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Headscratchers / The Most Popular Girls in School

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  • How did Tanner's broken arm heal so quickly?
    • Accelerated Webcomic Time or, maybe, his arm had been broken long before that and, so, it's shown as broken until a certain point.
  • Why did Mackenzie blow up Brittnay's car? If the only reason Mackenzie wanted Jenna Darabond punched was to arrange a parent-teacher conference, why not just ask Brittnay to hit her? It is revealed in Episode 60 that Brittnay has been the group's "enforcer" since 3rd grade, so wouldn't punching Jenna be part of that role?
    • It varies from school to school, but maybe if Brittnay just punched Jenna for no apparent reason, only Brittnay and her parents would be called in for a conference. But if she says, "I punched her because she blew up my fucking car!", Jenna has to come in, too.
    • Episode 70 finally gives a reason: Mackenzie wanted to get credit for being a Manipulative Bastard and for coming up with a good idea. Just telling Brittnay to punch Jenna wouldn't have sufficed.
  • What did Trisha do with Deandra's arms after giving her "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Ashley? Speaking of whom, if she wasn't in-charge of the door after all, why was her only excuse is that she was at Pearl Harbor rather than "but I was never in-charge of the door!" since that was Jenna Darabond's job? (Note that this is all before The Reveal in Season 3)
    • Trisha mentions in a fanmail that she put them in her locker afterwards and forgot about them.
    • Ashley Katchadorian isn't the most straightforward, nor the most bright, person. It simply may have never occurred to her to remind Trisha that she wasn't the one in charge of the door. Much less when Trisha was waving around a pair of freshly torn off human arms and screaming/sobbing at her while insulting her for something she had no knowledge of until that very moment since she only just got back.
  • The Van Burens are shown to be absolutely loaded; so why do they send their kids to what's explicitly said to be a public school? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I've yet to hear of a family that could afford to send their kids to private school (which the Van Burens implicitly could) and choosing not to.
    • Well, considering the Van Burens pride themselves on being "High School Socialites" and Mrs. Van Buren clearly wants the girls to follow in her footsteps, she probably sent them to the same schools she and other family members attended.
    • That and public schools are cheaper (I assume private schools require some tuition and such).


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