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Shout Out / Sonic for Hire

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There are plenty shout-outs mentioned in the series, whether if its for other video games or other shows.

  • Sonic calls Mario A.C. Slater, explaining that he was played by Mario Lopez.
  • Tails quotes Passenger57 in "It's On":
    "Well, let me give you a word of advice: always bet on Tails."
  • In "Final Fantasy", Sonic sees the one-eyed monster and immediately says that he loves Monsters, Inc. due to the resemblance said monster bares to the character Mike Wazowski.
    • Gilius Thunderhead calls the monster Billy Crystal, who is Mike's voice actor.
  • Sonic says that "he got turned into a werewolf one time" when Sparkster tells Sonic about how different sequels have been ruining him. It seems to be more of a Take That!, actually.
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  • Sonic's obsession with chili-dogs from the cartoon series is referenced in "Crash Bandicoot", where Sonic changes Pong to a bizarre looking game with chili dogs as paddles.
  • Taken gets referenced twice in the series.
    • Sonic tells the Final Fantasy characters that they should fight like Liam Neeson. "Did you ever see Taken with Liam Neeson? That's how you fight!"
    • Sonic reclaims the Epoch from Crash Bandicoot by reenacting the electrocution scene from the movie.
  • Possible shout-out to Dave Chapelle. In Casino Zone Part Two, Tails comes up to the burning van with Sunny D and Purple Stuff.
  • When Eggman turns into a baby and Earthworm Jim turns into a Yoshi, Baby Eggman rides on Yoshi just like Baby Mario did in Yoshi's Island.
  • One item of Eggman's bucket list in "Elevator Action" is "Become Heisenberg".
  • In one of the shorts, "Potato Talk", Princess Potato starts singing "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" by Bonnie Tyler when she was told to turn around and face the camera (the song starts off with "turn around...")
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  • In "Streets of Rage" Tails tells Sonic to meet him by the Boulevard of Broken Crack Pipes.
  • When Sonic and Tails meet up with Eggman and Jim at Sonic's old apartment for the first time since they Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence, he gives them the necessary greeting:

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