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The DC Animated Movie Universe is a Shared Universe that exists as part of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line starting in 2014. All movies in the line originally existed in their own continuity, but due to a desire to create a shared setting that mirrors the comics, movies set in this universe have become increasingly common.

Initially called the Animated New 52, they've since rebranded itself under the current name to avoid being an Unintentional Period Piece and to allow greater freedom to adapt works of DC Rebirth and Post-Crisis, as well as original ideas of their own, to create a unique mythos.


In many ways, it's the Darker and Edgier Spiritual Successor to the DC Animated Universe, being that it's also a shared universe with a colorful art style, epic plots, top of the line voice talent, and a mix of both comic accuracy with original storytelling. That said, because it's direct-to-video, it doesn't have to cater to basic cable or network television standards. This means, like the majority of the Animated Original Movies line, the films feature intense and graphic violence, frequent uses of swearing, an increased focus on sensuality, and the exploration of themes darker than what could ever be done on children's television or even some of DC's general audience works.


Works set in the DC Animated Movie Universe include:


The DC Animated Movie Universe provides example of:

  • Aborted Arc:
  • Darker and Edgier: As mentioned above, the DCAMU is what happens when the DCAU isn't held back by censors and the creators take full advantage of that.
  • Growing with the Audience: The films are popular with fans of the DCAU, who've now grown as adults, given it's a similar universe with mature themes to match.
  • Hotter and Sexier: Not that the DCAU didn't have its moments, but when there's no censors... it leads to some steamy moments to say the least.
  • Shared Universe: These films are all in-continuity with each other.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: Earlier movies placed a huge focus on Batman, and often Damian. This is lessened in later movies, which branched out to other characters once proven successful.
  • The Stinger: As is customary for shared superhero movie universes, most of these films have a post-credits scene which floats a possibility for a future film or briefly expands on the consequences of this film's conclusion.


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