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As a fun fact, OMGay was one of the first websites to ever pick up on MPGis.

Considering all the interaction between the same-sex Barbie Dolls and the little fact that All Women Are Lustful in this show, it's not so surprising that there's quite a bit homoeroticism, to the point where it seems like everyone is Ambiguously Gay, leading to all these possible pairing clues that had to be split into folders.



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  • Let's not forget about Than. Prior to joining the football team he spent most of his time watching the football team shower and bothering them with his inappropriate sexual advances. He seems especially fond of openly gay Tanner (who detests him). When Jenna Darabond tells him about her bisexuality, he seems baffled by the concept. It looks like he's suddenly realising what he is, but later instances seem to suggest he is only interested in men (e.g. not being interested in relations with either of the Jennas when they offer on separate occasions).

    Brittnay and Mackenzie 
  • In a possible What Could Have Been in Season 3, seen here:
    Brittnay: (gags) Oh god. (starts throwing up)
    Mackenzie: Get it out. Get it all out, here, I'll hold your hair. Get it all out.
  • In Episode 53, Mackenzie says to the former, "Brittnay! Baby!" to calm her down.
  • In this tweet by Mackenzie, she calls Brittnay her Woman Crush Wednesday.
    My #wcw is this bitch. We've been through a lot, but you'll always be my partner in crime. Love u boom boom 😘😘😘☠☠☠
  • This Ship Tease, parodying the movie poster of Pretty Woman.
    Tagline: She walked off the street, into her life and stole her heart.
  • Between Trisha being caught in the middle of their feud in season 4, the two reminding Trisha to not do anything stupid ("Stay in the shallow end!"), sometimes in unison, and their overall protective nature of her, Mackenzie and Brittnay sometimes seem like Trisha's parents.
  • Texts between the two.
    Brittnay: jk bitch luv you
  • In Episode 78:
    Brittnay: Mackenzie, before the competition tomorrow, there's something that I need to do.
    Mackenzie: I know. Go prove that that dumb bitch is a lying Canadian fraud.
    Brittnay: Thanks.
    Mackenzie: Just be back in time to compete tomorrow.
    Brittnay: I won't let you down.note 
  • In Episode 81, Mackenzie goes from pissed off to furious and panicked when Team France corners Brittnay and breaks her leg.
    Brittnay: These crazy bitches broke my fucking leg!
    Mackenzie: What the fuck is wrong with you?!
  • In the Season 5 finale, we have their supposed goodbyes with Brittnay's speech.
    Brittnay: I'll fly with [Trisha]. Because I'm not gonna be model either, Mackenzie.
    Mackenzie: Oh, Brittnay—
    Brittnay: (cuts her off) No, before you say anything, just hear me out. This... this isn't for me. Being a model's always been your dream, not mine. All I've ever wanted to do is be popular, kick ass, and give handjobs. And there's no better place to do that than Overland Park. Besides, if I don't go back, Shay Van Buren's gonna be the most popular girl in school. And I'll die before I let that pig-tailed labradoodle ruin the legacy that you worked so hard to build. It's for the best, Mackenzie.
    Mackenzie: No, I was just gonna say, they're not gonna offer you a modeling contract. Because you didn't compete.
    Brittnay: Oh, right. Well... Ah—
    Mackenzie: But... thank you for saying all that!
    Brittnay: No, y-yeah, it's fine. It's just... (quietly) fuck. C'mon Trisha, let's go home.
  • In the 360 VR video "You're The New Kid", Mackenzie introduces herself with "I run this school... with an iron fist". Which prompts Brittnay to introduce herself with "And I AM that iron fist!".

    Trisha and Trisha 2 
  • Viewers often comment that they ship them; even the creators say that they ship them!
  • In Episode 3 of The Trisha Show, Trisha asks if she can hold Trisha 2's hand when they watch a scary movie together (and the latter says yes).
  • Trisha 2 kisses Trisha in Episode 55! Okay, out of Cloudcuckoolander stuff, but still...
  • The amount of subtext between Trisha Squared grows exponentially in Season 5!:
    • In Episode 1, Mackenzie brings Trisha 2 along for the ride in the first place because Trisha is afraid of flying.
    • Trisha 2's encouragement of Trisha in Episode 6 veers into this at times. Trisha even tells her, "You're my rock." while Holding Hands. Later, at a party, they're happily laughing and dancing with each other (they're totally drunk, but still).
    • In Episode 7, as nauseating as it is to witness, they even mutually support each other when hungover.
      Trisha 2: (throwing up into a toilet) Thanks for holding my hair!
      Trisha: No problem. (throws up in the same toilet) Thanks for holding my hair. You're a really good friend.
      Trisha 2: Thanks, so are you! (beat, then they throw up simultaneously)
    • And their support for one another continues strongly in Episode 9; we've got Holding Hands, a pep talk, Trisha 2 telling Trisha that she is a "beeeautiful lady", and Trisha smuggling Trisha 2 under her giant dress because the former feels nervous going up there by herself.
    • In Episode 10, a threesome is teased between them and Matthew... but it turns out to be a Bait-and-Switch.
    • In the Season finale, it turns out that they're not kidding when they say they do everything together; they even shit in the same toilet together when afflicted with explosive diarrhea. Anyway, that being said, they are forced to separate because Trisha 2 wants to fulfill her modeling dream, prompting sad farewells.
    Trisha: So... I—guess this is goodbye.
    Trisha 2: (gasps) ...I'll call you every night!
    Trisha: And every morning?
    Trisha 2: (quietly) Of course! (they hug)

    Rachel and Judith 
  • During New Year's Eve, the duo prefers spend the night watching Gossip Girl on a couch together.
  • In Episode 69, they're able to finish their sentences in perfect continuation.
  • When they sneak into Jeannie's studio in the first VR episode, Rachel decides to give Judith some poses so that the latter can take pictures of her with the camera.
  • In the Season 5 finale, Judith calls the cleaned-up Rachel a "world-class beauty".

    Mackenzie and Shay 

    Season 1 
  • Way back in Episode 3, Trisha compliments Cameron van Buren by calling her "the most popular girl in the history of the Blue Valley school district", and proceeds to throw up due to how excited she is that Cameron came here.

    Season 2 
  • Judith seems to really admire Bridget Tice. We see Judith trying to make awkward small-talk with the older girl (e.g. inquiring about the specials at Pizza Street where Bridget works). She also comments "your sister is so mature" to Rachel.
  • In Episode 19, the producer tells Shay, Brittnay, and Saison to kiss each other for the new reality show Babes Having Babies. Brittnay isn't happy about it, though that's the least of her problems in that episode. Earlier in that very episode, the producer suggests that Saison and Brittnay make out.
  • Between Brittnay and Taylor McDevitt in Episode 25. They get right into each others' face, calling each other names. Some were surprised that they didn't kiss or even comment on how it looked like they were about to.
  • When Tanner and Matthew give Blaine a talk about parenthood, it feels a bit like two parents lecturing their child.

    Season 3 
  • Jenna Darabond identifies as bisexual. She explains this to Than, who had no idea bisexuality was a thing.
  • The other Jenna asks Jenna Darabond if they are dating. Jenna Darabond says that they are just friends and declines the other's suggestion that they make out in the bathroom.
  • When the other Jenna is frustrated that no one wants to make out with her, we see that Judith is watching her. Their eyes meet and both quickly turn their heads.

    Season 4 
  • Than and Shaw, to the point where they end up having sex in Episode 70.

    Season 5 
  • Juliette and Sofia, Mackenzie and Brittnay's Evil Counterparts.
    • In Episode 72, when Sofia gets enraged when Brittnay insults Juliette, Juliette mentions that Sofia "can be a bit... protective".
    • In Episode 80, Juliette trusts Sofia with her debit card. It's subtle, but still.
  • From watching Jeannie Halverstad do her strut on the catwalk in Episode 74, Mackenzie gazes at her and speaks in a soft tone that only someone who probably has a crush her would do.
    Mackenzie: Wow, she's amazing!
  • While everyone is super drunk at a nightclub, Rachel calls Shay a "pretty lady". Judith agrees.
    Judith: Yeah, she's hot as fuck!
  • After they both get drunk at a party in Episode 76, Tanner wakes up right next to Than the morning after. Except no, they didn't actually have sex.
  • When seeing the French Squad at Chez Pepe's in Episode 78, Trisha murmurs "God, they really are beautiful... mm.", almost as if Distracted by the Sexy. And we should note that Trisha 2 nods in agreement.
  • The Reveal of Saison actually being Canadian changes everything regarding her relationship with Brittnay. Lying for so long to keep chasing after her, what are her real motives? Is she obsessed with Britt?

    MPGIS App 

    Meta and Non-Canon 
  • The videos promoting the MPGiS app, otherwise known as the videos where Brittnay and Rachel fall in love with each other thanks to the fans' votes. Despite Brittnay obviously hating it and yelling at the viewers, she still acts caring to Rachel anyway.
  • This parody of a certain meme has Brittnay laying in bed... with another woman.


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