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"Mewtwo is too dangerous to be allowed to run wild. He must be stopped."
Mario: Mama, you know who you're talking about. You know what he's done.
Luigi: If he had the chance he'd kill you for fun and dance around in your skin! He's a monster!
Peach: A psychopath! A cannibal! I haven't forgotten...
Mario and Luigi warning Peach about interrogating Kirby, There Will Be Brawl

Countless Fan Works have equally countless villains. Here are the worst, whether already canon or an Original Character.

Examples from Music (including Chrono Trigger: The Musical & Turnabout Musical) can be found here; examples from Script Fic can be found here

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Code Lyoko
  • Bataille pour l'espoir: Even in this extremely Dark Fic, these two stands out:
    • Youbakou Senja, also known as The Golden Phoenix, was originally one of many young graduates hired by the French government to work in Project Carthage on quantum mechanics. Deciding to Take Over the World after the research was abandoned in 1994, Senja took over Project Carthage and murdered several of his former collaborators when they refused to work with him. Kidnapping Anthea Hopper, Senja malnourished, tortured, and brainwashed her into becoming his second-in-command Nastasia. In 2005, upon discovering that the Lyoko-warriors knew about Project Carthage, Senja thought they knew too much and ordered their deaths by any means, causing several terrorist attacks to pressure the Lyoko-warriors into surrendering. Capturing the Lyoko-warriors, Carthage viciously tortured them, with William dying from his wounds. Carthage also destroyed the Elysée and 10 Downing Street with both bombs and sarin poison, killing everyone inside, such as Margery E. Hensley. Senja plans to use Carthage's satellite the Grande Arche and its Polynice Cannon to force the world to surrender, otherwise Senja will use it to destroy Earth. Having brainwashed Nastasia, Senja is also an accessory to her crimes, such as killing Odd and destroying Japan.
    • Leopold Le Couls's father got custody of Leopold after his wife left him. Forcibly turning his 15-year old son into a prostitute, he gang-raped and brutally abused him. When Yumi calls him out on his actions, Leopold's father punches her and warns her not to mess with him again while also breaking his son's bones. When Yumi later actively defends Leopold against his father, the latter threatens to break his son's arm again. Joining Project Carthage, Leopold's father took part in the Lyoko-warriors' torture, notably raping Yumi to spite her. He's last seen helping the Golden Phoenix attempt to kill Leopold, never missing an opportunity to spite his own son or Yumi.
  • Code Lyoko: Beyond: XANA keeps all of its canon crimes and goes farther. Upon surviving the events of the original series by faking its death, XANA grew in power and decided to send the Scyphozoa after Aelita and William in order to remove their Keys of Lyoko, preventing them from stopping its attacks. On the meanwhile, XANA repeatedly attempts to kill the Lyoko-warriors by crashing a school bus because Jérémie, Ulrich and Aelita were inside—killing two students, Théo and Laura Gauthier in the process—and brainwashing the survivors and use them to try to kill Yumi and William, spreading a deadly disease in the entire city and nearly killing Yumi, trying to destroy the Supercomputer while the team was in the Digital Sea in order to leave them inside it forever and attacking Kadic Academy with an army of monsters in order to find and kill the Lyoko-warriors, intent on killing any innocents in its path.
  • Un futur d'enfer: XANA surpasses its canon counterpart in sheer depravity. Managing to keep William under its control, XANA uses him to kill Franz Hopper and starts an invasion on the real world a week later, killing millions in only a few days. When the world unites against it, XANA sends the brainwashed William to Earth, whereupon he proceeds to slaughter 10 soldiers per day. Years later, taking 20 soldiers hostage, XANA interrogates each soldier, killing anyone who doesn't answer. XANA later lures Ulrich, Odd and their team to one of its factories, where Kankrelats fires on boxes containing explosives, killing several soldiers. Civilians aren't spared, as XANA attacks a base and anyone inside of it indiscriminately, killing Odd and indirectly Sam. It goes even farther, spreading a deadly virus, the Eradicator, and killing soldiers and civilians alike, including Aelita and Jérémie. When a teenage Yumi reappears 100 years after Franz Hopper's death, XANA tries to kill her to prevent her from going back to the past. In the bad ending, when Yumi manages to use a hundred-year Return to the Past, XANA remembers everything from the future and kills Yumi, securing its victory.
  • The Games of Moriarty: Moriarty is Franz Hopper's former colleague and Anthea's ex-boyfriend. A sadistic individual who loves to play with people's minds, Moriarty starts by forcing the Lyoko Warriors to "play" his mind games, in which the latter are forced to make sadistic choices, which often involves killing people close to them. A mind rapist, he is responsible for Jeremie's Start of Darkness, as well Odd's brainwashing and consequent PTSD; all the while using a "treatment" so horrifying even Odd is absolutely terrified by it. After appearing on Earth, he eventually starts a fascist movement called the Order; frames the French Muslim population for his later attacks; leaves brainwashed gunmen to die in a fire after they served their purpose; and doesn't hesitate to let Order members get caught in the crossfire caused by his attacks. He also hacks the Return to the Past protocol in order to prevent the heroes from repairing any damage done by his attacks, and his attacks often involves mass murder, such as brainwashing an Arab in order to blow up a bus, or spreading a deadly flu in the entire city. A mass-murdering psychopath and, despite being human, lacking even more in humanity than XANA, not even politeness and charisma hides Moriarty's desires to humiliate, torture and destroy enemy, ally and innocent alike.
  • Jeux d'enfants: XANA, behind its veneer of friendliness, is just as evil as in canon. Trapping the Lyoko-warriors, Sissi and Kiwi, inside the Ermitage, XANA forces them to face their worst fears and to find a clone hiding amongst them, saying that they'll win if they follow these two objectives. Its worst games include forcing Aélita to face her fear of wolves while mocking her father's sacrifice; forcing Yumi to watch as it horribly slaughters her family; and forcing Jérémie and William to face a Giant Spider, spitefully killing William when the latter shows no hesitation to face his fear as asked. XANA also kills Sissi by electrocuting her and Yumi by stabbing her, later forcing Odd to watch as it kills his dog Kiwi before killing Odd himself as well. In the climax, XANA brainwashes Aélita and kills Jérémie and Ulrich, finally winning against the Lyoko-warriors.
  • Overpowered
    • 2010 original : XANA is just as vile as in canon. Surviving the events of Season 4 alongside Franz Hopper, XANA kept the latter hostage, torturing him and slowly draining him of his energy. Meanwhile, XANA makes several attempts on the Lyoko Warriors' lives, not caring if others students are caught in the crossfire. XANA also attempts to brainwash Naxxya, Yumi and Sissi. In the Bad Future, XANA manages to kill all the Lyoko Warriors and wipe out everything on the surface of the planet. When a group of survivors attempts to find a way to go back in time to warn the Lyoko Warriors, XANA kills all of them but one. In the final battle, XANA sadistically killed all of the Lyoko Warriors but Sissi and Jérémie, forcing the latter to watch as it kills his Love Interest Aélita. When the resurrected, empowered Lyoko Warriors manage to defeat XANA, it destroys its base in an act of spite, hoping to take the Lyoko Warriors and Franz Hopper with it.
    • 2020 rewrite/sequel : Zander Hopper is the leader of the Black Phénix organization, Anthéa's father and Aélita and Taelia's grandfather, and is directly or indirectly responsible for every tragedy the Lyoko-warriors went through. Experimenting on his wife Aurore and his daughters Anthéa and Athéna—leading to the latter's death in childbirth—Zander executes his wife when she castrates him in retaliation for Athéna's death, and later on experiments on his newborn granddaughters. Struck in a supercomputer due to his old age, Zander also created younger clones of himself to later permanently possess when he comes back on Earth and becomes immortal. Upon capturing the current Lyoko Warriors and the future Lyoko Warriors, Zander gives back to the latter their painful memories of their Bad Future and interrogates them, Anthéa, and Franz Hopper, showing little hesitation in torturing them. When they're freed by the new Lyoko Warrior recruits and fight back, Zander ultimately uses X.A.N.A.'s power and tries to kill them all, only planning to spare his granddaughters to experiment on them before killing them as well once they're no longer useful.

DC Universe

  • Batman:
    • Arkham Patient Sessions: The Scarecrow, real name Jonathan Crane, is obsessed with causing fear in the masses. Inventing a fear gas, Crane proceeds to terrorize the people of Gotham City with hallucinations of their worst fears, committing murders along the way. When Batman captures Scarecrow, he spends his days psychologically tormenting the staff, including convincing an orderly to kill himself, while periodically fear-gassing people when he escapes. After fellow supervillain Dr. Death causes a mass breakout in Arkham Asylum, the Scarecrow kidnaps asylum director Jeremiah Arkham and locks him in the asylum's basement in order to drive him insane. Crane spends an extended amount of time drugging and torturing Arkham until he finally breaks, leading to his suicide.
    • "The Batman Chronicles": The Joker is the sadistic leader of the Red Hood gang, and is obsessed with making a name for himself. Joker has his men terrorize Gotham in a way that makes it seam random. At one point he has a couple men break into an empty warehouse in order to ambush and kill the officer sent to investigate. When one of his men reveal his identity to Batman, Joker has him tortured and the shoots the man himself. Joker and his men attacks the GCPD, killing three people and kidnapping Commissioner Loeb. He proceeds to torture Loeb for information, even after Loeb agrees to corporate. When his men capture Batman and he escapes, Joker has his men attack him, laughing all the way. When Batman and Gordon beat his men, Joker attacks Batman with a crowbar. Even when beaten, Joker succeeds in revealing the information Loeb gave him to get him fired, thud making a name for himself.
    • Batman: City of Scars & Patient J, by Bat in the Sun Productions: The Joker is once again portrayed as an irredeemably wicked monster. Considering himself the Arch-Enemy of Batman, the Joker has committed numerous atrocities just to torture his nemesis, from brutally beating the second Robin, Jason Todd, to death with a crowbar, to targeting Batman's best friend, James Gordon, by murdering the man's wife and paralyzing--and most likely raping--the man's daughter. In Patient J, the Joker is interviewed by a psychologist about his past crimes, all of which he recalls happily, and, when the psychologist begs the Joker to kill him to make himself famous, the Joker instead horrifically maims the man, leaving him alive just to torment him. After escaping from Arkham Asylum in City of Scars, leaving a nurse horrifically scarred in the process, the Joker kidnaps Councilman Johnson and his ten-year-old son, brutally murders the man's wife, then murders a man to steal his ice cream truck. After dousing Johnson with acid to kill him, the Joker plants a bomb on a carnival's ferris wheel, hoping to kill the dozens of children and adults in the surrounding area, before, as a final act of villainy, attempting to gun down Johnson's son. Always an attention-craving showman, the Joker views the mass populace as "puppets" for him to control in his ultimate comedy act, where the punchline is always death for his hundreds of victims.
    • Batman: Midnight Madness: The Joker is once again portrayed as a sadistic madman who kills for fun. Introduced by making up a story about an abusive father before bashing a woman's head in and shooting her dead for interrupting him, the Joker then kills an entire New Year's Party with his Joker Toxin. Batman and the Question realize he plans on gassing half of Gotham with joker toxin during the ball drop, and rush to stop him. When Question arrives as a distraction, Joker shoots him in the leg and forces him to watch the ball drop and everyone in Gotham Square die, but Batman manages to disarm the bombs. Unfortunately, The Joker reveals he has explosives armed at the top of the New Year's ball and blows them, intending to crush the crowd to death when it falls to the streets below. Thinking he won, The Joker moves in to kill the Question with Joker Toxin.
    • Breaking You: Deathstroke is an assassin who has felt humiliated by his previous defeats by Batman and makes a deal with the Court of Owls to make Nightwing their apprentice, in which he plans to betray them by stealing Nightwing as his sole heir. He begins by physically assaulting Nightwing and later kidnapping Damien Wayne, putting the latter through torture in the process. Deathstroke later captures Nightwing and forces him whether to kill Damien or Tarantula, in which Deathstroke takes pleasure when Nightwing accidentally kills the latter through immolation. When the Bat-Family comes to rescue both of them, Deathstroke threatens to kill Batman and every Robin to punish Nightwing for his "disobedience".
    • Gotham by Gaslight Fan Film Ripper: Jack the Ripper is a vicious serial killer stalking the streets of London. Throughout the film, Jack hunts down and butchers five prostitutes, doing grotesque things to each of them like disemboweling or even outright cannibalization. When caught by Batman while trying to continue his spree by murdering another hooker, Jack gleefully proclaims they're "just whores", and states that he loved seeing the fear in their eyes as they died. The end of the reveals that this Jack the Ripper is in actuality an alternate version of The Joker himself, and Jack ends the film by proclaiming that the only reason he commits his murders is for infamy, and because he can.
  • Others:
    • The Anti-Life Overture & The Anti-Life Crisis: Darkseid is the dreaded tyrant of Apokolips and desires the complete subjugation of the universe by attaining the Anti-Life Equation and thus bringing everyone's will to his own. Having already wiped out or enslaved countless worlds, he supplies his war effort by setting up factories, where prisoners are dropped into a vat of acid, experimented on, and converted into a mindless parademon, with Darkseid disposing of anyone who doesn't survive the process. Setting his sights on Earth, he repeats his invasion process and leads the massacre of countless people. When his son, Orion, tries to confront him, Darkseid beats him and, upon learning that Apokolips's planet core has been destabilized, sacrifices his son to replace it, condemning him to eternal agony.
    • The Sandman Fan Film 24 Hour Diner: Dr. Dee takes the costumers of a diner hostage with his ruby. Dee makes a kids show host instruct his audience on how to commit suicide, before messing with the diner customers' minds, making them live their deepest darkest desires; attack each other; worship him as a god; reveal their deepest secrets; have sex with each other; punish themselves; and get turned into primitives. Finally, Dee has them kill themselves and attack Morpheus as he tries to reach him to get his ruby back.

Disney Animated Canon

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs fanfic The Hidden Princess and the Captive Prince: Queen Grimhilde is Snow White's Wicked Stepmother. A cruel despot, Grimhilde's dungeons are full of skeletons, many of them belonging to men who rejected her advances. Already abusive to her stepdaughter, her hostility only escalates once Snow White's beauty surpasses her own, driving her to have the princess killed. Meanwhile, she imprisons Prince Florian in her dungeons on trumped-up charges, intending to force him to marry her. When he refuses, she decides to throw Snow White's severed head into her dungeon and let him starve to death. Later on, she changes her mind about this and attempts to drown him as she leaves to poison Snow White. Vain, thin-skinned and incredibly ruthless, Queen Grimhilde will stop at nothing to become the Fairest of Them All.
  • The Little Mermaid (1989) fanfic Under the Bright Blue Endless Sky: Ursula the Sea Witch manages to surpass her canon incarnation in sheer wickedness. The envious younger half-sister of King Triton, Ursula was banished from Atlantica after her use of dark magic caused untold havoc throughout the kingdom. Spending years attempting to inflict as much harm upon Atlantica as possible, in addition to roping unhappy merfolk into making bargains with her, many of which end with them being transformed into polyps, Ursula tricks Triton's daughter Ariel into making a deal with her in order to become human and reunite with her lover Prince Eric on land. Determined to ensure Ariel doesn't fulfill her end of the bargain, Ursula reveals Ariel's mermaid heritage to a band of unscrupulous pirates and sends them on a mad hunt for her, leaving torched villages and piles of dead bodies in their wake. Upon succeeding in acquiring the trident from her brother, Ursula immediately attempts to brutally kill her niece and her lover.
  • The Lion King (1994) fanfic The Lion King Adventures: The Writer is responsible for all the bad things that happen in the story, and is the true villain of the series. The Writer created the world Simba and his friends lived in, and had caused every evil act in that world. The Writer also created all the other villains in the story. The Writer's creations included Scar, as well as evil versions of Timon and Pumbaa who drain the souls of cubs. He had always been trying to kill Simba and his friends or ruin their lives for fun, and at the end of the series, he goes into the world himself to kill Simba and his friends so he can take over and rule the world for eternity as he destroys thousands of lives for his own amusement.
  • The Lion Guard fanfic King of Life: Radcliffe is the tyrannical ruler of the northern pride lands who had driven out the herds and bolstered his army with vicious poachers, including Makucha, Chuluun, Mama Binterongl, who have overrun the surrounding lands to the point where the predators that live there have to resort to poaching themselves just to stay alive. To top it all off, Radcliffe has several innocent cubs of multiple predator species kidnapped from their families and outright brainwashed into mindless slaves. He attempted to use the dark roar—basically an evil version of the roar of the elders—to abort Rani's unborn cub while said cub was still in the womb; planned to use Rani and Kiara as concubines to father his cubs—but not before he plans to kill Kiara's cub before doing so—and murdered Ullu and Kopa.
  • Wreck-It Ralph fanfic Wreck-It Ralph 2: Princess Vanellope von Schweetz is the ruler of Sugar Rush II: Whirled Tour and the evil Alternate Self of the original Vanellope. Desiring to be the only game in her arcade, Princess Vanellope painfully ripped out 56 other characters' power ups with her scepter, resulting in their arcade shutting down and Sugar Rush II getting sold to Bernie. Pretending to befriend the Vanellope of Sugar Rush, she captures and repeats the scepter process with her. Strangling Candlehead to get the other racers to do as she says, she later invades and attacks Sugar Rush to get her scepter back, fully willing to kill all the Sugar Rush racers and even sacrifice her own subjects when they turn on her. Blaming everything on Vanellope, she drives them both to the cord to throw her out and kill her.
  • Zootopia:
    • Silenced by the Lamb:
      • Clive Hoofer is the true mastermind behind Dawn Bellwether's administration. Having once been an abusive prison guard to predators, he was hired by Bellwether to concoct the Night Howler scheme to turn predators savage and bring both of them into power. During the mayoral election, he tries to have Bellwether's opponent assassinated, and when this fails, he sends Bellwether and his supporters to fire Night Howler pellets at various predators in Zootopia and cause them to go savage, such as causing one of Gazelle's tiger dancers to go savage and releasing a savage bobcat in Little Rodentia. At the same time, he caused a wolf to go savage and maul a koala publicist in his office, which he calmly listens to on the other side. He also keeps the savage predators of Zootopia in containment, surgically implanting tracker chips in them and physically assaults a savage Nick Wilde with a baton when he tears at his coat sleeve. He then attempts to pass the Safe Act that would have expanded his administration's power to near dictatorial levels, and when this fails, he proposes the Happytown Initiative that would have relocated the predators and had them exterminated, which he tries to initiate early when he begins to face arrest.
      • An unnamed fox leads the Golden Claw, a predator supremacist group that commits terrorist acts to further their cause. Upon recruiting a reluctant Lucas Canisson and arriving to city hall, he unleashes Night Howler toxins on the prey citizens, making them easier to kill. He and his forces then capture the city hall, where he initially allows one of his bear thugs to attack the city council members, but then hits him with a Night Howler pellet, causing him to go savage and maul the council members to death, before ordering Lucas to subject Hoofer to the same fate. He then makes his way to the water plant of Zootopia, planning to poison the water reservoirs with Night Howler toxin to cause all prey citizens to go savage. Once accomplished, he plans to separate the predators from the rest of Zootopia and allow the savage prey to kill each other and destroy the city, while taking in the surviving prey as livestock. When a crowd of predator citizens protest his plan, he drives a truck into the crowd, uncaring that he could have severely injured or kill them. Upon encountering Judy Hopps in the water plant, he orders Lucas to kill her, but when he refuses to do so, he pulls out his own gun, ready to kill both of them.
    • A New Adventure: Dr. Meles is a badger scientist who plans to take over Zootopia by releasing the rabies virus from Earth onto the city and creating widespread destruction. When his partner, Arctos, begins to doubt his plan, Meles infects him with the rabies virus as his "first test subject" and abandons him on Earth, since he's no longer useful to him. Upon capturing Luke Barrett, Meles has him tortured whenever he raises his voice, which includes having his polar bear guards cut him and place hot coals on his body.

Mortal Kombat

  • Enemies of the Past: Shao Kahn is the cruel despot of Outworld who seeks to conquer other realms to expand his dominion. When Outworld won ten consecutive Mortal Kombat tournaments against Edenia, Shao Kahn murdered King Jerrod and took his family, while also ordering the extermination of numerous Edenian villages. After his defeat in Mortal Kombat 3, Shao Kahn enlists the aid of Shang Tsung and Quan Chi to rebuild an army to conquer Earthrealm and Edenia. He then orders the two sorcerers to kidnap Sindel and Kitana for him and to kill Liu Kang and bring his body so that he could be turned into his mindless servant. Shao Kahn also sends extermination squads to Earthrealm to the Wu Shi Academy and to various cities, killing thousands in the process. When the Earthrealm forces infiltrate Shao Kahn's fortress, he engages them in combat, taking pleasure that he'll kill his own brother, Raiden.
  • The Fable of the Fallen Elder God; Shinnok: Shinnok was once a benevolent Elder God who grew jealous that his fellow deities received more praise from the Earthrealmers. Eventually, he decided to overthrow his former comrades and become worshipped by all the realms, sacrificing all of his followers to amplify his own power and use an amulet to plunge Earthrealm into darkness, creating famines and enslaving all of humanity. When he was condemned to the Netherrealm as punishment, he ordered Quan Chi to manipulate a conflict between Earthrealm and Outworld to weaken both realms by the time of his return, so Shinnok could extinguish all life in Earthrealm.
  • Mortal Kombat: The Movie (Martin Delrio's novelization) fanfic Fall of EarthRealm:
    • Shao Kahn is the ruler of Outworld who wanted to rule over all the realms by awakening the One Being and exploiting its power to become unstoppable. After conquering nearly every other realm and enslaving its residents, Shao Kahn then conquers Earthrealm by winning ten consecutive Mortal Kombat tournaments, in which he has billions of humans enslaved and uses fire to kill thousands more. He also has his daughter, Kitana, and a crowd of Edenians, executed via immolation for conspiring with Earthrealm against him. After he rescinds Shang Tsung's rule over Earthrealm, he has his wife, Sonya Blade, fight Sindel for his entertainment, taking joy that Sindel nearly kills her. He later leads his forces to destroy the Earthrealm warriors to consolidate his rule over their realm, slaughtering hundreds more.
    • The demon is an evil spirit that wants to steal souls and reawaken the One Being to become the most powerful figure in the realms. To achieve this, he massacres Shang Tsung's entire village and manipulates him into being possessed, allowing the demon to kill thousands more and steal their souls to enhance its power. It later influences Shang Tsung into raping Sonya Blade, as the soul of the unborn baby will amplify its powers even more when it possess Sonya. Eventually, the demon decides to possess Sonya and leave Shang Tsung to wither away, in which it kills Shao Kahn to gain his knowledge of how to reawaken the One Being. When Shang Tsung begs to be in its service again, the demon orders him to kill Raiden, taking satisfaction when he does so.
  • Poe's Daughter's series:
    • Sub-Zero: Origins; Frostbitten; Tales of the Lin Kuei; Coming of Age: Grandmaster Oniro is the leader of the Lin Kuei who filled his ranks by kidnapping toddlers and training them as assassins. He executes those who protest his plans, including An Zhi, and often beats any Lin Kuei for minor infractions. Deeming Kuai Liang to be weak, Oniro captures an elderly man for defaulting on a loan and orders Kuai Liang to execute him; Oniro kills the man himself when Kuai Liang refuses. To remove any "imperfections" of human emotion, he initiates the Cyber Initiative that would cyberize every Lin Kuei and enslave them to his directive. After cyberizing a few Lin Kuei, he brings in a ten-year-old girl for trespassing in the Lin Kuei temple and orders the cyborgs to kill her. After Sub-Zero and Smoke's defection from the clan, the former discovers that Oniro had kidnapped mothers from villages that he razed, where he chained them and captured their newborn babies, throwing any female babies over a cliff for being "weak". More than willing to kill those who don't follow his philosophy, Oniro is the model Sub-Zero strives to avoid when he becomes Grandmaster himself.
    • Sub-Zero: Origins: Shao Kahn is the second ruler of Outworld who leads genocidal conquests against the realms. Upon taking control of Outworld, Shao Kahn exterminated and enslaved anyone who opposed his rule, and then conquered other neighboring realms, exterminating the Usirneans and nearly doing the same to the Zaterrans. After he conquered Edenia, Shao Kahn bribed Xiao the Corrupted One into aligning the Cryomancers to himself, executing anyone who didn't accept Xiao's proposal and eventually killing the rebelling Edenians, before taking King Jerrod's family and raping Sindel. He also colluded with Rain to exterminate the Hydromancers, decimating a quarter of Edenia's population. During the Mortal Kombat tournament in Outworld, Shao Kahn dishonorably kills Kung Lao and, after he's defeated by Liu Kang, launches an illicit invasion of Earthrealm, sending out extermination squads to massacre entire human populations and ordering Quan Chi to sacrifice a hundred people to create a soulnado. When he arrives to Earthrealm, Shao Kahn attempts to kill the Earthrealm defenders himself, mocking Sub-Zero that he'll make Anya his concubine when he's done. Although he was a noble warlord in the past, Shao Kahn's ambition turned him into a merciless warmonger only interested in dominating others.
    • Sub-Zero: Origins; Frostbitten; The Curse of the Dragon Medallion: Netherrealm sorcerer Quan Chi first tried to acquire Shinnok's amulet by sending Bi-Han and Hanzo Hasashi after it, organizing the death of the latter, and exterminating the rest of the Shirai Ryu clan as payment to the Lin Kuei. When Sareena helps Bi-Han reacquire the amulet, Quan Chi kills her and sends her soul to be tortured in the fifth plane of the Netherrealm. He also revives Scorpion into his servant and manipulates him into killing Bi-Han so that he could also be enslaved. Quan Chi then massacred the city of Bandiagara by manipulating the populace into summoning Malphas, while also manipulating Frost into exterminating her own village and killing her adoptive father, Shinji. He later aids Shao Kahn's invasion of Earthrealm by sacrificing over a hundred people to create a soulnado. After usurping Shao Kahn, Quan Chi plans to revive Onaga's army and then exterminate all Earthrealmers to expand his ranks. He first orders the assassination of Sub-Zero and his allies' family members and captures four of them as a sacrifice to resurrect Onaga's army, torturing Anya through a strappado when she tries to escape. Ultimately loyal to no one, Quan Chi will manipulate anyone and commit any atrocity to get what he wants.
    • Frostbitten & The Curse of the Dragon Medallion: Onaga, the Dragon King, far worse than in canon, is the ruler of Outworld who wanted to control all realms. To that end, Onaga planned to conquer every realm to awaken the One Being and kill the Elder Gods, before wiping out existence with a spell and recreating it with the Kamidogu, enslaving everyone's will to his own. Onaga captured Eidotheia and Fujin to force the former to create said spell, exterminating the Hydromancers when she refused. He then tortured Fujin to coerce her until he was assassinated by Shao Kahn, but his spirit lived on to manipulate Shujinko into collecting the Kamidogu. Upon being revived, Onaga sends his army to Outworld to kill anyone who didn't submit and to get the Dragon Medallion to initiate his plan, massacring thousands of citizens. He later has an enslaved Raiden capture the three Elementals, including a pregnant Anya, before he has Raiden torture Sherman for speaking out. He also plans for Anya to give birth to Sub-Zero's child, where he'll kill it multiple times in front of Sub-Zero, before killing them both and enslaving the latter. In the final battle, Onaga gloats that he'll make Sub-Zero watch his friends die slowly. Despite claiming to enforce order, Onaga is just obsessed with dominating everything and stands as the vilest threat Sub-Zero has faced.
    • The Curse of the Dragon Medallion: Malphas is a crow-demon from the Netherrealm, whose influence can drive others insane. When summoned by the city of Bandiagara to protect from Shao Kahn's siege, Malphas feigned friendliness, before driving the population mad and causing them to kill each other. Afterwards, Malphas wiped out a nearby Tarkatan encampment and slaughtered anymore armies sent to investigate. When the Earthrealm defenders arrive to Bandiagara, he tries to lure them into a trap to kill them as well, stalking them when they try to escape. He quickly takes an interest in Anya and her unborn baby, planning to exploit its birth to escape the Netherrealm and burn all of the realms into oblivion. As a result, he haunts her dreams and later possesses Rain to capture Anya and await her pregnancy, planning to let Rain even rape her when his plan is achieved. Depraved and sociopathic, Malphas stands out as a monster of a demon and commits atrocities just because he can.
  • ProudNintendoFan's series (part 1, part 2, part 3): Shao Kahn is the brutal tyrant of Outworld who is solely motivated to conquer other realms. Upon invading Edenia, he wipes out entire villages and murders its ruler, King Jerrod, but not before taunting him that he'll take his family as his own. When his attempts to merge Earthrealm via the Mortal Kombat tournament fails, Shao Kahn beats Shang Tsung and only spares him when the latter formulates a plot to lure and kill the Earthrealm warriors in an Outworld tournament, in which Shao Kahn orders his forces to raid the Shaolin temples and slaughter the monks there to lure Liu Kang. When he learns that Reptile was defeated in the tournament, he informs Reptile that his entire race went extinct to increase his loyalty, leaving out the fact that Shao Kahn himself was responsible for exterminating them. During his fight with Liu Kang, Shao Kahn tries to strangle Kitana when she intervenes, murder Liu Kang after he's defeated, and then orders his forces to slaughter the Earthrealm warriors anyways. He later invades Earthrealm illicitly, where he wipes out entire cities and absorbs the countless souls lost in the conflict to increase his own power.
  • Spectre in the Flame: Shinnok and Quan Chi are a duo ruling over the Netherrealm who wish to conquer Earthrealm and Edenia. To recruit Scorpion into their army, Quan Chi sets up his death by Bi-Han and the duo have him temporarily kept in the Prison of Souls to be tortured by demons. Quan Chi also eradicates the Shirai Ryu clan and personally kills Scorpion's family to both repay the Lin Kuei for their aid in his plan and to stoke Scorpion's rage. The duo then frame Bi-Han for the massacre and release Scorpion to kill both Sub-Zero brothers, successfully killing Bi-Han in the process. When Scorpion returns to the Netherrealm, the duo officially recruit him and invade Edenia, slaughtering millions of citizens. When they invade Earthrealm next, they order Scorpion and their generals to kill Liu Kang, while making Kitana watch. After Scorpion learns that Kuai-Liang wasn't responsible for his clan's destruction, Quan Chi reveals himself to be responsible for the atrocity and taunts Scorpion about it before trying to banish him back to the Netherrealm.
  • SSXIX's 3-part series: Shinnok is a former Elder God who wanted to destroy all of Earthrealm by corrupting its Jinsei to remake it and rule over it with an iron fist. When he was first foiled by Raiden and Fujin, he returned with the aid of Quan Chi, enslaving Sonya Blade, Erron Black, and Reptile in the process. He also captures Raiden, torturing him and planning to make him watch Earthrealm's destruction before he finally kills him. He even plans to destroy the other realms when he's finished with Earthrealm. When he's foiled again, Shinnok spitefully corrupts the Jinsei to wipe out all life in Earthrealm, setting up a successful gambit that corrupts Raiden when he purifies it. He also leaves some influence over Sonya Blade that drives her to kill Kenshi and nearly do the same to Cassie Cage.
  • Victar's series:
    • Shang Tsung, the Villain Protagonist of the chapter "The Most Necessary Evil", is a sorcerer who desired immortality and made a pact with the Elder Gods to steal the souls of others to maintain his age. Taking over the Mortal Kombat tournament in Earthrealm by murdering its previous Grandmaster, he would organize the deaths of numerous combatants and steal their souls. When he was beaten and exiled by the Great Kung Lao, Tsung enlisted the aid of Goro to kill him and then captured the rest of his family and friends to slowly absorb their souls as well. In exchange, he swore loyalty to Shao Kahn and agreed to help him build a dimensional bridge to Earthrealm that would enable him to conquer it. To acquire the energy needed to build the bridge, he continued to absorb the souls of those killed in his tournament and he even created Mileena for Shao Kahn in exchange for enslaving the Saurian race. When his plan was foiled by Liu Kang, he complied with Shao Kahn's order to massacre the Shaolin temple and lure him into another tournament in Outworld.
    • Shao Kahn was a minor warlord in Outworld, until he started the Great War against its rulers, overthrowing them and taking their daughter, Kitana, as his own. During said conflict, Shao Kahn enacted a brutal scorched earth policy that wiped out most life on Outworld and rendered some parts of it into a wasteland. Without enough resources to maintain his population, Shao Kahn regularly culled them by forcing them to fight in his Arena, while also forcing Kitana to murder one of her former servants during one event. Shao Kahn also executes those who criticize his government and ordered the genocide of the Black Moon tribe after they attacked his tax envoy. Wishing to conquer other realms, Shao Kahn ordered Shang Tsung to build a dimensional bridge to transport his army to Earthrealm, allowing him to enslave or kill billions of humans. After Earthrealm defeated Outworld in a Mortal Kombat tournament, Shao Kahn sent his forces to massacre the Shaolin Temple to lure the Earthrealm warriors into a second tournament in Outworld to kill them. Additionally, Shao Kahn chained Kano and Sonya Blade to his Arena to be corrupted into his servants and sent Kitana to further lure the Earthrealm warriors into Outworld, relishing the suffering they all go through.


  • Echoes: In a fanfiction where the main characters were traveling through the multiverse, several characters stood out by their sheer monstrosity:
    • Kenta Ayatsuri is a jōnin of Konoha, as well as a philanthropist who founded an orphanage. However, Kenta turned the orphans into Tykebombs and prostitutes to fund his activities. Training Kamui, the Wave-Verse's Kakashi, Kenta turned him into another tyke-bomb. When Minato added Kamui to his own team, taking him away from Kenta, the latter contacted the enemy in order to sabotage Team Minato's mission to destroy the Kannabi Bridge, and to get rid of them, barring Kamui, leading to Obito's death. Fleeing Konoha after his crimes were discovered, he sent brainwashed children to massacre Konoha families, and, in the Wave-Verse, kidnaps a pregnant Rin. Killing the baby, Kenta tortured Rin to death and greeted Kamui with her corpse when he tried to rescue her. He also tried to recreate Kamui with other children, killing or wounding them in the process. In The Past Enemy Arc, Kenta is introduced horribly killing Kin, a little girl, because she cried when he gave her to a brothel. He attempted to kidnap Rin and Kakashi's child, succeeding with Rin. When his subordinate suggested to kill Kamui, Kenta killed him. When confronted by Kamui, he blamed everyone but himself for his crimes and revealed that he committed all of this to turn Kakashi into his "masterpiece", and so that he will be remembered. When Kamui replies that he will do everything to forget him, a spiteful Kenta attempts to kill him and Rin.
    • Izanagi, the Madara Uchiha from Izanami's world, lacks the redeeming qualities his canon counterpart and the Madara Trio have. Planning to execute the Eye of the Moon plan to satisfy his god complex, Izanagi resurrected a dying Izanami and made her immortal to test his newfound immortality technique. Izanagi trained her but also horribly abused her to his content, forcing her into prostitution and torturing her when she rebelled. When she didn't fulfill his expectations, he planned to replace her with her baby son, Itachi, out of misogyny, leading to his death at Izanami's hands. When resurrected by Susanoo, Izanagi allied with him against the Arashi Clan only so that he could get back at Izanami and seal her alive forever. He revived 5 Kages with Edo Tensei to use as puppets against the Arashi clan. When curb-stomped by the Sage of the Six Paths, he had no problem dropping the moon on Earth to stall him, planning to go to another universe to start over his plan if it destroyed the planet. Thoroughly depraved beneath his soft-spoken character, Izanagi left an impact despite his short appearance.
    • In the "Ame-Verse", Yagura, the Fourth Mizukage, sheds any redeeming qualities his canon counterpart had. Under the guise of "human progress", Yagura started in Kiri's Ninja Academy a graduation program consisting of students killing each other, in order to weed out the weak in favor of the strong. With his "Blood Police", Yagura kills any "weak" civilian, shinobi, clansman and started a Final Solution to the bloodline wielders' question. Allying with Ame's Hanzo, he chose to kill Nagato, Yahiko and Konan, not due to his alliance with Hanzo, but because he hated them, saying that he would have killed them even if he wasn't allied with Hanzo. After having killed Yahiko, he laughs at Konan while she cries over Yahiko's death, and mocks Hanzo when the latter regretted Yahiko. After being challenged with Hanzo in a fight by Kazama, the original Naruto, and Tsukiyom, Kazama's World's Madara Uchiha, he almost kills part of the audience during one of his attacks, attempted to eat Kazama during the fight, and released the Sanbi from his body out of spite after his defeat, telling it to avenge him. Believing that Jinchuriki were the Master Race, Yagura was accurately described as an "all-around monster".
    • In the "Road to Ninja" verse, Obito Uchiha also lacked any qualities his canon counterpart had. After defeating the Shinobi Alliance, Obito launched the Infinite Izanagi, killing his entire world and creating his own personal paradise, in which he created everyone the way he wanted them, and joined the Teikoku. When Kazama and Tsukiyomi entered the "Road to Ninja" world, Obito, being a psychologist, kept an eye on the former during their sessions. Despite having already gained his personal paradise, Obito plans to spread the Infinite Izanagi through the multiverse, at the risk of destroying countless worlds just so that he can live his fantasies. He doesn't even care about his own creations, abusing his "favorite son" Menma, and destroying his world's Konoha and several of his inhabitants, seeing them as ultimately replaceable, even his supposed Love Interest, Rin. When defeated by Kazama, Obito released the Ten-Tails from his body out of spite. Believing himself to be a god, Obito was nothing more than a Psychopathic Manchild who wanted to fulfill his wishes no matter what.
  • Hakumei & Kakumei : Danzo Shimura keeps his crimes of brainwashing people since their childhood to become loyal ROOT agents, while lacking his canon counterpart's redeeming and well-intentioned traits. Introduced murdering his old friend Hiruzen in order to become Hokage, Danzo uses Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Hinata, Neji and Sai's subsequent disappearances as a justification to declare war against Iwa. Danzo also plans to kill Naruto's group—full of kids no older than 7—anyway so that he can continue to frame Iwa. Upon becoming Hokage, Danzo turns Konoha into a Police State where anyone could be arrested for the slightest thing and end up being executed. Danzo shows little loyalty to his own men, sending them to suicide missions alongside Hiruzen loyalists, killing Asuma's brother as a result. Upon summoning Jiraya and Tsunade to Konoha, Danzo plans to sic them on their former teammate Orochimaru and then kill them both since they'll be no longer useful. During the three-way fight between Konoha, Oto & Suna, and Hakumei & Kinen, Danzo kills Hiashi when the latter decides to save his daughters Hinata and Neji. Power-hungry, warmongering and eerily polite, Danzo cements himself as the fanfic's worst villain.
  • Janita: Air Jay is a psychopathic Viking who kills people on a whim with his unique fire abilities. He was a mercenary in the Third Ninja War, killing a thousand people, before being sealed by Naruto's parents, Minato and Kushino. Upon being unsealed by bandits he burns them to death, and kills several more when informed him that Minato and Kushino have been killed, believing only he is allowed to kill them. Air Jay joins Takuma’s plan to unearth the weapon to destroy the village. Air Jay massacres a village as they try to fight back with pitchforks laughing about how easy it was, is about to kill a child when Hinata tries to stop him, considers killing Hinata in front of her daughter, the eponymous Janita, until he smells Naruto on her and takes her alive as bait. When Hinata wakes up she finds herself in a trap rigged to kill an innocent girl if she escapes. He later pulls Hinata down just to kill the girl. He sends eight bandits to kill his father for knowing his weakness, despite refusing to disclose it. Air Jay repeatedly torments and kills the slaves, having a woman tell them about all his actions and tells them she will die in ten seconds if they do not work harder only to kill her when he reaches six, takes two prisoners and asks Hinata which one he should kill then kills them both when she cannot decide, and has them all burned to death. He then loads up weapon with bombs to destroy the entire Leaf Village, unlike Takuma who simply wanted to kill the leader, Hiashi, and take over. He then drains Takuma's Chakra to power the machine telling him he intends to keep Hinata to abuse.
  • War of the Biju: Tobimaru "Tobi" Uchiha is a Decomposite Character from the canon Obito and thus lacks his redeeming qualities. Originally Madara's second-in-command and a member of a sect of the Uchiha Clan who followed Madara, Tobi murdered the sect, including his family and lover, so that there was no competition. When a dying Madara gave his final orders, Tobi smothered him to assume the role, before killing a weakened Obito. Starting the Kurama's attack on Konoha, Tobi framed the Uchiha clan for the attack. Years later when the Uchiha Clan began working amicably with Konoha once again, Tobi reappeared and blackmailed Fugaku after Mind Raping several women to death to get the Uchiha's support for the coup before helping Itachi kill the clan, starting with the children. He starts the most destructive War in the entire history of the Five Great Nations and when the alliance started getting the upper hand, Tobi spitefully dropped an army of meteorites on Earth even though one of them alone could destroy all life on the planet. A raging storm of hate and sadism, Tobimaru subverts any of his potentially sympathetic traits.

A Song of Ice and Fire franchise (literature & television)

    A Song of Ice and Fire 
  • A different weasel makes a difference (sic): Euron Greyjoy, after learning of the Others and becoming convinced humanity could not survive, decides to cause as much destruction as he can before he dies. After killing his brother Balon and anyone else who opposes his claim to the Driftwood Crown, Euron leads the Iron Fleet in a destructive campaign against the Reach. He uses dark magic to bolster his strength and terrorize the Reach even further, which he fuels by sacrificing his Reacher prisoners, soldier and civilian alike. Euron cares nothing for his own men, frequently intentionally taking heavy casualties that could have been avoided and sacrificing any Ironborn who questions him. Mad even by the standards of the Ironborn, Euron's name would prove the most infamous of any player in the War of the Eight Kings.
  • Hell Is Empty: Aerys II Targaryen is as repulsive as his book incarnation. Aerys burns people alive as punishment for various crimes, including petty theft. Aroused by this, he often rapes Queen Rhaella afterwards. Arranging a marriage between his son Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, he finds that Lyanna reminds him of Johanna Lannister, developing an unhealthy attraction to her. Burning his Hand Qarlton Cheslton alive for calling him mad after Aerys decides to have caches of wildfire hidden throughout King's Landing, Aerys begins to abuse Viserys as well when he interrupts his rape of Rhaella and has Rhaegar bring Tywin Lannister and his bannermen to King's Landing to be executed when he suspects them of treason. When he sentences a child to be burned to death, Lyanna, now heavily pregnant, challenges him to a trial by combat. Aerys forces Lyanna herself to fight, and chooses fire as his champion, molesting Lyanna beforehand and informing her she will bare his child after she gives birth. The child burns to death and Lyanna miscarries, Jaime Lannister killing Aerys to save her. This heavily traumatizes Lyanna and almost tears her marriage with Rhaegar apart.
  • The Open Way: Euron Greyjoy manages to be far more villainous than in the books. During the Ironborn's attempt to become independent, Euron is first introduced torturing a captured lord, using the skulls of his two eldest sons to taunt him and threatening to have his remaining children—who are being Forced to Watch—raped by his men unless he begs for death. Capturing Casterly Rock before having the Lannister forces killed and sending their heads to Queen Cersei Lannister and King Rhaegar Targaryen, Euron reveals he sent Balon's sons and his brother Aeron into battles they cannot hope to win as simple distractions. Later seizing two dragon eggs and having Robb Stark tossed into the sea after capturing his lover Asha Greyjoy, Euron attempts to sacrifice Asha and several children so as to hatch the eggs. Ordering massive sections of King's Landing torched by wildfire in the meantime, Euron's last offer to a captured Robb is to either burn with Asha or watch her die. A power-hungry Psychopathic Manchild who thirsts for godhood, Euron wasn't afraid to kill anyone who stood in his way, including his own family.
  • Reunions: Melisandre of Asshai lacks the good intentions of her book and TV series counterparts, masterminding a wildfire attack in the prologue that destroys most of Harrenhal. On Dragonstone, Melisandre continues with her Burn the Witch! rituals. Her eventual plan is to sacrifice Shireen to the Lord of Light; she has been slipping sedatives into Shireen's food so she won't resist, biding her time until Stannis, who is on his deathbed due to more shadow creations, dies. When Stannis dies, Melisandre attempts to collect Shireen, but her plans are foiled by Davos, who escapes to the North with Shireen. Melisandre leaves Dragonstone, leaving her loyalists to die at the hands of Lannister forces. She journeys to Slavers' Bay, where she masterminds the downfall of the Slaver Cities and the imprisonment of Daenerys Targaryen. Melisandre manages to take control of the dragons without Daenerys's knowledge and uses Drogon to rescue Daenerys, while Rhaegal and Viserion destroy the Slaver Cities. With nowhere to turn, Daenerys goes to Asshai with her remaining supporters and Melisandre. Three days after their arrival, Melisandre orchestrates the murders of all of Daenerys's supporters apart from Barristan Selmy and reveals her role in the downfall of the Slaver Cities and her plot to put Daenerys and her dragons in her power and sacrifice them to awaken the Lord of Light.

    Game of Thrones 
  • The Bloods of Bolton: Ramsay Snow was a monster even from the age of twelve. When Drucilla Bolton took shelter from a storm in his cottage, Ramsay decided to hunt her for sport, something he had done several times before. When Drucilla managed to escape, Ramsay became obsessed with her, intentionally seeking out "prey" that looked like her. Upon an elderly couple taking him in after Ramsay told them bandits had murdered his family, he thanked them by murdering them. Four years later, after practicing his archery on a peasant he captured, Ramsay attends Domeric Bolton's Name Day ceremony in order to make Domeric aware of his existence and to taunt Drucilla. After gaining Domeric's friendship, Ramsay covertly causes him to fall off his horse, causing injuries that Domeric would die from, simply to hurt Drucilla. With no line he will not cross to get what he wants, Ramsay proves himself to be a monster even by the low standards of the Bolton family.
  • There and Back Again: Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers is the entity responsible for the Esoteric Happy Ending depicted in the show. Learning that Jon Snow was the Prince that was Promised, Bloodraven began slowly draining Jon of the magic in his blood and siphoning the magic into Daenerys Targaryen, then arranged for dragon eggs hidden in the Winterfell crypts to be sold to Illyrio Mopatis, knowing both that he would give them to Daenerys, who was not equipped to handle them. Luring Bran Stark to his cave Beyond the Wall, Bloodraven used the White Walkers' attack on his cave to hijack Bran's body and disguise himself in Bran's skin so he could return to Westeros. When Jon was resurrected with a Damaged Soul due to Bloodraven's tampering with his blood, Bloodraven engineered events in Westeros, ranging from the Long Night to the destruction of King's Landing, to create a situation where the last Targaryens would wipe each other out, the "winner" would be exiled, and Bloodraven would rule for all time, a situation so undesirable that the Gods interfered by sending several characters back in time to undo Bloodraven's damage.
  • A Wolf Amongst Lions: Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Snow are as bad as in canon:
    • Joffrey attempts to execute the captured Arya Stark, later ordering his guards to beat her after Tywin talks him down from doing so. Angered by Tywin negotiating a peaceful end to the war with the Starks, Joffrey schemes with Littlefinger to restart the bloodshed in the hopes of slaughtering them, attempting to have Tywin and his own younger brother assassinated for his plot and tries executing the Stark representatives sent to finalize Tywin's peace agreement.
    • Ramsay schemes alongside his father, House Frey, and Cersei Lannister to depose the Starks and claim the North. Luring the Starks back to the North, Ramsay launches a bloody coup resulting in the death of Robb's wife and Arya's capture, intending to rape her purely out of a sadistic want to horrify her. When Arya defies him, Ramsay removes some of her fingers and sends them back to her mother, and after his coup is stopped and he is imprisoned, Ramsay breaks into Arya's bedchamber, making a spiteful attempt to rape and kill her.

Other examples

    Anime and Manga 
  • Digimon Adventure 02: The Story We Never Told: Yukio Oikawa was a member of the original DigiDestined whose obsession with the Digital World caused him to become something much worse. When his former teammates chose to move on with their lives instead, Oikawa engineered the car accident that killed two of them, leaving their son Izzy an orphan. Oikawa also orchestrated Ken Ichijouji's Start of Darkness, making him indirectly responsible for the latter's crimes as the Digimon Emperor. He also allied with Dagomon by enabling Dagomon's forces to invade the real world, resulting in mass casualties. Whenever his pawns have either betrayed him or outlived their usefulness, Oikawa either has them mutated into abominations as he did with Arukenimon and Mummymon, or simply dispose of them as he did with Ken. He attempts to do the latter to the new generation of DigiDestined by forcefully reprogramming their partner Digimon to turn against them. In his ultimate scheme, Oikawa siphoned data from the Digital World to create a Floating Continent and plans to send it crashing into the human world, eradicating the whole of humanity and rule over the reborn Digital World as a god.
  • Digimon Frontier (Episodes 40 & 41) fanfic Yang Yin: Ophanimon is reimagined as a despot wanting to alter the Digital World as she sees fit. To this end, she conspires with Seraphimon and sends him to raze the WereGarurumon village. Years later, she destroys Cherubimon's castle, reducing him to Lopmon. She later wipes Koji's memories, tricks him into thinking he doesn't have a brother, and brainwashes him into thinking she is his mother and obsessing over pleasing her. When they arrive, she, Takuya, and Koji defeat Lucemon and the Royal Knights, and Ophanimon absorbs Lucemon's Fractal Code to reach her strongest form. Ophanimon decides to dispose of Tommy, Zoe, and JP when they start to question her methods. When he is defeated, Ophanimon derides Koji for his failure and tries to destroy him, only for it to be thwarted by a Heroic Sacrifice from Koichi. In a rage, she tries to destroy the Spirits in a bid to rule not only the Digital World, but also the human world. Despite her claims of concern for the well being of the world, Ophanimon is nothing more than a sociopath with a blazing hatred for a world that was not up to her standards.

Dragon Ball Z

  • DBZ: Perfect Future: The Future incarnation of Cell becomes far more of a threat than his canon counterpart. Having absorbed thousands of civilians who survived the rampages of Future 17 and 18 prior to the story, Cell finds out about Majin Buu from the Supreme Kai. After achieving his Perfect Form, Cell goes to Babidi, offering to help revive Majin Buu in exchange for having the opportunity to fight it, seeking a challenge. Cell creates several Cell Juniors to launch an attack on New Namek, intending to use the Namekian Dragon Balls to speed up Buu's revival. When Future Trunks arrives to stop him, Cell kills one of his own spawn due to them struggling against Future Trunks, and when he himself is defeated by Trunks, Cell destroys all of New Namek after regenerating. To spite Trunks, Cell tracks down and murders Bulma, mocking Trunks upon returning to Earth. Narrowly escaping death after Buu absorbs Trunks to power up, Cell invades a planet owned by Cooler, and has his Cell Juniors torture resident and solider alike to draw Cooler out. Cell forces all members of the organization to come to Earth to help him kill Buu under threat of death, and after Buu is finally killed, Cell wipes out all of Earth's survivors and Cooler's men by destroying the planet. After appreciating the planet's destruction, Cell goes on to terrorize the rest of the universe.
  • Dragon Ball Rise: Cell, much like in canon, creates several Cell Jrs to torture the Z-Fighters to goad Gohan, into unleashing his true power and kills Android 16 right in front of Gohan. When Gohan still refuses to fight, the enraged Cell orders the Cell Jrs to torture Gohan to death. When Goku attempts to intervene, Cell makes Goku watch his son get killed, and later mocks Goku for causing Gohan's death. Upon regenerating after Vegeta seemingly kills him, Cell attempts to wipe out the solar system in one attack, intending to terrorize the rest of the universe afterwards.
  • The Fall of Lord Frieza:
    • King Cold proves to be far worse than he is in canon. The tyrannical head of the Planet Trade Organization, King Cold becomes furious when he finds his wife attempting to convince Frieza not to follow in his footsteps. As a result, he brutally beat her before vaporizing her body, lying to Frieza and Cooler that she died of illness. He then intentionally molded Frieza and Cooler into becoming the cruel tyrants they grew up to be, repeatedly beating them in the process. Upon finding out about Frieza's defeat at the hands of Goku, King Cold is angered at the blow to his family's pride, and attempts to destroy Earth out of spite alongside Cooler. When he escapes from hell, King Cold decides to wipe out all other races in the galaxy before being stopped by a redeemed Frieza. When Frieza challenges King Cold, Cold attempts to kill Frieza without remorse.
    • General Kanchapp is a traitorous general within the Planet Trade Organization. Wishing to take over the empire, Kanchapp convinces most of the army to aid him in a rebellion against the Cold family, falsely promising them the liberation of their races while intending to be just as cruel a tyrant as Cold and his sons were. When he finds out about the life-sapping Tree of Might, Kanchapp murders a group of space pirates for the tree, intending to have it spread across the galaxy, knowing that this will wipe out life on countless planets. Kanchapp eventually leads an assault on Frieza's home planet, Arcos, with the intent of killing Frieza and all those who remain loyal to him. During Kanchapp's fight with Frieza, he kills several of his own men before destroying Arcos right in front of Frieza just to hurt hum. Even when defeated, Kanchapp mocks Frieza before dying by saying that Frieza lost everything important to him.
  • In Pursuit Of Vengeance: Frieza proves to be just as vile as his canon counterpart. Having previously wiped out almost all of the Saiyan race out of fear of rebellion, Frieza later finds out that Raditz purged everybody on Earth and forcibly brought Goku to the organization. Viewing Goku as an opportunity to tear down Vegeta's intended rebellion before it starts, Frieza tricks Goku into purging an innocent alien race before agreeing to train Goku for the sake of having him kill Raditz, repeatedly bringing Goku to near death in the process. To keep Goku in line after realizing that torture won't break him, Frieza kills innocents right in front of Goku to punish him, such as killing a loyal scientist of his just because Goku was forming a bond with him, and destroying a planet that Goku refused to purge, mocking Goku for being the cause of it. Upon finding out that Goku, Vegeta, and Nappa have went to Namek underneath his nose to betray Frieza, he orders the Ginyu Force to kill Nappa, bring Goku and Vegeta to him, and to wipe out every Namekian for "harboring traitors". When Frieza finally confronts Goku and Vegeta, Frieza gleefully tortures both of them to the brink in death, telling Goku that after he kills the Saiyans, he'll purge all of the revived Earthlings just to spite him.
  • What if Freeza Turned Good? (link): Trogen is the third son of King Cold, created after the latter deemed his first two sons to be failures. Proving himself to be an impulsive psychopath, Trogen murders his father in front of Cooler for taking too long to find Freeza. When it's believed that Freeza is on the planet Yardrat, Trogen goes against the plan to land and search for his brother and instead gleefully blows the entire planet up. Taking over his father's mantle, Trogen becomes a cruel and despotic ruler who lets his empire fall to ruins. Learning that Freeza is now on Earth, Trogen attempts to kill Vegeta for outliving his usefulness and chains Cooler up without sustenance. On Earth, he orders his men to kill all of the Z Fighters, but after years of abuse, they refuse. In response, Trogen uses his eye beams to bisect his entire present army, numbering in the thousands. After threatening to blow up Earth if anyone interrupts his fight with Freeza, Trogen taunts his brother over the destruction of Yardrat. A lunatic to the end, Trogen feels elated even at his own death.
  • What If Gine Went With Goku to Earth? (written fanfic): Frieza, as vile as in canon, is a galactic tyrant who has conquered and slaughtered all life on multiple planets in order to sell them to other races on the galactic market. If Frieza has no interest in ruling a particular conquered planet and believes it won't net him a good price, he destroys it entirely. Among these many annihilated planets is the Planet of the Saiyans. During the story, Frieza goes to Namek to come after Vegeta, ordering his troops to kill everyone in the village and planning to take Gine, Goku's mother. When his troops fail, Frieza kills one of them to force the others to continue fighting. He gets into a fight with Gine and overpowers her, delivering a brutal No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.


  • Attack on Titan fanfic A Second Chance: Kenny Ackerman is bereft of the redeeming qualities of his canon counterpart. When it becomes clear that his boss Rod Reiss had lost against the Survey Corps, Kenny happily abandons Rod to his demise before joining up with Marley in their campaign to exterminate the Eldians of Paradis, his own people. He assassinates Willy Tybur to unite the world against Paradis; schemes with Zeke Yeager to distribute the latter's spinal fluid among the Paradis military to blackmail several soldiers into working with them under the threat of being transformed into Titans; and later abducts Zeke's younger half-brother Eren for Zeke's genocidal plans, taking pleasure in killing several soldiers guarding him while personally taunting his nephew Levi over Zeke's betrayal.
  • Dinosaur King fanfic Dinosaur King: Retold: Seth lacks any of his anime counterpart's nobler traits. Initially assistant to his brother Dr. Ancient and sister-in-law Dr. Cretacia in their plan to rescue the dinosaurs, Seth, jealous when the dinosaurs choose Ancient to lead them, allies with Dr. Z. Staging a mutiny against the Ancients, he orders Z to kill Cretacia whilst he murders Ancient, before attempting to murder the infant RexSeth's own nephew. In the present day, after finding a card containing three Velociraptors, Seth puts them through agonizing experiments. When facing the D-Team, Seth tricks Max into putting an Alpha Metal sample in a furnace, before leaving the D-Team and several innocents to die. Void of empathy, Seth views his own allies as little better than pawns, using Torch as a guinea pig for a new Move Card, a process which will eventually kill him, and when Helga discovers Seth's scheming and tries to stop him, Seth kills her. Facing the D-Team in Russia, Seth reveals his plans to create an army of hyper-evolved dinosaurs to conquer the world and subjugate humanity, before ordering Torch to murder them. Invading the D-Team's hometown, Seth holds its population hostage, spitefully ordering them executed, before attempting to kill Rex, despite the latter sparing him. Void of loyalty or conscience, Seth cemented himself as the worst enemy the D-Team ever faced.
  • Elfen Lied fanfic Elfen Lied: New Humanity Incoming: Director Kakusawa (sic) here lacks his original counterpart's redeeming qualities. Originally a mere researcher working with his friends Lucy and Seba's parents in a Kamakura research center, Kakusawa discovered with them in Ireland a cave containing a "silver water". Drinking it and discovering that anyone drinking it would give birth to Diclonii, Kakusawa tried to use Lucy and Seba as test subjects while they were still children. When their parents refused, Kakusawa ordered their deaths before capturing Seba. Much like in canon, Kakusawa is also responsible for the Diclonii's captures and painful experimentations, as well as their deaths when the Kamakura center was already full of Diclonii. Nearly raping one of them, Sonoko, Kakusawa later used her as the subject of the Cyberdiclo project, submitting her to a painful electrical current through her body while controlling her like a puppet, with Sonoko having only a one in ten chance of surviving. Sending her to fight Tonosu and Seba, Kakusawa didn't care if innocents were caught in the crossfire, even targeting them to spite Seba.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic Asylum: Dante is as vile as her canon counterpart. Posing as a kindly old psychologist, Dante is secretly a centuries-old alchemist who has been prolonging her own life by alchemically transferring her soul into the bodies of young female patients. In order to do this Dante admits patients with strong alchemic power—usually children and teenagers—and drains their power in a painful and lethal process. Two of her past victims were her own alchemy student Izumi Curtis, who fell terminally ill, and Izumi's son, Wrath, who eventually went catatonic. When Roy Mustang falls ill in the midst of an escape attempt and has to be left behind, Dante lures Edward, Alphonse, Riza and Havoc into a trap when they come to rescue him, imprisoning them in a transmutation circle that painfully extracts Edward's alchemy and slowly kills his friends and brother. In one last attempt to break Edward's spirit, Dante dresses the homunculus Sloth up as Edward's dead mother, tormenting him with his guilt and trauma over having failed to bring her back to life.
  • Highschool of the Dead fanfic World of the Dead:
    • Dr. Genzo Hikke has a morbid obsession with studying zombies. To this end, Dr. Hikke turns much of his hospital staff into zombies and uses the hospital to lure numerous people in before turning them into zombies, already claiming a high number of walking corpses to experiment on. He would also forcibly restrain Takashi Komuro and Saeko Busujima, stripping the latter completely naked, before attempting to infect them with the zombie virus to see who would turn first.
    • Koichi Shido is just as vile here as he was canon. Crashing his bus while leaving the Takagi estate, Shido would leave all his injured teenage students to be devoured by a zombie hoard. Forming the Black Sun, Shido would have his initiates fight zombies unarmed, and keep them trapped in his compound should they survive. Shido would maintain his control over his followers by brainwashing them with drugs and have them perform mass orgies; those that don't follow Shido's rules are imprisoned and subjected to beatings for a week before getting fed to zombies should they still refuse to submit. When zombies break into the compound, Shido abandons his entire cult to be devoured while he attempts to escape on his own.
  • My Hero Academia fanfic The Undead Schoolgirl: Dead Pulse: Bloody Mary is the leader of the Circus of Horrors, a gang of many of the most depraved villains in Japan, and wishes to make a name for herself. To this end, she commits a terrorist attack on a Quirk assessment clinic on a day where teens will be there in order to use them as bait for heroes for her to kill and then kidnap them, leaving behind the Circus of Horrors save for the one member who does not have a monstrous appearance. After killing most of the security forces, the Circus of Horrors fight multiple heroes but are defeated, though Bloody Mary herself escapes, and resolves to force Izuku Midoriya and Osore Dendo to serve her, After Endeavor locates her hideout, he finds more kidnapped children along with her plans to kidnap Izuku and Osore, the former of whom she attacks at Dagobah Beach along with Katsuki and Mitsuki Bakugo and multiple pro heroes. Even after her death she manages to cause trouble for Izuku, as the media attention from the attack on the clinic attracts the attention of Himiko Toga and All For One.
  • My-HiME fanfic Perfection Is Overrated: Kirihara Hitomi is the first SUE to encounter the protagonists, and by far the most evil. Initially bored with spending her time mind-controlling people to rob them, after being forced to kill a police officer and a witness, she discovered her darker hobbies. In the appropriately-titled chapter "Moral Event Horizon", Hitomi proceeds to commit her two most vile crimes. First, she brainwashed a police officer to slaughter twenty innocent people—including a baby, because her cries annoyed her—and commit suicide when he's done; then, she mind-controlled another officer into raping and killing his wife, only freeing him of her control to let him discover the act, before killing him as well. The first event was notably horrible enough to convince Nao to join the HiMEs to stop her. After capturing Mai with a mind-controlled Natsuki, Hitomi tried to torture her with her child's powers. She's only stopped from doing so by Shizuru's intervention, and dies from her child's destruction—which would normally result in the death of the person she valued most—showing how self-centered she is. In the end, Kirihara Hitomi is a sadistic sociopath who committed her crimes solely for her own amusement.
  • Rosario + Vampire fanfic Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness:
    • Hokuto Kaneshiro is far more vicious than his manga counterpart. Seeking to bring back Alucard to watch him destroy the planet, because he considers all life, human or monster, to be evil and meaningless trash, Hokuto has absolutely zero qualms against resorting to villainous and brutal means to further his plans. Such means include manipulating the protagonists into believing he's on their side; kidnapping Felucia and using her spirit artifact to extort her into being his minion; manipulating Kuyou into attacking the Yokai Academy as a distraction to steal an Artifact of Doom; and ordering Jovian and Jacqueline to hold Tsukune's family hostage to force Moka to come to him without a fight. In an effort to prove to Moka that human/monster co-existence is impossible, he personally orders Jovian and Jacqueline to cause as much destruction and death in Tsukune's hometown to force the gang to reveal they are monsters by fighting them, attempting to get them killed by the very humans they had sworn to protect before her very eyes. After his point has been proved false, Hokuto refuses to give up his evil ways and stabbed Moka in the guts with the Artifact of Doom, right in front of Tsukune. Upon being defeated, he gloats to Tsukune that he still wins, as Alucard has been succesfully resurrected. While he claimed to act for a higher cause, it's made clear that he's just an insane and nihilistic sociopath.
    • Falla Cii was one of the three princesses of the chronofly kingdom, along with Luna and Complica. Viewing the Complica as a disgrace for their species, she sent her to her death by telling her how to use a forbidden spell to save her deceased boyfriend. Out of jealousy that Luna was going to become the queen instead of her, Falla attemped to kill her several times—including one which caused her father's death—then caused the near-extinction of her race. In Act IV, to get Luna to restore her powers, Falla tricked her and her friends into thinking she wanted to become a good person. She then bisected Luna and rubbed in the others' faces that her this was all an act. Brought back as a soul, and planning to get the Pandora's Box keys from the group to get back her body, she gleefully tortured her alternate self, threatening to kill Kyouko if she doesn't let her do so, and she forcing the others to watch all of it. A self-centered, manipulative sadist, devoid of any empathy or moral conscience whatsoever, Falla is nothing short of a sociopathic monster.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfic Tilting the Balance: In the past, Jacob Waterknot sold his soul 31 times for power. In the present day, Jacob duels with Gerald and uses attacks that severely injure him, including inflicting a third-degree burn. Eventually, Waterknot uses the attack "Deepest Impact", destroying large parts of the city and killing thousands of people.

    Comic Books 
  • Polarity:
    • The extradimensional conqueror Dormammu is one of the two beings responsible for the zombie outbreak, and the ultimate Big Bad of the story. In his latest bid to conquer the Marvel Universe, Dormammu has his lieutenant Grim Reaper sacrifice his former servant The Hood in order to unleash a zombie plague from another universe, causing the deaths of billions of men, women, and children alike, all of whom are cursed with a state of undeath that turns them into feral monsters fueled by a never-ending, painful hunger for flesh. Devastating most of the world, Dormammu has Grim Reaper launch an attack against a SHIELD refugee camp housing the survivors of the New York City zombie attack, seeking to use the survivors' life energy to manifest on the physical plane. When Shocker wipes out all of the zombies and Grim Reaper is forced to summon Dormammu using their less-potent Death Energy, an enraged, weakened Dormammu disowns Reaper for his failure and has Electro shock him to death before attempting to kill everyone at the SHIELD site himself. As arrogant and cruel as always, Dormammu is every bit the monster that he is in canon.
    • Eric Williams, aka the Grim Reaper, is a smug sociopath and Dormammu's number two. Having sold out humanity to The Dread One to slake his lust for power, Grim Reaper helps his master usher in the zombie plague, and shares culpability in the death and undeath of billions. Enforcing his master's will on Earth, Grim Reaper seeks to eliminate those who would pose a threat to his plans by ordering Electro and the Vulture to murder the Shocker, and forcing a zombified Hulk to kill a bus full of people in order to lure out and slaughter the Avengers. All the while, Grim Reaper tries to tempt people to his side with promises of power and pleasure beyond their wildest dreams, and viciously tortures those who blow him off, such as the Punisher, who he has crucified and left to slowly bleed to death, and the Shocker, whom he allows Electro to brutalize to his heart's content. At the climax, Grim Reaper leads hordes of the undead in an attack on SHIELD's Central Park refugee camp in the hopes of slaughtering everybody inside and using them as sacrifices to summon Dormammu onto the Earth.
  • One More Day fanfic Breaking the Deal: Mephisto, having manipulated Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson into sacrificing their marriage in order to save Aunt May's life, uses it to kickstart his plans for multiversal domination. Using the marriage's sacrifice to receive a power boost—with the added benefit of wiping Spider-Man's future daughter from existence—Mephisto begins laying waste to various dimensions and either slaughtering their inhabitants, or enslaving them with painful magical growths. When he makes his move on the Earth, he unleashes his demonic minions on New York City, where they waste no time in killing civilians while he has Mary Jane whisked away to his lair, where he keeps her as a slave bound by barbed ropes. Not just one for merely deceiving others into making deals that will ruin their lives and those of others, Mephisto actively revels in his manipulative behavior, fondly reminiscing about tricking Ghost Rider into making a deal that would kill his father figure, and gleefully crushing Mary Jane's spirit with the knowledge of what their disastrous bargain led to.


  • Sonic the Comic Fan Webcomic Sonic the Comic – Online!:
    • In this fanwork that has received Approval of God, Dr. Zachary once again proves himself among the comic's nastiest. Zachary begins his new streak of evil by attempting to enslave Super Sonic to utilize his powers to wreak havoc across Mobius. Quickly cheated of that, Zachary builds up an alliance of like-minded psychopaths he calls The Syndicate and quickly builds a new plot to destroy Mobius utilizing the Chaos Emeralds. Snatching some of Sonic's DNA by capturing his young companion Tails and nearly drowning him, Zachary awakens the dormant Shadow the Hedgehog and uses his powers to draw the Chaos Emeralds out of the Special Zone, consequentially creating a massive chain reaction of Chaos Energy that obliterates the Special Zone and the billions of lives within. Brushing off the death of the Special Zone as a mere side effect of his plans, Zachary attempts to use a device he calls the Chaos Siphon to agitate the Chaos Energy on Mobius to the point where it causes an explosion potent enough to destroy the planet. Eventually foiled and captured by Knuckles, Zachary contents himself with sadistically mocking Knuckles about his failure to protect the Special Zone, and upon breaking out, forces Knuckles into a Sadistic Choice to either allow his friend Tikal to die or let the Floating Island collapse. A total sociopath as always who is utterly remorseless over the billions of lives lost to his machinations, Zachary proves he's no less of a monster here than he was in the original comic.
    • Vichama note  starts as an enigmatic flunky of Zachary enlisted in The Syndicate before revealing himself as something far worse. Vichama is in actuality the sadistic God of Death, an immortal entity who gained access to the physical plane through a deal with Pochacamac, using his new presence on Mobius to indiscriminately slaughter millions of echidnas. Trapping the souls of all of his murdered victims within his dark temple before he was banished, Vichama is brought back by Zachary and at first eagerly helps the doctor in his plot to destroy Mobius, helping to obliterate the Special Zone by proxy. Once Zachary's plot is foiled, Vichama leaves the doctor to die before rising his temple again and causing mass death through Mobius, assuming his true form as the God of Death. Casually incinerating Knuckles when he's confronted on his plot, Vichama announces his intent to bring the "gift of death" to everything that lives within the universe through all the enslaved souls in his thrall. Cloaking his murderous nature with a posh demeanor, Vichama is motivated by nothing less than a desire to spread mass death for its own sake and proves to be an utter bastard of a god who more than lives up to his title as the God of Death.
  • Strontium Dog Fan Film Search/Destroy: The Colonel is a mutant-hating sadist, who hated the fact that mutant bounty hunters are capable of ordering him around. Hiring a team of mercenaries, The Colonel has them hunt down and murder several mutants. Capturing some of them alive, The Colonel threw them in a cage to be devoured by his Chukwalla creature. Capturing Johnny Alpha, The Colonel tortured him and openly announces his intent on making him the next "meal" for Chukwalla.
  • The Transformers & Generation 2 unlicensed continuation Alignment, by Simon Furman himself: The Liege Maximo finally takes center stage as the final threat that the Autobots and Decepticons had to face. One of the original Transformers created by Primus, the Liege Maximo coveted its divine power and wished to become a god equal to its creator. After creating the Decepticons, the Liege Maximo left Cybertron and formed the Cybertronian empire, who were responsible for wiping out countless species during their conquests. The worlds they conquered were added to the Hub, which would open a portal that would ascend the Liege Maximo to godhood while destroying the universe in the process. After being discovered by an Autobot scout ship, the Liege Maximo ordered its fleet to destroy the Autobots and Decepticons before they could intervene with its plans. It harvested the sparks of its own followers to open the portal, and killed several more Transformers who stood in its way. Utterly indifferent to lives that suffered at its hands, the Liege Maximo embraced its dark nature on its path to godhood.

    Films - Animated 
  • Inside Out fanfic Kids World: After a Depopulation Bomb that's fatal to those older than twelve devastates society, Annis inserts herself as a tyrant and abuses her "friends" Caroline and Riley, forcing the former to set a building full of kids on fire and beats her for stopping Annis from feeding an infant to a pack of dogs. With Caroline seemingly killed, Annis mocks the heartbroken Riley and later throws her off a bridge for trying to stop her despotic rule. Enraged when Caroline and Riley survive, Annis burns multiple buildings to the ground, uncaring if they're populated, ultimately intending a devastating attack on Minnesota to spite Riley, and when her control of her followers is broken, Annis spitefully vows to kill Riley and reassume power.
  • Kung Fu Panda fanfic A Different Lesson:
    • Chao is a sadistic dark Chi user. In the past, he slaughtered an entire class of young kung fu students at the Jade Palace and killed his former friends, with only Oogway surviving. Upon being freed in the present, he painfully possesses Vachir-—leaving his soul in helpless residence—and murders at least 50 people, including children, and displays their corpses to get Tai Lung to face him. He corrupts the Sacred Pool to control everyone in the Valley, creating a monstrous court and a mob to hunt down Tai Lung when he's put on trial for a murder he's been framed for. He forces Monkey to seemingly kill Mantis, causing him guilt. To enrich his dark Chi, Chao hangs a couple on grappling hooks to bleed out while their son's gutted body is between them. While he was imprisoned, his soul helped drive Tai Lung into committing a rampage while in Chorh-Gom. Betraying Xiu in the end despite her unwavering loyalty, Chao was a sadist who wanted to live forever and force his vision of perfection on the world.
    • Xiu is Chao's death-loving Psycho Supporter who desires to be the best assassin in her empire. She killed her own father for being "weak" and framed it on her sister, Jia, making her a wanted criminal. Xiu twisted and manipulated Jia into serving her as an assassin who believed her father's death was her fault. She poisoned countless soldiers who had been fighting the Huns and caused others to abandon or betray China just to avoid that fate. Upon being discovered as a traitor, she murdered her kung fu master and fled. She tried to manipulate Tai Lung into joining her with lies about his family, including planting doubts regarding Shifu and Oogway's love and pride in him. She kidnaps and traumatizes Ping, kills Zhuang and frames Tai Lung for it, and makes multiple attempts to kill Po and Tigress. She is willing to let her sisters die to achieve her goals, and after they start having second thoughts and try to resist her, she is determined to kill them when she no longer needs them anymore.
  • The Transformers: The Movie fanfic A Child Shall Lead Them: Unicron, the evil brother and antithesis of Primus himself, devoured many planets and their inhabitants, including Lithone, Kranix's homeworld. After learning about Optimus Prime's death, he rebuilt Megatron into Galvatron, orders him to destroy Pterodactus Prime, and devours the Autobots' Moonbase. When Galvatron fails him, Unicron torments him and decides to destroy Cybertron as a punishment. After Pterodactus got inside him, Unicron tries to convince him to destroy the Matrix of Leadership and when that fails, orders Galvatron to kill him. A sadistic and merciless monster who hates Primus's creatures, Unicron won't stop until he destroys the entire universe.

    Films - Live-Action 
  • Godzilla Neo:
    • Space Godzilla was initially a massive meteorite of crystallized energy capable of emitting psionic energy. After destroying a NASA space shuttle, Space Godzilla crash landed on Infant Island and kidnapped Junior, Godzilla's adopted son. Turning the city of Fukuoka into his new crystal fortress, Space Godzilla used some of Junior's DNA to form a new body for himself and eagerly awaited his upcoming fight against Godzilla and MOGUERA. He nearly killed Godzilla while he was reuniting with his son and once his powers started going out of control, he destroyed MOGUERA and summoned a black hole to destroy the world simply out of spite. After being banished to another realm by Godzilla, Space Godzilla spent the next thirteen years honing his powers and planning his escape. Implied to be responsible for the Crystal Incursion of 2007, Space Godzilla hoped to finally defeat Godzilla and absorb all the Power Crystals on Earth, which would turn him into the most powerful being in the galaxy.
    • High Inquisitor Axor was an advisor to the Empress of Mu and used his powers of mind control to achieve higher standing in society. Longing for control over the Mu Empire, Axor used his powers to enslave Balkzardan and Jyarumu and threatened to unleash them upon Mu if the people did not accept him as their new emperor. When Manda tried to protect Mu, Axor ordered the many people he had previously used his powers on to take up arms and rise against their protector. After the Empress ordered her loyal advisor Shisa to leave with Manda and find reinforcements, she was taken prisoner and tortured by Axor, who was hoping to break the Empress's spirit and turn her into his new slave. Shisa returned with Mothra and the armies of Infant Island and challenged Axor to a duel, losing due to Axor's cowardly tactics. Axor was stabbed by the Empress and in order to ensure his victory, transferred his soul into a statue of a dark god and used his new powers to enslave Manda. Axor was finally defeated thanks to the combined efforts of Mothra and King Caesar, but he had secretly planted explosives that were set to detonate in the event of his death, ensuring that his homeland would be completely destroyed along with him.
  • Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah: Battle For Earth: King Ghidorah himself is an ancient, monstrous, three-headed dragon who caused massive destruction, including the extinction of the dinosaurs. Sealed in a meteor by Mothra, Ghidorah is freed 65 million years later when said meteor, plunging towards Earth, is destroyed. Ghidorah and Godzilla fight, with Mothra joining in. Ghidorah gains the upper hand, injuring Godzilla and mortally wounding Mothra by ripping one of her wings off; he then heads to Kyoto, which he begins destroying until he is confronted by Godzilla, who Mothra healed before succumbing to her wounds.
  • Kaiju Revolution (especially here): King Ghidorah was once one of Earth's greatest defenders and Godzilla's brother-in-arms. However, when chemical-based life began to evolve, Ghidorah's hatred of these new beings led him into a genocidal rage. After being responsible for the Great Dying and the near extinction of Godzilla and Anguirus's species, Ghidorah was trapped within the Earth's core for millions of years. Mutating and becoming more bitter over time, Ghidorah summoned the meteorite that wiped out most of the dinosaurs. Afterwards, the remnants of Mothra's race sealed him in a cocoon and hurled him into space, where he eventually destroyed all life on Mars. Upon returning to Earth in 2032, Ghidorah tricked humanity into setting him free and broadcasted a signal that drove all of the planet's kaiju into a homicidal rampage. Ghidorah proceeded to kill many kaiju in sadistic ways, including setting Mothra on fire in front of her larvae and ripping Radon's heart out. In his final gambit, Ghidorah intended to destroy the Earth's magnetosphere and kill every living being on the planet he once fought to defend.


  • HALLOWEEN: Michael Myers is the same silent, but heartless Serial Killer as his original counterpart, who wishes to murder any family members he has left and anyone who associates with them. After pointlessly murdering a nearby couple, he moves to Haddonfield and murders numerous teens there for being friends with his cousin, Casey. Notably, he seemingly spares and then murders Krystal out of sadism, cruelly strangles and bashes Brandi's head, and murders Breanna in front of Casey. Even after Casey seemingly murders him, Michael still lives on to continue his murderous spree and accumulate more victims to his name.
  • Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (primarily) fanfic Aftermath: Dr. Prox is a psychologist at Smith's Grove Sanitarium and Dr. Terence Wynn's successor as the head of the Cult of Thorn. Fascinated by Michael Myers's ability to defy death from an early age, Prox became an apprentice of Dr. Wynn and was personally responsible for impregnating numerous women with Michael's seed in order to create a child that was pure evil, resulting in Steven Lloyd when Michael impregnated his niece Jamie. Thirteen years later, and 30 years after Michael's first killing spree, Prox was called to conduct psychological evaluations on the eighth graders after Michael attacked a field trip. Prox lured Steven and his friends to his house, intending to sacrifice them to Michael and admitting that he'll enjoy watching Steven die. Purely driven by his obsession with understanding Michael, Prox finally attempted to kill Steven by strangling him and managed to incite Michael's wrath by trying to harm his son.
  • Halloween (2018) sequel concept video The Shape, by Dave McRae: In this story, serving as a followup to the film, Michael Myers is shown to have survived the burning of the Strode House and is further enraged by violent defeat. After the fire was put out, Michael kills Sheriff Barker and proceeds to massacre the police, paramedics and news crew on the scene, as well as desecrating Ray Nelson's body. It's revealed Michael also wiped out a police station and news station, with said massacre being broadcasted. Continuing his rampage, Michael proceeds to break into different homes, and kills more of Haddonfield's residents, including Lonnie and Cameron Elam. Laurie Strode and her allies follow Michael's trail of destruction to a house where Michael kills a family, with the only survivor being a girl named Sandy, and an attempt to lure Michael into another trap results in Leigh Bracket's death. When Laurie and Michael fight in the Myers house, Laurie ends up sacrificing herself to kill Michael once and for all, since there was no way to finish him off without them both burning to death.


  • The Banana Splits: What if Bingo had a larger role...?: The Animatronic version of Bingo manages to be far worse than in the original film. Tired of being the Butt-Monkey of the Banana Splits, he comes up with a plan to kill everyone who's mistreated him by tricking the Splits into killing both the guests and staff members, starting by brutally killing Stevie. Cheerfully killing Doug with his drumsticks, Bingo later gets knocked off a indoor set bridge trying to kill another survivor. Having survived the fall, he kills Poppy with an axe, as well as his creator, Carl, cracking a sick joke during the deed. At the climax, Bingo confronts the survivors, and taunts them about how he manipulated his fellow animatronics into killing people, insulting all of them in the process, and goes in to kill the survivors before being stopped by Snorky, with the two getting into a brutal fight, ending with Bingo ripping Snorky's "heart" out, cruelly taunting the elephant before getting killed himself.
  • The Dark Knight Trilogy fanwork The Joker Blogs: The Joker, confined to Arkham Asylum after the events of his film appearance, continues to cause trouble by having Fields, the new DA, murdered and skinned to prevent him from having the Joker be ruled mentally competent and sent to Blackgate. Along with murdering an orderly who helped him escape and electrocuting the brother of psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel’s fiancé, provoking Dr. Hugo Strange and threatening both a nurse and orderly Lyle Bolton, the Joker threatens a homeless man, only sparing him because the guy has a death wish. The Joker also takes Dr. Jeremiah Arkham and his wife Lisa hostage, threatening them and later blowing up their house, rendering Lisa comatose. Before that, at Harleen's wedding, the Joker kills Father McHale by shooting him in the crotch and then murders Harleen's fiancé, which begins her transformation into Harley Quinn. The Joker also blows up a guard at Arkham and further torments Arkham later on by cruelly shooting Lisa's new heart while it's being transplanted.
  • Doctor Sleep fanfic The Resurrection of Rose:
    • Rose the Hat, upon being resurrected by her followers in the "True Knots", kills their current leader and those who defy her before forcing them back into her service. Draining children to death for their steam, Rose consumes it to remain undying and drives her own followers to insanity, with dozens killing each other horrifically and the sole survivor left traumatized. Bargaining with the Overlook Hotel for vengeance, Rose sends her maddened followers to Abra's town, slaughtering any in their path, and has the Hotel force Abra to kill her own mother. Merging with the Hotel, Rose attempts to kill Abra and her friends, and when beaten, spitefully uses a black hole to attempt to destroy the multiverse.
    • The Overlook Hotel is a sapient demonic building and the one responsible for the events of The Shining. After being revived by Rose via steam, Rose offers that if it helps her in her revenge scheme, she would feed it Abra and a lifetime supply of children so it would never go hungry again, with the Hotel gleefully accepting the deal, but states it must feed first, gruesomely and slowing eating Lester when Rose decides to sacrifice him to the Hotel. During the True Knots' invasion of Abra's town, the Hotel assaults Abra with the spirits that it captured before proceeding to possess her and force her to kill her own mother. After merging with Rose, the Hotel informs her of the multiverse, where Rose loses to Abra in every world, which leads Rose to attempt to destroy every universe out of spite. When Abra gets trapped inside the body of Rose and the Hotel during the final battle, she discovers that the Hotel has taken the captured souls to feed on their Shining for all of eternity and made a deal with the founder to keep a steady supply during winter, with some of them even calling it their own personal hell.
  • Ghostbusters Fan Film Return of the Ghostbusters: Professor Klaus Constantin/Konstantin is a paraplegic, egoistical madman seeking out the Amulet of Anubis in his quest for power, initially planning to sell the amulet as a weapon. After his failures, Klaus learns that he needs to sacrifice human souls to work. He steals the Ghostbusters gear, stealing the soul of a homeless man who annoyed him, and steals dozens of others, framing the Ghostbusters and ruining their reputation. Having a crush on April Young, he stalks her at her apartment and steals the soul of her landlord for stopping him. Klaus then opens a portal to the underworld that threatens the city of Denver, revealing his plan to summon the death god Ammut, and destroy humanity's souls, sparing only those who worship him as a god.
  • The Jungle Book (2016) (with elements of The Jungle Book (1967)) fanfic The Jungle Book - my own remake: Kaa, unlike her film and animated counterparts, is portrayed as a Serial Killer in a python's skin. A ruthless and cruel predator who seems to enjoy killing her prey more than eating it, Kaa lures the man-cub Mowgli into her coils by falsely promising to keep him safe, before attempting to devour him. Reveling in the suffering of her prey, Kaa takes a twisted delight in torturing her victims, sadistically inviting Raksha to "scream for her" whilst trying to kill her, and spitefully attempting to devour the wolf pup Grey, for minorly injuring her—and bruising her ego—whilst forcing Raksha to watch. Using a façade of sweetness to conceal the bloodthirsty monster she is within, Kaa stands out as one of the jungle's vilest residents.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street fanfilm series Tales from Elm Street: Freddy Krueger is just as much of a monster in this series of fan videos as he is in canon. In The Slasher from Elm Street, he murders a little boy named Mikey. In Another Tale from Elm Street, he murders a little girl named Suzie. In A Tale from Elm Street, he vows to kill Nancy Thompson, daughter of interrogating officer Donald Thompson, and is noted to have raped and killed five children, though he states that he believes the body count is higher. In The Legend of Elm Street, he returns from the grave after being killed by the parents of Springwood and attacks Mikey's mother, Mary, in her dream. Freddy taunts Mary about Mikey's death before preparing to kill her. After Mary begs him to leave her family alone, he decides to target the children of the parents instead, believing it will hurt them more. He mockingly thanks Mary for giving him the idea, planning to leave her alive to live with the fact that she gave him the idea to go after the children. When Mary vows to tell the other parents, Freddy stabs her in the head, putting her in a coma.
  • The Punisher (2004) Fan Film Dirty Laundry, starring Thomas Jane: Goldtooth is a vicious gang leader, drug dealer and pimp who crosses as many lines as he can in his limited screentime. When he sees one of his prostitutes who owes him money, he beats her up and rapes her, while letting his men rough up her two friends. He then sees a small boy who refused to run drugs for him, and has his men beat and threaten to kill the kid. When a mysterious stranger takes note of this, Goldtooth threatens to kill him too if he tries to interfere. A wheelchair-bound shopkeeper soon reveals that he was incapacitated when a gang, implied to be led by the same gang leader, did the same thing by killing a young girl for refusing to become a drug runner.
  • Star Wars fanwork Star Wars: Point of Divergence: Darth Sidious is just as evil as he is in both canon and Legends. After being ousted as the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic by Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu, Palpatine assumes control of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and makes Asajj Ventress his new apprentice, giving her the title of Darth Virosa and ordering her to kidnap the Skywalker twins. Sucessful in capturing Luke, Sidious pretends to be Luke's father and trains Luke as another apprentice. Under his leadership, the Separatists invade Kashyyyk and enslave the Wookie population to build the Death Star, with Sidious resorting to increasingly brutal tactics, such as the use of chemical and biological weapons. 19 years following his ouster, he destroys the planet of Corellia using the Death Star and subsequently orders an attack on Coruscant. After Leia sneaks aboard the Death Star with Anakin's strike force, Palpatine goads Leia into striking down Luke to convert her to the Dark Side. When Luke defeats Leia and refuses to kill her, Sidious tries to kill her himself using force lightning, and would have succeeded had it not been for Anakin's intervention.
  • Transformers Film Series fanfic The Secret Within: Megatron, lacking all of the nobler qualities of his film counterpart, was once the cruel dictator of Cybertron, until Optimus Prime launched the Allspark into space, where Megatron tracked it to Earth and planned to conquer the planet to rule what was left. After his previous defeat, Megatron develops a weapon that can launch asteroids to Earth, which will damage much of the planet and release hatchlings to kill any surviving humans. Needing the energon of Autobots to activate said weapon, Megatron first sends his Decepticons to attack the International Space Station and kill everyone there to lure all of the Autobots into space. He captures both Arcee and Trailblazer and puts them through the painful process of draining their energon, while also torturing Starscream and Soundwave for any perceived failures. Megatron later captures and tries to use Optimus and the Matrix of Leadership to activate his weapon and launch the first asteroid, even when told that his plan would completely destroy the planet and leave him nothing to conquer. When the Autobots foil his plan, Megatron kills Trailblazer and tries to take the Matrix to build a Decepticon army to conquer the universe.
  • Venom (2018) fanfic Venom: Lethal Protector: Cletus Kasady is a vicious Serial Killer who believed himself to be an fallen angel who will bring about the inevitable destruction of Earth. During his murdering spree, he kills and cannibalizes 132 people, as well as burning the scalp of an eleven-year old girl with a blowtorch. After bonding with a symbiote, he adopts the alias Carnage and resolves to decimate the population of San Francisco and then create as much global destruction as he can. After corrupting the symbiote, he tries to murder Eddie Brock, thinking of needlessly gruesome ways to kill him like eating him in front of the Venom symbiote and his ex-girlfriend, Anne. He also tries to kill Venom by igniting an explosion that burns dozens of nearby citizens, to Kasady's delight. Upon discovering the Kraft des Gehirns symbiote, Kasady plans to bond with it to mind control hundreds and slaughter the rest of San Francisco's population.

Harry Potter
  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality: Professor Quirinus Quirrell, actually Tom Morfin Riddle, is a brilliant, magically gifted sociopath regarded as pure evil by everyone aware of his true nature. In his quest for eternal life, he creates over a hundred Horcruxes, personally murdering a single person for each one. Having fully ensured his immortality, he adopts a persona of a cartoonishly evil Dark Lord he names "Voldemort" and uses it to launch a war against magical Britain. After over a decade of effortlessly crushing his enemies and committing various atrocities, Voldemort imprints his own personality onto a young toddler, resulting in Harry being "remade" in Tom Riddle's image. Ten years later, having lost his original body, Voldemort possesses an adventurer named Quirinus Quirrell—turning the man into a prisoner in his own body—and applies for the position of the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor in Hogwarts. In order to convince Harry to abandon his idealistic ways and make the boy into his own Worthy Opponent, "Quirrell" decides to psychologically break Harry first by attempting to send Hermione to Azkaban, then by brutally murdering her in front of Harry's eyes. Once Quirrell realizes that it made Harry more dangerous than expected, he resolves to kill the boy to get rid of the one threat to his immortality.
  • Voldemort: Origins of the Heir: Tom Marvolo Riddle, later known as Lord Voldemort, commits the same crimes as his canon counterpart and goes beyond. One of the heirs of the four Hogwarts Founders, Riddle, sharing none of his fellow heirs' noble aspirations, is introduced professing his Fantastic Racism against Muggles to the Heir of Gryffindor Grisha McClaggen and later breaking the arm of Lazarus Smith, the Heir of Hufflepuff, after tricking him into a duel. When Lazarus retrieves Helga Hufflepuff's cup and sends it to his Aunt Hepzibah for safekeeping, Riddle kills him and then Hepzibah to obtain them himself for use as a Horcrux, taunting Hepzibah over the death of her nephew while doing so and then framing her elderly House Elf for the murder, leading to the elf's death. After Grisha and Ravenclaw's Heir Wiglaff Sigurdsson try to stop him, Riddle kills both of them, desecrating Grisha's remains for a dark ritual afterward—implicitly the creation of a Horcrux—and taking on her appearance to retrieve another one of his Horcruxes from the headquarters of Soviet Aurors. Upon obtaining said Horcrux, Riddle thanks the Aurors by slaughtering all of them whilst declaring himself "Lord Voldemort".
  • What if Snape Died?: Lord Voldemort is just as evil as in canon. Introduced leading 30 Death Eaters in an attack on Diagon Alley, he subjects a 5-year-old Harry Potter to the Cruciatus Curse before attempting to kill him. Failing to do so and losing his body thanks to Lily's sacrifice, he arranges years later for Percy Weasley to be tricked into accepting his old diary as a gift so that the soul fragment contained within can open the Chamber of Secrets, unleashing Salazar Slytherin's basilisk on an unsuspecting student body, and also drain Percy's life force to grant himself a body. During Harry's first year, he infiltrates Hogwarts by inhabiting the body of new Astronomy professor Quirinus Quirrell, who jinxes Harry's broom during his first Quidditch game on Voldemort's orders. When he's discovered, Voldemort tortures multiple people before trying to kill Harry one last time.

Sherlock Holmes

Tolkien's Legendarium

  • Hideous Treachery: Sauron is the Dark Lord of Mordor who has regained his physical form after reacquiring the One Ring. After capturing Frodo and Sam, Sauron plans to turn them into his servants by first showing their allies being killed by his own forces and then killing Gaffer Gamgee in front of Sam when he refused to submit. He then locks them in his dungeon and has them tortured until Sam is killed and Frodo seemingly submits to him. Afterwards, Sauron conquers the rest of Middle-earth, in which he enslaves its inhabitants, slaughters the hobbits and dwarves under his reign, and institutionalizes education that brainwashes children into idolizing Sauron himself.
  • The Silmarillion fanfic Morgoth's Vile Legacy: Morgoth Bauglir, formerly known as Melkor, and Sauron are a Vala and Maiar respectively who wanted to take over all of Middle-Earth; to this end, they capture two elves, Midriel and Fingol, to create an army of servants. Morgoth first tortures both elves when they speak out and leaves Sauron to continue torturing them, where he has them whipped and starved over the course of months. Sauron also threatens to rape them both to mentally torment them further. Out of amusement, Morgoth eventually releases them both to an Elven camp, where his forces track them down, slaughter everyone in the camp, and recapture the two elves. Afterwards, both have them breed to create an army of Orcs and, after Morgoth's defeat, Sauron has them breed again to create the Uruk-Hai to add to his growing army.
  • Where the Shadows Lie: Sauron is the Second Dark Lord who threatens to conquer all of Middle-earth. After capturing the Fellowship of the Ring, he takes the One Ring from Frodo and locks them in his dungeon to be tortured and kept as his "trophies", killing Samwise Gamgee in the process. He also betrays Saruman and has him tortured to death. To fully secure his control over Middle-earth, Sauron orders his Orcs to raid various Elven cities to capture Elrond and Galadriel to acquire two of the three rings that were given to the Elves, with said attack destroying many buildings and killing countless elves. He also subjects Elrond and Galadriel to the same torturous fate as the Fellowship for his own sadistic enjoyment. Later, Sauron offers to release the Fellowship if the bearer of the third Elven ring surrenders themselves, but when Gandalf takes this offer, Sauron breaks his vow and proceeds to capture and torture Gandalf as well. When the Last Alliance lays siege to his fort, Sauron prepares to publicly execute the Fellowship and the other prisoners to break their spirits.


  • Fifty Shades of Grey fanfic Poor Unfortunate Souls: Christian Grey is portrayed here as a Serial Rapist and domestic abuser. In the past, he would seduce his exes, only to rape them in displays thinly disguised as BDSM, then access and siphon their bank accounts of all money, leaving his exes penniless. When he did this to Leila Cooper Williams, he also had her falsely committed to a mental institution just to get her out of his way. He also devours their auras to feed his own, and has been doing the same to Anastasia Steele, while extorting Jason Taylor into becoming his accomplice in exchange for giving his daughter the surgery she needs. When Leila returns and tries to take revenge by killing Christian, he attempts to kill her by strangling her before Taylor turns on him and has him arrested.
  • Twilight fanfic For You I Will: Melanie Sampson is a textbook sociopath, whose only joy comes in the suffering of others. She regularly emotionally abuses Embry, who is nothing but kind and devoted to her. She then begins cutting him with a knife during sex, but can't enjoy it because he heals up, leaving no scars. Soon, she goes on a killing spree, forcing Embry to be her accomplice, since the imprint means he'll do anything she says if it'd make her happy. She also orders him to rape at least two of their victims. When the rest of Embry's pack finally finds out what's happening, they're at a loss, since they know they have to put an end to Melanie's reign of terror, but they also know killing Melanie would destroy Embry. Finally, they attempt to offer a compromise, saying they'll leave Melanie be if she restricts herself to killing criminals. Melanie repays them by telling Embry the pack is endangering her, and convincing him to murder them all.

    Live-Action TV 


  • The Princess and the Knight: Noxymis is an evil wizard and former adviser to the King of Rosym. Angered by his banishment, Noxymis kidnaps Princess Jadelyn of Reinhart and frames Rosym in order to draw out Victoria. Noxymis kills the men he sent once the job is done. Noxymis then takes her hostage and uses her to get a powerful gem from Trina, before trying to kill her once he gets the gem anyways. Taking over Rosym, Noxymis kills the King, locks up the King's mother in the dungeon, and tries to start a war with Reinhart. He also attempts to use the gem to force Jadelyn to fall in love with him and then, when this fails, again tries to kill her love Victoria. When a knight of Rosym frees Jadelyn, Noxymis has the man's own brother try to kill him. In the final battle, Noxymis tries to use a giant wave to kill everyone, before mortally wounding Victoria.
  • The Wolf in me (sic):
    • Livia is a former slave turned vampire leader who, after finding a magic ruby, turned all vampires into her brainwashed army. Having one act as a figurehead and starting a war, Livia snuck into the werewolf royal family's party, and kills everyone there, including children. Abandoning her figurehead to die, Livia took the identity of Olivia Roman and brainwashed the young wizard Claudia into being loyal to her. Livia locked a rival vampire into a suit that kept him alive, but starving for years. Returning in the present, Livia has her men kidnap people to forcibly turn into vampires all over the world. When her men capture Jade and Tori, and suspecting Tori is of royal blood, Livia personally tortures Tori and has her men bite Jade, so she would feed on Tori. An egomaniac hiding behind a facade of charm, Livia would not rest until all werewolves were gone.
    • Revenge of the Wolf: Margo is a young werewolf living in Prague and working for the mysterious Mr. X, in reality the wizard Claudia. Margo gave Livia information on where every werewolf lived. A renegade, Margo regularly kidnaps humans, eats them, and places their skulls in her trophy room. She also assists Claudia in kidnapping girls to sell as slaves. Planning to have werewolves raise up, subjugate, and devour all humans, Margo assists Claudia in brainwashing the werewolf queen, Jade, and has her attack her mate, Tori, but not before taunting them about she plans to raise the two's kids as man eaters like herself.


  • The 100 fanfic Lightning Only Strikes Once: Nia, Queen of the Ice Nation, is narcissistic, spiteful, and ambitious. When Lexa originally became Heda of the twelve clans and thus outranked her, Nia has Lexa's lover Costia brutally tortured, decapitated and sends Lexa her severed head. In the present, she is trying to undermine Lexa's rule with a vicious nightblood named Ontari and places a kill order on her own exiled son Roan. When the ARK first returns to earth, Nia breaks the coalition laws by allying with the Mountain Men, sacrificing the people of Skaikru and own followers. When her crimes are later exposed, Nia plans a war against the other clans; allies with Diana Sydney to steal and launch a nuke powerful enough to wipe out a country; allows Diana to use her people as slaves; tortures Gustus and Titus, the latter to an inch of his life; and plans to repeat what she's done to Cosita with Clarke, sending Lexa a lock of Costia's hair. When Clarke escapes, Nia goes on a mad search for her, raiding and burning villages and torturing her people; she ultimately keeps all food rations to herself to fortify her hideout, not caring that she's condemning her kingdom to starvation. When forced into a final confrontation with Clarke and Lexa, Nia attempts to kill them slowly.
  • Arrowverse fanfic To Hell and Back:
    • Talia Al-Ghul is the daughter of the legendary Ra's Al-Ghul who let the dream of power go to her head. Convinced that she was deserving of power and respect from everyone, Talia once murdered 50 innocent people just because one of them insulted her, making even her own father disown her and remove her from the League. Wanting a Lazarus Pit for her own use, Talia forces Malcolm Merlyn to lead her to one by manipulating his son Tommy into a relationship with Isabel, killing her, and driving him into her own League. After learning that the League has a line of succession, Talia attempts to murder the innocent Iris West to attract the Justice League's attention before assaulting Nanda Parbat, attempting to murder her own father and sister to attain the role of Ra's; Nyssa also reveals that this is not the first time Talia has attempted to kill her out of jealousy. After being handily defeated, Talia abandons her own loyal followers to die while she retreats.
    • Hunter Zolomon, aka Zoom, is a Serial Killer from Earth-2 who used his powers to conquer the world. Zoom also doubled as a superhero so that he could "kill" the hero on national TV and further destroy the world's hope. After learning that he was losing his speed, Zoom mercilessly tortured Earth-3 Jay Garrick before killing him; murdered Jesse Wells after forcing her father to help him—a low to which even his own canon counterpart never sank—and then murdered his Earth-1 counterpart to take over his life. Upon entering the story by almost murdering Barry for no reason, Zoom quickly establishes himself as Barry's Arch-Enemy and attempts to take over Earth-1 just because. After attempting to murder Barry's father just to prove they're Not So Different, Zoom leads an invasion of Earth-1 that leads to hundreds of deaths and thousands of dollars of destruction to the city, all because he believes that he deserves to rule over whatever was left.
  • Hannah Montana fanfic I Didn't Sign Up For This: Cheryl/Drew is a seemingly normal student who befriends Miley and Lilly, but is secretly the mastermind of the explosion that killed eight people. She set off the explosion to kill Oliver and his band while preparing for American Idol, so that she would have all the fame to herself. When Miley confronts the bomber, Martin Eposito, she has him killed in a car bomb. To intimidate Miley she has Taylor, the girl she is with, thrown down the stairs by Jeanette, who she has hit by a car and killed. Once Miley is kidnapped by Cheryl's right-hand man Professor Andrew King, Cheryl guns down King, pretending to be trying to save Miley. Cheryl reveals that she was the one who killed her father, by tampering with his prescription to give him a heart attack while driving. Cheryl then tries to kill Miley, planning to pin the crimes on her.
  • Jessica Jones (2015) Fan Film Killgrave: The Purple Man: The titular "Purple Man," real name Zebediah Killgrave, is a lunatic with mind-controlling and a love for tormenting others. Having been terrorizing New York City through such means as forcing people to kill themselves and their loved ones, Killgrave is introduced ordering a young woman to jump to her death from a skyscraper. Later, Killgrave corners the two detectives tracking him, and, after having one shoot himself in the head, reveals he has already forced the other to murder his wife and child and enjoy the act, and ultimately orders the man to go kill himself after taunting Killgrave's Arch-Enemy Jessica Jones. Killgrave makes the most of his limited screen time to be a truly deplorable madman committing his crimes solely for his own amusement.
  • My Babysitter's a Vampire fanfics The Spellmaster's Mother and Pandora's Box: The Fallen Ones, aka the Ringmasters, are a trio of Spellmasters who formed a religious order, and the Everlasting Circus to purge the world of the supernatural. Centuries ago, they were involved with Whitechapel's foundation, before it was discovered they were performing inhumane experiments on its citizens. Centuries later, they torment and force Benny's mother Celeste to work for them, forcing her to fake her death, and create the Everlasting Circus as a front for their operations. Previously getting their hands on Benny and Erica's son Eric, they have tortured the boy to drain him of his magic, and try to use him as a living, magical bomb to wipe out the city if their plans fail. Seemingly destroyed, one Ringmaster lives on through Ethan; in the sequel, he uses a vampire killing disease to manipulate the vampire council into turning Whitechapel's citizens en masse; tricks Ethan into opening Pandora's Box to cause tears in reality; and tries to leave Ethan and Eric in eternal darkness. When the three Ringmasters are resurrected, they reveal their goals to wipe out all reality and recreate it In Their Own Image.
  • Supernatural fanfic Emperor's New Clothes: Lucifer is a Fallen Angel who rebelled against God out of envy towards humanity. After working with the Winchester brothers to defeat the Darkness, he turns on them, planning to initiate his own apocalypse and destroy the world. He captures Sam and begins torturing him, starting with breaking his ribs and suffocating him. Tired of torturing Sam, he unleashes a drought and hurricane in Ohio, which claims many more lives. Afterwards, Lucifer brings a hellhound to maul Sam and torment him further. When Dean arrives to rescue his brother, Lucifer swears that he'll torture both of them, killing and reviving them in a continuous cycle for as long as he pleases.
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles fanfic series (story 1; story 2; story 3; story 4; story 5): Skynet is a malevolent A.I. that turned against humanity, thinking that they were inferior to itself. Skynet wipes out billions of humans by initiating Judgement Day, where it unleashed its nuclear arsenal throughout the world. To save itself from impending defeat from the Resistance, it sends numerous Terminators in the past to kill Resistance leader John Connor. When these efforts fail, Skynet uploads a copy of itself to a physical form and sends it to the past to directly assassinate Connor and upload itself to the internet, where it can initiate Judgement Day earlier. After capturing Connor, Skynet also plans to upload itself to an exoskeleton resembling Connor and then kill him in said form to both find irony in his death and to emotionally harm his friends. When Connor escapes and combats it, Skynet uploads a virus to Cameron to make her kill Connor, in which Skynet halts her before the finishing blow to gloat about its victory and kill Connor itself. After its plan is foiled, Skynet begins sending Terminators to assassinate Cameron to spite Connor and steals a nuclear bomb from the past to initiate an earlier nuclear war to wipe out humanity and incite the creation of itself much earlier.

    Tabletop Games 
Chronicles of Darkness
  • Genius: The Transgression: Walking-Man, Peripatetic Dreamkiller, is the most infamous of the Clockstoppers, and one of the most powerful. Targeting small, isolated communities, Walking-Man uses his Compelling Voice to take control of the town, has mobs eliminate anyone who might object, and then disposes of the town's leaders, taking on that role himself. Forcing people to abandon their modern conveniences, Walking-Man drives the communities he rules farther and farther back in time, finally sending them into the wilderness, unclothed and unarmed, to die, while he searches for his next target. Having thus caused the deaths of communities in Idaho, Nebraska, and Colorado, Walking-Man continues to ply his trade across all three states, preaching his anti-technology gospel to any who are susceptible—although his relationship with Lemuria would indicate his hatred of technology does not go as deep as he might pretend.
  • Princess: The Hopeful: The Boogeyman is the most terrible of the Cataphractoi. A being who only cares about making children suffer, the Boogeyman once ran a kingdom where countless children were taken to be tortured, tormented and devoured by his monstrous subjects. Upon the kingdom's fall, the Boogeyman focuses on children personally, luring them in to be caught in his domains so he can torment them mentally before killing them.


  • Betrayal at House on the Hill Custom Haunts, By Jeremy Lennert: The Traitor from the haunt The Skull of Ar'Kanok is a necromancer who wishes to summon the ghost of the titular Ar'Kanok as a servant. For seven years prior to the haunt, the Traitor has been leading people to the mansion for the sake of murdering them to use as sacrifices for the summon. When one of the explorers accidentally causes the corpses of the Traitor's victims to rise as zombies, the Traitor decides to summon Ar'Kanok ahead of schedule. If the Traitor succeeds, they drain the souls of the zombies to empower Ar'Kanok. They then relax while enjoying the other explorers screams as the ghost murders them before intending to unleash Ar'Kanok on the entire world.

    Video Games & Visual Novels 
Batman: Arkham Series

Five Nights at Freddy's

  • Five Nights at Freddy's World fanfic Enter the Nightmare Realm: The Nightmarrione was The Dragon to Lord Nightmare and the Evil Twin of the Puppet. Planning to turn the living realm into his own nightmare realm, he offers Springtrap a deal: Allow his child to be used as a Living Battery, or have him rot in "Down Below", with Springtrap choosing the former, with the child later describing it as having never-ending nightmares. After the Fazbear Gang defeats Nightmare, Nightmarrione ambushes them, brutally mangling them and leaving them to die in the snowy mountains, later sending his minions to finish them off. Taking advantage of Nightmare's weakened state, Nightmarrione kills him, taking his soul and lying to the others about what happened to them, becoming their leader in the process. Later, during the final battle, Nightmarrione taunts the puppet with mocking hallucinations, tricking her into brutalizing the Phantoms, and attempts to dispose of them. Finally, when the Nightmares agree to a peace treaty, Nightmarrione absorbs all the Nightmares souls, kills Springtrap, mortally wounds the puppet, and charges up an attack that'll send everyone to hell, including himself.
  • Save Them: William Afton is the former co-owner of Fredbear's Family Diner who grew envious of his partner, Henry, driving him to kill Henry's daughter, Charlie, and 5 other kids just to spite him, driving Henry to suicide. Years later, upon encountering the sole survivor of the killings, Mike Schmidt, he decides to kill him to tie up any loose ends. Killing Mike's parents just to send a message, he later kidnaps him and brings him to Fredbear's, where he reveals that he stole the corpses of Henry and Charlie to hide any evidence, as well as to spite him, shooting Mike In the Back before fleeing. Returning to the pizzeria, he forces the ghost children to do his bidding, putting them in unending agony, and breaks Henry's promise to not hurt Mike and Jeremy, having the spirits try and kill them, with Jeremy dying in the process. He then attempts to kill Mike as he's mourning Jeremy.
  • Something Always Remains: The Smiling Man, later revealed to be Greg Mortman, was a family friend of Bonnie Wickes, whom he felt entitled to have as his wife. To pursue a relationship, he murders her husband, Freddy, by burying him alive. When Bonnie still rejects him, he kills her by tampering with the locks of the Spring Bonnie suit she wore when working at Fredbear's Family Diner, painfully crushing her to death. When he later finds her niece, Vesper, suffocating in the Puppet's box, he leaves her to die out of spite for Bonnie. Dedicating himself to ruining Bonnie's legacy by tarnishing her restaurant's reputation, he murders four children at their new establishment. To frame him for the crimes, he also kills Jeremy Fitzgerald by stuffing him in the Spring Bonnie suit. Returning years later to wipe out any evidence of his crimes, he tries to kill Mike Schmidt and anyone else aware of his past, sadistically bragging that he'll murder Mike by stuffing him into the Spring Bonnie suit. Even when he's confronted by the spirits of his victims, the Smiling Man remains unrepentant of his crimes, even trying to turn the animatronics on Mike one more time.


  • Kirby Adventure: Zykan is a thug working with Talzo who uses chivalry to disguise his cruelty. Despite being an "honorable knight", Zykan frequently uses underhanded tactics such as turning Saia into a statue and threatening to smash her if the KAS members didn't surrender. He later kills Keito by stabbing him while his back was turned, even though his orders were to not kill anyone. When Talzo protests this, Zykan shows no remorse and simply knocks him out for getting in his way. After Kiina refuses to fight due to her pacifism, Zykan forcefully reprograms her to be much more aggressive. He then attacks HAND and massacres most of their members to get to the leader, Yiel, so he can force him to finish brainwashing Kiina. When his right-hand man Whirr is wounded in battle, Zykan leaves him to die rather than fix his injury. In the final confrontation against the KAS, Zykan kills his creation, "Soo", for talking to the KAS rather than fighting them. Remorseless and needlessly cruel to his teammates and his enemies alike, Zykan darkens the mood in an otherwise lighthearted webcomic.
  • Unnamed Kirby fan comic by Nitro: This interpretation of Zero is far worse than its canon counterpart. Ordering Gooey to be disposed of because it sees it as weak and useless, it personally discards of any positive emotions it could use for good. When it turns out Gooey wasn't killed, it orders a Dark Matter to hunt down every living thing on Popstar and kill Gooey, and when this Dark Matter can't bring itself to do this and falls to Kirby, Zero subjects him to a more painful death by giving it a full range of emotions, due to feeling sympathy for Gooey. A notably different interpretation of the character, it purposefully removes any sympathy it could have for anything, and thus for itself, so it can carry on killing.

The Legend of Spyro

The Legend of Zelda

  • Bound Destinies Trilogy:
    • Overall: Majora is a far cry from its game counterpart. Once the Demon King of Termina, Majora warped the hearts of most of its people into worshiping it, and tried to lay claim to the land's Triforce. Upon being defeated, Majora corrupted Terminus's hero into becoming the Fierce Deity and rampaged across Termina, until Link tried to stop it. Majora lets the Deity die and attempts to corrupt Link into becoming the new Deity, torturing Link every way it can think to try to get him to break, up to and including trying to get him to kill Zelda. Much later, Majora attempted to destroy Termina completely by dropping the moon on it and corrupting the incarnation of Link that tried to stop it using the Fierce Deity's Mask. Seven years later, Majora allies with Veran to defeat Link, fully planning on betraying her later. Majora helps Veran continue her path of destruction, and the two torment Link and Zelda once more, with Majora trying once again to turn Link into its pawn.
    • Wisdom and Courage: Veran is the mastermind behind the civil war in Hyrule that wiped out the Sheikah and the Hylian Knights, as well as the one who killed Zelda's mother. In the present day, she captures the Triforce holders, then forces Link to acquire the Fused Shadow or allow Zelda to be tortured. Veran places a curse on Link allowing her to torture him at will, and sets the Deku Tree on fire and tries to kill Saria because Link wasn't moving fast enough. Once she has the Fused Shadow, she tortures the Triforce holders into letting her take the Triforce, and destroys Castle Town. She has her monster minions kill Impa and Malon, then mocks Zelda and Link for being unable to save them. After entering Termina, Veran allies with Majora and the two rampage across Termina, destroying Clock Town and causing mass natural disasters, before doing the same to Hyrule. When Link and Zelda confront Veran at the Temple of Time, she tortures Link once more, and tries to kill Zelda to allow Majora to corrupt Link. Despite her claim of wanting to better her people's lot, Veran clearly cares only about power and satisfying her own bloodlust.
  • The Sage of Darkness: Davik, Link's Evil Uncle and the titular sage of darkness, seems to train Link in the ways of the hero, but is really attempting to feed Link hatred and anger in order to speed up Ganon's revival, even supplying him with the White Sword, one of Ganon's artifacts. He's also manipulating Ertegun for his own agenda, and it is also hinted that he also plans on betraying Ganon as part of his agenda as well. He also brutally murdered Link's parents, as well as poisoned his own sister, for no reason whatsoever, aside from possibly trying to get Link to go down the road of hatred even more. His real plan is to extinguish the Cycle of Eternity, which may result in the destruction of the entire world, for no reason besides hating it for unspecified reasons.

Life Is Strange franchise

  • Life Is Strange (first game) fanfic Life has No Meaning Without You: Mark Jefferson, despite being a Starter Villain here, is just as bad, if not worse, than his game counterpart. In addition to his canon crimes of running the Dark Room operation, using Nathan Prescott as his lackey, Jefferson is also portrayed as a Serial Rapist who sexually assaults his victims, one of whom is Kate Marsh. Exposed by Nathan, the police and David track down the Dark Room just as he's kidnapped and victimizing Victoria, with Jefferson opening fire on the cops when caught. Despite his death earlier in the story, both Victoria and Max repeatedly suffer from PTSD induced nightmares from their time in the Dark Room, causing Max to Self-Harm in her sleep and nearly kill herself. Later in the story, Nathan's testimony reveals the sordid details of their operation, and how Jefferson lied about Nathan being the one who overdosed Rachel Amber. Even in an Alternate Timeline where the game's events were erased, Jefferson remains as much a monster as he is in the game.
  • Life Is Strange 2 fanfic Child of the Eclipse: Lisbeth Fischer, though already loathsome in canon, becomes a true monster here. The leader of the Haven Point cult, Lisbeth used a prophecy of an incoming apocalypse to indoctrinate others into her teachings. Upon encountering Daniel Diaz, she draws him into the cult, manipulating him into becoming the centerpiece, before using him to initiate her endgame; the final atonement ceremony, wherein she and Nicholas stab Daniel, then shoot him to get him to unleash his powers, resulting in the churchgoers all dying at once, including the child Sarah. Finally, having successfully engineered a mass Murder-Suicide, Lisbeth prepares to stab Daniel in the heart, making it clear that she only viewed him as a "wicked" tool to be used, and tells him that he and the rest of Earth will burn.


  • Aran's Daughter: Ridley is the leader of the Space Pirates and the Arch-Enemy of Samus Aran. Ridley personally led an attack on the mining planet, Krawna, brutally killing nearly everyone on it and orphaning Ayame Miyamoto. Ten years later, Ridley has his forces ambush Samus Aran and forces her to surrender herself by threatening to kill her adoptive daughter Ayame by crushing the life out of her. Ridley and the Pirates would then proceed to plan on having Samus executed on their homeworld, an event that Ridley watches with pure sadistic glee. When Ayame invades the Pirate Homeworld to save Samus, Ridley personally attempts to kill her for interfering in his attempt to kill Samus. A cruel, sadistic dragon with a thirst for blood, Ridley would gladly kill anyone to satisfy his sadism.
  • Metroid: The Movie (primarily based on Metroid, with elements of the manga):
    • Ridley is the sadistic leader of the Space Pirates, and Arch-Enemy of Samus Aran. Planning to use the Metroids as a way to control the galaxy, he has his men gun down the scientists of a research station to steal the baby Metroid, using one of his own men to test its power. Invading Samus's home planet to obtain Mother Brain, Ridley proceeds to wipe out everybody in the colony, including Samus's parents, even kidnapping her to force her to watch as he destroys everything. Under Mother Brain's orders, Ridley leads the extinction of the Chozo race, and kills several Galactic Federation troops—one of whom being Samus's friend Ellen—to steal the Metroids they were guarding to build a Metroid army.
    • Mother Brain is a biomechanical supercomputer created by Virginia and Rodney Aran as a way to spread Chozo knowledge throughout the galaxy. Realizing her true potential after encountering Ridley and discovering her ability to control the Metroids, Mother Brain set out to amass an army of Metroids to attack the galaxy and bring about a new era of glory for the Space Pirates. Establishing her base on the planet Zebes after sending Ridley and Kraid out to extinguish the last of the Chozo, Mother Brain would turn the entire planet into a hellish landscape drained of all life. When defeated by Samus, Mother Brain activates the base's self-destruction to take Samus with her to the grave, uncaring if her own Space Pirates are caught in the blast.



  • Pokemon Black And White Tale Of A Legend: With this story demonstrating his evil to a greater extent, Ghetsis Harmonia is able to show how far he is willing to go for power and global domination. Plotting behind the Seven Sages and Plasma King N, Ghetsis usually has members of his organization take Pokémon by force under the guise of Pokémon liberation. In the meantime, he sets his sights of the Ebony and Pure Stones to get his hands on Zekrom and Reshiram. Ghetsis approves of the Plasma Frigate turning Opelucid City and Lacunosa Town—the latter being the main characters' hometown—to frozen wastelands as a show of power, tries to dispose of hired hand Phantom after he retrieves the Ebony Stone he desired, and Alder reveals that in the past, Ghetsis was responsible for the passing of his longtime partner. In the Battle of Vertress, Ghetsis makes his Beheeyem brainwash Thrin and force her to battle her brother, Volan, for the fate of Unova as per a prophecy. When N and Thrin both fail to live up his plan's expectations, an enraged Ghetsis falls off the deep end and commands an out-of-control Kyurem, aiming to eliminate all of his staunchest opposition. He then uses the DNA Splicers to reform the Original Dragon, Perfect Kyurem, an abomination of all three dragons, intending to menace everyone. Despite his initial gentlemanly charm, Ghetsis shows how little he cares for other people, including his "son" N, and is perfectly willing to destroy whatever and throw away whoever on his path to power.
  • Pokémon: Hard Mode: Mewtwo is the Big Bad of the FireRed arc. A clone of the legendary Pokémon Mew, Mewtwo grew a hatred for humanity due to being tortured by one of the scientists who created him. After killing a scientist who took no part in his torture in a rage and destroying the laboratory he was created in, Mewtwo came across Mew, who trapped the former on a deserted island in hopes that it would give Mewtwo time for his anger to subside. Despite calming down and regaining sanity, Mewtwo still held his hatred of humanity despite knowing not all of them are cruel, attempting to slowly choke a human who accidentally washed on the island shore to death, simply because he believes it's been too long since he's killed somebody. Looking for a way to break the seal that keeps him trapped on the island, Mewtwo deceives Ruby into killing the three legendary birds, who kept Mewtwo's power restrained, by pretending to be the ghost of Ruby's deceased Nuzleaf. After Ruby defeats Gary and is about to be crowned Elite Four Champion, Mewtwo breaks the minds of everybody in the stadium except for Ruby, and frames Mew for it, intending for Ruby to kill Mew and completely break the seal. Mewtwo mocks Ruby for being tricked by him and proclaims that he looks forward to enjoying his newfound freedom, and might as well Kill All Humans while he's at it, promising to kill Ruby last as his way of "thanks".
  • Pokémon: Storm Clouds: Masque, a Team Rocket agent who specializes in using hypnotic powers to strip Pokémon of their identities and make them his willing servants, is the true Big Bad. While initially presented as an ambiguous figure in the story and somewhat Affably Evil, he is gradually revealed to be a sick, twisted individual who enjoys the amount of control his mind games give him over others. He takes pleasure in stripping Pokémon of their identities and secretly manipulates all the higher-ups of Team Rocket for fun. He later breaks away from Team Rocket and attacks the hometown of the protagonists. While he does have an ulterior motive, it's still clear that he takes a disgusting amount of pleasure in terrorizing and slaughtering the residents of the small town with his Pokémon. When one of the protagonists call him out on his manipulations and accuses him of viewing humans as nothing more than tools, he responds that he sees people more as toys, explaining that a tool is used to accomplish something while a toy is just there to be played with and destroyed when it fails to entertain.
  • The Stardom Series: Ardos is the Grand Master of a revived Team Cipher, now known as Reverse Cipher, after spending time gathering loyal remnants of the dispersed syndicate to serve him. Having been contacted by Giovanni to form a partnership, Ardos uses Team Rocket as a means to perfect a new form of Pokerus, called the XDrus, which should not only "shut the door to a Pokémon's heart" but also increase their fighting capabilities. Also, he uses the new "Ankoku" variant to infect Giratina with the intention of making it the ultimate killing machine that cannot be purified, unlike XD001. He has Stein combine the infected Giratina with Rayquaza's life force to create the abomination known as "Dark Giraquazar Forme". With everything now in place, Ardos unleashes Shadow Giratina on Sinnoh Island, destroying half of it and terrorizing the population as a show of force. The psychotic Ardos then callously betrays Giovanni, reveals he turned most of Team Rocket against its former boss, and has him fall to an attempted Disney Death. Ardos bears every intention of desolating Orre with Shadow Giratina, infecting the remaining regions' wild Pokémon with Shadow Pokerus, and stamping out all resistance without mercy. Obsessed with power and destruction, Ardos is a deranged, unfettered sociopath whose ultimate goal is to have Dialga and Palkia infected with Ankoku-ShadowPokérus, spread the virus throughout the world, and bring all Shadow Pokémon—wild or captured—under his iron fist and rule as "the Grand Master of a grand, dark empire."

Resident Evil

  • Resident Evil 2 fanfic Epic: The Third Survivor: Brian Irons is just as horribly depraved here as he was in canon. The Chief of Raccoon City's Police Department, Irons would allow the Umbrella Corporation to conduct their experiments on the city's citizens, on the pretense that Umbrella would get him elected mayor. During the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City, Irons kidnaps the mayor's daughter and brutally rapes her before shooting her in her stomach, causing her to bleed to death; it would later be revealed that Irons has raped and killed numerous other women beforehand and would convert their bodies into stuffed dolls before putting them in his hidden room as part of Irons's morbid collection.
  • Resident Evil 5 fanfic Wesker Lives: Albert Wesker survives his apparent demise and becomes hellbent on exacting vengeance on those who have foiled his previous plans and then ruling over humanity. After establishing the Neo-Unbrella organization, Wesker conducts cruel experiments to develop Bio-Organic Weapons to exact his vengeance and Take Over the World, notably infecting people with the T-Virus and then subjecting them to the Las Plagas parasite. When a man trespasses on his facility, Wesker uses the powers he retained from his Uroboros disease to cannibalize him, ultimately wishing to torture Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine before consuming them as well. He also orders his men to collect various plagues like the C-Virus and G-Virus to later unleash them on the world, killing billions and allowing him to rule over what remains.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Ghosts of the Future: The Sorceress of the Black Isle is the Arc Villain of the Arabian Nights arc. A character from the Arabian Nights who was previously thought to have died, the Sorceress uses the Chaos Emerald sent to the Arabian Nights to amplify her powers, commanding malevolent djinn to terrorize the land. When confronted by two djinn, Uhu and Fouh, the Sorceress imprisons Fouh, and tells Uhu that if he brings the Seven World Rings to her, she'll release Fouh. When the heroes arrive in her palace, the Sorceress congratulates Uhu for bringing Sonic, who has the Seven World Rings inside his body, to her before she reveals that she's brainwashed Fouh into being her slave, ordering her to kill Uhu. To get the Seven World Rings out of Sonic's body, the Sorceress uses her magic to hasten the Flames of Judgment on Sonic's chest, gleefully burning Sonic's body into nothing but bones. She then attempts to use the combined power of the Chaos Emerald and the Seven World Rings to destroy the Arabian Nights.
  • Sonic Forces fanfics Memories of Infinite's Past & Sonic Forces Chapter 2: Former terrorist and thrill killer Clyde the jackal escapes from prison to become a ruthless crime boss. Killing his Arch-Enemy Stryker, Clyde takes the "Phantom Ruby" from the classic version of Eggman, before torturing both the past and present versions of Eggman for more information on the item. Mastering the Ruby's power, Clyde murders his own loyal henchmen before attacking Grand Metropolis, turning the world into Hell on Earth when Sonic and his companions fail to stop him. Psychologically and physically tormenting a jackal who tries to stop him, Clyde has several innocent wisps and their mother captured and transformed into brainwashed creatures to empower his own weapons. After he seemingly defeats Sonic, Clyde brainwashes the resistance group into maiming each other while leaving the survivors to be executed and, after truly being beaten, he tries to destroy the universe out of spite.
  • Nazo Unleashed: Nazo was formed from the negative energy of the Chaos Emeralds, and desired to steal the Emeralds for himself for the purpose of gaining more power. After stealing a Chaos Emerald from a city, Nazo decided to destroy the city and kill all of its inhabitants for his own amusement. When he defeats Knuckles, Sonic, and Shadow, Nazo later brutally kills Tails for interrupting his attempt to kill Sonic. After he uses the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Perfect Nazo, he reveals that, because the Master Emerald will always have more power than him, he'll destroy the Earth and cause the Master Emerald's shattered pieces to spread throughout space, all out of envy. He also states that when he defeats the heroes, he'll go on to destroy the entire universe.
  • Sonic: Dr. Robotnik, formerly known as Julian Kintobor, declares war on Mobius under the belief that society should be under his leadership, beginning his path of destruction by committing genocide on almost all of the South Islanders. Taking over Station Square, he has his forces overwhelm the G.U.N. Soldiers trying to stop him, and even attempts to have one of them murdered in cold blood. When Sonic stops this, he then proceeds to brutally torture a captured soldier for information on the Blue Blur, and when the soldier fails to provide him with the info, Robotnik orders the man to be robotized against his will. When an group of soldiers try to fight back, Robotnik orders his forces to ambush and mercilessly kill them. After Sonic saves the soldiers, Robotnik immediately orders his forces to kill Sonic for daring to interfere with his plans for conquest. Claiming that he's a well-intentioned man who's acting in the people's best interests, Dr. Robotnik is in reality a cruel, ruthless Mad Scientist who would kill anyone who would dare to get in his way.
  • Untitled series by JudasFM: Raker the Jackal first appears in Caves of the Ancients, before which he had sold Tails out to a slave mine, and much earlier on, killed his own father, leading to his mother's suicide by drowning, and abusing his brother, who he renamed Bait, while ever since leading a gang responsible for actions like blowing up houses. While Sonic, Knuckles, and Bait head to the Scrap Brain Zone to save Tails, Raker stalks them the whole way, and blows up the Oil Ocean Zone during one of their confrontations. When Sonic calls him out on this the next day, his response is to casually say he didn't stop to think things through. In the next fic Sins of the Mothers, he teams up with Knuckles's thought-to-be-dead mother and Dr. Robotnik, in hopes of getting Bait back, just so that he could torture and kill him. Getting him back also involved blowing up a building with Vector inside. Robotnik finds his actions just as appalling as everyone else. Bait is the only one who has any respect for him, because of "family loyalty", even though Sonic tries to get through to him that Raker does not return this. It speaks volumes when even Sekko, who runs the slave mine and ordered Knuckles's lost sister dead before being killed himself by the person he asked to carry it out, pales in comparison.

Super Mario Bros.

  • Mario Brothers: King Koopa is the power-hungry ruler of the Koopa Troop and is far more villainous than his game counterpart. Obsessed with getting his hands on the Life Mushrooms, Koopa rallies his troops to storm Princess Toadstool's castle and kill her if she does not reveal their location. When the Mario Brothers attempt to stop his schemes, Koopa kills Luigi by using his fire breath to burn him alive. Koopa leads his army on an assault against the Princess's castle, killing dozens of Toads who were protecting her. Once it becomes clear that the Princess won't hand over the Life Mushrooms, Koopa kidnaps her to learn how create them for himself. He then sends a legion of Hammer Bros. to round up the remaining Toads for his own purposes. When Mario finally confronts him to save the Princess, Koopa proceeds to taunt him over Luigi's death and promises that he will share his brother's fate.
  • The Plumber Knight Returns: The Koopa is a far darker incarnation of The Darkness. The leader of the terrorists known as the Goombas, the Koopa took over and ruled Ferral City with his forces, punishing anyone who disobeys him, including his own men. The Koopa claims to be the killer of Luigi just to goad Mario out of retirement so he could defeat him once and for all and then sends Jeckal to kidnap Mario's friend and ally John Gibbs and tortures him to near-death, leading to him dying from his injuries later. The Koopa lures Mario into the woods in an attempt to kill him, disappearing before returning in season 2 to finish his plans, killing the Blue Hood, a cybernetically enhanced and brainwashed Luigi, after he comes to his senses, just to spite Mario further. The Darkness reveals he wishes drown the world in chaos and madness by manipulating humanity from the shadows and make them give into negative desires and emotions. A sadistic and inhuman psychopath who sees happiness and joy as facades, this version of the Darkness is a chaos-worshipping lunatic driven by his jealousy of life itself.
  • Super Paper Mario fan sequel Super Paper Mario 2: The Seven Sorcerers: Dimentio survives his defeat from the previous game and decides to exact revenge on Mario and his friends by trying to again wipe out all of existence and create a new universe in Dimension D. He first hypnotizes seven sorcerers to kill Mario's party and, simultaneously, kidnaps Mario and imprisons him in Dimension D and impersonates him during his friends' journey. When Mario's friends seemingly reverse Dimentio's scheme, he reveals himself to them and hypnotizes Blumiere and his former minions to kill Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser, before planning to kill his hypnotized servants and use the Pure Hearts to create an even more powerful void to destroy all of existence. When Dimentio is defeated, he hypnotizes Blumiere again to kill his lover, Timpani, and drive him to commit suicide. He also fakes his own death to make it seem that Dimension D was wiped out with Mario to spite the heroes one last time.
  • Super Paper Mario fanfic Together Again: Dimentio is a sociopathic jester who wants to acquire the Chaos Heart to wipe out all of existence and then use the Crystal Heart to create his own "perfect" world. He first told Blumiere's father about his son's affair with Timpani, knowing that he would separate the two and wipe out Timpani's memory, which would drive Blumiere into using the Chaos Heart and allowing Dimentio to take it for himself. Dimentio also transformed Timpani from a human into a Pixl to further separate her from Blumiere and out of sheer amusement. When Blumiere is defeated by the heroes, Dimentio attempts to kill Mario, which severely injures Timpani instead when she shields Mario. After taking the Chaos Heart from Blumiere, Dimentio plans to marry Timpani and acquire the Crystal Heart, allowing him to proceed with his plan to wipe out existence. When Timpani escapes with the aid of Crystal, Dimentio catches up to the heroes and physically torments both Crystal and Blumiere, happily ready to kill them both.

Super Smash Bros.


  • Ace Attorney fancase Operation: Turnabout:
    • Captain Adel Renard was a corrupt member of the Peace Corps, selling explosives to enemy groups. When Renard learned that a group of insurgents were planning to pay him in foreign money that they knew would be useless to him in exchange for Helios 6 explosives, he decided to backstab them first. Convincing the corrupt Captain Janus Harvey to help him deliver the explosives, Renard neglected to give the group the detonator, rendering the explosives useless. He than called the police and had the insurgents sent to the firing squad before they could testify against him. After convincing Harvey to kill most of his platoon to prevent them from ever learning of the incident, Renard proceeded to blackmail Harvey over the incident, knowing that the latter had no evidence the former was involved. When Harvey was going to be granted immunity in exchange for testifying about the Helios 6 incident, Renard poisoned him. After Phoenix exposes his past crimes in court, Renard brags about them to the courtroom while stating that since they were committed overseas, he cannot be tried for them. Renard than taunted Siegfried and Victoria about their upcoming executions for a murder they did not commit, even mocking Victoria about her lost eye by calling her a "cyclops".
    • Captain Janus Harvey was a corrupt member of the Peace Corps who was convinced by Renard to help smuggle explosives to a group of insurgents, not knowing of his manipulations but expecting to receive a legitimate amount of money while the insurgents would be able to use the explosives for whatever evil intents they had. After being betrayed, and knowing he couldn't prove Renard was involved, Harvey still followed his advice to murder most of his platoon in an explosion so that they could never uncover what he had done. Harvey never felt any remorse for his actions, and spent the rest of his life trying to pin the blame on others while insisting he had done no wrong, only agreeing to testify about the incident when he was promised immunity for any involvement.
  • Cave Story fanfic The Stranger I Knew: Dr. Fuyuhiko Date/The Doctor has his canon crimes expanded. After his human body is killed by Quote, Date possesses Quote's body, mind raping him, and kills Misery and Sue while Quote is Forced to Watch. Later, he threatens Santa's life to get Quote to spill his secrets, killing Santa when Quote doesn't comply. Revealing he has kidnapped Curly Brace's adopted children, he threatens them as well—it is later shown that he stuffed them and several other Mimigas in cages, forcing them to eat the corrupting red flowers by starving them until they eat the flowers from desperation, and making the corrupted ones eat each other and their loved ones. Finally, he tries to rape Curly and strangle her, and when she manages to kill him, he taunts her about having killed her beloved Quote in the process.
  • Fallout: New Vegas fan prequel Fallout: Lanius: The titular Legate Lanius is a bloodthirsty One-Man Army of the Hidebarks who's feared within his tribe for believing that only fighting and killing are the answer to their problems. After the Caesar's Legion decides to assimilate the Hidebarks into their ranks, Lanius begins killing their soldiers by himself and taking their heads as trophies, and when the tribe surrenders to spare themselves from death, Lanius slaughters a Frumentarii and several of his own people before finally being subdued. Joining the Legion to continue killing people but in Caesar's name instead, Lanius is visited by his lover Quill and gouges her eye out before turning her into his very first slave. Forcing the remaining men of his tribe to fight him, Lanius massacres them and beheads the only person who had been nice to him, proudly admitting that he leaves the world with nothing but blood and dust.
  • Final Fantasy VII machinima Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged: Sephiroth is a legendary member of SOLDIER who develops a genocidal hatred for humanity after discovering the truth about his origins through the Jenova project. Marking his introduction with a bloody killing spree through the Shinra headquarters, Sephiroth stands out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the cast, and during his burning of Nibelheim, he singles out and kills Cloud's mother just because of his fanboying over him. Seeking godhood, Sephiroth leads Cloud and the rest of Avalanche on a chase across the planet to find the Black Materia so that he can use it to summon Meteor, severely damaging the planet and then absorbing the resulting energy into himself. To ensure nothing gets in his way, Sephiroth murders Aerith in the City of the Ancients, once again rubbing it in to Cloud. Believing himself and his "mother" Jenova to be divine punishment incarnate, Sephiroth proves to not only be a shockingly dark villain for an abridged series, but also much more detestable and petty than his canon counterpart.
  • Fire Emblem fanfic Fire Emblem Awakening: Invisible Ties:
    • Gangrel is the king of Plegia and the first enemy Chrom, Robin, and the Shepherds face. The son of one of the last Plegian King's nephews to claim the throne, Gangrel uses his authority to harass Ylisse in hopes of instigating a war and destroy the country. He starts off by having his army attack Ylissean border towns, where both soldiers and civilians die, including Themis, Maribelle's homeland. After kidnapping her, Gangrel calls a peace hearing with Emmeryn. After his demands aren't met, he orders hiding soldiers to ambush her and the Shepherds. Finally getting the war he desired, he later captures Emmeryn herself when she insisted on peace. When the Shepherds are cornered thanks to their trump card getting shot down in the rescue, Gangrel gives Chrom a choice, the Fire Emblem or his sister's life. When Emmeryn falls off to ensure her sibling's survival, Gangrel laughs in sick enjoyment while everyone is shocked or grieving. In the last attack on Plegia, the Shepherds encounter Gangrel at the castle gate where he hung the corpses of Commander Phila, Duke Aerir, and Duke Themis, the last of whom is Maribelle's father; Gangrel later recounts to Chrom in their final duel how he enjoyed making them beg for death. Lacking the Freudian Excuse of his game counterpart, Gangrel eventually showed his true colors to horrified Plegians, a mad king who wanted war, blood, and glory.
    • The crimes of Validar have been greatly expanded. He abused and trained Robin to make him the perfect vessel for Grima up until his wife spirited his son away, resulting in Validar eventually finding and murdering her for this reason. Throughout the course of the story, Validar exerts Mind Control over Robin to point he fragmented his mind in one attempt to kill him and later has Robin almost kill Chrom to claim the Fire Emblem, almost pushing Robin to despair. After ripping Donnel's heart out, he controls Morgon, his own granddaughter, to have her facilitate the revival of Grima and use as leverage against Robin. A ruthless and heartless fanatic, Validar cared for no one, using Plegia—both citizens and army members—as unwitting pawns, culminating in sacrificing half of the country as tribute to the Fell Dragon.
  • Gihren's Greed 4chan run Gopp's Gluttony: Admiral Gopp goes far beyond his official self in evil. A ruthless admiral of the Earth Federation, Gopp authorizes the use of nuclear weapons against Side 3 during the One Year War and puts the blame on an obedient general. Funding investigations on Newtypes to use them as weapons, Gopp orders the razing of North America to defeat Garma Zabi's guerrillas and uses the captured civilians as fodder for experiments, turning a little girl that tried to kill him in his brainwashed soldier daughter for mere amusement. Continuing the war against Zeon remnants, Gopp allows the enemy to use a Mass Driver against Earth in order to ensure the dependence of Earthnoids on the Federation, threatening Jamitov Himen when he tries to protect the Earth. Having turned the Federation on a dictatorship, Gopp's rule is opposed for every other faction in a bloody war where Gopp uses several Cyber Newtype soldiers. When he is forced to flee, Gopp drops the colony Luna-2 onto Earth out of spite and hijack the Queen Mantha from a broken pilot to fight the rebels. After his defeat, Gopp escapes to Jupiter, where he plots for his return.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV fan machinima Eddie Low: The Filth Slayer: Eddie Low is a psychopathic Serial Killer who is introduced stabbing a man to death for fun, having killed 9 others this way beforehand. He then kidnaps and murders a waitress for rejecting him, boasting about his crime online. Deciding to then target Niko Bellic's loved ones just to hurt him, he murders his cousin Roman and brutalizes Roman's wife. When he is arrested and found not guilty, he murders a detective, tells Niko how he's going to torture him, and brags about his past victims. When cornered, he begs to die rather than be arrested, and tries to murder a police detective for refusing his request.
  • Injustice 2 fanfic Injustice 2: The Novelization: Brainiac, The Collector of worlds, arrives at a planet, has his Betas invade, digitizes cities with knowledge he finds useful, and then destroys the rest of the planet to preserve his rare knowledge; billions of victims have succumbed to him. Brainiac is first seen in the a flashback of Kara Zor-El—Supergirl—invading and destroying Krypton; in the present day he had recently heard of Superman, seeing him as a problem that needs to be dealt with. To this end, he has Gorilla Grodd assemble other supervillains and form the Society. After capturing the married Black Canary and Green Arrow, he invades Earth; it is later mentioned that numerous major cities have been digitized. He threatens to render Earth "a barren moon" unless Supergirl is handed over to him, as he wants to study how a yellow sun affects Kryptonian cells. He later brainwashes several of the heroes and kills Doctor Fate.
  • Mass Effect Play-by-Post Game Mass Effect Forum Rpg: Tiraz Malkizan was, throughout his life, only ever interested in two things: Gaining money and power, and hurting people. Never a moral Turian to begin with, he committed his first murder at the age of 16 when he didn't want to share the loot of a robbery with his partner. Later on he decided that he could make far more money by becoming a Dirty Cop than with petty crime. To that end, he manipulated his two naive colleagues Beyo and Javed to use dirty methods (mostly blackmail and torture) to gather information faster and often framing innocent parties, all under the pretense of pretense of doing the work that others are afraid to do for the greater good. His most heinous acts during that period were the murder of an investigating co-worker and the brutal raping of Luceija Ascaiath, which he recorded for his own amusement. After being exposed and confronted by his colleagues, he grabbed off all the money they ever made and ran off to become a powerful crime lord, now fully embracing his savage nature with delight. Him raping and cannibalizing an Asari Justicar to death (after throwing her companion out of a window) and butchering his completely loyal assistant for saving him a few moments later than he ordered are just a few examples of why he is still considered the absolutely worst person this RPG has ever spawned, despite being dead since the early days of the RPG.
  • Persona 3 fanfic A Demon Among Devils: This verse's Kokabiel is the most evil and sadistic member of the Fallen Angels and the former leader of their council the Grigori. He's a genocidal maniac who firmly believes in the superiority of the Fallen, rekindling the Great War to wipe out as many other species as possible. He kills his Father to assume his power, will happily torture his enemies to death, callously sacrifices his own soldiers, and plans on raping Rias and Sona before killing them just to piss off Sirzechs and Serafall.
  • StarCraft II fanfic Escape from Skygeirr: Narud is the cruel headmaster of the Moebius Foundation which performs horrific experiments on many living beings. He intentionally infected Alexei Stukov with the Zerg virus and then claimed him as his test subject. During the years, Narud used Stukov's ability to regenerate his body to perform various deranged experiments on him. Whenever he displeased him, Narud wouldn't hesitate to punish him by either using a device which inflicts excruciating pain on Stukov or tearing off one of his limbs. Narud also visits Stukov during the nights, disguised as his dead friend just to torment him, and it's heavily implied that he rapes him. When one of his employees helps Stukov escape, Narud tries to kill them both. While he claims that he has good intentions, the truth is that he simply enjoys the pain he is inflicting on other beings.
  • Team Fortress 2 machinima A Granary Adventure: The Underdog Story: RED Soldier is the sadistic leader of the Clan Stackers. The machinima opens with him leading his minions on the wholesale slaughter of Blu Pyro's old team. Following the escaping Pyro Granary to finish the job, he starts slaughtering a bunch of friendly BLU members as they go through the map. When a surviving Scout retreats after a counterattack by the BLU team. RED Soldier shoots him when he turns around for his failure. Throughout the course of the series, RED Soldier sends his minions to slaughter the BLU team. After it seems like the heroes had won, RED Soldier appears and casually murders the BLU team's reinforcements. When the BLU Soldier demand to know why they won't just leave them alone, RED Soldier simply replies that he and his team are worthless scum and then attempts to murder the BLU team, with BLU Soldier giving his life to save them. RED Soldier then mocks them about his death as continues his assault.
  • The Walking Dead fanfic A Walk to Remember: William Carver is the leader of the Howe's settlement, in which he first raped Rebecca to produce an heir. When Rebecca and the other cabin survivors flee Howe's, Carver viciously searches for them and eventually captures most of them in a ski lodge. To lure Rebecca out, Carver tortures Carlos and, upon finding a crippled Clementine, executes Nick for being "reckless." When Kenny kills one of his men, Carver pressures him into surrendering by bringing hostages one-by-one, executing Walter and Alvin when Kenny refuses. Back at Howe's, Carver tortures and rapes Carley when she protests his pressure on Carlos to discipline Sarah and later kills Reggie for failing a task. After Lee and his allies flee Howe's, Carver chases them down again, where he holds Clementine hostage in exchange for Keith, whom he wants as his new heir, before trying to kill Clementine anyways in front of Lee.
  • The Witch's House fanfic Do it over again: The Black Cat Demon, unlike the redeemed Ellen, is as vile as he is in canon. Upon learning that Ellen still retains her magic after swapping bodies with Viola, he decides to kill her so she doesn't become a threat in the future, and so possesses Viola's father and makes him kill Ellen. When Ellen manages to rewind time before her death, he tries to make her kill Viola again so he can once more devour her soul. When Ellen refuses, he steals her body and mutilates it before trapping Viola in it and trying to trick her father into killing her. When Ellen reveals the truth to Viola's father and swaps back with Viola, the Black Cat becomes a giant and kills Viola's father before attempting to do the same with Ellen and Viola, announcing his plans to one day wipe out humanity. Whereas Ellen grew to see the error in her ways, the Black Cat Demon remained wicked to the end.
  • Yandere Simulator fanfic The Escape: Ryoba Aishi is far worse than in canon. Becoming obsessed with schoolmate Soto Akiyama, Ryoba killed all of the girls close to him and kidnapped him. Ryoba forced Soto to change his name and face and marry her, before raping him to have a child. Growing jealous of her own daughter Ayano, Ryoba tries to drown her in the bathtub. Ryoba later tries to sell Ayano to the Yakuza, planning to make Soto watch the video they send them showing what they do to Ayano, displaying eagerness at seeing her own daughter presumably being raped and possibly killed.

    Web Original 
  • Red vs. Blue fanfic Prelude to Chorus:
    • Malcolm Hargrove continues to live up to his canon reputation in this fic. Not only does he disregard the lives of the people of Chorus by planning their eradication for profit, but he recruits Felix and Locus to kill Siris and his family as part of a test of loyalty. Siris is wanted dead for simply knowing too much, and Hargrove casually states that he doesn't want a widow and child left behind, as it would lead to suspensions. He notes that he orders his men to do something he would be willing to personally do, so he would likely do it himself. When Locus expresses doubt about the order, he threatens to have him killed. And when meeting with Felix and Locus after they followed this order, he discusses the disposal of an innocent family's bodies as something that is just a standard business practice.
    • Felix manages to be even worse than his canon counterpart. Even before Chorus, he blows off the deaths of innocent people by suggesting that Hargrove should just nuke the people living there. When Hargrove suggests killing the Wu family, he's all too eager since he believes Siris to be a traitor for "abandoning" him and Locus (read: having a conscience and not taking a job that requires him to kill a ton of innocent people). Felix decides to capture the Wu family and have Siris's wife and son killed in front of him just to twist the knife further. He taunts Henry and Megan just before their deaths and does not hesitate to shoot Henry, nor does he feel remorse about this. All the while, he manipulates Locus into being the killer he is today by taking advantage of his PTSD. While Siris is hesitant to kill Megan in front of Siris, Felix pushes him to do so. And when Locus kills Siris quickly as a Mercy Kill, Felix acts like Locus is just ruining his fun. And when he asks Hargrove about the bodies, he just says that Siris got what he deserved for being a "traitor".
  • SCP Foundation fanfic The Color of the Cure: SCP-035 is a member of a race of immortal doctors who was punished by one of them for an unspecified but horrible incident, driving him to seek out revenge on her through any means necessary. After being captured by The Foundation, he exploits researcher Dr. Ivor's curiosity to get the mask's host, Clara, and her apprentice, SCP-049, to meet as to set up his plan. Implied to have played a part in the Containment Breach, he encounters Clara and attempts to have her wear him, only being foiled by the Plague Doctor. Later, after Clara and The Mentor are reunited and she goes on a rampage, killing and mutating countless victims, the guard Jack and 049 confront 035, who remorselessly gloats about his involvement and how Clara was beyond saving, silently attempting to trick Jack into shooting 049 before being stopped.
  • Ren Zha Fan Pai Zi Jiu Xi Tong fanfic SV Wishes: An alternate version of Luo Binghe seems like his villainous canon counterpart at first, but is slowly revealed to be far worse. This version of Luo started out with an abusive teacher, but killed him, before gaining power by raping various members of his harem to power him and using the cursed sword Xin Mo, regardless if the ritual weakened or crippled them. Threatening members into joining his harem by keeping their loved ones as hostages or worse, this Luo Binghe goes back on his word and kills them anyway. He also uses Mobei Jun by desecrating his family shrine, taking Mobei Jun's entire lineage, including his own children with him, to be slaves.

    Western Animation 
Avatar Universe
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic The Fall of the Fire Empire: Dragon Empress Azula, shedding all her canon redeeming qualities, assisted in the murder of her brother, Zuko; killed her "friend", Mai, when Mai confronted her; and helped her father, Ozai, kill her uncle, Iroh, by poisoning Iroh's tea. Helping the Fire Empire on a genocidal, brutal conquest, Azula ascends to the throne where she promotes slavery and ethnic cleansing, having entire villages in the Earth Kingdom annihilated for not giving up people to be slaves. Upon learning her mortality cannot be staved off, Azula massacres the Fire Sage order and plots to spark a war after her death, intending on plunging her kingdom into a titanic, horrific conflict to kill countless innocents and secure her bloody legacy.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic Foxfire: Hongqi, son of Quon, was the son of a fabulously wealthy merchant and never had to work for anything outside of his earthbending. He takes a Lower Ring woman as a mistress and starts a family with her in secret, but gets bored of his mistress and wants to marry a richer woman. Despite dumping the poor woman, Hongqi didn't want her to move from him, so he disfigures her by giving her a Glasgow Grin and destroys her emotionally by taking away her children, preventing her from seeing them, and dumps her back in the Lower Ring; the mistress commits suicide. After a while, Hongqi grew bored of his children and finally found a wealthy young bride to marry. Not wanting his future in-laws to find out about his bastard children, Hongqi murders his own toddler-aged children by trapping them in an active kiln and shutting it closed with earthbending, cremating the children alive.
  • The Legend of Korra fanfic Avatar: The Legend of Arata: Tsume, head of the Iron Assassins, is a sadistic killer who murders the President of Republic City. Well known for slaughtering those he encounters, Tsume kills other soldiers, civilians, trainees, and those in his path, before initiating his worst crime: Splitting with his employer, Arashi, Tsume kidnaps a host of pregnant women in hopes one will birth the next Avatar, killing many of their families, while intending on disposing of them after.


  • Entire DCAU: Heart of Darkness: Doctor Destiny returns years after his original appearances, having developed a God Complex. Wanting revenge against Batman, Doctor Destiny enrages him by influencing Igor Sazuky into killing Gotham's mayor and his wife in front of their two children. This allows Doctor Destiny to enter his mind and exploit his emotions to regain a physical form. After returning with reality-bending powers, Doctor Destiny plans to conquer the universe and destroy numerous worlds to recreate them in his own image. When Batman is about to be rescued from the dream realm, Doctor Destiny spitefully tries to drag Batman down with him and trap him forever.
  • Batman Beyond fanfic BATMAN: The Days Beyond (link): Rose Cunningham is a psychotic high school student with an entitlement complex. After being rejected by every boy at Hamilton High, she proceeds to assault and kidnap several of them, chopping them to pieces and using their organs and limbs to create her "perfect boyfriend". Upon unmasking Batman as Terry McGinnis, she rejects his offer of professional help as "taking her to prison", before deciding to add him to her project, and when he escapes, she decides to kill him, declaring "if you won't be my boyfriend, then I'll make sure you're not good enough for anyone".

Total Drama

  • Despair Island:
    • Chris McLean is even more sadistic than he already was in canon in this fic that reimagines Total Drama as a Deadly Game. Having come up with the idea of a snuff reality show to be sold on the black market, Chris recruits a Corrupt Politician and the Serbian mafia to help him make his dream into a reality. He then kidnaps 24 teenagers and forces them to compete for their lives, subjecting the losers to increasingly gory and painful deaths. Nineteen teens are killed over the course of the season, with all but two dying either directly or indirectly by his machinations. Many of his victims are killed in gruesome manners such as being burned to death, having their head blown up by a grenade, or being sawed in half by hand.
    • Zolkoff is a Serbian mafia thug and Chris's equally brutal main helper. Helping Chris run the game, Zolkoff aids in most of the executions and takes pleasure in gruesomely killing and taunting his victims, from sawing Katie and Sadie in half to stuffing Cody in an Iron Maiden and burning Ezekiel to death, amongst others. When Duncan's policeman father shows up in a helicopter to rescue the campers, Zolkoff shoots the pilot and tries to burn the survivors before instead capturing them. In the ending, when he is arrested alongside Chris, Zolkoff strangles Chris to prevent him from exposing his boss, Jonathan Gavrilovic, then breaks out and is never seen again.
  • Lost and Found: Sawyer is the abusive father of Gwen. Having abandoned Gwen when she was three, he takes her in after her mother and brother are seemingly killed in a House Fire. He regularly abuses her, beating her up and even going as far as cutting her, leaving cuts on various parts of her body. Sawyer threatens to kill Trent if he sees her with him and almost making good on that promise when he has men beat Trent to near-death. It is revealed that Sawyer was the one who burned down Gwen's house, kidnapped her mother and brother, faked their deaths and held them captive to use as hostages to keep Gwen in his clutches, only keeping her around so he can make money off her. When a maid stands up for Gwen, Sawyer unhesitatingly kills her. Coming into conflict with Trent, Sawyer threatens to "spill" Gwen's brains if he makes a move. While in the middle of a Villainous Breakdown, he tries to shoot Gwen's mother, stabs Hilary and uses Trent as a Human Shield, taunting Gwen about not having it in her to hurt her boyfriend.
  • Monster Chronicles: Cedric von Túfeice is an undead demon. In life, he killed his mother and became a Serial Killer known as the Zodiac Killer. He was killed when a school bus he was planning to shoot the tires off ran him over. Upon being sent to Hell, he stroke up a deal with Baron Samedi. Baron loaned him a veve talisman, and the power of voodoo, in exchange for Cedric feeding him souls. Upon being revived inside an empty Coke bottle a young Cody found, he convinced Cody to let him use his body, which he used to commit murders, leaving a 10/6 Calling Card by his victims' corpses; he was dubbed The Mad Hatter Killer. He had claimed the lives of over a hundred victims—including Tyler's pregnant mother—before being sealed up by Cody. Six years later, during Total Drama World Tour, he is released, and again taking over Cody's body, he seals Cody's soul inside a potato battery and enters the game under his identity. When Alejandro tries to eliminate him, he frames Al for wrecking Chris's private lounge, and brutally kills him. Over the course of the season, he kills hundreds of officers and soldiers, and causes several eliminations. In the season finale, he stowes away on the plane waiting to arrive in New Orleans, where he plans to find a tapestry that he will use to open a white hole that will plunge the world into utter chaos.
  • Total Drama All-Stars: Rebooted: Mal, the Malevolent One, is Mike's sadistic alternate personality who had brutally cut Mike's abusive father to near-death upon taking control of Mike's body. Being sent to juvenile hall, Mal was heavily implied to have killed an inmate before making his death appear like a suicide. Sealed away, Mal would resurface in All-Stars, where he commits sadistic atrocities against the fellow competitors. Mal also caused a cave-in, endangering everyone, and in the season finale, he attempts to toss Heather and Zoey into toxic waste and lava, respectively.

Young Justice

  • A Life in Shadow & Into the Darkness: Deathstroke is a member of the Light and the abusive father of Shadow. He puts his children through brutal training sessions to turn them into assassins, torturing them if they show weakness and drugging them to make them more submissive. When Drea challenges his authority, Deathstroke kills her. When Shadow escapes, Deathstroke puts dozens of other children through his brutal training, resulting in their deaths. He plans to kidnap Nightwing, until Shadow convinces him to take her instead, where he puts her through the same training. He sends her on missions to aid the Light, beating her if she fails or shows any empathy. When Shadow meets with the Young Justice team in private, Deathstroke "rescues" her by threatening to bomb Blüdhaven and kill hundreds of people if Shadow isn't released. When Shadow rebels against Deathstroke, he gives her a stronger dosage of drugs to make her kidnap various superheroes, planning to have her kill Nightwing in front of his friends and attempting to kill her when she escapes his control. In the sequel, Deathstroke uses drugs to influence Matt into becoming his apprentice as the Watcher and plans to turn Matt's children into his own apprentices as well, while later kidnapping Shadow and torturing her into becoming his assassin again.
  • Young Justice: Darkness Falls:
    • In a Bad Future, Darkseid successfully took over Earth, destroying most of the cities and killing almost all the heroes. Humans were forced to do backbreaking labor while worshiping him as he tortured them. If any of his minions ever failed him once, he would give them 50 lashes. Fail him a second time, and he would have them banished to a place so horrifying that no one would speak of it, a place where he banished his son Kallibak. It's also revealed that when Vandal Savage managed to kill a bunch of superheroes for him, Darkseid vaporized him because he wanted the heroes brought to him alive so he could torture them first.
    • In his only appearance, The Joker tries to gas all of Gotham City to death with Smilex for fun. He forces men to help him by holding their families hostage, and plans to kill said men when he no longer needs them.


  • Adventure Time fanfic Adventure Time: Frozen Hearts: Sifine is a cruel Frostkin who ruled the earth as an Ice Queen long ago with her husband. When the Earth began warming up, Sifine decides that she doesn't want to die, so she poisons her own husband and sacrifices the lives of all the other Frostkins to power her crown so that she could gain Immortality, but the spell backfired and she ended up being sealed into the crown. Over the centuries, many warriors wielded the crown but ended up getting cursed by it, the most notable victim being Simon Petrikov, whose influence from the crown ultimately drove away his fiancee Betty & his adopted daughter Marceline and turned Simon into the insane Ice King 1,000 years later. Deciding to pick on an easier target, Sifine successfully manipulates Damon into becoming her servant and controls him into killing Christine along with several other scientists & soldiers and tries to attack Cube village, crippling him in the process. Once Damon is stopped, Sifine tries to influence Simon into wearing the crown, but Betty offers herself to wear it to keep Simon safe but managed to quickly knock it off. Having attained enough resources, Sifine eventually decides to turn Earth into a permanent Ice Age, freezing everyone to death so she could restore her body all to remake the world in her image.
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog fanfic Courage and the Poisoned Apples: Katz is the manager of the Katz Motel, which he uses as a front to murder guests and feed them to his spiders. After being foiled by Courage, he builds a ghost-catching machine, intending to drain captured ghosts of their energy to the point of near-death and use it to power his motel. To get revenge on Courage, he tries to murder Muriel and Eustace by sending Ma Bagge to deliver poisoned apples, fooling the couple into consuming them. With his ghost-catching machine, Katz captures a ghost child and drains her energy as a test, planning to capture Mr. Worth and the rest of the ghost children afterwards.
  • Darkwing Duck fanfic The Return of the Bull: Taurus Bulba is St. Canard's biggest criminal kingpin, who murdered Professor Waddlemeyer. When his minions successfully steal Waddlemeyer's invention the Ramrod, Bulba escapes from prison and kidnaps Gosalyn, threatening to kill her if he won't get the code. Returning sixteen years later as a psychotic cyborg, after being invited on the anniversary of Canard Tower tragedy, Taurus starts killing those present, including his former henchmen. When Darkwing Duck, Gosalyn and the Mayor try to escape, Bulba reveals that he placed a very powerful bomb in the basement in order to destroy the Tower. When the Mayor distracts Bulba to let Darkwing Duck and Gosalyn go to the bomb, he says that he wants to kill both of them, simply because he doesn't want Gosalyn to be "another thorn from his side". When the duo goes after the Mayor, Bulba activates the self-destruction device implanted in his suit, killing himself with a maniacal laugh.
  • Kim Possible fanfic series Bonnie's Curse: Monkey Fist, the primary villain of Bonnie's Curse and Redemption, and proves much darker than his canon self. When what was supposed to be a simple mission of stopping him from stealing the Lotus Blade goes wrong, Monkey Fist puts Kim into a coma, and afterwards kidnaps and attempts to drug Bonnie in order to exploit her precognition. After being foiled by Ron, Monkey Fist steals the Amulet of Anubis, then tricks Dr. Drakken into creating a magic amplifier for him before trying to kill Shego and torturing and crippling Drakken. He then attacks Go City, stealing another magical artifact and killing the Wego twins, which drives Hego to insanity. After that, Monkey Fist has Fukushima kidnap an unnamed scientist and forces him to recreate the amplifier, then orders Fukushima to kill him and his family, children included. He kills Sensei in order to use his blood for a ritual in order to channel the magical power into himself, then kills Fukushima and goes on a rampage throughout Europe, demanding to be made supreme ruler and killing over 12,000 people. At some point during his rampage, Monkey Fist Mind Rapes a psychic woman into becoming an insane Serial Killer. When Ron, Bonnie, Shego, Mego, Yori, and Hirotaka finally confront him at Stonehenge, Monkey Fist traps the latter five inside their own minds, forcing them to relive their worst fears or memories, while he attempts to kill Ron.
  • The Loud House fanfic Stories and Tales from Dimension 63: Linka Loud is the female counterpart of Lincoln who switches places with him to escape her life. Striking a deal with William Cryptos, Linka first injures Lincoln's body to prevent his sisters from getting suspicious, and upon getting into conflict with him, she drastically ages her family and Lincoln's to force him into giving her the fragment. Despite her backstory, Linka is a hedonistic sociopath who gleefully takes part in William Cryptos's plan of destroying reality as long as she benefited.
  • Miraculous Ladybug fanfic Nymph and the Corrupted Miraculous: Xue Ying is an embittered former Guardian of the Miraculous who, after being failed by the Guardians, is implied to have engineered the downfall of the Order, with the help of an unknowing Wang Fu. Reemerging 170 years later, Xue Ying attacks an unsuspecting Fu and steals all but one of the Miraculous in the Miracle Box. She then proceeds to perform a ritual to corrupt the Miraculous for evil use, before distributing the Black Cat ring to Adrien Agreste, taking advantage of his insecurities to make him into her loyal minion, who proceeds to terrorize Paris. After seeing the chaos Lila Rossi causes as a Champion, Xue Ying recruits her to be her second minion, Volpina, who she encourages to make Nymph look bad by making it appear she stole the Mona Lisa. After learning that Adrien's father, Gabriel Agreste, has the Miraculous Grimoire, she orders him to bring it to her, creating a series of events that breaks the boy further. Following his defeat, Xue Ying disregards him as a failure, before corrupting Sabrina Raincomprix into Drone, and entering the fray as Serpentina to terrorize Paris and recover the remaining Miraculous. Following her initial defeat, she unearths the evil Miraculous known as the Null, using it to become Nihilumbra, despite the consequences of using it. She then proceeds to launch one final attack on Paris, raising an army of the dead to tear the city apart on Heroes' Day.
  • The Powerpuff Girls fanfic The Castle: Lady Elizabeth Morbucks, her aunt Seduca (sic) Morbucks, and their maid Ms. Scara, while seemingly polite and friendly, are far worse than their original counterparts Princess Morbucks, Sedusa, and Mask Scara. From the vampire side of the Morbucks aristocratic family, they befriended their cousins the Rowdyruff Boys—Morbucks on the werewolf side of the family—before permanently turning them into wolves, taking over their land Cacheville and kicking them out. Implied to be responsible for the deadly winter striking Cachville, the trio, under the guise of needing maids, would take women and maidens from the peasants and our them to the castle before devouring them in their Blood Fest. They'd also force Buttercup to watch at night as they eat their victims to drive her insane. Ms. Scara also tortured—often to death—and drove to madness the men she captured, while Seduca gloated about having killed a million maids, while Elizabeth used her victims' blood to rejuvenate herself.
  • South Park fanfic Within These Walls: Mad Hatter and Red King are a pair of pedophilic killers who mainly prey upon children deliverers. They would lure these deliverers to their hideout before carving their signatures, Xs and Os, on their eyes before raping and killing them; Skyla was the only one to have survived their depravity, while they killed her family. They're also willing to target children who aren't deliverers, such as when they were raping Karen McCormick and carving an X onto her left eye before attempting to kill her.
  • The Spectacular Spider-Man fanfic Fighting Crime, Spinning Webs: Cletus Kasady is a psychotic Serial Killer confined in Ravencroft Asylum. After Spider-Man stops him from killing a nurse with a shiv, Cletus comes in contact with a symbiote and the two join together to become Carnage; he breaks out of Ravencroft and starts going on a rampage, Killing an old man and almost killing a baby, actions which haunt Spider-Man for the rest of the story. After he is stopped the first time, another person infected with a symbiote called Shriek, who has a infatuation with him, breaks him out and they go on a murder spree while trying to find the Carnage Symbiote. After Cletus gets his symbiote back, he kills Shriek when she can't go into hiding with him.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants Fan Webcomic The Bikini Bottom Horror: SpongeBob SquarePants himself uses his apparent happy-go-lucky attitude to mask the inner machinations of his enigmatic mind, out to firmly grasp control of Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob discovered the truth that Krabby Patties were made from harvested meat of a tortured clone of Patrick years ago, and deliberately revealed it to Patrick, driving him mad with the memories of pain. Having anticipated the monstrous transformation Patrick would go through, SpongeBob fakes his own death and allows "the Tortured One" to rampage on the sea and devour countless people, before SpongeBob finally steps in and saves the day, painting himself as the number one hero of the ocean. With the Krusty Krab name soiled and both Plankton and Mr. Krabs dead, SpongeBob then moves in with his own Pretty Patties restaurant and begins securing control of "his" city, casually threatening Sandy with bloody conflict if she dares try to expose him for the monster he really is.
  • Teen Titans fanfic series Nightweaver (Year One; Year Two): Black Mask is a minor mob boss in Gotham City and the Arch-Enemy of Nightweaver. Black Mask first teams up with various other supervillains to kill the Teen Titans, including Nightweaver, though he is defeated. Feeling humiliated by this, Black Mask goes after Nightweaver personally by killing his girlfriend, Catgirl, in front of him and then kidnapping Raven and a revived Catgirl before asking Nightweaver who he wants to save. Although Nightweaver chooses to save Kitrina, Black Mask kills them both in front of his eyes to spite him and then uses a shotgun to shoot out both of Nightweaver's legs, crippling him. In the sequel, he uses a false nuclear threat to lure the Teen Titans into a trap, where he plans for them to be ambushed and killed by Chemo.

    Other Media (includes multimedia/entire franchises) 
  • BIONICLE fanfic Bionicle: Crosswired: Makuta Teridax is the leader of the Makuta and brother of Mata Nui, whom was put into a slumber by Teridax himself so that he can reign freely. After capturing Turaga Dume, he leads his forces to conquer all of Metru Nui, where he has its population either enslaved or corrupted into Shadow Matoran. He also kills all of the Toa defending the city and, with the help of Ahkmou, kills any Matoran destined to be a Toa and even plans to turn the population of Metari's village into Shadow Matoran as well. He also has his forces either enslave or slaughter any surviving Matoran in Metru Nui. When Takanuva arrives, he sends his forces to capture most of the Resistance Team and goads both Takanuva and Metari to his Coliseum, where he'll have them kill each other and allow the victor to rule with him, subtly threatening to massacre the settlement they are in if they don't accept. When Metari meets Makuta alone, he's impressed when she's seemingly killed Takanuva and, when she refuses to help him conquer the Matoran universe, he tries to kill her as well.
  • Highlander Fan Film (authorized by Davis-Panzer Productions) Dark Places: Andrus Keradoc, in truth Vlad Tepes Dracula, was a sadistic nobleman who committed countless atrocities, from impaling thousands to burning the homeless and infirm of Wallachia alive. As an immortal, Keradoc leaves a legacy of horror behind him, murdering countless beings as he seeks his true conquests. Beheaded by heroic Willem Caelius, Keradoc's evil soul takes over Caelius to continue his deeds, killing all Caelius's friends and plotting even crueler deeds to carry on his legacy.
  • LEGO Dino Attack Play-by-Post Game Dino Attack RPG: Nearly every villain has some redeemable trait...and then there's these guys.
    • Baron Typhonus, the Darkitect, wants to destroy the planet, before moving on to the rest of the universe. He actively plays with the minds of numerous characters, toying with their emotions to increase their suffering or bend them to his will. He has even brought peoples' worst fears to life in some of the cruelest ways possible. One of the worst things he has done on-screen is saving Dr. Rex from death, but in doing so, leaving him in a state of endless pain and agony while reducing him to little more than a puppet that he could control, forcing him to keep fighting a battle he no longer wanted to fight. When his minions, nothing more than tools to accomplish his goals to him, outlive their usefulness, he offs them without a single second thought.
    • The Brickspider Bot v1.0. is a cold-blooded killer, with quite a body count during the battle for LEGO Island. The Brickspider Bot also assisted Dr. Rex in leading the Dino Attack Team to the trap in Quadrant 14, which took even more lives. It was also noted that the Brickspider Bot is a grave robber who picks apart dead bodies to find ways to improve itself. It was created to be a mere mook, but Evil Ogel and General Evil realized that it was too intelligent and too evil, and so they knew it had to be destroyed. Even Cyber-Bully was disgusted by the Brickspider Bot's presence. The Brickspider Bot feels sadistic pleasure in torturing and terrorizing its victims before killing them in cold blood. The sole reason the Brickspider Bot wants to see the apocalypse happen is because it revels in the death and destruction it will cause.
    • Dr. Michelle Glados is willing to kill a world's population in a horrible apocalypse just to see what would happen. The fact that she suggests this so emotionlessly only makes it worse; although she rarely shows emotion, she feels no regrets over what she has done, and her emotionless exterior masks a heavy sadism. She knowingly took a group of Dino Attack agents, disguised as her own mooks, and sent them to the front lines of the battlefield where they were shot and killed by their own teammates. Then, she activated poisonous gases to treat the survivors with a slow, agonizing death. She killed Amanda Claw and Trouble. Her presence usually elicits complete disgust from those around her. When Glados and her fellow scientists realized that they were being manipulated by the Darkitect all along, they were all given a chance of redemption. Most of the other scientists took that chance and, by the end of the final battle, were fighting alongside the heroes. Glados did not. In fact, she barely even acknowledged the possibility that she could have redeemed herself, instead choosing to continue pursuing her own goals up until her death.
  • Star Wars (primarily Jude Watson's novels, with a few elements from The Clone Wars) fanfic Die Anatomie der Macht (The Anatomy of the Force): Joylin, the tyrannical ruler of Romin, stands in stark contrast to the relatively sympathetic Jenna Zan Arbor. Posing as a freedom fighter, Joylin starts abusing and starving his people and executing his political rivals once he takes over. He also continues the practice of his predecessor, Teda, of being paid to provide shelter to dangerous criminals. Despising the poor people and wishing to wipe them all out, Joylin has Trexin steal a couple of viruses from Jenna in order to make a stronger virus from them which kills his victims by slowly decomposing their bodies, with Joylin planning to use this virus to kill billions of his subjects. Joylin later betrays Trexin—only 16 years old—and attempts to give him to the sadistic Dr. Tennbon for her deranged experiments, a fate he has condemned countless others to. Later, Joylin starts launching rockets, destroying huge parts of the capital and killing countless people. During this bombardment, Joylin mocks Jenna over her inability to save the people and over the fact that there are many kids who have died, taking sadistic pleasure in her suffering and planning to kill her after he has finished exterminating his own people.
  • Breakfast cereal mascot Fan Webcomic Breakfast of the Gods: Count Chocula is the mastermind of the entire plot, making his move once King Vitaman goes into a deep slumber to power the force field that protects Cerealia. Determined to locate Vitaman's resting place, Chocula kidnaps and brutally tortures several mascots, from Buzz Bee to the Rice Krispies, and, once they reveal they know nothing, has them continuously tortured or outright killed for fun. After manipulating Ayummayumma into getting his entire tribe slaughtered in a suicide mission, Chocula ruthlessly executes Cap'n Crunch, allowing his friends to live following the ordeal just to let them suffer more. Once coming under the assault of Tony the Tiger and many other mascots, Chocula not only reveals he has kept Sonny and Fruit Brute as his tortured prisoners to be used as attack dogs, but also that he has made an alliance with the Sogmaster and his army of Soggies. Chocula hopes to use the Sogmaster to destroy Cerealia's force field, thus allowing Chocula free reign to slaughter and feast upon each and every mascot in the land. Count Chocula was a heartless monster whose sole desire was to turn Cerealia into a buffet for himself to gorge on, sacrificing the lives of countless innocents simply to satisfy his sweet tooth.


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