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Have fun smelling my poops, bitches!


Contains unmarked spoilers. Therefore, read with caution!



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     The Trisha Show 
w/ Deandra the New Girl

w/ Reby Sky

  • Both Trishas asking simultaneously to Reby, "You live in a forest?" Then Trisha 2 concludes that she's renting a forest.
  • When thinking of a wrestling names for themselves, they suggest to each other they want theirs to be Trisha and vice versa.
    Both Trishas: Ooohh! THE TRISHAS!!
    Trisha 2: We'll punch your gall bladder!
    Trisha: Yeah, we're gonna— we're gonna rip your face... with our— with our butts!
    Trisha 2: Yeah, butt face rip!
    Trisha: The Trishas!!
  • This.
    Trisha: So I heard you're engaged (pronounces it as ''en-gahzhed''), is that true?
    Trisha 2: It's "engaged" (properly pronounced)
    Trisha: Oh, you're engaged as well? That's amazing.
  • Both suddenly going crazy after Trisha said "love at first fight".
    • When Reby admits that it definitely was, they actually find it heartwarming complete with aww's
  • Reby wants to demonstrate a wrestling move but needs a volunteer. Trisha suggests Trisha 2. Hilarity ensues by the end.
    • Before signing off, Trisha 2 is thrown to the background and clattering metal sounds can be heard.

w/ Lindsay Seim from INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2

  • Lindsay confirms that as an audience member when it comes to scary movies, she's a "pretty big chicken". The Trishas being well...the way they are, you know where this goes.
    Trisha 2: Yum...
  • Trisha 2 consider Milo and Otis a scary movie. Trisha labels it as the scariest movie ever, simply because they think that a dog and a cat should not be together.
    Trisha 2: Those are boundaries that aren't meant to be crossed.
    • There's also a bit of Fridge Brilliance with why they considered it. The movie itself gets unnerving to watch because of the dangerous things they go through and the animals used were real. There's also the rumor of the more than thirty cats having died over the course of the production but we'll just leave it there.
    • Trisha 2 believing that Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey is a sequel to said movie and is just as equally terrifying.
  • The Trishas misunderstood the point of a "based on a true story" after Lindsay said that she couldn't help but the things that happened in The Conjuring have happened to actual people. Thinking that the scenes James Wan filmed were real.
  • The return of the Trisha Lightning Round.
    Trisha: Trisha, what's her score?
    Trisha 2: We don't keep scores.
    Trisha: Yeah, you win!!
    (Both Trisha 2 and Lindsay cheer) YAAYY!!
  • When Lindsay said she gets scared easily, Trisha 2 attempts to startle her, as always, juvenile attempts of imitating sounds. Of course, she wasn't at all scared but Trisha, meanwhile:
    Trisha: (hiding behind the desk, shaking) What are you...? Who are you...?
    Trisha 2: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
    Trisha: That chilled me, like a cooler...
  • Trisha 2's hope in coming back as a "sexy ghost".
    Trisha 2: Look at that ghost, she's so hot like... a ghost!
    Trisha: (deadpan, staring into space) I wanna come back as Patrick Swayze...

w/ Brittnay Matthews

  • Brittnay's still worked up about having been 1st runner-up for prom after Trisha asked what it's like.
    Brittnay: Well, my dad always says 2nd place is 1st place loser so, to answer your question Trisha, it was f***ing terrible!
  • Trisha 2 recalls a story of how her popularity is affecting her life which simply includes some random student asking where the auditorium is. Trisha shares her surprise with how super popular Trisha 2 is.
  • The new segment on the Trisha Show, "Ask Brittnay".
    • Trisha blatantly admits to hacking Brittnay's Facebook page in order to choose the best questions, sent by fans.
      Trisha: And then we illegally hacked in to Brittnay's facebook page and chose the best questions.
    • Brittnay is curious with how they even got her password. It was, "brittnay"... Oh god.
  • The second question's answer on the segment involves a boy trying to lose pounds for the homecoming dance.
    Brittnay: I eat whatever I want...
    Trisha: Yeah, who cares if you gain a few pounds?
    Trisha 2: Yeah!
    (all laugh)

     Judy & Red in the Morning 
Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, "Witney" Matthews
  • Judy identifies herself as a Katy Perry fan. While explaining, a picture of Katy Perry in her "Last Friday Night" music video appears beside her.
    • Rachel when describing Judith to other people, she describes her like a firework. And then Judith describing about a firework.
      Judith: Yeah!! A burst of cool colors and sh[bleep]!
    • It gets better at the blooper reel in the end when everybody laughs soon after she said it.
  • Their literal samples of the new singles released by Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are what the singles' names make it out to be, them being "Roar" and "Applause", respectively.
  • Judith gets Kim Kardashian a baby gift but only to be sent back. Rachel gets her a gift too but it also got sent back. If it has nothing to do with sending knives for the baby, then we don't know why. She stated that it could be useful for cutting hair, oh Jesus...
    Rachel: Then that brings us to our sponsor.
    Judith: "BLADE CO"!
  • The caller online named... pshh, "Witney" Matthews. She starts out acting all soft-voiced and sweet, telling them that she's having a party at Saturday and she'd like for them to come but she asks them to do one thing first:
    "Witney": (goes back to her regular voice) EAT A BAG OF F[bleep]NG D[bleep]CKS!!! (hangs up)
  • "I'm getting heated, bro! I'm getting real heated!"

Emmy Nominations, Celebrity Crushes, Breaking Bad

  • Rachel is asked what show she'd want to win in the Best Comedy category. She answered Gossip Girl, yet Judith pointed out that the show ended and it wasn't even nominated.
  • Rachel saying Louis C.K.'s name like she was going to cough up something, the minute she reached his surname.
    • Made even funnier when in the blooper reel at the end, everyone bursts out laughing at that.
  • In the first few minutes, Judith visibly pities Rachel's obsession with Gossip Girl.
    Judith: So there's one show that has more nominations than any show—
    Rachel: Gossip Girl.
    Judith: (shakes her head) No Rach...
    Rachel: What?
    Judith: (rolls her eyes) Jeez louise...
  • Their "clip" of American Horror Story.
    • Same with their "clip" of Breaking Bad, especially Rachel's hilariously poor costume of Walter White.

Dan's Dirty DVR

  • When Rachel and Judith are reading the titles of the shows in Producer Dan's DVR, they completely miss the point of what it's really about due to most of the titles being double entendres and unusual euphemisms.
    Judith: We got "House Wives Orgy 2"!
    Rachel: I believe it's pronounced, "House Wives Orgy (or-guy)"
    • The moment Judith says the word 'stud' when reading the description, Rachel promptly thinks it's about a horse.
    • "Biracial Hook Up 6" being about tow truck drivers.
      • The "we take tight sexy women..." and the "we stick them with the thickest men" description being too funny too say when they were first recording it. It's almost impossible since Rachel has to say it with much enthusiasm and energy as possible.
      • Same for "Gigantic Toys In Small Holes" description bearing the words "squeeze massive sex toys", also said with the same energy.
      Carlo: I need to read these before I actually say 'em!

    MPGiS 360 

Episode 1: Models

Episode 2: Welcome to Pizza Street

  • Brittnay catching Darren (not that Darren) cheating.
  • Matthew, Blaine, and Justin arriving and taking everything when they see that nobody is here. After all, it's just $4 for all-you-can-eat for each person. They have no idea of the problems that soon follow...
  • Deandra's epic meltdown at all the food being gone.

Episode 3: You're The New Kid

  • The very beginning:
    Deandra: Well then, don't advertise "all-you-can-eat" tater tots if you're not prepared to deliver on that promise, Lunch Lady Belinda!

    Keeping Up with the Van Burens 

Episode 1

  • Cameron's singing.
    Cameron: It's my birthday! Are you lookin' at my butt, 'cuz it's my butt's birthday!
  • Mrs. Van Buren loves surprise parties so much that she has a rule that they have to throw one for everyone each year, so it's never actually a surprise.
  • Shay's reaction to Mikayla suggesting she get face paint at her (Shay's) Moana-themed birthday party.
    Shay: I should have smothered you when we shared a room.
  • Shay's genius plan to distract Cameron from her surprise party is... purposefully hitting Cameron with her car.
    Shay: Cameron, can you check to see if my break lights are working? I got another ticket yesterday.
    Cameron: Jesus Christ, Shay, hasn't mom ever told you to show some tit and get out of those?
    Cameron: I said, you should show your-
    Shay: (hits her with the car)
    Cameron: OW! Oh, FUCK ME! WHAT THE FUCK, SHAY!
    Cameron: No, I'm not FUCKING okay! YOU FUCKING HIT ME WITH YOUR CAR, YOU FAT-FOOTED CUNT! Oh my god, I think you broke my arm! I'm gonna look like Deandra!
    • As Shay is dragging Cameron by her legs, you can hear Cameron screaming "You are so fucking stupid! Ugh, Shay, what is wrong with you?! You're a monster! YOU'RE A GODDAMN MONSTER!"
  • Shay is oblivious to how horrible her plan is.
    Shay: Oh man! She has no idea! She's going to be SO surprised! Best sister ever!
    Shay: Nailed it!
  • Cameron yelling at the doctor at the hospital, causing her heart monitor to go way up.
    Dr. Cullen: Well, it's definitely fractured.
    Cameron: Oh! Oh, really? Heh, where did you get your medical degree? NO SHIT UNIVERSITY?!
    Dr. Cullen: I'm just trying to explain to you what your condition is.
    Cameron: Thanks, but I already know what my condition is. I'm cursed. Cursed with a shitty life, and shittier sisters, who run me over, and then leave me at the hospital! (frantic beeping can be heard) My condition, Doctor Fuckboy, is that I'm a fucking Van Buren, cursed to be surrounded by the worst women on the planet! That's my condition.
    Dr. Cullen: Also, your arm is broken. (leaves)
    Cameron: Eat a dick.
  • Mrs. Van Buren is... well...
    Jayna: What would I say is my secret to parenting? (laughs) Well, if I had to pick one thing, I'd say, mm... neglect.
  • Mikayla getting flown away by the balloons she was sent to bring home. Then, later:
    Mikayla: (up in the air, still holding on the balloons) ...Am I gonna die?
  • Cameron has something of a reputation.
    Shay: I invited everyone on Cameron's Facebook. But most of them said they wouldn't come because Cameron had sex with their boyfriend. Or their dad. Or their boyfriend AND their dad. One woman wrote: "I'd rather be dead than be in the same room as that loose-lipped whore. She's a psychopath who's only driven by filling every hole in her body with another woman's man and breaking up families. I hope she dies and spends the rest of eternity getting t-bagged by Satan." (beat) That was from Cameron's godmother.
  • Shay hired Than as a stripper for the party.
    Than: It's been a little tough to get my new stripper service off the ground. I guess people are having an issue with hiring a 17-year old to get his junk out for money.
  • Cameron bitching about her broken arm all the way home.
    Cameron: And now I'm going to have to write with my left hand until I get this cast off! Leftie, Shay? Have you ever tried to give a handjob leftie?! It's fucking impossible, Shay! I would love to stroke the shaft and play with the balls, Senator, but I can't, because I'm fucking locked up in a plaster fucking cast prison! UGGHH! (later) ...You know what? You know what? You're a fucking bitch! That's what it is! You're literally the worst sister on Earth!
  • When they get back to the house, and Shay expectantly says "Surprise!", Than is... um...
    Than: (dancing with his pants down) Yeah, how you girls like this?
    Sorority Girl #1: Dude! You've just been doing the helicopter for like five minutes!
    Than: I know, right? This might be some kind of record. The trick is to not get hard. Limpin' loose. Just keep thinking 'limpin' loose', Than.
    Sorority Girl #2: Ugh. I'm getting motion sickness.
    Sorority Girl #3: I'm into it.
    (The other two girls turn and stare at her)
  • Then immediately after that...
    Jayna (enters the room with Cameron's teacher/boyfriend, both of them only wearing towels) Is Cameron here- (sees her) Oh, hi honey! I was just giving your teacher a tour of the- the- shower! Want me to make you a... birthday body shot?
  • Cameron is beyond done...
    Cameron: Wow, Shay, great birthday. Do you have any other atrocities planned, like female circumcision or giving me bangs, maybe?
  • ...When Mikayla falls through the roof and onto her.
    Cameron: Uh-ughh... I think my back is broken...
  • By this point, Shay is also done.
    Shay: At least it wasn't fucking face paint. She got off easy.
  • Cameron's full body cast.
    Cameron: (beat) How the hell am I supposed to suck dick in this?!

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