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Established in 1973 as One Production (before changing its name to Dai Won in 1977), Dai Won (or Daewon, as they're currently referred to) is a South Korean animation studio that was used fairly often by Toei Animation during the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s. They have also published several Manga & Manhwa like Angel Sanctuary and Ragnarok.

See also Sei Young, another studio that was oft used by Toei.


Things worked on by Dai Won:


Animation Services

Tropes associated with Dai Won:

  • Off-Model: The Korean Nintendo commercial. While this was before they got the contract to do Ninja Turtles, there's no excuse to be this far off model (Only Mario and Buster Bunny barely escape, and even then the latter is most likely just the AKOM model, itself somewhat off). Also appears elsewhere too.