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Fridge Brilliance

  • In "Sister Act", Cameron is at the high school just in time to burst in after Shay along with Mikayla to curse out Mackenzie for calling Shay a "fucking liar". But then in "Deandra's Arms", Cameron makes a complaint that she drove quite a distance to Overland Park from Wichita in order to plot against the cheer squad. So why was she in the area in the first place in episode 3 if it was such a long drive (in real life, the time it takes to get from Wichita to Overland Park by driving is about 3 hours)? Remember that in "Sister Act", Mikayla was at Overland Park because she was pulled from her elementary school that day due to her infecting the whole of her grade with head lice. If their mother Jayna was as utterly sloshed (and potentially asleep) as she usually tends to be during the day, it's likely that Mikayla's school wouldn't have been able to reach her. And since Shay would have been in high school herself at the time, Cameron would have been the only other Van Buren that would have been able to be called to come get her, even as far away as she was (considering that the Van Buren father never seems to be present).
  • Deandra’s uncaring shtick against Mackenzie and the cheer squad, plus the Van Buren girls, at the beginning may seem like just a gag that a new outsider doesn’t know and doesn’t care about the pre-existing hierarchy. But then, after meeting the Atchison squad, you realize that she’s NOT an outsider. Deandra was formerly a head cheerleader herself. So she knows all about how school and popularity hierarchies work, having been at the top of one previously. It’s not that she doesn’t know and doesn’t care. She is FULLY AWARE of the situation, and is simply responding in the way she would have known how to, and doesn’t care enough to be bothered by what she recognizes as cheerleader shit.
    • The different cheer squads at Cheer Nationals greet each other with variations of the ‘who the fuck are you’ greetings exchanged by Mackenzie and Deandra on their first meeting. With this in mind, that first meeting comes across as a common thing for head cheerleaders to do. Deandra was responding to Mackenzie on that first day not as a normal girl would do, but as a former cheerleader would.
  • How does Shay know so much about what would happen if Brittnay punched Jenna Darabond in the face? Why does she know about the parent teacher conferences and how long one is liable to take if, presumably, the popular students are generally able to avoid trouble through their own means? Easy. It's very likely that they would have been part of one before. After the incident in the girls' bathroom where the cheer squad and the Van Buren girls yanked off Deandra's arms in the middle of their squabble over her.
    • Supported by the fact that in "Parent Teacher Conference", when Mrs. Zales questions why the conference is called, she asked if Mackenzie and her friends ripped another girls arms off. Signifying that it's likely that another conference was called in the past in response to Deandra losing her arms.
    • From "Justice and a Slim Jim", there is a momentary gag in a line of gags that Jayna Van Buren forgets that she knew her daughters had a hand in ripping Deandra's arms off. Makes more sense in line with the theory that a conference was called. Jayna being in attendance would be a reason she would have known this fact in the first place.
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  • In Episode 46, Mackenzie is apparently okay with eating Mango Habanero chicken wings (which are very hot!); the episode before establishes that she likes to eat Kimchi for a snack, so of course she can handle super-spicy food.
  • In the parent-teacher conference episodes (episodes 50-52), Trish and her mom being obsessed with the possum seems like typical Trisha weirdness until you realize Jenna Darabond has essentially been playing possum during those episodes.
  • Mackenzie’s mom making the "A public school where? Pyongyang?" snark in Episode 50 is a throwaway line that all but confirms that she—and therefore, her daughters—are Korean and part-Korean respectively (alongside with Mackenzie's kimchi comment in Episode 45). Pyongyang is not exactly a go-to choice if you were to make a joke about how restrictive a public school is; if you weren’t a South Korean, you would most likely choose another more obviously restricted city or country and not the capital of North Korea.
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  • While it might seem rather unfair for Brittnay to repeatedly reject Mackenzie's apologies throughout Season 4, it seems that there's another reason behind it besides blowing up her car. If you compare Mackenzie apologizing in Episode 61 and apologizing in Episode 70, you'll notice that the first sounds rather exasperated and ungenuine, so of course Britt wouldn't buy it.
  • Meta-example: why did Season 5 get hit with more Deconstruction and Reality Ensues than ever like a sack of bricks? Because creating and working on a Deconstructive Parody series called Dr. Havoc's Diary will have that kind of writing rub off onto your main show.
  • Wondering why the girls didn't choose Saison as a model for Team USA? Simple. They know full well that Saison isn't an American; she's an exchange student who either has Canadian or French ancestry. So they wouldn't even bother to ask her since they knew that the model that joined their team would have to be an American citizen, which Saison is not, so it would be a wasted effort to even consider asking her.
  • Saison...
    • Being one of the few people to not get drunk while at the party in Episode 76 foreshadows her intelligence.
    • Not being a Silkstone Barbie like the French modelling team is a very subtle clue that Saison's not French.
    • Juliette tells Mackenzie that no one in France actually speaks French; they all speak English with French accents. Saison keeps pretending to stumble over her words like she doesn’t actually know the English language. If she was actually French in the MPGiS world, she would have no problem speaking English, since everyone speaks English with a French accent by default.
    • All the abuse that Brittnay gives her? Yeah, she pretty much had it coming.
  • People complain that Brittnay had been nerfed during her fight with the French Team in Episode 81 in comparison to her successful fight with The Expendables in Episode 67. However, there are important considerations to take into factor: Brittnay wasn't armed with any weapons this time, and she had just been freed from Force Feeding (which would realistically slow a person down in general).
  • In "Justice and a Slim Jim", Shay makes a jab at Cameron's failed attempt to use her breasts to get the clerk at the store to sell them some wine. However, she said nothing about how she planned to do it, so how did they know? Easy. The girls outside were standing right next to the window. Shay probably saw Cameron's whole failed purchase attempt and then made the joke when she got back based on what she'd seen.

Fridge Logic

  • Unless she was already in the area in episode 3, Cameron van Buren storms into the girls' bathroom to defend Shay after Mackenzie calls Shay a "fucking liar". Would this mean that Cameron drove from her college to the high school just to scald Mackenzie?
    • See the first entry in the Fridge Brilliance section for at least one possible reason she might have been in the area.
  • When Shay is making her laxative concoction, Mikayla calls for her mother to tell her sister off, and when Jayna does, she tells her not to add too much. Seems okay, but the way Jayna tells her daughter makes it sound like she's an expert at the prank. Has she done this before when she was in high school?
    • More than likely. It's implied time and time again that every single female Van Buren in their family has been the most popular girl in their respective school (save Shay). If the cheer squad was still so cut-throat in the past as it is in the present, it wouldn't be surprising to think that Jayna would have pulled that prank on other people as a teenager.
    • What might be a cause for concern is the sureness in her voice when she tells Shay that if she doesn't give the cheerleaders the laxatives in a certain way, it will kill them. Just how would Jayna be so sure of that?
  • In "Atchison", the doctor that Mackenzie visits about her bald spot tells her that she doesn't have alopecia, rather she had female pattern baldness. But alopecia is just a general term for hair loss, and FPB is considered a form of alopecia. So why would he just flat out say that she doesn't have alopecia, when she does, and just name a specific type of it?

Fridge Horror

  • Considering all the unprotected sex that Cameron does with many older men... just how many STDs does she have? And how many of those STDs could she have spread to others?
  • Though it's often played for laughs, the fact that Deandra had her arms forcibly ripped from her body in a game of human tug-o-war. Which resulted in her blood spraying over the girls who did it and all over the lockers before she ran out of the hallways screaming in agony. Even the other characters admit that what happened was super fucked up. Deandra's pretty well traumatized from the incident, which shows a lot in her self-admitted aggressive tendencies after the incident.
  • When you think about it, Tanya Berkowitz got away with cold-blooded attempted murder and got out scott-free. She walked right into a prison with a knife, stabbed Jenna Darabond with it, and walked out presumably without anyone knowing she had done it while Jenna lay in pain on the floor and eventually lapsed into a coma. Plus the fact that, afterwards, when Jenna was seen being treated in her coma, a car crashed through the wall and finished off what Tanya started. Sort of dulled since it was made for shock factor, but the doctor without hesitation turned right toward the nurse and asked her to note the time of death. We saw Jenna Darabond DIE on screen just like that.
  • If Mackenzie's embarrassing video ever did get uploaded to YouTube, let alone shown in front of the whole school, Brittnay could have potentially gone to jail for possession of child porn if Mackenzie was under the age of 18 at the time of the filming (even if the video didn't explicitly show Mackenzie's genitals).
  • Sure, Than could have taken the consent rule a step further and not handle an unconscious drunk Tanner's wet clothes at all and just leave him outside of his locked room... which would have just potentially put the latter at risk of more humiliation and even possible endangerment, such as if Tanner had showed any symptoms of alcohol poisoning after blacking out.
  • Saison has been through a LOT since she came to America as a foreign exchange student. Not only has she gotten pregnant and ended up having to give birth to her baby on a lunch table in a school cafeteria, she's been through a horrifying situation where she, Shay and Brittnay were in a car chase being pursued by mercenary cheerleaders who were trying to kill them, and where she personally was held at gunpoint. Then, when she went to France with the rest of the cast, she saw Brittnay held hostage, and brought a man to help who killed four French girls with a gun when they tried to kill Deandra, Brittnay, and Mackenzie. She's been through a lot in countries that weren't even her home in the past year or so.
  • Sort of fridge sadness, but how Saison and Blaine are going to eventually have to part ways since Saison is a Canadian exchange student, and they'll have to deal with custody of baby Brittnay. Either they get married as teenagers so Saison can stay in America and with him and their child, not going back to her parents, her family moves to America so she can stay, or Saison has to go back home to Canada. Either with baby Brittnay, in which case Blaine may not be able to see her or their child in person for long periods, or leaving baby Brittnay behind, leaving behind her child while Blaine has to try to care for his daughter with his parents' help and without his girlfriend. Another possible outcome would be Blaine moving in with Saison and their baby back at Canada so that they can stay together... at the cost of the leaving the football team and his home country.


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