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Shout Out / Four Swords Misadventures

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  • "We are the Knights Who Play... Wii!" Actually, this flash is loaded with them.
  • Lampshaded when Blue Link and Purple Link end up watching a Naruto rip-off conversation between Green Link and Red Link:
    Purple Link: The fans are gonna kill us!
    Blue Link: Maybe if we don't make it too blatant...
    Green Link: I'm gonna be a Hokage someday! ...Whatever that means. Believe it!
    Blue Link: ...Nevermind, the fans are gonna kill us.
    • Speaking of Naruto, that particular scene was intended to be a Take That! to the Naruto anime's overuse of filler, as Haidouken Dude, the creator of the series, has painful memories of having to wait for something from Naruto that isn't filler.
  • Also, Indiana Jones made a cameo where he briefly speaks to the Links while running from a boulder, only to be squashed by a Thwomp. In the same scene, when they discover his barely alive body, this exchange is made:
    Red Link: Those bastards!
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  • In the 7th episode, when dragging Dark Link back to the Twilight Realm with the intent of punishing him for Dark Link's dirty tactics, Vaati paraphrases General Rieekan's Non-Standard Game Over quote to the player for destroying far too many allies in the first Rogue Squadron game.
  • In the 9th episode, Darunia acts like Hulk Hogan.

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