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Jonathan Mark Shiff ("The Other JMS") is a producer of Australian children's shows.

He has made:

  • Ocean Girl (1994-1998) - The story of a mysterious young girl from the ocean, her companion a humpback whale and their discovery by the inhabitants of a futuristic underwater research colony.
  • Thunderstone (1999-2000) - The story of 15 year old Noah who lives in the future when no animals roam the Earth. By unlocking the secrets of time travel Noah finds a way of bringing animals from the past to re-populate the world.
  • The New Adventures of Ocean Girl (2000) - A Continuity Reboot to Ocean Girl. Princess of Oceana Neri must stop the evil space wizard Galiel getting his hands on Oceana's life-giving crystals.
  • Cybergirl (2001-2002) - The story of a fun loving teenager who just happens to be out of this world. When a teenage prototype plunges from space into the world of young Jackson Campbell, she changes his life, and the fate of River City forever. Unable to resist using her superpowers whenever there is a crisis, CYBERGIRL soon becomes the obsession of Rhyss, a sinister software mogul who is determined to find and exploit her.
  • Pirate Islands (2003) - An extraordinary and ambitious live action fantasy adventure. When 15 year old Kate Redding and her younger brother and sister are zapped into a land of 18th Century swashbuckling pirates, there is bound to be plenty of action and adventure. Marooned in an exotic archipelago, the three children set up base in a tree house and do battle with Captain Blackheart, his band of Pirates and a stranded group of Castaway Children. They discover the only way home is to finish the game - by beating the Pirates and the Castaway Children to the hidden pirate treasure.
  • Wicked Science (2004-2006) - The story of two teenagers who are mysteriously turned into wizards of science. Toby Johnson is regular easy-going student struggling with homework and girls. Elizabeth Hawke is the Teacher's pet. Nobody at school likes her and the only person she likes is Toby. One day they get hit by a ray - a unique magnetic pulse that changes everything. Suddenly they're both scientific geniuses! Seems like a wild situation for any 15-year-old. Battle lines are drawn between the two wizards of science. The normal world of Sandy Bay School is turned upside down by invisible cars, flying lawnmowers, a cloned school Principal and a rampaging T. rex.
  • Scooter: Secret Agent (2005) - Scooter, an extremely clumsy teenager, finds a computer belonging to the world's greatest Secret Agent and decides to complete the missions meant for Agent X-19. In a world of master criminals and high-tech gadgets, how long will it be before the Agency realises their top operative is a sixteen year-old pizza delivery boy?
  • H₂O: Just Add Water (2006-2009) - When three normal teenage girls stumble upon an ancient cavern they undergo a transformation that will change their lives forever. H2O - Just Add Water sees three very different girls facing everyday teen problems with an added twist - they're mermaids with incredible powers over water.
  • The Elephant Princess (2008-2011) - Alexandra Wilson suddenly finds out that she's not an average, suburban girl—she's really the Princess of a mystical kingdom! And if her exotic visitor Kuru and a magical elephant Anala can't help her master her new magical powers soon, then everything and everyone she knows is in danger.
  • Lightning Point, known to overseas audiences as Alien Surf Girls (2011) - When Zoey and Kiki, two irrepressible girls from another galaxy, become castaways in the quiet Australian seaside town of Lightning Point, they recruit local girl Amber to keep them undercover. But the whole town is abuzz with the sighting of alien spacecraft, and the girls soon realize that they may not be the first intergalactic visitors to Earth.
  • Mako Mermaids (2013-2016) - Zac, a teenage boy, decides to camp on Mako Island, unaware that three mermaids, Lyla, Nixie, and Sirena, guardians of the island, are watching him. That night, when the full moon rises, the boy comes into contact with the magic water of the Moon Pool. The following morning, Zac discovers that he has the ability to control and manipulate water. Later, after accidentally falling into the water, he finds that he has also become a merman with a fish-like tail. His new-found merman abilities threaten to expose the existence of merpeople. After being cast out by their pod for allowing Zac to visit the island, the three mermaids, curious about living on land and motivated to remove Zac's powers, venture onto the land and learn to live among humans.
  • The Bureau of Magical Things (2018-2021) - The human and magic worlds co-existed in harmony, but as technology advanced, the magic world was pushed back, and fairies and other magical creatures became endangered species. Now, someone wants to change that and restore magic to its rightful place. When Kyra uncovers a threat to both the human and magic worlds, she must try to unite humans, elves, and fairies in order to save them all. Kyra and Peter must solve the mystery of who the enigmatic figure is and how they will achieve their goal. The investigation leads them to uncover secrets in both the human and magic worlds that no one could have imagined.