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Fair warning, as this series is pretty damn Reference Overdosed. There are also Late Arrival Spoilers for all seasons except for Seasons 16 and 17 beyond this point!

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     The Blood Gulch Chronicles (Seasons 1-5) 
  • The sixth episode of the series, where Tucker mistakenly thinks he's time-traveled into the past, is titled "1.21 Giga-Whats??".
  • As Sheila dies for the first time in "After Church," she goes full HAL-9000: "I'm scared, Dave. Will I dream? Daisy, Daaaaaiiiisssyyyy..."
  • Grif's first few lines in "We Must Rebuild" are directly quoted from the famous ending to Planet Of The Apes.
  • After O'Malley brags about having great experience in "training stooges," Lopez's laugh is "Nyuk, nyuk" in "We're Being Watched."
  • It's likely just a coincidence, but when Blue Team is trying to prevent Andy from detonating in "Defusing the Situation," Caboose tells Andy to picture a field where "there are some sheep near by... and not the kind that blow up!"
  • Church brags about feeling like a Jedi when using Tucker's Laser Blade within Caboose's mind in "Why Were We Here?".
  • The backstory given to Yellow Church by Caboose is essentially the plot to Lost.

     The Recollection Trilogy (Seasons 6-8) 

     The Project Freelancer Saga (Seasons 9 & 10) 
  • When the Epsilon iterations of Tucker and Church are trying to make up names for a fake fallen comrade, the first two they come up with are "Smith" and "Anderson." And lo, the Andersmith Running Gag was born!
  • Washington saying "That's a good look" when Maine picks up the Brute Shot seems reminiscent of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, when John Conner says "That's definitely you" as the Terminator picks up the minigun.
  • Epsilon!Sarge's plan to stop the earthquakes is almost exactly like the one from The Core.
  • In "Fall From Heaven," 479er is clearly channeling Han Solo in how she orders around her crew.
    479: No, no. That one goes there, this one goes here.
  • "Party Crasher" has a few to Star Wars:
    • Tex asking York for a big distraction has him respond with a very Han Solo-esque, "Relax, it's me."
    • The Mother of Invention crashing on Sidewinder is very reminiscent of the opening of Revenge of the Sith.
  • Epsilon: Seeing this many ex-girlfriends in one room kinda has me terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.

     The Chorus Trilogy (Seasons 11-13) 

     Season 14 
  • A rather transparent one: Episode 3 is called "Fifty Shades of Red".
  • In the Sarge trailer, Sarge's "Rent in Hell" one-liner is re-purposed into a Rousing Speech that is clearly inspired by the "Tonight we dine in Hell!" speech in 300.
  • The title of Episode 13 is a joke on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
  • In Episode 22, Sherry's introductions ("My name's Sherry, this is my partner Darryl, this is my other partner Terrill") reference a line from Newhart: "Hi, I'm Larry. This is my brother, Darryl. This is my other brother, Darryl."

     Season 15 
It's worthy noting that even for a season of RvB, this season's pretty Reference Overdosed.

     The Shisno Paradox (Season 16) 
This season noticeably has many fewer references than Season 15 before it did, but there's still plenty.
  • The animated sequence showing Muggins flying back to Starseeds in "The Shisno" resembles both the opening credits sequence to Men In Black 2 and the "Pure Imagination" sequence in Thor: Ragnarok.
    • Relatedly, Kalirama's arrival on Earth in "Incendiary Incidents" is heavily reminiscent of Hela arriving in Norway in the latter-mentioned film.
  • Huggins and Muggins are both designed to resemble Tinkerbell (the former significantly more so than the latter) in terms of being "sentient lens flares."
  • Episode 4 is titled "Sis and Tuc's Sexcellent Adventure."
  • When Muggins encounters a very drunk Kaikaina and Tucker in "A Pizza The Action," the former calls him "J. J. Abrams" and asks "if he should be in a reboot."
  • When Tucker sees a spare suit of armor on Iris during "It Just Blinked At Me," he shouts "Idea!" like in Hot Fuzz.
    • Kaikaina and Tucker's fight with the Cyclops is one long Homage to the works of Ray Harryhausen.
    • In the same episode, Grif tries to pass Die Hard as his own story. It doesn't work, as Huggins has seen the movie - her uncle had even played a spotlight!
  • In "Walk and Talk," when Jax is discussing the metaphysics of time travel with Wash, Carolina, Sarge, and Simmons, he tries to sum it all up as three different types with appropriate examples from movies - The "Closed Loop Theory" (La Jetée, Primer, and The Terminator), the "Alternate Reality Theory" (Star Trek (2009)), and the "Flexible Timeline Theory" (Back to the Future).
  • Most of Jax Jonez's increasingly insane behavior during the production of his Red vs. Blue movie is clearly meant as a Homage to the (in)famous behavior of Stanley Kubrick and Michael Cimino (the latter of Heaven's Gate infamy).
  • During Donut and O'Malley's fight across time and space in "Paradox," the time gun is weaponized to be reminiscent of the the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.

     Singularity (Season 17) 
  • The name of the first episode of the season is A Sitch in Time. Amusingly, Jason Weight has claimed that the names being the same is a massive coincidence.
  • In "Everwhen," Sarge claims that the titular "soft-time" anomaly sounds like "a Neil Gaiman novel." Meanwhile, Simmons compares it to "a Pearl Jam album" (which is also a Mythology Gag to Jason Weight claiming that was the reason why he decided not to use "Everwhen" as Season 17's title).
    • There's also a hilariously subtle example within the same episode - Namely, when Sarge is telling Donut to shut up during the latter's last attempt at explaining the Everwhen, Sarge is singing the phrase "Shut up!" to the tune of "Blue Skidoo".
  • The depiction of Wash as a Paradox Person in "Schrödingin'" is similar to the "out of sync" individuals seen in BioShock Infinite.
    • Speaking of "Schrödingin'", the episode is (obviously) named after the famous Schrödinger's Cat thought experiment.
  • Wash winds up channeling a certain dog when he sums up the situation he is currently in at the start of "The Not-So-Good Ol' Days":
    Wash: Up there is the body of your old pal, York, surrounded by a bunch of other bodies, and one son of a bitch pretending to be a body so he can turn you into a body... And that's fine, this is fine. No, dammit, this is not fine!
  • When trying to decide on what points in time to mess up, Genkins dismisses several moments as "Too fast, too furious."
  • As detailed in Freeze-Frame Bonus on the page for this season, "Finally" has a link to a hidden deleted scene on YouTube where the Blues' erasure during Reconstruction happens physically Thanos-style.
  • The initial illusion crafted for Sarge by the Labyrinth in "Omphalos" is similar to that of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, but it quickly morphs into a Halo version of the famous Normandy landings as depicted in Saving Private Ryan.
  • The title of the final episode of the season - "Theogeny" - is an intentionally misnamed version of "theogony," the term used for the birth and origins of the ancient Greek gods. Relatedly, the season's penultimate episode ("Omphalos") is named after the supposed "center of the world" where the Oracle of Delphi dwelled.

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