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"Nickelodeon Magazine please!"
— The Tagline for commercials

Nickelodeon Magazine is a kid's magazine based off of the children's television channel of the same name.

The comic featured a large amount of original comic including behind-the-scenes looks at contemporary media, numerous original comics, and various recurring comedic sections, such as "Toon People" which treated animated characters as Animated Actors interacting in crossovers.


A 2-issue version of the magazine released in 1990 and was available at Pizza Hut, however the main magazine didn't begin until 1993. In 2009 the magazine ended, along with its sister magazine "Nick Jr. Magazine". Nickelodeon Magazine lasted 159 issues. In 2015 the magazine was revived however it only lasted 11 issues before being cancelled the following year.

"Nickelodeon Magazine Presents" (later retitled to "Nickelodeon Comics") was a series of special issues usually used to promote a special episode of a show that was about to air. "GAS: Games and Sports for Kids" was a short 10 page magazine that came with some Nickelodeon Magazine issues. It was sports-themed and based the Nickelodeon spinoff channel Nick GAS.

Nickelodeon Magazine was originally published on a quarterly basis however it switched to bi-monthly in 1994 issue. In March 1995 it switched to 10 times per year (with a bi-monthly December/January and June/July issue), and switched to 11 times a year starting with the June 2008 issue, continuing this way until the original run ended. Papercutz began a revival starting in June 2015, and lasted for one year before ceasing publication altogether.


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