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Western Animation / The New Adventures of Ocean Girl

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She'll calm the wave

The New Adventures of Ocean Girl is an Australian animated television series inspired by the 1994-1998 series Ocean Girl. The series ran for 26 episodes. It serves as a Continuity Reboot to the original.

On the planet of Oceana there were four life giving crystals guarded by the Sacred Whales, the keepers of wisdom. Thousands of years ago Galiel, the evil space wizard, stole one of the crystals and upset the balance of nature. Now Neri, Princess of Oceana, must search for the crystal and restore the balance of nature.



  • All-Loving Hero: Neri, to a fault.
  • As You Know: Just like in the original, Neri (and many other characters) had a habit of repeating things several times. This makes the show a dangerous Drinking Game.
  • Dark Lord on Life Support: Galiel, throughout the series, is confined to his meteor base and hooked up to his magical crystal due to his power failing him.
  • Human Alien: Neri and Jobah, even though they're from different planets.
  • Limited Animation: The show frequently cuts corners in its animation, notably by recycling entire scenes from episode to episode.