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Shout Out / The Most Popular Girls in School

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  • In general, the creators have really shown their work when it comes to Kansas.
  • Rachel Tice at one point says "so good." This may or may not be intentional, though her voice bears a strong resemblance to the characters from TGS.
  • Various nicknames for Deandra that pop up sometimes throughout the series (e.g. Megaman).
  • Brittnay's "We have all the sex. All of it." is seen as one.
  • This exchange in Episode 25:
    Mackenzie: A Series of Unfortunate Events that was completely out of my control.
    Tanya: Clearly. Poor little Lemony Snicket.
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  • When Amberlynn finishes her interview with Jenna Darabond, she walks off humming "Do you want to build a snowman?"
  • In Episodes 53 and 67: "Aw, biscuits!"
  • Episode 48 has Shay trying to give ideas for them to get revenge against the hipsters, but her ideas are plots of Teen movies, including She's All That, Mean Girls and The Breakfast Club .
  • When Jenna talks about the bands that will play on her show, she refeers to various existing alternative bands. She mentions that some that will be playing are Mumford and Cousins, Literal Dragons, Videogame Inferno and Zombie Weekend
  • Online, there was a #FilmClass going around, with the characters from the show dressed up and posing in various movie posters.


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