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  • From the first episode:
    • There's a poster that reads Pac-Man.
    • When Necky turns on the TV, the fish from Spongebob's intro appears with a countdown, which ends the video.
  • From the second episode:
    • Nerv is shown drawing a picture of Pikachu before going on "the website", where he gets eaten by a monster.
    • Necky decides to watch Seinfeld. In it, a character just walks around a kitchen before muttering a sound effect from Star Fox.
    • In Nerv's Standup, after a bad joke, a Roblox sword flies and hits him.
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  • Mario Minnestrone.
  • From the third episode:
    • There's a sequence at the end of this episode that is animated like South Park.
  • From the fourth episode:
  • From the Acid Rain sketch
  • From the fifth episode:
  • From the sixth episode:
    • There's a picture of Pokémon on the wall.
    • Pichu appears on one of the screens on the art program.
    • Mario appears in the concert.
  • From the seventh episode:
    • The main cast of Cyberchase helps Nerv find his video game.
    • There's a character in this with the face of Miranda Cosgrove wearing a Roblox hat.
    • Nerv's video game is called "Pichu and Pichu".
    • "You are welcome here... In my dojo. NOT!"
    • The character in Nerv's game is an Off-Model rendition of Parappa.
    • Necky is wearing a Roblox hat.
    • A screenshot from Super Mario 64 can be seen at one point.
  • From the eighth episode:
    • The weather report tells you to visit Universal Studios.
    • There's a picture of both Mickey Mouse and Winnie-the-Pooh playing basketball.
    • The video game Nerv and Necky play uses sound effects from various Wario games, such as Wario Land 4.
      • The music is also a retro rendition of Jump.
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    • The cover to a video tape Nerv holds up has a Nickelodeon logo on it.
    • Nerv and Necky go to Disneyland.
    • They also see Goofy.
    • Captain Falcon appears at the end.
  • From the ninth episode:
  • From the tenth episode:
  • From the eleventh episode:

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