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"Monster? I'm not a monster. I'M A GOD."

Mario: Mama, you know who you're talking about. You know what he's done.
Luigi: If he had the chance he'd kill you for fun and dance around in your skin! He's a monster!
Peach: A psychopath! A cannibal! I haven't forgotten...
Mario and Luigi warning Peach about interrogating Kirby, There Will Be Brawl

Countless Fan Works have equally countless villains. Here are the worst, whether already canon or an Original Character.

Examples from Music (including Chrono Trigger: The Musical & Turnabout Musical) can be found here.

The following have their own pages:

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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic; RWBY; Fanscription:

    My Little Pony 
  • Ask a Pony:
    • Ask Genie Twilight: Vicegerent Zathir, from the "Return to Saddle Arabia" arc, believes Genies should be bound to their master's will and captures Twilight with a black lamp to leave her aware but unable to defy his commands. Planning to use her to conquer her own homelands, Zathir's tool leaves her in a constant state of feeling electric shock and if she isn't freed from his control in three days, will be tortured by the pain for eternity. Persuading his superior to allow his plans to go uninterrupted by allowing him to rape Twilight, Zathir later tries to have her murder her friends and loved ones.
    • Ask Jappleack: Appelox, the former Titan of Honesty, one of the ancient Titans who created Equestria, later betrayed his siblings and ate all of them, and became a reality-eating monster. In the present, Appelox had been devouring entire planes of existence, all of which were populated, to build up enough power to break a barrier his sister Twilus had placed around Equestria Prime—the version of Equestria seen in the show—and complete his consumption of the Multiverse. While talking to Jappleack, Appelox reveals that he was also the one who had sent his two sons, Discord and Wolflor, to destroy everything and everyone in her version of Equestria, and is the reason that her sister is dead.
  • The Assassination of Twilight Sparkle: Amadeus Blueblood is a powerful Canterlot noble who at first just treated ponies of lesser status, especially the guards and servants, like trash. He's soon revealed to be far worse, involved in, among other deeds, bribery, blackmail and outright assassinations. Manipulating his own son, who he's heavily implied to have corrupted into becoming what he is at the time of the story, he has him assassinate Twilight Sparkle; blackmails Gallant Heart with his beloved brother's life; and has the entire conspiracy, including his son, brutally killed to cover his tracks. After the princess punishes his clan for his association with his son, he poisons his own wife so he can escape to Unicornia with his daughter, Majesty, who he drives down the path of evil, just like he did with her brother.
  • The Captain Goodking Saga: Sanies begins his career by consuming his future master's assistant and practicing the spells he taught him on various unwilling victims, leaving them dead or in various awful states from him absorbing their life and magic. Sanies proceeds to massacre a village in the Dragon Lands to gain Celestia's attention and to take over her mind. Failing at this, Sanies tricks Luna and Discord into resurrecting the Storm King, allowing him to go on a magic-fueled rampage before betraying him and using his power to destroy the world. When Sanies's master returns, Sanies uses Chrysalis's body to disguise himself as a corrupted Star-Swirl and uses corrupted illusions of the other Pillars so he and his master can convince Stygian to become the Pony of Shadows again. He then possesses Luna's body, killing Captain Goodking numerous times within a dream world to burn time while making the moon slowly descend upon Equestria to crush it.
  • Codex Equus: Khuligan the Brutal is a Giant raider living in the Moroz Valley region who has terrorized it for years. Extorting the settlers of the region even if it'd condemn them to a slow death by starvation, any village that can't pay his toll would be destroyed. While eating some, he would choose victims at random, even smaller Giants, and slowly crush them to paste under his hooves or dismember them with his teeth—or worse; he was previously exiled from his homeland for similar brutality. When the town of Moroz defies him, he amasses a huge raiding party to raze the entire valley to the ground out of petty spite.
  • The Dear Sweetie Belle Continuity: "Dear Cutie Mark Crusaders" Arc Villain, former Captain Feather Duster, was fired for drunkenly flooding rabbit holes during Winter Wrap-Up, taking revenge by causing a catastrophic storm, killing Applejack's parents. Feather Duster would have happily let Rainbow Dash, his replacement, face the wrath of Ponyville, had he not drunkenly passed out at the scene of his crime. Lashing out at Dash again, Feather Duster forces her to choose between saving Scootaloo and stopping him from unleashing another, even more destructive storm. After seemingly being stopped, Feather Duster returns in "Cutie Mark Crusaders Dream Warriors", where his disembodied spirit returns to feed off the nightmares of ponies and tries to possess Scootaloo's body to murder Dash.
  • Equestria: Across the Multiverse:
    • "Winter Wedding" arc: Princess Spring Heart/"Chrysalis" is Princess Rosie's Evil Aunt who was banished from the Isle of Pony for attempting to murder her older sister Starburst and intentionally got her infant niece lost at sea in an attempt to usurp the throne and use the stash of magical artifacts the royal family protects to conquer the world. Years later, she kidnaps her sister Winter Song and impersonates her with intent of slaughtering their entire family to continue her plans, including the now-teenager Rosie and Patch. When that plan is foiled, she attempts to slaughter the entire wedding party with her stolen jaunt tech-enhanced army, with a Dead Man's Switch that will nuke the Isle if she dies, eventually turning her homeland into a war zone. As her plans fall apart, she stops carrying about killing her own soldiers in the crossfire, and ultimately orders her sub to nuke as many places as possible out of pure spite, nearly destroying Ponyland's capital in the process. Spring Heart will destroy anyone and anything without a moment's regret to get what she desires.
    • "Monstrous 5" arc: Eustace "Mr. E" DeMonic is the morally bankrupt CEO of Scum Labs. Obsessed with profit above all else, he subjects his workers and the public to unethical and potentially deadly working conditions and products. Taking over Crystal Prep, the student body are made into guinea pigs to be subjected to all manner of potentially deadly and untested products, with any who object disgraced, framed, or even assassinated by DeMonic's underworld connections. Making the Shadowbolts into scapegoats for the loss at the Friendship Games, they are forced to submit to horrific "product tests" under threat of their families being ruined. This ends with them horrifically ill and on death's door, a process Mr. E intended to subject 35 other innocent people to. Despite warnings of the possible consequences, Mr. E has the five subjected to cruel experimentation, resulting in them mutating into Kaiju. The end result is millions dead, all because of Mr. E's bottomless greed. Concerned with his own profit above all else, DeMonic will sink to any low to get it.
  • Getting Back on Your Hooves: Checkmate "Checker" Monarch is Trixie's sociopathic sister and a surprisingly dark villain for an otherwise lighthearted fanfic. Finding out that Trixie's getting back on her hooves, she dedicates herself to ruining Trixie's life like she did before, starting with using an illegal dream infiltration spell to give Rainbow Dash frightening nightmares about Trixie bullying her, and later invading Trixie's dreams when her plan to turn Trixie and Dash against one another fails. When Checker's attempts at breaking Trixie's confidence fail, she tries to murder Dash with a lightning bolt as a response to her not doing what Checker wanted, and has the Diamond Dogs kidnap Trixie so she can force her to choose between leaving Ponyville forever or watch as she destroys the homes and livelihoods of her friends, dumping her in the desert when she chose to leave, still intending on following through her threat anyway. When her plans were publicly exposed, she traps Trixie, the Mane Six, and herself in their dreams, knowing that others won't be able to do anything because forcefully waking up a pony affected by a dream invasion spell would kill the target. She then exploits the inner doubts of the Mane Six, in the forms of their friends and families turning against them because of said self-doubt. As for Trixie, she drops the manipulation and actively tries to murder her, taking the form of a mutated Ursa Major specifically so Trixie would die terrified.
  • A Future of Friendship, a History of Hate: Ruinate was the Token Evil Teammate of the Sentiox, and created Equestria as a Crapsack World just to make those living in it suffer. When the other Sentiox healed his world, he went on a rampage, destroying the planets they created and killing the other Sentiox. Originally imprisoned in another dimension for his crimes, after his escape, he plans to return Equestria to its former state before destroying all the other planets in the universe. Ruinate kidnaps the Mane Six (sans Twilight) and experiments on them to make himself immune to the Elements Of Harmony, and sends a brainwashed Spike to try and kill Twilight.
  • Grogar: A Hearth's Warming Horror Story & Screams Upon a Winter's Night: Grogar is an Evil Sorcerer who sacrificed the rest of his race for immortality. Banished to the land of Tambelon by Celestia and Luna, Grogar returns every Hearth's Warming Eve to kill those who lose their faith in the spirit of Hearth's Warming and transform them into his undead minions, along with everyone else who happens to be in the area. In the original, he kills Applejack, Big Mac, Granny Smith, Silver Spoon, Scootaloo, and Marble Pie, before freezing all of Ponyville and killing the inhabitants. In the sequel, Grogar returns and kills more ponies before freezing Trottingham, and it is revealed that he plans to keep gradually freezing towns across Equestria until he has turned the entire land into a frozen wasteland devoid of life, so he can rule over it and keep everyone's souls enslaved forever.
  • Loved and Lost: Jewelius is the sociopathic nephew of Princess Celestia. Envious of the power his aunt and older cousin, Princess Cadence, have, Jewelius secretly organizes the Changeling invasion and allows Chrysalis to pose as Cadence at her wedding. Publicly accusing Celestia and the Mane Six—except Twilight—of focusing more on the wedding than on national security, Jewelius rallies up the disillusioned populace and royal guards and takes Celestia's position as ruler of Equestria by force. As king, Jewelius has his enemies exiled, orders the guards who were still loyal to Celestia to be murdered and replaced with criminals from the dungeons, raises the taxes in Ponyville and allowing the population there to starve just to spite the Mane Six, betraying Chrysalis and planning to enslave the Changelings, and ordering Celestia's execution when she returns. When he finds out Celestia and the Mane Six are hiding out in Ponyville, Jewelius orders his army to massacre Ponyville and threw one of his own soldiers out of a window for disagreeing with him.
  • The Night the Magic Died: Gralo, aka Garret, is an evil Krassau who desires to absorb all magic to increase his power, leaving lifelessness in his wake, justifying himself with the belief that his species is superior to all other beings. Having already caused widespread death and destruction, Gralo fled to Equestria to escape punishment and possessed Garret while leaving him conscious, reducing him to an Empty Shell when Gralo had no more use for him. He tries to drain all things magical—-including emotions and liveliness—-from Equestria's population, threatening to obliterate all life in the universe. Gralo also gives breaking lectures to the Princesses and threatens to suck Cadance dry to make them suffer. Gralo was a vile enough being that his kind considers him being banished to the Void Between the Worlds the only fitting punishment, and in his final moments of freedom, he spitefully attempts to turn the Princesses against Nahmat.
  • The Nuptialverse: Discord, from "Metamorphosis", is far more malicious than his later redeemed canon self. He is first introduced offering the rogue Pegasus that will soon be Chrysalis a deal that, in exchange for her servitude, she will have the power of all three tribes. He then made a hidden fourth tribe of ponies, the Flutterponies, painfully transform into the monstrous Changelings so the Pegasus can have an army. After the Pegasus and her changeling army ambushed the meeting, Discord reveals himself and murders the tribe leaders and everypony in the building in unusually cruel methods. When the Pegasus was growing impatient and wondering when Discord would hold up his end of the bargain, he has the Changelings turn the Pegasus into their queen, explaining that he had promised her "the power of all three tribes". When Chrysalis protested, he tortured her and told her she should be grateful for what he did and that she didn't wind up like Celestia and Luna, who he casually revealed to have Forced to Watch as he murdered everyone blood-related to them before making them immortal.
  • Pony POV Series:
    • The Shining Armor Arc: General-Admiral Solomon Azure Raven Makarov is actually a reality bending creature who wants to rewrite all of reality to revolve solely around him. His actions include trying to kill Shining Armor for not knowing who he is, abducting four ponies and converting them into cyborgs who are fully aware but unable to do anything but obey his orders, trying to slaughter a village, and blowing off Running Gag's wing. His plan is to launch a super weapon that will disable Pegasus and griffin flight, sending millions falling to their deaths and causing a massive war. After Shining feeds him to The Blank Wolf, he awakens to find the world a much better place, showing just how bad he really was. Makarov planned to paint all his victims as the villains and himself as the hero of the story out of a selfish desire to make everything revolve around him.
    • The Dark World Arc: Nightmare Eclipse, the true villain of the arc, is the one responsible for every previous villain in the arc and every evil act that occurred in the arc. Nightmare Eclipse is a version of Twilight from an alternate future ruled by Discord, who had somehow managed to defeat Discord and trap him in his own world. Eclipse decided to punish Discord by placing him and everyone else in a "Groundhog Day" Loop. Every thousand years, Discord would be defeated and killed, after which, time would reset itself and after another thousand years, he would be killed again. With each cycle, Discord's evil actions would get progressively worse. Likewise, Discord's death would become more and more painful. Trapping everyone else with Discord, Eclipse had them tortured along with Discord. This continued on for several hundred million years, during which Eclipse mind raped alternate versions of her friends into acting as her Co-Dragons. When Twilight and her friends defeat Discord, Eclipse tries to reset time again, and tries to kill Twilight and her friends when they try to stop her. During the battle, Eclipse sets Apple Pie on fire. Determined to torture Discord for all eternity even if it meant having millions of innocents tortured along with him, Eclipse proved herself to be no better than Discord himself.
    • Royal Wedding Arc: Kabuto is the Evil Genius of the Changelings, and the most evil of them, surpassing even Chrysalis in villainy. Kabuto is considered a monster even by the other Changelings, with one half of the hive hating him, and the other half fearing him. Kabuto is introduced by asking Chrysalis for permission to experiment on the Mane 6 after the Changelings take over. Later, Kabuto is revealed to have a long history of killing and experimenting on other beings, including other Changelings, often neglecting to use anesthetic just to make the victim suffer. Kabuto even wants to experiment on Neatly Spell, who is a foal. Kabuto is also the only Changeling aware of Chrysalis's plan to build a giant rune to suck all the love out of every living being in Equestria and give it to her, leaving all living beings in Equestria other than Changelings as lifeless husks. Despite this, Kabuto still aids Chrysalis in her plans. When Misfit Actual and his team try to arrest Kabuto, he tries to vivisect them. Finally, he is the only Changeling who is not redeemed, instead being banished to the sun.
    • The Day Love Cried: This side story has a one-shot villain in the form of the nameless Pegasus filly. Due to her inability to build a relationship, she developed a hatred for the very concept of love itself, and decided to take her anger out on Cupid and his mother Venus. Being a Child Prodigy with an unnatural level of intelligence and an understanding of magic, she crafted the Concept Killing Spear, and set about trying to use it to wipe Cupid and Venus from existence, not caring that she would erase countless lives from existence in the process. After being killed by Venus, her spirit is shown the results of her actions of killing Cupid. Even after seeing all the harm her actions caused, she feels no regret for her actions, not even trying to fake remorse in an attempt to avoid being Dragged Off to Hell just so that she can spite Venus by refusing to apologize. For her limited resources and single appearance, this filly manages to cause more evil than almost every other villain in this story.
  • Recall the Time of No Return: Brotonia, the queen of the Crimson Changelings, took Empress Twilight Sparkle's identity after defeating her 1000 years from the present day. As "Twilight", she quickly became a tyrannical ruler who pretended to have become paranoid about the Crimson Changelings invading Equestria in disguise. She had tens of thousands of ponies executed under "suspicion" of being Changelings, along with several thousand more who dared oppose her, and still more were killed by her monstrous Iron Wolves. At the same time, she herself had been replacing ponies for years with her Changelings, keeping the real ones underground in hundreds of cocoons. She had kept the real Twilight, along with Sterling, the young Alicorn meant to take the place of Princess Luna, in cocoons to act as sort of magic battery chargers, and attempted to doom Sterling's sister Gold Lily to the same fate. When Twilight's friends arrive in the future, she attempts to have them imprisoned in cocoons as well, and when Fluttershy attacks her, she has the guard who let go of her brutally killed by an Iron Wolf. She later mounts a deadly attack against Spike's rebel group, and during a fight with the real Twilight, sends a massive energy blast at Ponyville.
  • The Two Sides of Daring Do: Ahuizotl tries to combine the power of the Belt of Atlas and its temple with the Rings of Scorchero to steal the Princesses' power and use it to turn all of Equestria into a scorching wasteland devoid of life, just because he can. He gives Daring Do's clone a savage beating and nearly kills her and the original Daring Do. It's also revealed that he places Daring Do in death traps specifically because he wants her to die a slow death.

  • Forged Destiny: Raven Branwen, the leader of Greycloaks, is a murderous sociopath obsessed with becoming the "apex predator" of the entire existence. With that goal in mind, she resolves to summon and kill Salem, uncaring for the disastrous consequences this plan could entail. In order to gain enough power to fulfill her perceived destiny, Raven kills numerous people across Remnant and eventually murders her own brother for the sake of gaining more experience. Once she deems herself strong enough to defeat Salem, Raven attempts to torture Ruby to generate enough negativity for the ritual to be performed. When that fails, she instead decides to brutally slaughter all her followers, seeing no further use for them, an act which allows her to finally summon Salem into the material realm, endangering all mankind with extinction. Uncaring for anyone other than herself, Raven ends up killing thousands of people and causing untold destruction in her quest for power.
  • The Makings of Team CRME:
    • My Name Is Cinder: Brigit Stark is Cinder Fall's abusive mother, who married the Cinder's rich father to drive him to suicide and take his wealth. When a young Cinder overhears Brigit attempting to get rid of her unborn younger sibling to drive their father to suicide from grief, having tried the same thing with Cinder and her brother, Sterling, Brigit finds and nearly strangles her to death. Growing impatient, Brigit reveals her intentions to her husband, causing him to commit suicide from horror. Beating Cinder and turning her siblings against her, Brigit eventually poisons Sterling to keep her money, and her abuses are what mold Cinder into the monster she would later become.
    • The Black Hearts: Marcus Black is the sadistic, psychopathic father of Mercury Black. He was an Atlas soldier who joined solely to kill people. He was disgraced and discharged after an assault on Vacuo. He later became an alcoholic assassin who sometimes tortured his victims for his own entertainment and sometimes for extra pay. He regularly beat his wife, Melanie, and beat Mercury mostly out anger and sadism. When Melanie only wanted him to eat dinner before abruptly leaving for a job, he beat her after she decided to argue with him about it and took Mercury with him. On that job, the target had his daughter with him and he held her at gunpoint with the intent to kill simply because she was a witness. First, he forced Mercury to kill her father right in front of her, despite his own son's protests to at least kill her first so she didn't have to watch her father die. After living in the mountains, Mercury finally snaps at Marcus and calls him a horrible father and a disgrace of a soldier. This prompts him to ruthlessly attempt to murder his own son " free of charge". He never cared one bit about his family and did many horrible things without remorse.
    • CRME: Cinder Fall remorselessly murders her sister, claiming it was a Mercy Kill, and admits she has killed multiple innocents in the past. Abusing and manipulating Emerald into being loyal to her, when the mother of her other follower, Mercury, threatens her son to leave Cinder or be killed, Cinder strangles his mother to death, not out of care for Mercury but to keep a warrior. When Mercury calls Cinder out for becoming the same abusive monster as her own mother, Cinder has Emerald assail him with projections of his abusive parents to overwhelm him into obedience. Willing to engage in terrorist activities to keep her followers focused on her and threatening to throw Emerald to the street for questioning her, Cinder is a narcissistic psychopath.
  • A Rose Burnt to Cinders: After the Fall of Beacon, Salem has successfully brought about the fall of humanity. She prides her self in killing all the remaining huntsman who come to fight her and crushing humanity's hope. She kills both Ozpin and Glynda as Glynda was trying to save him, keeping the former's skull as a trophy and taking pride in mocking the latter's Senseless Sacrifice. She allows Cinder the power to possess Ruby into being her obedient slave and is even proud of her for it. But the thing she cares for most is destruction and death. She thinks Cinder is still soft for not appreciating the thrill of the kill while instead having a pointless attachment to Ruby. To show her weakness, she takes advantage of Emerald's jealousy of Ruby and has her attempt to kill her. When Cinder kills Emerald in retaliation and revives Ruby, Salem considers her to be an imperfection that must be purged. When the time comes and Cinder comes to rebel against her with Weiss and Ruby, she orders Raven to kill them. When she fails and is fatally injured, Salem simply picks Raven up and shatters every bone in her body, killing her almost instantly while throwing her aside and thinking of her as "worthless". She then takes away the possession to make Ruby hate Cinder for torturing her. And as a final kick to the teeth to Cinder, she tells her that while she may want validation, the only way she can truly get it is by forcing them to respect her.
  • Ruby and Nora series:
    • Field Trip: Father Tiresias Scorch is a bat-Faunus who is the leader of the White Fang, and the man responsible for turning it into a terrorist organization. He claims to be a messenger of the gods and wants to rid the world of humans and homosexuals. His first act in the story is forcing Ilia to kill her lover, Lily, after they were caught kissing each other. He later finds out about the Beacon students after Adam caught Blake and Yang, after which he orders the teachers to be brought to him to watch the destruction and the students to be killed, promising to show Ruby's body to Yang. He loads bombs onto a train running under Vale to let Grimm into the city to destroy it, while allowing several of his men to die when they go off. He surveys the destruction with satisfaction, but when his plan fails, he kills Ren and Ilia out of spite. He cared for no one but himself and even referred to his own followers as replaceable.
    • Mercury Black lacks the Freudian Excuse of his canon counterpart, leaving only a vicious sadist with a love for killing. After killing his parents, Mercury joined up with Salem just for the opportunity to kill more people. Leading assaults against the CCT towers so he could insert the Black Queen Virus into them, Mercury killed both ally and enemy alike with sadistic glee. He then bombed a building, killing his men and a security guard, to make Ironwood paranoid enough to use the Atlas Knights and Paladins. When the Fall of Beacon begins, Mercury single-handedly slaughters the guards keeping shields around Vale up, shutting them down and letting the Grimm devour the populace. After that, he has his fun shooting civilians in the legs and watching the Grimm tear them to shreds. Later, in Mistral, Salem leaves Lionheart's wife and son in his care, but Mercury, in his sadism, kills them both. During the battle for Haven, Mercury mocks the heroes about the loved ones they lost due to Beacon's Fall.
    • Jacques Schnee is an Abusive Parent and ruthless businessman willing to do anything to get ahead. He was willing to trick his father-in-law into signing over the Schnee Dust Company and then poisoned him after he signed it over. When Winter catches him, he threatens to kill the then-infant Weiss to scare her into not saying anything. In the present, he tricks Ironwood into giving him control of Atlas to allow Salem to kill him so he can keep control. Under his control, Atlas becomes a total dictatorship. He lobotomized Faunus to enslave them, causing a Death of Personality so they don't fight back. He had the military raze Menagerie because he was running out of Faunus. When the protagonists return, he takes them all prisoner. He kills Jekyde and Ciel with acid for treason and watches them die. Later, he prepares to lobotomize Winter before being stopped by Willow, who is the Winter Maiden. While locked in his office with his wife, he believes that he was doing everything right and that everyone angry about it is being ungrateful. When Willow confronts him, he shamelessly admits to killing her father and keeps being smug until she reveals that she gave him a paralyzing neurotoxin in retaliation.
    • Raven Branwen is far more ruthless than her canon counterpart. Ruthless and manipulative since she was a teenager, Raven abandoned Yang after the death of Taiyang, joining up with Salem after seeing her power, beginning their alliance by decapitating Tyrian. Raven returned to her tribe and killed her father to take his place as leader. She then leads raids against villages, where men, women, and child are abducted to be sold into slavery, while the rest are tied up to be left as Grimm bait so she and her tribe can escape. Two of these raids resulted in Ren and Nora being orphaned. Years later, Raven is tasked to kill Ruby by Salem. To do this, she bombs the bridge the train Ruby and Nora were taking was on, causing it to crash. She and her men then proceeded to execute any survivors who weren't Ruby, with the latter barely saving Nora before Raven killed her. When Nora is powered up by one of Raven's men hitting her with a stun baton, Raven ditches them to save herself. Meeting up Summer's group, Raven manipulates them to lead her to where Ruby is, and during the battle of Haven, orders her men to kill the whole group, including her brother and daughter.
  • RWBY: Dark: Ruby Rose, sharing only the appearance, abilities and name of her canon counterpart, is a psychotic Serial Killer appropriately named "the Reaper", who wishes to surpass humanity, Grimm, and gods. Introduced when she kills her own parents, Ruby then battles her half-sister, Yang, and wins. Cutting out Yang's arms and eyes out of pure sadism, Ruby enslaves Yang, humiliates and abuses her on a daily basis, forces her to kill, and goes as far as to beat her down because she threw up without asking permission. Ruby also breaks into houses and slaughters the families inside, not even sparing children or babies. One of her worst acts was to break into a barn, kill an old lady, then "violate" a boy her age to the point he became a Death Seeker. During Vale's bombing, Ruby blocked the escape route so that she could kill the survivors who wanted to flee. When meeting Cinder's group, she barely remembered what she did to them during Vale's bombing, including taking Cinder's eye. Holding a grudge against Neo for having smacked her in the face, Ruby kills her by cutting her in half. Fueled by her love of destruction and death, Ruby is nothing more than a murderous egomaniac.
  • RWBY Noir AU: Cinder Fall is the Big Bad of The Phoenix. A Serial Killer of women, Cinder prefers manipulating married women into sleeping with her, before taking their money and wedding rings and forcing them to commit suicide while promising the protection of their wives, only to have Mercury kill them afterwards. Having done so to Vernal Branwen, Kali Belladonna, and Penny Polendina, Cinder tries to do the same to Weiss Schnee. With Weiss and company foiling her plans, Cinder kills her servant Emerald to cover her tracks, attempting to leave town and start again elsewhere.
  • Team LVDR:
    • Blaze Caustos, the Big Bad of Volume 1, is a deranged, sadistic bigot who used his father's position to torture and murder Faunus. At Beacon Academy, Blaze was arrested along with his two teammates, Zoe and August, for their brutal treatment of their teammate Lila. After escaping from prison, Blaze threw an ignited fire dust crystal at Lila, resulting in her losing her eye and leg, but was arrested again. Breaking out once more, Blaze slaughtered the prison guards, as a fellow prisoner who didn't want to join his side. In a plot with the below-mentioned Indus, he forced a fellow prisoner to commit a Suicide Attack so Blaze could get his weapons back, then assisted Indus in slaughtering his old crew. After killing two Faunus women to blow off steam, Blaze attempted to kill Lila and Penny, but ran away after Penny and Lila turned the tables. Almost beating Indus to death for abandoning him, Blaze agreed to spare him after Indus offered up all 400 of his prisoners. Blaze then ordered Indus to trick LVDR into going to their old HQ, gleefully killing Indus's prisoners as this was going on. After Indus successfully lead LVDR into their trap, Blaze kills a little girl in front of the team, then reveals he hasn't actually forgiven Indus and blows him up in a mad attempt to kill LVDR.
    • Indus Riverside is a vicious Faunus trafficker. Prior to the series, Indus and his dragon slaughtered a group of fellow traffickers just to avoid paying them. When team LVDR, at that time lead by Lavender, arrived to stop him, Indus kills Lavender before being captured. After breaking out with the help of Blaze, and helping Blaze force the prisoner commit the suicide attack, Indus, attacking his old crew, personally executed his ex-dragon. He then led Blaze to where he was keeping the Faunus prisoners, and handed him two Faunus women for him to murder. Indus and Blaze then attempted to kill Lila and Penny, but Indus ditched Blaze to save himself when the latter managed to turn the tables. When Blaze escaped and confronted him, Indus offered all 400 of his prisoners to save himself, not really caring about Blaze slaughtering most of them. Tasked with luring LVDR into a trap, Indus abducted one of the members, Rosa, and cut her face, then sent a video to the rest of the team using her scroll. A self-serving monster behind his chummy demeanor, Indus represents the worst of Faunus discrimination.
  • War:
    • Salem is a witch who wants to rid the world of humanity for fun. Originally Ciara Summerlyn, she found a mystical pool that could grant one immortality, and decided to use the nearby villagers as her test subjects, uncaring that the pool kills them. Knocked into the pool by Ozma, she arises from it completely immortal and slaughters the entire village in retaliation. Renaming herself Salem and desiring the destruction of the world, Salem created the Grimm for her army and recruited murderer Adam Taurus to help steal the nuke launch codes from President Ghira Belladonna. She sends Cinder to massacre the city of Vale, allows Adam to kill as many humans as he wants, and even kills Penny in front of her lover Ruby.
    • The aforementioned Adam Taurus is a faunus supremacist who views humans as evil. Previously a Serial Killer of human women, Adam was recruited by Salem to assist her in her quest to steal the launch codes, planning to use it to annihilate humanity. Adam has Vice President Sienna Kahn captured and executed before ordering his troops to round up a large number of humans into concentration camps, even having them shoot any faunus who try to stop them. Unleashing Grimm onto the camps, he watches with glee as they massacre every human in sight. Boasting a body count of 1 million humans to the captured Ghira, Adam tries to get the codes out of him by breaking his wife's fingers in front of him and threatening to gouge out one of Blake's eyeballs.
    • Cinder Fall is one of Salem's sadistic generals. Having murdered her parents as a child, Cinder was recruited to serve alongside Salem with the promise of murdering more people. Now an adult, Cinder assists Salem in her plans to launch the nukes and watch as the world burns. As head commander of Salem's army, she has largely-populated cities attacked. Storming the hotel Ghira's staying at, Cinder has innocents painfully killed with flame rounds, uses one of her men as a Human Shield, and kills Ilia when she gets in her way.

    Fanscription (by episode release date) 
  • "What if Luke Skywalker Died in 'Return of the Jedi'?": Emperor Palpatine is the sadistic head of the Galactic Empire. Overseeing the creation of the Starkiller Base by ordering the hollowing out of the moon Endor, Palpatine lures the Rebel forces into a trap and tries to tempt Luke Skywalker to the Dark Side, only to resort to torturing him with Force Lightning when the latter refuses. Palpatine also issued several contingency plans to set into motion in the events of his death, as shown when Endor is rigged to detonate, ensuring posthumously that Palpatine took enemies and allies alike with him in a fiery blaze. Appearing again as a slightly different version as a posthumous hologram, Palpatine demands the activation of a protocol that when unleashed would cause the deaths of billions regardless of which side they are on.
  • "What If 'Ghostbusters II' Was Better?": This take on Vigo the Carpathian is much darker than his canon counterpart. A bloody tyrant who killed and tortured thousands in life, as a ghost, he lords over a hellish dimension where he torments the spirits of his victims and feeds off their fear. Orchestrating a series of hauntings in New York to grow his power and influence, and according to a prophecy would return from the dead with a bride and child at his side; from this, he targets Peter's pregnant fiancée Dana and plans to bind her soul to his with a cursed wedding ring. Through his minions, he gets the Ghostbusters shut down as he continuously makes advancements on Dana. When the time is right, Vigo's army is unleashed upon the city, possessing its many statues to wreak havoc and endanger its people. When the Ghostbusters team up with Vigo's vengeful victims to break his hold, Vigo briefly possesses Peter and attempts to forcibly marry Dana in a last ditch effort to win.
  • "What If Scar Raised Simba In 'The Lion King'?", Scar is as monstrous as his animated counterpart. Kidnapping Simba after staging a wildebeest stampede, Scar brands Simba's right eye and brainwashes him into believing he was his father. He was also apathetic to the hyenas' overhunting, leading to the devastation of the Pride Lands. Subjecting the young cub to years of systematic abuse and starvation, Scar and Simba invade the Pride Lands with Scar halting his victory to gleefully rub Simba's transformation in Mufasa's face before killing him. Scar then captures the crown prince Kion, and plans to execute him the next morning, falsely promising to spare him if he affirmed his rule to the pride. When Simba betrays him, Scar tries to kill him without an iota of remorse.
  • "What If The Joker Was In 'The Dark Knight Rises'?" two-parter: The Joker as always is a cruel monster. After being released from Arkham Asylum by Selina Kyle, the Joker decides he likes the new Gotham. Taking over the Narrows, the Joker runs a court where he sentences people to death by walking across the frozen river. Angered at Bane, Joker has his men suicide bomb his territory. Taking Gordon and his men hostage, Joker taunts him, shoots some of his men, and attacks Miranda Tate, before sentencing them to the ice. Killing Bane and Talia al Ghul, the Joker tries to make sure the bomb goes off, determined that they all go out together.
  • "What If We Fixed 'The Haunted Mansion' Movie?": The Phantom, real name Henry Ravenswood, the owner of the mansion, is worse than any villain from the film. Once a wealthy man who got rich from mining coal and was searching for the gold from Big Thunder Mountain, Ravenswood murdered four of his daughter Melanie's past suitors to keep the gold for himself. Ravenswood killed the fifth, Jake, on his and Melanie's wedding night, when Jake found some of the gold, before blowing up the mine to cover his tracks, killing several miners and destroying a large portion of Thunder Mesa. Ravenswood's final living act was to curse everyone at the party, including Melanie, to a never-ending cycle of torment. In the present, Ravenswood rules the mansion and the Phantom Canyon with an iron fist, tricking the caretaker Clyde into helping him keep power. When Jim Evers, Sarah, and her children arrive, Ravenswood tries to repeatedly stop them from learning the truth, including invading their dreams and attempting to kill them in a mine shaft, before trying to kill the two children just to spite them. A petty, selfish man, Ravenswood saw everyone and everything in the mansion as his property to do with as he pleases.
  • "What If Harley Quinn Was In Batman 89?": The Joker, real name Jack Napier, commits many of the same crimes his canon counterpart does, such as releasing Smilex on Gotham City; gassing the museum to be alone with Vicky Vale; trying to spray Vicky with his acid; and gassing the crowd at the parade. Instead of his original brutalization of Alicia, he instead mutilates and psychologically tortures his lover, mob therapist Dr. Harleen Quinzel, and turns her into Harley Quinn, who he has kill a hostage for him. Eventually wanting Vicky instead though, the Joker tries to murder Harley by pushing her from the balcony, and reacts with joyful indifference later on when she confronts him about it.
  • "What If Qui-Gon Jinn Trained Anakin Skywalker?" (covers The Phantom Menace & Attack of the Clones) & "What If Qui-Gon Jinn Was In 'Revenge of the Sith'?" (covers Revenge of the Sith): Sheev Palpatine is the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic and is also Darth Sidious, the Dark Lord of the Sith. He incites the Clone Wars, betrays his apprentices and allies left and right and instigates the destruction of the Jedi all as he did before, but in addition to all that, Palpatine emotionally manipulates Anakin Skywalker into fighting and helping him kill Mace Windu and helping orchestrate the death of Anakin's pregnant wife Padme, tricking Anakin into thinking he's revived her to convince him to become Darth Vader. Palpatine's actions further result in Anakin receiving life-threatening injuries and killing Qui-Gon Jinn. Palpatine then continues to keep Anakin in line with the incredibly cruel false promise of Padme being alive and staying alive.
  • "What If Jafar Won?": Jafar is the Royal Vizier to the Sultan of Agrabah who usurps the throne by means of Genie and the magic lamp, sending Aladdin and Abu to the ends of the earth and unraveling the magic carpet in the process. Imprisoning the Sultan and enslaving Jasmine, Jafar at first attempts to use Genie's magic to force her to marry him, but then uses his own to resurrect her mother Idira for the same purpose, only to cast her out onto the streets instead when she begins to decompose, and threatens his guards with beheadings if she ever returns. Years pass and Jafar has Genie kept imprisoned in his lamp, starves the kingdom and keeps them in line with threats of his power, and tortures and kills two would-be thieves of the lamp. When Aladdin, Razoul, Idira and the rest of the resistance attempt to storm the palace for the lamp, Jafar uses his magic to threaten them, kills Razoul and threatens them again as a giant cobra.


Other works:

    Anime and Manga 
  • Digimon Adventure 02 fanfic Digimon Adventure 02: The Story We Never Told: Yukio Oikawa was a member of the original DigiDestined who saved the Digital World years before. However, Oikawa's loneliness drove him to become obsessed with returning to the Digital World and urged his former teammates to join him. However, his pleas fell on deaf ears, as his teammates chose to move on with their lives as normal people. Oikawa thus arranged a car accident that claimed the lives of two of his teammates, leaving their son Izzy an orphan. Oikawa masterminded the conflict of the story by corrupting young Ken Ichijouji into becoming the Digimon Emperor as well as creating his own Digi Destined to counterbalance Ken. When Ken pulled a Heel–Face Turn, Oikawa decided Ken had outlived his usefulness and killed him by frying his brain. Oikawa also allied with Dagomon to build a gateway for Dagomon's forces to invade the real world, resulting in the deaths of countless innocents. Once the new Digi Destined outlived their usefulness, Oikawa forcefully reprogrammed them to turn on their human partners, even if one of them happened to be his deceased best friend's son. Not even his creations Arukenimon and Mummymon are safe from Oikawa's wrath, as he forcefully fuses their bodies to become an abomination, all the while insulting them as failures. Oikawa's endgame is to create a Floating Continent out of all the data he siphoned from the Digital World and crash it into the real world, which would create a reborn Digital World. Oikawa hoped to rule the new world as a god, disregarding that humanity will be wiped out as a result. Oikawa in this depiction is a Psychopathic Manchild who had snubbed his friendship and humanity to become a god, making him one of the DigiDestined's most personal and depraved foes to date.
  • Digimon Frontier (Episodes 40 & 41) fanfic Yang Yin: Ophanimon is reimagined as a despot wanting to alter the Digital World as she sees fit. To this end, she conspires with Seraphimon and sends him to raze the WereGarurumon village. Years later, she destroys Cherubimon's castle, reducing him to Lopmon. She later wipes Koji's memories, tricks him into thinking he doesn't have a brother, and brainwashes him into thinking she is his mother and obsessing over pleasing her. When they arrive, she, Takuya, and Koji defeat Lucemon and the Royal Knights, and Ophanimon absorbs Lucemon's Fractal Code to reach her strongest form. Ophanimon decides to dispose of Tommy, Zoe, and JP when they start to question her methods. When he is defeated, Ophanimon derides Koji for his failure and tries to destroy him, only for it to be thwarted by a Heroic Sacrifice from Koichi. In a rage, she tries to destroy the Spirits in a bid to rule not only the Digital World, but also the human world. Despite her claims of concern for the well being of the world, Ophanimon is nothing more than a sociopath with a blazing hatred for a world that was not up to her standards.

Dragon Ball Z

  • DBZ: Perfect Future: The Future incarnation of Cell becomes far more of a threat than his canon counterpart. Having absorbed thousands of civilians who survived the rampages of Future 17 and 18 prior to the story, Cell finds out about Majin Buu from the Supreme Kai. After achieving his Perfect Form, Cell goes to Babidi, offering to help revive Majin Buu in exchange for having the opportunity to fight it, seeking a challenge. Cell creates several Cell Juniors to launch an attack on New Namek, intending to use the Namekian Dragon Balls to speed up Buu's revival. When Future Trunks arrives to stop him, Cell kills one of his own spawn due to them struggling against Future Trunks, and when he himself is defeated by Trunks, Cell destroys all of New Namek after regenerating. To spite Trunks, Cell tracks down and murders Bulma, mocking Trunks upon returning to Earth. Narrowly escaping death after Buu absorbs Trunks to power up, Cell invades a planet owned by Cooler, and has his Cell Juniors torture resident and solider alike to draw Cooler out. Cell forces all members of the organization to come to Earth to help him kill Buu under threat of death, and after Buu is finally killed, Cell wipes out all of Earth's survivors and Cooler's men by destroying the planet. After appreciating the planet's destruction, Cell goes on to terrorize the rest of the universe.
  • Dragon Ball Rise: Cell, much like in canon, creates several Cell Jrs to torture the Z-Fighters to goad Gohan, into unleashing his true power and kills Android 16 right in front of Gohan. When Gohan still refuses to fight, the enraged Cell orders the Cell Jrs to torture Gohan to death. When Goku attempts to intervene, Cell makes Goku watch his son get killed, and later mocks Goku for causing Gohan's death. Upon regenerating after Vegeta seemingly kills him, Cell attempts to wipe out the solar system in one attack, intending to terrorize the rest of the universe afterwards.
  • The Fall of Lord Frieza:
    • King Cold proves to be far worse than he is in canon. The tyrannical head of the Planet Trade Organization, King Cold becomes furious when he finds his wife attempting to convince Frieza not to follow in his footsteps. As a result, he brutally beat her before vaporizing her body, lying to Frieza and Cooler that she died of illness. He then intentionally molded Frieza and Cooler into becoming the cruel tyrants they grew up to be, repeatedly beating them in the process. Upon finding out about Frieza's defeat at the hands of Goku, King Cold is angered at the blow to his family's pride, and attempts to destroy Earth out of spite alongside Cooler. When he escapes from hell, King Cold decides to wipe out all other races in the galaxy before being stopped by a redeemed Frieza. When Frieza challenges King Cold, Cold attempts to kill Frieza without remorse.
    • General Kanchapp is a traitorous general within the Planet Trade Organization. Wishing to take over the empire, Kanchapp convinces most of the army to aid him in a rebellion against the Cold family, falsely promising them the liberation of their races while intending to be just as cruel a tyrant as Cold and his sons were. When he finds out about the life-sapping Tree of Might, Kanchapp murders a group of space pirates for the tree, intending to have it spread across the galaxy, knowing that this will wipe out life on countless planets. Kanchapp eventually leads an assault on Frieza's home planet, Arcos, with the intent of killing Frieza and all those who remain loyal to him. During Kanchapp's fight with Frieza, he kills several of his own men before destroying Arcos right in front of Frieza just to hurt hum. Even when defeated, Kanchapp mocks Frieza before dying by saying that Frieza lost everything important to him.
  • In Pursuit Of Vengeance: Frieza proves to be just as vile as his canon counterpart. Having previously wiped out almost all of the Saiyan race out of fear of rebellion, Frieza later finds out that Raditz purged everybody on Earth and forcibly brought Goku to the organization. Viewing Goku as an opportunity to tear down Vegeta's intended rebellion before it starts, Frieza tricks Goku into purging an innocent alien race before agreeing to train Goku for the sake of having him kill Raditz, repeatedly bringing Goku to near death in the process. To keep Goku in line after realizing that torture won't break him, Frieza kills innocents right in front of Goku to punish him, such as killing a loyal scientist of his just because Goku was forming a bond with him, and destroying a planet that Goku refused to purge, mocking Goku for being the cause of it. Upon finding out that Goku, Vegeta, and Nappa have went to Namek underneath his nose to betray Frieza, he orders the Ginyu Force to kill Nappa, bring Goku and Vegeta to him, and to wipe out every Namekian for "harboring traitors". When Frieza finally confronts Goku and Vegeta, Frieza gleefully tortures both of them to the brink in death, telling Goku that after he kills the Saiyans, he'll purge all of the revived Earthlings just to spite him.

Fullmetal Alchemist

  • Another Journey: Dante is as evil as her canon counterpart. Starting life as an apprentice alchemist, when an alchemy-related plague hit her village, she promised to save the villagers, but instead she transmuted them into a Philosopher's Stone and used it to steal bodies to stay alive for centuries. After finding out about Father from Hohenheim, Dante helped him create the Homunculi, and aided him in his plans for Amestris. She also created Spite and Misery from Izumi Curtis and the brothers' failed human transmutations, but when Spite failed to get stronger, she fed him to Gluttony. She attempts to groom Rose Thomas into a Human Sacrifice for Father, and when that plan is stopped by Hohenheim, she and Pride force Mustang to commit human transmutation on the Promised Day. After the country-wide transmutation circle is activated, she fatally wounds Izumi and tries to steal Rose's body. Caring only for herself, Dante would gladly watch the world burn.
  • Asylum: Dante is as vile as her canon counterpart. Posing as a kindly old psychologist, Dante is secretly a centuries-old alchemist who has been prolonging her own life by alchemically transferring her soul into the bodies of young female patients. In order to do this Dante admits patients with strong alchemic power—usually children and teenagers—and drains their power in a painful and lethal process. Two of her past victims were her own alchemy student Izumi Curtis, who fell terminally ill, and Izumi's son, Wrath, who eventually went catatonic. When Roy Mustang falls ill in the midst of an escape attempt and has to be left behind, Dante lures Edward, Alphonse, Riza and Havoc into a trap when they come to rescue him, imprisoning them in a transmutation circle that painfully extracts Edward's alchemy and slowly kills his friends and brother. In one last attempt to break Edward's spirit, Dante dresses the homunculus Sloth up as Edward's dead mother, tormenting him with his guilt and trauma over having failed to bring her back to life.


  • Echoes: In a fanfiction where the main characters were traveling through the multiverse, several characters stood out by their sheer monstrosity:
    • Kenta Ayatsuri is a jōnin of Konoha, as well as a philanthropist who founded an orphanage. However, Kenta turned the orphans into Tykebombs and prostitutes to fund his activities. Training Kamui, the Wave-Verse's Kakashi, Kenta turned him into another tyke-bomb. When Minato added Kamui to his own team, taking him away from Kenta, the latter contacted the enemy in order to sabotage Team Minato's mission to destroy the Kannabi Bridge, and to get rid of them, barring Kamui, leading to Obito's death. Fleeing Konoha after his crimes were discovered, he sent brainwashed children to massacre Konoha families, and, in the Wave-Verse, kidnaps a pregnant Rin. Killing the baby, Kenta tortured Rin to death and greeted Kamui with her corpse when he tried to rescue her. He also tried to recreate Kamui with other children, killing or wounding them in the process. In The Past Enemy Arc, Kenta is introduced horribly killing Kin, a little girl, because she cried when he gave her to a brothel. He attempted to kidnap Rin and Kakashi's child, succeeding with Rin. When his subordinate suggested to kill Kamui, Kenta killed him. When confronted by Kamui, he blamed everyone but himself for his crimes and revealed that he committed all of this to turn Kakashi into his "masterpiece", and so that he will be remembered. When Kamui replies that he will do everything to forget him, a spiteful Kenta attempts to kill him and Rin.
    • Izanagi, the Madara Uchiha from Izanami's world, lacks the redeeming qualities his canon counterpart and the Madara Trio have. Planning to execute the Eye of the Moon plan to satisfy his god complex, Izanagi resurrected a dying Izanami and made her immortal to test his newfound immortality technique. Izanagi trained her but also horribly abused her to his content, forcing her into prostitution and torturing her when she rebelled. When she didn't fulfill his expectations, he planned to replace her with her baby son, Itachi, out of misogyny, leading to his death at Izanami's hands. When resurrected by Susanoo, Izanagi allied with him against the Arashi Clan only so that he could get back at Izanami and seal her alive forever. He revived 5 Kages with Edo Tensei to use as puppets against the Arashi clan. When curb-stomped by the Sage of the Six Paths, he had no problem dropping the moon on Earth to stall him, planning to go to another universe to start over his plan if it destroyed the planet. Thoroughly depraved beneath his soft-spoken character, Izanagi left an impact despite his short appearance.
    • In the "Ame-Verse", Yagura, the Fourth Mizukage, sheds any redeeming qualities his canon counterpart had. Under the guise of "human progress", Yagura started in Kiri's Ninja Academy a graduation program consisting of students killing each other, in order to weed out the weak in favor of the strong. With his "Blood Police", Yagura kills any "weak" civilian, shinobi, clansman and started a Final Solution to the bloodline wielders' question. Allying with Ame's Hanzo, he chose to kill Nagato, Yahiko and Konan, not due to his alliance with Hanzo, but because he hated them, saying that he would have killed them even if he wasn't allied with Hanzo. After having killed Yahiko, he laughs at Konan while she cries over Yahiko's death, and mocks Hanzo when the latter regretted Yahiko. After being challenged with Hanzo in a fight by Kazama, the original Naruto, and Tsukiyom, Kazama's World's Madara Uchiha, he almost kills part of the audience during one of his attacks, attempted to eat Kazama during the fight, and released the Sanbi from his body out of spite after his defeat, telling it to avenge him. Believing that Jinchuriki were the Master Race, Yagura was accurately described as an "all-around monster".
    • In the "Road to Ninja" verse, Obito Uchiha also lacked any qualities his canon counterpart had. After defeating the Shinobi Alliance, Obito launched the Infinite Izanagi, killing his entire world and creating his own personal paradise, in which he created everyone the way he wanted them, and joined the Teikoku. When Kazama and Tsukiyomi entered the "Road to Ninja" world, Obito, being a psychologist, kept an eye on the former during their sessions. Despite having already gained his personal paradise, Obito plans to spread the Infinite Izanagi through the multiverse, at the risk of destroying countless worlds just so that he can live his fantasies. He doesn't even care about his own creations, abusing his "favorite son" Menma, and destroying his world's Konoha and several of his inhabitants, seeing them as ultimately replaceable, even his supposed Love Interest, Rin. When defeated by Kazama, Obito released the Ten-Tails from his body out of spite. Believing himself to be a god, Obito was nothing more than a Psychopathic Manchild who wanted to fulfill his wishes no matter what.
  • Janita: Air Jay is a psychopathic Viking who kills people on a whim with his unique fire abilities. He was a mercenary in the Third Ninja War, killing a thousand people, before being sealed by Naruto's parents, Minato and Kushino. Upon being unsealed by bandits he burns them to death, and kills several more when informed him that Minato and Kushino have been killed, believing only he is allowed to kill them. Air Jay joins Takuma’s plan to unearth the weapon to destroy the village. Air Jay massacres a village as they try to fight back with pitchforks laughing about how easy it was, is about to kill a child when Hinata tries to stop him, considers killing Hinata in front of her daughter, the eponymous Janita, until he smells Naruto on her and takes her alive as bait. When Hinata wakes up she finds herself in a trap rigged to kill an innocent girl if she escapes. He later pulls Hinata down just to kill the girl. He sends eight bandits to kill his father for knowing his weakness, despite refusing to disclose it. Air Jay repeatedly torments and kills the slaves, having a woman tell them about all his actions and tells them she will die in ten seconds if they do not work harder only to kill her when he reaches six, takes two prisoners and asks Hinata which one he should kill then kills them both when she cannot decide, and has them all burned to death. He then loads up weapon with bombs to destroy the entire Leaf Village, unlike Takuma who simply wanted to kill the leader, Hiashi, and take over. He then drains Takuma's Chakra to power the machine telling him he intends to keep Hinata to abuse.
  • Uchiha Heiress Remix: Sakura Haruno starts out as a merely unpleasant version of her canon character, before becoming significantly worse. Receiving the Cursed Seal of Heaven, Sakura mind rapes Ino when she tries to mind control her, resulting in her victory in the preliminaries. Trained by Orochimaru and Danzo later on, Sakura slowly becomes more depraved as they encourage her darker instinct, gleefully brainwashing the entire village, taking part in the horrific high-level training the brainwashed civilians are put through—resulting in several deaths—and abandoning "some disposable" ROOT agents as part of a Batman Gambit. When ordered by Orochimaru to reach Oto with a blood sample, Sakura, angered by her former friend Ino's criticism of Danzo, beats her down, gives her a Breaking Lecture, rips off her arm, and leaves her to die from blood loss while taunting the village about it, thus painting in full awareness a target on her bodyguards, the Sound 3. When Satsuki fights her, Sakura barely remembers what she did to Ino, and shows no regret or remorse whatsoever. Despite being only 12 years old with few resources, Sakura darkens the setting of a mostly lighthearted fanfic.


  • Dinosaur King fanfic Dinosaur King: Retold: Seth lacks any of his anime counterpart's nobler traits. Initially assistant to his brother Dr. Ancient and sister-in-law Dr. Cretacia in their plan to rescue the dinosaurs, Seth, jealous when the dinosaurs choose Ancient to lead them, allies with Dr. Z. Staging a mutiny against the Ancients, he orders Z to kill Cretacia whilst he murders Ancient, before attempting to murder the infant RexSeth's own nephew. In the present day, after finding a card containing three Velociraptors, Seth puts them through agonizing experiments. When facing the D-Team, Seth tricks Max into putting an Alpha Metal sample in a furnace, before leaving the D-Team and several innocents to die. Void of empathy, Seth views his own allies as little better than pawns, using Torch as a guinea pig for a new Move Card, a process which will eventually kill him, and when Helga discovers Seth's scheming and tries to stop him, Seth kills her. Facing the D-Team in Russia, Seth reveals his plans to create an army of hyper-evolved dinosaurs to conquer the world and subjugate humanity, before ordering Torch to murder them. Invading the D-Team's hometown, Seth holds its population hostage, spitefully ordering them executed, before attempting to kill Rex, despite the latter sparing him. Void of loyalty or conscience, Seth cemented himself as the worst enemy the D-Team ever faced.
  • Highschool of the Dead fanfic World of the Dead:
    • Dr. Genzo Hikke has a morbid obsession with studying zombies. To this end, Dr. Hikke turns much of his hospital staff into zombies and uses the hospital to lure numerous people in before turning them into zombies, already claiming a high number of walking corpses to experiment on. He would also forcibly restrain Takashi Komuro and Saeko Busujima, stripping the latter completely naked, before attempting to infect them with the zombie virus to see who would turn first.
    • Koichi Shido is just as vile here as he was canon. Crashing his bus while leaving the Takagi estate, Shido would leave all his injured teenage students to be devoured by a zombie hoard. Forming the Black Sun, Shido would have his initiates fight zombies unarmed, and keep them trapped in his compound should they survive. Shido would maintain his control over his followers by brainwashing them with drugs and have them perform mass orgies; those that don't follow Shido's rules are imprisoned and subjected to beatings for a week before getting fed to zombies should they still refuse to submit. When zombies break into the compound, Shido abandons his entire cult to be devoured while he attempts to escape on his own.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (primarily Stardust Crusaders) fan game The 7th Stand User: DIO proves to be just as vile as his canon counterpart. After murdering and stealing the body of his adoptive brother Jonathan, DIO murders and drains the blood of countless innocents to heal himself. When DIO senses the presence of the Joestars, he infects Kakyoin and Polnareff with flesh buds to mind control them into being his minions, knowing that these flesh buds will eventually kill them. When the heroes attempt to take a plane to Egypt, DIO has Grey Fly bring down the passenger plane they're on. It's also revealed that he had another one of his men stationed in Japan to destroy any plane the heroes would return in even if they abandon their quest. When his loyal right-hand woman Enya Geil is captured by the party, he hires Steely Dan to murder her to ensure that she doesn't divulge his powers. If the Player Character decides to watch over Kakyoin in the hospital after he gets injured by N'Doul, DIO will send Oingo and Boingo to set off explosives in the hospital. When pursuing the heroes, DIO abducts Senator Phillips, forces him to drive at lethal speeds through pedestrians, and then kills him when he's caught up with the heroes. In the Betrayal Ending, if the protagonist has enough friendship points with Kakyoin and Polnareff, DIO and the protagonist will manipulate them into betraying and killing the Joestars.
  • Mai-HiME fanfiction Perfection is Overrated: Kirihara Hitomi is the first SUE to encounter the protagonists, and by far the most evil. Initially bored with spending her time mind-controlling people to rob them, after being forced to kill a police officer and a witness, she discovered her darker hobbies. In the appropriately-titled chapter "Moral Event Horizon", Hitomi proceeds to commit her two most vile crimes. First, she brainwashed a police officer to slaughter twenty innocent people—including a baby, because her cries annoyed her—and commit suicide when he's done; then, she mind-controlled another officer into raping and killing his wife, only freeing him of her control to let him discover the act, before killing him as well. The first event was notably horrible enough to convince Nao to join the HiMEs to stop her. After capturing Mai with a mind-controlled Natsuki, Hitomi tried to torture her with her child's powers. She's only stopped from doing so by Shizuru's intervention, and dies from her child's destruction—which would normally result in the death of the person she valued most—showing how self-centered she is. In the end, Kirihara Hitomi is a sadistic sociopath who committed her crimes solely for her own amusement.
  • Rosario + Vampire fanfiction Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness:
    • Hokuto Kaneshiro is far more vicious than his manga counterpart. Seeking to bring back Alucard to watch him destroy the planet, because he considers all life, human or monster, to be evil and meaningless trash, Hokuto has absolutely zero qualms against resorting to villainous and brutal means to further his plans. Such means include manipulating the protagonists into believing he's on their side; kidnapping Felucia and using her spirit artifact to extort her into being his minion; manipulating Kuyou into attacking the Yokai Academy as a distraction to steal an Artifact of Doom; and ordering Jovian and Jacqueline to hold Tsukune's family hostage to force Moka to come to him without a fight. In an effort to prove to Moka that human/monster co-existence is impossible, he personally orders Jovian and Jacqueline to cause as much destruction and death in Tsukune's hometown to force the gang to reveal they are monsters by fighting them, attempting to get them killed by the very humans they had sworn to protect before her very eyes. After his point has been proved false, Hokuto refuses to give up his evil ways and stabbed Moka in the guts with the Artifact of Doom, right in front of Tsukune. Upon being defeated, he gloats to Tsukune that he still wins, as Alucard has been succesfully resurrected. While he claimed to act for a higher cause, it's made clear that he's just an insane and nihilistic sociopath.
    • Falla Cii was one of the three princesses of the chronofly kingdom, along with Luna and Complica. Viewing the Complica as a disgrace for their species, she sent her to her death by telling her how to use a forbidden spell to save her deceased boyfriend. Out of jealousy that Luna was going to become the queen instead of her, Falla attemped to kill her several times—including one which caused her father's death—then caused the near-extinction of her race. In Act IV, to get Luna to restore her powers, Falla tricked her and her friends into thinking she wanted to become a good person. She then bisected Luna and rubbed in the others' faces that her this was all an act. Brought back as a soul, and planning to get the Pandora's Box keys from the group to get back her body, she gleefully tortured her alternate self, threatening to kill Kyouko if she doesn't let her do so, and she forcing the others to watch all of it. A self-centered, manipulative sadist, devoid of any empathy or moral conscience whatsoever, Falla is nothing short of a sociopathic monster.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfic Tilting the Balance: In the past, Jacob Waterknot sold his soul 31 times for power. In the present day, Jacob duels with Gerald and uses attacks that severely injure him, including inflicting a third-degree burn. Eventually, Waterknot uses the attack "Deepest Impact", destroying large parts of the city and killing thousands of people.

    Comic Books 
  • The Batman, by David Voss: The Riddler, Edward Nashton, is a Serial Killer who prefers murdering a parent and their child, leaving behind riddles for the police to solve for his next murders. Having killed Black Mask's wife by chopping off her legs and hanging his son, Riddler would go on to kill Jason Todd's mother and brother by making them inject poison into themselves. Later forcing Batman to solve a riddle to prevent the mayor's husband and daughter from dying, Riddler still has the husband murdered despite Batman solving his riddle, having Batman framed for his death. Capturing Bruce Wayne and his ex-girlfriend Julie Madison, Riddler has Bruce and three other rich men fight to the death to decide who's really Batman, threatening to drown Madison should they all refuse.
  • "The Batman Chronicles": The Joker is the sadistic leader of the Red Hood gang, and is obsessed with making a name for himself. Joker has his men terrorize Gotham in a way that makes it seam random. At one point he has a couple men break into an empty warehouse in order to ambush and kill the officer sent to investigate. When one of his men reveal his identity to Batman, Joker has him tortured and the shoots the man himself. Joker and his men attacks the GCPD, killing three people and kidnapping Commissioner Loeb. He proceeds to torture Loeb for information, even after Loeb agrees to corporate. When his men capture Batman and he escapes, Joker has his men attack him, laughing all the way. When Batman and Gordon beat his men, Joker attacks Batman with a crowbar. Even when beaten, Joker succeeds in revealing the information Loeb gave him to get him fired, thud making a name for himself.
  • Batman: City of Scars & Patient J, by Bat in the Sun Productions: The Joker is once again portrayed as an irredeemably wicked monster. Considering himself the Arch-Enemy of Batman, the Joker has committed numerous atrocities just to torture his nemesis, from brutally beating the second Robin, Jason Todd, to death with a crowbar, to targeting Batman's best friend, James Gordon, by murdering the man's wife and paralyzing--and most likely raping--the man's daughter. In Patient J, the Joker is interviewed by a psychologist about his past crimes, all of which he recalls happily, and, when the psychologist begs the Joker to kill him to make himself famous, the Joker instead horrifically maims the man, leaving him alive just to torment him. After escaping from Arkham Asylum in City of Scars, leaving a nurse horrifically scarred in the process, the Joker kidnaps Councilman Johnson and his ten-year-old son, brutally murders the man's wife, then murders a man to steal his ice cream truck. After dousing Johnson with acid to kill him, the Joker plants a bomb on a carnival's ferris wheel, hoping to kill the dozens of children and adults in the surrounding area, before, as a final act of villainy, attempting to gun down Johnson's son. Always an attention-craving showman, the Joker views the mass populace as "puppets" for him to control in his ultimate comedy act, where the punchline is always death for his hundreds of victims.
  • Batman: Midnight Madness: The Joker is once again portrayed as a sadistic madman who kills for fun. Introduced by making up a story about an abusive father before bashing a woman's head in and shooting her dead for interrupting him, the Joker then kills an entire New Year's Party with his Joker Toxin. Batman and the Question realize he plans on gassing half of Gotham with joker toxin during the ball drop, and rush to stop him. When Question arrives as a distraction, Joker shoots him in the leg and forces him to watch the ball drop and everyone in Gotham Square die, but Batman manages to disarm the bombs. Unfortunately, The Joker reveals he has explosives armed at the top of the New Year's ball and blows them, intending to crush the crowd to death when it falls to the streets below. Thinking he won, The Joker moves in to kill the Question with Joker Toxin.
  • Batman: Saviour, by Paul M. Wolford: Mr. Zsasz is a deranged Serial Killer with a love of recording his victims with a tally mark scar on his body. With over 150 murders to his name by the start of the story, Zsasz dresses like a street magician and tricks children into revealing their home address, with Zsasz murdering the families, babies included. After being sent to Arkham Asylum, Zsasz stages a breakout, murdering Jeremiah Arkham's assistant and unleashing every criminal from the asylum out onto the streets of Gotham, allowing them to go on a killing spree, with Zsasz himself killing 20 people during the crime wave.
  • The Joker's Circus (partially based on Batman: Arkham City): The Joker is a twisted psychopath bent on ensuring his criminal legacy is never forgotten by the citizens of Gotham. Opening the story being sent to Arkham Asylum after slaughtering everyone in a retirement home, the Joker soon escapes, releasing multiple mentally disturbed teenagers and bringing them into Arkham City, where he has them compete in a twisted tournament to decide who is worthy of becoming his successor. To test their skills, the Joker puts them through a series of torturous challenges that results in nearly all of their brutal deaths, several of them by the Joker's own hand, while also offering up his henchmen to be slaughtered by the contestants. The Joker also has Tim Drake kidnapped and forced to participate, threatening to detonate numerous bombs around Gotham City if he doesn't comply, following through on this threat by bombing a populated park to goad him into killing one of the contestants. Upon growing bored with this, the Joker subjects Tim to weeks of torture and mutilation that temporarily drives him insane. It's later revealed that one of the contestants, Rose, is the Joker's daughter, and he had orchestrated the tournament to drive her insane and mold her into his twisted image.
  • The Last Laugh, by Justin Dombrowski & Chris Rose: The Joker is a sadistic psychopath who wants to burn Gotham to the ground. Threatening to murder every child in the Newbury Orphanage before midnight, Joker breaks into Detective Sarah Essen's house and murders her in front of her children. Kidnapping various members of Gotham's elite and placing them in his airship, Joker plans to drop them all, including Mayor Hill and Bruce Wayne's crush Julie Madison, out and watch them die. Shooting Julie's pregnant stomach in front of Batman for laughs, Joker reveals that he has placed his toxins inside the airship, hoping to detonate them, unleash his gas, and kill everybody in Gotham.
  • Gotham by Gaslight Fan Film Ripper: Jack the Ripper is a vicious serial killer stalking the streets of London. Throughout the film, Jack hunts down and butchers five prostitutes, doing grotesque things to each of them like disemboweling or even outright cannibalization. When caught by Batman while trying to continue his spree by murdering another hooker, Jack gleefully proclaims they're "just whores", and states that he loved seeing the fear in their eyes as they died. The end of the reveals that this Jack the Ripper is in actuality an alternate version of The Joker himself, and Jack ends the film by proclaiming that the only reason he commits his murders is for infamy, and because he can.


  • Polarity:
    • The extradimensional conqueror Dormammu is one of the two beings responsible for the zombie outbreak, and the ultimate Big Bad of the story. In his latest bid to conquer the Marvel Universe, Dormammu has his lieutenant Grim Reaper sacrifice his former servant The Hood in order to unleash a zombie plague from another universe, causing the deaths of billions of men, women, and children alike, all of whom are cursed with a state of undeath that turns them into feral monsters fueled by a never-ending, painful hunger for flesh. Devastating most of the world, Dormammu has Grim Reaper launch an attack against a SHIELD refugee camp housing the survivors of the New York City zombie attack, seeking to use the survivors' life energy to manifest on the physical plane. When Shocker wipes out all of the zombies and Grim Reaper is forced to summon Dormammu using their less-potent Death Energy, an enraged, weakened Dormammu disowns Reaper for his failure and has Electro shock him to death before attempting to kill everyone at the SHIELD site himself. As arrogant and cruel as always, Dormammu is every bit the monster that he is in canon.
    • Eric Williams, aka the aforementioned Grim Reaper, is a smug sociopath and Dormammu's number two. Having sold out humanity to The Dread One to slake his lust for power, Grim Reaper helps his master usher in the zombie plague, and shares culpability in the death and undeath of billions. Enforcing his master's will on Earth, Grim Reaper seeks to eliminate those who would pose a threat to his plans by ordering Electro and the Vulture to murder the Shocker, and forcing a zombified Hulk to kill a bus full of people in order to lure out and slaughter the Avengers. All the while, Grim Reaper tries to tempt people to his side with promises of power and pleasure beyond their wildest dreams, and viciously tortures those who blow him off, such as the Punisher, who he has crucified and left to slowly bleed to death, and the Shocker, whom he allows Electro to brutalize to his heart's content. At the climax, Grim Reaper leads hordes of the undead in an attack on SHIELD's Central Park refugee camp in the hopes of slaughtering everybody inside and using them as sacrifices to summon Dormammu onto the Earth.
  • One More Day Fix Fic Breaking the Deal: Mephisto, having manipulated Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson into sacrificing their marriage in order to save Aunt May's life, uses it to kickstart his plans for multiversal domination. Using the marriage's sacrifice to receive a power boost—with the added benefit of wiping Spider-Man's future daughter from existence—Mephisto begins laying waste to various dimensions and either slaughtering their inhabitants, or enslaving them with painful magical growths. When he makes his move on the Earth, he unleashes his demonic minions on New York City, where they waste no time in killing civilians while he has Mary Jane whisked away to his lair, where he keeps her as a slave bound by barbed ropes. Not just one for merely deceiving others into making deals that will ruin their lives and those of others, Mephisto actively revels in his manipulative behavior, fondly reminiscing about tricking Ghost Rider into making a deal that would kill his father figure, and gleefully crushing Mary Jane's spirit with the knowledge of what their disastrous bargain led to.


  • Crossed fanfic Mask of the Red Death--a Crossed TL: General Liu Zhen is a opportunistic Chinese ultranationalist who wishes to take advantage of the chaos left from the Crossed to ensure China's rise. Aware that the other world powers are too busy dealing with the infection, Zhen plans to unleash the Crossed virus on the "Japanese devils" and Taiwan, planning to recover the Taiwanese land after killing its infected population while also causing a small contained outbreak in Hong Kong to hide China's guilt. When his plan is rejected by the General Secretary Hu Jintao, Zhen just carries it out as a rogue general, content to let his government take the blame. Killing 95% of the Japanese population by giving them a horrid virus while also sacrificing his own countrymen for a useless cover story, Liu Zhen also ends up dooming China to the rage of the Americans, who nuked its capital as revenge for the massacre in Japan. A xenophobic revanchist who killed millions in the most horrific ways by giving them to the Crossed, Liu Zhen managed to be as bad or worse than the titular Crossed, despite being totally uninfected.
  • The Sandman Fan Film 24 Hour Diner: Dr. Dee takes the costumers of a diner hostage with his ruby. Dee makes a kids show host instruct his audience on how to commit suicide, before messing with the diner customers' minds, making them live their deepest darkest desires; attack each other; worship him as a god; reveal their deepest secrets; have sex with each other; punish themselves; and get turned into primitives. Finally, Dee has them kill themselves and attack Morpheus as he tries to reach him to get his ruby back.
  • Sonic the Comic Fan Web Comic Sonic the Comic – Online!:
    • In this fanwork that has received Approval of God, Dr. Zachary once again proves himself among the comic's nastiest. Zachary begins his new streak of evil by attempting to enslave Super Sonic to utilize his powers to wreak havoc across Mobius. Quickly cheated of that, Zachary builds up an alliance of like-minded psychopaths he calls The Syndicate and quickly builds a new plot to destroy Mobius utilizing the Chaos Emeralds. Snatching some of Sonic's DNA by capturing his young companion Tails and nearly drowning him, Zachary awakens the dormant Shadow the Hedgehog and uses his powers to draw the Chaos Emeralds out of the Special Zone, consequentially creating a massive chain reaction of Chaos Energy that obliterates the Special Zone and the billions of lives within. Brushing off the death of the Special Zone as a mere side effect of his plans, Zachary attempts to use a device he calls the Chaos Siphon to agitate the Chaos Energy on Mobius to the point where it causes an explosion potent enough to destroy the planet. Eventually foiled and captured by Knuckles, Zachary contents himself with sadistically mocking Knuckles about his failure to protect the Special Zone, and upon breaking out, forces Knuckles into a Sadistic Choice to either allow his friend Tikal to die or let the Floating Island collapse. A total sociopath as always who is utterly remorseless over the billions of lives lost to his machinations, Zachary proves he's no less of a monster here than he was in the original comic.
    • Vichama note  starts as an enigmatic flunky of Zachary enlisted in The Syndicate before revealing himself as something far worse. Vichama is in actuality the sadistic God of Death, an immortal entity who gained access to the physical plane through a deal with Pochacamac, using his new presence on Mobius to indiscriminately slaughter millions of echidnas. Trapping the souls of all of his murdered victims within his dark temple before he was banished, Vichama is brought back by Zachary and at first eagerly helps the doctor in his plot to destroy Mobius, helping to obliterate the Special Zone by proxy. Once Zachary's plot is foiled, Vichama leaves the doctor to die before rising his temple again and causing mass death through Mobius, assuming his true form as the God of Death. Casually incinerating Knuckles when he's confronted on his plot, Vichama announces his intent to bring the "gift of death" to everything that lives within the universe through all the enslaved souls in his thrall. Cloaking his murderous nature with a posh demeanor, Vichama is motivated by nothing less than a desire to spread mass death for its own sake and proves to be an utter bastard of a god who more than lives up to his title as the God of Death.
  • The Transformers & Generation 2 unlicensed continuation Alignment, by Simon Furman himself: The Liege Maximo finally takes center stage as the final threat that the Autobots and Decepticons had to face. One of the original Transformers created by Primus, the Liege Maximo coveted its divine power and wished to become a god equal to its creator. After creating the Decepticons, the Liege Maximo left Cybertron and formed the Cybertronian empire, who were responsible for wiping out countless species during their conquests. The worlds they conquered were added to the Hub, which would open a portal that would ascend the Liege Maximo to godhood while destroying the universe in the process. After being discovered by an Autobot scout ship, the Liege Maximo ordered its fleet to destroy the Autobots and Decepticons before they could intervene with its plans. It harvested the sparks of its own followers to open the portal, and killed several more Transformers who stood in its way. Utterly indifferent to lives that suffered at its hands, the Liege Maximo embraced its dark nature on its path to godhood.

    Films - Animated 
Disney Animated Canon
  • The Lion King (1994) fanfiction The Lion King Adventures: The Writer is responsible for all the bad things that happen in the story, and is the true villain of the series. The Writer created the world Simba and his friends lived in, and had caused every evil act in that world. The Writer also created all the other villains in the story. The Writer's creations included Scar, as well as evil versions of Timon and Pumbaa who drain the souls of cubs. He had always been trying to kill Simba and his friends or ruin their lives for fun, and at the end of the series, he goes into the world himself to kill Simba and his friends so he can take over and rule the world for eternity as he destroys thousands of lives for his own amusement.
  • The Little Mermaid (1989) fanfic Under the Bright Blue Endless Sky: Ursula the Sea Witch manages to surpass her canon incarnation in sheer wickedness. The envious younger half-sister of King Triton, Ursula was banished from Atlantica after her use of dark magic caused untold havoc throughout the kingdom. Spending years attempting to inflict as much harm upon Atlantica as possible, in addition to roping unhappy merfolk into making bargains with her, many of which end with them being transformed into polyps, Ursula tricks Triton's daughter Ariel into making a deal with her in order to become human and reunite with her lover Prince Eric on land. Determined to ensure Ariel doesn't fulfill her end of the bargain, Ursula reveals Ariel's mermaid heritage to a band of unscrupulous pirates and sends them on a mad hunt for her, leaving torched villages and piles of dead bodies in their wake. Upon succeeding in acquiring the trident from her brother, Ursula immediately attempts to brutally kill her niece and her lover.
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs fanfic The Hidden Princess and the Captive Prince: Queen Grimhilde is Snow White's Wicked Stepmother. A cruel despot, Grimhilde's dungeons are full of skeletons, many of them belonging to men who rejected her advances. Already abusive to her stepdaughter, her hostility only escalates once Snow White's beauty surpasses her own, driving her to have the princess killed. Meanwhile, she imprisons Prince Florian in her dungeons on trumped-up charges, intending to force him to marry her. When he refuses, she decides to throw Snow White's severed head into her dungeon and let him starve to death. Later on, she changes her mind about this and attempts to drown him as she leaves to poison Snow White. Vain, thin-skinned and incredibly ruthless, Queen Grimhilde will stop at nothing to become the Fairest of Them All.


  • Inside Out fanfic Kids World: After a Depopulation Bomb that's fatal to those older than twelve devastates society, Annis inserts herself as a tyrant and abuses her "friends" Caroline and Riley, forcing the former to set a building full of kids on fire and beats her for stopping Annis from feeding an infant to a pack of dogs. With Caroline seemingly killed, Annis mocks the heartbroken Riley and later throws her off a bridge for trying to stop her despotic rule. Enraged when Caroline and Riley survive, Annis burns multiple buildings to the ground, uncaring if they're populated, ultimately intending a devastating attack on Minnesota to spite Riley, and when her control of her followers is broken, Annis spitefully vows to kill Riley and reassume power.
  • Kung Fu Panda fanfic A Different Lesson:
    • Chao is a sadistic dark Chi user. In the past, he slaughtered an entire class of young kung fu students at the Jade Palace and killed his former friends, with only Oogway surviving. Upon being freed in the present, he painfully possesses Vachir-—leaving his soul in helpless residence—and murders at least 50 people, including children, and displays their corpses to get Tai Lung to face him. He corrupts the Sacred Pool to control everyone in the Valley, creating a monstrous court and a mob to hunt down Tai Lung when he's put on trial for a murder he's been framed for. He forces Monkey to seemingly kill Mantis, causing him guilt. To enrich his dark Chi, Chao hangs a couple on grappling hooks to bleed out while their son's gutted body is between them. While he was imprisoned, his soul helped drive Tai Lung into committing a rampage while in Chorh-Gom. Betraying Xiu in the end despite her unwavering loyalty, Chao was a sadist who wanted to live forever and force his vision of perfection on the world.
    • The aforementioned Xiu is Chao's death-loving Psycho Supporter who desires to be the best assassin in her empire. She killed her own father for being "weak" and framed it on her sister, Jia, making her a wanted criminal. Xiu twisted and manipulated Jia into serving her as an assassin who believed her father's death was her fault. She poisoned countless soldiers who had been fighting the Huns and caused others to abandon or betray China just to avoid that fate. Upon being discovered as a traitor, she murdered her kung fu master and fled. She tried to manipulate Tai Lung into joining her with lies about his family, including planting doubts regarding Shifu and Oogway's love and pride in him. She kidnaps and traumatizes Ping, kills Zhuang and frames Tai Lung for it, and makes multiple attempts to kill Po and Tigress. She is willing to let her sisters die to achieve her goals, and after they start having second thoughts and try to resist her, she is determined to kill them when she no longer needs them anymore.

    Films - Live-Action 
  • Godzilla Neo:
    • Space Godzilla was initially a massive meteorite of crystallized energy capable of emitting psionic energy. After destroying a NASA space shuttle, Space Godzilla crash landed on Infant Island and kidnapped Junior, Godzilla's adopted son. Turning the city of Fukuoka into his new crystal fortress, Space Godzilla used some of Junior's DNA to form a new body for himself and eagerly awaited his upcoming fight against Godzilla and MOGUERA. He nearly killed Godzilla while he was reuniting with his son and once his powers started going out of control, he destroyed MOGUERA and summoned a black hole to destroy the world simply out of spite. After being banished to another realm by Godzilla, Space Godzilla spent the next thirteen years honing his powers and planning his escape. Implied to be responsible for the Crystal Incursion of 2007, Space Godzilla hoped to finally defeat Godzilla and absorb all the Power Crystals on Earth, which would turn him into the most powerful being in the galaxy.
    • High Inquisitor Axor was an advisor to the Empress of Mu and used his powers of mind control to achieve higher standing in society. Longing for control over the Mu Empire, Axor used his powers to enslave Balkzardan and Jyarumu and threatened to unleash them upon Mu if the people did not accept him as their new emperor. When Manda tried to protect Mu, Axor ordered the many people he had previously used his powers on to take up arms and rise against their protector. After the Empress ordered her loyal advisor Shisa to leave with Manda and find reinforcements, she was taken prisoner and tortured by Axor, who was hoping to break the Empress's spirit and turn her into his new slave. Shisa returned with Mothra and the armies of Infant Island and challenged Axor to a duel, losing due to Axor's cowardly tactics. Axor was stabbed by the Empress and in order to ensure his victory, transferred his soul into a statue of a dark god and used his new powers to enslave Manda. Axor was finally defeated thanks to the combined efforts of Mothra and King Caesar, but he had secretly planted explosives that were set to detonate in the event of his death, ensuring that his homeland would be completely destroyed along with him.
  • Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah: Battle For Earth: King Ghidorah himself is an ancient, monstrous, three-headed dragon who caused massive destruction, including the extinction of the dinosaurs. Sealed in a meteor by Mothra, Ghidorah is freed 65 million years later when said meteor, plunging towards Earth, is destroyed. Ghidorah and Godzilla fight, with Mothra joining in. Ghidorah gains the upper hand, injuring Godzilla and mortally wounding Mothra by ripping one of her wings off; he then heads to Kyoto, which he begins destroying until he is confronted by Godzilla, who Mothra healed before succumbing to her wounds.
  • Kaiju Revolution (especially here): King Ghidorah was once one of Earth's greatest defenders and Godzilla's brother-in-arms. However, when chemical-based life began to evolve, Ghidorah's hatred of these new beings led him into a genocidal rage. After being responsible for the Great Dying and the near extinction of Godzilla and Anguirus's species, Ghidorah was trapped within the Earth's core for millions of years. Mutating and becoming more bitter over time, Ghidorah summoned the meteorite that wiped out most of the dinosaurs. Afterwards, the remnants of Mothra's race sealed him in a cocoon and hurled him into space, where he eventually destroyed all life on Mars. Upon returning to Earth in 2032, Ghidorah tricked humanity into setting him free and broadcasted a signal that drove all of the planet's kaiju into a homicidal rampage. Ghidorah proceeded to kill many kaiju in sadistic ways, including setting Mothra on fire in front of her larvae and ripping Radon's heart out. In his final gambit, Ghidorah intended to destroy the Earth's magnetosphere and kill every living being on the planet he once fought to defend.
  • Monster Island Buddies: Godzilla from Earth 1215-84, aka "Massacre", is inadvertently empowered by the Oxygen Destroyer after annihilating Japan. Learning of the other dimensions, Massacre resolves to kill all other versions of himself to prove himself the strongest. When brought to Godzilla Prime's dimension, Massacre kills everyone around him and tears off Godzilla Prime's leg. Massacre then savagely slaughters the other Godzillas, including Chibi Godzilla. Later bringing the unstable dimension device into a crowded city, Massacre sets it to explode if tampered with while going on yet another killing spree, and during the Final Battle, brutally stabs Minilla to near-death.


  • Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (primarily) fanfic Aftermath: Dr. Prox is a psychologist at Smith's Grove Sanitarium and Dr. Terence Wynn's successor as the head of the Cult of Thorn. Fascinated by Michael Myers's ability to defy death from an early age, Prox became an apprentice of Dr. Wynn and was personally responsible for impregnating numerous women with Michael's seed in order to create a child that was pure evil, resulting in Steven Lloyd when Michael impregnated his niece Jamie. Thirteen years later, and 30 years after Michael's first killing spree, Prox was called to conduct psychological evaluations on the eighth graders after Michael attacked a field trip. Prox lured Steven and his friends to his house, intending to sacrifice them to Michael and admitting that he'll enjoy watching Steven die. Purely driven by his obsession with understanding Michael, Prox finally attempted to kill Steven by strangling him and managed to incite Michael's wrath by trying to harm his son.
  • Halloween (2018) sequel concept video The Shape, by Dave McRae: In this story, serving as a followup to the film, Michael Myers is shown to have survived the burning of the Strode House and is further enraged by violent defeat. After the fire was put out, Michael kills Sheriff Barker and proceeds to massacre the police, paramedics and news crew on the scene, as well as desecrating Ray Nelson's body. It's revealed Michael also wiped out a police station and news station, with said massacre being broadcasted. Continuing his rampage, Michael proceeds to break into different homes, and kills more of Haddonfield's residents, including Lonnie and Cameron Elam. Laurie Strode and her allies follow Michael's trail of destruction to a house where Michael kills a family, with the only survivor being a girl named Sandy, and an attempt to lure Michael into another trap results in Leigh Bracket's death. When Laurie and Michael fight in the Myers house, Laurie ends up sacrificing herself to kill Michael once and for all, since there was no way to finish him off without them both burning to death.


  • The Dark Knight Trilogy fanwork The Joker Blogs: The Joker, confined to Arkham Asylum after the events of his film appearance, continues to cause trouble by having Fields, the new DA, murdered and skinned to prevent him from having the Joker be ruled mentally competent and sent to Blackgate. Along with murdering an orderly who helped him escape and electrocuting the brother of psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel’s fiancé, provoking Dr. Hugo Strange and threatening both a nurse and orderly Lyle Bolton, the Joker threatens a homeless man, only sparing him because the guy has a death wish. The Joker also takes Dr. Jeremiah Arkham and his wife Lisa hostage, threatening them and later blowing up their house, rendering Lisa comatose. Before that, at Harleen's wedding, the Joker kills Father McHale by shooting him in the crotch and then murders Harleen's fiancé, which begins her transformation into Harley Quinn. The Joker also blows up a guard at Arkham and further torments Arkham later on by cruelly shooting Lisa's new heart while it's being transplanted.
  • Doctor Sleep fanfic The Resurrection of Rose:
    • Rose the Hat, upon being resurrected by her followers in the "True Knots", kills their current leader and those who defy her before forcing them back into her service. Draining children to death for their steam, Rose consumes it to remain undying and drives her own followers to insanity, with dozens killing each other horrifically and the sole survivor left traumatized. Bargaining with the Overlook Hotel for vengeance, Rose sends her maddened followers to Abra's town, slaughtering any in their path, and has the Hotel force Abra to kill her own mother. Merging with the Hotel, Rose attempts to kill Abra and her friends, and when beaten, spitefully uses a black hole to attempt to destroy the multiverse.
    • The aforementioned Overlook Hotel is a sapient demonic building and the one responsible for the events of The Shining. After being revived by Rose via steam, Rose offers that if it helps her in her revenge scheme, she would feed it Abra and a lifetime supply of children so it would never go hungry again, with the Hotel gleefully accepting the deal, but states it must feed first, gruesomely and slowing eating Lester when Rose decides to sacrifice him to the Hotel. During the True Knots' invasion of Abra's town, the Hotel assaults Abra with the spirits that it captured before proceeding to possess her and force her to kill her own mother. After merging with Rose, the Hotel informs her of the multiverse, where Rose loses to Abra in every world, which leads Rose to attempt to destroy every universe out of spite. When Abra gets trapped inside the body of Rose and the Hotel during the final battle, she discovers that the Hotel has taken the captured souls to feed on their Shining for all of eternity and made a deal with the founder to keep a steady supply during winter, with some of them even calling it their own personal hell.
  • Ghostbusters Fan Film Return of the Ghostbusters: Professor Klaus Constantin/Konstantin is a paraplegic, egoistical madman seeking out the Amulet of Anubis in his quest for power, initially planning to sell the amulet as a weapon. After his failures, Klaus learns that he needs to sacrifice human souls to work. He steals the Ghostbusters gear, stealing the soul of a homeless man who annoyed him, and steals dozens of others, framing the Ghostbusters and ruining their reputation. Having a crush on April Young, he stalks her at her apartment and steals the soul of her landlord for stopping him. Klaus then opens a portal to the underworld that threatens the city of Denver, revealing his plan to summon the death god Ammut, and destroy humanity's souls, sparing only those who worship him as a god.
  • James Bond (Skyfall & SPECTRE) fanfics Skyfall 1969 & SPECTRE 1971: Ernst Stravo Blofeld, real name Franz Oberhauser, is as villainous as ever. Following up his murder of Tracy Bond, Blofeld aids Raoul Silva in his revenge on M, resulting in M's death. After surviving Bond's attempt to kill him, Blofeld retains control over SPECTRE through the alias of Doctor Shatterhand, allowing the Serrafimo brothers to murder his current Number 4 despite the man's loyalty and efficient service while also putting his endgame into effect. Generating a lethal virus that only activates on contact by synthesizing various poisons, Blofeld plans to coat diamonds mined from South Africa with the virus before distributing them all over the world, creating a pandemic that will cause society to collapse and allow SPECTRE to emerge as a Fourth Reich. When Bond survives the virus due to Tiffany Case performing a Heel–Face Turn, Blofeld has Bond and Case captured before torturing James with a power drill to the brain, all the while gloating that Bond will be "a blank slate, neither alive or dead". When his plans fall apart due to Bond escaping and the United States Marines raiding his lair, Blofeld engages Bond in a final battle, sadistically attempting to crush his chest with his robotic leg before finally being dying. Underneath his charm and elegance, Blofeld was ultimately a sadistic monster willing to kill millions to get what he wanted.
  • The Jungle Book (2016) (with elements of The Jungle Book (1967)) fanfic The Jungle Book - my own remake: Kaa, unlike her film and animated counterparts, is portrayed as a Serial Killer in a python's skin. A ruthless and cruel predator who seems to enjoy killing her prey more than eating it, Kaa lures the man-cub Mowgli into her coils by falsely promising to keep him safe, before attempting to devour him. Reveling in the suffering of her prey, Kaa takes a twisted delight in torturing her victims, sadistically inviting Raksha to "scream for her" whilst trying to kill her, and spitefully attempting to devour the wolf pup Grey, for minorly injuring her—and bruising her ego—whilst forcing Raksha to watch. Using a façade of sweetness to conceal the bloodthirsty monster she is within, Kaa stands out as one of the jungle's vilest residents.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe fanfic MCU Rewrites: Madame B., the Big Bad of Black Widow, is the head instructor of the Red Room, a KGB training facility focused on training young girls into becoming remorseless assassins. Madame B.'s training regiment includes pitting the girls against each other in combat, implanting false memories and trigger words that'll make them more subservient to their handlers, and lengthy, arduous ballet sessions where the girls are executed if they show any signs of fatigue. She forces her top student Natasha Romanoff to scavenge for her own survival supplies out in the bitter cold, and later has her kill her best friend Yelena to prove her obedience. Madame B. demonstrates her students' efficiency by ordering Natasha to murder, in cold blood, a man tied to a chair, and uses another girl's trigger words to force her to kill a young boy. After their missions, the girls are subjected to periodic mind wipes to make their cover stories convincing. When Natasha shows signs of guilt after causing a hospital fire that killed dozens of children, Madame B. puts her through extensive electroshock therapy to erase her memories of her mission and continues to send her on missions to kill diplomats of foreign countries. Continuing her work in the Red Room long after the end of the Cold War, Madame B. viewed the girls under her care solely as weapons made to only serve their handlers.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street fanfilm series Tales from Elm Street: Freddy Krueger is just as much of a monster in this series of fan videos as he is in canon. In The Slasher from Elm Street, he murders a little boy named Mikey. In Another Tale from Elm Street, he murders a little girl named Suzie. In A Tale from Elm Street, he vows to kill Nancy Thompson, daughter of interrogating officer Donald Thompson, and is noted to have raped and killed five children, though he states that he believes the body count is higher. In The Legend of Elm Street, he returns from the grave after being killed by the parents of Springwood and attacks Mikey's mother, Mary, in her dream. Freddy taunts Mary about Mikey's death before preparing to kill her. After Mary begs him to leave her family alone, he decides to target the children of the parents instead, believing it will hurt them more. He mockingly thanks Mary for giving him the idea, planning to leave her alive to live with the fact that she gave him the idea to go after the children. When Mary vows to tell the other parents, Freddy stabs her in the head, putting her in a coma.
  • The Punisher (2004) Fan Film Dirty Laundry, starring Thomas Jane: Goldtooth is a vicious gang leader, drug dealer and pimp who crosses as many lines as he can in his limited screentime. When he sees one of his prostitutes who owes him money, he beats her up and rapes her, while letting his men rough up her two friends. He then sees a small boy who refused to run drugs for him, and has his men beat and threaten to kill the kid. When a mysterious stranger takes note of this, Goldtooth threatens to kill him too if he tries to interfere. A wheelchair-bound shopkeeper soon reveals that he was incapacitated when a gang, implied to be led by the same gang leader, did the same thing by killing a young girl for refusing to become a drug runner.
  • Star Wars: fanwork Star Wars: Point of Divergence: Darth Sidious is just as evil as he is in both canon and Legends. After being ousted as the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic by Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu, Palpatine assumes control of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and makes Asajj Ventress his new apprentice, giving her the title of Darth Virosa and ordering her to kidnap the Skywalker twins. Sucessful in capturing Luke, Sidious pretends to be Luke's father and trains Luke as another apprentice. Under his leadership, the Separatists invade Kashyyyk and enslave the Wookie population to build the Death Star, with Sidious resorting to increasingly brutal tactics, such as the use of chemical and biological weapons. 19 years following his ouster, he destroys the planet of Corellia using the Death Star and subsequently orders an attack on Coruscant. After Leia sneaks aboard the Death Star with Anakin's strike force, Palpatine goads Leia into striking down Luke to convert her to the Dark Side. When Luke defeats Leia and refuses to kill her, Sidious tries to kill her himself using force lightning, and would have succeeded had it not been for Anakin's intervention.

Harry Potter
  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality: Professor Quirinus Quirrell, actually Tom Morfin Riddle, is a brilliant, magically gifted sociopath regarded as pure evil by everyone aware of his true nature. In his quest for eternal life, he creates over a hundred Horcruxes, personally murdering a single person for each one. Having fully ensured his immortality, he adopts a persona of a cartoonishly evil Dark Lord he names "Voldemort" and uses it to launch a war against magical Britain. After over a decade of effortlessly crushing his enemies and committing various atrocities, Voldemort imprints his own personality onto a young toddler, resulting in Harry being "remade" in Tom Riddle's image. Ten years later, having lost his original body, Voldemort possesses an adventurer named Quirinus Quirrell—turning the man into a prisoner in his own body—and applies for the position of the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor in Hogwarts. In order to convince Harry to abandon his idealistic ways and make the boy into his own Worthy Opponent, "Quirrell" decides to psychologically break Harry first by attempting to send Hermione to Azkaban, then by brutally murdering her in front of Harry's eyes. Once Quirrell realizes that it made Harry more dangerous than expected, he resolves to kill the boy to get rid of the one threat to his immortality.
  • Voldemort: Origins of the Heir: Tom Marvolo Riddle, later known as Lord Voldemort, commits the same crimes as his canon counterpart and goes beyond. One of the heirs of the four Hogwarts Founders, Riddle, sharing none of his fellow heirs' noble aspirations, is introduced professing his Fantastic Racism against Muggles to the Heir of Gryffindor Grisha McClaggen and later breaking the arm of Lazarus Smith, the Heir of Hufflepuff, after tricking him into a duel. When Lazarus retrieves Helga Hufflepuff's cup and sends it to his Aunt Hepzibah for safekeeping, Riddle kills him and then Hepzibah to obtain them himself for use as a Horcrux, taunting Hepzibah over the death of her nephew while doing so and then framing her elderly House Elf for the murder, leading to the elf's death. After Grisha and Ravenclaw's Heir Wiglaff Sigurdsson try to stop him, Riddle kills both of them, desecrating Grisha's remains for a dark ritual afterward—implicitly the creation of a Horcrux—and taking on her appearance to retrieve another one of his Horcruxes from the headquarters of Soviet Aurors. Upon obtaining said Horcrux, Riddle thanks the Aurors by slaughtering all of them whilst declaring himself "Lord Voldemort".

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • Hell Is Empty: Aerys II Targaryen is as repulsive as his book incarnation. Aerys burns people alive as punishment for various crimes, including petty theft. Aroused by this, he often rapes Queen Rhaella afterwards. Arranging a marriage between his son Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, he finds that Lyanna reminds him of Johanna Lannister, developing an unhealthy attraction to her. Burning his Hand Qarlton Cheslton alive for calling him mad after Aerys decides to have caches of wildfire hidden throughout King's Landing, Aerys begins to abuse Viserys as well when he interrupts his rape of Rhaella and has Rhaegar bring Tywin Lannister and his bannermen to King's Landing to be executed when he suspects them of treason. When he sentences a child to be burned to death, Lyanna, now heavily pregnant, challenges him to a trial by combat. Aerys forces Lyanna herself to fight, and chooses fire as his champion, molesting Lyanna beforehand and informing her she will bare his child after she gives birth. The child burns to death and Lyanna miscarries, Jaime Lannister killing Aerys to save her. This heavily traumatizes Lyanna and almost tears her marriage with Rhaegar apart.
  • The Open Way: Euron Greyjoy manages to be far more villainous than in the books. During the Ironborn's attempt to become independent, Euron is first introduced torturing a captured lord, using the skulls of his two eldest sons to taunt him and threatening to have his remaining children—who are being Forced to Watch—raped by his men unless he begs for death. Capturing Casterly Rock before having the Lannister forces killed and sending their heads to Queen Cersei Lannister and King Rhaegar Targaryen, Euron reveals he sent Balon's sons and his brother Aeron into battles they cannot hope to win as simple distractions. Later seizing two dragon eggs and having Robb Stark tossed into the sea after capturing his lover Asha Greyjoy, Euron attempts to sacrifice Asha and several children so as to hatch the eggs. Ordering massive sections of King's Landing torched by wildfire in the meantime, Euron's last offer to a captured Robb is to either burn with Asha or watch her die. A power-hungry Psychopathic Manchild who thirsts for godhood, Euron wasn't afraid to kill anyone who stood in his way, including his own family.
  • Reunions: Melisandre of Asshai lacks the good intentions of her book and TV series counterparts, masterminding a wildfire attack in the prologue that destroys most of Harrenhal. On Dragonstone, Melisandre continues with her Burn the Witch! rituals. Her eventual plan is to sacrifice Shireen to the Lord of Light; she has been slipping sedatives into Shireen's food so she won't resist, biding her time until Stannis, who is on his deathbed due to more shadow creations, dies. When Stannis dies, Melisandre attempts to collect Shireen, but her plans are foiled by Davos, who escapes to the North with Shireen. Melisandre leaves Dragonstone, leaving her loyalists to die at the hands of Lannister forces. She journeys to Slavers' Bay, where she masterminds the downfall of the Slaver Cities and the imprisonment of Daenerys Targaryen. Melisandre manages to take control of the dragons without Daenerys's knowledge and uses Drogon to rescue Daenerys, while Rhaegal and Viserion destroy the Slaver Cities. With nowhere to turn, Daenerys goes to Asshai with her remaining supporters and Melisandre. Three days after their arrival, Melisandre orchestrates the murders of all of Daenerys's supporters apart from Barristan Selmy and reveals her role in the downfall of the Slaver Cities and her plot to put Daenerys and her dragons in her power and sacrifice them to awaken the Lord of Light.


  • Fifty Shades of Grey Deconstruction Fic Poor Unfortunate Souls: Christian Grey is portrayed here as a Serial Rapist and domestic abuser. In the past, he would seduce his exes, only to rape them in displays thinly disguised as BDSM, then access and siphon their bank accounts of all money, leaving his exes penniless. When he did this to Leila Cooper Williams, he also had her falsely committed to a mental institution just to get her out of his way. He also devours their auras to feed his own, and has been doing the same to Anastasia Steele, while extorting Jason Taylor into becoming his accomplice in exchange for giving his daughter the surgery she needs. When Leila returns and tries to take revenge by killing Christian, he attempts to kill her by strangling her before Taylor turns on him and has him arrested.
  • Sherlock Holmes fanfiction The Ghost Map: Sebastian Moran and his Serial Killer subordinate Dr. Jacob Land work together to cause a cholera outbreak in London just to get Holmes's attention. This outbreak results in nearly 150 deaths, including that of Holmes's friend Wiggins, just to make it personal. When Holmes confronts the two, Land delivers a Breaking Lecture, and taunts Holmes about Wiggins's death; Moran stabs Holmes with a syringe and leaves him to die.
  • Twilight Deconstruction Fic For You I Will: Melanie Sampson is a textbook sociopath, whose only joy comes in the suffering of others. She regularly emotionally abuses Embry, who is nothing but kind and devoted to her. She then begins cutting him with a knife during sex, but can't enjoy it because he heals up, leaving no scars. Soon, she goes on a killing spree, forcing Embry to be her accomplice, since the imprint means he'll do anything she says if it'd make her happy. She also orders him to rape at least two of their victims. When the rest of Embry's pack finally finds out what's happening, they're at a loss, since they know they have to put an end to Melanie's reign of terror, but they also know killing Melanie would destroy Embry. Finally, they attempt to offer a compromise, saying they'll leave Melanie be if she restricts herself to killing criminals. Melanie repays them by telling Embry the pack is endangering her, and convincing him to murder them all.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Princess and the Knight: Noxymis is an evil wizard and former adviser to the King of Rosym. Angered by his banishment, Noxymis kidnaps Princess Jadelyn of Reinhart and frames Rosym in order to draw out Victoria. Noxymis kills the men he sent once the job is done. Noxymis then takes her hostage and uses her to get a powerful gem from Trina, before trying to kill her once he gets the gem anyways. Taking over Rosym, Noxymis kills the King, locks up the King's mother in the dungeon, and tries to start a war with Reinhart. He also attempts to use the gem to force Jadelyn to fall in love with him and then, when this fails, again tries to kill her love Victoria. When a knight of Rosym frees Jadelyn, Noxymis has the man's own brother try to kill him. In the final battle, Noxymis tries to use a giant wave to kill everyone, before mortally wounding Victoria.
  • The Wolf in me (sic):
    • Livia is a former slave turned vampire leader who, after finding a magic ruby, turned all vampires into her brainwashed army. Having one act as a figurehead and starting a war, Livia snuck into the werewolf royal family's party, and kills everyone there, including children. Abandoning her figurehead to die, Livia took the identity of Olivia Roman and brainwashed the young wizard Claudia into being loyal to her. Livia locked a rival vampire into a suit that kept him alive, but starving for years. Returning in the present, Livia has her men kidnap people to forcibly turn into vampires all over the world. When her men capture Jade and Tori, and suspecting Tori is of royal blood, Livia personally tortures Tori and has her men bite Jade, so she would feed on Tori. An egomaniac hiding behind a facade of charm, Livia would not rest until all werewolves were gone.
    • Revenge of the Wolf: Margo is a young werewolf living in Prague and working for the mysterious Mr. X. A renegade, Margo regularly kidnaps humans, eats them, and places their skulls in her trophy room. She also assists X in kidnapping girls to sell as slaves. Tricking Jade into trusting her, Margo assists X in placing a mind control spell on Jade, then gleefully watches as they have Jade attack her mate Tori, and eventually trying to kill a hurt Tori when she knocked Jade out. Margo is also revealed as the one who gave Livia the information on where every werewolf lived.


  • The 100 fanfic Lightning Only Strikes Once: Nia, Queen of the Ice Nation, is narcissistic, spiteful, and ambitious. When Lexa originally became Heda of the twelve clans and thus outranked her, Nia has Lexa's lover Costia brutally tortured, decapitated and sends Lexa her severed head. In the present, she is trying to undermine Lexa's rule with a vicious nightblood named Ontari and places a kill order on her own exiled son Roan. When the ARK first returns to earth, Nia breaks the coalition laws by allying with the Mountain Men, sacrificing the people of Skaikru and own followers. When her crimes are later exposed, Nia plans a war against the other clans; allies with Diana Sydney to steal and launch a nuke powerful enough to wipe out a country; allows Diana to use her people as slaves; tortures Gustus and Titus, the latter to an inch of his life; and plans to repeat what she's done to Cosita with Clarke, sending Lexa a lock of Costia's hair. When Clarke escapes, Nia goes on a mad search for her, raiding and burning villages and torturing her people; she ultimately keeps all food rations to herself to fortify her hideout, not caring that she's condemning her kingdom to starvation. When forced into a final confrontation with Clarke and Lexa, Nia attempts to kill them slowly.
  • Game of Thrones fanfic A Wolf Amongst Lions: Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Snow are as bad as in canon:
    • Joffrey attempts to execute the captured Arya Stark, later ordering his guards to beat her after Tywin talks him down from doing so. Angered by Tywin negotiating a peaceful end to the war with the Starks, Joffrey schemes with Littlefinger to restart the bloodshed in the hopes of slaughtering them, attempting to have Tywin and his own younger brother assassinated for his plot and tries executing the Stark representatives sent to finalize Tywin's peace agreement.
    • Ramsay schemes alongside his father, House Frey, and Cersei Lannister to depose the Starks and claim the North. Luring the Starks back to the North, Ramsay launches a bloody coup resulting in the death of Robb's wife and Arya's capture, intending to rape her purely out of a sadistic want to horrify her. When Arya defies him, Ramsay removes some of her fingers and sends them back to her mother, and after his coup is stopped and he is imprisoned, Ramsay breaks into Arya's bedchamber, making a spiteful attempt to rape and kill her.
  • Hannah Montana fanfic I Didn't Sign Up For This: Cheryl/Drew is a seemingly normal student who befriends Miley and Lilly, but is secretly the mastermind of the explosion that killed eight people. She set off the explosion to kill Oliver and his band while preparing for American Idol, so that she would have all the fame to herself. When Miley confronts the bomber, Martin Eposito, she has him killed in a car bomb. To intimidate Miley she has Taylor, the girl she is with, thrown down the stairs by Jeanette, who she has hit by a car and killed. Once Miley is kidnapped by Cheryl's right-hand man Professor Andrew King, Cheryl guns down King, pretending to be trying to save Miley. Cheryl reveals that she was the one who killed her father, by tampering with his prescription to give him a heart attack while driving. Cheryl then tries to kill Miley, planning to pin the crimes on her.
  • Jessica Jones (2015) Fan Film Killgrave: The Purple Man: The titular "Purple Man," real name Zebediah Killgrave, is a lunatic with mind-controlling and a love for tormenting others. Having been terrorizing New York City through such means as forcing people to kill themselves and their loved ones, Killgrave is introduced ordering a young woman to jump to her death from a skyscraper. Later, Killgrave corners the two detectives tracking him, and, after having one shoot himself in the head, reveals he has already forced the other to murder his wife and child and enjoy the act, and ultimately orders the man to go kill himself after taunting Killgrave's Arch-Enemy Jessica Jones. Killgrave makes the most of his limited screen time to be a truly deplorable madman committing his crimes solely for his own amusement.

    Tabletop Games 
Chronicles of Darkness
  • Genius: The Transgression: Walking-Man, Peripatetic Dreamkiller, is the most infamous of the Clockstoppers, and one of the most powerful. Targeting small, isolated communities, Walking-Man uses his Compelling Voice to take control of the town, has mobs eliminate anyone who might object, and then disposes of the town's leaders, taking on that role himself. Forcing people to abandon their modern conveniences, Walking-Man drives the communities he rules farther and farther back in time, finally sending them into the wilderness, unclothed and unarmed, to die, while he searches for his next target. Having thus caused the deaths of communities in Idaho, Nebraska, and Colorado, Walking-Man continues to ply his trade across all three states, preaching his anti-technology gospel to any who are susceptible—although his relationship with Lemuria would indicate his hatred of technology does not go as deep as he might pretend.
  • Princess: The Hopeful: The Boogeyman is the most terrible of the Cataphractoi. A being who only cares about making children suffer, the Boogeyman once ran a kingdom where countless children were taken to be tortured, tormented and devoured by his monstrous subjects. Upon the kingdom's fall, the Boogeyman focuses on children personally, luring them in to be caught in his domains so he can torment them mentally before killing them.


  • Betrayal at House on the Hill Custom Haunts, By Jeremy Lennert: The Traitor from the haunt The Skull of Ar'Kanok is a necromancer who wishes to summon the ghost of the titular Ar'Kanok as a servant. For seven years prior to the haunt, the Traitor has been leading people to the mansion for the sake of murdering them to use as sacrifices for the summon. When one of the explorers accidentally causes the corpses of the Traitor's victims to rise as zombies, the Traitor decides to summon Ar'Kanok ahead of schedule. If the Traitor succeeds, they drain the souls of the zombies to empower Ar'Kanok. They then relax while enjoying the other explorers screams as the ghost murders them before intending to unleash Ar'Kanok on the entire world.

    Video Games & Visual Novels 
Ace Attorney
  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Case 5: Turnabout Substitution: The Mysterious Bust Killer, Apollo's partner Rhea Wits, murdered a dozen people including her brother. The killer tricked the innocent Robert Erlenmeyer into believing he was responsible for the murders, and made him confess. After Erlenmeyer's escape, the killer planned to kill him and hide his body so the police would be left searching for a dead man, leaving the killer free to kill again. After the judge witnessed the killer trying to bury Erlenmeyer alive in a cemetery, the killer decided to just kill the judge and frame Erlenmeyer for his murder as well. After being accused by Apollo of being the true killer, the killer taunted him and implied that Apollo would be the next target. The actual Mysterious Bust Killer, when finally revealed, said that at least they made better use of their life than the victims did of theirs.
  • Operation: Turnabout:
    • The Big Bad, Captain Adel Renard, was a corrupt member of the Peace Corps, selling explosives to enemy groups. When he learned that a group of insurgents were planning to pay him in foreign money that they knew would be useless to him in exchange for Helios 6 explosives, he decided to backstab them first. Convincing the corrupt Captain Janus Harvey to help him deliver the explosives, he neglected to give the group the detonator, rendering the explosives useless. He than called the police and had the insurgents sent to the firing squad before they could testify against him. After convincing Harvey to kill most of his platoon to prevent them from ever learning of the incident, he proceeded to blackmail Harvey over the incident, knowing that the latter had no evidence the former was involved. When Harvey was going to be granted immunity in exchange for testifying about the Helios 6 incident, Renard poisoned him. After Phoenix exposes his past crimes in court, he brags about them to the courtroom while stating that since they ere committed overseas, he cannot be tried for them. He than taunted Siegfried and Victoria about their upcoming executions for a murder they did not commit, even mocking Victoria about her lost eye by calling her a "cyclops".
    • The aforementioned Captain Janus Harvey was a corrupt member of the Peace Corps who was convinced by the Big Bad to help smuggle explosives to a group of insurgents, not knowing of his manipulations but expecting to receive a legitimate amount of money while the insurgents would be able to use the explosives for whatever evil intents they had. After being betrayed, and knowing he couldn't prove Renard was involved, he still followed his advice to murder most of his platoon in an explosion so that they could never uncover what he had done. He never felt any remorse for his actions, and spent the rest of his life trying to pin the blame on others while insisting he had done no wrong, only agreeing to testify about the incident when he was promised immunity for any involvement.
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Conflict of Interest: Carlo Luciano was an assassin for the Rivales Family, killing many people. After Francisco Mendirez tried to kill him, Luciano faked his own death and devoted his life to making Mendirez suffer. Impersonating Mendirez, he contacted Nathen Togamera and got him to work for him, before murdering Cody Hackins and framing Togamera for it. He proceeded to try and have Maya Fey assassinated, intending for his henchman Raphael Donatello and Donatello's forced accomplice Meredith Fey to both be convicted for it. Finally, he goes on a killing spree, murdering various people and framing Mendirez for the killings in an attempt to have him executed. When Phoenix proves Luciano is the true culprit, he takes Mark Watters hostage and tries to shoot and kill Phoenix.

The Elder Scrolls

  • Oblivion Game Mod Malevolent: Lucius Maelin is the aspiring Champion of Cyrodiil and a captain of the guard. When the Player is made Champion instead, he plots revenge. The Player meets Maelin while he is ambushing a lich threatening a town. He leads the Player inside the lich's lair and lets several of his soldiers die so the Player will be desperate to help. After equipping armor found inside and destroying the lich, the Player is informed by the living armor that with or without the Player's help, he will murder the blacksmith and the enchanter involved with its creation. After these murders the Player gets rid of the armor in a tomb; however, Maelin ambushes the Player. Maelin then informs the Player that he commissioned the armor and he altered the personality. He did this to pin it all on the Player to strip the Player of rank. He then gloats that with the deaths of the guards, no one will believe the Player. Knowing he will be champion for the just fighting you, he escapes, gloating that one day he will ensure the Player is executed. Captain Maelin insures the deaths of many of his allies all because he wasn't made Champion.
  • Skyrim
    • Game Mod The Forgotten City: Jarl Metellus is the tyrannical, self-appointed ruler of the titular city. Taking advantage of the Dwarves' Law, which threatens to kill everyone if even a single resident commits a crime, he bullies the other citizens into doing whatever he says, knowing that their fear of annihilation prevents them from fighting back, and starves those who prove to be unproductive, including the mentally and physically disabled. He also proves to be a hypocrite when it's revealed that he abducted a woman named Maisi and locked her in a room where the city's eyes cannot see and proceeded to make her his Sex Slave for months on end, free to violate the Dwarves' Law without consequence, and then murdered another citizen who discovered his secret. If confronted by the Dragonborn, he coldly boasts that they can't do anything about his crimes without violating the Dwarves' Law.
    • Game Mod Interesting NPCs: Korrilan, a "tailor" in Riften, has perfected the ability to Body Surf, transferring his soul between bodies to stay alive, and also just when he tires of wearing his current "outfit." He gets bodies by using a modified Black Soul Gem creation process and healing magics to trick the souls of living beings into leaving their bodies, rendering them soulless shells for him to use as he likes. It's implied he's done this across Tamriel for years if not decades, has gone through several victims in the process, and has killed others who found out his secret and tried to stop him. As he calmly explains this, he not only refers to the braindead bodies he uses as "clothes," but treats them as dismissively as though they were, having the Player Character kill his current host body without a care so that he can demonstrate his ability.
    • Game Mod Falskaar: Yngvarr Unnvaldr is the Jarl of the city of Staalgarde, as well as the secret benefactor of the bandits plaguing Amber Creek. Fueled by jealously against the Borvaldur family—resulting from his own incompetence—Yngvarr seeks immortality from the Heart of the Gods; to this end, he orders massacres of helpless civilians and slaughters the city of Borvald to a man. When the heroes act against him, Yngvarr kidnaps Agmar's wife and son and threatens their lives in exchange for the keys, then goes back on his word and tries killing them all. Proving callous towards his own men and even own city, which he fools into sacrificing itself for supposedly "noble" reasons, Yngvarr proves himself the greatest monster in Falskaar's history, and would willfully kill everyone on it for his own gain.

Five Nights at Freddy's

  • Dayshift at Freddy's series: Dr. Henry Miller is a dangerous Serial Killer and Mad Scientist who killed numerous kids in his own pizzeria and put their souls into machines, torturing them to be obedient, in the hope of having a soul helping him to pass the barrier that divides the living world from the afterlife. Henry manipulates his own "partner" William Afton into helping him, arranging his horrible fate in a suit to make him a murdering monster and causing a multitude of deaths throughout the Freddy Fazbender locations, eventually damning numerous souls and causing more destruction. In the "Evil Route", Henry possesses Jack, making him insult and then brutally kill William/Dave, to continue his killing spree.
  • Five Nights at Candy's: RAT was a callous, violent alcoholic in life, until one of his coworkers killed him in self-defense after he tried to strangle him to death for demanding he go home after showing up to work drunk. Since he was playing hide-and-seek with Mary at the time of his death, he blamed her for it and related by mutilating her brother in front of her and a crowd of people when he possessed his old costume. This results in Mary having terrifying nightmares, which then enters as Shadow RAT to torture her mentally. When Mary became a security guard at Candy's years later, he gleefully attempted to kill her then but failed. After Mary was fired, RAT brutally ripped apart Chester, one of his fellow animatronics, for opening the door to his room. He then killed a night guard, and got Candy framed for the deed, resulting in the sentient Animatronics being being left to rot in their old robotics factory. When Maryland, Mary's daughter, arrived at the factory on a dare, he attempts to kill her too. If he gets her, her wounds would be considered those of a bear attack.

Hearts of Iron Game Mods

  • Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg: William Dudley Pelley is the leader of the far-right Silver Legion faction within Huey Long's America First Party. During the Second American Civil War, Pelley allies with Huey Long as a part of his right-wing American Union State, fighting against the left-wing Combined Syndicates of America and the Federal Government. If the AUS wins the civil war, Pelley will launch a coup if Huey Long rejects measures to enforce Prohibition. If victorious, Pelley purges everyone in the AUS government that's not in his faction and executes Huey Long, turning America into a white supremacist Christian fundamentalist nation. Once in power, Pelley enacts policies such as enforcing Jim Crow laws across all of America, absorbing the Ku Klux Klan into the government and forming a Klan-led Secret Police, and sends dissidents to forced labor camps. Pelley also proposes acts to restrict African-American freedom of movement, cuts African-American education to only focus on labor education, and expands African-American criminalization and penal labor to bring back slavery. Pelley also fosters rabid anti-vaccination conspiracy theories, leading to the biggest polio outbreak in American history.
  • Kaiserredux: A Kaiserreich Expansion:
    • Lavrentiy Beria is the leader of the "People's Guard", the armed wing of the neo-Bolshevik movement in the Socialist state of Georgia, and Ioseb Jughashvili's second-in-command. In the wake of Jughashvili's ascension to power, Beria would facilitate the arrest and subsequent purging of the Mensheviks from Georgia's government. If Jughashvili dies in a hunting accident implied to have been orchestrated by Beria, Beria would seize power for himself, killing anyone suspecting his role in Jughashvili's death. As leader of Georgia, Beria will launch a persecution of ethnic minorities, implementing laws forcing them to have only one children while enacting propaganda promoting the "genetic superiority" of Georgians, and subsequently pushing minorities and any political dissidents into slave labor in the Gulags where they are forced into penal battalions or experimented upon in the name of progress. In addition, Beria will take advantage of the economic liberalization he initiates in Georgia to establish Human Trafficking routes, with the intention of using it to track down women, children and the mentally ill to serve as his sex slaves.
    • Ante Pavelic is the leader of the far right wing of the Croatian Party of Rights. When Illyria falls into chaos as a result of its ethnic tensions with its Slovene and Bosniak population, Pavelic and elements loyal to him in the military may attempt to launch a coup of its government. If he succeeds, he declares a campaign to rid the nation of "enemies of the state", choosing to focus on either suppressing Republican Croatians, or going after either one of the Slovene and Bosniak minorities. He then unleashes death squads and gives them the order to patrol the countryside and use scorched-earth tactics against all that oppose him; these scorched earth tactics turning the sky black and causing immense damage to the soil in Illyria. Later on, he forcibly conscripts the entire Croatian population into the army and launches a massive campaign of violence against anyone demanding independence from Illyria; this campaign of violence results in a massive refugee crisis in the Balkans.
    • H. P. Lovecraft is the leader of the occult white supremacist Providence Circle cult operating in New England. While initially a figurehead for the Providence Circle, Lovecraft fully embraces his role as the "Yellow King" of New England if the Providence Circle takes over New England in the wake of the Second American Civil War. Upon taking power, Lovecraft establishes Delta Green as a means of enforcing his will on New England, and launches a campaign of violence against Irish-Americans in order to create a pure white Anglo-Saxon Protestant New England, along with a massive crackdown on Abrahamic religions in New England; said religions being replaced with worship of the Elder Gods. If Lovecraft establishes his New Order on either New England or all of America, he launches a massive genocide of non-whites and immigrants deemed to be worms and barely human and enforces a Spartan lifestyle on all his subjects.
  • Red World: Theresa Brasier is the leader of the far-right Phoenix Front party in Britain. If the British Conservatives decide to work with the far-right, Brasier takes advantage of this political opening to launch a false-flag bombing of Parliament with the goal of discrediting the Conservatives as weak on national security; said bombing forces a snap election totally dominated by far-right parties. If victorious, Brasier abolishes the position of Prime Minister through the National Salvation Act and establishes the position of High Secretary. As High Secretary, Brasier launches a violent crackdown on leftists and Scottish secessionists opposing her rule; enforces Protestant fundamentalism; establishes concentration camps for non-Christians, Socialists, Jews and Muslims; and establishes a total surveillance state to spy on any political opponents using agencies such as "The Eye" and "The Finger". She also launches a war with Ireland over control of Northern Ireland and drags Britain into war with the Soviet bloc under the pretense that Normandy was once controlled by the British.


  • Kirby Adventure: Zykan is a thug working with Talzo who uses chivalry to disguise his cruelty. Despite being an "honorable knight", Zykan frequently uses underhanded tactics such as turning Saia into a statue and threatening to smash her if the KAS members didn't surrender. He later kills Keito by stabbing him while his back was turned, even though his orders were to not kill anyone. When Talzo protests this, Zykan shows no remorse and simply knocks him out for getting in his way. After Kiina refuses to fight due to her pacifism, Zykan forcefully reprograms her to be much more aggressive. He then attacks HAND and massacres most of their members to get to the leader, Yiel, so he can force him to finish brainwashing Kiina. When his right-hand man Whirr is wounded in battle, Zykan leaves him to die rather than fix his injury. In the final confrontation against the KAS, Zykan kills his creation, "Soo", for talking to the KAS rather than fighting them. Remorseless and needlessly cruel to his teammates and his enemies alike, Zykan darkens the mood in an otherwise lighthearted webcomic.
  • Unnamed Kirby fan comic by Nitro: This interpretation of Zero is far worse than its canon counterpart. Ordering Gooey to be disposed of because it sees it as weak and useless, it personally discards of any positive emotions it could use for good. When it turns out Gooey wasn't killed, it orders a Dark Matter to hunt down every living thing on Popstar and kill Gooey, and when this Dark Matter can't bring itself to do this and falls to Kirby, Zero subjects him to a more painful death by giving it a full range of emotions, due to feeling sympathy for Gooey. A notably different interpretation of the character, it purposefully removes any sympathy it could have for anything, and thus for itself, so it can carry on killing.

The Legend of Spyro

The Legend of Zelda

  • The Legend of Zelda: The Sage of Darkness: Davik, Link's Evil Uncle and the titular sage of darkness, seems to train Link in the ways of the hero, but is really attempting to feed Link hatred and anger in order to speed up Ganon's revival, even supplying him with the White Sword, one of Ganon's artifacts. He's also manipulating Ertegun for his own agenda, and it is also hinted that he also plans on betraying Ganon as part of his agenda as well. He also brutally murdered Link's parents, as well as poisoned his own sister, for no reason whatsoever, aside from possibly trying to get Link to go down the road of hatred even more. His real plan is to extinguish the Cycle of Eternity, which may result in the destruction of the entire world, for no reason besides hating it for unspecified reasons.
  • Lost Isle: The soul-devouring Morlach is the demon responsible for the deaths of every human on the eponymous island. When he was previously known as Worlach, he terrorized the island until the day the islanders sealed him in Horgrus Mountain. Generations later, Worlach set his eyes on the hunter Morvayn and took over his body, becoming Morlach and transforming Morvayn's apprentices into brainwashed cronies called Morachs which he used to take over the island and procure the arts needed to break Morlach's seal, while at the same time turning more people into Morachs. When the surviving islanders attempted to resist, Morlach had them killed either on the spot or dragged off to be tortured to death in the Oderra Catacombs and/or the Doom Cave within. Morlach also had the Plague Fortress constructed to study the arts needed to break his seal and eventually transform the island into a flying fortress for his plan of global domination. Finally, when Link puts him down for good, Morlach reveals that his death would result in the island's destruction, and dies content that Link would die with him.

Life Is Strange franchise

  • Life Is Strange (first game) fanfic Life has No Meaning Without You: Mark Jefferson, despite being a Starter Villain here, is just as bad, if not worse, than his game counterpart. In addition to his canon crimes of running the Dark Room operation, using Nathan Prescott as his lackey, Jefferson is also portrayed as a Serial Rapist who sexually assaults his victims, one of whom is Kate Marsh. Exposed by Nathan, the police and David track down the Dark Room just as he's kidnapped and victimizing Victoria, with Jefferson opening fire on the cops when caught. Despite his death earlier in the story, both Victoria and Max repeatedly suffer from PTSD induced nightmares from their time in the Dark Room, causing Max to Self-Harm in her sleep and nearly kill herself. Later in the story, Nathan's testimony reveals the sordid details of their operation, and how Jefferson lied about Nathan being the one who overdosed Rachel Amber. Even in an Alternate Timeline where the game's events were erased, Jefferson remains as much a monster as he is in the game.
  • Life Is Strange 2 fanfic Child of the Eclipse: Lisbeth Fischer, though already loathsome in canon, becomes a true monster here. The leader of the Haven Point cult, Lisbeth used a prophecy of an incoming apocalypse to indoctrinate others into her teachings. Upon encountering Daniel Diaz, she draws him into the cult, manipulating him into becoming the centerpiece, before using him to initiate her endgame; the final atonement ceremony, wherein she and Nicholas stab Daniel, then shoot him to get him to unleash his powers, resulting in the churchgoers all dying at once, including the child Sarah. Finally, having successfully engineered a mass Murder-Suicide, Lisbeth prepares to stab Daniel in the heart, making it clear that she only viewed him as a "wicked" tool to be used, and tells him that he and the rest of Earth will burn.


  • Pokemon Black And White Tale Of A Legend: With this story demonstrating his evil to a greater extent, Ghetsis Harmonia is able to show how far he is willing to go for power and global domination. Plotting behind the Seven Sages and Plasma King N, Ghetsis usually has members of his organization take Pokémon by force under the guise of Pokémon liberation. In the meantime, he sets his sights of the Ebony and Pure Stones to get his hands on Zekrom and Reshiram. Ghetsis approves of the Plasma Frigate turning Opelucid City and Lacunosa Town—the latter being the main characters' hometown—to frozen wastelands as a show of power, tries to dispose of hired hand Phantom after he retrieves the Ebony Stone he desired, and Alder reveals that in the past, Ghetsis was responsible for the passing of his longtime partner. In the Battle of Vertress, Ghetsis makes his Beheeyem brainwash Thrin and force her to battle her brother, Volan, for the fate of Unova as per a prophecy. When N and Thrin both fail to live up his plan's expectations, an enraged Ghetsis falls off the deep end and commands an out-of-control Kyurem, aiming to eliminate all of his staunchest opposition. He then uses the DNA Splicers to reform the Original Dragon, Perfect Kyurem, an abomination of all three dragons, intending to menace everyone. Despite his initial gentlemanly charm, Ghetsis shows how little he cares for other people, including his "son" N, and is perfectly willing to destroy whatever and throw away whoever on his path to power.
  • Pokémon Dark Rising: Order Destroyed: Hoopa is an ancient Pokémon who manipulated the events of the first two games to get rid of Arceus and Darugis and gain control of the universe. Hoopa turned the world into a wasteland and inflicted the "Trainer's Curse" on anyone who owns a Pokémon, which will cause them to die and eventually become a zombie should they lose a battle. He has the zombies hunt down any trainers, seeking to remove anyone he deems unworthy of existing in his "perfect" world, with no mercy given to children. Hoopa also commits personal crimes, such as taunting Kaz that he's becoming a remorseless killer thanks to the Trainer's Curse and having Joel turned into a zombie, causing Kaz grief. At the end of the game, Hoopa tries to have the heroes killed, but he only manages to kill Kaz. A childish fiend that views his world as his playground, Hoopa proved to be crueler and more dangerous than Darugis.
  • Pokémon: Hard Mode: Mewtwo is the Big Bad of the FireRed arc. A clone of the legendary Pokémon Mew, Mewtwo grew a hatred for humanity due to being tortured by one of the scientists who created him. After killing a scientist who took no part in his torture in a rage and destroying the laboratory he was created in, Mewtwo came across Mew, who trapped the former on a deserted island in hopes that it would give Mewtwo time for his anger to subside. Despite calming down and regaining sanity, Mewtwo still held his hatred of humanity despite knowing not all of them are cruel, attempting to slowly choke a human who accidentally washed on the island shore to death, simply because he believes it's been too long since he's killed somebody. Looking for a way to break the seal that keeps him trapped on the island, Mewtwo deceives Ruby into killing the three legendary birds, who kept Mewtwo's power restrained, by pretending to be the ghost of Ruby's deceased Nuzleaf. After Ruby defeats Gary and is about to be crowned Elite Four Champion, Mewtwo breaks the minds of everybody in the stadium except for Ruby, and frames Mew for it, intending for Ruby to kill Mew and completely break the seal. Mewtwo mocks Ruby for being tricked by him and proclaims that he looks forward to enjoying his newfound freedom, and might as well Kill All Humans while he's at it, promising to kill Ruby last as his way of "thanks".
  • Pokémon Reborn: In this Darker and Edgier version of the franchise, Lin is the true leader of Team Meteor, behind many of their terrorist attacks on the region and the PULSE Pokemon, mutated Pokemon created by immoral experiments. Feared even by her own team, she attacks Reborn City and forces the Player Character and other trainers—their friends—to play a sadistic game where the loser would be tortured, with one of them losing an eye and, after defeating the regional Champion, Ame, Lin kills her with her Hydreigon. Later, Lin tries to throw a Gym Leader to burning lava and—depending of the player's choice, allows a Team Meteor member to die in her place. After Team Meteor unleashes the PULSE-Hypno in Agate City, Lin retrieves a unknown artifact before sending a gym leader to the void while using a brainwashed, sapient, talking Gardevoir. A cold, cruel and stoic woman with a mysterious past that proudly believes that power is the only thing that matters, Lin ruined many lives, both directly and indirectly.
  • Pokémon: Storm Clouds: Masque, a Team Rocket agent who specializes in using hypnotic powers to strip Pokémon of their identities and make them his willing servants, is the true Big Bad. While initially presented as an ambiguous figure in the story and somewhat Affably Evil, he is gradually revealed to be a sick, twisted individual who enjoys the amount of control his mind games give him over others. He takes pleasure in stripping Pokémon of their identities and secretly manipulates all the higher-ups of Team Rocket for fun. He later breaks away from Team Rocket and attacks the hometown of the protagonists. While he does have an ulterior motive, it's still clear that he takes a disgusting amount of pleasure in terrorizing and slaughtering the residents of the small town with his Pokémon. When one of the protagonists call him out on his manipulations and accuses him of viewing humans as nothing more than tools, he responds that he sees people more as toys, explaining that a tool is used to accomplish something while a toy is just there to be played with and destroyed when it fails to entertain.
  • The Stardom Series: Ardos is the Grand Master of a revived Team Cipher, now known as Reverse Cipher, after spending time gathering loyal remnants of the dispersed syndicate to serve him. Having been contacted by Giovanni to form a partnership, Ardos uses Team Rocket as a means to perfect a new form of Pokerus, called the XDrus, which should not only "shut the door to a Pokémon's heart" but also increase their fighting capabilities. Also, he uses the new "Ankoku" variant to infect Giratina with the intention of making it the ultimate killing machine that cannot be purified, unlike XD001. He has Stein combine the infected Giratina with Rayquaza's life force to create the abomination known as "Dark Giraquazar Forme". With everything now in place, Ardos unleashes Shadow Giratina on Sinnoh Island, destroying half of it and terrorizing the population as a show of force. The psychotic Ardos then callously betrays Giovanni, reveals he turned most of Team Rocket against its former boss, and has him fall to an attempted Disney Death. Ardos bears every intention of desolating Orre with Shadow Giratina, infecting the remaining regions' wild Pokémon with Shadow Pokerus, and stamping out all resistance without mercy. Obsessed with power and destruction, Ardos is a deranged, unfettered sociopath whose ultimate goal is to have Dialga and Palkia infected with Ankoku-ShadowPokérus, spread the virus throughout the world, and bring all Shadow Pokémon—wild or captured—under his iron fist and rule as "the Grand Master of a grand, dark empire."

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Ghosts of the Future: The Sorceress of the Black Isle is the Arc Villain of the Arabian Nights arc. A character from the Arabian Nights who was previously thought to have died, the Sorceress uses the Chaos Emerald sent to the Arabian Nights to amplify her powers, commanding malevolent djinn to terrorize the land. When confronted by two djinn, Uhu and Fouh, the Sorceress imprisons Fouh, and tells Uhu that if he brings the Seven World Rings to her, she'll release Fouh. When the heroes arrive in her palace, the Sorceress congratulates Uhu for bringing Sonic, who has the Seven World Rings inside his body, to her before she reveals that she's brainwashed Fouh into being her slave, ordering her to kill Uhu. To get the Seven World Rings out of Sonic's body, the Sorceress uses her magic to hasten the Flames of Judgment on Sonic's chest, gleefully burning Sonic's body into nothing but bones. She then attempts to use the combined power of the Chaos Emerald and the Seven World Rings to destroy the Arabian Nights.
  • Sonic Forces fanfics Memories Of Infinite's Past & Sonic Forces Chapter 2: Former terrorist and thrill killer Clyde the jackal escapes from prison to become a ruthless crime boss. Killing his Arch-Enemy Stryker, Clyde takes the "Phantom Ruby" from the classic version of Eggman, before torturing both the past and present versions of Eggman for more information on the item. Mastering the Ruby's power, Clyde murders his own loyal henchmen before attacking Grand Metropolis, turning the world into Hell on Earth when Sonic and his companions fail to stop him. Psychologically and physically tormenting a jackal who tries to stop him, Clyde has several innocent wisps and their mother captured and transformed into brainwashed creatures to empower his own weapons. After he seemingly defeats Sonic, Clyde brainwashes the resistance group into maiming each other while leaving the survivors to be executed and, after truly being beaten, he tries to destroy the universe out of spite.
  • Nazo Unleashed: Nazo was formed from the negative energy of the Chaos Emeralds, and desired to steal the Emeralds for himself for the purpose of gaining more power. After stealing a Chaos Emerald from a city, Nazo decided to destroy the city and kill all of its inhabitants for his own amusement. When he defeats Knuckles, Sonic, and Shadow, Nazo later brutally kills Tails for interrupting his attempt to kill Sonic. After he uses the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Perfect Nazo, he reveals that, because the Master Emerald will always have more power than him, he'll destroy the Earth and cause the Master Emerald's shattered pieces to spread throughout space, all out of envy. He also states that when he defeats the heroes, he'll go on to destroy the entire universe.
  • Sonic: Dr. Robotnik, formerly known as Julian Kintobor, declares war on Mobius under the belief that society should be under his leadership, beginning his path of destruction by committing genocide on almost all of the South Islanders. Taking over Station Square, he has his forces overwhelm the G.U.N. Soldiers trying to stop him, and even attempts to have one of them murdered in cold blood. When Sonic stops this, he then proceeds to brutally torture a captured soldier for information on the Blue Blur, and when the soldier fails to provide him with the info, Robotnik orders the man to be robotized against his will. When an group of soldiers try to fight back, Robotnik orders his forces to ambush and mercilessly kill them. After Sonic saves the soldiers, Robotnik immediately orders his forces to kill Sonic for daring to interfere with his plans for conquest. Claiming that he's a well-intentioned man who's acting in the people's best interests, Dr. Robotnik is in reality a cruel, ruthless Mad Scientist who would kill anyone who would dare to get in his way.
  • Untitled series by JudasFM: Raker the Jackal first appears in Caves of the Ancients, before which he had sold Tails out to a slave mine, and much earlier on, killed his own father, leading to his mother's suicide by drowning, and abusing his brother, who he renamed Bait, while ever since leading a gang responsible for actions like blowing up houses. While Sonic, Knuckles, and Bait head to the Scrap Brain Zone to save Tails, Raker stalks them the whole way, and blows up the Oil Ocean Zone during one of their confrontations. When Sonic calls him out on this the next day, his response is to casually say he didn't stop to think things through. In the next fic Sins of the Mothers, he teams up with Knuckles's thought-to-be-dead mother and Dr. Robotnik, in hopes of getting Bait back, just so that he could torture and kill him. Getting him back also involved blowing up a building with Vector inside. Robotnik finds his actions just as appalling as everyone else. Bait is the only one who has any respect for him, because of "family loyalty", even though Sonic tries to get through to him that Raker does not return this. It speaks volumes when even Sekko, who runs the aforementioned slave mine and ordered Knuckles's lost sister dead before being killed himself by the person he asked to carry it out, pales in comparison.

Super Mario Bros.

  • Mario Brothers: King Koopa is the power-hungry ruler of the Koopa Troop and is far more villainous than his game counterpart. Obsessed with getting his hands on the Life Mushrooms, Koopa rallies his troops to storm Princess Toadstool's castle and kill her if she does not reveal their location. When the Mario Brothers attempt to stop his schemes, Koopa kills Luigi by using his fire breath to burn him alive. Koopa leads his army on an assault against the Princess's castle, killing dozens of Toads who were protecting her. Once it becomes clear that the Princess won't hand over the Life Mushrooms, Koopa kidnaps her to learn how create them for himself. He then sends a legion of Hammer Bros. to round up the remaining Toads for his own purposes. When Mario finally confronts him to save the Princess, Koopa proceeds to taunt him over Luigi's death and promises that he will share his brother's fate.
  • The Plumber Knight Returns: The Koopa is a far darker incarnation of The Darkness. The leader of the terrorists known as the Goombas, the Koopa took over and ruled Ferral City with his forces, punishing anyone who disobeys him, including his own men. The Koopa claims to be the killer of Luigi just to goad Mario out of retirement so he could defeat him once and for all and then sends Jeckal to kidnap Mario's friend and ally John Gibbs and tortures him to near-death, leading to him dying from his injuries later. The Koopa lures Mario into the woods in an attempt to kill him, disappearing before returning in season 2 to finish his plans, killing the Blue Hood, a cybernetically enhanced and brainwashed Luigi, after he comes to his senses, just to spite Mario further. The Darkness reveals he wishes drown the world in chaos and madness by manipulating humanity from the shadows and make them give into negative desires and emotions. A sadistic and inhuman psychopath who sees happiness and joy as facades, this version of the Darkness is a chaos-worshipping lunatic driven by his jealousy of life itself.
  • Super Mario 64: Last Impact: Rashay is a snarky, cruel moon spirit who seeks to force the moon to crash into the Mushroom Kingdom, and kill everyone on the planet solely for the thrill of it. After revealing his presence near the end of the game, he kidnaps Princess Peach and forces Mario to exchange a large amount of Power Stars for the Princess to ensure her safety. After infiltrating his Moon Cellar, where at one point Mario is forced to fling himself through painful lava for Rashay's amusement, Mario fights Rashay only to find out that he can't be hurt through conventional means. Upon this revelation, Rashay defeats Mario and continues to viciously beat the fallen plumber even after his loss, purely out a deranged sense of bloodlust.

Super Smash Bros.


  • Dusttale: The Fallen Child, Chara, is a far cry from the enigmatic figure of the main game. No longer caring about their old goals, and now focused on sadism and power, Chara has completely taken over Frisk's body and soul and used him to go on 327 Genocide routes, involving a cycle of killing their former friends and loved ones, destroying the world and restarting the process all over again in a new timeline. This eventually drove the self-aware Sans mad, going on a killing spree of his own to stop Chara, something Chara sees as annoying competition. Chara forces Frisk to kill regardless of the latter's input or attempts to rebel. Should Chara kill Sans, Frisk is forced to restart their world again so Chara can keep their memories, implying this isn't the first time this has happened. Should Frisk prove too rebellious, Frisk will fight Chara to the death, successfully destroying Chara forever and undoing everything they did, but at the cost of Frisk's life in that timeline.
  • Underverse: XGaster is the creator of X-Tale. Initially a kind and well-meaning father, he became obsessed with making the perfect world. To this end, he killed his son's friends, as there was "too much happiness", describing their anguish as exciting. Later, he brainwashed his son Frisk into doing a Genocide route, forcing him to try to kill his brother Chara, all as XGaster mocks Chara. He later has the Underfell universe purged for "interrupting his work", and upon being resurrected by Ink is apathetic to the fact his manipulations resulted in the destruction of a good chunk of the Multiverse.


  • Cave Story fanfic The Stranger I Knew: Dr. Fuyuhiko Date/The Doctor has his canon crimes expanded. After his human body is killed by Quote, Date possesses Quote's body, mind raping him, and kills Misery and Sue while Quote is Forced to Watch. Later, he threatens Santa's life to get Quote to spill his secrets, killing Santa when Quote doesn't comply. Revealing he has kidnapped Curly Brace's adopted children, he threatens them as well—it is later shown that he stuffed them and several other Mimigas in cages, forcing them to eat the corrupting red flowers by starving them until they eat the flowers from desperation, and making the corrupted ones eat each other and their loved ones. Finally, he tries to rape Curly and strangle her, and when she manages to kill him, he taunts her about having killed her beloved Quote in the process.
  • Danganronpa Fan Game Super Danganronpa Another 2: Kanade Otonokoji, though seemingly sweet and shy, is the psychotic killer of Chapter 3. Mentally abusing her twin sister, Hibiki, since preschool in order to make the girl completely dependent on her, Kanade remorselessly murdered or crippled everyone who ever got close to her, from their pet dog, the teacher that Hibiki had a crush on, to even their parents. In the Killing Game, Kanade puts Hibiki in a trance to control her and forces Hibiki to murder Setsuka Chiebukuro to stop their friendship from disrupting the brainwashing. Then, just before their execution, Kanade makes Hibiki conscious again just to arouse herself with the sight of her sister breaking down. She also burns Setsuka's note, which contained important information, solely out of spite at being found out as the culprit. Despite being wholly unconnected to Void, Kanade eclipses all of them, even the mastermind, in cruelty.
  • Doom Game Mod Hedon: Nithriel is a dark elf warlock who leads a cult to obtain the Crystal Heart, an ancient artifact located in Valc and guarded by Iron Division. To that end, Nithriel manipulated the mind of the head witch of Iron Division to do her bidding after the latter's research on creating Super Soldiers had failed. This resulted on the citizens of Valc getting massacred by Nithriel and her cultists. Failing to brainwash Zan to do her bidding, Nithriel then attempts to steal the artifact by summoning a huge demon to massacre the members of Iron Division.
  • Fallout: New Vegas fan prequel Fallout: Lanius: The titular Lanius is a bloodthirsty One-Man Army of the Hidebarks who's feared within his tribe for believing that only fighting and killing are the answer to their problems. After the Caesar's Legion decides to assimilate the Hidebarks into their ranks, Lanius begins killing their soldiers by himself and taking their heads as trophies, and when the tribe surrenders to spare themselves from death, Lanius slaughters a Frumentarii and several of his own people before finally being subdued. Joining the Legion to continue killing people but in Caesar's name instead, Lanius is visited by his lover Quill and gouges her eye out before turning her into his very first slave. Forcing the remaining men of his tribe to fight him, Lanius massacres them and beheads the only person who had been nice to him, proudly admitting that he leaves the world with nothing but blood and dust.
  • Fire Emblem fanfiction Fire Emblem Awakening: Invisible Ties:
    • Gangrel is the king of Plegia and the first enemy Chrom, Robin, and the Shepherds face. The son of one of the last Plegian King's nephews to claim the throne, Gangrel uses his authority to harass Ylisse in hopes of instigating a war and destroy the country. He starts off by having his army attack Ylissean border towns, where both soldiers and civilians die, including Themis, Maribelle's homeland. After kidnapping her, Gangrel calls a peace hearing with Emmeryn. After his demands aren't met, he orders hiding soldiers to ambush her and the Shepherds. Finally getting the war he desired, he later captures Emmeryn herself when she insisted on peace. When the Shepherds are cornered thanks to their trump card getting shot down in the rescue, Gangrel gives Chrom a choice, the Fire Emblem or his sister's life. When Emmeryn falls off to ensure her sibling's survival, Gangrel laughs in sick enjoyment while everyone is shocked or grieving. In the last attack on Plegia, the Shepherds encounter Gangrel at the castle gate where he hung the corpses of Commander Phila, Duke Aerir, and Duke Themis, the last of whom is Maribelle's father; Gangrel later recounts to Chrom in their final duel how he enjoyed making them beg for death. Lacking the Freudian Excuse of his game counterpart, Gangrel eventually showed his true colors to horrified Plegians, a mad king who wanted war, blood, and glory.
    • The crimes of Validar have been greatly expanded. He abused and trained Robin to make him the perfect vessel for Grima up until his wife spirited his son away, resulting in Validar eventually finding and murdering her for this reason. Throughout the course of the story, Validar exerts Mind Control over Robin to point he fragmented his mind in one attempt to kill him and later has Robin almost kill Chrom to claim the Fire Emblem, almost pushing Robin to despair. After ripping Donnel's heart out, he controls Morgon, his own granddaughter, to have her facilitate the revival of Grima and use as leverage against Robin. A ruthless and heartless fanatic, Validar cared for no one, using Plegia—both citizens and army members—as unwitting pawns, culminating in sacrificing half of the country as tribute to the Fell Dragon.
  • Gihren's Greed 4chan run Gopp's Gluttony: Admiral Gopp goes far beyond his official self in evil. A ruthless admiral of the Earth Federation, Gopp authorizes the use of nuclear weapons against Side 3 during the One Year War and puts the blame on an obedient general. Funding investigations on Newtypes to use them as weapons, Gopp orders the razing of North America to defeat Garma Zabi's guerrillas and uses the captured civilians as fodder for experiments, turning a little girl that tried to kill him in his brainwashed soldier daughter for mere amusement. Continuing the war against Zeon remnants, Gopp allows the enemy to use a Mass Driver against Earth in order to ensure the dependence of Earthnoids on the Federation, threatening Jamitov Himen when he tries to protect the Earth. Having turned the Federation on a dictatorship, Gopp's rule is opposed for every other faction in a bloody war where Gopp uses several Cyber Newtype soldiers. When he is forced to flee, Gopp drops the colony Luna-2 onto Earth out of spite and hijack the Queen Mantha from a broken pilot to fight the rebels. After his defeat, Gopp escapes to Jupiter, where he plots for his return.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV fan machinima Eddie Low: The Filth Slayer: Eddie Low is a psychopathic Serial Killer who is introduced stabbing a man to death for fun, having killed 9 others this way beforehand. He then kidnaps and murders a waitress for rejecting him, boasting about his crime online. Deciding to then target Niko Bellic's loved ones just to hurt him, he murders his cousin Roman and brutalizes Roman's wife. When he is arrested and found not guilty, he murders a detective, tells Niko how he's going to torture him, and brags about his past victims. When cornered, he begs to die rather than be arrested, and tries to murder a police detective for refusing his request.
  • Half-Life 2 Game Mod Nightmare House 2: Doctor George Romero is the Mad Scientist who decided to conduct experiments on Mind Control, hallucinations and resurrecting the dead through his creation, the Core. Using his wife Emily as his test subject for the Core, causing her to commit suicide, Romero attempts to revive her, only succeeding to bring back her vengeful spirit, leading to Romero hiding in Never Lose Hope Hospital, where he continued work on the Core, keeping Emily at bay. When the Patient arrived, Romero, paranoid that Emily had found him, decided to activate the Core, resulting in the deaths of the entire hospital, turning them into zombies. Deciding to use the Patient as a test subject, Romero presents himself as a guide trying to help them escape. When a SWAT team arrives to kill him, Romero convinces the Patient to destroy the radio station, allowing him to Mind Rape and sadistically kill them.
  • Injustice 2 fanfic Injustice 2: The Novelization: Brainiac, The Collector of worlds, arrives at a planet, has his Betas invade, digitizes cities with knowledge he finds useful, and then destroys the rest of the planet to preserve his rare knowledge; billions of victims have succumbed to him. First seen in Kara Zor-El's flashback invading and destroying Krypton, in the present day he had recently heard of Superman, seeing him as a problem that needs to be dealt with. To this end, he has Gorilla Grodd assemble other supervillains and form the Society. After capturing the married Black Canary and Green Arrow, he invades Earth; it is later mentioned that numerous major cities have been digitized. He threatens to render Earth "a barren moon" unless Supergirl is handed over to him, as he wants to study how a yellow sun affects Kryptonian cells. He later brainwashes several of the heroes and kills Doctor Fate.
  • Metroid fanfic Aran's Daughter: Ridley is the leader of the Space Pirates and the Arch-Enemy of Samus Aran. Ridley personally led an attack on the mining planet, Krawna, brutally killing nearly everyone on it and orphaning Ayame Miyamoto. Ten years later, Ridley has his forces ambush Samus Aran and forces her to surrender herself by threatening to kill her adoptive daughter Ayame by crushing the life out of her. Ridley and the Pirates would then proceed to plan on having Samus executed on their homeworld, an event that Ridley watches with pure sadistic glee. When Ayame invades the Pirate Homeworld to save Samus, Ridley personally attempts to kill her for interfering in his attempt to kill Samus. A cruel, sadistic dragon with a thirst for blood, Ridley would gladly kill anyone to satisfy his sadism.
  • Minecraft fan work Minecraft Endventures: Wrecker is a bloodthirsty Enderman. During the attack on the human city, he takes the family of the Rebel Leader hostage, killing them to bask in his enemy's sorrow. Leading his side's efforts to kill and devour escaping humans, Wrecker hunts for the heroes as they flee. When his superior, Endreai, is executed, Wrecker takes over as commander and launches an assault on the human fortress, burning one human alive and destroying the whole compound with explosives and slaughtering any survivors. Killing one of his own men for refusing to aid him in combat, Wrecker finds the Rebel Leader again, revealing his twisted philosophy that his strength comes from taking the lives of others before killing the Leader.
  • OFF Fan Game UNKNOWN: Seneca in the full game differs greatly from his Affably Evil version in the demo. A small yet malicious fox, Seneca aims to remake the remains of the world in his own image. He begins his streak of evil by physically and sexually assaulting the cat Charlotte, traumatizing her. When the heroes infiltrate his lair, he shows off his affinity for psychological torture, first by disguising himself as the Judge's dead brother Valerie to attack him, and then by trapping Ghost Batter in a small room while taunting him that, as a ghost, he can never escape the room even through death. He then presents the puppeteer with horribly mangled and suffering clones of the heroes that he created to test out his powers, before giving the puppeteer a demonstration of his soul-sucking machine that he uses to gain power. It is revealed here that, in the demo timeline, he tricked Zacharie into sacrificing himself to the machine to restore the world, a deal he had no intention of honoring, and that his prior kindness in said timeline was a façade. He then kills his scientist Louis for secretly helping out the puppeteer, before killing one of the clones for annoying him, and then expresses contempt for his creations, whom he beats whenever he feels angry. Finally, in the game's main ending, he turns a Brainwashed and Crazy Zacharie against the puppeteer in a last attempt to win. A sadistic dictator who outright denies feeling any remorse for his atrocities, Seneca proved to be far more wicked than even the Batter.
  • Persona 3 fanfiction A Demon Among Devils: This verse's Kokabiel is the most evil and sadistic member of the Fallen Angels and the former leader of their council the Grigori. He's a genocidal maniac who firmly believes in the superiority of the Fallen, rekindling the Great War to wipe out as many other species as possible. He kills his Father to assume his power, will happily torture his enemies to death, callously sacrifices his own soldiers, and plans on raping Rias and Sona before killing them just to piss off Sirzechs and Serafall.
  • Resident Evil 2 fanfic Epic: The Third Survivor: Brian Irons is just as horribly depraved here as he was in canon. The Chief of Raccoon City's Police Department, Irons would allow the Umbrella Corporation to conduct their experiments on the city's citizens, on the pretense that Umbrella would get him elected mayor. During the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City, Irons kidnaps the mayor's daughter and brutally rapes her before shooting her in her stomach, causing her to bleed to death; it would later be revealed that Irons has raped and killed numerous other women beforehand and would convert their bodies into stuffed dolls before putting them in his hidden room as part of Irons's morbid collection.
  • The Witch's House fanfic Do it over again: The Black Cat Demon, unlike the redeemed Ellen, is as vile as he is in canon. Upon learning that Ellen still retains her magic after swapping bodies with Viola, he decides to kill her so she doesn't become a threat in the future, and so possesses Viola's father and makes him kill Ellen. When Ellen manages to rewind time before her death, he tries to make her kill Viola again so he can once more devour her soul. When Ellen refuses, he steals her body and mutilates it before trapping Viola in it and trying to trick her father into killing her. When Ellen reveals the truth to Viola's father and swaps back with Viola, the Black Cat becomes a giant and kills Viola's father before attempting to do the same with Ellen and Viola, announcing his plans to one day wipe out humanity. Whereas Ellen grew to see the error in her ways, the Black Cat Demon remained wicked to the end.
  • Yandere Simulator fanfiction The Escape: Ryoba Aishi is far worse than in canon. Becoming obsessed with schoolmate Soto Akiyama, Ryoba killed all of the girls close to him and kidnapped him. Ryoba forced Soto to change his name and face and marry her, before raping him to have a child. Growing jealous of her own daughter Ayano, Ryoba tries to drown her in the bathtub. Ryoba later tries to sell Ayano to the Yakuza, planning to make Soto watch the video they send them showing what they do to Ayano, displaying eagerness at seeing her own daughter presumably being raped and possibly killed.

    Web Original 
  • Red vs. Blue fanfic Prelude to Chorus:
    • Malcolm Hargrove continues to live up to his canon reputation in this fic. Not only does he disregard the lives of the people of Chorus by planning their eradication for profit, but he recruits Felix and Locus to kill Siris and his family as part of a test of loyalty. Siris is wanted dead for simply knowing too much, and Hargrove casually states that he doesn't want a widow and child left behind, as it would lead to suspensions. He notes that he orders his men to do something he would be willing to personally do, so he would likely do it himself. When Locus expresses doubt about the order, he threatens to have him killed. And when meeting with Felix and Locus after they followed this order, he discusses the disposal of an innocent family's bodies as something that is just a standard business practice.
    • Felix manages to be even worse than his canon counterpart. Even before Chorus, he blows off the deaths of innocent people by suggesting that Hargrove should just nuke the people living there. When Hargrove suggests killing the Wu family, he's all too eager since he believes Siris to be a traitor for "abandoning" him and Locus (read: having a conscience and not taking a job that requires him to kill a ton of innocent people). Felix decides to capture the Wu family and have Siris's wife and son killed in front of him just to twist the knife further. He taunts Henry and Megan just before their deaths and does not hesitate to shoot Henry, nor does he feel remorse about this. All the while, he manipulates Locus into being the killer he is today by taking advantage of his PTSD. While Siris is hesitant to kill Megan in front of Siris, Felix pushes him to do so. And when Locus kills Siris quickly as a Mercy Kill, Felix acts like Locus is just ruining his fun. And when he asks Hargrove about the bodies, he just says that Siris got what he deserved for being a "traitor".
  • SCP Foundation Fan Game SCP – Containment Breach: SCP-106, The Old Man, is just as monstrous as his canon counterpart. Taking advantage of the titular containment breach, 106 goes on a killing spree, killing a janitor, a doctor, and possibly Dr. L and Dr. Maynard. When he encounters the D-Class Personal, he relentlessly pursues him, at one point throwing the mutilated corpse of the aforementioned doctor at him to scare him. If captured by 106, the prisoner is brought to his Pocket Dimension, where they'll be hunted by 106, or almost bleed to death. He also leaves creepy taunts written on the ground in this pocket dimension, along with coffins filled with his still-living victims. In order to contain 106, the player character needs to break the femur of another D-Class prisoner. This will result in 106 being attracted by his screams of pain, and take the man to his pocket dimension, allowing him to be contained.

    Western Animation 
Avatar Universe
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic The Fall of the Fire Empire: Dragon Empress Azula, shedding all her canon redeeming qualities, assisted in the murder of her brother, Zuko; killed her "friend", Mai, when Mai confronted her; and helped her father, Ozai, kill her uncle, Iroh, by poisoning Iroh's tea. Helping the Fire Empire on a genocidal, brutal conquest, Azula ascends to the throne where she promotes slavery and ethnic cleansing, having entire villages in the Earth Kingdom annihilated for not giving up people to be slaves. Upon learning her mortality cannot be staved off, Azula massacres the Fire Sage order and plots to spark a war after her death, intending on plunging her kingdom into a titanic, horrific conflict to kill countless innocents and secure her bloody legacy.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfiction Foxfire: Hongqi, son of Quon, was the son of a fabulously wealthy merchant and never had to work for anything outside of his earthbending. He takes a Lower Ring woman as a mistress and starts a family with her in secret, but gets bored of his mistress and wants to marry a richer woman. Despite dumping the poor woman, Hongqi didn't want her to move from him, so he disfigures her by giving her a Glasgow Grin and destroys her emotionally by taking away her children, preventing her from seeing them, and dumps her back in the Lower Ring; the mistress commits suicide. After a while, Hongqi grew bored of his children and finally found a wealthy young bride to marry. Not wanting his future in-laws to find out about his bastard children, Hongqi murders his own toddler-aged children by trapping them in an active kiln and shutting it closed with earthbending, cremating the children alive.
  • The Legend of Korra Next-Gen Fic Avatar: The Legend of Arata: Tsume, head of the Iron Assassins, is a sadistic killer who murders the President of Republic City. Well known for slaughtering those he encounters, Tsume kills other soldiers, civilians, trainees, and those in his path, before initiating his worst crime: Splitting with his employer, Arashi, Tsume kidnaps a host of pregnant women in hopes one will birth the next Avatar, killing many of their families, while intending on disposing of them after.

Code Lyoko

  • Un futur d'enfer: XANA surpasses its canon counterpart in sheer depravity. Managing to keep William under its control, XANA uses him to kill Franz Hopper and starts an invasion on the real world a week later, killing millions in only a few days. When the world unites against it, XANA sends the brainwashed William to Earth, whereupon he proceeds to slaughter 10 soldiers per day. Years later, taking 20 soldiers hostage, XANA interrogates each soldier, killing anyone who doesn't answer. XANA later lures Ulrich, Odd and their team to one of its factories, where Kankrelats fires on boxes containing explosives, killing several soldiers. Civilians aren't spared, as XANA attacks a base and anyone inside of it indiscriminately, killing Odd and indirectly Sam. It goes even farther, spreading a deadly virus, the Eradicator, and killing soldiers and civilians alike, including Aelita and Jérémie. When a teenage Yumi reappears 100 years after Franz Hopper's death, XANA tries to kill her to prevent her from going back to the past. In the bad ending, when Yumi manages to use a hundred-year Return to the Past, XANA remembers everything from the future and kills Yumi, securing its victory.
  • The Games of Moriarty: Moriarty is Franz Hopper's former colleague and Anthea's ex-boyfriend. A sadistic individual who loves to play with people's minds, Moriarty starts by forcing the Lyoko Warriors to "play" his mind games, in which the latter are forced to make sadistic choices, which often involves killing people close to them. A mind rapist, he is responsible for Jeremie's Start of Darkness, as well Odd's brainwashing and consequent PTSD; all the while using a "treatment" so horrifying even Odd is absolutely terrified by it. After appearing on Earth, he eventually starts a fascist movement called the Order; frames the French Muslim population for his later attacks; leaves brainwashed gunmen to die in a fire after they served their purpose; and doesn't hesitate to let Order members get caught in the crossfire caused by his attacks. He also hacks the Return to the Past protocol in order to prevent the heroes from repairing any damage done by his attacks, and his attacks often involves mass murder, such as brainwashing an Arab in order to blow up a bus, or spreading a deadly flu in the entire city. A mass-murdering psychopath and, despite being human, lacking even more in humanity than XANA, not even politeness and charisma hides Moriarty's desires to humiliate, torture and destroy enemy, ally and innocent alike.
  • Overpowered: XANA is just as vile as canon. Surviving the events of Season 4 alongside Franz Hopper, XANA kept the latter hostage, torturing him and slowly draining him of his energy. Meanwhile, XANA makes several attempts on the Lyoko Warriors' lives, not caring if others students are caught in the crossfire. XANA also attempts to brainwash Naxxya, Yumi and Sissi. In the Bad Future, XANA manages to kill all the Lyoko Warriors and wipe out everything on the surface of the planet. When a group of survivors attempts to find a way to go back in time to warn the Lyoko Warriors, XANA kills all of them but one. In the final battle, XANA sadistically killed all of the Lyoko Warriors but Sissi and Jérémie, forcing the latter to watch as it kills his Love Interest Aélita. When the resurrected, empowered Lyoko Warriors manage to defeat XANA, it destroys its base in an act of spite, hoping to take the Lyoko Warriors and Franz Hopper with it.

Total Drama

  • Despair Island:
    • Chris McLean is even more sadistic than he already was in canon in this fic that reimagines Total Drama as a Deadly Game. Having come up with the idea of a snuff reality show to be sold on the black market, Chris recruits a Corrupt Politician and the Serbian mafia to help him make his dream into a reality. He then kidnaps 24 teenagers and forces them to compete for their lives, subjecting the losers to increasingly gory and painful deaths. Nineteen teens are killed over the course of the season, with all but two dying either directly or indirectly by his machinations. Many of his victims are killed in gruesome manners such as being burned to death, having their head blown up by a grenade, or being sawed in half by hand.
    • Zolkoff is a Serbian mafia thug and Chris's equally brutal main helper. Helping Chris run the game, Zolkoff aids in most of the executions and takes pleasure in gruesomely killing and taunting his victims, from sawing Katie and Sadie in half to stuffing Cody in an Iron Maiden and burning Ezekiel to death, amongst others. When Duncan's policeman father shows up in a helicopter to rescue the campers, Zolkoff shoots the pilot and tries to burn the survivors before instead capturing them. In the ending, when he is arrested alongside Chris, Zolkoff strangles Chris to prevent him from exposing his boss, Jonathan Gavrilovic, then breaks out and is never seen again.
  • Lost and Found: Sawyer is the abusive father of Gwen. Having abandoned Gwen when she was three, he takes her in after her mother and brother are seemingly killed in a House Fire. He regularly abuses her, beating her up and even going as far as cutting her, leaving cuts on various parts of her body. Sawyer threatens to kill Trent if he sees her with him and almost making good on that promise when he has men beat Trent to near-death. It is revealed that Sawyer was the one who burned down Gwen's house, kidnapped her mother and brother, faked their deaths and held them captive to use as hostages to keep Gwen in his clutches, only keeping her around so he can make money off her. When a maid stands up for Gwen, Sawyer unhesitatingly kills her. Coming into conflict with Trent, Sawyer threatens to "spill" Gwen's brains if he makes a move. While in the middle of a Villainous Breakdown, he tries to shoot Gwen's mother, stabs Hilary and uses Trent as a Human Shield, taunting Gwen about not having it in her to hurt her boyfriend.
  • Monster Chronicles: Cedric von Túfeice is an undead demon. In life, he killed his mother and became a Serial Killer known as the Zodiac Killer. He was killed when a school bus he was planning to shoot the tires off ran him over. Upon being sent to Hell, he stroke up a deal with Baron Samedi. Baron loaned him a veve talisman, and the power of voodoo, in exchange for Cedric feeding him souls. Upon being revived inside an empty Coke bottle a young Cody found, he convinced Cody to let him use his body, which he used to commit murders, leaving a 10/6 Calling Card by his victims' corpses; he was dubbed The Mad Hatter Killer. He had claimed the lives of over a hundred victims—including Tyler's pregnant mother—before being sealed up by Cody. Six years later, during Total Drama World Tour, he is released, and again taking over Cody's body, he seals Cody's soul inside a potato battery and enters the game under his identity. When Alejandro tries to eliminate him, he frames Al for wrecking Chris's private lounge, and brutally kills him. Over the course of the season, he kills hundreds of officers and soldiers, and causes several eliminations. In the season finale, he stowes away on the plane waiting to arrive in New Orleans, where he plans to find a tapestry that he will use to open a white hole that will plunge the world into utter chaos.
  • Total Drama All-Stars: Rebooted: Mal, the Malevolent One, is Mike's sadistic alternate personality who had brutally cut Mike's abusive father to near-death upon taking control of Mike's body. Being sent to juvenile hall, Mal was heavily implied to have killed an inmate before making his death appear like a suicide. Sealed away, Mal would resurface in All-Stars, where he commits sadistic atrocities against the fellow competitors. Mal also caused a cave-in, endangering everyone, and in the season finale, he attempts to toss Heather and Zoey into toxic waste and lava, respectively.


  • Adventure Time fanfiction Adventure Time: Frozen Hearts: Sifine is a cruel Frostkin who ruled the earth as an Ice Queen long ago with her husband. When the Earth began warming up, Sifine decides that she doesn't want to die, so she poisons her own husband and sacrifices the lives of all the other Frostkins to power her crown so that she could gain Immortality, but the spell backfired and she ended up being sealed into the crown. Over the centuries, many warriors wielded the crown but ended up getting cursed by it, the most notable victim being Simon Petrikov, whose influence from the crown ultimately drove away his fiancee Betty & his adopted daughter Marceline and turned Simon into the insane Ice King 1,000 years later. Deciding to pick on an easier target, Sifine successfully manipulates Damon into becoming her servant and controls him into killing Christine along with several other scientists & soldiers and tries to attack Cube village, crippling him in the process. Once Damon is stopped, Sifine tries to influence Simon into wearing the crown, but Betty offers herself to wear it to keep Simon safe but managed to quickly knock it off. Having attained enough resources, Sifine eventually decides to turn Earth into a permanent Ice Age, freezing everyone to death so she could restore her body all to remake the world in her image.
  • Kim Possible fanfic series Bonnie's Curse: Monkey Fist, the primary villain of Bonnie's Curse and Redemption, and proves much darker than his canon self. When what was supposed to be a simple mission of stopping him from stealing the Lotus Blade goes wrong, Monkey Fist puts Kim into a coma, and afterwards kidnaps and attempts to drug Bonnie in order to exploit her precognition. After being foiled by Ron, Monkey Fist steals the Amulet of Anubis, then tricks Dr. Drakken into creating a magic amplifier for him before trying to kill Shego and torturing and crippling Drakken. He then attacks Go City, stealing another magical artifact and killing the Wego twins, which drives Hego to insanity. After that, Monkey Fist has Fukushima kidnap an unnamed scientist and forces him to recreate the amplifier, then orders Fukushima to kill him and his family, children included. He kills Sensei in order to use his blood for a ritual in order to channel the magical power into himself, then kills Fukushima and goes on a rampage throughout Europe, demanding to be made supreme ruler and killing over 12,000 people. At some point during his rampage, Monkey Fist Mind Rapes a psychic woman into becoming an insane Serial Killer. When Ron, Bonnie, Shego, Mego, Yori, and Hirotaka finally confront him at Stonehenge, Monkey Fist traps the latter five inside their own minds, forcing them to relive their worst fears or memories, while he attempts to kill Ron.
  • The Loud House fanfic Stories and Tales from Dimension 63: Linka Loud is the female counterpart of Lincoln who switches places with him to escape her life. Striking a deal with William Cryptos, Linka first injures Lincoln's body to prevent his sisters from getting suspicious, and upon getting into conflict with him, she drastically ages her family and Lincoln's to force him into giving her the fragment. Despite her backstory, Linka is a hedonistic sociopath who gleefully takes part in William Cryptos's plan of destroying reality as long as she benefited.
  • Miraculous Ladybug fanfic La Belle Chanceuse et la Bête Noir: Hawk Moth serves as a Decomposite Character with Gabriel Agreste, and thus lacks his redeeming qualities. In his quest for power, Hawk Moth enslaved the fairy Nooroo and used his power to inflict illness upon the Agreste household, resulting in the deaths of the adults, searching for the ring of the Black Cat. Failing to find it, he confronted the young Adrien Agreste, disbelieving him when he said he didn't know about the ring. As punishment, and because he finds it entertaining, Hawk Moth transformed Adrien into a monstrous beast, cursing the castle so that none of his friends could leave before departing on a fruitless search for the ring. Hawk Moth shows himself to be an utter sadist, using his butterflies to observe Adrien and thoroughly enjoying seeing him suffer under the enchantment. Coming back to finish Adrien off, he manipulates the hunter Lila into attacking him, and when Marinette stands up to him, Hawk Moth, enraged, tries to kill her, Adrien sacrificing himself instead. Believing the Miraculous rightfully belonged to him and staggeringly arrogant, Hawk Moth was not afraid to kill anyone who might hinder his quest for power.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) Bad Future Fan Game Sonic Epoch:
    • Dr. Julian Robotnik, beneath his politeness and despite his tragic past, is every bit as vile as before. When Sonic and Sally attack one of his bases, Robotnik attempts to disintegrate Sally by using his prototype teleporter against her. After Sonic saves Sally at the cost of disappearing in the teleporter, Robotnik installs several teleporters in the Green Forest where he can send his robots, overwhelming Knothole and the Freedom Fighters. Roboticizing Bunnie, Rotor, Antoine and several other Mobians, Robotnik gleefully break Tails and Sally's spirits by talking before sparing them so that they could live knowing that they lost their home and everyone they knew and loved. Ten years later, upon learning that Sonic reappeared and that Snively failed to stop him, Robotnik roboticized him. When facing Sonic for one last fight, Robotnik, having roboticized himself, reveals that he plans to send a gas to freeze the atmosphere and thus, the entire planet, killing every non-roboticized Mobian so that he could control the world forever. When defeated by Sonic, he spitefully self-destructs to take Sonic with him. A genocidal racist, Robotnik manages to darken the already darker setting of Sonic Epoch whenever he appears.
    • Game Boy Advance version only: Snively is Robotnik's nephew, second-in-command and is a far cry from the joke he used to be in the original show. Ten years after Sonic mysteriously disappeared and Robotnik took over the world, Snively stumbles upon Sally tending to Sonic. Desperate to kill Sonic before Robotnik finds out, Snively attempts to kill the duo several times, sending his robot '53 to destroy Sally's home in an attempt to kill them both. When '53 comes back with only a teenage Tails, Snively threatens to disintegrate him. When Sonic and Sally ends up in Kumquat Village, Snively sent the Daemon Bug to kidnap and brainwash Sally, fully aware that Sally will still be conscious when the Bug will brainwash her. When Patrick Facade fails to keep Sonic inside the village as Snively told him, Snively sent '53 to destroy Kumquat Village in one last desperate attempt to kill Sonic and Sally.
  • South Park fan fic Within These Walls: Mad Hatter and Red King are a pair of pedophilic killers who mainly prey upon children deliverers. They would lure these deliverers to their hideout before carving their signatures, Xs and Os, on their eyes before raping and killing them; Skyla was the only one to have survived their depravity, while they killed her family. They're also willing to target children who aren't deliverers, such as when they were raping Karen McCormick and carving an X onto her left eye before attempting to kill her.
  • Young Justice fanfiction Young Justice: Darkness Falls:

  • Godzilla/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic crossover universe The Bridge:
    • Grand King Ghidorah is an Omnicidal Maniac with a god complex. Traveling the universe for eons, Ghidorah has razed countless civilizations to absorb the souls of the fallen, increasing his own power. Enjoying mind games, Ghidorah also takes to psychically forcing worlds of people to turn on each other. Supposedly killing Monster X's wife and then continuously tormenting him, Ghidorah hopes to drive him over the edge into his Super-Powered Evil Side, Kaizer Ghidorah, which he adores as a fellow destroyer. Attacking Equestria with his cohorts, Ghidorah brainwashes Starlight Glimmer into attacking Godzilla Jr., in the hopes the latter will become enraged; this may destroy the whole planet, but Ghidorah is fine with that, as this provide a good fight and remove a problem. While bored, he cruelly mind rapes Celestia until Luna forces him to stop. Forcing Monster X to turn into Kaizer Ghidorah, King Ghidorah leaves the berserker to attack his friends while he himself attempts to kill Godzilla Jr. When fatally wounded, Ghidorah tries to destroy all of Equestria with a Wave-Motion Gun as one last act of spite. A megalomaniac who planned to kill even his own brother, Grand King Ghidorah proves himself to be every bit as vile as his cinematic counterparts.
    • Jeog, aka "Beautiful Terror", is a monstrous, bloodthirsty Gumiho. Viewing love as something she can take by force by eating someone's heart, Jeog would pretend to be a Kirin doe and be adopted into the Cho Family. She would then slaughter most of the family before being sealed away, only to escape years later to finish the job. She would kill Cho Yon, Ki Seong's betrothed, and attempt to feed her soup made from his remains while trying to murder her as well. Chasing her victim onto a ship, Jeog would slaughter the entire crew. Finally tracking Seong down, Jeog would attempt to kill her honorary niece Gentle Leaf several times, and attempt to rip out her new love Anguirus's heart and liver while disguised as her. While kept at bay by wards, Jeog would try to convince Seong to run to her death by making it appear she's holding Gentle Leaf hostage. During the final battle, Jeog would paralyze Ki Seong so she can be Forced to Watch the Gumiho kill Anguirus. Despite not being a kaiju herself, Jeog proves more monstrous than many of them.
    • Halloween Special: Shōwa, Junior, Zilla, Legendary Godzilla vs. Godzilla-Earth: Godzilla Earth is the proud and arrogant ruler of an alternate Terra. Seeing itself as the supreme form of life and thus able to do whatever it chooses, Earth would deem all life except itself unfit to exist and brutally exterminate it to replace it with a biosphere in its own image. Seeking to destroy humanity's remnants more out of bruised pride rather than to avenge its fallen son, Earth is confronted by four heroic Godzillas from other worlds and cruelly kills them in the course of the resulting struggle, including trying to have Showa Eaten Alive by Servum, and intends to brutalize their corpses out of spite. When they merge into the Leviathan and bring Earth to death's door, Earth attempts to suck the life out of the biosphere it itself created and kill all life once more in a selfish attempt to preserve its own. An ego-driven mass murderer, Godzilla Earth would haunt Junior and fuel his fear of what he could become for years to come.
    • Sound of Thunder: Empress Mio Odiato Cadenza is the Mirror Universe version of Princess Cadence, and partner-in-crime to Mirror Godzilla Junior and Battra Lea. After they aided in her escape, she assisted them in an attempt to destroy Canterlot and other atrocities. She then led them to King Aspen's Thicket, resulting in a massacre by the villains as they claimed it as their base of operations. Setting to work on a way to unleash her kaiju allies on Equestria, permanently in their true forms, Cadenza kidnaps, experiments on, and murders ponies, changelings, and deer. A rampage on the heavily populated Manehattan is their next intended attack, something that comes to pass when Junior uses the fruits of her experiments to attack the city at the climax. When the prospect of making Duchess Chrysalis's student Starlight Glimmer her next victim comes about, Cadenza is ecstatic at the chance to take sadistic Revenge by Proxy on her nemesis, gleefully taunting and mocking her captive as she prepares. A self-described "cold-hearted wretch who causes hatred and grief", Cadenza manages to be even more of a monster than her kaiju allies, as she lacks what few mitigating factors either has.
    • Humanity's Stand: Gabara the Ancient is an ancient tyrant who ruled Japan in a sadistic reign of terror until he was sealed away. As his seal begins to break, he psychically tortures the then-infant Godzilla Jr. with nightmares. Years later, he begins to Mind Rape psychics with cruel nightmares that begin to inflict physical damage, taking it especially slow and torturous with a young boy named Damien out of spite for Miki Saegusa managing to best him. When Damien sees into his mind, Gabara brutally murders him with his own worst fear. During his showdown with the now-adult Godzilla Jr., Gabara attempts to torture the heroic kaiju to death in every sense of the word using his Soul Lightning. After being killed by Jr., Gabara attempts to possess his own descendant Ichiro to continue his rampage. Even with his soul destroyed by Ichiro's will, Gabara's lingering malevolence corrupts the kindhearted child into a lazy jerk. A cruel and psychopathic tyrant, Gabara's only goal is to sadistically torment every creature he comes across.
  • Child of the Storm: Gravemoss was banished from Aflheim around 500 CE for practicing necromancy, and in the present aims to rule over a universe of the dead. To this end, he works with HYDRA and the Death Eaters to acquire the Darkhold, the ultimate book of dark magic. He kidnaps people and turns them into veidrdraugr, incredibly fast and powerful zombies whom he tests out by having them eat a baby—alive. Later that night, they come across a young family in a car, who are consequently ripped to shreds. Even Lucius Malfoy is disgusted. Throughout the first book, he does things such as harness Dementors to his will—they they won't feed on him because his memories are too vile—and unleash several on a cancer ward for fun; "experiment" on unfortunate HYDRA minions by turning them inside out and letting them be digested by their own stomach acid; and kidnap four hundred homeless people and turn them into more veidrdraugr. Even Bob the Skull, an amoral spirit who freely admits to not even understanding "good" and "evil", is more terrified of him than by actual Fallen Angels, and the Winter Soldier thinks that mercy killing someone is better than giving them to Gravemoss.
  • Doctor Who/Green Lantern crossover A Dalek Lantern: The Master proves himself as diabolical as ever. Upon his revival, he inspires such terror among a planet's natives that he gains a Yellow Power Ring, which he uses to slaughter them on a whim. Arriving on Qward, he proceeds to enslave several Qwardian weaponers, forcing them to reprogram his power ring to remove Sinestro's fail safes. Now with nothing to hold him back, he goes to Earth. Learning of the Lazarus Pits, he uses it to cure his degradation after butchering several members of the League of Assassins and disintegrating Ra's Al-Ghul. Hacking into Ra's network, the Master proceeds to free every metahuman criminal from prison on the planet as a distraction while he raids the Justice League's Watchtower, killing Cyborg and stealing several weapons then turning the Watchtower's reactor into a bomb which will wipe out the solar system, barely averted by Kyle Rayner and Metaltron. Following this, he steals an Orange Power Ring and reprograms it for his own use before killing his Qwardian slaves. The Master eventually conquers the Vega sector alongside the Spider Guild, killing millions, decimating L.E.G.I.O.N and annihilating Larfleeze to claim the Orange Light. Motivated by a greed and ego which will only be satisfied when he rules the entire universe, the Master's one regret is that the Doctor cannot witness his triumphs, and he takes a sadistic pleasure in his deeds.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's/Cthulhu Mythos crossover Fredbear's Family Diner: William Afton is portrayed as a fanatic of the Outer Gods, fantasizing about bringing about the apocalypse and having the world claimed by Yog-Sothoth. The co-founder of the Fazbear franchise, when Fredbear's business is failing, Afton's solution is summoning Shub-Niggurath, kidnapping and feeding her multiple children over the years; Afton would collect excrement—dubbed Remnant—from her that was the liquefied souls of these children, which would then be applied to the animatronics, entrapping these children's souls. Afton would frame two employees for different sprees, one of whom was executed, and kills his friend and partner Henry's daughter after Henry refused Afton's offer to "fix" his dead son. Afton later leaves Henry mentally broken with the revelation of what he did to those children. Left dying from consuming the remnant, Afton would take the narrator aside and asks him to take his place in the god's services, trying to sacrifice him too when he refuses.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Diamond is Unbreakable)/Steven Universe crossover Gems Are Unbreakable: Yoshikage Kira is even viler than in canon. Upon entry to the world of Steven Universe, he disguises himself as a kind man named Horohiko Araki, and begins his killing streak again, murdering women—including Vidalia—and stealing their hands. He eliminates Peridot when she finds out about him, intentionally giving her a Hope Spot before doing so. He has more control over Sheer Heart Attack than in canon, and uses both it and his new bomb Let Me Live to try to kill Josuke, while caring nothing for collateral damage. He intentionally turns Steven against the Crystal Gems sans Lapis, then when Steven, Connie, and Lapis discover his true nature, he attempts to kill them, while at the same time using Sheer Heart Attack to kill Jenny while claiming to be under Josuke's control, in order to get Josuke and the Gems to fight each other for him.
  • Jackie Chan Adventures/W.I.T.C.H. crossover Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters:
    • Rhouglar, aka "The Mad Dog of the Rebellion", proves that members of the Rebellion can be just as evil as Phobos's minions. Showing his true colors at the Battle of Torus Filney, Rhouglar makes a deal with Alistar Tharquin to attack and capture Jade during the battle in exchange for access to Viscountess Ishol Servantis. During the battle, Rhouglar rapes the Viscountess three times with the intent to cause her as much pain as possible, seemingly out of spite, and when confronted by Caleb, he brags that he's been raping women since he first joined the Rebellion. He then tries unsuccessfully to claim that Caleb has no right to judge him given all of the awful things the Rebellion has done. Hedonistic to the core, Rhouglar proves that evil people serving a good cause are still evil.
    • The aforementioned Alistar Tharquin is a Knight Templar obsessed with wiping out Shapeshifters. His modus operandi involves torturing Shapeshifters; usually to death, but occasionally he releases his victims to try to seek revenge and thus further his cause. Not even being on the same side as him helps, as at Torus Filney, Tharquin makes a deal with the aforementioned Rhouglar to capture Jade for him in exchange for access to Viscountess Ishol Servantis. Once he has her, he proceeds to torture her for hours, in the hope of driving her to insanity and unleashing her against the Rebellion to further his cause. Despite his claims of righteousness, Tharquin is nothing more than a racist and a fundamentalist.
  • Halo/Star Wars crossover HALO: The Terran Republic Affair & HALO: the Andromeda War: Similar to his canon self, Sheev Palpatine is a genocidal sociopath. After the defeat of the Separatists, Palpatine falsely claims the heroic UNSC were responsible for the formation of the Separatists, using this as a Pretext for War on them. Ordering his stormtroopers to slaughter the Jedi, Palpatine wipes out nearly one-third of them. Founding The Empire, Palpatine arranges for the deaths of anyone who questions him or he feels is not loyal enough, and keeps non-humans in slave camps. Declaring war on the UNSC after a longstanding ceasefire, Palpatine sparks a war that results in the deaths of 38 billion, just to gain more power.
  • The Lord of the Rings/A Song of Ice and Fire fanfiction Hear Me Roar: Monstrous like the original, King Joffrey Baratheon bribes a goblin army with gold to restore him to the throne. Leading them to ravage the Westerlands, Joffrey orders those wounded from an ambush be executed to keep pace. Taking Casterly Rock, Joffrey threatens to feed his prisoners to his goblins if the attacking Jamie does not surrender, not caring that his own brother, Tommen, is amongst his prisoners. Meeting with Jamie, Joffrey attempts to murder him before using Tommen as a hostage and then trying again to kill Jamie for revealing himself to be Joffrey's true, non-royal father.
  • Marvel Comics/DC Comics fan series I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC:
    • The Joker retains his twisted sense of humor upon becoming the Big Bad of "Happy Hour". Coming to the realization that a comedian is only a good as his Straight Man, the Joker decided to make every hero more dark like Batman. After having Lance M. Donovan spike the heroes' drinks with nanomachines, he altered their memories so they believed their loved ones were slaughtered before their eyes. Now willing to use lethal force against their enemies, the Joker sent them to capture Spider-Man after his mind proved to be immune to the effects of the nanomachines. He then proceeded to torture Spider-Man until Batman promised to help him. Upon learning that Harley was secretly helping out the Green Goblin, the Joker shot her and tortured the Green Goblin as revenge. He was perfectly willing to use Harley Quinn as a human shield and left her to die inside his crumbling base to make a clean getaway. The Joker remained just as cruel under the control of Darkseid, transforming his fellow villains into vicious monsters and fatally wounding Rorschach. Standing out as the most sadistic villain in the series, the Joker tortures and maims others all for the sake of comedy.
    • Darkseid is the ruler of Apokolips and was the only comic book character unaware he was fictional. Being informed of his true nature by the Joker, Darkseid vaporized him, refusing to be reduced to a cosmic punchline. Digging deeper into the comic industry, Darkseid found solace in the sheer nihilism behind the Continuity Reboot and declared it to be the true Anti-Life Equation. He resurrected the Joker and had him sell Apokoliptian weapons that would transform their targets into hideous monsters under his control. He kidnapped Harley Quinn and Rorschach, and left the Joker behind to break the spirits of both the Green Goblin and Deadpool. Arriving at Stan's Place, Darkseid convinced the heroes that their lives were meaningless and subject to the whims of their creators, giving him enough time to install a device that would reboot every comic universe into a hellscape under his complete control. With a desire to subjugate life across the cosmos, Darkseid refused to be anything less than the most supreme being in the entire multiverse.
  • Justice League of America/Victorious crossover Justice is Victorious: Darien, the man in black, is a being who feeds on negative emotions before destroying an Earth. Setting his sights on Earth-One, Darien sets about trying to kill the Justice League. To this end, Darien unleashes the Crime Syndicate and watches as they try to kill their counterparts. When they fail, Darien steals Kryptonite from Jade Wayne—Batgirl—and kills Tori Kent—Supergirl—to crush the world's hope. Driving Jade into guilt-ridden isolation so that he can feed off of it, Darien eventually attacks Gotham and mortally wounds Princess Caterina—Wonder Girl. Darien unleashes a hate wave that causes Gotham City to start tearing itself apart and tries to have the Watchtower crash into the city. Even when beaten by the revived Supergirl, Darien taunts her about Jade's impending demise in the exploding Watchtower.
  • A Kiss for the Petals/Shin Megami Tensei crossover Megami no Hanabira: Father Archibald Phillips is the leader of the Flock, a religious organization. Intending to spread up God's Will, Phillips uses the Demon Summoning Program to cause a controlled Demon outbreak in the city of Kazamino to make the Flock look like heroes to the rest of the world. Once the outbreak goes out of control, Phillips sends the Flock to capture all Demon Tamers, intending to keep his facade while preaching God's will to the scared refugees. Wanting to control the situation, Phillips decides to destroy the entire city. Asking forgiveness to God for his own incompetence while blaming everything on the protagonists and his own followers, he's given a last chance to fight the protagonists, Tamers who just want to save their city. He ends up killing his own followers as collateral damage while ranting about how he's God's Chosen One, intending to rule the entire world with fear. Metatron seemingly consumes his body to summon himself until Archibald's soul takes over his body, now seeing himself as the future God. A self-righteous man without empathy even towards his own granddaughter and followers, Archibald Phillips causes the deaths of hundreds of thousands for the sake of his megalomania.
  • Halloween/Friday the 13th crossover Michael vs. Jason: Evil Emerges: Michael Audrey Myers proves to be just as wicked and bloodthirsty as usual. After allowing himself to be captured by the military, Michael brutally kills his would-be executioners by stomping faces in, snapping necks, and slamming one's head repeatedly against an armored car. However, when Jason Voorhees steals one of his kills, Myers relentlessly attacks Jason, continuously stabbing him and trying to suffocate him with a rope. When Myers thinks he has beaten Jason, he takes a break to kill a man with an axe, only to find that Jason is not dead after all. Myers tries to kill Jason with a hammer, and even after Jason gets the upper hand and seemingly defeats Myers, Michael still manages to get back up, refusing to die until he gets his revenge.
  • Batman/Miraculous Ladybug fanfic Miraculous Knight: The Joker is as vile a monster as he is in canon. Already having the crippling of Barbara Gordon and the murder of Jason Todd in the backstory, his obsession with Batman leads him to follow the Dark Knight—who himself was tracking The Riddler—to Paris. In his first act, he crashes a party held by Mayor André Bourgeois, during which he attempts to spray Ladybug with acid. As part of an alliance with the Riddler and Hawk Moth, he's an accessory to the death of Chloé Bourgeois and got his jollies watching Chat Noir's horrified reaction to learning Hawk Moth is his father, Gabriel Agreste. Upon heading back to Gotham City, the Joker and Hawk Moth set Bane loose on the heroes, and after that, he and Hawk Moth ambush the powerless Marinette and Adrien, where he proceeds to rip the Ladybug Miraculous off Marinette's ears and kill Hawk Moth to steal the Cat Miraculous after Hawk Moth stole it from Adrien to get their powers for himself to become a Reality Warper. A sadist, the Joker is a threat to anyone he comes into contact with.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street/Victorious crossover Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Trap: Freddy Krueger is just as vile here as in canon. Once a pedophile, Freddy discovered he loved the children's fear and moved on to murdering children around Springwood, eventually killing his wife. Years after his last defeat, Freddy returns and kills his daughter Maggie, before killing teenagers across the country. Seeking revenge on his last surviving victim David Vega, Freddy haunts his daughters and their friends. When Tori Vega gets trapped in a coma, Freddy takes great pleasure in chasing down, attacking her and then letting her go repeatedly. He kills Beck by crushing his RV and Robbie by stabbing him through the heart. When Jade and some others enter Tori's nightmare to save her, he tries to trap Jade in limbo with him before finally attempting to drop them and Cat to their deaths. While seemingly defeated, Freddy ends the story by killing Ryder Daniels.
  • Coraline/Cthulhu Mythos crossover Other Gods: Nyarlathotep, the Nemesis of Humanity and the Crawling Chaos, is the wickedest member of the already malevolent Outer Gods who regards humans as nothing more than vermin to be herded and toys to be broken. Influencing almost all atrocity and tragedy throughout history, like the Sack of Rome and the development of the nuclear bomb, Nyarlathotep's response to the news of Coraline Jones defeating his servant the Beldam is to come to Ashland, brutally murdering Coraline's parents and leaving behind several more brutally slaughtered behind him. Banished from the Earth afterwards, Nyarlathotep unseals the Great Old Ones and has them ravage Earth to cull humanity, killing billions in the ensuing carnage, and even capturing his rival Ulthar to torture him into near non-existence. Finally stopped after possessing the body of Wybie Morat, Nyarlathotep spitefully decides to call Yog-Sothoth to Earth to wipe it all out with his dying breath.
  • The Loud House/Cthulhu Mythos crossover Revival & Loud House: The King in Yellow:
    • Revival's Big Bad "Maya Lottie", aka Nyarlathotep, is the most active and personable of the Outer Gods. Having grown bored with the usual games he plays on mankind, he decides to bring an end to existence to give the world a final curtain call. Previously driving an entire town to madness and death, Nyarlathotep devours the family of Patrick Stark, taking the form and alias of his daughter Maya to spite and enslave him. He starts by killing the Loud family dog, and gives Lana the Necronomicon to resurrect him, having her invoke the Old Ones. Attacking the Loud family, Nyarlathotep sets his army onto Royal Woods, killing hundreds alone; drives both Loud parents out of their minds; forcibly takes Leni and Lola's souls to bargain with the Louds, flinging them into space-time; he then summons the pantheon onto the world, slaughtering thousands of people. Nyarlathotep makes a deal with Lincoln to call things off if the latter could save his sisters' souls, not intending to hold his end of the deal if Lincoln wins; he tries to cheat when Lincoln starts to win, summoning Cthulhu to kill the Loud sisters, and forced the Louds into a final confrontation. As he dies, Nyarlathotep's life flashes before their eyes, revealing the great atrocities he was involved in throughout history.
    • Yog-Sothoth is one of the highest-ranking and seemingly omnipotent Outer Gods, who looks down on everyone and sees Nyarlathotep's attempted apocalypse as the time to take the universe back from lesser beings. Yog-Sothoth decides to pick up where Nyarlathotep left off by attempting to destroy the world before being banished, during which he attempts to kill the Loud siblings by erasing them, from youngest to oldest. Returning in the sequel, Yog-Sothoth takes the form of a female humanoid and kills Cthylla by ripping the reincarnated Cthulhu out of her womb. From there Cthulhu—essentially reduced to an innocent child—is raised by Yog-Sothoth to face Hastur; these methods include having the infant Cthulhu constantly attacked and mutilated by monstrosities, always stopping short of death; as well as forcing him to slaughter the loyal, sapient Deep Ones, who raised him as family. Teaming up with the Louds to stop Hastur, when the latter is defeated, Yog-Sothoth reveals his true intentions is to use Cthulhu as a weapon and bring about a new apocalypse of his own.
    • The aforementioned Hastur, from The King in Yellow, the envious and hateful half-brother of Cthulhu, is portrayed as an arrogant but weak god who thinks he's entitled to the world. Seemingly killed when humanity fought back against him, Hastur seeks out Cthulhu's daughter Cthylla, planning to kill her and prevent Cthulhu from interfering with his plans; to that end he wipes out a civilization of Deep Ones trying to protect her. Recovering in Royal Woods, Hastur forcibly twists and mutates helpless victims into his slaves, often killing them at the smallest slight. Hastur plans on spreading his sign across the world to force this fate onto everyone, and recruits Dr. Moist into his plans, needlessly slaughtering his staff. Hastur arranges to have Lisa Loud kidnapped to have her create a device that would broadcast his sign around the world, and tries to drive her mad by revealing his face. When the broadcast begins, that alone causes mass death and destruction; the second part of his plan is to torture Nyarlathotep's daughter Mia into ushering in the pantheon to tear the universe apart.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic/Cthulhu Mythos crossover The Stars Will Aid Their Escape: Herald is an avatar of Nyarlathotep and is just as sadistic as all his other incarnations. When he comes across a disgruntled Trixie, he offers her the Neighcronomicon, to which she goes mad with power. He then lures the Cutie Mark Crusaders somewhere secluded so that he can rip out their souls and goads Rainbow Dash into collapsing the building they're in so that Dash thinks she's the reason the Crusaders are catatonic, but not before rendering Twilight hopelessly insane when he registers her as a possible threat. When he reveals himself to the princesses, he uses the Crusaders' souls so they don't try to banish him. He then has his Dark Young henchmen slaughter most of the Royal Guard and, after a few breaking speeches as well as completing his goal of summoning the Outer Gods, he throws the jar containing the Crusaders' souls over a waterfall just to hurt the Mane Six more.
  • Power Rangers: Legacy Wars: Street Fighter Showdown: M. Bison, after being revived by Rita Repulsa after his last defeat, promises her his world in exchange for power. To do this, he uses an army of evil Ranger clones to take over Angel Grove; destroys the original Megazord; and captures and then tortures Ninjor. When Ryu and Chun-Li are brought over from his world, Bison has a group of clones try to attack them, before trying to kill them along with Tommy and Gia with his bare hands. When almost beaten he summons an army of clones to kill the four.
  • Super Mario Bros./Sonic the Hedgehog flash series Super Mario Bros. Z: Turbo Mecha Sonic is a power-hungry lover of destruction who seeks the seven Chaos Emeralds to become a god. Created when Metal Sonic merged with a variety of other Eggman robots, Mecha Sonic instantly betrayed and murdered his creator before crashing the Death Egg into Mobius and going on a killing spree, realizing his taste for death and annihilation. Wiping out nearly all life on Mobius and brutally murdering all of Sonic and Shadow's friends, including the young Tails, Mecha Sonic travels to the Mushroom Kingdom to seek the Chaos Emeralds, killing an innocent Goomba and thrashing Yoshi to obtain his first two of the Emeralds. Later butchering the Axem Rangers to obtain more Emeralds, Mecha Sonic needlessly blows up Yoshi's Island, killing everything on it, with only some of the population saved by the efforts of Sonic and Shadow. Obsessed with both ultimate power and destroying everything in his path, Turbo Mecha Sonic horrifies anyone who crosses paths with him that lives to tell the tale.
  • Doctor Who/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic crossover Time Lords and Terror: The S'Müz is a being from outside time and space composed of psychokinetic energy, which it refers to as the Light. The S'Müz, feeling all living beings with PKE thieves and unworthy of simply existing, has destroyed whole universes out of spite, but its inability to comprehend time and space hinders it significantly. Discovering the war between the Hervokens and the Carrionites, it manipulated the Hervokens into creating a ritual which would allow it to manifest and drain all life from existence. After the Hervokens stopped work upon discovering its true intentions, a trio of Carrionites took the ritual and escaped to Equestria, Matron Hydia believing she could control it. Upon being summoned the S'Müz proceeded to tear apart and absorb Hydia's soul before absorbing the Doctor's life force. Having been insulted by the Doctor beforehand, it intended to allow his conscious to watch as it drained all of Equestria's life force. A greedy, arrogant and malicious creature hating time and space for petty reasons, the S'Müz was such a threat to all existence that a Hervoken commander considered sacrificing both its race and the Carrionites an acceptable lose to stop it.
  • BioShock/Total Drama crossover Total Drama Raptured: J.S. Steinman is a plastic surgeon who, like his canon self, becomes a Serial Killer obsessed with his own twisted idea of beauty and perfection. Arriving in Rapture, Steinman would begin to brutally mutilate and murder stray Splicers before he decides to kidnap innocent civilians to perform his surgeries on. During these processes he would use ADAM keep his victims alive and in pain for long periods of time, after slicing their faces off to keep as trophies. The numerous bodies of Steinman's victims can be found at his Medical Pavilion by the time teenagers Cody, Courtney, Gwen, and Noah arrive there with one corpse on his operating table severely mutilated. Steinman also nearly kills the four teens several times and straps Gwen to his operating table where attempts to slice her face off before killing her.
  • Gravity Falls/Steven Universe crossover Universe Falls: In the crystal falls AU where Homeworld and Earth switch places, Bill Cipher, having long conquered Earth but restricted there, uses the humans to cause suffering throughout the Universe. Becoming a sadistic despot, he has his soldiers capture Dipper Pines and has them torture and eventually downright mutilate the child for years on end. Once Dipper finally got reunited with his family, Bill manipulated the boy's resentment at his family for not searching for him to trick him into a deal. That universe's version of Bill Cipher is just as bad as his main counterpart and a truly horrific monstrous tyrant.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion/Queen's Blade crossover Wandering Pilot: Melona is the The Dragon to the Swamp Witch, but outstrips her in depravity. Her very first act is to supposedly pull a Villainous Rescue on Shinji, only to reveal she had been sent to kidnap him by her mistress. Upon learning that he is in a relationship with Leina Vance, she rapes and castrates him out of spite. When his Healing Factor causes him to recover instantly, she imprisons him in a cave, starving and raping him—both physically and mentally—for nearly two weeks while also inflicting fatal injuries upon him since they won't kill him. After he escapes, she develops an obsession with killing everyone he holds dear and forcing him to watch, while also intending to recapture him and completely mentally break him into being her Sex Slave. In between these acts, she also commits other crimes using her shapeshifting powers; such as impersonating the pope so she can rape the nuns; and serving as an Evil Chancellor to Queen Claudette, giving her bad advice and encouraging her to rule despotically. Her worst atrocity comes in the penultimate chapter: After capturing Echidna, she forces the elf to reveal that she is pregnant with Shinji's child, then gruesomely extracts the fetus—by shoving her hand down Echidna's throat and pulling it out through her mouth—and eats it, sadistically declaring that it had developed enough to have a gender.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia/RWBY crossover Weight of the World:
    • Cinder Fall is one of Salem's henchmen. She attacked Amber (Vale) and took part of her Aura, leaving her comatose but aware and unable to interact with the waking world. She successfully causes Grimm to invade Vale during the Vytal Festival by orchestrating the Accidental Murder of Penny Polendina at the hands of Pyrrha Nikos. Possessing part of Vale's Aura gives Cinder an empathic connection with the Kingdom of Vale's people, which means she feels echoes of their emotions. Usually this connection causes the personification distress like a part of themselves are being hurt, but Cinder is the opposite. She relishes in the pain and terror she causes during the fall of Beacon. Upon realizing America has part of Vale's Aura, she hunts him down with the intent of torturing him to death for daring to "steal" part of the power that's "owed to her". She is defeated by Canada but remains unrepentant for everything she's done. Her attempt to stab him in the back fails and he kills her.
    • Atlas (Ciel Soleil) is the personification of the Kingdom of Atlas. After Vale was attacked by Cinder and left comatose, Atlas sought out a personification to put her Aura into in order to prevent the rest from going to Cinder. She kidnapped America and Canada, imprisoning and torturing the twins to test which one was more "worthy" of getting a Remnant personification's Aura. After the fall of Beacon, Atlas opens the Transformation Institute, a facility that brainwashes her people, and throws hundreds of citizens in there. When America confronts Atlas in the Institute and refuses to surrender to her, she threatens to break all of his bones and to have her men rape him. Later, she stabs America repeatedly while he's protecting Ruby and Weiss, pinning his injuries on Ironwood. She later selfishly unlocks the Relic of Creation and teams up with Emerald and Watts in order to kill Canada. Despite claiming that what she does is "for the good of Remnant", Atlas truly only cares about boosting her own ego, and sees everyone—even her own citizens—as being disposable.
    • The ex-soldier is a Torture Technician who was hired by Atlas in case they needed to "encourage" America and Canada to work with them. After Mantle's Aura was forced into Canada in what was essentially "Soul Rape", the ex-soldier was one of the two to drag him back to his cell. He strikes Canada for laughing hysterically from the pain and would have continued to beat him if another guard had not stopped him. The ex-soldier is fired when America and Canada escape, and is hired by Doctor Polendina to be one of America's guards when he is recaptured with the intent of resurrecting Penny. When America does not do what Polendina wants, the soldier tortures him by carving the word "Sacrifice" into his back until it scars and then keeps coming back to do it over and over again for at least a month. He even convinces the other guards to assist with torturing America—something they normally don't do. Even though he has a brief appearance, the ex-soldier is responsible for torturing America for nearly two months and giving America PTSD—all of which he did for his own amusement.


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