes 8-bit for a split second.
    • Wario's nuclear fart is also funny in its own right, but after it's revealed Mario survived thanks to Luigi, the green wonder can't help but taunt the Wario Bros. with a raspberry.
    • Wario subsequently gets fed up and mangles Waluigi into a bat to pummel Mario with. This is accompanied with Beavis's "Boioioioioing!" and characteristic laughter.
    • After Wario arms himself, Luigi tosses Mario his hammer and draws out his own. Luigi gives it a cocky spin in his hand, only to clock himself in the head with it. He's stuck perfectly in place and groaning in pain from it.
  • When Bowser rolls up to the party, one of the announcers says that he's likely here to kidnap the princess once again. Bowser calls out the announcer for spoiling his "secret" plan. Mario's Face Fault makes it even better.
  • The Peanut Butter Jelly Time Banana's random cameo in the background while Bowser is talking about how he was eating cereal when he came up with his revenge scheme.
  • A certain Magikoopa has clearly been watching too much Sesame Street.
    "A la peanut butter sandwiches!"
    • That line is voiced too; that makes it even better because of how odd it sounds for Kamek to be saying it.
  • In the fight against Metal Bowser, Mario gives his hammer a shot. Similar to the original run, it fails to put a dent into the koopa king and Mario is sent shaking even worse than in the original and Mario lets go of it. The hammer doesn't end up burying itself into the ground this time, but it does end up burying Mario into the ground by repeatedly conking him on the head. Metal Bowser had to have been laughing at the same time the viewers were.
  • Mario's "Kenshiro Moment" is as awesome as it is hilarious as the man goes into high-pitched screaming. What makes this better is that it sounds perfect for Mario as if Charles Martinet did the voice clip himself.
  • The capsule that Sonic and Shadow arrive and plummets past the announcers, causing one of them to yell like Homer Simpson and Rawk Hawk to yell like a chicken.
  • When Kamek is sent flying by Sonic, you'd think he'd still have his "I'm flying! WHEEEEEEEE!!" but he pulls off something else just as hilarious.
  • Wrapping up the rebooted first episode is a reenactment of Bowser's defeat. Bowser throw -> "So long-a/gay Bowser!" -> Luigi bidding the koopa king farewell -> Bowser's scream -> Camera Abuse.
    • An additional moment in the reboot's version of Bowser's defeat is that, while the first had Bowser slowly sliding down the camera with a squeaking sound, the reboot just has Bowser detach from the scream with a "pop!", and scream while falling all the way to the ground.


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