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Tear Jerker / The Most Popular Girls in School

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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

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    Season 1 
  • Jonathan/Than in Episode 4. Even though he's a jerk to everyone the entire length of the episode (and for most of the other episodes, in fact), it's quite sad to see him start crying at the end, and is especially hard for anyone who has trouble making friends in real life.
  • Poor Ashley Katchadourian gets thoroughly screamed out by Trisha because of Deandra getting her arms ripped off, and during prom Trisha has Brittnay make out with Ashley's boyfriend as revenge. And then Trisha is told Ashley really wasn't in charge of the door and had nothing to do with Deandra's maiming.
    Ashley: Uh, that's my boyfriend!
    Trisha: Yeah, that's what you get Ashley Katchadourian! Next time, you watch the FUCKING DOOR!
    Ashley: Why are you guys so mean to me?!

    Season 2 
  • The brief moment of despair from the cheer squad when Ashley Katchadourian has left her own team for Atchison's and because of the rules that there must be six members in order to cheer, they will be automatically disqualified due to a lack of one member. Mackenzie was on the verge of giving up and sounded like she's about to cry, judging from her voice.
    Brittnay: What are we gonna do now?
    Mackenzie: (voice breaking) There's nothing we can do... We're not gonna be allowed to cheer with five members. We might as well pack our bags, go home, and kiss Oak Park mall, goodbye, one last time...
  • The fact that Deandra was forced to leave her old school out of shame from her whoopsie poopsie.

    Season 3 
  • Ashley Katchadourian realizing everyone's been screwing her over since before the first season even began. Her boyfriend cheated on her with three different girls, Jenna Darabond framed her for Deandra entering the girls room, and Trisha viciously attacked her on two separate occasions. As a result, Ashley's become so depressed her mom's sneaking medication into her breakfast, her little sister wants Santa to help her, and Ashley's developed ulcers.
  • Pictured above, from Episode 39, which highlights the friendlessness the squad has when all their other cheer members leave them, and nearly the entire school hating the three. Especially since the hipsters are popular now.
  • Justin quit the football team and turned his back on all his friends for Jenna, only for her to cheat on him with Than. After they break up, he dejectedly goes to watch the football game.
  • Brittnay sounding genuinely hurt and betrayed that Mackenzie used her own anger toward Jenna Darabond as part of her plans by blowing up Brittnay's car herself.

    Season 4 
  • Trisha being told by Brittnay that Brittnay is now working with Shay Van Buren to take Mackenzie down, and she doesn't want Trisha involved so she's cutting her out. When Trisha tells Mackenzie and the other Trisha the news, it's very clear that she understands exactly what Brittnay meant and has been very hurt by it.
    Trisha: She doesn't need me anymore.

    Season 5 
  • Shay's gradual Butt-Monkey status in Season 5 can be seen as this, since most of it comes from her only minimally provoking others.
  • Tanner (seemingly) cheating on Tristan. Especially sad given that their relationship was shown to be one of the strongest and most loving on the show.
    Tanner: (brokenly) What is wrong with me? I'm an awful person.
  • It's pretty easy to feel sorry for Mackenzie when Team USA suffers a Humiliation Conga on live TV thanks to her stupid teammates' hangovers.
  • Tanner outright crying when Tristan breaks up with him in Episode 79. We even see tear streaks on his doll's face!
  • Episode 80:
    • Tanner crying all the way through the photoshoot.
    • Tanner crying into Than's chest.
  • Episode 82: Easily the saddest and sweetest episode thus far.
    • Trisha 2 leaving Trisha to become a model.
    Trisha: So... I—guess this is goodbye.
    Trisha 2: (gasps) ...I'll call you every night!
    Trisha: And every morning?
    Trisha 2: (quietly) Of course! (they hug)
    • Brittnay saying goodbye to Mackenzie. The former's final lines make it seem like that she's Trying Not to Cry.
    Brittnay: I'll fly with [Trisha]. Because I'm not gonna be model either, Mackenzie.
    Mackenzie: Oh, Brittnay—
    Brittnay: (cuts her off) No, before you say anything, just hear me out. This... this isn't for me. Being a model's always been your dream, not mine. All I've ever wanted to do is be popular, kick ass, and give handjobs. And there's no better place to do that than Overland Park. Besides, if I don't go back, Shay Van Buren's gonna be the most popular girl in school. And I'll die before I let that pig-tailed labradoodle ruin the legacy that you worked so hard to build. It's for the best, Mackenzie.
    Mackenzie: No, I was just gonna say, they're not gonna offer you a modeling contract. Because you didn't compete.
    Brittnay: Oh, right. Well... Ah—
    Mackenzie: But... thank you for saying all that!
    Brittnay: No, y-yeah, it's fine. It's just... (quietly) fuck. C'mon Trisha, let's go home.
    • Mackenzie's bittersweet speech at the Charles De Gaulle airport, having decided to not be a model right now after all:
    Mackenzie: (to Brittnay and Trisha) Look, all I've ever wanted to do was to just find a way to escape all these bitches and assholes we go to school with. But since we got here, Jeannie betrayed us, those French cunts tried to kill us, and I realized... it doesn't matter where you go, there's always gonna be bitches and assholes in your life. So the only thing you can do is surround yourself with the few bitches and assholes you can actually stand being around. And for me, that's you guys.

  • On one occasion on Brittnay's Facebook page, she paid a small tribute to the late Carrie Fisher.
  • Because this show has been declined by so many television channels, as well as the effects of the YouTube Adpocalypse, Mark and Carlo have been forced to turn to Patreon to support their channel.


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