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Recap / The Most Popular Girls in School

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The recap page for The Most Popular Girls in School.

All spoilers will be unmarked and uncensored. Read at your own risk!

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    Season 1 (2012) 
A new girl shows up in the bathroom and upsets the entire order of popularity at Overland Park High School in the days leading up to Junior Prom.
  1. "The New Girl"
  2. "French Class"
  3. "Sister Act"
  4. "The Most Popular Boys In School"
  5. "$57 Lunch"
  6. "The Letter Zero"
  7. "The Least Popular Girls In School"
  8. "3rd Grade"
  9. "Pre Pep Rally Energy Drinks"
  10. "Gay Van Buren"
  11. "Deandra's Arms"
  12. "Prom, Part 1"
  13. "Prom, Part 2"

    Season 2 (2013) 

    Season 3 (2013) 

    Season 4 (2015) 
In the final days of junior year, Mackenzie and the Cheer Squad find themselves confronted by their greatest foe yet: Brittnay Matthews, Mercenary Cheerleader.
  1. "Bring Me Everyone"
  2. "Brittnay's First Day"
  3. "This Isn't Going to End Well"
  4. "Shaw"
  5. "Mercenary Cheerleader"
  6. "Cheer Tots"
  7. "Van Buren Family Reunion"
  8. "Featuring Daft Poop"
  9. "Crank Hard with a Last Action Cliffhanger"
  10. "End of the Year Party, Part 1"
  11. "End of the Year Party, Part 2"
  12. "End of the Year Party, Part 3"

    Season 5 (2017) 
For the first time ever, The Most Popular Girls in School head to Paris for a summer abroad!
  1. "Summer Abroad"
  2. "Bonjour"
  3. "The Louvre"
  4. "The New Team USA"
  5. "Glow Up"
  6. "Hand Modeling"
  7. "The Morning After"
  8. "Cake Eaters"
  9. "The Truth"
  10. "Hansel & Gretel"
  11. "Taken"
  12. "The Final Walk"

    Season 6 (TBA) 




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