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GEOWeasel (also found here) is a web cartoon series by Niko Anesti focusing on the exploits of The Big Weas and his team as they (ostensibly) try to take over the world.

The cartoon officially started on March 1, 2005, though some cartoons had been made late the previous year and it originally had its start as a Super Mario Bros. 3-based sprite comic and, later, a hand-drawn comic in 2002. It draws heavy influence from the cartoons on Keen Toons.

This series provides examples of:

  • 555: As Weas talks about the Imaginary Friend Killer 5000, the number "1-555-000-0000" flashes on the screen.
  • The Alleged Car: The Weaselmobile's top speed isn't five miles an hour. It's seven. It was the best he could afford on a budget of 23 dollars and a stick of gum.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Goes both ways with Nar and Mitri; while Mitri is the younger brother, he is annoyed by Nar's ditziness. However, Nar is annoyed by Mitri being anywhere he isn't wanted.
  • Art Evolution: The series goes from very Flash-influenced animation with same-width pencil outlines to a very messy but more varied style in episode 9 that eventually evens out and has more inbetween frames through the rest of the series.
  • Bait-and-Switch: In the episode where Jimbob goes to jail, an Establishing Shot of "The Big House" occurs, but a zoom out reveals the jail of New Jersey right next to it.
  • Bathos: "I got all the weapons and the page of Nickelodeon Magazine that Jim wanted."
  • Big Blackout: The pilot episode "The Dark Storm", as well as the sprite comic it's based on, is based on a blackout caused by a Weather-Control Machine.
  • Big "NO!": Weas after being stuck in hell with only dial-up Internet.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Done often enough that the characters complain about it in the early episodes.
  • Call-Back: In episode 4, Nar accidentally reads a line from the pilot.
  • The Cameo:
    • Garadrobe and Jinxie from episode 14 are characters made by Brian Bear, and Garadrobe is even voiced by him.
    • Fred Fredburger cameos in "Attorney at LOL".
    • The Commander and Allon from Space Tree, who at the time were themselves in jail, appear in the jail episode, voiced by Ed Atlin.
  • Catchphrase:
    • Weas: "This is a fine thing."
    • Jimbob: "Fix my saxophone!" Apparently based on an old running gag.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Jimbob sometimes goes off on tangents and snaps back with a non sequitur. Nar apparently can understand these non sequiturs.
    Jimbob: Apples and cream pie!
    Nar: Yeah, it does look like it's gonna rain.
  • Coincidental Broadcast: Inexplicably interrupts a video game in The Dark Storm.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: Every website accessible from Hell is apparently porn, but they only have dial-up.
  • Cutaway Gag: Used more often in earlier episodes.
  • Death Is Cheap: Several deaths with unexplained recoveries. In one episode, Weas dies, goes to Hell and gets a chance to go back to Earth as a zombie, but being a slow-walking zombie, is killed again and has to stay in Hell. He comes back the next episode.
  • Deleted Scene: Invoked in the pilot by Weas and Nar, and later in the Christmas episode by Dr. Schnoz to Hand Wave how they get from the ground to the blimp.
  • The Ditz: Nar is a bit slow to pick up on things, like when the Janitizer blurts out his identity at the beginning of court proceedings and he spends most of the rest of the trial trying to figure out why he seems so familiar, coming to the conclusion that he is… the Janitizer.
  • Fingerprinting Air: Weas manages to find imaginary fingerprints to incriminate Mitri's imaginary friend.
  • Joisey
  • Just One More Level!:
    • In the pilot, Nar is addicted to video games, going to a handheld game when the power goes out and eventually going out in severe weather to get batteries.
  • Lazy Artist: For one thing, the characters all look like they have hard-boiled eggs for faces and pinholes for eyes. Discussed in a self-deprecating form; for example, Nar and Mitri, apparently walking, are shown to just be moving up and down in front of a scrolling background.
  • Low Count Gag: When Weas mentions that Nar's antics may have lost them some of their viewers, Nar responds with "Both of them?!"
  • Manchild: Jimbob is interested in Nickelodeon Magazine, Nick Jr., trick-or-treating and waiting for Santa Claus.
  • Metaphorically True: Weas says burying dead bodies in a landfill is helping the environment…in a way.
  • Mistaken Identity: Jimbob and, later, Nar is mistaken for Weas and arrested by police.
  • Motion Blur: Uses the smear variant often.
  • Mythology Gag: Several references are made to the original comics, one a sprite comic and one hand-drawn.
  • Not-So-Imaginary Friend: Mitri's imaginary friend, Bob, kills Nar and Jimbob.
  • Off the Chart: Nar's "dwindling!" monthly pay goes below the line.
  • The Omnipresent: In the words of Mitri, "I'm everywhere. And Nowhere. Like a ghost or something!"
  • The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: Even though the show focuses on a team's attempts to take over the world, not much is shown of such and the series is mostly lighthearted comedy and parody.
  • Revenge: Bob kills Nar and Jimbob, so Weas and Mitri get to kill Bob.
  • Self-Deprecation:
    • Nar makes a statement by talking to his fanbase, but Weas notices that no one is present.
    • When Weas says Nar may just have lost some of their viewers, Nar says, "Both of them?!"
  • Shout-Out:
    • The computer Nar uses in "Virus" is a Compy 387, in homage to Strong Bad Email.
    • The Official Weasel Code of Law says "War and Peace" on the cover.
  • Show Within a Show: "The Nar Show" and "The Weasel Dating Game", which feature in back-to-back episodes.
  • Simpleton Voice: Jimbob.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Having just one female cast member is discussed as "the law of webtoons". Sapphire fills this role for most of the series, though Cass briefly acts as a second female character.
  • Take Over the World: Weas's supposed goal.
  • The Television Talks Back: Parodied.
    And later… people talking to their TVs and expecting answers. Tonight at 11.
  • Tempting Fate: Parodied in the pilot, as Nar has to say he hopes the power doesn't go out twice to take effect and noted the cartoon cliché antics are slipping. Nar also says the "nothing bad could possibly happen" line.
    • And in the first episode:
      Nar: What could possibly go wrong?
      Weas: A lot, now that you said that.
  • Villain Protagonist: As Weas allegedly attempts to take over the world.
  • Weather-Control Machine: Dr. Schnoz causes a blackout with one in the pilot.
  • What Does This Button Do?: As Jimbob pokes around with the flying machine, he hits the AOL Instant Messenger button.
  • With Catlike Tread: "Dr. Schnoz's secret weather-ruining blimp thing. You never saw us." A zeppelin in bright red.
  • You Fool!: After Nar donates money intended for a country club to charity, Weas says:
    You fool! There's no such thing as charity!
  • Your Mom: A brief exchange in episode six, ending with "You're your own mom!"