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Western Animation / The New Adventures of Speed Racer

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The New Adventures of Speed Racer was a 1993 American adaptation of the classic Speed Racer. Produced by Fred Wolf, the man who helped adapt the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, this Speed Racer series ran for one 13 episode season. While it has most of the same characters as the original Speed Racer, it is not a continuation of the original that series, since Speed is introduced to the brand new Mach 5 in the first episode. The series did have a story arc that involved time travel and mutants from the future interfering in present day affairs.


Tropes used in this incarnation of ‘’Speed Racer’’ include:

  • Adaptation Dye-Job: The original Mach 5 was almost completely white, but in this series it's mostly blue. Also, Trixie was originally a brunette but is now blonde.
  • Brain in a Jar: In "B.O.S.S." the titular computer is revealed to be the disembodied brain of inventor Pavel Masterson.
  • Fantastic Ghetto: In the future, mutants, people exposed to toxic waste, are relegated to living in ghettos, while "Norms" live far away from the toxic waste spills.
  • Hollywood Cyborg: Professor Tick-Tock. He has some robot parts on the right side of his face and, below the neck, the entire left side of his body is robotic.
  • Law Enforcement, Inc.: Racer X works for a crime-fighting organization called InterNet. As the show was created in the early 90s, the word internet hadn't yet taken on its current meaning.
  • Mad Scientist: Dr. Norbius, a competitor of Pops Racer who sells his inventions to terrorists.
    • Dr. Brainbiter traveled back in time to the Jurassic to acquire a rare mineral that would allow him to mind-control the human race.
  • Not Now, Kiddo: Whenever Spirttle has something important to say the adults all tell him to shut up.
  • Tagalong Kid: Sptritle and Chim-Chim, not unlike in the original series.
  • The Rival: The first episode of the series introduces the amoral Axel Ripley as a rival Speed has been in contention with for some time. He would not appear in any subsequent episodes.
  • Repulsive Ringmaster: Caligula P. Barnum, a wealthy businessman from the future, oversees the deadly battle races, which he wants Speed to compete in.
  • Ruritania: Fredonia and Sylvania, two Eastern European countries that appear in "The Race Against X," have a centuries of hostility between them.
  • Time Travel: The later half of the series features a story arc about mutants from the year 2078 traveling back in time to the present day.
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  • Town with a Dark Secret: Pleasantville, where the townsfolk are robots who kidnapped and impersonated the locals.
  • Unrobotic Reveal: In one episode, the heroes buy a Master Computer for their house. Turns out the salvaged brain of a deceased criminal mastermind needed their workshop's facilities to build himself a new body.

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