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Western Animation / The New Archies

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"We're the Archies in a brand new show. We're gonna take you through highs and lows. Loving and living, that's how it goes."
The theme song, The New Archies

The New Archies was a Saturday-Morning Cartoon on NBC from DiC Entertainment and Saban Entertainment that lasted for just 13 episodes.

It focused the main characters of The Archies—as tweens.

Veronica is the Valley Girl. Dilton Doiley was replaced by an African American child named Eugene whose girlfriend Amani was also introduced as well as Archie's dog, Red.

This show contains examples of:

  • Disguised in Drag: After Reggie pranks Fang, he has to convince Veronica to ask Fang to a dance. Veronica refuses, so Reggie dresses up as Veronica and goes to the dance with Fang.
  • Dunce Cap: Ms. Grundy makes Smithers wear one after he sprays a water hose in the classroom and drenches everyone.
  • Election Day Episode: Betty and Veronica run for class president, but they both withdraw right before the voting starts. Most of their classmates didn't vote for anybody because they can't decide. Jughead, who votes for himself, is the only person who gets a single vote.
  • Extreme Omnigoat: When some of the kids have to take care of a goat for a school project, he eats everything in sight.
  • Girls vs. Boys Plot: After the kids watch a detective movie, the boys and the girls compete to see who can solve a crime that fastest. They all end up suspecting the wrong man.
  • Incredible Shrinking Man: When Archie tries to make perfume for Veronica, he creates a gas that shrinks him and Jughead.
  • I Owe You My Life: After Smithers is saved by Archie, he quits working for the Lodges and becomes Archie's servant. Archie does everything to get rid of him.
  • Prince and Pauper: Archie switches place with a prince for a day.
  • Recycled In Space: The New Archies is The Archie Show IN MIDDLE SCHOOL.
  • Saving the Orphanage: In one episode, the main characters have to prevent their treehouse from being destroyed.
  • School Play: In one episode, the kids do Cinderella.
  • Scout-Out: Archie is a Racoon Ranger.
  • Spin-Off Babies: The show is a cartoon that has the normally-teenage Archie characters as middle schoolers.
  • Status Quo Is God: Jughead becomes a millionaire by investing in the stock market, but he loses everything when the company he invested in goes out of business.
  • Stop Drowning and Stand Up: Smithers thinks he's drowning in the river ride at an amusement park, but the water is only two feet deep.
  • Truer to the Text: The show fixed Veronica's Unexplained Accent from previous adaptations. In the original comics, Veronica is a New Yorker, yet The Adventures of Archie Andrews radio show and cartoons influenced by it portray her with a Southern accent.