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Saison Marguerite is a Troll
  • She's bent on driving people crazy by pretending to be a naive French exchange student with her "how do you say" Verbal Tics before words; both English and French ones. And in her first appearance (the second episode) Brittnay enraged with her habit of putting "how do you say" before every last word she says, ranted "that's exactly how you say "now!— So don't say 'how do you say' before shit you clearly know how to say". And Saison simply responded "Okay" and giggled, somewhat invoking she successfully trolled her by getting her pissed-off.
    • Seconded. She's obviously teasing in the second episode. It's heavily implied that Saison Marguerite loiters in near proximity of Blaine just so she can make out with him as soon as he's dumped by Brittnay.
    • Confirmed.

Saison Marguerite is actually ethnically French.
  • But she was born and/or raised in Montreal. However, she either knows very little of her culture other than stereotypes or she really is a troll as stated above.
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  • Jossed.

Justin will be a regular babysitter for Saison and Blaine's child.
Because that would be really sweet and give Justin a chance to work through some of his daddy issues. Not to mention how reckless, if well meaning, a father Blaine would be.

Saison and Blaine's child will...

Amberlynn is up to something.
I don't know what and I don't know how, but she is too darn nice.

Rachel Tice will become popular for real in season 3...
...thanks to Jenna Darabond's Evil Plan: hipsterism. After all, Rachel is the must uncool character in the series, next to maybe Judith, and "what is cool will be uncool." Besides, she has the glasses.
  • Kind of confirmed.

Mattew Derringer is Transgender.
Hear me out:

1. Matthew Derringer has a very low voice and has had a low voice since he was in third grade at least. However, he has no penis or testicles due to a birth defect. His body does not produce the testosterone needed for such a voice, so he must take it. But it shouldn't drop his voice that much as a child unless he takes more than necessary - perhaps to change his body through hormone treatment.


2. He is not censored when naked. This is due to his birth defect, but it does beg the question as to how he pees. Of course, castrated men do exist in history and they used the bathroom, so.

3. Than constantly asks Matthew why he doesn't have a penis or testicles, as witnessed in episode four. While this could be for exposition it could also be because Than is confused as to the genitals Matthew does have. Judging by his reaction to Brittnay's "growler" he probably hasn't seen many vaginas in his life. If Matthew's was concealed partially by pubic hair, then he might still not have made the connection even after seeing Brittnay naked.

4. Matthew has shown himself to be incredibly accepting of others - such as when he tells Tanner that he supports him and his relationship.

5. While this troper has no personal experience with body dysphoria, she knows that many members in the transgender community (including several that she personally knows and speaks to) say that their mis-sexed body is a birth defect. This could give a logical explanation as to Matthew's birth defect.


Amberlynn will be Season 4's villain.
In the hipster cafe episode, Jenna states that she can tell Amberlynn is a 'fucking bitch'. Jenna Darabond of all people should be able to tell if someone is a fake or evil, since she is herself. Not to mention Amberlynn is just way too perky to be believable in a show like this, where even elementary school children have potty mouths. The twist at the final episode of this season will be that Amberlynn has had her own evil plan all along! Every season so far has been about a new threat to the cheer squad in an overarching story, and Amberlynn will follow that role!

Season 4 will involve a witch-hunt for Jenna Darabond's murderer.
It's been demonstrated that the Overland Park police department is incompetent to a certain extent as they were willing to let Jenna, a confessed arsonist, have a moment alone with Mackenzie in addition to letting her stay to watch the rest of the football game instead of dragging her to prison immediately. It also seems unlikely that Tanya Berkowitz would carry out her plan for revenge with no forethought about potentially framing someone she hates (e.g. Mackenzie) and risk going to prison for cold-blooded murder at the same time. Thus, Season 4 will be about Mackenzie trying to shake accusations of killing Jenna while dealing with Brittnay's betrayal all at once.

Mackenzie will be kicked off the cheer squad...
and replaced by Trisha.

Deandra's last name is really, really hard to pronounce.
She tells Mr. Mac in the third season premier to not worry about even trying to pronounce it, hinting that people usually have trouble with it. It's honestly easier for people to just call her "Deandra, The New Girl."
  • Either that, or it could be an Overly Long Name.
    • My bet is that it's Polish...
  • Could also be related to the "NamePocalypse of 2008" she mentioned at the Daytona Cheer Finals.

The events of Rachel and Brittnay falling in love will be canon.
Who knows? It could be just for Rule of Funny, or a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment in the actual series.
  • Jossed; the creators have explicitly called those videos non-canon.

In an alternate dimension, Mackenzie and Mrs. Zales are:
Angelica and Charlotte Pickles. Think about it: they're both bratty daughters with Workaholic Moms with submissive husbands.

Shay Van Buren has 5-ARD
Hence why she had a more Bubbles-like, feminine voice when she was younger, only to now have a masculine voice. She identifies as female.

Mackenzie and Brittany will get married in their adult life.
Especially seeing their relationship elaborated on in Episode 70. In my WMG, Mackenzie is either homoflexible or heteroflexible, and Brittany is a bisexual.

Matthew will surgically get male genitalia.
So that he and Trisha can finally consummate their relationship.

Ethnicities WMGs:
  • Trisha and her family are Sicilian-American.
  • Mackenzie Zales is East Asian on her mother's side and white on her father's, hence how she adapted a European surname.
  • Trisha 2 is part Afro-Hispanic and part Mestizo.

Jenna Darabond, Juliette Bonnet, Sofia, and/or Chloe & Zoe will return as vengeful ghosts.
And will torment the Cheerleaders, Overland Park and Atchison.

In Summer Abroad, the characters will go to...
Bold the winning guess(es).
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Italy
  • Brazil
  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Hong Kong
  • Montreal
  • New York City
  • Las Vegas
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Washington D.C.
  • Chicago
  • Syria (Brittnay defeats ISIS!)
  • Bora Bora

Amberlynn will be Driven to Villainy.
It'd be way too easy for her to turn out to be Evil All Along. You know what'd be more fun? If she got sick of all the Alpha Bitch bullshit surrounding her and became one herself in retaliation. Bonus points if she's doing it as a sort of "put an end to the bullying by being the new top dog" sort of thing.

MPGiS and Dr. Havoc's Diary exist within the same universe.
It's just Dr. Havoc takes place in a much more futuristic era.
  • No, Dr. Havoc is not at all futuristic; Kim and Havoc first met in 1996, and Ally was born four years after (2000).

There will be a Crossover episode with Dr. Havoc's Diary.
Going by the theory that the two shows from the same creators do not take place in the same universe.

Shay's possible bisexuality will be made explicit.
Going by the hints from Episodes 17 and 65, and the little fact that this show takes its continuity seriously.

There's some kind of conspiracy to get all the main cast in France for some reason.
The writers will let you think it's just the show's typical Leaning on the Fourth Wall humor, until the end of the season reveals someone was pulling the strings all along, and those Handwaves are every bit as flimsy as they sound!

The original Team USA...
Place your bets. Bold the winning guess(es).
  • Got kidnapped.
  • Got murdered.
  • Got blackmailed into not coming.
  • Quit due to Jeannie's emotional abuse.
  • Left due to scandals.
  • Just didn't care and all went on vacation.

Saison is Half-ethnically French and Half-Canadian.
In the form of a Take a Third Option.
  • Jossed.

Shay will at some point replace Cameron or Brittnay in Team USA.
Considering how, as seen in the trailer, Brittnay will apparently waste her modeling time stalking Saison with a telephoto lens.
  • Jossed.

Jeannie will become a Broken Pedestal to Mackenzie.
  • Confirmed in Episode 78.

Tristan will show up in season 5.
He popped in out of nowhere when Than only kissed Tanner. No doubt he'll (somehow) find out Tanner slept with him, and show up to confront them. The reason it didn't happen right away is because he's still on the plane.
  • Than confirmed that Tristan will be doing a cameo this summer, according to a MPGiS app-exclusive video called "Than Calls Shaw".
  • Confirmed in Episode 79.

Alternatively to the above...
Than and Tanner didn't actually have sex, and that's why Tristan didn't show up.
  • They didn't actually have sex.

There will be a polyamorous relationship between Matthew/Trisha/Trisha 2.
  • Teased in Episode 80.

The Team France members somehow know Saison.
  • Jossed.

Saison is a Canadian Spy.
And will team up with Liam Neeson to save the day!
  • Half-confirmed in Episode 81; no reveal of a spy-thing or anything in that episode.

Deandra will have a second PoopPocalypse in Episode 81.
  • Jossed.

  • Jossed.

Shay will take the final Team USA girl's place in the final runway walk-off.
  • Jossed.

All of the main Team France girls, minus Juliette, will die.
  • They all die.

Or, alternatively to the above, only Juliette will die.
  • She dies too.

Tanner and Tristan will get back together in the finale.
  • Confirmed!

Saison's cover will be blown by...
Place your bets. Bold the winning guess(es).
  • Her parents
  • Her daughter
  • Herself
  • Brittnay
  • Other students of Overland Park High School
  • Other outside forces

Saison is madly in love with Brittnay.
Well, just think about it. Saison wanted to be Brittnay's best friend from the beginning but that didn’t work out, so she stole her boyfriend and had a child named after Brittany, and it turns out that she really isn't French after all, but she keeps lying anyway; she keeps trying to get close to her no matter what.

Saison will finally snap and go full Yandere on Brittnay.

Deandra is an Asexual.
She's never shown any romantic or sexual interest in anybody other than food, not even back when she was popular.

Brittnay and Shay were switched at birth.
Or at some point in their infancy. Brittnay looks a lot like a Van Buren, while Shay's hair is a darker shade of blonde that seems to be atypical of a Van Buren. Shay seems to have a lower alcohol tolerance as well. Maybe Brittnay's family lived in Overland Park and then returned a few years later.

There will be Take Thats to Bratz dolls.
Considering how a Jade Bratz doll that was meant to portray Saison was rejected from the set because Mark and Carlo thought that it looked too dumb and crazy when Bratz and Barbie dolls were placed together, it would be doubly ironic, hilarious, and way too easy for Barbies to make jokes at the expense of their rivals.

Justin's dad will come back for an episode.
In a show where oft-mentioned characters will appear on the screen eventually, it's bound to happen. Of course, he won't stick around.

In an alternate dimension, Mackenzie and Shay are:
Dr. Havoc and Kim Havoc. Think about it: both are an Odd Couple consisting of a Workaholic and an Entitled Bitch.

Katelynn is actually Mackenzie's half-sister.
An offhand comment reveals that Mrs. Zales' husband, Jack, is actually Mackenzie's stepdad. Mackenzie's never mentioned her biological father, and there's nothing that implies the marriage was particularly recent. (If it was, that would indicate that Mrs. Zales moved on pretty quick, since Katelynn's still quite young. Of course, anything's possible, so who knows?) So, it's possible that Jack is Kaitlyn's biological father, and the two girls share a mother.

Cameron's father died or left when she was quite young.
In season one, she talks to Mikayla and says something along the lines of, "Dad said that...", with nothing to indicate that Mikayla's father isn't hers as well (ie, "Your dad said that..."). However, season five reveals that Cameron and Shay have different fathers, which almost certainly means Cameron and Mikayla's fathers are different as well. My theory is that Cameron's dad either died or walked out when she was so young, that she considers Shay and Mikayla's father to be her father, too.

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